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Eric Wilbur of Boston.com on Big Papi's 500th homer (9-14-15)

Sep 14, 2015|

Boston.com sports writer Eric Wilbur discusses Red Sox DH David Ortiz's 500th home run over the weekend

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When did that I don't like the pink slip back at the left and right it's saying. They shot and it. We'll wait years. For a scramble for the ball number 500. He knew he needed. Live from boston.com newsroom it's the boston.com morning show on the voice of Boston W. RK okay. It's 935 welcome back everyone to keep. He tested Saturday night it Hopkins did some good times we knew we keep seeing people might have missed it and yes. There was. College football to watch that were brought onto. I was gonna come in and make meter. Hall the 500 former on how meter would have called it a but I thought with the PRD just had to call like seventeen touchdowns against the giants right let's give little or rearrested. Really let us up. And a lot of Stockton. Well written got them figured it to call it for a syrup over. From Boston the boston.com. And we keep saying it is you know nobody's watching the Red Sox and prayed you know I feel bad. It's unfortunate because they've been exciting and fun to watch when you need to tune in but just animal wouldn't have seen cheering. There was a lot going on in a city elect going on Pittsburgh sports are concerned. If your reserve put that in the backseat having said that. 500 he's one of twenty Y seven players in the history of this for a Major League Baseball who has hit a 500 home runs plus. Where does that put him in your estimation it comes to the whole thing. You know that the number 500 doesn't do much for me and I know that they actually and mark for the hall of fame voters but. To me he was a hall of Famer on Friday before it hit number 500 years hall of Famer last year before it was on this chase. I just think that. Look the two things that are gonna hold him aside are holding back on the factories does indicator which I think if Frank Thomas as helped in that regard since he's in now. Harold Baines is should be an Edgar Martinez and Evelyn should be in that David Ortiz. Does belong even though he didn't play the field now obviously the bigger one is that that these on that list from two century with the PD. Suspicion in the fact we never really gotten around that whole story but. He's been clean since and he's won three World Series since I could not you could argue that. No player in baseball has been more important to his team Horry his town. In the past generation and Ortiz. So you've put all that into perspective. And what he's done for the Red Sox in the way he's won the way he's coming with a clutch I just don't see Heidi can actually look at him and shaker and you know all of that. And I just think the fact that. We we put so much in into the numbers. When I'm of them thought that these numbers are kind of you really pay attention anymore you know not like we used to longer kids because. The steroid Eric has really kind of rendered them move. Roger Maris is 62 home runs as always John McCain and I don't know how many home runs Barry Bonds hats you know top my head can you actually sit here and say. 764 or 60 got it right Kim a common thing and do and as a candidate can not. That now probably enough but it is the problem American I group all valid points. The fact is that there's still that her suspicion prevalent in a note especially off of dollars. How's the Rupert he's still hitting 34 home runs at the age of we think thirties 39 and from what I do you have no idea how old bird like policy don't it just that immature I was defies physics particularly what he's done since June you know I'm Indian this year it looked like things weren't going down. On the downswing gimmick we saw a few years ago and then all of a sudden he rebounds and has had a tremendous three months he's been on aspire to prohibit this Wii and 500 is coming this year. A month ago we said well I guess it gets really hot. And now here we are three weeks away from the in this season and he's young party broken so. It's it's obviously a valid question you know. Easy is he on something that undetectable very very valid. From hall of fame perspective that. I don't care. Like I just don't care you know Barry Bonds Roger Clemens to two of the greatest players we are watched. Let him you know I I just don't that the steroid era in the whole bit political wing for them let's let's get real topic Ludacris feels like it's just always been sort of. Exactly feel exactly and go and you know what. In ten years we may find out that Ortiz and in some other players are on something else you know that didn't even know about. And I think in a lot of ways that's the way it was an in baseball steroids like. The media in the game. Caught up to them sold lady who knows how early they've been doing them. And who knows how many PD uses are actually in the hall of fame right you can't disappear into thin police say it in point the finger and play god and Jerry you just can't do it. So in my mind I think he gets him you let the guys in that you knew were great. Whether or not they're doing PD's are not you know and that in my mind is Clemens and bonds first and foremost. And then you go from because. I just think you're opening of the can't warms if you try to you know investigate the past. And you're trying to judge the present and not even looking toward the future saying well everyone from here on now is clean. You just can't do it because we don't know what in ten years or calm out there bicycling now. The third you know who knows that that's an oval and these guys. And you can you hate to doubt the veracity of an athlete in the and how hard they train and mental stamina. And I'm sure there's some of that Iraq because he wanted to prove a point but at the same time you know from the Euro from the game at his age doing what he's doing. Doesn't seem real so. Where are we now are weak back to square one we're gonna start looking into what's going on in with these these guys train who via training where. And what's new on the market. I think that baseball was so far behind the first time in and ignored it when they. That they would be who themselves to kind of get ahead of the curve here but at the same time you know we eighties start how do you start leaning that. Individual players and investigating online our patient exactly. Kitna to believe it's unfortunate that this happened in Tampa. The worst baseball atmosphere ever forgave her particular it is of course is a roadside financed by I really hard times in certain things that happen if that it would add so much more. Glaus around. I mean look this wasn't a home run chase I was really looking forward to because. I thought. The Red Sox deserved everything they got this year as far as how terrible things were. And how old the Red Sox basically ignoring such well you whatever. And what's happened over the last month has been so different you know it's media start with John Farrell. You know having to get cancer treatment. In the young kids actually playing in the Ortiz home run. Chase I think added a little bit into that it was a reason to watch but then along the way you found. Different reasons to watch you know first and foremost I think is Jackie Bradley junior just. Bursting into an accident phenomenally you know seeing the outfield bat Bradley to studio. Really kind of gel together. Even the pitching you know I mean Joseph Kelly and in god we say that Rick Barcella. Looking. Like they could actually be. Integral part of this rotation 2016 these are the real reasons to watch I think your teeth thing kind of maybe. Had some people hang around for a little while and you know what how can argue about that because right now there are talks are fun to watch not gonna go anywhere. But they're playing spoilers in there you know they're just young and it's a preview what to see in 2016. We. Oh some Missouri at the exclusively and charity. Boston doc comfortably on Nazi ideology is so yes when he Woodson. I totally Kelly give it a shot until after reports solid defense our identity us through that I thought that did run through my mind on the weekend was. How was are so gonna call this 500 home run that entered my mind that was a recent better watch. I don't think I have that I had the other at the radio and aside others. Stick in the but but I thought that they let kind of the bug when I went to watch that kind of let the moment just be there and he was celebrating with this team it's it was a good moment I wondered how he handled that situation but. As usual as a professional. No commentary after Al commentary. Well as you said they're they're exciting to watch and if he loved baseball when you're my I'm I'm amazed how many people are still stands you know by app admitted exciting to watch the weather's been decent. And the future's bright the future's bright right. I definitely wouldn't hats and the changes that I think we've all seen Irving vehicle. Sure sure everybody now is it in anticipation. Open wheel stuck to the bullpen stinks and I think that David Dombrowski. In here. Immediately gives them some sort of credence but for next year because he comes in here and in that one of the first things he says. Or does is he laughs at the factory in their mirrors the left field and you know I've in my book purity at the patina backing it you know good first up there with a forty year you know you'll never see him in left again and now coming days we have looked. He can see an office talking at this point is now probably Tony. And what what. John informed us this morning is David Ortiz needs to up to that how many more 251 point appearances for sixteen million or sixteen million here so uneasy right now. I think he's. Full 575. Now in world. Who get it out just and that's a that's what you wanted to play the other nice yeah usually don't have that happen. Or well we're thank you very much thanks for being brother show 945 her body listening to the boston.com morning show.