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The Entertainment Report with Malcolm Gay of the Boston Globe (9-11-15)

Sep 11, 2015|

Boston Globe arts reporter Malcolm Gay joins the show to discuss his article on the future of Boston's Colonial Theatre

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This story's trending in Boston the boston.com. Morning show on the boys of Boston. W Arcadia. 934 here WRKO boston.com. Morning show. It's time talking team because it's Friday and everybody start to think about what like do this weekend and of course. Very few patriot place and it. The volume and that. You know Atlanta go to morrow c'mon kimono or Austria go to Boston College see them play tomorrow the plane at home playing Howard and RO you know first time that off. 1 o'clock. Cool very good so that's something that's going on. Our entertainment report today's Bob brought to you by the bill Haney north shore music theatre where Billy Elliot the mood musical. Will be performed starting on September the 29 to October the eleventh and if he needs some tickets. They are on sale now you can go to an SMT. Dot org. And pick up your ticket. Now a one theater that you won't be able to go to sometime soon is the colonial and did you brought this up I think last week and mentioned the colonial theater closing its doors we're joined now Malcolm gay from. The Boston Globe to tells a little bit more about that. First of Malcolm thanks for being on the show. My pleasure and so what's story on the colonial. Well this sort. And the mystery at this point what we know he's at Emerson wing book of Mormon close is included on October 11 six. We nick closes on October 11. They have no horse shows there Emerson has no intention. Looking finishing in the air for the foreseeable future they plan to close it sort beastie. Year. They do what they say aren't necessary renovations. So do you believe that. Do I believe it you know I absolutely. That they ended up. Going in the Erin and what they say is. The you know the EC and the heating systems are our badly out that need to be. You who read reconfigured. I'm more importantly though and hit it there are also saying that there's all options are on tape for the cedar itself so it's not entirely clear. Where and when it comes through this renovations cycle what exactly the purpose of structural issues that are. It was the old senior in Austin starters right under court one of the its longest the longest. Continuing operating here and since it started in 19100. Look Emerson has sent in that they plan you are or stay. But. They've also kind of hedged and so at. Will preserve the former space but we're not certain it will be used for. So. It's it's really an open question as to what a first year college grants to. Right right yeah I mean there was a cut that's why she. And that they made we're we're gonna do some renovations but then sell that theater. Yeah well I I I and that that seems unlikely in that. One can really needs is space. And a bulk of that feeder all our. Several floors to house. Art and so the the building itself it is one of the reasons why is that why it was in person first place. Well Lester deep house students as well. The primary objectives. Who if the colonial leaves what does that mean for the Boston theaters since. Well you know pretty good coat a one old enemy into one list Peter. You know I think I I think that it means a couple of different. It means more and in you know the last. Ten years they're in something like 4600. In cedar streets of Kabul and here. To get production is seventeen of those. You know some people say that there may be too much cheat too many open seat in the city actually care support that cedar. I'm I think rule shortly though there's a question about. And and the cool lucrative and sweet spot specifically Broadway shows. There are too many. Fears in crown. That are just the right size and and the colonial well those. According to go to ways that sort of just leased Schubert and the link and take on the speaker speaker shows that the much larger shows and I understand it. EE. Colonial and Schubert a really she's yours they can take. Good and take as being cool that you're a large. Lyrics. Log report. Sir just changed gears just for a second could I and just ask you about to see the book. I did what would you pick the show. Well I haven't seen it I mean it's natural and right in this moment there's there. Go around and it's great show too raunchy funny and and the it brings all of us out parts humor it. In their moment when you're watching shelling your thinking mind here believe they're actually seeing this onstage and and and and yet people are offended but they're less reliable and later he's. It's a classic related to an extent. Yeah well done to solve that besides your boss it's the size as last year actually but I suck kinky boots which I was terrific to have you seen them mountain. An important picture. Yeah constant put down your list. Of its. It's definitely raunchy but it's its outstanding symmetric did a lot of good stuff going on especially year with waitress should now be seen waitress. Waitresses to respect Lee really stressed that idea. I don't know. It's that chose that's you know that's I mean it's interesting a lot of people. In the district. Possible as. For so long kind of treat broadly you know trial we're we're it was would come before they've looped. So that's a broadly than that much of that happening much less frequently now but books there two years certainly searching manner. Witnesses Ariza or perhaps or were probably rotten so it's it's an impressive show that. It thank you very much for the update appreciate it later. You bet Malcolm Day from the Boston Globe movie theater yet you know I went to London for a semester and a ticket costs. Mr. Imus to worldly blogger all over the place like a little like leak. The health got to cut. The high should take. Like that like. Jock guy named Alexander. The singing. All of us being so yeah I know I've I've always kind of either of them my eyes. Sound I don't have a mired you know broaden my horizons didn't hurt the group room is going to. I pop up. My parents like guy you really don't really try to experience the world yeah because and others give him. But. Kim I took a class there was devoted to the theater cool all we did was go to theaters everywhere. We're talking Shakespearean theater retarded your name and in London we went to it and that kind of opened my eyes. About it and you know what I'm sure that they hit it is done for you. You know if you signature or bad Chileans a lot of people who don't see enough shows and taken just by the fact that your at a show. The you don't recognize that I know it when tiger show I have no idea yeah having Brothers on amber. I don't so I don't know that you particularly that guy today. I'm mostly as an actor yes. Physical presence just talent runs in my family announced today is. Accurate to the bottom. Of record I know that they consider Taylor report do you buy. Bill navy's north shore music theatre Billy Elliot that Tony award winning musical coming to the theaters September 20. Throughout October the eleventh it appeared to dig into it by the online go to an SMT. Dot org.