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Cops boycott Obama. 9/8/15

Sep 8, 2015|

Do you agree with the police?

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You wanna know why. We need a rally. Able rule lives matter rally and all lives matter rally. In support. Of our officers swore under siege. This Saturday. 11 AM to 1 PM. WRKO. Corner country is going to be holding a major rally. To show support and solidarity. For the boys and girls in blue. Please it's going to be at the steps of the state house in front of Boston Common this Saturday September 12. 11 AM till about where 1 PM maybe even 1230 but definitely while 11 AM until 1230 maybe even up to 1 PM. We're gonna have speakers there were gonna I'll be the keynote speaker. Please come out and show your support. Because the police. Are asking us to support them and stand with them shoulder to shoulder. I cannot tell you the outpouring of support. Then we have received from law enforcement first responders. Police officers. Police unions police chiefs from all across not just Massachusetts but frankly New England. And yesterday. And I wanna give a major major hat tip to Jerry Flynn. Jerry Flynn you may ask shaft Jack black Jack who. Is Jerry Flynn. Jerry Flynn. Is a good decent Lowell caught up. He's now on leave. He is on leave why you may ask because he is serving as executive director. Of the New England police benevolent association. And yesterday as president Barack. Horse saying Obama BH show. Arrived in Boston. For a Labor Day breakfast address. Jerry Flynn. On behalf of his union. Frankly on behalf of many police officers across Boston Massachusetts. And New England. Denounce the dear leader for his refusal and he's 100% right. Kick condemn. All of the cop murders that are being done and influenced by black lives matter. And how this is putting cops in mortal jeopardy. How this is leaving many cops is families without a father Marie mother. And media is ignoring the devastation. That this is inflicting. Upon families and communities. Everywhere. And so rather than show up as was schedule. The New England police benevolent association. Said we are gonna boycott that dear leaders Labor Day breakfast address in Boston. Quotes. Our members Arian ray reached. His lack of support a law enforcement. It's clear that he has an agenda and unfortunately the police are not part of his agenda. According to Jerry Flynn the executive director of the New England police benevolent association. Office surf when you wore 100%. Right. And he goes on to state exactly why. He and his fellow police officers. The men and women in blue. Are disgusted. With him his administration. And black lives matter in general. Let's face it. There have been eight people killed eight Koch's. Killed in a nine day period eight police officers. And here's silence up until recently has been deafening. And he goes on to say quote this is a horror show. This is an epidemic of lawless people trying to kill police officers for no apparent reason it's. Case in point is the lieutenant. Daryn goal for a 21 in Houston a suburban Houston who was pumping gas in Houston. Over 7000. People were at that church for the funeral of that wonderful officer. And according to officer Flint where was he Obama. He wasn't there he's out raising money. He's out bashing capitalism. He's out praising the Iran deal. He's out golfing and he's out partying. But the last thing you're gonna see the dear leader do is speak out and announced community activists the anarchist. The Communists the black kkk. Black lives matter. Officer Flynn goes on. And there I wanna again congratulate him for his courage his honesty and his bravery. He talks about how everything has now spiraled out of control. Since the shooting death of big Mike. And rather than side with the police are slim puts it Obama has simply embolden the criminal elements of society. Quotes. I mean he had the opportunity to do things Ben any didn't. And all he's done is escalated and these people that are hell bent. On causing problems to do so we can't continue to have people who have no intention to do anything but to be disruptive. These are good citizens they're thugs who go out and try to cause problems yet think Jerry. The F bank. Or holding. Burning shooting a police officers gunning him down. Coming up behind me shooting him in the head. Right hitting plundering pillaging. Blocking traffic blocking bridges blocking streets destroying private property. Defecated on police cars yet think Jerry. According to officer Wilson quote. You can't continue to have this kind of hatred and animosity. And the lawlessness that's going on in this country the cost of police officers. Losing their lives. It's irresponsible. The president and his administration. Jerry if I were you. I'd make sure I got a really good pension my friend. Because I'm telling you that hacks in this state the Democrats in the state. This vindictive criminal regime in Washington. They're gonna come after you and your fellow officers with everything they've got. That black lives matter. Repeatedly pay home H two cop killer a Sauna Shakur. A cop killer. Before each of their public rallies imagine patients. If they constantly mock police officers who have been murdered. They praised. The killer who shot postal police officers up in New York. The pour Asia in the Portland penal that it Filipino copping the Asian Cup. They praise him and they chant pigs in a blanket. Which is what they recently chanted in Minnesota. Which they're now chanting in Wisconsin. And listen to this. Yeah CNN. Nor hotbed of right wing extremism. According to CNN. In Aurora Colorado. Game outside of Denver. The police department are now getting called for under 911 center. Where black lives a matter activists. Or influenced by black lives matter. Are now saying quote they're gonna start shooting and wasting police officers on the streets all across Colorado quote. According to 1 message left Sunday evening. It's time that you guys know we are no longer playing around with the police departments. We are about to start striking fear shooting down all cops that we see by themselves. In fact don't even take my word for it. Listen to these haters in their own words roll it Brittany. It is and I know we're no longer in order a look at the poor. Include car. Our strength we usually do well it bothers you. This local. Portland currently looking into people. Who can beat bill. It is optional. This is what police are now getting all across the country. They're dropping like flies. They're being shock everywhere. They're being killed everywhere. And where is the president. Where is the president. When it came to trade one Marten that was his son. How come Darren go forth isn't the son he could've been. How combos to cop shot in New York wasn't the son he could've happened. How come all of a sudden if you are not criminals or gang banger or one to be gang banger. This president says nothing on behalf of the war being waged against the police. And what we have my friends and let's make no home mistake about it. Black lives matter is nothing more than me George Soros front group. They are acting out on behalf of the dear leader and the administration. And they are really a front group for the black Panthers. And the black Panthers are really nothing more than the black Ku Klux Klan. And all they are spreading everywhere. Is racial hatred. Hatred of whites. And especially hatred of the police. And they are no repeatedly inciting violence and urging people to quote fry it. Pigs in a blanket fry him like bacon. Bigs in a blanket fry him like bacon what do we want dead cops when do we want it now. Film we still shoot them. Whereas Charlie screw you baker. Where is the mirror where is Marty Walsh. Whereas the president of the United States nowhere. Because she doesn't give a damn about the police. Because ultimately they saw it with these race hustlers. V.s dogs and these criminals. And now you're seeing murder rates going up all across the country. Crime going up all across the country and liberals are scratching their heads selling painting. Why is crime up in New York. Why is crime up in Austin, Texas why is crime up in Milwaukee what is climb up in Saint Louis. Why is crime up in Boston. Because were ceding the streets. Inch by inch by inch neighborhood by neighborhood by neighborhood. Tell thugs barbarians. And violent criminals. There is one big hope. And it is the biggest weapon that we have. It is that now in the wake of all this violence and carnage against the police. The silent majority is no longer silent. And so in Houston. Nearly 101000 attended the funeral of that killed slain police officer. Many more than showed up to shoulder supports. All across the country. People in local communities are holding rallies to show and express their solidarity and support with the police. My friends. I mean Jew. Boston needs you your community needs you in this Saturday. September 12. From 11 AM to 1 PM at the steps of the state jokes in front of Boston Common. Join me and many others of all races of all creeds of all religions. Of all backgrounds. As we say it loudly and clearly. Black coli. Some matter and these are under kiss and cop killers. Are striking at the very fabric at the very core. Of our safety as a civilized society. The cops already thin blue line between barbarism and civilization. The elites are siding with the barbarians. The president is siding with the barbarians. Let us show them in the world. We side with the police. 6172666868. Is the number let me ask all of you this. Do you agree with this decision. Jerry Flynn and the police union. To have boycotted all bombers Labor Day breakfast addressed in Boston was Jerry Flynn correct. In criticizing the president for turning his back on the police. And for a unleashing what Jerry Flynn rightly calls you or show. Should that breakfast have been boycotted. Yes no 61720666868. I spent with Jerry. I stand with the police. Where do you stand. And it. And I know we're no longer Wear with the department. Who. Is it. Our strategy we are actually do well that we keep others are just local computer department. You're thinking in this and people feel the pinch you thought it goes it's. Clear that. That was in Aurora Colorado 911 calls at the police sent her threatening to kill quote waste coughs. Everywhere are wrong call everywhere around Colorado. 6172666868. The dear leader nothing. Nothing on all the cops being killed shot that the growing hatred and animosity being sponsored. By black lives of matter and others against our heroes in blue. Wise to the police union right yesterday to boycott. All bombers Labor Day breakfast address here in Boston. I say amen what do you say 6172666868. Rally this Saturday September 12:11. AM to 1 PM. We are there to show our support and appreciation. For all of our police officers law enforcement. The first responders is going to be up let the steps of the state house across from Boston Common this Saturday 11 AM to 1 PM. The day after recess September 11. Remember how they were all heroes on 9/11. Fourteen years ago. When so many of our first responders and police officers as people were running from the burning buildings they were running towards the burning buildings. Yet under Obama. And Eric Holder. And the liberal media. Everything has now changed. Eric Europe next go ahead Eric. They're all looking at the national law law enforcement officers memorial on web site. All of that showed basically law enforcement debt since the beginning since 71 year by year. All is surely a definite basically. Vote actually could Reagan actually there's purple and showing them that the law. In law enforcement that a year by year and that broke the law enforcement got under Obama really than any kind of a big fight here. 200 and something under Reagan. If you look at the years older than them I mean it is considerably more people law enforcement officers were dying during that time period. Thought I'm not saying that big. You know. You know. Stepped all all during the Putin to be pushing here it seems like it is more of big name and and a bunch of mean gathered people out there are saying all this stuff but the number don't seem to be. You know what they do backing up on that the law enforcement that's actually been going down under Obama opposed the bid going up which seemed. I mean Eric there's many ways I can I can refute that argument but let me just ask you the most obvious question. How come all the police officers are saying to us how come all the police unions are service how come all the police chiefs around the country. Are saying they've never seen this kind of open animosity hatred and disrespect for police. Where there were rallies and protests were there have been spit on their being called pig. They're being called the and word how white officers are the N word is I don't know that's that's for you move about the Figaro. Not richer people are saying while the fact of the matter is these police officers are now saying there is a climate of hatred. And animosity towards police they haven't seen in their lifetime so aren't they make all this up there and opera's making this up. The link to them numbers aren't bit aren't aren't backing it up job. Yeah well OK let's get to know Margaret OK so let's get an anomaly here to get a handle on numbers very easily one of the reason why you see your attributing this to Reagan. And like every what are. Your normal and I understand that we are hearing more Erick Erick I'm a honestly listen trust me on this subject. You're right there were many more murders under Reagan. And there were many more cop killings under region. But you're making the classic mistake of what liberals always do. You think the president is responsible for everything and the president can control everything and that the president should control everything. If you know anything about the 1980s. He would know about New York. Under Ed Koch and David Dinkins. Where the crime rate was sold out of control. New York has some of the most violent crime rates highest homicide murder rates in its history. And that's why it took Giuliani in the 1990s frankly to clean up new York and that's why he's hailed as one of the greatest mayors in American history. So you had violent crime out of control in New York you the drug epidemic and that out of control in Miami. It was so out of control over their shoulder Miami Vice. So my point is in Chicago in New York. You know Los Angeles local mayors were implementing liberal social policies. That's a boomerang against luck communities but when you had mayors come in with lawn order policies. Things got better now. Hit the ball better than Reagan had no control over areas that often are you saying Obama can't control. Well because Bo it's it's very simple Obama has control because he's openly encouraging black lives matter. As every crop will tell you you have Obama well look it's obvious who spoke out on behalf of big Mike Brown Obama. Who sent three cabinet members about thugs funeral Obama. Who is the one that denounced the police during the Ferguson writes Obama who won the try to prosecute Darren Wilson Obama. Who was the one that's been blaming coughs nonstop for seven years take the Cambridge incident with professor greats Obama. Who is the one that stood up on behalf of that other wannabe thug tray of unmarked. So you have a president through his attorney general. We supporting these lawless criminal thugs in black lives matter. Prop protesters rioters. Outright criminals. Who wore head hunting for cops and that's why the cops are saying hey. When it straight on mark and you open your big mouth when it's big Mike Brown you open your big mouth. But when cops are being slaughtered left right and center where's the dear leader. A majority. But it's that it happens at any point of that it won't that we may think you don't call. But the number of welfare and about you know you're making a big deal. But again I mean look Eric we keep going or are Eric I give you fox and you ignore them. The fact of the matter is we've got seven officers dead in ten days. You have black lives matter openly cheering on activists saying showed them film come up behind him and shoot him in the back of their heads which is what they had in Houston. So either you see reality or you don't. Here on the break WRKO. This Thursday at 1 PM. We're going to be interviewing two heroes to police officers. Officer Robert di Napoli officer Mary oh all of the era. Both of whom were badly shot and badly wounded they were shot multiple times. And sustained very serious injuries in the line of duty. Urging everybody to come out and show support for a law enforcement are heroes in blue are first responders. Police officers. This Saturday at the steps of the state house in front of Boston Common 11 AM to 1 PM Saturday September 12. Please bring your neighbors bring your family bring your friends bring your colleagues. Boston let's come out and come out big. You know why black lives matter is gonna lose. You know why I believe the black Panthers are gonna lose. You know why I believe the hard core hard left wingers. Like they like Obama. Like those in his administration are gonna lose in their war on cops. Is because we the people warmup back down. And I want you to listen to this incredible story. This is the spirit of America. That cannot be destroyed or subject gated or subdued. By the radical progressives leftists or trying to run this country and our state. A Mississippi state Highway Patrol officer. Says that he frankly almost teared up. After he pulled over a driver for speeding. Or you may say Jeff let me officers you know cops they give out tickets all the time. Mike powers. Said that he was hurrying to get to his work he was late for work as a map. Doesn't that ring does sound familiar everybody. He's late for work he's late for a report mentally for an appointment. When according to him the largest officer I've ever seen a brain this officer was big. Big guy bulky guy muscular guy broad shouldered could've been out a defensive lineman or an offensive lineman in the NFL. Pulled them over for going over 25 miles per hour over the speed when I'm when he was flying. Okay probably going eighty in a 55 zone but let that go. The officer trooper Jason Alice or Ailes de LES hopper pronouncing it correctly. And Jason Ailes. Was writing my powers are 200 dollar ticket. And more you want talk about a great guy. Mike powers he knows he broke the law he knows he's speeding he knows he went 25 Michael's over the limit he knows he deserves the ticket. So what does he do he said look I just had to speak up. So he says this to the police officer quote. How're you doing in light of all the senseless killings around the country. He asked the police officers. Are you okay. Are the officers in Mississippi okay. The question caught officer Jason fails completely off guard. That's not what he was expecting. But then. There was something else that happened. That brought officer fails to the verge of tears. Mike powers a devout Christian like myself. Then handed officer ails. Any wouldn't prayer bracelet. Showing the faces of Jesus. And of all the saints. And I'm looking at the bracelet right now it's beautiful a guy that's a beautiful little wooden bracelet. You see jesus' face of Jesus on it one of the pictures under saints. And according to officer Wales I quote I was so touched. By what he did. I almost hear a teared up right there. And he says well I got the bracelet I took it. And I went straight to my patrol car. And I hung up I hung up the wooden memento in my patrol car to protect me because that's why he gave me the bracelet. Made the lord's eyes always watch over you and protect you and argue. He then plated. He voided the drivers take it he said this in fact I can give you stick to a dent I mean you do something like this for me it just avoided it is a look. I can't do it okay I just can't do it. So it. A so according to the officer he says it's ahead of him watching over me in my patrol car at all times. Frankly I have a very ever rosary the beautiful rosary bead right in my car which is trying and over me every time my drive. Just as for production. But. For powers. For the the the person who gave him the beautiful bracelet and asked them how he wants. He said it was just one more thing he could do to remind this trooper. That his service doesn't go unrecognized. And I want you to listen to this because this is what our men and women put up with every day. And the president won't recognize it. And they're demonized by the liberal media. Under attack by these black lives matter thugs and and race hustlers but ordinary decent people understand this all too well. Quote. This man doesn't know he's gonna make it home at night. He doesn't know the type of evil he's going to be confronted way. I pray for him and I pray for his family. As for the 200 dollars is act of kindness saved them. Mike powers say he cut a check for 200 dollars. For a children's home to help children in northern Mississippi you and I didn't do this to get out of the ticket. I did from the generosity in the bottom of my heart. So not only did he cut a check for 200 dollars to a children's home because he was speeding and goes OK finally we help children with that. He said moreover. The very officer Jason nails and the guy Mike powers are now gonna start a charity of their own. You wanna know why I love this country. This is why I love this country. Frank Europe next thanks for holding go ahead frank. Thank you for taking my call let's get the courage is sometimes you just have to cut have to have the courage to tell the right thing. Recently had the pleasure in the understanding that the vet next to veterans from world war two and Vietnam. And very rarely can you meet these people and where we're I think there reduce state house and what are we doing man we're fighting for a Second Amendment Rights. We're fighting for a gun rights and guess who would ban fighting us you'll good friends the police. You know Geoff he can't support the police and and stand for the gun rights he can't to both. Used to talk about world war the Second Amendment blessed you don't talk about it anymore used to talk about the danger of a police state you don't talk about that anymore. I don't know what happened to Jeff used to be a constitutional list. The police and Massachusetts are taking away our gun rights your good friends don't want us to protect ourselves and our family what do you have to say that I jets. I mean Franken and are you accusing me of selling out. You already sold out it argenbright should not it's too late now that firming up first off Franken mean how is this my fault. If you have a very far left wing administration. That is going after people's guns trampling on the Second Amendment. You have an entire congressional ballot grade allegation made up about salute move bouts. You have a coward for a governor. How is this my fault that liberals and progressives are gunning for the Second Amendment. I'll tell exactly how which you'll fault. When there was a blood drive you wanted everyone to get down there and donate blood. I didn't you tell your audience to go to the state house and fight for our rights I'm sorry Jeff the constitution trumps the police. The Second Amendment was bought by very brave men much brave and venue would be and you just urinate and all of them. A frank had a very little over them I've supported gun rights the Second Amendment my entire life. I'm a big champion the Second Amendment frank I can't go every rally. I mean I'm being honest with I can't. Mean I can't I physically can't do it. I've got it to teen stopped you wanna know what their biggest complaint is I swear yearbook I want to flee their exhausted. Or rundown. People people think you'll hold a rally our guys let's all show up a dual the kind of planning that's involved. You know we've got to make sure we have state patrol people they are we gonna nature's an ambulance on stand by our lawyers have to clear in case something happens you have that light ability. And I'm on the phone britney's on the phone were banging out press releases or talking to police unions were talking to police. That the police stations across the country vis Iran rally. I mean how many weeks we spent on that the illegal immigration rally the Justine a Pelletier rally the political town halls. Frank I can't do everything. Klebold just because I don't show up at one rally. Doesn't mean I don't support the Second Amendment or gun rights well I mean it's the exact opposite now as for police. Look I don't. Automatically. Support a police officer. Where and when a police officer does something wrong for example that mail list police officer talked about it last week. When he crashes his car and pretend he was shot I denounced him. I'm gonna in lockstep with the police on everything but frank I know this and you wanna talk about the founding fathers vein you face. Without law and order there's chaos. No cops equals chaos and anarchy. And now we have police officers being shot dead like dogs in the streets. Now you take away the police frank the constitution is finished. We don't have a constitution. There's no future with a tray of on Martins and the Mike Brown's and the black lives matter people. I mean. They're gonna trample all over bill of rights we're dead. We're. Where did you get the impression that the police protect us we protect us the police do not protect us. They chase criminals well I already shot dead Jeff because we don't have a high around to protect ourselves these are the people here are protecting. Well and so Frankel on the mean you wanna get rid of the police solid what is Banda police. Now I want the police to get us back a gun rights. A police frank the police have nothing to do with this. You always going after your gun rights Obama. Elizabeth Warren Ed Markey. I am I'm among Marty Walsh I could rundown bull list. So you have a liberal democratic progressives were gunning for your gun rights they're the ones after your guns they wanna confiscate your guns and your blaming the police. First of all at your local police department is going to Obama. Don't like a lot of audience Jeff what do you mean look at like I don't know how do you tell your local police department that doesn't believe in the constitution the Obama. Yes they belittled. Since when does the local police not believe in the in the constitution. It cost me 101000 dollar additional by police department because I keep a police doesn't believe anybody should have a gun. Jeff. Well OK CO one bad police chief what you wanna blame that you want him cute look I'll play Davis I'm a lot of police officers as friends and they love the Second Amendment. And at their big supporters of gun rights so what Uga Uga if your car every police officer in the country because of one local police chief frank get rid of them. I mean protest them vote amount. Georgia have to do them and that's what you do it but I mean don't blame all police. So and this justifies the killing a police officers. This is incredible 61720666868. You wanna see a society where there's no police. Look at Somalia. Look at row Wanda look at me cannot walk look at Guatemala. No police. Equals no civilized society. No coughs equals chaos. Next on the quarter report and well. Just either but Newbury Massachusetts IST. Yeah I in fact the police are entirely. I feel that. The police officers and Massachusetts at least to go towards better than boo you. Know moreover. No more traffic to be though of electric light company telephone company gaps. Just show people what they are really doing. You know I think that's where we got to do a great. It got a little proactive. I talked to a police officer. On the way from Boston up to no brief for on the train. Or few months ago. And I took it sold at a concert you know. We'll back you what do understood. What what's coming up what troubles in this country. And the opposite sense. Two plainclothes and said we're calling on people like you patriots. Like family but the American revolution. They had a lot of people aside it's still legal. That's another story. That we agreed we have to fight for our country. That you get what that'll take over. See your 100% right this is that's what this rally is about. It's fighting to take our streets back our communities back and our country back. And that's why I need as many of you as possible to show up. This Saturday 11 AM to 1 PM steps of the state house in front of Boston Common and let a show everybody. Not just black lives matter white lives matter Browne lives matter all lives matter Poole lives a matter. He showed Europe next go ahead Joseph. I have not struck the real. I know we're dealt Horry are our crop failure a lot trying to call people a lot I don't know what rocky brought Doug I never heard very. Take guns away from people got hurt on the supporter of the second men. And listened to work hard to get pregnant what are they weren't very. Let go. Or Obama got elected remember that you expect you were very near and there are yes and Arabic. Right real well encrypt golf robot yes are done whatever it's worth marathon yes we're looking at your computer. They got a white lies and that's why did you not hear anything. Because what you have is Farrah Cong in the White House Jeremiah Wright in the White House bill heirs in the White House. So black lives matter doors or his people. 61720666868. Coming up next. Europe in crisis they're being overrun. By illegal immigrants and refugees from Syria and Iraq and now they want these Muslim refugees here in America don't touch that dial.