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Terri Mahn of thestylistcloset on Boston Fashion Week (9-4-15)

Sep 4, 2015|

Terri Mahn of thestylistcloset gives us a preview of Boston Fashion Week

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This story's trending in Boston the boston.com. Morning show on the boys who plots and WR Kenny. 930 here on WR Gil boston.com morning show and police hunt. Boston. Is in competition with cities such as terrorists in New York when it comes to ocean and that's what a lot of people actually know that. But we have what's called Fashion Week coming up here in Boston it begins on the 27 of September and here to talk to us more. About Fashion Week is Terry mom she. Is the owner of the stylus with closet and is also someone who has taken on Fashion Week. At odd. I admire you for quite a project to take on isn't it thank you thank you incident. That Boston. Would be in the middle of of this whole passion world which Austin. Well when you think of of. Colleges that there have fashion programs in Boston it's one of the most. And square fight and cities that has all of those programs. That's why is it just inherently comes out and not only would that we have designers have been living. Here in Boston in building their business and moved so the week features a lot of these young up and coming desires which makes it unique. And when you talk about Paris or new Yorker malign. Yes we tried to sprinkle it with. Not only up and comers but. A stylish business owners and even with front and some RI designers as well that's that's really cool that's really great indeed have a role outpouring people get involved. We do we do especially from the colleges for volunteers backstage and check in every year is its built. Sure gotten bigger and bigger now explain to me weird this all takes place is in the number of different locations are we have one singular location. Well this year it's going to be around downtown crossing I spoke with some grocery Samsung who's the president of BID. And we I talked to her about what my vision was. And her team at the office took me through and worked with building. Property owners to use find the best locations that we could Wear. We could certainly accommodate people coming in and out and also I'm just with all of the what's happening down at downtown crossing it just it's an easy place to get to whether by car buying public transportation. Terry wanna talk specifically about what's going on during the course of the week that before I do so. Are each one of these events. Separate of themselves so. He you buy a ticket to attend all deed by Cingular to get legal like doing that yes you can buy a ticket to each of the events was mated a nominal fee. Anywhere running from twenty dollars to forty dollars. One of them even we have proceeds going to the Nature Conservancy. So with tried to make it very affordable obviously this costs helps us you know build the program sir absolutely well it starts as we said. On Sunday the 27 with an opening dinner correct. Well it's an opening party. And it's at the public think I think digger I'm sorry I thought we took after I got it. I will have nibbles and bites from Roche Brothers as they have just opened up at downtown crossing but it's it's an opening party we invite. The designers to come. Certainly bring a model dressed in there. They're collection. It's really just a celebration for the week and that really springboard what's gonna happen prior to the party we will have a movie screening. With bear watching it productions and it's a small film short. A five vignettes of building around fashion and their great team and terrific Monday Tuesday there events Wednesday you're doing something that I think is really adjusting just outside Macy's. Right it's open runway and sort of the concept of an open Mike but only with fashion. We will have a runway we will have on some commentators that will be at the end that have been previous launch designers which is another program that. Boston Fashion Week has done so. Which this was Jay's. Brainchild. You know I think John probably. He's not here maybe designing for her it was our little secret. I know I'm sorry or a penalty just terrible and absolutely all you need to do is register it's on event bright and bring a model Preston. You can be ten years old. 89 year old grandmother just come on down and let's see what you designed. It is also the opens up a field for everybody who really really fun not on the runway that's criminal. This has absolutely I wanna see him walk in and ideals perhaps. Second up there we go and get the Thursday Friday and Saturday we get into some of the more established. Fashion designers here in the Boston area that's right we have Luc Aaron on Thursday. For a C use a few does bridal and special occasion on Friday. And then. A friend of mine Johnathan Joseph Peters he was on Project Runway season seven. On to flop a style week and I'm just thrilled to have him as part of platform downtown. What do you anticipate. Will be different this year from last year when you start looking at fashion style. Well I'm hoping and it for these particular events that and then it enable the public to come and meet these designers and Iverson's that a local. You know I think that's really important I think that. You know we these little little kept secrets in there's quite a few designers that I invited to participate because I think. It's a great forum for all of them to work to gather I believe in community in collaboration and that's what putt from downtown this fashion has become something much bigger than what we're wearing to work each day. It is it is it's a you know taken a bit of a hit. You know since the economy's been up and down and it's definitely been a struggle for you a smaller companies to get out there and to keep going. With class so this is a great opportunity during Boston Fashion Week to enable them. To you know have a little bit of spotlight on them. When people think about designers like the ones that will be featured during the course of the week thinking about big price tags. Are all of these high end designers were other. People who will be there who may be more accessible to the average individual I think you would find that the local designer I'm even when they're designing luxury goods. Are more affordable than what you may find in Maine and the high end stores and department stores. And through the years you've had a lot of these young designers these artisans. Had some of them made names for themselves. They have Tom solo is definitely one of them I mean Tom went to the museum school and you know he had a vision for his foe where. And I think a lot of you know. The school is very conventional as far as with their artistic ability and here he's really done something he dresses. Lady Gaga with folk where Britney Spears Christina Aguilera. And you know he's in his twenties. Well that's pretty great. I now China it's 55 minute it is amazing. So that some of the other events that you want people to know about and we went to swear I saw as being the big ones they tell everybody some of the other Cubans that you may have going on that they can get involved and will Monday night is pretty exciting because we have eight designers. And some of them are well known in some of them are not. And it's a variety of artisans really Maria Galvin of galvanized Ted where is one that may be recognizable but it. Just the quality of her work is eight incredible. And there's a new designer on he's been around for a bit his name is Kent Stanton and he does handbags. And he's been featured on sex in the city. And he's just in in style magazine right now one of his hand axes photographed first spread which is great for him it's very personable very humble guy. I'm shots Marion has been a long time Boston. Designer of handbags he's been dabbling in firm as well so it's you know where oh. Where offering a little bit of everything for everybody we even have a boat tied designer for the guys so. You know I'll look at. It's not off for the women outsize a outside you know those guys are hot. You love these phone ties Shiite I take it apart and that it just hang you know Iranians you know I don't. No I don't nodded and don't make it into the bow just have Wear the suit the list and downloaded thing about that. It's good for fun I think it seemed to I've seen Brady do that I think you have. There and Syria verdict that it has Gisele overshadowed a professionally. And now you know none of Boston you know this is about local community and really. And the word on on their names so. I think in all the cities we all do something different and what I was trying to presented as. Not the typical runway as entertainment you sit in the front row women and I go to dinner. This way you can really experience you can talk to the designer you can really have an interaction with them. And I always find those events and much more successful to have a lot of people who come up I do like do and that's why I usually try to do at least one or two events this year and challenged myself to. Eleven and I hope you go on vacation and daughter but he can't help they can get tickets and how they can go about learning more you can get tickets through event bright and it's platform downtown and all of the events each night will be listed opening night party is available. For anybody to come not only designers that if you like the fashion business come out and seek. Be seen him and them. That's the sixth floor is the title of that event but again all of these are available on event bright fantastic. Thing is certain. Available for purchase during the course of the week absolutely on Monday night you'll be able to we'll have a shop within shop. So not only will you be able to meet that designer by you can take away. Some nice little treat it for yourself and there has to say that's it that my husband says no you cannot attend that. A car and did exactly. Are well we're looking forward to it it's a lot for how many years is good news. God I threw it past the twenty if you ask here. Yes it's been great Jay's you know really. Very talented guy and had a vision years ago to create this and nine. Just stand supporting him within of with the cost. But history month and she's the owner of the style was closets and she's talking about Fashion Week here in Boston begins Sunday. The 27 of September runs through the course of the week all kinds of different activities when there and again they can go to. As as bright and right platform downtown. Fantastic thank you for being a part of the show and you hope it goes really well thank you and I appreciate that you bet is now 941 here on WRKO.