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Peter Brown on the VA shootings (9-1-15)

Sep 1, 2015|

Peter Brown, former news director for WBZ TV, joins the show to discuss the shooting of the Virginia reporter and cameraman

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This is the boston.com. Morning show on the voice of Boston in the end 680 WR KL. 732 on the WR dale boston.com. Morning showed job mean you've thrown them one share. Kim Kerrigan is back tomorrow that women in the boston.com. Newsroom executive producer Dave culminating in. Hillary and you can tune in to draw reaction from our textures Hillary lied to all the families in front of their flag draped coffins disgusting. Person at another text or from the 603 he was paying now insurance of his pay to boot. Commission about the life insurance policy that Hannity started families fighting the Obama administration over that. Nice job from the five await those very powerful sound bite. On reaction from that Ted in. 27. As well appointment again if you look at his support the Glendora memorial fund you can go to Oakland or foundation dot org. His sisters when all's eloquent spokesperson for the foundation and former brother's legacy she is and speaking of eloquence spokespeople. The Segway users masterful but it bounces some myself. Peter Brown former WBZ TV news director at the box once upon a time outs and we've managed that since it in stores to get there is gets ambivalent we gotta we gotta died and of those and another time but Peter thanks for being here and unfortunately it very difficult situation for all everywhere last week especially though in the news business I think in. I'm sure it hit home for you watching. The Roanoke situation. Unfold live. Yeah very very very said. And and and very shocking personal need folks to. Are in the business today or have been in the business. Just it's unspeakable. Peter thought about you as soon as I heard this story and all our our former colleagues that we used to work to live in the field with India and you know as well as anybody. How unsuspecting. That live crew was when your show hyper focused on them on the story your covering on the person near during weather here. Then the phone talking looking into the viewfinder or the reporter interviewing the executive director of the chamber of commerce and that live truck in the background. What was so if they think I'm premeditated so sick about it about that reporter Bryce Williams knew exactly how to come up on on a group like that. And you know you work through the business for many years where we worked under you. Is that how many live crews are out there my question to you as someone kind of looking at the bigger picture. Do you think news directors and news departments will look at now as live TV very differently in the post Roanoke world that we live in. You know ten I'm not sure these industries will. Will unfortunately pay a lot of attention to it because lives television today. Tribes so much. What. Industry believes the audience wants. You know when you think about it in this particular situation. They were doing a feature story. So again I I I go back to a little bit of what I said some other folks I think we need to keep our thumb on what the issue is here. And it's not so much going after TV reporters. In alive. Television situation this was an issue of workplace violence. This guy too hard is that photographer. Because of what a photographer did win that employee. Who want to use his name was escorted from the building. So. That issue here is workplace violence and and goodness those head you know unfortunately in the role I had to play. Not everybody who like hired. Was able to state the entire time I did have to dismiss some folks. And some of those conversations are when I look back on it. Now. Very troubling and thought to myself you know I probably should've. Pin on higher alert which was which would with some folks. That must've been a very difficult situation and it continues to be Peter referred nine news directors but there anyone who's in charge of anyone in the workplace now it's such a sensitive topic. How do you deal with the potential psychopaths. Yeah knowing that one that I'm not sure anyone has an answer to this point seven and immediately think you've been reading some of the best experts on this and. You know this person the of the killer what encouraged to go seek help and obviously he never did. And it really comes down to when it shall personal choice. And what's so so said in all of this is probably the that the folks who really. We need to see someone are the ones who never do. And and that's what it really really comes down to butt up you know in terms of the water ration so to head of what perhaps you're also racing here is. This issue of how safer television crews in this day and age when. You know we have unfortunately across our city's drive by shootings and things like that. The one. Then the group of folks who like think deserve so much credit out there. And we probably should be paying more attention to how we can support them are good news photographers. He that you know how had they actually frankly become the security guard and many many scenes. Where you have gotten and others do their live broadcasts. Capsule image in your in a vulnerable position me you know we mean and you saw Palestine who wore on we were out and alive location. In the middle of no war all the sudden some complete stranger pops there head in your life circulate cool are you in what are you doing here into your point a lot of time. Either of those you know very talented for charters either talk people away from the news truck or away from the situation that was tapping and hand. There's a lot of time news crews show up before hum first responders. And they are invulnerable positions. And part of it is you know the celebrity of they're not when they pop their head and the TV truck. They're not looking for the photographer they're looking for Ted somebody like you somebody they've seen on television before. And and oftentimes. You know I've been in a live TV truck would would pop their head in and you know which. Where's Bible Belt where's Liz Walker. You know that kind of thing and it's harmless but it's a little upsetting when it went in someone sticking your head and you work. Work course for personal space. Peter if you're in the situation today it to channel for any other station what would you say to. Said reporter who walked in your office and said hey Peter I wanna do this anymore you can't send me on live shots. What what would your response to. You know the first thing I do you the first thing I do it I would honor that request. I think everyone. Is handling this in her own way. You know we had this same situation obviously. A much different set of circumstances but. With a flying in the helicopter. No one was ever forced to fly in a helicopter when I was a channel four. Some folks wanted to and then. They might have had some rough air and decided no that that a blue lakes too precious to me I don't need to go through that experience again. So we think again you've got to listen to the people. Who work week you and I work for you to hear their voice. You know like I actually reached out to a couple of folks at one a photographer who can't won't know. Our our vote really senior photographer retired recently and gentleman that I met with a war. And Ted like I called and said let me ask you something. When. When you have orchid together which IE did I listen to you guys on the street would side with the UK in that regard. Because it brought second thoughts to me is well and and he said he had no he should you if there was something going on if you got into a situation. And we felt comfortable that we should we should meet. Putting up a life microwave mask he said we all felt like we could call you would say we're not doing that. So I think it's the idea that if anything management can take away from this is. Listen to your troops in the field. They are the ones they know better then anyone and oftentimes it's old somebody wants to get out of doing a wide shot. You know I I hope we're working with the sure folks that I know so many folks in this town we got a lot of excellent. Reporters and photographers he listened to the people on the street saying no they see they have the. Not so I think business. Those crews would back them up completely Peter you have both been out of television news for quite some time as you kind of look back and sometimes you'll tune in C. What's your biggest take aware that you seem that's either happened to television news over the last decade or so and maybe work's going. So. I would hope you are telling you things so one is. I'm you know we got it put an end this breaking news stuff that this is becoming an insult the audience. Stories that happened 67 hours ago or even longer but still being labeled as breaking news and I know people in the newsroom this. Think it's ridiculous to I don't know who's driving it I don't know who whether it's the news management or the consultants but. Somebody's got to put their foot down because suggested it's it's silly it's become totally an insult. I'm in terms of the going forward hit. What I've told a lot of folks who reached out to you over the years he said Peter you've got to have a TV news I'm thinking about doing the same thing and I'll always say this of them. That there is a world war. For news there is a role for television news it may be a snake shedding its skin at this point in trying to figure out how we can best. Interact with its audience which is shrinking all the time. But out pretty quick story that my dad my dad told me my late father told me when I thought about geez is it time to get out of the news and said. You know what you do every day if you give people the truth. And they are so all to do that today but fortunately the lines between truth and opinion are being heard. And we just need to remind those folks were doing in this day in day out that they have an obligation. To tell us the facts and the true. We'll forward every reason news director Peter brought that for taken a few minutes those great years voice agree to connect and and wish you the best seller. They are much I appreciate the opportunity. But first. In this Twitter world that we live in that's changed the landscape for many reporters got to be first on Twitter with a secrets Morton 1112 balls over inflated. All Roma that story is expected deflated does it well I think that's breaking news still. But the it's that type of story where that's not rights but hey it's out right now on the go. So that's a that's an issue. In today's journalistic society but he brought issue at that it is 744. On the WRKO Boston dot job morning ship.