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Gun Talk Radio August 30th 2015

Aug 31, 2015|

Topics included Self-Defense Training Tips, Easy Trigger Swaps with Timney, and Ten Years after the New Orleans Gun Grab.

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It's time to load up on some intellectual ammunition with some questions gun talk it doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with the Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here this as the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics. So grab your phone and call in right now state 6682554864. Just dial one top dog gone. Now here's stop. Today on. Some questions guns god it's been ten years since the great gun grab a Hurricane Katrina. And the corruption that fuel gun confiscation. We'll talk about a current confiscation underway in California where the state disjointed collection ward three quarters of a million dollars. Watch this may be the biggest good giveaway ever more than a hundred goods you can win this week with dumb call now. Talk talk 48668255486. Now here's done. Already we have a lot of things talk about Tom. Gresham younger at the humor where he hit it like to join us here just a few notes. The number it's 866 tall girl easier just to remember one and then tong talk god and yourself or your you have to know the one about judges. Tom talk gun. We're junior course Twitter on that gun talk baseball to put forgotten talk over there are always get a hold on we should be an email Tom at gun talk. Dot com but of course dialing your news the preferred. Method. We're gonna refuel letters that you go through. The afternoon. And of course. It's been a heck of a week. We had that despicable. Deranged. Whacked out crazy guy. British that you could become famous by murdering some more of them are actually multiple someone's on live TV and he was right. It made him famous. Dave's sprinkle whose name everywhere these idiots. Of all places the New York Times ran an editorial say we're gonna stop giving these people. Notoriety celebrity we've got to stop using their names oh gee now. You just figured it out when a media person gets killed you go oh we don't just lose it can be a break. Horrible despicable will talk about that. Then just a bit of course you've been seeing all of the coverage. This week. About the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina it was more. Then you know let me just say this again it was more they and you know. There were mini mini. Episodes of evil being done there were people I know this to be true shooting had rescue helicopters. There were and I know this to be true special forces people younger. Doing what I need to be done. With cute. Rescuing the money. From our reserve. But let me just tell you this also. For every. Instance. Of evil being done. Hurricane Katrina there were a thousand. Instances. People jumping on literally jumping in there and helping people they didn't know. Sure you up with boats when there were no rescue boats and unfortunately some of the people are sure to promote were turned away that by the police are you can't do that. Well the police who say people. We are people roots. We were boats we nor were do we know how to get there. But people showed up they showed up a war that should've put ice that showed up they jumped in the water and pulled people out of for every. One of the stories about evil that you hear. Remember there were a thousand. Times as many stories of regular people people like you and me. Simply said these are people who need help I. Can do something I can't do everything. What I can do. Some things. In the midst of all of that there was this very strange. Thing going call them. Or bring your friend of mine now Gordon Hutchison has learned firearms used. Our bureau writer have been involved in law enforcement for a long time out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Gordon how are you there. That morning or afternoon thank stop. Absolutely not your year end are your partner wrote to the smoked a great New Orleans gun grab. I just two day her and and I did not know that you are gonna ask you about. I heard today that there are people who don't. Believe this happened I think it's a myth that tickets are creation of some right wing best conspiracy that there was no such thing as gun confiscation going on Hurricane Katrina. Have you heard that before. We overriding the actual fishing trip one night listening to talk radio. About eight year old body they hear about eight months after the hurricane and Bill O'Reilly. Of all people took a call for some gentlemen. To order to bring the Celtic up about gun confiscation in your daughter Katrina and O'Reilly says that's not true that from the yes that's a rumor that didn't happen. Well he needs to talk to some of the people we talked to who what when we went down there after the hurricane an interview. Well. It dozens of people who had their guns confiscated. Various law enforcement agencies while it without it just took. Just complicated and took them away from sports. Didn't give people sometimes lose sight statement about debt are. Who would be silver. I'll Bob that was very proper send east at all AB CTV in a famous. What interview and you stated. No one will be allowed they have guns record all the guns only to law enforcement police who have guns and they proceeded to use. Take guns from people at. And every other salt say they took they confiscated different people who packed up trying to leap down there was one incident where they. Stopped a van load of folks trying to get out of here all day it had enough. And they ask them did they have any guns in the car nature where you have there's. Click to social art collector viable backed their spirit and a mocked solid stuff. And they stop by and and make him sit out on the paper in front of the land with the handled upgraded while they. Unload it will land and finally got down to the according to rifle and the old 22 there's two which was a gift of one of the girls and land back. Our grandparents. And they sit well with guns they've they the one you all policewoman took the low handgun and threw it against Kuerten broke. So it hit it happened all over the place yes but so is definitely not. They took out the guns from people. And then regulation par worsen then the city. Denied that they had ever done it didn't. I they can that it far. Over a year. It first came out when there was guts confiscated outlet fox train from people going. You know and by way of fox try to get to their homes to try to salvage stuff and they would stop the Alamo lake. Saint Tammany sheriff's office water patrol awe and they had. One group had you all New York police option tournament stop one of the groups that we interviewed people in the book. Britain Oscar grant pay up. Now they are fifteen rivals autumn while they entered the boat went down in the hole and got the hunting rifles and at 243 deer rifle. And a couple of reliable and drove all weather and another case to part of fast boat and that it fell to one albums home that was all him. The lakeshore on the other side to try to rescue some stuff out of the house. And that painting he ordered wouldn't go out follows old shot now he has several guns. And they were stopped all the way back saint Tammany all the coal and some some sort of military it was with them. Again held liable along told them. In the boat and enabling it to their vote they just took all of the guns being rescued just threw me into the Polk what we're got my head. And they of these groups called NRA. And the Second Amendment foundation. And sheriff Jack strain of saint Tammany parish. And certainly apologize and said Fayette overstepped their bounds. And the people who can't get their guns and these two groups managed to get their guns back. From the church so opposite effect and the urge you all on this they're not doing it. It having any guns that it took a critical court order for them to finally released the guns. And we went down there and inventory because they're figure. Well Gordon even worse than that even actually had a federal sure they refused to honored until the second in the foundation and the RA. Got the judge Joseph look I'm going to hold you mayor ray Megan personally contempt of court. And you're going to be facing direct court action if you don't come up with these guns and only at that point when he was facing a personally. Of course she's now. Serving time in federal prison but that's all different Arnold or only at that point did they show oh wow geez look at this we just found a warehouse full guns and of course. As you know you went in Islam these guns for the most part ruined worked. That would joke for the most part that's was this stuff that people target that it got lay it out under the under the mud after the flooded golf through we've got a quote in the book. Pay out. Private investigative that I came down it went through that tell Michael whirlwind it was a woman's escape and she had depositions. From. Lots of people and she had a deposition. From renewals resolve certain I can almost give it quote I hate to admit it. But that they were good and nice recap on its it would jump it acts girl and a lecturer in the canal. Glittery fringe there aren't good are. We the longer I stay here and I'm enough that lets refrain that if they were good guns are they were nice guy owns the police told them and took them home. If they were not be devalued yen they put him in these warehouse. That's not beyond me Cobb bash and that's just the way it is and that's Soria was. Gordon the book is titled the great New Orleans gun grab to shoot into anarchy. Fashion that you have to go to web site up New Orleans gun grab dot com is books still a little more. Oh yeah it's available Ramadan or you can order directly from the publishers on the web site you all and cutting red dot com. OK good deal if she loses so I think it's an important piece of history or something for all of us to keep in mind Marisa Lula could never happen in America they know not only can't happen and it did happen and it would happen again if you let it happen Gordon Hutchison. Co author with the Todd Mason the great. New Orleans good grip thank you sir. All right 866 talked gun that is the number here give me a Holler and we'll get your own. Loudon now. So we've made getting noise suppression for firearms easier than ever. All you have to do is visit a gunshot powered by sounds are shot and before you know it noisy things like radio commercials. Will seem to be quieter. Hell make the world a quieter place this this announcer shop dot com to find a dealer powered by silence or shop near you. Got your carry permit and that's good but you know you could use portraying. It's dvds which include Eugene Springfield armory presents a concealed carry one in consumer period two weeks. And specialty consumer pure reason you'll and finding trainers. Do you prepare. This really is life and death. That's shouldn't talk. The Ruger SR 45. Large caliber pistol with a tremor ergonomic program. Like the popular restaurant I'm not sorry for you are 45 appropriately size to be comfortable controllable. Ergonomic grip and knows why it features an adjustable three shots I should. Through her unique reversible backstroke. Extra Emanuel safety and magnesium relief and delta ticket do you read through SR 45. Another look at reliable firearm from. Attacks happen every day. How will you react in real people put into real life criminal attacks which we should focus on first person defender. Discover what works and what doesn't kidnapping ATM robbery home invasion and other attacks to learn how to save your life. And the lives of your family. Get the entire first season on dvd. Pet shop go and talk dot com and get prepared shotgun talk dot com. There's nothing like her soul. To kind of please we're characters become legends. While bill hicks. Crazy or school Calamity Jane. Pick any part of the world and you'll find people go there and make it to her room. This is where people come to get me. This is the place. Made the people. And made the best and homeowners. Black heels and me. That was good. Can minimize your mailbox in a box this morning I'm just just popped up on what we have right now are for Sharon watched. But whose descriptions we're or there every tale from gun safety that's the rumor group general launches on the commit a 100000 bucks a year or better. The Bloomberg pacer to head up this group this course fifth at the Michael Bloomberg had to create a more groups or other groups because usual. Illegal mayors against guns like all of them. His Mayer's gotten thrown in prison Ray Nagin a bunch of other ones. Salaam from gun crimes got a lot of the irony is just delicious. So Shannon watches up for PR professional she had to just every time for gun safety but the what I like is that the one email just got. And that is this what you should send congress your congress. And there has. In red letters the words. I. Feel it. I feel like my children are no longer safe in America. If there was ever an example of the difference. Between the gun ban and lobby. And gun. Owners. This is yet. The gun ban and lobby there at a contract Darden. We just look at that they're talking importers of web site because this is how you should approach it. We need to say I feel at all. Not war it is not that gun crime is down 50% in the last twenty years not that. Gun murders are down you're 2% in the last twenty years which are both true. Because of reaped talked about that we go well we're all in good path here what's he doing over duke on on on a national they worked. So they cure. Argue facts because facts don't work from the can't argue logic the logic does not work for them where they can do. And what general watched as your email this morning you're just say hi fi year old. That my children are no longer say. I'm there you ago that. Gyms on line three out of Shreveport Louisiana hello Jim what distorted our. I was working down now that can't route out of sorrento. Just wouldn't daily Katrina coming true then what Scott almond Piaf. Yeah sorrento PD. Got my gun out the stern got a poster minister column like it they confiscated my weapon. And at the gallery I got it back bad at Texas police solve for sure Willamette we were talking while they were. Won't shirk our truck and he went over and grab my gun and and hit it brought it back to make. They were being on the down there just. So he he basically. Took this bill McConnell Paul bit. And they came back and slipped it back to you while all these Toronto police guys were trying to figure out how they can get into your. Car and sort that they stole a but he re still don't. Correct I have not got that black towel overall mop I work in soccer and Erica stepped. And you won't negate an air and move them pals around and they are solve pistol under the shared column in my culture. And I breached and it took the pistol out. And loaded it into declare a magazine. And put it in their car they tell me that Iraq could not have a gun down their. Despite all the buttons and not made they were a roller radio about talking of the Beaumont policeman and he went over there awhile later and got it done about it backed him. While didn't what are. I tell you why you couldn't have a gun with you. I didn't think they had no explanation they were they were rude. Obnoxious. And you know there are a lot of flop problem down there undercurrent at bat but. God. Yeah out properly credentialed. And yet it didn't matter to them they were to call aren't everybody it's an army at least. Well today due to an awful lot of people who have but yeah okay I appreciate your college London and other people. Well let me Jim they go ahead and a lot of other people mother a thank you appreciate your A-Rod called in from Arizona here's wanna know Islam. That are gonna do your apathy allows him to listen to the current show I'm guessing he's asking if you will be to listen to a live no we do not stream mock. Gun talk to Gundy who are we put these archives show up here they gave podcast you listen to ensure afterwards but. If you don't happen to be where you can listen on the radio show or your local radio station. You can't go online there are number of the stations which Carrey go and talk which also stream. Gun talk all you can do is go to gun talk. Dot com slash listen and you could find stations there which you will do streaming for so. Good start. They work to do this murder bring him in early he called them and we're gonna bring you an elegantly as head of the Second Amendment foundation and the citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms. Alan. ML mom could bring your I didn't. You alum rubbish. They value her. Well you know what are you what happened. He knew that he's just were two or yes or you proponent who took a welcome actor and I'm Dora darker red leotard not a problem. I want to read this quote is from New Orleans superintendent at the time we learned carpentry or Warren Riley he said quote. Jury or circumstance like that this video. Katrina we cannot allow people to walk the streets. Carrying guns. As law enforcement officers we were all confiscated. The weapon for persons walking down the street. And they may be arrested. So mercy. It's legal I have begun so we will publish it to go and AKA felony theft because of the guns while he's going to worth enough to. That we filmed a felony. And we're gonna arrest them for. Moon. War. The manner we may get out later. Brazilian or you mania. Be threaten our can be derived. There was a lot of that normal and love about it. Rory worse. Neuberger. And I just the important takeaways are big so we are so what do we learn from well. One has had more than one gun. If you're do you warn a mature there's no who's memorial. Unknown. Have. Of their plan needs. In place not just guns water. You should have this is not proper in the world rooms they stuff Booker but you should have been your house enough food last month. Yeah I know you're probably not to me more than three decades but you know. You can buy a hoax she pursuing that outfit can remember all of the government should read these terms of food. There's premiere at our current base murder someplace you get to those two observed for your family of four for the month I'm not a huge gourmet food Jonah fruit. They're just putting words put it somewhere. So wouldn't you should have enough food to last couple weeks at least maybe a month the German firm look you probably really have an effort to reach it should. Source for for a foursome water. You should have flocked to batter reached. And flashlights. And candles. And not just before the storm and the coach all the time you don't know when. A power plants goal. Blow up a gas lines gonna go down. Something good happened and that we hurricane can be an earthquake can be a tornado can be whatever. Think America just think about as you look at these pictures or Hurricane Katrina it's okay. What would I need. If I couldn't. Go to the store for two weeks. Then as soon to make sure where you are nursing gets down and we only have two weeks left for good field. And never let it get more that's killer never let your card guest thing yeah below half. He's just Smart. It's just market. 866 dog and we come back early clarkin live. Alan Gottlieb from the Second Amendment foundation they have removed if you do warrior about. You're listening to guns are now one more than 200 great radio stations. Here's John. About them more than 200 stations if you're driving around the country you know your predicament trip just go to go and talk about com slash listen. You can got to make a list of legislation that you go cross country just go from state legislation pretty cool well stricken on the web site if you go to go talk dot com slash. Can we NW IE and you can you know right now for a chance to win. A holster we got a million your holster give Oregon a good way for pollsters. 41 are you gonna we're holster. His or her short each for mailing your holsters. There should be going through September 20 finish. They have always had to have the new cloak tuck three point oh. Never seen it check it out a leader holsters are commenting is very nice. Our interest for remembering him elegantly head of the Second Amendment foundation the citizens committee for the right keep mirror on the ballot before we get to the big big news. We just heard Gordon Hutchison are talking about his book coarsely grate New Orleans going to grab and the sugar Mehmet donation plays an important part in uncovering these. Scoring column comes in the stolen guns and. We had a very big role in that and it was that it was an amazing thing. Quite frankly we watched on television on national TV CNN another channel watching. Authorities in the New Orleans. Knocking on doors competent people the country not you know lady does it even let her hand. We went to court we got a temporary injunction. Stop it from happening. And then when they're getting a permit judges to note never cup ski arms again. And then in the process we also lot capital city of. Held in contempt. They had to pit find it federal courts are not obeying court orders. A little longer amount Crocker and they're not the end of it Libya almost all the firearms returned people. They're still a number of that didn't get returned because people couldn't play into the mood data nor London when we're gonna go back and get them. And fortunate to increase stored a lot of firearms they sat there and containers and yet and rested and and the humidity in the order. And Cohen good guns were destroyed it was pretty horrible. Exactly where are your course Sacramento donations been involved in those kind of actions some that people know about alarm for quite frankly that people don't know about that you do behind the scenes. One that I think is worth shouting from the rooftops or something that just happened in the last week. Going back Seattle passed the law that puts a tax owned guns 25 dollars are going a Q&A on ammunition five shootaround on ammunition. Which. Goes to bring against the State's preemption law. But you won't pull together something that a lot of people thought would never happen to know people want and you get new whipped. Yeah well obviously we filed suit against Seattle to you know a boot camp is that you to stop that from happening. But you may Keating wasn't there are literally neat thing is that the first time. Ever occur. On the same lawsuit we have does that cement a nation National Rifle Association is the little book or by the way up and in New Orleans. And separate the previous student Seattle we ended up to this the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Yet the holy trinity so to speak of the gun right movement altogether on the same suit and that's quite a feat in we're really proud of that. For those who don't understand the distinction. That I Culpepper explain this to people special people not enough the gun world the NRA. He lobbies for gun owners. But the National Shooting Sports Foundation is to trade association and is the lobby for gun manufacturers. What people call there than gun makers' lobby but it's actually gonna show itself. So nice guy gunmakers. The gun owners and then the second mile foundation which frankly has been in the lead or litigation. For gun owners for many years. You got all three of view together and warm lawsuit. I guess the real question now how do you do that. Well. I guess surely would have to witness who we're playing is too little renewed oh actually do. Reason symmetry to beat Seattle in the previous preemption battle weary part kind of band guns and on public property. We won on that one. And I guess cleric he would enter. Emailed me saying that they were to keep mentioning it to Larry we got or get you charted already got. Major all the guns doesn't Seattle online at play debt load at pretty happy joint. And and Larry this email wolf a look at the area as well and so I invited both to join and they both get. The other beauty of that Alan is that people put their egos aside put the turf wars aside and said look this looks like the best path let's just make sure this works. Yeah a truly great and every now literally get court personally or worked totally together. And actually the first time legally we're we're doing met you we help each other before work. What Hillary has been a plaintiff without something to lawsuits. We can't the NRA and and it has stepped file amicus briefs are legitimate but he should happen within the came back them. But in the first time all three groups to our plaintiffs on the same suit. Okay she got. This tax being placed on guns and on every round of ammunition sold in Seattle and of course people who what why won't people just go over the city. Relying grounds are the city and my guns and ammo which would would that not just terribly hurt new gun stores and so on Seattle. Well at the plane did they don't they go into the kettle though they gonna go out of business if in fact this campus and of course that's what I'd hit the city wants to do it and Tom and discovery. But if your permission request. Well we've we've monitored or is that he's Seattle does who won't know a number of other cities. And don't we rarely get net memorandum email that he out on me in minutes of meetings really attended. Privately. I'm mobile home behind all this is bluebird. And is that they gun groups were involved in the planning of this and it taking what was done in Chicago where it wasn't a preemption the kind of packed Chicago. And trying to make it go net net national unity this happening in cities that don't that they don't Greer is appropriate action you definitely knows it's for sure. Basin in the memo to we we we lay covered. But year old in this hidden state Twitter our entry is so strongly in kind dude anyway and grandchild preemption law. Part of the memos we uncover who worked their whole game plan to try and destroy get rid of preemption laws in general either by an initiative process. Or lobbying legislators. So this is where the battle going it's you know the current tax Howard destroy it. Yeah and quite possibly memos they talk about you saw a 25 dollars and lets you forget the 2000. And without doubt the B can afford to buy guns. That's couldn't get alerts O. I just got to sort out. It's actually a gun bans do you just gonna try to moral this fraud birds slowly. Yeah exactly and we get the memos to prove it that we uncovered that we got discovered that the Seattle. What's the likelihood of your renting this room. I think excellent. The city is arguing that the preemption statute doesn't cover it certainly at a a gun statute it's it's a tax statute. The only problem is that he had made mistakes here if you don't pay taxes to criminal offense. Which now makes it even Mick put it under the beat me preempt your guns so to begin what could because they don't pay attacks so what this thing you grew even go to jail beat client. So as a result there's no doubt that it involves you know this veil firearms and we're gonna I'd look in order. Let's count stairwell and as always keep us posted. If those who don't know mother where you got the human rights policy conference coming up go to the FCF will initially have got to work. Find out about bad bets late in September in Phoenix Suns going on Alan Gottlieb regular frail and huge you do great work thoroughly appreciate. Dude come on all right you take care all right open lines 866 talk good natured section. Talk. And important and have you purchased recently when they got the range all of whom come back I'll tell you well lady do. She was afraid she was scared and who aren't good enough to phenomenon and I know you do not buy or go. 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Brown Els has always given you an advantage with their huge selection of forever guaranteed gun parts ammunition shooting accessories and more. Now offering you the edge. We're just 4995. Brown l.s edge covers your standard shipping and any return shipping costs were one year. Brown l.s edge members also receive discount expedited shipping and exclusive offers. Get the edge today my visiting brown Els dot com slash page. I welcome back Tom Gresham HA church. Talk and go on our vision for easy letter I love this letter. Curfew we you know we've talked about the missed the 2000 products rule we love what they do reduce. Now and talk to undergo important stuff this question who's had Tom Daschle don't want to share with you. This past Sunday my wife barely barked some frozen corn kernels. That she was preparing your small stainless steel partners bear with me now the bottom of the pot was about 95%. Burnt. I told that high would take 200 war. I want to abuse in the slipped 2000 carbon killer but I adjusters and needless to say after about seven minutes or so or so people and a little elbow agrees with this character on the pop awards back in action. But you might like to know this as I have now proved to my wife. But they're big gun stuff there's gun stuff. There's abuse in the kitchen. They targeted Al L has a great story a love that carbon killer to clean. Very big dog burned on stuff when they a pot blue pod that's great. Well at Bristol when mullah million Doug creek Colorado. It's a multi user correct. What are one or no wonder I don't. Know in the morning you know her I don't know. Yet and already here and sure. It's. There are other question. Went birdie bar tonight or stroke pretty long range Gunner and like she and you're relaxed you are true purses are ordered that he's not a picture or murder yet. I have not that good that's a fairly new slogan. Yup yup third album a bit not a very long I have been able to find anybody here on out or shelf. Yeah why are not in the future arms. What German what you shoot note on arrival Kelberg how far you shoot me. Our guard Derek Jeter an enormous 300 other beat my doctor strict flight they eat or. Yorker show. 2000 Coca fell you do and guard competitions discount funds to. Dark just launched up mostly repeal Biden lectured not predict or inched up or go out there and the he can't predict dish them out of the market the future. Before I let it it is. Is that she had that dynamite shooting game who is not the one I remember that these are the fire department puts long. Yes sir are there it is. Yes. Yeah they raise money with that they they put dynamite though the got explosive experts out there and you get to shoot Judy Campbell dynamited ridiculous Rangers. Our track. I had some like it or did it. Look look look. But then he had to pay like per shot or so mile per hour in the money to Ichiro are. All are short Sri doctor were like there. Well I'd be I'd just go drop a twenty dollar bill and start and are good or. It put the you know on the scope I don't know being you you're obviously a shooter. Show you've got good rifles and you have you selected good caliber you know orchard do and so. You know the drill there is she will Scopes you generally. Get what you pay for. And Miro. There were dark try to go cheap on topics I'm always sorry. It just it's like it didn't work out that well I owed almost rather go cheap on the rifle and go cheap on topics. So more if you're introduced new and I would sure try to get my hands are one of funds and by that has won. Because none of these are really inexpensive optics or you wanna get good stuff. It. Our look I think what do you give me a favor if you run it down gets you information on our college back later and Leo after that used to use that are few Bible and by all means good we are not in Lebanon. I'd love to get that info appreciate death lesson where are we are we. All right we're don't check which would June oh. And Tripoli zero age are you doing. Great job I could hear all the laughs conversation. I don't know Abdullah true asks. All of what we can do on a local web what was short small and spoke to reporters after happens we're weakened from being out. Local governments or stake out some tricky art guns up any suggestions where. Well Lou we Louisiana actually passed a law that says that they cannot confiscate guns and a natural disaster or so. That was already done in Louisiana I would say if you're not a member please jury in the Louisiana shooters association. That's the state group that lobbies and does all the work in Baton Rouge and stay capital sort of lose your shooters association jealously good group. But anybody else get involved in your state group. You really need a state law that says they can't confiscate guns. The other thing is maybe. He'd get involved in local politics so that you know the mayor the mayor know we shoot the City Council knows you. The time of crisis is not the kind of reintroduce yourself. But if they know you have time you can talk Bruce or guys you know we weren't mature these guys or tricycle like that it's not a good idea. Much better do that now. Maybe a year or 25 or two years before the crisis character and service where the politics really gets done. You simply got to get involved. You have options when it comes. Coming up in just a few minutes. We're going to be talking about what he meant you had your guns. Confiscated by the police and the accounts have to fight through the league just gonna back. While they have them. They destroy the ball in the entire. Gun collection. Let me let you know without a coroner. Is just amazing amazing remove her cover story just just a minute here. But she let's go to bill and in Meridian, Mississippi unless you Meridian, Mississippi beyond. Hey come on don't expect. Look I'm an attempt. QIRS issue or extract. Cute DX. Format of the directorate change your account amazed at the polish. Great little disallowed what the second consider period so you can Richard vehicle. Little long trigger pulled but it string used to serial cannot. She's very acrid. Oh can't close wall a little bigger Groupon got big and the district commission report helped talked about. The most popular foods at. They also come in different colors were just comes flown. Yeah I'm actually get the what do you guys better. So racking playing the name of it to us. Yeah flat flat darker turn newswire garnering a drag. That's true but now all these years and nine millimeters in your mind. Yes actually not know how cute imagine what swamped. Solved collection at the very compact presented. She's super record our country political splash he likes to be like I'm more keeping intrigue and some are still a player would support tightening US and shot. No we did last June in Lebanon prayer books as sort of go. This golf skies if she I value define that or appreciate kept a range of four million. Yeah I mention that we we have a believe she's wife of somebody who we work we're doing. Jim scary incident then you because Lucy I'm I'm gonna buy a gun you know you're not as a young embargo should know you don't Stew stops Florida. You don't we have Kenny I got your gun for Roger should look to stop so. Well what is rearranged ever go out with tray in front of our outreach bear candor from bear code training run down here in south Louisiana. Bear took her out to the range. Took a much guns or try and to our protections are how to go Baird. These are ratcheting grapes and your picture she did really well shooting good chart which which comes Cilic computer or just different guards smarter to carry guns can be healthier and that you like this with the Russian women big it will. Yeah. That's kind of been one of the top choices for a long time especially for women given the Arab. The small group person back strapped. Longer she did go to issue twelve are once favored pistol she shoots a double on that thing so there you go a fifth. Don't just buy her a gun plunged. To her to the range we have an instructor or not with you mr. husband. Right there won't trust me at least cover so much better it really will be. A letter she charmer for guidance low emission trading or how to hold a gun you have when they go looked. Multiple virtual relationships when you're an instructor and the husband. It's not a good thing generally speaking so you don't we do and that I'm so what you're doing is she Jenner connected to her. Arranged where she can get from destruction were only one is best. And this lady as a text or said all right should now that you've done that we're gonna get to enter a woman's own league clash. She was collecting and children or your stamp we're gonna do our class were like where you are off as some some wives and ever gonna have a good time and there are these ladies blood borne out of the range issued no we're gonna get your new instructor and where you're all women's clash. I think that is a really good logical next step. Get some training that warrior so much less intimidating them all the ladies have fun out there shooting. And then compare note. And just chat as soon. There's a sales estimate to only one of course a little worker and they talk to each other when they're low emerged gardens overload match furiously insulin or get back on the line not for women are talking. Have a good time and from there you go. I day where we come back I will tell you this story. About the gun confiscation. Destruction of the guard's gun collection of California heads of major lawsuit came wrinkles loss of. You're starting to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with some questions gun talk. It doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with the Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politic. So grab your phone and call him right now 66682554864. Just dial one John talked god. Now here's stop. Impressions go and talk now available on iTunes another fight against line handled the Cleveland Helio Smartphone. Three get colds are now at one time Todd got a 48668255. Or 86. Or email try. Gun talk does come hell once again here's stuff. All right let's get Tom aggression your contribution barely easiest pick up the phone call. 866 taught gunners Donald Tom talk beyond them good junior also plumber gonna talk dot com on Twitter and that gun talk. Lot of ways to get all of us of course on FaceBook. It's always fun. Don't talk over there in just a lot of ways forest community Biden I'm sure I'll like it when you call 866. Talk go now imagine. Whatever reason please come and take more of your guns. Or drew guidance. Or 700000 dollars. Working group's. Entire. Massive. Boone collection. And you're fighting to get him back in the all the sudden you get this huge surprise stirring me to talk about. Vet what happened and what we're doing about a Joshua dale who is an attorney with Michelle associates say Joshua I don't. Good afternoon from sunny Southern California Tom I'm doing great. Absolutely so we've we've got this gentleman. Of way William right right. Well he's more than a gentleman he served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam worst Kirk received the bronze star. He then later you're. As part of the Glendale police department and then as a firefighter helicopter pilot with the Los Angeles county fire department. So in terms of I consider myself the gentleman I consider mr. Reich in the era. He is easily qualified. Absolutely certified good guys in this place. So what happened LAPD Combs and confiscate choose. During collection looks like port 364 guards in this collection. Well they they actually sees a lot more than that but but what they it was a little more insidious. They like at gun shows. Not within Los Angeles itself but in surrounding areas. And just kinda look at people's gun collections and then see if they can develop intelligence. As to whether those people might be involved. In in what they believed to be gun crimes in this instance they basically entrapped mr. right. Into engaging in a gun sale and then use that as an excuse. So then get a search warrant and take his gun collection and then he went through about a finger Odyssey Kirk were the result was risk. They destroyed his entire collection aren't they were telling him they were in the process. Of reviewing his receipt to give it back to. She actually targeted him from the get go they started out by. Look around say who's got a really cool gun collection I would that we can get and here's where really get judged and essentially we can get brownie points for this and continue our full Monty. Absolutely. The issue here is that the LAPD like many law enforcement agencies were cease federal grants for certain types of activity including what's known as anti gay we'll all be terrorism activity. The only DD participates in the program called project safe neighborhood which is administered by the Department of Justice. And they give grants for essentially showing that they are making efforts to get guns. And gangs and terrorist activity. Are stopped urged those guns off the street. No what they if you had an opportunity to review the complaint that we can't filed against the LAPD or mr. Wright have you will notice that as soon as they arrested mr. right. They issued a very incendiary press release. Indicating that he was a gun trafficker and that they'd gotten a bunch of turned off the streets and we're gonna be used for gang activity. And lots of things indicate that mr. Wright was essentially somebody. Who is trying to make profits selling it to bank robbers and gang members and and rule. But bit. Collection they got it was nothing that any street criminal would ever want. It was valuable rare guns. Old old military rifles and in fact in the case to the L of that guy that they were trying to are helped mr. right it was eight all action. Hunting rifle with two certain caliber bolt action hunting rifle now I don't know about you but I never heard of makes. 270 Calbert a direction hunting rifle being used in the street cry but. We know so so what you're actually doing and I'll put my stomach and put these words in your mouth did you come out of my mouth. They need to show that they are in quote unquote getting guns off streak to more guns the bigger the number the better. But you know there is a lot of work and it's dangerous. To go get these one at a time. From street drugs or from criminals are from terrorist but hey. You're gonna collect her wealth. 300 plus guns hundreds and hundred guns. We could go to warm place back the truck got killed up and we got all these numbers are we get put out for the profession. Well. I have it's certainly looks that way to balance and it looks that way to us in particular. Because in this instance. When they arrested mr. Wright and they claimed he was gun traffickers they never actually charged with anything relating to its supposed gun trafficking. What they do it turns Glock and immediately get the search warrant to seize this collection. Most of which he never got back. You. We ended up well they ended up charging him with misdemeanor possession of an assault rifle and you know in California. An assault rifle is a semi auto rifleman has some scary creatures on which she received one as part of administering an estate. Freight a fellow firefighter. It was sitting in May and storage unit in you've forgotten about it and that was the only reason he hadn't registered at so for all the gun trafficking claimed they were making he actually got charged with a misdemeanor. And sir I ended up serving probation for. Focus this goes over ten years well and the old timer here fight me he's fighting trying to get his guns back and they keep real push and pull him. And that they're saying okay we're gonna get your receipts for all best. But then they sneak around to AG urge you without telling them that the other judges said no you can't destroy them they got a new judge so yes you can't our work. In fact that's exactly what they did and that is the most. One of the most egregious aspects of this is is I mean it it is unheard out to essentially for true lawyer in this case it was a lot central city attorney's office to go into a courtroom. And say. We won and order we're not informing the other side that would seeking this or not informing the other court it has been handling this Kate's. This from this how remaining years. About about the fact that we're doing this where we go to the secret order should that we can then justify destroying these guns. If I were to do that as an attorney I would face disbarment for doing something like that yet they only city attorney's office. That's felt emboldened enough to do that it and I mean it's a shocking promote from a practitioner standpoint they did there. I would think the first Joseph it would bother what do the first George would be livid at that. Well and and I suspect you us but. You know did it unfortunately. Once the guns are destroyed there's not much he can do when there's not much that mr. Wright can do were we can do other than. Unfortunately. You don't have to file a lawsuit over. Well you drop the big hammer on them anywhere Rico explain more Rico us. We'll Rico is a statue that was designed. Both from the criminal context and civil context. To allow. Allow either attorney generals are individuals corporate criminal organizations that are engaged. In crimes. They're essentially constituted conspiracy. And then there there are some technical federal element chapter group but essentially the idea is if you wanna go after groups there engage in criminal activities. One of the wage you can go after them to wreak other the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act. And so because of the egregious listen what the only PDs gun unit did here which is essentially engage in fraud. Claiming that they were going through the process of oats. Lou reviewing receipts and they're gonna return to guns and then engaged the only city attorney's office to go could this illegal court order. And then destroy the guns. Are allegation is that that's the essentially private cliche example. Of of of a corrupt organization. And and so that's that's what we've sold in this instance. There was sufficient enough. Grounds for us to let something as extraordinary as Rico. Okay and under Rico you care and seeks treble that is triple damages. How much are you seeking. Well I mean ultimately what we're seeking here is that he compensated for his gardens I can tell you. As a matter of Rico has treble damages you know we will certainly use that the extent that we can effect some change. The only email actually turns up as we recently had a very similar case with another local law enforcement agency not nearly as egregious as best but who is refusing to return guns and ultimately destroyed them. And our main goal on that case and we were able to achieve it was to get them to change their policy and that's really want here we wanna make mr. right hole what we want LAPD to stop this they'd already been previously sued over this exact practiced. And ended up having to settle and then she parks entered a special order number one to change their policy so they would comply with state law and returned fire arms. And yet here they are just a mere ten years later Allred you violating that so we wanna put some measures in place that are gonna stop this kind of abuse because. We heard plenty of stories from other citizens of LA that mr. Wright's not the only person this has happened to. Kurland the number I I'm seeing here is it could be as much as four and half million and that's kind of number that actually gets the department's attention and that's okay. We literally stop doing this because it just hurts to. Eight UN and hopefully be if we are successful that is what the response will be but it took effect commentary. That that's what it takes in order to stop the police department from doing something basic like destroying. Eight in just a great guys. Gun collection. I've I mean it's ridiculous that we reached that point. But we have. I. Well and that's where your would you do if a player we just to keep us both to let us know honestly develops. Absolutely help. OK very good course. You could buy them a lot more about Chicago and walls. Dot com is that the hundreds correct. And hopefully you can and very few judge's. Cartel gun laws dot com find out more about that you see with these guys drove through these are the go to return his. Paul gun rights in California all right 866 talk none here right back. You're powerful consistent. Double tapping ammunition we operate 364. Lows in 83 calpers they give you exactly what you've been looking. Try SATA www. Double tap ammo dot com can use it from local gun talk for 10% off. Experts agree that the low range variable rifle scope is best for most situations now turgeon got offers a stunning one to six power variable in the Iraqi point line featuring a battery free illuminate and radical superior glass clarity and rugged construction it's the one school you need for honing in competition long night relief. 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Vince Coleman from Texas is on line one bit and thanks for your patience. Well thank you sir protect my call. Well. Our recently in the matter factory should barely introduced our lives young man the issue the student speech initiating and how to mare which. Here on the ballot our self doubt much. Yeah. L. This year very social order a young man goes below seventy in the nature and young years old young man and it is actually trauma New York city's. And of course when you're in Texas she got negotiate we're gonna go right and or staff. So undermine the Dallas contacted me. And he had been out here as terrible time to swallow my ranch. And ask if he can bring them down then evolution. So they came down what you armored car lot and every night and the hunt usually sell. Yeah they just had a great time she had not started with a thirty minute safety sessions an introductory to the weapon. That they would be shooting in the else and then to come out so who the backyard which goes in your past your mind. And I arranged marked out 200 yards and what started 25 C. That was outright that they wouldn't be able to get all paper so we start with paper targets. Here Donald former mayor and our American military advisor. Challenge structure designated main. And played that not only were they on paper they were witness it and there range and some oatmeal and sure enough he can bring. So and so from the air we mood non Jew. A hundred yards each that little bit tougher for some of them. But. But by the last magazine. They were actually one basic tactical maneuvers so you know I stick to tech I want tactical maneuver for them to date. Yeah. He had been. Ask that question on pops into my mind as and they could amount none of these juror on the starting to become rabbis are right. They're very good shirt. Yeah this is modern orthodox or bust. It's so they're going to be leaders in the Jewish community. You've got no shooting and of course I'm always. Been puzzled why much of the Jewish community seems to be anti gun women if there were ever a group of people we needed to be able to defend themselves it would be the Jews. What kind of feedback did you get from them or did that conversation come up at all. Well we're the media when they first goal. In the car I estimate silly you know ridiculous trying to New York do you border protection issue board and the allegation now. And our whole outlook for each gal trusted. So it's not on the debt yeah OK I don't trillion guilt. Or how durable they are. OK bottom. In case they certainly needed more Jews like cue the yeah to understand. That there's a big division between the orthodox community. Yeah the typical liberal Jewish community but big division. It's great day and night difference there are in modern and ordered auction synagogue. People who are actually. You know Kennedy eventually that happened eight yes my friend told me that must should and they orthodox synagogue negotiate. There are people who are contrite and we're not talking about weight losses were tough subject to the community. And that's just the Mitch. Normally you would not passed and it you know anything like this where you're from Britain along the sad that the Jewish have a Saturday to carry weapons. Look for this Saban double life. You're committed to inject. I know did did the subject of the judge JP CFO of the Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership come out. No sir I didn't come talk but I did. Impress upon them that when they go on cheer. Yeah synagogue saying you know their congregations student don't forget what they have here and that you need further training. I didn't start a lawsuit pistol. Because you know you are negating any quick response and they'll have a lecture why I was here. It's what I want know what it's such a little bit more exciting than actually cheated out. Grew up. Georgia and shared. Religion we must know what we're just lost it broke back. Stuff like that's gonna happen occasionally rods all right pay what Greg call and I Mori to about. Mentioned baction leaders that community who will be shooters and had been exposed to. Texas she's my knowledge of sort of I moved to Texas for Maryland is talking nobody accused. Back in Maryland used his body Maris who won't understand why didn't like it submerged or somebody. Opened the front door to his house. That you bought eighty acres on the Lamar where. And overs for underwater is on the phone and pulled out his ninety leverage future oil the front door several times just let's wire like it here if the so are. There you go Texas is different so they go. George you all to William on lying to send what do you how you do restore. To a great Tom thanks for taking my call eight outlook are trying to get ordeal last week and just couldn't couldn't get in even for the aftershocks. At a column last week who was asking you to talk to the powers that be at the NRA. About trying to bring back that triggered a dollar lifetime membership. And you mentioned attitude that the likelihood is. The ability for them because they're to provide certain services. And you know it's it's something that it may not have wanted to bring that many people had. I'm wondering if I could amend that request from last week and see if it might work. Yeah. Patrick Arnold elect membership or something less than a thousand took Obama's. Or chatted about action without being blank the magazine. Because the magazine is stepping Rebecca chase toward a decent K Hornish and we are an ongoing bank. And maybe. And it energy you think your best offer a reduced each mega didn't. Subscription like ten dollars to two dollars per year round. Matt rather then you're just you're actually paying for the lifetime 300 dollars and that we that you count the number. You would talk about how when when a lot we still in first questioner asked is. What then. How's how's membership gives us our share Charles membership exactly that they play it's up that's good if it's down you will also endured your firepower there. It's a great idea I love guru Politico all of the genders told a membership lifetime membership light. I am going to proposed that scar run up the flagpole with my buds over your area and see if we can get something going there because. I'm the last time I mean last time we're gonna talk we generated about seventeen and half thousand. The Mets on 2500. New life memberships. When. Until there are a lot of people wonder are they just can't quite get thousand bucks go so. I'll sit back and it's a good woman who do like a limited thirty day you run or something. We'll. Wouldn't cool so we'll talk of poachers who didn't make it happen. 866 talking gunk that's news. Broadcasting nationwide you're listening to your guns off. And now back good job. There are a lot of fire and magazines outfit one of the wounds they're somewhat like the boy who want to real life. As Russian sportsman if you were not very with a cure that's not we shoot. Reporter of the Gunter gorgeous. Sporting pleasure to force always good burgeoning sport when it's terrific alike. Chanda sluggish like we shooting. There's something magical and gem like. About being able to have a an object flying through the year and then you take something and throw it through the year. And have them in a shack. That showroom. Place. In space and time and you have to make these two things happen and it has to happen quickly. Jay called a line three dark about exactly you Latin Gerri what are your mind here. They domino to go and I got two quick questions for you I can shock at all alive but never really been a link sugar you know. Recently I've been trying to get into it but. Jamal from a garbage can right animal life and I'm left I'd probably out of wonder and did not make a difference when having a shock and we shooting has from what I've learned about what to look down the beat of the barrel anyways so shipping rate has like an epic in the bank. It makes all the difference if you are left eye dominant in your shoes right should follow the right shoulder. You will be an usher closing and he. You're left eye you would be. Pure happenstance if you happen who's going to be amazing do you think. It's critical. That you should shotgun off the correct shoulder the same I wished I. But here's the big bucks for a lot of people are just too late for them to switch and like in your case you may say I just can't shoot up your car don't you write him. But there's a way around that. Here there are some things called magic dot shore like we'll. Who needs to go on she threw darts but they're they're boring if you were a and you sticker on your shooting glasses in your patient reported on your. Left. Lyndon shooting questions. So that. We knew put the gun of your shoulder. The dot lines up right with the end of the barrel and sort meiji blocks out the vision of your left turn in your right -- takes over. And make considered sure. Yeah right they definitely are. There's another way to go a few words derby with this through before but I really do like the measured not by the where you can get them some. Armstrong who haven't but you can get deathly get them online there what you do try this. And take you distill multitude of chapstick. And put the gun to your children your right shoulder and the ticker chapstick you're just turn your to your left who lives in your she glances at the correct. Point where you'd be looking. At the end of the barrel. And then just gotta give you'll also smudge there's a little blurry smudge on your left limbs. So that when you pick to go and upper right handed and you start to shoot that little smudge. Do you try to your way you're right I won't take over instantly. I won't do that after a long day of shooting when I get tired sometimes my right I want to take over in the aren't you left I left handed. And just a little bit of help down there so that's a big deal or good nor the correct I downloads and lined up or if you can't then this taken out of the picture they should be another question. Yet you know of any outcome they range hitting coaches in California. I don't think there are probably 200. So yeah they're out there and they're everywhere Taylor John do go to compete for drew and just say no shoes king junior association. Or is this CA emissions for employees association web site. And they all evolution of instructors or. No part of you can help me out Stockton are you are near her hug you should shooting range. No I'm not never let you know way it at what part of California that can't. And it's themselves Southern California Los Angeles yeah. Yeah I'm up I'm up in central central California. Boca who diligent new car around two A place that has trips he's sporting place. And just ask who's the top we shooting instructor you have no and here's the question you wanna shoot traps Peter sporting goods. Oh. Okay because they are very different games. So what you are you and yes there's crossover much you'd understand you're going to be series about any album. You have to give instructor who really knows that games so I wouldn't person's got to spore English instructor to teach me how to shoot trap. I wouldn't get a trapped instructor to teach me a huge sporting place. So just kind of let you know here but if you're just jewelry and shooting. I would probably start with somebody who's either skeet or sporting plays instruct. You just missed my aide. Druthers on that we do is call good ago. Which arranged and has charged huge pouring poison center put a good structure under criminal. The territories of the word that they don't know who do instructors who you gonna go where that I look I want to also give you huge ought to warn. Because a lot of people don't fully appreciate that they need instruction. The end. I cannot tell you how much difference it makes and how fast you progressed. If you get a Weems you instructor for a couple hours out there. Working with you looking here Q did you lined up tell you where the low record amount of great this when he moved to go industry need to be looking. That's where you would you insert the gun on the flight path of the play target. Before you know he urged flushing target your just your be hammer and really that's amazing. Now would you leave your searching is lousy. Until you come back up and figure out what is your doing but don't trust me. Wishing instructors in the best money you can put out there 866 taught there and this isn't until. If you're looking for so they can trust to wait cellular firearms. And no further injuries yeah. I can never sell my day. They build their business over fifteen years honestly. Juries go home I useless collection first mom and I am too big or too small and he's telling you firearms juries judges. Go with the hope I can. Yeah he's got the dodge. You run and gun store and your phone tells you about hot deals. Wanna know about special offers there's no problem when you have got. The free apps for your Smartphone users who can be Leo delivers the latest deal. It's Amylin extracts from direct your phone. Don't overpay for your shooting here yeah and dealing it's 4 PM the App Store and Google. Triggered the deals with the guy dealing with John diiulio done. 36 years US sportsman's alliance has been fighting to protect hunting fishing and trapping for sportsmen from coast to coast today we are under constant attack from extremist animal rights groups who want to end your ability to hunt in Iraq. Join us to protect our sporting heritage and our way of life outdoors to join or for more information on how you can help go to US fortune dot or. That's US sportsman dot war. May be sure to watch NRA freedom fry day from 8 PM to 11 PM well. Freedom minor. American here god. APS. Stop them for. Championship season. Guns and gear do you think we watch in our age freedom Fries has always. All the person in jail where we'd deliver. Or. Yeah. From. This is a must and bodyguards carry more comfortably walk more confidently. When it comes to personal protection and nothing beats a bodyguard. She was the lightweight compact and considerable body guards creating this. For the bodyguard 38 revolver both with a built in laser sights Smith & Wesson body could carry more comfortably walk more confidently. My doctor. 866. Talk garden and I want you home park gun. Okay let me do it. This slime wanted Ron resume surprise Arizona. Are wrong. Listeners. Aren't good deal once. Okay what issues are much prints were pretty of Arden are so why aren't we all like I'm membership. That happened and I want to edit what they're like I'm membership. Three years later I got an opportunity Ballmer didn't know what membership. And not in the end I'm going to be OK. I would we have opened normally. And membership is somebody that was I don't know what you are. Home you know they've got a military related news. That's terrific you know I did the exact same thing I got along well I got a life membership like a million years ago. But actually at the NRA new meetings this past when was the main. I would buy the Booth where mission how you can upgrades. Two. Endowment or patron and benefactor. And they had the prices it's actually Laurie can give them when your theory annual meetings and so I bumped up to endowment there're so did it. Well I think when there's like wage here wanna go back commemorating your meetings when they've got sale price going on. I wanted to jump on trying to slide up a level each year. Quite an adventure time in my own good food. Only a membership we know the approach you know there. I'll life could not be upper lot you don't know they have special law member levels for military. People actually are active duty and also for law enforcement so. If you're unclear on all that you could check out the numerous web site they've got all that information. Which I think its membership. Dodd Uri HQ dot org. And you get all that information there but I congratulations on that and where to go in getting a membership for member military that is. Really terrific thank you I appreciate call sir Michael Turner he's been states' moral George young knew my course Perkin. Very which are hard. Would you. Just wanted to know a few weeks ago you said something to be effect that. You wouldn't use. Your own read roach in your concealed carry weapons. And I was won't good now but I'm playing well again notebook you're talking about that. What I'm. If it if you could elaborate on Mac. You've got. Yeah here's my thinking on that can I mean I'm I'm a pretty good panel order I'm by no like a load good ammo but here's here's the deal. Yeah to prepare for more than one fight. Yet prepare for the fight against the bad guy or you might have to use a firearm. And then you have to prepare for the legal fight which clearly will come after that. Is you can do to a Lorena part of the fight was a good thing in trust me. If they say you're using him lords you could not necessarily will but you could get a prosecutors just. Why did you feel the need to make special. Extra deadly load she. Blah blah blah blah blah. No drama Apollo porn ammo and blah blah blah. When all you have to do is say no I'm just using factory Loge it was the federal or the rim return of the Winchester or. Double tap on the whatever woes. There's a basic same motives are of local police department uses. The end of discussion. I don't need to. To go to down that road doesn't trust me if you are getting firm jury they're gonna pick jurors don't know anything about guns there and ornament ammunition and they're gonna try to get one of bite on that. So much I missed my position is why we invite that. Why not just goods from the really good I am a huge hand lotion directors Meyer boxer too of a factor projector that reflect. I don't talk a good idea. Oh. If you had a vote tremor or maybe. It won't want to know now what just about you want to become instructor. Well I've. There aren't any around here that I know. Good there is no worry rule. As far as I know there's no good range. And I was just. Oh except for the one the actually the university. Was involved in building or infer probe. Oh. Hole. With the police and it's got a bone marrow. Don't see Jimmy. Yeah right and good but there's sort of sit Soriano there aren't any around here. Moved well there's are several ways to go UK and contact the RA and find me. Q what they call them but there's an array of Michigan the guy who gives the classes so you can become an Ari instructor. Then that's what you want in the you can beat certified to teach in various classes could be home to parents are gun safety your basic handgun or. You're a lot of different things you can get certified in. So let's Africa department or I would do veto. You find them so much your neighbor called in chickens are you talk about can't remember the name of the counselor the chips are thicker Cohen counselor but they're the ones who can certify you. You. You basically take the class paying the money and you can be certified as your primary certified instructor. Well where were circle back. Quinn if you're using your. And loads. For practice. When you choose your factory lords make sure we sure run a couple of magazines of the fact emerged through your gun shoot. George went through war and slide chute and make sure that your gun will feed with the doctor Lawrence. And somebody. Who was a member. External 380 in your goal too hard cast but she led bullets chemistry and I asked him to do that these geriatric developed. But his thinking was and I don't actually faltered forward. You get deeper penetration with hard cash bullish than you do with the expanding collections and I want. All the nutrition I can get. And yet we're the good to lead Melissa we want cover at least you're gonna get some tissue destruction. So that's gonna work for future so what's most interesting are hard cast votes and 380. Very interesting. Actually our Richard online three out of needles California hello Richard Arnold are bigger faster and don't have much time. OK I've got a I've been looking to get by either dead or western dollar 45. I live in California we're actually going to be very neutral media on children there to Mort there ought to be out there and trying to. Wished for California although initial boom yeah you're. If I go to your daughter and boy I want go ahead. Or hurt here's what's happened to our California has now required all guns. Don't their lives for so much of Richard gone too far beyond the California Lester improved. It has been a micro stamping. Microbes do you believe is a myth that there's not a solution here secluded home grown. And so even if somebody our company changes in gun slightly different resubmitted to be approved. And they can't we submitted the motion if Michael stepping into my question if you don't just a kid you know on the world's. Tour list is getting shorter and shorter and shorter eventually they'll be no semiautomatic. Pistols for sale in California at all. Especially early July we're going to be talking about. I'm gonna get more you don't want to miss this will be coming up just few minutes just sort article I'll Y one caught carries a 145 rounds of ammo on the job will. Short version is so oh. A sergeant Timothy grooms. Got into a rolling gunfights. Then went through 33 rounds of 45 fitness guy a bunch of times and the good fourteen sharp sporting hit. Half of those so it should improve instantly doubling the did not. He was down to think three or four homes. We're it was over. Need to look like that are I'd do another officer who got into her gun part. He ripped through two magazines. Do what sort of double expects to magazines. He now appears like six. Magazines. Reserve. Just ordered Arthur producers. You know younger average current five views you and me and literature is going to be like. And our rays on line four out of fort Morgan no way. And oriental. There is brave lug your body area LG how you doing man. A bit unwelcome. Well I'd edit and applauded to lay a comedy a shot in conversation you're having about right and the left side dominant. Go ahead of me as a fueling the about jug on January. He's well let's look at something has been going on the letter it hurts students started. And something that a lot of people almost look up probably 35%. A right handed men are left eye dominant. And post a 60% of right and that women are left that about. End. And you know I give a lot of shotgun instructions and this frequently have had four people. For adults that square right and the left by Obama. And have a shot extensively web. Rifles especially. And so does best that I can't switch over to live in Leipzig and don't moan about. Blocking out that I didn't spend. As an. Does that work to a degree. In my opinion and I am I don't wanna be argumentative but in my opinion you'll ever be a really good shot and cheer unless you shoot from. You're dominant type position. Do you agree with you an underdog disagree at all just trying to get him on some targets quickly yeah. Swim and yeah we narrow. Yes. And that's. So that's that's just the way I. Start with them and some people are just marry much opposed the sadness can't do it. Well you know it looks looks to try. And or quit them. What. Totally unloaded gun that I checked about fourteen times to be sure there there are bloated and that of cabs have them continually Malcolm her left side. End and check their high position they. The pupil of your I have to be right on top of the rail not here I've all but the people there I must be right on top the rail. They close your eyes your backside and then I have them shoot targets. Still targets on the ground are on on a target. Plaque or something. But it works really good debt like 225 yards silent should targets on the ground still targets on the ground. And yeah. What I feel comfortable that they are actually saying the target the ball by the wide open. And handle one time Patrick then that they are actually looking down the barrel and seeing the target. Then we start out with a straight away targets. And the. Right management and regularly jumping American we are going to be out of time. My idea of finding a good instructor. What do you think. It may not find a good instructor. No no judge just isn't isn't a good idea. Absolutely. But it is a five or simply. It's everything I heard Doug and I apologize and did have a lot of time where children. Man your shots are little more than a million clay targets in his life and talk probably thousands of people huge. When he speaks shotgun I showed up and listen it's every commercials come. Sort of the earth we come back the great because you give more you don't want to miss this. 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