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Senator Ted Cruz discusses Iran deal. 8/28/15

Aug 28, 2015|

Ted Cruz says Iran deal paves way for World War III and it must be stopped now.

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Welcome back to the quarter report this is Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Okay my friends this Sunday at high noon. 'til 2 o'clock we're going to be holding a major rally to oppose the wrong nuclear deal. Are the steps of the state house. In front of Boston Common. And joining us now to discuss the wrong deal and why it is sold. For the country for Israel and for the world. Is none other than you know him you loved him senator Ted Cruz from Texas and Republican presidential candidate. Senator Cruz thank you so much for coming back on the corner report. GAAP that'd be great to be wet it's always good it anywhere yet. Any action that country and they are liberty area. Senator thank you so much for making the time to be on the show we really appreciate it senator I've got to ask you this. Donald Trump announced yesterday at a presser. That both he and you the Donald and Ted Cruz. Are going to be a linking arms. And are holding a joint rallies demonstration. Against the wrong deal in Washington DC. What can you tell us about it senator. Well as you know the Iranian nuclear deal. Straw. It is the single greatest national security at eight error. And yet it's healed those. Three things. Number one. The Obama administration will become quite literally. The world's leading financing year of radical Islamic here. Number true. For American hostages. Will be left abandoned in Iran including actress site up in an air that it spent eight years in prison for preaching the gospel. And number Currie it will only accelerate Iran. Led by a democratic Ayatollah who chant death to America it will only accelerate Iran firing nuclear weapon. You know it's interesting few weeks ago gap by publicly observed that burst. That this deal going through it result in the Obama administration calming. The world's leading finance era radical Islamic terrorist and well. President Obama that very sexy yet. Personally took time from a busy overseas travel. In between the eight but not at all of adult force. And said that what I can say it was ridiculous the rhetoric was too much that it went too far that you can't say such. Well what's interesting at attack jet hit it but he never actually bothered. To try to refute the substance of what I edit its worst. Pausing for a second on the substance. Era tax act number. Iran is today the world's leading state sponsor terror. Fact number two. If this agreement goes through over 100 billion dollars. Will blow directly to look. Fact. Is that happen. Billions of those dollars will go to. Hezbollah to the hootie. Radical Islamic terrorists across the globe and those jihadist we'll use those built. The murder Americans. To murder Israelis to barter Europeans. This is extraordinarily. Innings. And it is my hope. That meant it was across this country light up the phone. To our elected represented. And in particular to Democrats in order to defeat this in congress. We need to third in the senate and two thirds of the outback in Democrat and paint the Democrats. Who represented the state of Massachusetts are represented state of Connecticut a record of native Rhode Island Democrat who represented the state of the hand. Egypt those senators to vote out. Faces the true. Today value. The national security of this country today values and our friend and ally the nation of Israel they value. The lives and safety of millions of America. More Italian partisan loyalty like it is I would encourage every one of your listeners. Light up the arms. And call your representative call your senator and say feel this terrible deal stand up and protect the national security arc. Senator. President Obama. At a fund raiser in Las Vegas with outgoing Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid. Said and in fact compared. Those that oppose the Iran deal he referred to them ask crazy east. And another statement a couple of weeks before he said that those that oppose the Iran deal in fact people like you. Are making quote on quote common cause it's with the hard liners in Iran the is a level not seize any wrong. Do you think the presidential rhetoric demonizing EU and people like Q opponents of this deal. As crazies as a lunatics. Is sympathizers. With Islam or Nazis and Tehran. Does it show how desperate he is does it show that in fact he is losing public opinion and I've got to ask you. Are you look crazy and are you an Islamic nuts. Well get your exactly right too that the president's uses of such vitriol and rhetoric and they. IE is the manifestation of just how we. Better spent that this is this is a deal that cannot be defended on the merits. No one in their right mind. Wouldn't want. Eight radical theocratic zealot like Ayatollah Kathleen. They have nuclear weapons tools. That could in the flash a benign murder million. Ads. In out there's one principal history has taught us that is that somebody tell. They want to kill. Police. You know in the midst of this deal. A senior Iranian general tweeted out in the world the annihilation of Israel. Is not negotiable. Apparently the Obama administration. Didn't have a problem. In the midst of this negotiation. The Iranian military Seneca makah. An American naval ship that practices practices. Military exercises bombing the American naval. Again the Obama administration didn't seem to have problem with that. In the midst of negotiating this deal. The Ayatollah Khomeini lived thousand and arranged. In chanting death to the mayor. While they burned American flags. And Israeli acts. You know when the president a few weeks ago attacked me for pointing out that his administration the steel group. Would become the worldly finance ear of radical Islamic terrorism. I responded by inviting the president to debate the merits of this deal anywhere in the country at the time and place it is Tuesday. Eight. Talk the substance and at that listen the president unwilling to do so many welcome to send John Kerry at this proxy. And look at a substantive debate this is not a deal that could be expanded on the merit channel under the terms of the steel. Iran gets effectively 24 days' notice before any site to inspect. You imagine at our local drug laws had that provision imagine it police said the four. District attorney can execute search warrant on a drug lord. Drug lord gets 24 days' notice or the location to be searched. The only purpose of that rule would be to ensure that you never ever ever ever think that dumb struck port. In twenty or days would move drugs. Not only that but he'd he'd been worse than Najaf. Under this deal. We don't inspect anything where trusting Iran. To inspect themselves. It is not markedly different than recently called up the Ayatollah. And said mr. tell it it means you have nuclear weapons as a great. That is what the inspection regime is EEE is so ludicrous that night could be left. And that is why President Obama doesn't want to work can't. Defend them there. But but let me make another point that I think is quite relevant practically doing. There used to be along prediction. A Scoop Jackson and core of JFK. Of Joseph Lieberman. And Democrats who were willing to defend national security willing to stand up. And protect this. Unfortunately those who become rare and rear. In the United States cops. I will command New York's Chuck Schumer are showing some real courage in coming out against the grain and out Chuck Schumer and I agree on very greatly. But in this she showed political courage and it was right to do so it is my hope. In the coming days that we see more and more Democrats. Returned to the tradition of Scoop Jackson and John F. Kennedy Joseph Lieberman. I'm valuing the safety and security of the United States of America more than partisan. And I'll say this as well. In not senate Democrats decide that party loyalty trumps everything else crops allegiance. To America from standing with Israel trumps protecting. The safety and security of millions of the better. That will transform this issue and front and center perhaps the most important issue. In 2860. And I'll tell you get I cannot wait to stand up to debate stage. Next Hillary Clinton. And make perfectly clear if you vote for Hillary Clinton. You are voting for Iran to have nuclear weapons for the Ayatollah Khamenei who chant death to America. They have weapons that could murder millions of Americans are flash. And if you vote for me under no circus. Willow and be allowed to acquire nuclear weapon I think at this from senator the greatest national security issues facing the country. And I will say this to all of the tremendous blisters cooter got. I am so grateful for your passion for the constitution your passion for liberty in your passion for ending this nation. So many of you moved on to check cruised dot org take cruised dot org you signed up you've volunteered you contributed. We are standing together for the people. And an eighteen month in January. 2017 this country will turn around we will get back to the constitution and we will get actual commander in chief who will stand up and the band. The United States that are. Senator I want you to know before we let you go that members of corner country I kid you not. In sagas which is part of a Greater Boston area. Fans of the show will stand on streets on bridges. Waving an American flag and waving signs Ted Cruz in 2016. Cool or country loves you senator. And I got to tell you Tim Lou it would be my dream my fantasy. To see you on that debate stage with Hillary Clinton and just cleaned her clock. Well yes we're really get it done and where to get it done together from weed people that's where the power isn't politics it's what. Sarah. Is the power of we the people. Rising up the joke. In the few weeks since selected the presidential debate and create. An ordinary comment. For our campaign in the first hundred hours. We raised one point one million dollars people all of the country going to check cruised out or contribute. We get a bus tour across the south with over 191000. People come out people are home. Get back to the constitution and while I think we're seeing it yet. They're tired of politicians say one thing until there and then look at where leader who will help them the truth. And do what he's city will do they are looking for a consistent conservative. It was the same yesterday today and tomorrow. Outs later Sunday rally to stop the Iranian deal with US air it out but can't or that day. And so I'm not gonna be physically present but Utley with the spirit and thank you purse and about the beacon out and got bullet. Are there. Thank you so much senator we're gonna have a wonderful rally are only regret is that you couldn't be there with us but we understand. Senator god bless you and take care. Daycare my friends senator Ted Cruz. Presidential candidate. Honestly. I think eloquently comprehensively. Brilliantly just shredded and refuted the entire Iran nuclear deal. This Sunday noon until two. The steps of the state house in front of Boston Common. Please join us for a rally to stop the Munich of our time we cannot allow the Islam O Nazis to get a nuclear weapon. For America for Israel for our children. Let it show up and say no 6172666868. Will you be at the rally this Sunday. What did you make of my interview with senator Ted Cruz. All of your calls next.