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Dr. Michael Corgan on the Lone Wolf situation (8-26-15)

Aug 26, 2015|

Dr. Michael Corgan, associate professor of international relations at the Pardee School in Boston University, discusses the Lone Wolf incident

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The news you need to live from the boston.com newsroom it's the boston.com morning show on the voice of Boston WRKO. 748. On the voice of Boston WRK you know those heroes imported. Terrorist attack and retreat from Amsterdam to. Paris last Friday or just about right in Sacramento that's where their from their. There's going to be huge parade I quite a homecoming yes. For them which is great really terrific and the individual who was shot in the neck there on that train continues to recover although. Is listed in pretty serious condition. Hurt his wife speaking this morning UC French American. And talking about his condition so we're hoping that he does well. But as all of these activities continue. There's a local analyst who's talking about this suspect on that train and the fact that that individual was most likely a lone wolf. And this whole issue of lone wolf has become. Are real headline here in the United States as well as across the globe. And it's a very frightening concept to me I don't know about you but how do you determine who's a lone wolf and how you deter them. Is it very scary let's first hear that there may be everywhere. And I think they are now and that's that's the one thing that really is bothersome writer Michael Corrigan is joining us this morning to talk a little bit more about this he's Ph.D. associate professor. Of international relations at the parity school of global studies. In Boston university and thank you very much for joining us Michael. It's always the walls. Well that's the real promise by believe me I knew I'd be working for the government and several go much right now. You don't know there and generally you can describe them generally as people who feel they've got no. Prospects in society that no standing they've got no hope of doing anything of becoming anybody. And they have agreements they've went into something in the system somewhere they think that some. Other group of people. Westerners creations. Americans you name it any any group French. Or pressing them and there's a way to get back somebody's told them how about this. Fundamentalist so if you see on the Internet. And these guys. Our individual let me look at look at this champ was on the French train who they'd be subdued he didn't even though I'm a little discount every he had no training at all he had no expertise. And it's no wonder probably couldn't get a job anywhere to not have been stuff but there he was trying to make a statement trying to be somebody and who are these people well they're out there everywhere. Yeah I mean these guys that we just used to call outcasts or you know just yes. You know and now they've decided that the best way to become a big part of society is to pick up a weapon. True or applicable weapon and then you can beat somebody like how much attention is being paid to this. Shooter in the Colorado theater there's it's not just you know we think of Muslim terrorist but it's terrorist. We have our own Tim McVeigh we have people feel there outside. They have a grievance. Serious grievance and the only way to get anything done. It's to take armed action and there's an Internet out there full of propaganda telling them it's okay it's right to do this it's religious or it's. Proper receiving your country. And there's weapons thanks to the Cold War there weapons everywhere. Well it does feel like the Internet has a lot to do with this phenomenon we're now calling lone wolf syndrome if you will. Sure everything is appearances like fire everything has its upside and the downside yeah this is one of the problems of the Internet as these people can get together. If they never even see trailer that alternative terrorist group. In the north North Africa. The al-Qaeda and demographic calls and they only operate because they contract which are an Internet they're spread across all of desert North Africa they'll Maltese Sudan. Southern Libya all the way toward the ocean Morocco despite all the way across to combat. And yet they can talk to each other regularly because they have the Internet. And this particular guys you pointed out on Sunday. Al 'cause Johnny felt marginalized. That based on the fact that he was. A Moroccan immigrant living in Europe is that correct. Sure they haven't done very well most immigrants living in Europe. You don't have education don't do well I studied the Scandinavian countries to that are they're the ones you should they have then current crisis just video. But it split they want to arrive in say Sweden or Norway or place like that with high educational do very well they're assimilated. The ones who arrived we're just fleeing a really bad situation that they you know open and have no particular skills. Are there at the bottom half for the bottom tier of these immigrants. And they don't do well they are not assimilated they are looked down upon mayor discriminated against they do have real grievances. And some of them so as well it's not because I can't do anything it's because I'm I'm all it's because they're Moroccan now let's suck it up a muzzle that this. And then they find his rationale act out. We're talking to Michael organ he is a assistant professor at Boston University. Michael the tough part for the government. To chase these guys down as they typically aren't on the radar screen anywhere so how do we go about protecting ourselves when it comes to lone wolves. How do we protect ourselves what we got four Americans and our bread and I think a Frenchman do we showed us how it's ordinary citizens have to take action remember. If you go back to 9/11 one plane that didn't make it to its target was brought down by people on board. Acting thing we got to do something. We're all in this together and we all have to act the government can keep the really organized ones the ones who could do. Massive amount of violent them to keep those on watch was and they do and all the governments. There's a lot more sharing of information between government so we ever let on between all sorts of government like I'm willing about right now there's American. At a running an intelligence agencies trading list of who watch because no sitting stable government wants to be undone by these people on either side. Right but it's the lone wolves as seaport for the real threat right now. And it's the ordinary citizens are the everyday citizens all of us were not in the government now whatever who are I have to take action receive something going wrong. You've seen the expression if you see something say something. Well it it can be take a little farther if you see something do something. Right right we all have to be additionally police it was definitely all have to be vigilant. You know we we always. The majority of all of our. All the benefits we have reliving this great country don't come for free we all have to pay for it somehow some time we've got to do something. What was your reaction when you heard about rallies senator Colo. The the incident this summer and Adams are you that story. Well let. Is it I would I would just wasn't that surprised to tell the truth I mean you know this is. This is what we get from people who are poor. Who are out there who. Don't go to a particular Victor really well over inflated view of their own worth of their own importance of what it can be and who. That they're dangerous. Yeah it's so amazing to me that people can be I understand people being disenfranchised. The disenfranchised. To the point that. You know they wanna harm others in this way but that certainly is where we are in this society. Sure and remember now thanks to the Internet and thank and the availability of the means and if you don't know how to make a Obama pipe bomber Molotov cocktail or something that the internet's gonna show you thanks to all that information that's available. It's no longer. Just being frustrated and being outrageous and powerless now you'd think you can do something about. Michael Corrigan of Boston University thank you for joining us. Welcome. Asia here at the known ahead we know and here's the thing that we as American citizens have to keep in mind we we warn people about big events. He illegal under the fourth of July celebration and a carrier heading down to the stadium for a big gamer. I think we're more cognizant at those inroads. But you know you have to be aware when you're sitting on the train like these gentlemen war. You have to be aware we Europe you know waiting outside the. They've whatever their grocery store you just have to be aware and freeware your going in this day and age when you're at a mall I'm now. You know when the holiday season rolls around malls packed again we only to be cognizant of what's going on around them. Around door and don't necessarily show topical occur around and to your surroundings down publicly any use you just mentioned there and the guy who is in bad condition marked a galling in the restaurant exactly. Here's one a five passengers on that a trend and try to disarm the gunman his wife told CNN her husband played dead. To avoid getting shot again. Then it is that Gotti was on that train to help out. That's because he was the first one who encountered. This guy right and started screaming to everyone to get down so he was the warning signal to. And then the other Americans came at a thing I told you guys session the story that I heard a report out of France really interesting. Win young men. Get into the sixth grade in France and from that point through all of their high school years every year they have beatings. And T and police officers coming to their school districts to talk to the young men to say. Don't ever take anything on contact police. And this French authority. It was someone in the cabinet was saying that is a mentality. That has to change in France and change in many countries. And the Americans approve this. All on a very big stage last Friday when they saved so many people on this train. They took it upon themselves. To save those people. And this member of the French cabinet said this practice in our country has to stop we have to be doing just the opposite we need to tell our citizens. You have to step up defend yourself. And the people who were around you I had no idea that kind of thing was being taught noted my eyes should be taught now and well. Did that they were being taught not to do you know they are being taught don't don't cause any kind of Civil Disobedience or don't cause any kind of problems closer to a police officer. And they're now saying take it upon yourself right these Americans prove that you've got to be parade. And you got to step up and got to protect yourself in a protective programs absolutely. It's a different world we live in and things have to do we keep saying it's the new normal it is it's if you're so right it's the new normal. 6172666868. Is our number we'd like to hear from you. This alone Wolfson from what you think what's the answer to this is the answer that we all have to be. Vigilant I think that is the answer but we'd like to know what your answer is.