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Joe Sullivan of the Boston Globe on Dombrowski/Red Sox (8-19-15)

Aug 19, 2015|

Boston Globe sports editor Joe Sullivan gives his take on the shocking change with former Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski joining the Red Sox and current GM Ben Cherington stepping down

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We're joined by Joseph Salave'a he's sports editor. From the Boston global wildest you guys got nothing to do back then why did you know. It quite a taste and go. There Wednesday we have is here with the Brady hearing continuing in now. And show after reported right now of the reporting that there might be seven. Well he's saying that settlement talks are there still stalled but that Brady is willing to take a suspension he just will not admit. To the findings of the wealth report he'll admit to not cooperate. And that's the middle ground on Damon and and no admission of guilt of a deflating the balls that's the mammogram at the cica believe. But I'll knowledge that there's so we in the we have a press conference at 2 o'clock. We're Dave Dombrowski will talk to the press for the first time as the president of baseball operations of the Red Sox and hopefully. Red Sox ownership would be there to two. Discuss what happened in this sort of unusual middle of the night change of a power announcing that announcing in the middle the game at the seventh inning I believe last night and then it's. Sometimes trades get announced like at that hour but. This than usual have the head of who's gonna render whole baseball operations to be announced in the seventh inning of game against the Cleveland Indians in the middle longest. A originate Jun meter corral stood right where he is right now two and a half three weeks ago and said mark my words this is a man to watch. Dombrowski. Go to. Passion I should tweeted it's and I asked. The record should thank you Tim thank you very much it was nice and people remember when he takes a appreciate it just doesn't have a partner here. Remember the good thing Georgia over the met great people that I. Yeah I felt value added misfires in the past Joseph but you guys in the in this must've been you must have been scrambled a little bit he's sitting home at 939 did you get a call from the roads are done and we have people in place and it's it's it's it's at the ball. Are they resorted people there right it's just a question of movement via the checkers around the board and a we have such great people are covering the Red Sox make a part of Peter Abraham Alex beer. And of course the north coma Shaughnessy desperately didn't win in. That yet but they will soon and it's just a matter of us rearranging the chairs in the Letterman made and they did a great job we delivered the news as quickly as Likud in. It was stunning though there really was off. This was that the dramatic aspect of it now who are you advance the story today is that the bench Arrington. What happened there behind the scenes levels and kicker Alex are you working on not yeah I think we more we look forward to more with the browsed via think that the story what his plans are. In terms of remaking this team and and I think the of these that the underlying story line is this sort of switch and philosophy perhaps and this is why we need your ownership to talk to us because it. It Dombrowski is not known as an analytical. GM Murrow baseball operations guy whereas band was married to it completely. So. We need to know what's going out the lawsuit team here and John Henry had said. Back when he's it gave Ben a vote conference confidence in June. He had said that the that they need to adapt they have to adjust that they can't they you have to be changing with the times so. I guess this is an adjustment and low what you'll find out more this afternoon. There are some who are saying this morning this was that British acquisition they could have made. By getting the browse Keaton what has a history of building great teams say he won the World Series with the Florida Marlins and then Florida Marlins and he he built a great teams in Detroit and perhaps his best team that John Q you've what do you think I mean. In 2013. Probably his best team in Detroit make up beep other excitement process thank you David Ortiz so that that team certainly that was of championship cal was the anti immigrant and but they'll also Red Sox and in the in the in the LCS and that was of course now we're gonna have to look at that 2013 and and I don't know was it just locked. I think it was a fluke and is the perfect storm with incredible Denver's you know having the magic touch the year for Britain and glue guys like Johnny Jones and Shane Victorino. Awesome game a lot of money to Britain that they would Sharon to know and I think you make good points about the philosophy you'll it's shipped I think to browse you will ship that. And he look I think that the rescue with Detroit has the philosophy of what do a big. Market did GM should have that you spend money on quality veteran players that are gonna produce four. So that that's what he did Detroit and the awesome instance through trades. But of course the criticism of him was at that it did beat Detroit to farm system. Was not repeat not been produced a lot of prospects the Red Sox have a reputation. Of having a great forms in her own but then you look at the standings and this is an argument we're having it in the department at that they're supposed to have the best minor league system. In baseball yet they yet they're that there were two top teams are thirty games under 500 losers and so I don't quite see how that lines up Alex beer. Tells me it's not about wins and losses jones' it's about that the player development. And maybe he's writing I'm sure bench Arrington thought that. So. It is Sony's young players to have look they have some good young players I think that there are on the roster now multiple respects. Those they're going to be good players of The Who can agree on an ounce of the Nebraska to put other people around them that it is gonna make this a winning team again. Just Sullivan sports editor for the Boston Globe. I think I have a feeling you'll be back if you hear him on I'm a cowboy fan but I honestly yeah ha ha right. We're gonna have to invite you back because it looks like sporting stories just keep on relented and they Willis is Boston member and as answer out of your. 846 here on the New York yeah.