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How much does a pizza cost in California? 8/18/15

Aug 18, 2015|

It costs $30 to buy a large pizza at Lanesplitter Pizza in California. This restaurant has a $15 an hour minimum wage. Would you pay $30 for a large pizza?

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105 here on the great WRKO. Jeff colder Boston's bulldozer. The quarter report is presented by bill Kelly financial services located those of you on the phone. Hang on I'll get to your calls. However. You need to be aware of this course this portion now for a higher minimum wage. And they're basically going fourteen to fifteen dollars an hour. This is what the progressives are now pushing many liberals many Democrats and even some Republicans. And it's gaining steam is gaining momentum they wanted to hear in Massachusetts. They wanted in California. They wanted to in state after state after state. Well the problem is we've already been experimenting. With a much higher minimum wage and minimum wage. And I'm telling you the results. Disastrous. Listen to this. In California. Last month a small Bay Area town of Emory bill California visit by the way up on bright part. How to tip to them great story. And so in some areas in northern California already. There are laws on the books. Whereby you have to have a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage. They eventually want to to go 201. 25 dollars an hour minimum wage. So in the small Bay Area town of every bill California population 1000. They have now decided to hike their minimum wage to fourteen dollars 44 cents per hour. And the Vick number who's a businessman. He owns something called lane splitter pizza. Which has outlets in Berkeley in Oakland. In Emery bill places all over California said you know what. I'm not only got to bite the bullet I'm gonna swallow all the bullet. And so now he's paying his workers. Fifteen dollars an hour some even twenty dollars an hour. And he says in exchange for that they do this in Europe we have a much higher minimum wage but no tips. That's why in many European countries you don't tip because they already have very high minimum wage laws in place so they go OK you don't have to tip. The price is the price. You don't have to add 15%. Or 18% or 20% for rep. He says that all of its customers. I pay my weight I pay my workers very good wages they're all make at least fifteen. Some even want me 22 even 25 dollars an hour. Just come in enjoy my pizzas. There's only one problem. He's now on the verge of going bankrupt. Why. Because when you start paying workers 1516171820. Dollars an hour minimum wage. To basically waitress. To basically be a waiter. To basically sit people down and serve them be a food server. The vote labor costs drive the cost of everything else through the roof. And so now at lane splitter pizza for him to even make a profit. Dip Pete says our guests. What do you think a large pepperoni and cheese would get Hsu at how much you think you have to pay battling splitter Pete's seventeen. No and. Night. And it. Looked like there. Are. Higher. And it flight five. Thirty bingo. Turkey. Swear to god. I swear to you is god as my witness. He's got to charge to make even a small profit. He has to charge thirty bucks for a large pepperoni and cheese. It's thirty bucks a pizza. Now I don't know why people are surprised east. Have if you've ever been this sir madam. Or France. Or Italy or many here or trying England. Where they have very high in Germany Austria. Where they have very high minimum wage laws. To eat out is expensive. That's why for example in France. It's about fifteen to sixteen bucks. A whopper with cheese a large French Fries and a large Diet Coke. I know because the ordinary French people would just be talking about his former lacrosse in the states depends 567 bucks. Why. Michael Young are all Americans eat out along. I'm not saying you should eat out of fast food for your health that's something else. They said no in France. Middle upper middle class that's maybe once a month. Maybe once every two months because issue is so expensive. Are they told me two shots in French it's expensive. A delicate balance they shot it's expensive. Too expensive they rolled their their fingertips you like it's expensive brands. Costs McDonald's is expensive Burger King is expensive a pizza is expensive. You know British and what about the perk walk. So I mean it's just so who's gonna pay for thirty bucks a pizza I won't. I'll tell you right now I want I love pizza don't get me wrong I will not gonna pay thirty bucks a pizza so Vick chew gum Burt. Is now openly complaining now the moon bats are realizing little this may not be such a good idea. So according now to big dumb person quoted by the way and a Los Angeles Times. He says that and their advertising themselves saying you know this is a living wage place repay everybody over fifteen bucks an hour. You don't have to give any tips. Sales at all of jumpers locations have plunged 25%. In the last few months. Some of these locations now force workers to skip their lunch hours. Because he's got to try to maximize productivity from his workers. And so now he's saying you know and also in such a good idea paying them a living wage. The problem is quote I'm terrified of going out of business after eighteen years. And that's what's gonna happen that's what happens in Europe. That's why they're unemployment rate is so high. That's why the joblessness rate is so highly. That's why youth unemployment in many of these European countries. 30405060%. Because it's. Working at a pizzeria. Or flipping burgers at McDonald's or Burger King is not supposed to be a career. It's supposed to be the first step on your latter two economic success. It's supposed to be your first or second job. Where you get skills you learn how to work you show up to work on time you get some practice and training of what it is to be in the workforce. You make 78910. Bucks an hour. And usually gets distorted as a high school or college student and then you won't loan. Or if you really need a second encompass supplement urine come to get you when your family back on your feet if you're a little bit or a little bit older. I'm I'm not talking about the manager I'm talking about the cashier in the people flip the burgers or will make the pizzas. But it's not supposed to be a career. It's not supposed to be hey I'm 54 years of age with a wife and two kids and I flip burgers so charge being weak point bucks an hour. Now another story listen to this. This is now from the liberal Washington Post. They are now interviewing people at McDonald's. People who were now working at McDonald's are saying they have seemed to change the transfer. Towards robots and automation over the last 1015 years. As a labor costs wages keep going up and up and up. And now many people at McDonald's are now realizing. If these minimum wage laws are put in place at 1516. Bucks an hour do you know what many whores are concluding. I don't need you. I'd rather have a robot teacher order. I'd rather do what all through automation through a computer. It's much cheaper. They don't give me that consoles that human beings do. I save money. Because if I gotta pay. Mike cashiers or in my burger flippers 1516. Box. I've got to charge thirteen 1415. Dollars for our a big Mac value meal. And nobody's gonna pay fifteen bucks I don't care how much you love big Macs I'm not paying fifteen bucks for big red value me no way. Extra sauce no extra slots by the way are always have my big Mac with extra sauce but let that they'll. No way. Tim rule I'm stunned here. When they have McDonald's. I had it read I have last week but I should know about what the hell craving it. I had a big Mac value meal. Large French Fries large Diet Coke extra sauce and a quarter pounder. I was really hungry had had wrecked present medal on charges but they'll. Are the kids with me they had a happy meal. Grace didn't like kitchen canning game a little bit at how I can keep feeding the kids garbage. But anyway but let that dog that that the mrs. wasn't happy with the kids were happy I was kind of happy. Mare my big Mac quarter pounder with cheese French tried Diet Coke fourteen ball works. I swear to god I could go to my local Greek Placer Lebanese police for fourteen bucks and had a great meal. Sit down meal. Chicken kebab little bit since he key rice Greek salad to a fourteen bucks. At the feisty Greek phenomenal meal. Jimmy should fast food is already getting too expensive but let Doug go. You put in a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage my friends you're going to be paying thirteen 1415 bucks for a big Mac or. Quarter pounder cheeseburger value meal. And then you're gonna have robots. So what's gonna happen there rolled gonna lose their jobs. And rather than making 8910 bucks an hour theory making zero an hour. What does that mean they're gonna go on welfare. They're gonna go on they're gonna going government roles are gonna go on the dole. Unemployment. Showed up joblessness up. Welfare dependency up. You're already seeing. There is a local CBS. Right down the street from where we broadcast. You going to that local CBS I swear you. It reminds you of the warnings to go to an Annapolis near Washington hears ago. Presumably. This no cashiers that there's nobody better. Yeah bring a world citizen you everything is doing yourself you automated. I see it now let's Stop & Shop they have at Stop & Shop ICO cashiers. But where you do it yourself there's an army of to show you how to do yourself to train you how to do it yourself. Basically they're training there training use so eventually they're gonna phase out phase out their drops. But you go into the CBS I swear Gershon just nobody there. I keep asking myself. Not gonna ever do this but like what prevents me from just like I don't see human being here just like walking out. Just taking this stuff and just walking out not paying for. I mean there's got to be someone there. Are asked to be someone they're somewhere in the back in the stalk her idol winner. But there additional cashier. Peter's got a scan it all yourself. Now you keep implementing these minimum high minimum wages dobbs the future. Nobody's working at CVS. Peace pizzeria is in California they're gonna go bankrupt. You gonna have a computer serving you would Burger King or Wendy's or McDonald's a McDonald's no jobs. Everywhere it's gonna be out of a job. This is what happens when you have economic illiterates. Like these moon bats like peace progressive here or is Hillary's former rage. You'll dinner bell vote. It's easy in theory to say hey. Let's give everybody fifteen bucks an hour so looking nice number territory I always say this that the liberals why stop at when he. When I go 3040. What the hell fifty bucks an hour. Fifty bucks an hour. California. Is the future. It is being overrun with illegal immigrants. They now literally water is becoming a precious commodity. The state government is bankrupt. Jobs are fleeing the state factories are fleeing the state people are fleeing the state they're going bankrupt left right and center. We wanna do that to the United States. A higher minimum wage. Hurts the working class. Hurts the middle class it doesn't help form it kills them. And bring he says now she's hungry to be honest with you so much I swear I could go for good burger right now but let that go while they're still cheap. Or pizza while they're still affordable what they're still like 1415 bucks before is that the thirty dollar mark my friends let me ask you this. Do you support a higher minimum wage what do you make about a 1520. Dollar minimum wage. Do you think it helps workers are like I mean do you think it just guarantees one thing. The unemployment line 6172666868. All of your calls next. 124 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner. Boston's bulldozer cleaning up though liberal bull 6172666868. Philip Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Philip were. Currently in the color currently. I'm sorry you fill up the Arctic Circle because there aren't hard tell what goes on this and we're also proved. Corporate America doesn't have a probable that the little guy like you and me we've got to work prohibit all got to do is sit back go to the bank. And we'll take you resent. Philip I got asked you which you could thirty bucks for a pizza. I don't bode particularly well. Party like it's an unprincipled you'll like these or. More people that they are not a. It's. Good to all of you can't smaller boat so they're always put it. Our little cup participant had her hand and we'll talk about his. Philip I got asked you know what about let's say for a big Mac value meal or whopper and cheese meal. Which you pay fifteen bucks for a big Mac and a whopper and cheese with Fries and a Coke. All the guys that aren't always yeah. I'm Eric. Yeah had to import quality did you. You know outlook depleted at it noted. That because I couldn't go the whole slew of addiction are true. That particular. Religion and targeted government. And I won't fit because that'll do it at all. Here are completely democratic as a B to let it clearly. Could walk and lose the camera probably Alvaro is Omar called brutal week. It is our crew as it definitely regularly upload and Mike wherever I really wish to take a look at him and tell him that particular little harder. I fellow buddy you're ahead of us right now because pretty soon anonymous are going to be eating out. If they get that minimum wage though the way they wanted 151820. Bucks an hour we're all gonna be like Q Philip. Michael waving Arnold made quote. I couldn't get over the OK okay and our group of birds aren't. At that I know I know I know it's another thing. I mean you want me to pay that don't get the picks the wrong way I mean some of the kids are great kid's pricing and 1617. Years of age. I'm sorry what I gotta pay fifteen bucks for a big Macs you can meet fifteen dollars an hour what did you do to deserve fifty bucks an hour. I flipped burgers at Burger King when I was a young kid I worked on the factory floor you know what you need five bucks an hour. What the hell's wrong with our box and I mean then it was in the eighties which followed five bucks an hour. What little money in my pocket help pay for school a little bit text books whatever. You know books paper pens whatever. You don't give me a little bit of spending money I'm I learned how to work developed a work ethic. You what I wanted what I didn't want what's the problem. I never thought when I was flipping burgers at Burger King I'm serious all dishes my career all pissed this. This not all this I wanna do 35 years from now but they've got to pay me 25 bucks an hour that's all I'm asking point five bucks an hour. I mean I'm thinking like notes and my summer job it's a nice student job but you know I got you know I wanna do this for the rest of my life. Sexual but that's just me 6172666868. Jerry Europe next go ahead Jerry. Club that JD my friend how would you bet and Hillary's career at the end up committee. Tell me a jedi in a Siberia. You have a Burger King McDonald's beats artisan yeah. Jeff just portage. It's the only that you're already expounded about fundamentally transforming this nation. Government is inherently a ball oppression. Control and dependency. We have fifteen million people want food stamps Jeff if 97 million out of 320 million unemployed. Do you know since 2004. So security disability was 1%. Now if you were to 2015 its 14%. They stated that the Lebanese million illegals. I estimated from the statistics that red 3830 what 38 million. 61 per cent of all illegals Iran some type of social services which they're not supposed to be Jeff. The put it crab creek did the date date created. It's the creation of the took power sharing collective collected this society that's what they want essentially. This country was built on mom and pop businesses. They wanted to would do away with autonomy. All individuality. All the assembly of people having. But could see into the living they want complete. Control. That that that's my opinion about the whole thing about minimum wage everything because that would that would cap the sizes into. Every business will a lot of business except the government. Bingo. Or even look you nailed it either little or if the large corporations can sustain this or the government. A fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage will bury mom and pop stores will very small business. 6172666868. And you know also gonna benefit. All the illegals. Because they'll work for 78 bucks an hour. The dumb gringo unemployment the illegal slower rate bucks an hour. 61720666868. All of your calls next. 137 here on the great WRKO. My French trust me coming up next hour. On believable. Story. You've got trust me back to wolf five you got to hear it to believe it okay show your support further Donald. Get your limited edition quote don't dump on trump unquote shirt. I'd get my perch dot com. This distressed red white and blue design is a perfect way to support your favorite outspoken candidate in the face of criticisms. From his own political party from the media from the Democrats. Don't dump on trump shirts are on sale now for only 1599. Plus shipping and handling I'd get my perks dot com. Get yours now before they're gone. The limited edition don't dump on trump shirt. On sale now would get my perch dot com also to everyone out there not this Sunday. Next Sunday August 30 at high noon. On Beacon Hill right in front of Boston Common we're gonna have a huge rally to oppose the wrong deal. They're going to be voting on it a few days after our rally. Let's make a statement Boston corner country no kid this deal 61720666868. We can talk DCF. We can talk minimum wage everything is on the table frank thanks for holding and welcome. I expect my culture as well first I'm not a moon. And I don't want do you. All the urged peace here for our agency patched it. And ask it in my mid sixties remember years gone as a true it's anything ever happened with child. My memories start to kill. I mean nobody years counter securities years ago we had. What we call for a sit aaron's where MP Napster's. Of people raced experience. And they wanted to become Foster parents. You know regulations in different world that. I think geeks yes probably has I used term overrated many agency in the state. I think it's most difficult child in the state. It's ahead social workers and supervisors were in court three days a week like I've I was the day. For a five minute hearing when mission DOC and am. This is our main. Obligation as a social worker or supervisor. The new woman mariners got his got a lot of experience she has you know what respect to such work. Niche in such remote east as the proper the whole country's going now. Mean waste sure non black in general package you can police. Frank I mean look. A very good family friend of ours more grace than mine I mean I like her a lot but she was really great his childhood friend. She's a social worker as well my here up in Canada in Montreal. But she tells us a lot of the same stories that I hear from social workers here. I know it's hard I really do. I know it's depressing I know what's demoralizing. I know there are very good people who work at these agencies. They're very idealistic like like Pina earnings Pina. Like Pina she's very idealistic. Compassionate good decent person who really wants to do well. That's not the issue. That's what people say when you criticize DC after criticizing everybody DC no. I'm criticizing the rotten apples and DC laugh especially at the upper management level. Many of whom are political hacks they are political appointees. And the Italians I think have a brilliant saying. Fish rots from the head down. And so you've got supervisors. And managers. Who frankly all go where Shea was a classic. Who is showing competent so inept so out of their league so out of their depth. That they don't know how to manage people. Then the caseloads begin to pile up then things start falling through the cracks and before you know it you've got good kids. And because you have such incompetent people up at all. Instead of fixing the problem because they smoldering competent. And they're very insecure about their position and till they start covering up. And then it's one more cover up up on the cover up up on the cover up up on the cover up and before you know it you gotta bureaucratic monstrosity. So this this is the problem that we have it's that hack or ram. Which is I think killing this state so look I wanna be fair to Charlie I really do honest to god. He's got seven months on the job he vowed it was going to be as top priority seven months ago. I'm still waiting. We now have big girl that's dead another one that's in critical condition. We had a boy last week Jack little Jack seven years of age. Starved and almost tortured to death by his father. Visit after visit by DCF nobody said anything. Frank it's time that things turn around we need new leadership at the top we need new blood at the top. We need people that will encourage social workers who wanted to do their job. Who can do their job to let them do their job and put the kids first. Directory and moderates trial is stranger can do that your most awards. It is encourage carbon people who become prosperous. Yes frank your daughter are about 100% right. Well your 100% right look I said it before. Please I know it's hard to taking a child it's expensive it's time consuming. It's look it's it's a lot of work it's a challenge. But if you can do. You will change that Childs life. And rather than just come playing and rundown DC gaffe and the Foster system. Let's improve the quality of the Foster parents by having this audience come in say I'll take in a child. I'll I'll be a Foster parent. And I'll give them a good clean all loving home. They'll be well fed. He'll be cool to have a roof over their head they'll be loved he will change that Childs life. A remarkable idea and who would honestly like I'm in the confessional. Fuel many nights I'm up two to 3 in the morning. Thinking about my two kids. Had I not adopted them with could've happened to them. What. They could have been that little leave. If they had fallen through the cracks. That's what I like to bring him in events I'm proud of him. I wish all of you could see him I'm sorry I don't mean to. Look I'm not a perfect father honestly I think over indulge my kids I'm I think my kids are perfect please don't misunderstand me they got their flaws like everybody else okay. But honestly. They are happy. They're full of life they're full of energy they're full of promise. They're innocent beautiful healthy well loft kids. To see the potential in them. To see. They can achieve what god wanted them to do. And I often think honestly how much they've enriched my life. I'm gonna be candid with you I swear it looked my wife and I we're super happy. Really my wife I read grace which she was fifteen I was sixteen she's my high school sweetheart. I saw her in the whole way in high school. And it was like a thunderbolt I swear I said that's my life. Every thought it was Christmas and I'm telling you I've met I've met my miss is right this is my wife. We dated for ten years before we got married. I've now next year I will be with my wife for thirteen years twenty years married ten years we dated. She's everything to me. Do you lol I cannot imagine my life now without my two kids. I was a journalist I was at The Washington Times I was filling in for national host I had my own show in Washington DC. I was like I'm not bragging I'm being honest with you always eating up rush's numbers I was competing against him then from new until three. I was on Fox News I was on MS. MS LA BC had me on CNN had me on I was writing for publications all over the world. My wife we could have been better we were loving each other how to great family. I'm telling you these two kids how I've changed my life. It's hard last night I column Bonnie forgive me I washed my call on the bunny man. He had a bad cold had to take care of them was up with them till 230 at night. Even the night before there there's a little bit of of whatever flu or something going around my house you can column. Have been under the weather so I'm tired and sometimes it's difficult. It's the most rewarding and fulfilling thing you can ever do. I'm telling you like parenting I recommend it I can't recommended enough happy family. He's the greatest thing in the world. If you can achieve it. So please. Instead of complaining about it if you can do something about it because I've met this audience I met many members of this audience. Those children would be privileged. Would be lucky. Should thank their lucky should go on their knees and thank the good lord to have people like you beater Foster parents or if you could adopt them. You're literally saving them. And to me there's nothing more noble than that. 61720666868. Donna Europe next go ahead dawn. I can't so many about telling your angry at those baby and thank you for that. And Atlanta but he'll let you know I'm Sally so impressed with how many people on governor country have their moral compass hypocrite I'm really great. A good group they impress me to remember the other day when you're when I first broke he interviewed a guy that said that the reason why grandparent or other family members couldn't take the baby but because the document top fifty and sixty announce that okay ethnic bloc. If you can if it doesn't ranger and maybe have interpreted it. You keep it protected they're good every member of the paint take care advocates have to be formally adopt Ed. Any added insult if they put him and dirty apartment but he's able to get that I age. Athletes and head getting active kind glad. They were laughing all probably depressed when that they've ever had this is not about being a gravy train for them a lot of and then regarding peace the F. Wait politely although Welch didn't when he put it that I think the at a higher than what happened or the good social worker here's my solution to pretty yet. Total clean out the start from graduate. Interview every individual employee check their record any kid in the appetite is there harm it anyway under their watch their god keep the good ones. Higher than it went did you meet him and that he felt there was Ramallah black. Every child has to be individually check and take out of every at home and put every good am I preferably first that they can and then gut buster bombs that they can't. Finally regarding Charlie comment I broke back at the hearing. Looking forward and learning paint apparently. You'll learn by looking back he went investigate and address and tell everything that happened. That can burn fat and making sure it never happens again try to learn by looking awkward when mapping at the end. They'll either clean out these the F and our help our local pride that I don't want anymore act appointment because kids are what matter here. And then. Gonna honestly they're Grand Slam a man I couldn't amen. I Ike I have nothing that a man. Lower right here I mean they're literate I have nothing bout you just this is at best she just did my monologue. Laura Europe next go ahead lore. I that they took big Michael. And I wanted to point out that. The new morning show that replaced you is it. It is so ridiculous they actually brought you up this morning. And said something about how do you. You know stated that. It yep workers or the hot you know management should be fired and age and it's simply that can marry in and her. I don't know what you you know his her yes and I'm saying like ball I don't see why that app and that she. Are you agreeing not to get fired her I would hate to beat Charlie Baker out what a typical priest could be I'm thinking for the ball. Why should easily dismissed the idea of firing people catch it had a key architect of being racist have converted worksheet and said something so called access for Hubble click they wait I armor in extracting and by the somebody died at you'll cry you. They didn't really really seeing you know very carefully to inspire and teach. What why do you have to think very carefully black hated the likes. When you look at social work or not but he died I agree that the caller right before each tire everybody start over you know like. I mean it's so. People priority rate a recent state that's so called recent statement would have some inspired it the sporting knew what we're happy to back. That's all I mean what do you think. A Lawrie look this and look. How a day ahead of DC there. Made a comment about illegal immigrants. How that ahead of DC area and made some kind of a joke. Decade even be moderately construed as racist sexist or homophobic. Had a day ahead of DC half owner private FaceBook page just says you know all. I don't know I'm a devout Catholic or devout Christian or a devout Jew and I don't believe in same sex marriage she is not for me gone. Gone I mean gone gone she wouldn't she wouldn't come back the next morning should be fired so fast. Gone gone gone gone. Children dead all problem. Church stars sparked all of being starved to death no problem. Children being tortured all problem. Toward a two month old babies in critical condition no problem. We got to learn from this it's all part of a learning experience and a and a growth curve. It's outrageous it's sickening. No I'm sorry. I can get fired. Britney can defy her people the private sector get fired all the time for all kinds of mistakes never minded kids. Where is it written in stone. Where is it carved in stone on I'm sorry is there a commandment eleventh or twelfth commandment thou shall not fire anybody from a hacker ram a DC. Where is it written that somehow DCF people can't be fired. That's the problem with this state and that's the problem with many people in this state. They think once your pointed to a government or bureaucratic position it's an appointment for life isn't. You serve at our Beck and call. You work for us we don't work for you. And is that Donald would put it here fired.