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Did Roger Ailes fix the bad blood between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump? 8/11/15

Aug 11, 2015|

What did you make of Megyn Kelly’ non-apology?

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The coup and a report presented by telling financial uses these under attack freedom is being curtailed. Our founding principles are being destroyed. But in Boston deceived the American revolution. A new. It begins its jets sooner in Boston. Cleaning up the liberal bull. Am seeking our country that. This is America's voice of the resistance. Sooner report. Are you win. Welcome to the quarter report presented by bill Kelly financial services Jeff corner of Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. And has always you can text us 686. Say he. My friends. Faux news more links. As I mentioned at the tail end of our show. A dramatic developments yesterday afternoon. After the immense backlash. From people and corner country. And conservative arm radio listeners all across America. Including many faux view worse. A two way Donald Trump was being so near to slander and demonize. By Fox News moderator is especially Megan Kelly. Which the media desperately pardon upon trying to trump up a scandal. Involving Trump's comments about Megyn Kelly seeing blood blood coming out her rise blood coming out of wherever. Yesterday afternoon with faux news taking a pounding. From many of their conservative viewers with the backlash growing against Megyn Kelly against Fox News Chris Wallace. Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch fox finally to rule win the pal. And according to Donald Trump which has now been confirmed by other officials at Fox News the president of fox Roger Ailes. Called Donald Trump personally. And in essence without saying it but in essence apologized. She vowed to Donald Trump that from this point Don Donald Trump will be quote treated fairly unquote. By Fox News and he's asking Donald Trump and his media war with fox. And to end his personal war and campaign fighting back against Megyn Kelly. Now I want you to think about this. If the debate was on the level. If Megyn Kelly had genuinely ask them a very fair question. If Fox News had not engaged in a hit job in an obvious assassination attempt. Why would Roger Ailes have to call up Donald Trump. So the very fact that he just told him you'll be treated fairly firm now on. Obviously implies that he wasn't treated fairly on Thursday night. And that Megyn Kelly really did have an agenda. And here's clearly what happened it's so obvious the whole world can now see it. I can see it it's now as plain as day. They had an operation to destroy Donald Trump to. Megyn Kelly was essentially acting as Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes is pool as their assassin. Along with Chris Wallace but I would have with the glasses to designer glasses and their Brett Brian Williams bear. And they thought by the end of Thursday night mission accomplished. They were fist bumping each other high fighting each other slapping each other on the back. And they thought they had taken out the Donald. But to their shock and horror. She actually according to all of the online polls people said he won the debate not because he won the debate on the merits. But because people. Obviously. Saw the debate and came to the right conclusion. This wasn't a fair debate this was a rigged debate. This was essentially an assassination attempt. They as Markel event called living national enquirer or debate. To go out there humiliate Donald Trump. Embarrassed Donald Trump smeared Donald Trump to destroys credibility. And so in fact Donald Trump has gotten a huge bump in the polls. Post debate polls and then. When the media manufactured. A phony blood gate scandal about his comments about Megyn Kelly. Then the backlash against Megyn Kelly grew and grew and grew. And sold to prevent Fox News from essentially imploding. To prevent Fox News from having alienated so many of its viewers. And causing a potential. A meltdown where this could blow up and fox news's face Roger Ailes picks up the phone. And he then rolled Megyn Kelly under the bus. They guy who ordered the hit job. Then ends up calling Donald Trump and says okay mall mosques it's time for a cease fire Donald. Donald from now on. Might people are not gonna cost you questions about things you may or may not have said 51015. Years ago. Use this word and that word and take it out of context. Were gonna treat Chu now like every other candidate we're gonna start asking new policy questions. Having given Megyn Kelly's order to knock out Donald Trump. He then essentially pulled the rug out from underneath her. And so yesterday I don't know if you saw the opening ever show but. Yeah and being. Kelly Nagin Megyn Kelly. Candy Crowley was nicer legs. I gotta tell you know. I gotta tell you Megan Crowley was not apt. She had this look on this crunch look on her face. You told me to go after him I went after around now there's a backlash against me by and many of our viewers and many conservatives out there. And now basically. I've gotta say I was prayer and I stand by my questions and I do this with no fear or favor 'cause I'm a journalist. Well if it was truly fair. And there wasn't a problem with your question why did Roger Ailes make a highly publicized called the Donald Trump saying you'll be treated fairly from now on. The call itself implies that you treated him unfairly. Because now they're desperately trying to cover up their rear ran from this PR nightmare. That was engulfing them over the last four or five base. In other words. Donald Trump again. Stood up to the establishment media this time faux. And faux blinked. Here is now Megyn Kelly. For about what is it a minute ninety seconds and then she wouldn't talk about Donald Trump arrest of a shoulder and it was Fergus and you won't name it it was everything else. But dare she had this cold hard look on her face. Saying hey look. Yeah how I was check active beach over the weekend and the fact that I was in the news and put up a cook the food and here right hand and I'm I have nothing against Donald Trump I stand by what I said and I have no fear or favor although I'm afraid of Roger rails. And clearly don't want to take out the Donald. And it backfired. Look at my legs look at lags. Brittany. Role cut one. I just got back from a weekend at the beach and my husband and my three kids they have at a news log on it and it that miss anything. If you may have heard that there was a dust up involving yours truly am presidential contender Donald Trump. Mr. trump was upset with a question I asked him at the debate last week about his electability. And specifically comments he has made in the past about women. A few words on that. Apparently mr. trump thought the question I asked was unfair and felt I was attacking him I felt he was asked a tough but fair question. We agreed to disagree. Mr. Jung did interviews over the weekend that attacked me personally. I've decided not to respond. Mr. come to an interesting man was captured the attention of the electorate that's what he's leading in the polls. Trump who is the front runner will Lott apologized. And I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. So I'll continue doing my job. Without fear or favor. And mr. trump I expect we'll continue with what has been a successful campaign thus far. This is a tough business. And it's time now to move forward. A law she talked that night fodder her back. All at a cheap debt that knife on her back. But notice. She wouldn't go after Donald Trump. She had to save face by claiming it was a fair question if it's a fair question how come your boss called up Donald Trump personally on the phone and sent from now on it's gonna be nothing but fair questions. So look. Obviously this blew up in faux news is faced this blew up in Megyn Kelly's face and the other thing I find incredible. Is on at nine under if you're watching Fox News yesterday but on a dime suddenly now so many of these Fox News analysts. Do you love Donald Trump. Suddenly now so I have you noticed suddenly. His people have to be respected. He's speaking for legitimate quarter of twenty to 25%. Of the Republican Party. He's touching in real issues he's stopping in to real grievances. We need to listen to these grievances we need to lead Donald being Donald let the process play itself out. And then the very ones. That were demonizing Donald Trump okay the both ladies at the way that I know what to call amount outnumbered at whatever the once again the once showing DeLong Lex. The ones what the shape long legs would that would defense starts after that dead dead dead dug dug dug out the short the short skirts. All of them were dumping on Donald Trump sexist misogynist. Wild man crazy call all of a sudden. If he chest X to be the issue oaks Hanna has a corn mashed snitch. Pinky can do really well hole. I you know I just don't wanna see him getting that kind of like this and start getting so personal with everybody. But if you would lay out policies and just stick to a core message. I think he could go really far. Now what now you're giving him campaign advice. So over the weekend you guys were dancing on Donald Trump's grave. Your network try to do everything possible to destroy this man and take them out now but it's blown up in everybody's face now what jurist campaign advisor now. It's incredible. Now your gonna lecture him on how we should run his campaign. My friends let me tell you what is happening. It's almost unprecedented. You are now seeing a middle American revolution slowly take place. And because of the Internet. Because of social media. Because of talk radio and shows like this because of audience like you out there corner country who will no longer be silent. The elites are losing their grip on power. And they have tried they thought the comment on immigration they would take him out. They thought the comment on John McCain would take him out. Then they thought the comment to the debate would take amount. Then they thought the comment on Megyn Kelly would they come out he's Teflon bond. Because they're starting to realize that the power of political correctness is waning. We're no longer intimidated by the thought police. We're no longer gonna bow down to the political media establishment. We were gonna decide who's gonna be the next Republican nominee not Charles crop timer. Not Brit Hume not George to pay will. Not Fox News. Not CNN. Not MS left BC. Not George Soros not Rupert Murdoch but us the people. And so we are scheduled to have Donald Trump tomorrow. Hopefully will be able to nail him down for an interview. What I'm gonna do my pledge to you now is this. I am gonna ask Donald Trump a serious sips character of questions. On what needs to be done if he is president of the United States. And then you corner country can decide whether you think he's fit to be in the White House. I'm not gonna ask him about limos and bimbos and comments and this word and that word I should he apologize for using blood. And not using the word blood. I'm not gonna get into and out with him. I'm gonna ask him very serious of stay active policy questions so you then can decide. Does he have the wake of conviction behind it does he have the plan and program to save our country. That's the issue here at stake. And I've got to say one more thing and I wanna throw it wide open to corner country to the audience. I think Ted Cruz is about the only guy who's figured this thing out. In an interview yesterday with political. Ted Cruz rightly said. This is this to attacked Donald Trump is absolute stupidity and lunacy why. He surging in the colts. He's got 2325%. Of the Republican electorate supporting him when you attack him. When you call his supporters crazies as John McCain did. When you insult them the way George will Charles craw timer do when you say they're angry they're Cokie very lonely. George will compared them to George Wallace and the John birch society for God's sakes. When you start calling his base of supporters a bunch right wing crazy lunatic coax. Or a bunch are racist or a bunch of crazies. They're not gonna vote for the eventual Republican nominee. Why would they vote for this very same people who have been insulting them for weeks and months ahead. So Ted Cruz is 110%. Right. He says we have to grow the party we have to make sure that if Donald Trump does falter that we bring that 20/20 5%. Into the Republican full. We need their energy we need their passion we need their commitment and on the issues of immigration and the border and the walls. Donald try Donald Trump is right and the elites are wrong. And so my question to you is now this. Trump has now beaten back faux news. These Donald Trump on a roll. He's now leading Ted Cruz bike and full points double digits 23%. In the latest poll. Ted Cruz is at 13%. Ben Carson at 11%. Carly Fiorina Marco Rubio tied with 9%. Is this now Donald Trump's moment. Is it now his nomination to lose 6172666868. And Megyn Kelly. Will she ever recover from this debacle. All of your calls next. You call winning you don't light. Fat pigs dogs. Slobs. And disgusting animals. Honestly make and if you don't like get. I'm sorry I've been very nice to you although I could probably maybe not be based on the way you have treated me. But I wouldn't do that. When did you actually becoming. You know I would say it's pretty unprofessional. If you're going to do that to me I think it's great but you have to do it to everybody else all its speed it up. Plus he can't do it to trump I mean I looked at enrollment people were saying that was really unfair. You can't get get back past me I get a handle that Vladimir Putin you know you can do it blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever it's okay out of big girl I can take it and I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. I don't think they like me very much. 1226 year on the. Work day old partner you're next thanks for holding and welcome. Market. Hello Arthur. Hello. It's what you say is that different viewpoints to begin with he was on FOX & Friends this morning is going to be your gravity tonight. And also always going to be under our show tomorrow which of course out front the other rug from shows such Georgia don't know how Roger Ailes so the error or. We're as ways and that's why those guys in the box is 24 million viewers and meg and Kelly thought it was because America. Don't you don't shoot the drug it ocean and called the ghost of a second side of the ever balanced. You know every time they put Juan Williams then and Leslie did all these other political commentators and Vicki Brigham I have to turn the show up. You know I only wonder if I don't want me a balanced anymore but the balance of the people I don't wanna you throw them out you know something they got smug. Point four million viewers the highest rated show and it worked adult club there would have about a million viewers. Arthur I got to ask you this isn't it obvious I mean to me it's so obvious. That's faux desperately wants Jeb beat dole ought to be the nominee. I mean don't the way they ask him questions the way every time. He gives this speech in front of two teachers at some school in Florida or breaking news breaking news breaking news. It's so obvious they think he's the most electable. They want the establishment rhino. They're gonna go to Bush's all the way Karl Rove is for Jeb Bush Rupert Murdoch is for Jeb Bush Roger Ailes has for Jeb Bush. So they're raking the whole thing and now it's blowing up in their face. Well you don't surfing guy adult problems become our Hollywood deals and you know what pretty shall we gotta have people yell it out the window a matter yourself and I'm not gonna take you that he glory adult clubs that got to change that. Arthur thank you very much for that call my friend. Ronnie you're up next thanks for holding go ahead Ron. Chuck I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that god mr. trump will be under show tomorrow. Schedule. Still can schedules stats. The only. Well if he's I know that it's going to be the very first interview where he's treat it like a presidential candidate treated fairly treated with respect. And knocked up and down with the all the sideshows I know you're gonna do a great car and I just wanted to say real quickly. Is that there was overwhelming backlash against Faulkner Fox News and many people like me and always. I'll bet to beat fair and balanced spent a lot of mega talent scout Megyn Kelly's career I found to be very. I credible but they're hitting trump so much you're willing to sacrifice shared your network mantra they aren't balanced. Just to destroy trump. Of course Roger will I am sure that's what they would say the meeting Chet you people to realize. But we just throughout entire network mantra into the trash bucket just to take trump out. I know look where we are implementing Kelly to compare her influence in politics. A lot of media scrutiny and the city tropics you can ask me how are you going to be a reputedly that's the height of the battle against job you know. I mean honestly it's stuck her head is starting to get a really full. You wanna talk about guess aka there are some ratings and a nice little contract and a few million dollars in your pocket. And boy it went straight to her head no you know that enough which you were Arthur and I said it. I think this woman honestly thinks point four million people watched a watched her. It did this is how arrogant she's become well she's learned a lesson now over the weekend. We don't want her we don't want Chris Wallace we don't want Bret Bair. We want serious journalists asking serious questions hers were living in serious times. 6172666868. Donald Trump. Just stared down Fox News is he now on a roll Megyn Kelly. Have you lost all respect for her 61720666868. All of your calls next. 1235. Here on the great WRK oh well they wanted Donald Trump could just feel. Fighting back my friends now. There is something very interesting I wanna share with all of you corner country about the poll numbers. The latest NBC poll and I want everybody to please listen to discuss I think this is very now telling. Donald Trump is at 23%. He's now in the lead with a double digits at second. It's not genital. It's not Chris Christie it's not John Kasich it's not the establishment candidates it's Ted group's 13%. Ben Carson another Tea Party insurgent. 11%. Carly Fiorina no slouch a strong conservative. 9%. Rubio 9%. When you add up 2313. A whole have been throwing Carly Fiorina as numbers. Rand Paul is a little bit lower peak of seven or six. Over 50%. Of the Republican electorate. Do not want the establishment. What you are now seeing. Especially with trump crews in Carson beginning now to slightly pull away from the rest of the pack. If you are now seeing the Republican Party I believe now clearly expose its divisions. And its fall points. Between the Ryan all establishment candidates. And the outsiders and the insurgents and the fighters. And the insurgents now which is us. The conservatives. The patriots. The constitutional lists then Nationalists. We now control over 50%. Of the Republican Party. If we can unify around one candidate in the next 345 months. The establishment will not be able to stop us. I don't care how much money Jim beat dole has I don't care how many of the media outlets endorse them. I don't care how much the wall street journal editorial page chills for him I don't care how much do New York Times says he's the most electable of all the Republican candidates. His hundred million dollars means nothing. Because he has no support where it matters on the ground. And as trump. And cruise and Ben Carson and other Tea Party conservatives. Begin now to pull away. Jim bid doll Jeb press two for English bush his numbers are now down. He's in the mid low single digits his support is collapsing. So what's been wrist in the media scandals of the last 3456. Days. Would Donald Trump has effectively done. He smashed establishment. He's clearing the path away from Jeb Bush and other establishment candidates. He's blowing up Jeb Bush's candidacy right in front of everybody. And so it's not just immediate establishment that is now reeling it is the political establishment that is now really. Now you can even tell. Guess who rushed to Megyn Kelly's defense. None other I swear to you ways god is my witness. None other. Then Hillary rotten here is Hillary rotten Clinton madame Hillary. Openly saying hey I thought Megyn Kelly did a great job I don't know what the problem here is role cut you are cut to Chris. And while what Donald Trump said about Megyn Kelly is outrageous. What the rest of the Republicans are saying about all women is also outrageous Megyn Kelly has a strong woman and more than capable of defending herself against Donald Trump. I'm worried about what Republican policies would do to the rest of America's women act act said it was apps offensive let's it was outrageous I stand by that I know what makes great TV. I think the guy who went way overboard offensive outrageous pick your adjective. I have. And. And the establishment they seem toe like Kelly made them. They seem so light and Megan Crowley. Now. Jeb Bush. To weeded out listened to this Jeb beat Paul has now come out and said. Not only is he a big fan and supporter of Megyn Kelly. But that in fact according to wish tweet he thinks she is the most professional. Talented journalist. Not just in cable America. But in America itself. According to Jeb Bristol for England bush. He was so grateful for attempted destroyed Donald Trump. Now he's openly saying I swear to you she's the most talented professional journalist in the whole country. Broadcasting cable news in any media out and any immediate form. That's how much where Jeb big dog thinks of Megan Kelly. Banning media venue it doesn't matter printed media out. Radio. TV she is for him the best the most professional the most talent it will shore. Nobody carries water for jet beat all the way Megyn Kelly Douglas. So. When he was at the conference on Saturday. The prophetic conference that was sponsored by Erick Erickson from red state dot com. Where he disinvited the Donald because she said he was insulting women's hormones. Listen to Jeb. Go after Donald Trump. Roll cut for Chris. They're numbers which until this is. Awkwardly and would have to ask my whites questions when you're in trouble and Marty troubled they'll drop like you know the trouble your own life I take what yet they would look for an. There on the side of women it. I'll take I'll take your very good on your side of that that. Yeah I mean this this week. And you break. I mean are we we wanna win. We wanna in salt 53%. Of all voters what Donald Trump said is wrong. That is not how we win elections and worse yet that is not how you. Bring people together to solve problems. That is not the way to do it so. Your decision I think was the right one mr. trump all apologize. Now I want you to think about this. Here are telling me you wanna be the standard bearer of the Republican Party. You wanna sit in the Oval Office and be the leader of the free world and Europe openly couldn't owning and supporting. Dis inviting a repeat leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. You're actively supporting a an effective ban on dissent and debate. Why don't you just say if he saw back any such a chauvinist pig. As you in the establishment and our desperately trying to create this narrative to smeared Donald Trump way. And Bynum to the debate and expose them. Debate among the merits. But you can't. Because I got to ask you this Jim be tall. How many women have you hired and promoted Jim vehicle. How many women have you put in top executive positions Jim vehicle. Tell me how many jobs have you created JB at all. Tell me what's your position on the border Jimmie at all. Tell me how are women gonna be safer how we skates finally gonna and her family how did your position on open borders and not building a wall. And and and and and and not cracking down on the border how did that help a woman like Kate's finally from Amanda was deported five times in criminal murder war. Tony should be at all. How does your policy of amnesty and open borders keep women safer Jimmie at all. All you have each cheap name calling that's all you out. And now to your shock and work it's blowing up in your face. It's blowing up in the media establishments face it's blown up and fox uses face. Because you can't beat him on the merits. You know why he's at 23%. Are very simple honestly it's really very simple. There's no magic formula toughness. Because when he says he's gonna build that wall. Everybody knows that Donald Trump says what he means and means what he says. That got wall finally will be built. When Donald Trump says he's gonna pair up that treacherous. Despicable deal with few wrong. He's got a terror up that deal with Iran. When Donald Trump says he's going a repeal NAFTA he's going to repeal NAFTA. When Donald Trump says he's good or renegotiate our trade deals with China and Japan and Mexico and the rest of the world. We know that he means it. When he says he's got up unleashed a private sector and unleash business and job creation in this country everybody knows he means it. When he says he's gonna restore our military he means it. You on the other hand. Tom land is mine no. Number I'm man I know I don't even understand half of what you say. Fuel I have to wait for the English part even understand what you're saying. And that's why you're at 67%. And that's why you're going nowhere. And you can have a hundred million dollars or 200 million dollars or half a billion dollars. And you can have all of the Karl Rove in the world advising you until the cows come home. And a Brit Hume shilling for you and the Charles crime are Schilling for you you're going down. Which family. What's he first family to a poll which Ronald Reagan you think this is new my friends. Porto who coined a term voodoo economics. It was George H. W. Bush when he ran against Reagan in 1980. The bush family has always been against the Reagan revolution. They have always been against the conservatives. They have always been against the conservative wing of the Republican Party that has been their mission they have been in bed with the establishment since they got into politics. Well we had the old man and it didn't work. We had your brother. He wasn't bad but ultimately it didn't work. Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me. But fool me three times. I mean you. 61720666868. Young Europe next thanks for holding go ahead young. Hey Jeff first I want to preface that lost respect for making Kelly when she started turning a partner Rudy Giuliani that's when I knew she was part of the yeah. The liberal she front cheap oh what she spoke it. I'm I'm actually know. Most of those questions. I think we're fair but what I think was stupid app was about the women that is not a little op. They're great collapse that that that your that they were in its presidential that they. Archie did that everybody the most part of our questions she got pressure right tried that the tipping. Attack English it Donald Trott we're. Tech crew and they got speak to you all the trap or look like I'm more whacko. You attacking everybody and what I really took out of that is yet. She get attacked everybody I do not like which aren't. But they aren't happy at respectfully like at it like John King like. Yet. I don't think it has that big a story you know eat meat at all are gonna become. The most respected person in the world. On I'm with few 75%. Of the way here is the one part I disagree with you. She did try to snare Ted Cruz or Rand Paul some of the questions frankly asked about Ben Carson were insulting. They are saying all you don't know where the Baltic republics started in northern part of NATO they're almost trying to humiliate him. The two people let's be candid the three people I would say four people. The four people that were not asked tough questions you on if you DVR edit or recorded gore back in check. John Kasich was simply just one policy question after another. Chris Christie was asked one policy question after another shouldn't go after bridge gate should go after his weight. She didn't go after some of the allegations of corruption she wouldn't touch that. Marco Rubio. She just basically asked him one policy question after another but the one that they would not touch with a ten foot pole. What's Jeb press two for English bush. Noticed. They ask them the latest question is possible well are you year old man how are you different from your father and your brother. But they'd garish so much to go after when it comes to Jeb Bush Dave wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. So he on your right. When it came to Tea Party conservatives when it came to Rand Paul Ben Carson. Ted Cruz Donald Trump. Then there were out to try to check trip a mop and hurt them but when it came to the establishment types I remember the questions. What's your policy to seemingly economic growth governor. No manner my chip planted thinks NG cool chill down finance. No I agree that they didn't ask you know the right now on Jeb Bush. Sitting go after rubio bought it make up the amnesty and held the amnesty think they're a lot of that they should've went after the people should have been a presidential debate. And not an attack on Donald Trump yet mostly it back battle prop. It bought for some the other candidate. Like everything got a bit of any black person wants the hat question people stop. So what did Donald Trump at rational thought they all that well effort that's true that the different story so you know I agree with you you know it. Make that the Spanish and not the upper right. Are. Go beyond great called don't be a stranger my friend 6172666868. Morph your calls next. Welcome back to the corner report from Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Chip corners. Six ED ORK you know giving no real inner fuel Donald Trump that's red. Lights thanks so much style what's on your mind my friend publicist Jeff. Let's all remember them Hoosier daddy the red dabbled Democrats. Planned Parenthood. Despite a list kill fish trader is really pops. Chamber of commerce and Wall Street. Donald Trump who's your daddy. God. Country. Family guess is he remembers that. And that's his guiding begin. These harmful to god almighty. People win in a landslide. And just remember. Thirty days ago truck and sauerkraut. Was calling you rodeo clown. Don't trust them with rocks. They're gonna dangle this thirty pieces sell for. Tell on this sticky where it is sun doesn't shine we got a country just say we gotta make America great again. Amen brother coming up next. Hillary Clinton is now on the ropes. Bernie Sanders is now closing in on Hillary. Are you feeling the burn and more with your calls next.