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Ferguson braces for violence. 8/10/15

Aug 10, 2015|

On the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death, gunfire erupts throughout Ferguson. Are you afraid there will be violence?

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There coup and a report presented by Kelly financial services. Wolf more here on the break WRKO. OK my friends we can still definitely talk about. Megyn Kelly should she be fired the audio that I now have. A put up on the official corner country FaceBook page. Showing her I think disgraceful. Despicable. Interview with Howard Stern. As well as the very provocative photo shoot spread that she did for GQ magazine. We can deftly continued talking about that however I would be remiss. If I didn't talk about what is now taking place in Ferguson. You know August 9 used to be an anniversary that this country celebrated. For the dropping of the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki the first and was on your she came up front man and little boy the name of the two bombs. Nagasaki was the second one and effectively after the second atomic bomb was dropped. The Japanese leadership was convinced it was time to surround. Many still wanted to fight on after Hiroshima. Was devastated and at first atomic bomb strike. The second one convince them that there was no way they could win the war and very quickly a surrender came. In this country we used to celebrate. Great victories against our enemies. And great victories on behalf of freedom and democracy. And not anymore. Not under the dearly. Under the dear leader and under progressive ism now we celebrate. Of these shooting deaths of thugs like big Mike. And so big Mike Brown. Who on August 9 2014. Yesterday a year ago. Where shocked by officer Darren Wilson. And throughout the weekend there have been protests all over Ferguson. Demonstrations. Were rioting looting erupted yesterday. In anger and frustration. Over the shooting death of big Mike. And Seoul last night. At about 1115. Local time in Ferguson which is a suburb of Saint Louis. According to Saint Louis county police chief John Bell Omar. Shooting erupted. Among several groups of people they believe six at all. Shots were fired within about a 452. To one minute period. Rocks had been thrown at police officers. Bottles had been thrown at police officers. Gunshots rang out from an area Neary strip of stores some that in fact are being openly looted. Officers then arrived on the scene as they arrived on the scene. They were pelted with more bottles and more rocks they had to Wear bulletproof vests and headgear. However as this looting burning and shooting took place. Essentially mayhem and chaos. Nearby. For police officers in plainclothes. And an unidentified police band. Were also on patrol. A suspect. Believed to be eighteen years of age. How is stolen semi automatic nine millimeter gun with him his gun was stolen. He somehow spotted the out plain clothes police officers. Walked up to their van. Shot the windshield shot up the hood. The police officers shot back in self defense. These suspect then ran away he was on the run the officers gave chase as they are trained to do. The suspect then turned around boom. Boom boom. Try to kill the officers in pursuit. Luckily none of the officers were seriously injured data returned fire and the suspect fell to the ground. He was shot apparently he has been critically injured he was rushed to the hospital. Where the police chief Bill Maher has said he is in quote critical unstable condition. According to the local media which I have been following very closely throughout the morning injuring the brakes on the show. It's the Saint Louis post dispatch. Has now identified the injured suspect. As an eighteen year old Tyrone Harris junior. This has been only confirmed by the local media it has not been confirmed yet by the national media. And his father Tyrone Harris says that was my son who was shot and is now critically wounded and an unstable condition. All four of the officers have now been put on administrative leave which is apparently standard procedure they were not wearing body Cameron's. However. More shots broke out more gunfire broke out more looting broke out. And now there is a threat that events tonight may dangerously escalate. And you may have the kind of full blown all out riots. That we saw in Ferguson last year. Jury in the police chiefs. Press conference drawn bell mark chief John Bell mark. You could actually hear shots being fired. As he was delivering a press conference. Trying to urge everybody stand down stop polluting stop the rioting. Stopped the shooting stopped throwing bottles and rocks a police officers. Let's try to keep it peaceful. Roll cut. Seven Britain. We're trying to work with the community. Explaining to them rights. And we just wanted to be as patient as possible effects of those. The vaccines he hit shots. Rang out as an affiliate reporter was conducting an inning youth. I would Amaechi that he sat and that is sending them to Los. Our us. The Saint Louis county police spot next to send out tweets saying police aren't tempting to uphold peace. And it really want prevent sad that businesses from damage they also tweeted this several objects Jeanne this kind of accident drone. At least that's as hard so police officers were getting pelted with rocks and bottles you can hear the shots in the background. Reporters admit CNN reporters immediately said they went down on the ground they feared for their very life other reporters went down on the ground. The press conference was disrupted. One store we know has been completely eluded other businesses have also been looted. And then you could hear chanting on the streets. Young thugs were walking around both men and women with their band banners some of them clearly with their gang paraphernalia. Shouting what do we want we want a war what are we want we want a war. Roll cut six. Brittany. Why we love and we thought. And up to very peaceful. I mean I got to add this tree you know what we hold our rallies up on Beacon Hill. You know we offer me free just the appellate care. And stopped many mean from a housing illegal aliens all across the state remember how we kept chanting we're ready for war. Remember how we had our nine millimeters. Everybody in their pockets where Pat's all the way down halfway down our but you guys remember that where bandanna as. And there we were getting where we're ready for warmer gonna burn we're gonna burn his lead now we're gonna burn as we don't you remember that there are just like us. Don't that the bidders taking a page out of us guys that's that's because that's how we do it on April. Us. This is a peaceful civil demonstration in protest are you kidding me. But because the cops have been ordered. Because the cops have been bullied and intimidated. Look what happens. Now you've got more people shot more people wounded. The cops are now under a talk under attack. They're being shot out dirt being pelted by rocks and bottles. And that very same business area that went up in flames last year now the stores are being looted and destroyed again. How does she has helped the predominantly black community of Ferguson. How does this help the African Americans and Ferguson. How does during that plays into war a war zone again help the people Ferguson. How does that help the business owner's. Cousin helped a peaceful law abiding residents now what you want no businesses there. I mean what do if you are left you wanna change some all the way. So what you want no pharmacy store. You want no grocery store most 7-Eleven no gas station nothing is that what you want. This is what you guys call progress. And what I find incredible. Absolutely incredible. Q what to think that big Mike. To a UN having his father or why he wasn't arrested for inciting a riot is beyond me. This is the man who got up on a car last year and yelled into a crowd and angry mob saying burned this beat down. Burn this beat down and Dave burn it down. Now leading these demonstrations and street protests all weekend. You would think the way these people are acting there's a memorial. Durst T shirt stirs enshrined. Urged protesters. You would think this guy was Martin Luther King. You honestly think big Mike was some I conduct a civil rights activist. Who almost single handedly ended Jim Crow and segregation. When in fact he was the very opposite. This is not even Jeff corners opinion. Obama has only just this department. Eric holder's own Justice Department. Said there was nothing wrong in the shooting of big Malik. That officer Darren Wilson. Did everything at his disposal to protect himself it was a justified shorting. That's not releasing it. That's the Justice Department saying it that's a grand jury were investigated said it that's what a forensic evidence. All of the overwhelming evidence proved it was justified shooting. Hangs up don't Schulte. Never happened. He was never shot on his knees he was never shot in the back event he never yelled out hands up don't shoot it was the opposite. He talked officer Darren Wilson he beat him. He then tried to take his gun from him shots the forensic evidence proves this shots went off in the car. Officers then Wilson told them to freeze. Big Mike turned around and bum rush the police officer. I swear it's like Mike Myers big Mike. They shoot making a horror movie out this guy and not. Turning into some kind of great civil rights leader the more your short of the more keeps coming. Boom. Oh. Boom. Boom. And he keeps coming and coming and coming. Until finally the last bullet put him down. He was nothing more than a thug and a wannabe gang banker. Who on paper just several hours before the incident. Was caught on camera. Were robbing a convenience store stealing a box of cigars. And strong arming one of via the local owners are the local manager at yet yet the seminal. And you're trying to turn this into I don't know what. The side of the assassination of Conde. The assassination of Martin Luther King the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Some think the whole country should mourn for. We are ceding our streets. To the thugs. To the gang bangers. And two left wing Marxist community to Communist activists. Who were driving this whole black lives matter movement. Who are trying to sow chaos. And dissension. And rioting on the streets of America. Why is the president of the United States not stand is speaking out and saying loudly and clearly. Hands up don't shoot never happened. Officer Wilson was justified. In shooting big might. Big Mike should never have bum rushed and assaulted a police officer as he just been a dark ages Don what he was told. Big Mike would be alive today. Instead. We are fueling. More and more of this protests. More and more of this looting rioting shooting and burning. And so my question to you is this. Do you fear more rioting and looting tonight. Is this situation again gonna get out of control. And well over one year now after the shooting death of big Mike Brown. What are some of the lessons that we learned. And the war on cops when Willie and 6170666868. All of your calls next. Three here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up the ball liberal bull. 6172666868. As always you can text us 68688. This is from 774. Jeff the war on cops will not end. Until the Fed's control all of the quote unquote non regular police forces. Through an ongoing program of quote fusion centers. 50 weight Jeff. To those that are looting key meaning big Mike Brown is a hero. They are all the same when you have racist leadership like Obama and older it will always be destructive. This is from another 518. Jeff if the kid shot by the police dies the ones that was the one that was shot yesterday Ferguson will burn big time. Even though the shooting was justified. Well that's why everybody's on pins and needles visor await. Because if he's in he's in critical unstable condition. Bible the name is Tyrone Harris junior I believe if Tyrone dice. All hell is gonna break loose tonight. That's where everybody's really concerned about. This is from 617. Jeff that term is bull rush not bum rushed in fact 617. Bull rush is a term used it to football analogy wanna defensive lineman or whatever rushes the quarterback. But bomber rush which is also the same thing we're big Mike did to the police officer. Is to attack or move towards someone or something. In a forceful and violent way. So literally bull rush or bomber rushed. Fireworks in this case he was told to stop he was told the freeze. Big Mike turned around to. And like a defensive lineman. Either bull rushed or bomber rushed officer Darren Wilson. The evidence shows officer Wilson was justified. A grand jury said he was justified. Holder's own Justice Department said he was justified. It was a justify shooting. So these clowns that are going around saying black lives matter and ends up don't show what they don't know what they're talking. 6172666868. Our third Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. It's actually a surge of Michael adjusted for a common of this please let me make one quick comment on both Charles should. Donald Trump you know. I have a business trip to prepare eventually you've been a businessman you know did you have to be Smart. You know. He had he had them go at some point stuff like this was gonna come. And he should use this and he could have been double in the polls have committed she said that police have listened. To be get away. What what does that what does Beckett to do we script people being killed by illegal aliens. We appears a lot of questions have been slaughtered over the world our economy isn't it isn't a disaster are. Healthcare has gone. And you have the gall to ask me a question like that you think the American people really care about that and that he would ensure that it would've been history. It would have been the post and without after that instead. You know he gets so volatile as they've quote club which brings her brings him doctor level which was released to put on his part. Arthur honestly very good point. Outback of Ferguson should also from this. Is gonna go on and on and on at all until we finally decide that everybody's lives matter. Well all law abiding citizens smattering and all law and the law breakers or wires whether they're black college agreeing. Doesn't matter and if they wanna kill themselves that's why it but you know what we can't let you know we kept them let them destroyed. If the filming of innocent people and you know what the last. The last thing that Obama's said a vote Ferguson let's just remember what it was. Will sit course. All I remember that yes they. The course that was so that was you know that was like kind of like a signal. You know what they Avic. That's right I don't winkle went. Sure exactly you know that Arthur not it's clear wink wink the more trouble you caused the more it helps me wink wink. He can't keep whining keep complaining keep writing keep loading key burning burn baby burn. Thank you for that call Arthur. 6172666868. I wanna read this text. Because this is attacks that every American need to hear this text. From 617 Jeff. Did a cop for thirty years. The motto used to be quote to protect and serve unquote. Now it's quote do nothing and do well and quote. That's all this war on police and cops is doing. You're discouraging and undermining the forces of law and order the forces of civilization. And all your doing now or empowering the criminals the thugs and the gang bangers. So don't be surprised if tonight. They come out in full force and they're ready to burn. Like big Mike's dad would say burned this beat. Down. Coleman John fry you lot of prominent. It was an American can be doing and quickly becoming Communist country. Most equipment followed brought new meaning to the words at least two weeks. Extra stuff. I. Responsible for what is going on in Ferguson and should be held responsible. Even they knew this was unjustified shouldn't they kept going on with the narrative. What did it right on spot that Scott and right at them in the system Ferguson in the bonus. The only threaten them and something. That we should Ottawa coach and an immediate but when you. We can't make it to be but we don't have an uncomfortable watching channel sudden Newt. Donald Trump may derogatory statement towards women today. Went and out on the channel. I'm just looked up on the fox twenty by good guys and let me even now but I'll call eight to come out but the question as to why we believe what we believe. I guarantee you they won't. Comrade as usual short but sweet thank you for that call my friend to a thirty here on the great WRKO. Kevin Kevin Dona out jam wing hang on. All of your calls next. 34 here on the great WRKO. Are you fearing riots again tonight in Ferguson 61720666868. Yes today one year anniversary of the shooting death of big Mike Brown. Your reaction your feelings. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding go ahead just. I kept fighting there would today. But about how are you fight back Q I guess what that they would you would talk about Megyn Kelly double but I'd still be disgusted pay. OK Kevin and the I would tell me how you really think. 6172666. Here at 687. Total hold back would you call the shoulder totaled backgammon. That let's go let's make it to Kevin go ahead. Thanks Jeff Jeff. I have another cabinet mean that was funny but another Kevin Kevin Jackson. From Saint Louis county just talking about the troubles it's like human ground zero Brittany got to get them on. Don't Ty law and duplicate sent to win even if we jump rope outside the Saint Louis took Baltimore off. People in it I mean it's Ludacris you'll get all the points from I can't read John. Saying how well what's great is gonna crop is in the picture is he will speak out against it he's unorthodox. He's not the traditional president by the SS binding goal in the making colleagues and the goal line to Dutch. Shock jock. How would spread I mean that's like an explosion upon Playboy taught how to walk. I mean this is actually crazy it can I ask one thing we met at 2008. How the media. They came out within it. Thing that is going on. Today in this is why it. That type stuff key capital alliance he broke right back and if we keep on going public Baptist not going to be any change. And but he is getting I mean I I went to a reunion yesterday and from the doctor the doctor in my gym late. Financial analyst. They will also saying opted to like popular polish Justin joked so. The deal all falling in line to accompany weapon that is just reminds would think iPhone and I should keep keep it he is not keep everything pot. And that says just keep that up. Great. Thank you so much thank you are appreciated Kevin I look I think they're underestimating Amanda Butler apparel. They want us to think he's a joke they want us to think he's not serious. If he's not serious. Now he's pulling away. Not only is he leading in the polls and always pulling away. And their guy he Jeb beat dole is not even a top five anymore. Latest NBC news poll I mean it's a scientific poll according to them. G Donald Trump point 3% far and away ahead Ted Cruz second 13%. Ben Carson third 11%. Then you have Marco Rubio Carly Fiorina rounding up four and 58%. The establishment is going down. Don't look Kevin you touched on a clinically what's happening. The media in 2008. Conspired to get the dear leader elected. In 2012. They conspired. To defeat Mitt Romney. And now because they know all of the country it's turned decisively against the dear leader. He got hammered in 2010. He lost the house in 2014 he lost the senate and all congress. So if they have to have a Republican in the White House tell me if you're a liberal. If you're a media hack. Which of all the report AJ together Republicans and ended and probably win this year in arming Hillary's look and very weak. My god Bernie Sanders is now closing the gap power. Bernie is now within the and the margin of error in New Hampshire. You now have Democrats so worried they're actually openly talking about Joseph Biden jumping into the race. If you're that desperate. And Europe that week. That Joseph Biden. Double full Biden. He's he's he's the cavalry. He's the guy you throw the emergency line don't argue with you there merchant then you're in trouble. If Joseph Biden. Is that guy you throw out an emergency lying to your big trouble if this is your idea of a rescue and Biden is the one coming to a rescue. You're in big. There it big. Trouble. So if you're a media establishment type. And you say look you're gonna have a republic most likely you're gonna have a republic. Well which one on stage do you want. The phone with penal. Of course you want the phone Latino. Because he's as close to a Democrat as you can get. 'cause he's our republic correct. Just like Hillary is a Dem con it solidifies. The duopoly. So you have to destroy anybody that poses a threat to that Donald Trump is that correct for now. And that's why I've never seen anything like this. So he doesn't insult Mexicans but he insults Mexicans. He doesn't insult John McCain is not being a war hero but he insults John McCain and all the veterans. Now always insulting women with their menstrual cycle even though he never mentioned Megyn Kelly's menstrual cycle. It's orwellian. 61720666868. I'm telling you. In one of these interviews he said and I'm good looking or they can insult me for my looks because I'm I'm I'm too good looking her everybody knows I'm good looking. Obviously tongue in cheek watch watch insulted everybody. Because he implied everybody was ugly Donald Trump says everybody's ugly wife because he says he's good looking. That's that's coming down the pike Don I Europe next go ahead dot. Saying that kept you know I remember when women had dignity and class. I'm talking about it and Kelly did gotten Howard Stern. You can beat back in pretty and still maintain your ticket and after clashing typically what away. I think Pakistan app I would never had that kind of conversation with anybody publicly that's ridiculous. And then the other thing at what I'm the debate went they have concept first question they were clearly targeting him. I would react like yours that I body handle that but given that it would not shock kind of a question. I Whitney in Kenya watch it because widely accepted wherever the aren't they want but throughout what had no matter how bad they are. Are talking about the theory of the issue at that particular can end here. He get out there something else without that going on with this technique when they linked to high on the craft questions they're pretty. Certain candidates from speaking air he was telling us what their plans are. All behind when Eric toward an active time we mean as an election after election. And make them laugh out of the voters and start putting them quite actually get to appear from the lack of coverage. It's not that opt in take out like a violent takeover. And it pulled them out. We need voter political points here at camp and then America looted and they give us another free to do it. Him and Donna amen. 6172666868. Jam Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. I chipped it up and create truly usual. I wasn't here and start. UK you'll want an American leaders came I just hope which is what we need chew. It is part you know that is making Kelly. Who go on trial in. There's not much you can do it somebody throws hand grenade action duck I thought he did pretty well. You'd you know could you wouldn't expect neck and and question. But what can 01 like meg and Kelly was are only make him another unit which she was giving church Q on Fox News. She there's something. Very supple well this can vote she said. Before additional. I asked between men who felt it was a calm. We got a stake actually Chris Wallace and breath there. There should I ask them. Before you know before the debate to clean dog and me now Jacob she said that. She gets say that yes I have to trust her right in front of me. Right. People I mean that you pull it out chocolate repented her. In Bennett can stand up and she's gonna ask argued yet you ought to mean it's a very kind of struggle but he makes its point. Yeah it was creeped it is front and trying to. An article it jammed there's no question about it look they were out to get him it was so obvious. From the first question look. Who is the only one. There was talking about running as an independent potentially as a third party candidate him. Whores the want to single out who'll play right now not to. You know pledge right who'll not who Lamar pledge right now. To support the Republican nominee whoever that person is next year right here in Cleveland in this convention center well obviously it's aimed at him. So you know given this do we didn't back down he put his I'm the opposite the public and the second question. Basically are you misogynist sexist chauvinistic. Third question I'm Mexico are you crazy Coke. Where's your evidence but they're sending us all these criminals fourth question. You're not a good businessman why. Because on one deal some of the lenders lost money and 11100 people were were laid off. So basically. He's crazy he's about businessman. He's not a Ariza treacherous Republican. And he's a male sex a sexist chauvinistic. Everybody else especially the establishment candidates. What's your plan on the economy what's your plan on education. What's your foreign policy. What's your plan on taxes. So basically OJ we throw him a soft these are huge a bit. They fanatic did you notice the earpiece and Jim Vito. That's because they would first basket of him in Spanish. Bening gets translated or someone asking the question in English gets translated into Spanish. That was a little earpiece if you miss that widget beat the so to make sure that Jeb really got the question right give it to him in his first language. OK here is what she said. She went on to say I'm I I have the DM. The the the transcript right in front of me so this was kind of her big statement she came out yesterday. He felt that pack it wasn't an attack it was a fair question how is it a fair question but let that go. But basically the only thing she could have asked them was do you Beecher wife. Do you sleep with legs or do you beat your wife that was the only other thing should go to bass. Anyway he felt a packed it wasn't and it actually says it was a fair question. But I'd get a keys in the arena and so MIA it's okay with a mean that there are some consternation. She probably giggling at this point or she loves the giggle. I'm sure he'll get over it and will be fine so little America a and then she went on to say I'm a big girl I can handle that apparently being the only female moderator on the panel. My job is not to feel passionately about these candidates you seem pretty passionate than me. Kelly Megan Megan Kelly whatever it is. My job is to go out there and ask probing questions there are hopefully Smart and then help the people learned something about this person. What a Smart about your question. What did we learn about Donald Trump in that question. Except that the words you said he used against women were taken out of context some of those words he never even used. So besides being an obvious hit job. And lying and trying to smearing him what was so positive. And what was so Smart and what was so probing. Then she went on to say this is the part that Jimmer Jim referenced. Talking budget I've read bearing Chris Wallace the parity of a bed of the glasses the the designer glasses to increase his IQ by fifty points. Mary Wallace are both gentlemen and I didn't want them to win any Wayne fielding mean it does somehow come to my rescue. I didn't want them to feel if anybody started too would like me that I would be wondering where might come Padres are. So she's basically saying we're gonna mail this guy. But we had a plan don't jumped in my defense lecture romp come across as a bully and thug. That was a trapped. They laid a trap to take him out now I ask you is that journalism. It's not objective fair and balanced quote unquote journalism. Or is this an agenda. This is activism. Posing as journalism. And this is everything that we hated about CNN and MSNBC. And the entire mainstream media. You wanna know honestly if you wanna know what question I really want and asked about Donald Trump. What is your concrete plan to grow the economy. Literally I've you're now president trump what will you do to unleashed a private sector what will you do to generate. Massive economic growth. On taxes in particular are you gonna cut taxes. And if you are gonna cut taxes how and where. That's what I wanted to know. How will you defeat nicest tell me what's your plan how will you secure the border and enforce the rule of law what's your plan. Whether you called Rosie O'Donnell a fat slob were five bigger whatever. I don't care. 6172666868. More or fewer calls next.