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Jul 29, 2015|

Full Show 7-29-15 by The Financial Exchange

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I. This is the financial exchange with the very Armstrong. First greens stay on top of breaking business news and balloon how to manage your money to help you towards a more secure future he'd still play an Angel exchanged with the euros. Barry Armstrong. Hi everybody Karen Armstrong and trucks on with you here on a federal prison or Wednesday. No I had a tally chuck I'm not anticipating that were in here much of anything from the Federal Reserve 2 o'clock this afternoon you know you don't think so. I don't think we're in the height of the I don't think you're gonna get a hike I think you're gonna get a little bit more clarity on the September October December range what we're gonna be seeing at those meetings though and yeah I think just that now that we're getting a little bit closure of the data has continued to domestically. Pretty decent at this point is that there has been a change for the you know real positive upswing or negative downswing in the Dayton and so I think that sitting here now orbit six weeks out from that next reserve meeting in in September. I think they're pretty much they they have their mind made up now and I think they may start signaling a little more strongly as to what exactly they're gonna. Just cuts and pending home sales data it was down one point 8%. For the month of June. In the revised the may number down which had been a blockbuster numbers so. You look at some of the data that's out there. Are they gonna raise interest rates well that's that's what's being communicated I'm not sure it's actually going to happen. 1 thing that I am pretty certain is not going to happen is those of you who are collecting Social Security. You are in all likelihood chuck not going to get an increase in your Social Security retirement benefits on January 1 2016. Yeah and the Social Security trust he's just came out with this report odd couple days ago. And you really had to dig through it in order to really get this nugget out of there but on page a 113 of the report. And I quote the trustees the trustees here in saying volatility in oil prices has resulted in substantial volatility of recent cost of living adjustments. As a result projections under the new intermediate and high cost assumptions do not have a cost of living adjustment for December 2015 so. They pretty much commands it looked. Unless there is significant inflation and less easy energy and food price is right to rise substantially it has to happen between now and Toby you have the next two months really because it's it doesn't go all the way through until December it's October to October so. Unless you see a significant shift there. Unfortunately folks Social Security they're not going to see any type of bump in their payment next up. No wait what we're telling you what we're communicating today. Is that you should not anticipate any increase. In those benefit checks they're coming in beginning on January 1 of 2016. Also those of you who are high earners if you're making a good wage. The amount of so Micah we have to pay taxes on will remain the same and that is 1181500. Dollars so if you're. Earning more than that you'll stop paying like after you've hit 1185. Yet the the trustees also reported on a 22 dates that are always a little interesting when they finally come out in the first is they're projected exhaustion date for. The retirement trust fund which is now moved opt out a year actually from point 34 to 2035. They must be doing something right I guess. But unfortunately. The disability trust fund which is a separate program from the general retirement fund. That unfortunately is expected to be depleted in the fourth quarter of 2016. Just in time for the general election. Next year once under a number on that track is it expires at the the money runs out in the fourth quarter of 2016. Now there's a number of ways to address that right if you do increased taxes. But the president and Jack Lou what they wanna do is they want to indeed the retirement trust fund. To subsidize the disability trust and I think that's a big mistake. Well especially when you when you look at how the programs are set up. The retirement trust fund in the long run we know has significant issues you don't you don't rob Peter to pay Paul but is that all that does. Is that retirement trust fund and now instead of being out of money in 20342035. Now you're potentially looking at OK is it 2031203029. Now we start to get into those issues and you're just creating another problem sooner. For yourself instead of fixing the one that's already out there. Our text number 68680. My guest today trucks ought to. And we're talking about out. Well variety financial issues we've already covered Social Security we've talked a little bit about the markets and the economy. We are gonna talk about the financial ramifications of the NFL's lawsuit with Tom Brady but before we do that. We're a cover story related to the rest of the world is finally realizing that hosting the Olympics is a waste of money. This coming on the heels of Marty Walsh whose rejection of the Olympics in Boston. No no now it's looking more and more like Marty Walsh made the right decision. Yeah and in particular that there's one city games that I do want to focus on talk and action beyond that I wanna focus on the 20/20 two Olympics which were still looking for. A Peter okay. And every single democratically. Elected government has pulled out of the bidding on this because. You looked originally and Oslo was considering it Prague was considering that there were a couple of other European countries. Cities that were considering having them the only two cities that are left for the 20/20 two Olympics right now are Al Mahdi has expand them. And Beijing. Now Beijing the mound that they want to have the odd downhill skiing on does not even have snow. If youth and doesn't even snow there so they're talking about literally have part of it brings no way an artificial snow and in this and the problem is the I have seen has come out and said look we don't like this Beijing bid. But the cast extended they don't even know if they're gonna be able to get anything done remember socially and mean that the Russian. Olympics where or terrible. Well but at least the Russians what when they put their mind you would have liked him in twice the budget because of all the corruption but they get things done and kind of the talk except for the bathrooms were and no bathrooms no doors on the room but I knew it was but but the actual games facilities were you happy or they aren't though those were actually in good shape with Kazakhstan wrote that they. Will Third World country I mean I don't know if you of the construction resources to do it and in China. Look I mean this this they have the resources China has the resources but in in what they're doing right now I mean they have some significant economic problems at the moment. And this is just now where you wanna see them spending the money the IOC has come out and said look we don't like this bid but it might be the one we have to accept. Because no one else really capable. Is actually in the running here and cities have simply realize now that looked. This does not make sense forced the amount of money we have to spend the benefit that we get is just not big enough. And the Olympics are seeing real problems right now getting cities actually bid on the games because the cost has become so expensive and it's become. Just this. Every four years can you top the previous one candy do something better a major doesn't work. Maybe it'll change maybe the start going back to old venues in spending less money on them. Maybe maybe that's a solution chuck rather than trying to build out of new venue every four years you go back to where they were in the past. And just say OK you like LA could end up getting this Summer Olympics in just using the same facilities that they used back in journalism 1984 bombings at the. And I know that they they may not use the exact same ones just because they have up potentially some new football stadiums under construction in the coliseum is a little bit I'll warn at this point. On but certainly look at a city like LA there's a lot of facilities there that they could absolutely use again. RH well Tucker Silva started texting yesterday in about 2 o'clock with Tom Brady information. Tucker what's the latest on Tom Brady a lot's happened in the past 24 hours there Darian right now. Bill Belichick was scheduled to speak at 10 o'clock and Robert Kraft owner Robert Kraft actually stepped to the podium. In just a quick update he says he apologizes now. To patriots fans and quote. I truly believe what I did in May. Would make it much easier for the league to exonerate Tom Brady and he said he was wrong to do so to give into the leak yeah just what we've been criticized him this whole time for I was naive you know eat you know I have a lot of respect for the guy but I thought he needs. Brain made. And then he really left Tom Brady's mania there's silent as he did it implicates Tom he did yeah yes and not yesterday the NFL upheld. The four game suspension of Tom Brady and probably the biggest. The thing that came out of the twenty page report on the NFL was that Tom Brady. Destroyed his phone around the time of the Ted Wells investigation and Tom breeze sensors issued a statement this morning on FaceBook. So it's a back and forth our number three Tom Brady NFL now looks like Robert Kraft this stuff. And up and down and Kraft has just come out pretty hot saying and go so far in this is a direct quote I was wrong to put my faith in the lead. If so he's he's come out and he. I think. If you probably thought he had some type of deal with Roger Goodell in order to get. This punishment reduced significantly. And clearly he's not happy with what's gone on here so. It's this is gonna be something that drags on the next six months this is not gonna be over today or tomorrow. Aren't up next we're gonna be joined by Roger Ebert Roger is a law professor at Northeastern University. He's gonna talk to us about the legal implications. Of Tom Brady's lawsuit against the NFL how does that work when does it get filed. What are his chances of winning what happens if he loses all of those questions will be answered when we return on the financial exchange. Barry Armstrong. Step on the financial exchange radio network. Mortgage rates are still at an all time low makes sense to take advantage of these rates with your refinancing or buying in new -- leader bank is a local bank that is one of the largest mortgage lenders in New England with -- very competitive rates asked their experience staff about mortgage financing options and get a very competitive -- term fixed rate for your home whether refinancing or buying a new home work with leader bank calling 776917900. Or visit leader bank dot com leader bank went over one billion dollars last year to homeowners in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 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To let us help you make an informed. Decision call Armstrong advisor group now at 8668106. Or two to. Security topic securities America in member in SIPC advisory services up with the securities America advisors think Gary Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies are not affiliated please consult with your quote a tax expert for any tax lead concerns. He's empowers and I'm joined today by estate planning attorney Todd lucky. A lot arm of Chris and talent which you're legally changed quick tip of the day. Today we're talking about last minute cleaning techniques at a procrastinate or they can help seed you're out that if someone goes in to a nursing. Todd can anything be done to save the liquid assets of an unmarried individual. Yeah there are something now remembered never as good as an advance planning. But it's better than losing all the money and that the goal. In order or an individual who singled again on Medicaid. To have less than 2000 dollars and in times they won't have a few hundred and that they don't like. Well bucket of money is there the individual what and how to. Purchased one of the Medicaid annuities and please let me just a reminder. That these annuities and not be purchased prior to someone going into the nursing home so don't let somebody tell you that they can you Medicaid annuity today. It's a last minute planting technique. And once you buy this annuity let me take two or 300000 dollars access that that's. And purchase the annuity that goes accents are converted to an income so value and and have less than 2000 dollars an asset. Because now. Big chunk of that is now paying out and counting them we checked. You'll receive. Over your life expectant whatever your life expectancy is that a term of the annuity. The moment you buy that annuity you're now eligible for Medicaid annual stretch out the money make it last. A lot longer. Folks if you're single warm married in their beast with a nursing homes day the air is something that can be done to save your assets last minute but you need some guidance. Collar profits right now heard the brain a guy from Cushing and Alan. Cleaning for procrastinators. 8668. Or eight by 699. At 8668. Or 85699. Securities offered through securities America income member finreg SIPC and advisory services offered through securities America advisors and Gerry Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies are unaffiliated. Follow along and endurance through the financial exchange on FaceBook. Pick up FaceBook dot com slash the financial exchange this is the financial exchange radio network. Well we're all curious as to the eventual outcome of this Tom Brady lawsuit we are joined by Roger Avery who's a law professor at Northeastern University. Good afternoon or good morning professor Mario. Or. So what is the process for this lawsuit IQ will it where does he get filed how does that get file who pays for. What yesterday. By the chapter of the yeah. The decision was issued yup the National Football League he took a preemptive strike. Filed suit in the federal district court in Manhattan. Seeking to enforce. Could Dell's decision. And my guess is later today or work with in the very near future. The National Football League players association. What are its own suit seek to overturn. The commissioner's decision most likely in the federal court in Minneapolis. Not this bad those pseudo. Goes to court. Will have to determine. Oh. Whether around whether I'm aware of cases. Should be heard. Why would they violent in Minneapolis. They get it interesting that Minneapolis has become the center of all litigation involving the national football for the last. 25. Years text David Dodi. On that court has heard cases arising under. Both the collective bargaining agreement. Between the players association and the NFL bought and also anti trust cases. And so if there. If there's one place with this case should be it should be heard. Why is it judge who had heard some look at most recently. The case involving Adrian Peterson. Which involved a a suit to vacate its decision yeah. By the National Football League which gets dirty decided. On the the players step. So both parties are shopping for a judge. They sure are and I I have been trying to figure out. In using my vault as remote as opposed arbitrator would. Why is that federal court in New York. Has jurisdiction that is power. To reinforce. Management decisions. Ought to put a lot of opportunities fish and Walla. It played that way in the past. I don't want would shouldn't. Roger Goodell has been neutral. It too big he's an administrator run. 810 billion dollar a year guy enterprise. And so. Yeah it would be like. An employer and the import or. Imposing at substantial discipline employees. And then running to court state or federal ticket back court to enforce the tension and I've heard I don't know what has raised that yet and we'll have to see whether that is raised in the course of these. So when would we expect the first hearing too because you got this season starting in what 45 weeks. Bill the more of that but it. This is declaring that got to carry it through what is normally a terrible. However a year at the pre season exhibition games. I I would expect that accompanying the and it felt. Players association has. Would be a request for a temporary injunction. Seeking to maintain the status quo while they record and consider America. As that might hurt so who knows as early as next week. I mean nothing is happening right now Brady does not Lou. Whose playing time and a real game. Until that Thursday night when the patriots play the the Pittsburgh Steelers. And so there's no problem being hit the board in junction but court generally schedule those bursting on the docket. And that global get a pretty good idea. Of what the arguments for the parties will be. On this appeal. What is the likelihood of getting that injunction so he can play in that first game if you were. Is it 70% 80%. I would think like that is very. Derek took ground used by court determining whether to issue what's called instrument captain will be. But the first round is a substantial probability of success on the Barrett. And having having read the commissioner's decision from yesterday. And recognizing their history. Commissioner discipline in the NFL. I think unions and they put their goods are. That this was a disproportionate penalty. That it was not perceived to be there a way that it was a prior announcement. Of this rule. But commissioner got an opinion. Is he he he in effect answer the question why board game yeah it's. Just like. Paranoid violation. Which is the bar yes. It is aboard the point. That was in the goes policy this is unilateral policy so little time I think they can maintain. A good argument. Ultimately prevail. And to do it's clear that that in four games. One quarter of the regular it and would produce that pepper oak tree while pretty intently derby today two million dollars. He can't be played those games. What what is the likelihood of the trial I guess happening happening during the season or is something it gets pushed off to the post season. Yeah I think it's unlikely there's there's been some concern. If the yes we'll get a temporary injunction in the court will rule within the NFL PA sometime in November which means. Brady won't be available. And and well well of course hold for the NFL but Brady will be available for the game. I wouldn't worry about. Court litigation. Other than and the hearings on the intentional or leave. It there and shortly add up all always enjoyed the opposite. Yeah but in property under quote you. And I'm sure the players association. Well just relish the possibility of getting proctor itself on the witness. Boom right now I'm. This didn't going to be. Bloody before it's done wood and it felt as done either if it bought itself but losses. Which is not very Smart for the organization. That has repeated the law. In federal court but I guess they decided they would take that stand the any orders. Obviously supported the commissioner. Is just. There have the last time someone. Took a band it was. Can't stare at him remember that what turned out. The big craft against Hughes. His penalty overturned if Tom wins so they don't. Think I Derek that there aren't very different. Pop wreck crafted just on television. I apologize. To. Patriot nation for having. Except that the penalty you know he did so because he wanted to. Hold that this would help. Brady do better on his appeal. He apologized. But is this signatory. To a contract. 32 owners. And he's down by the provisions of back on. That have very different contract. And the collective bargaining agreement. Two which are the union members including foremost. Very. Have agreed to. Professor thank you very much for joining us we appreciate your information. Roger I Abrams he's a law professor at Northeastern University guys have any lately what are your thoughts and he just turned. Based on everything that I heard from Roger as well as you know what I've read over the previous couple months it seems to me that. This appeal it's not going to be based on whether or not guilty is actually there it's it's really the process is what they're looking at whether or not. Operating was essentially treated fairly by the process and whether or not. The bid decision can be held up as a result of that. Based on everything I've seen. It doesn't make sense to me I mean I mean look you can debate guilt and and innocence all that you want. This about process they're does not appear to be any process in place to get to this result. Based on what we have in the CBS. Our text number 68680. Do you think Tom Brady is guilty or innocent let us know 686 cities are text number. Guilty or innocent is what we wanna hear from you. Go with the financial exchange. Hugh. Download the mobile app by surging financial exchange in the iTunes or Google placed door from the financial exchange radio network. If you're landlord pay attention that burst of the month rent date time and chased down late payments and organize your files per trip to the bank now you can take back all that we have time with something called EC rent leader bank in new product easy rent automatically deducts. Tenant rent and deposit it into the landlords account making rent 81 less thing to worry about visit www. 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It is not true but again I hear like you here I get calls from the accountants. No offense the accounts they can't tell that the trust is what we college grant tort trust for income tax purposes by just looking. So when they give us a call we let them know let me explain. Yes it is very true that there are kinds of irrevocable trust out there. That if not grant torch trusts will be taxed at a much higher rate. Then individuals. When I say a higher rate they don't actually pay higher rate cut their rates are compressed and until after 121000 dollars of income can you imagine being at the tip top rate for income tax purposes not happy with that. These trusts we make our grand tort trusts which in English means that. Mom and dad their creators of this trust are considered the owners of the trust for income tax purposes which means any interest dividends rents capital gains. That are generated inside the trust during the year. 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Yes physically it's 5050 here. Imagine what it is in New York or Los angels chains to post 400 write any aid the rest of the country. Probably feels very strongly that Tom Brady is guilty but I got I like his chances are of winning. I mean look based on everything that we've seen he is pretty good chance of coming out on top in this just as there's no precedent it's not built into the CBI at all. And as such. It it appears that this should be something that's really pretty cut and dry I mean obviously the process is gonna draw out but this is something that should be pretty pretty. With people have to fight this to my pastor and now we well he's his legacy right yet exactly I don't peak heat couldn't accepted any kind of the deal. With the NFL you know testified it now has to win. Because then thereafter he just hang his hat on his court victory mean people say area cheater you know what the court went federal court no one's right. You know it. There was a report out there that came out yesterday that the NFL offered. His suspension be reduced to two games but you have to have some sort of admission of direct and he did he declined more which rallied at a boil. Are here Shearer your first trivia question of the day. What is the name of the only state in the United States that has one syllable. Not Mississippi is. If you know the answer to that you can text us at 68680. What is the name of the only state in all of the United States with one syllable or text number 68680. Might wean yourself eight prize should you happen to know the insert in that trivia question. I would not want to be. Doctor Walter genes Palmer for all the money in the world you don't you couldn't pay me enough to be mr. Walter jeans Paul. Well it's interesting because on mr. Palmer allegedly paid 50000 dollars to kill a line and in Zimbabwe and that was is safe at famous line I'm protected lion. That Nia had all kinds of tracking devices to let me give you know. Boy claims he didn't know that and for him to really not know I find that to be. Well a little bit shocking now I will say he did kill the line with a crossbow which is pretty impressive. Okay it's I mean it's it's better than just sitting there with the telescope in an average know it but yeah you kill something with a cross below I'll give you a little credit. Having said that. Mr. Palmer unfortunately is facing all kinds of issues the two was Zimbabwe and who actually led him on the hunt have already been arrested and are being charged. And doctor Paul were also. Pled guilty. Back in 2008 to making false statements to the US fish and wildlife services till the barrel about a bear that he killed in Wisconsin right now okay. So he was given a one year probation and find 3000 dollars for that's who's this appears to be someone who has a history of doing this type of thing. And when you look at this I can't really see this having a good outcome for him in in any event do you think he gets extradited to Zimbabwe to face charges. Do you think the worst place to be extradited to in Zimbabwe I mean maybe so maybe if you year she added Iran and North Korea but I mean you get sent there Zimbabwe's still pretty much the wild. Last because they'd be they'd arrested the two yeah that were the guys and they're gonna go to jail but it Betty. It yeah what I could see happening here is they go to trial and they sail and all week to hold doctor polymer. That this Wednesday in an illegal thing but he still wanted to do that's like pays fifty grand. Then if they extradite him I think he does jail time in his invite I can't imagine anything worse than being in Zimbabwe jail now. And I you know what they eat kind of look at though is that god is obviously is a protected species already deserves anything that's coming to. Anything is coming it was a bad dude yeah. Is a lot of these just. I I would love to see him go to Zimbabwe and face trial. What I would like to suggest to you now it is that you educate yourself as a relates to Medicare. They're gonna be some significant changes to Medicare and your Medicare premiums I don't know if you're aware this or not. But there was a law passed. In April of 2015. It was signed into law. On April 16 of 2015. It was called the Medicare access and chip reauthorization. Act of 2015. And changes your Medicare premiums beginning in the year 28 team. Why do you care about that well if you're on Medicare now your gonna still be on it in twenty team. If you're not on Medicare now I'm not I'm 56 results on nine years away from going on Medicare. But I found this fascinating. As a relate to. First of all how Medicare works I didn't know there are so many different types of Medicare AD CD is of a whole lot of complexities. Related to and Medicare that you may be unaware of if you're under the age 65 B a lot of B or 65 and older are aware of the complexity. But you're may not be aware of the changes that are coming in the laws this is already been signed into law. And it will cause many view to pay more for your Medicare premiums going forward in the year twenty team. If you like a copy of this guide and India via phone numbers are right the number down. And then call in order to guide it's 866. 8106422. The guide is called. New law brings some changes to Medicare so that defines the changes that are being made to the Medicare law but it and it also gives you. Introductory information as to how the Medicare program works the the second that is called Medicare basics. 8668106422. Is your phone number to dial. The phone number three and so is the guide your running up to you at the end of the month so this will be only available for another couple days. 8668106422. Is your phone number to dial. Chuck lot of ways to lose weight I saw a good friend of mine Howie Carr. Get something called the sleeve you've observed it I mean yeah I've never seen. A transfer me at the key I think how he's lost what seven TD pass to looks like at least sixty or seventy and I haven't even talked him about it yeah I have been and I think he's up around seventy pounds of weight loss. He did a surgery called the sleeve. There's another one that just got approved. By the FDA tell us about it. Yeah of what it is it's actually a a little balloon that they insert in there using and and just open and they filled with a saline solution. To simply make this comical little bit smaller and it's something that had previously. There'd been another type of balloon device approved back in 1992. Ground but that when they found out that it actually cause problems with patients' arteries. And so there is a pretty lengthy process trying to redesign it and figure out some ways to improve that product. And with this one that was just approved it supposedly does not have those issues it has addressed the odd design failings of the earlier device according to the FDA. And this potentially just provides another. Way for folks who are overweight kids keep mine that he got over a third of US adults that are obese now so you know you talk about the problems associated with that whether we're talking diabetes heart problems. Pretty much you run again. What how he told me lose he had when he was talking to me about it said personal accused joints feel better like hips knees ankles along sure I mean you lost half a person and Andy said he had so much more energy. They that was a big transformation yeah you wouldn't recognize if you haven't seen how car. In in the in six months you would recognize yeah absolutely and actually we have a great Texas actually you'll feel like is there I think from a 617 about the hunter who killed the lion now says feed into the lines if he doesn't face trial and I I guess that bad dude I I am. And he's not an old guy so I think is medical practices over. Right he had used a dentist. Like I I think his wife is going to be danger is that the animal rights before gonna go. Crazy this area as they already are they'll absolutely absolutely huge fever so the balloon. It's gonna be available to folks that have a BMI between thirty and forty and just put that in context. Fury five foot nine person you'd be obese about 203 pound toga bike here's my question the only guy read the article it said it. You view that a lot of people that use the balloon to skiing the week back when to stop with the ticket out. Well it is so here's what they found in terms of the statistics they found it put a balloon in your stomach is full of salt water correct isn't is that what it is it's it's saline solution exact it sleep eat the put a balloon in your stomach that's full of salt water. You don't feel hungry. And T eat less to lose but then they say when they take the balloon out use east market that it. Exactly so this when you look at what actually is going to help in the long run this doesn't change eating habits permanently or anything like that this doesn't help you exercise more. The things that are actually going to help folks are things like eating better not eating so meat processed foods going and working out at half an hour every few days from those the types of things people need to do I look at this. And four for certain people if you have the you know the band that's that's a permanent procedure that dramatically changes things in the long run. This I don't know if this is something it if I were overweight that I would considered. You look at night. Hey coming up we're gonna be joined by Peter Walsh from from Morningstar one of the stocks that we're going to be looking at eight PQ idiots Hewlett-Packard is not yet yet. We'll take a look at HPQ and another stock get your pen and paper ready. As were doing stock talk next on the financial exchange. You work hard to make your money. This is the show they can teach you how to make your money pours through you he's the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong on the financial exchange radio network. Many people are concerned with saving money on taxes and avoiding probate and while that's important sometimes we need to take a step back and remember that there's a friendly behind every state plan it's great -- you've been able to accumulate wealth but what happens to those assets if you get sick and going to a nursing home the answer is they'll be spent done in a hurry to the tune of twelve to fifteen grand a month the Medicaid rules change almost every year and asset protection strategies that may have worked in the past may no longer work for you Todd let's keep a partner in the law firm of -- in Dolan has updated all of the facts for you in a free guide that he's put together an operational guy delay for states vs a remarkable drug called the office of -- and Dolan right now at 8668485699. To request your company don't publish your spouse by a lengthy stay in a nursing home protect your assets now to ensure a sound retirement 8668485699. 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To learn more with the bank a step ahead minimum deposit to open and current annual percentage yield as 1000 dollars Massachusetts residents only penalty early withdrawal including iris penalty which may reduce earnings rate subject to change without noticed member of the rate effective November 4 2004 team. Or from audio in 20. Gee mr. Davis as the financial exchange radio network. Posada who knew that Maine was the only state in America with one syllable. That means now is rough from Dorchester who is taking a one of our travel mugs. As a gift very good time for stock topped with Peter Walsh from from Morningstar. I don't appear. Well Peter we've got a couple stocks that were talking about here let's start with one that I think most people are probably familiar with that Hewlett-Packard. And this is a stock that really if you look back over the last ten years even really back before that fuel back really over the last fifteen years or so now. This stock is pretty much been dead money it seems that some ups and downs but. Really trading at just about the same place it was at the beginning of 2001. What are we looking at with this company at this point. Yes so we're looking at. 65 billion dollar market cap company that's effectively attacked conglomerate that's set to split into two publicly traded companies in a few months. I think when you look at HP right now it's. There's several reasons for the market not to like it it's number one share in servers at ten steadily declining. Revenue Edward's associate of it currency at Wednesday. And then a lot of its IT services revenue comes at the lower end of the pyramid. And you're seeing an increased competition there so just over the last couple of years management has done a very good job of taking out costs. Focusing on areas of the business which are set to grow and reducing leverage so now put the company in a position to split. What are the areas that they're really seeing. Legitimate growth in their business and in this point. It's if that's a very good question they are seeing growth. In some areas of services and servers. And then when you take a step back east merit so HP is very well entranced in PCs and printers copiers. Those are so what declining markets at least in developed. Countries that in developing markets Priscilla Fairmont approach those areas. So if if I'm looking at HP compared to and you look at some of its competitors it depends on which aspect of their business you're looking happen if you look at something. Like Cisco or and or cooler and IBM what gives them the edge. Over those types of companies over the next couple years. So I think what what management with today and proof will be in the putting when Nate when they have or analyst and a couple months is. They were encumbered by having to work under this one HP umbrella where you had. Diverted distances that were tethered to other areas of page Peta didn't have any bearing on how they actually operated so if you separate or when you separate. Each key ink which is going to be the piece seized printers copiers from HP enterprise. Both of those companies now that they're going to be separate it should be in a much better positioned to be more flexible to have targeted investments to have diverse services. But overall haters there are product offering to. And overall subset of customers but I think you're absolutely right. Both of those the companies that you mentioned kind of Cisco HP and another is playing. And I BM and other playing in Canada legacy software and legacy technologies space has had an uphill climb. What I do we have a firm date in place yet for this spin off. No but that the company is doing an analyst day at least September 15 or investor briefing that's where they're gonna share a whole lot. More of their information they do want to have just been completed. By the end of their fiscal year which beat him time before October. Very good now let's turn and look at another company here this what I don't think a lot of our listeners would have heard of this when this is the Ultimate Software Group. And for our listeners who are familiar with them what exactly is their business. So first quote I think it's got the the great name is the favorite neighbor of mine and my overall list and I take a look at. You know IBM vs HP in an ultimate software troop just kind of rolls off the tongue but this is just five billion dollar market cap software player the company's been around for about 25 years. Has been public. Since 1998. And is a provider of cloud based. Human capital management or HTM functions so it does things like. Payroll benefits management recruiting and performance management for companies. So does a company like this that is a lot of companies that have. Recently come out that our cloud based as well a couple off the top of my head I'll work Dave being one of them yet some legacy providers as well companies like a paychecks. Are those the major competition that they face. That's exactly right you are cracked so it's it's ADP paychecks it's worked day it's. Salesforce in some regards it hey Tom there's a whole slew of companies direct. So what when you look at the platform that they are operating under that this is an older company I believe this one of the the original dot com babies correct. Right and so when you look at them how they've been able to to navigate from there to this environment today is obviously so many changes in the last fifteen years are they still competitive against some of those newer entrants. So this is one of those. Companies that has already completed its transition to software as a service in May. Stop selling their legacy platform. More than six years ago so I think why. Ultimate has been successful as a combination of having a low cost structure. They've had a lean organization. It's got a very good culture. And they go in with kind of we were going to win and we're going to show you how our product and platform is better than anyone else whether it's the legacy players like. Like a detection ADP or somebody else. They actually reported results to police last night. And they've started to also partner with a couple of other companies like NetSuite so they're going that there's not as. We're only place in the trailed the state they viewed as a complementary. Complementary players tend to some of the other. Competitors so it's more like for enemies or coop petition in a lot of different areas. In what's are really. Quickly and rapidly growing market. Thirty seconds so I just very quickly company like this 505 billion dollar market cap I think potentially a buyout for any company looking to build more of a presence in this area. In the long run yes we think it just makes sense there are some. Anti takeover provisions that are included but this is fast fast growing company it's very profitable. There's a good management team with a good strategy and it got 95% customer retention so they're not going anywhere. All right we'll Peter appreciate the info on both of these companies and thanks for joining us today. Thank you that was Peter Wall Street for Morningstar those companies if you do wanna check him out on your own ULT ally and each PQ are the takers on the Duquette had news on Twitter last night. They got slammed. They sound like 13% say yes I mean just day they continue to show problems getting users and they did guided downward on their revenue and non profits it's. It's a case where in I have not been bulls on Twitter since the beginning. Just because I have always said that it's very difficult to monuc 240. Characters. And I continue to think look it's a great platform for media use on a daily basis. But he knows it and use heavy Twitter user I'm not a heavy Twitter user I use it. I find that I would prefer FaceBook Twitter know what Twitter is great for is breaking news because you you have direct that on you get that on FaceBook that you have sooner. You could you have direct feeds to the journalists and everything. And and that way the second journalist says something you pull up or one thing that I've actually found it's great to was at my girlfriend's place a couple months ago over her parents' place. And we lost power there we used Twitter to figure out where it was just our house or if it was actually an outage. Merit. Thanks for tuning in to this hour of the financial exchange my name is very Armstrong my co host today is truck is not a you can like this on FaceBook possessed or we hang out not Twitter. Our handle on FaceBook is the financial exchanged. 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Breaking business news and learn how to manage your money to help you towards a more secure future he'd still play an Angel exchanged with the euros. Barry Armstrong. And. Joined by truck Zahn on a Wednesday and we seem to be shocked and pretty tight trading threw down. Virtually all last week we're down again on Monday recovered quite a bit yesterday continue to recover today Gallup 73 point. But there doesn't seem to be a lot of negative momentum and we also don't seem to be able to break. Yeah pretty much got to go back to February 4 the S&P 500. Topped when he 41 at that point. It hit a high of 2134. Earlier this month. And really we we just bounced in this four to 5% range for the last six months right now now. That's not necessarily a bad thing reigns like a solid nation over this period of time typically means one of two things use the markets are preparing for a little bit of a move higher or markets are prepared to take a little bit of the did appear. I think that when you look at what is going on internationally that has been largely responsible for the downward moves. Where is what we've seen domestically. Has being largely responsible as well as the weekly alleviation of fears over Greece in China in this in the are you surprised that consumers haven't benefited to a greater degree. From lower oil prices pretty neat they're benefiting from it than spending. We'll know in the is actually some data to back that up now if you look at the last month the savings rate. And this is both data from the Federal Reserve as well isn't trying to remember where else I saw the two different rates. Both showed that consumers over the last year bump their savings from the low to mid 4% range. Up to the load and it 5% which is good which which is good long term it it it helps you for the next crisis. But it's bad for a lot of these stocks that we thought would be performing better. Given the lower price of oil exactly and so what you're seeing right now is that the consumer is taking that extra money in their pocket in there they're they're sitting there their little bit nervous right now and they're sitting on that cash and long run. You would like to see that savings rate continue to take up a little bit more you're never gonna get it in to that ideal. Ten to 12% range that you'd like to see but it can stabilize somewhere. In the 66%. Range and then continue on with spending I think that your in good shape there so actually like what you're seeing from consumers in terms of bumping that spending up right now I think that they had wins in this market. Largely related to international trade both in terms of the exchange rate as well as national economy's long. Gallup seven points the S&P is up seven gold at a 1092. Announced an oil at 4761. No indication at least nothing IC on the horizon chart tells me that it was gonna bounce back up to eighty dollars a barrel I think we're gonna. Fairly low trading range for oil for at least through the end next year. I think that's probably give given the data that we have today unless you seized some type of flare up in the Middle East or something along those lines that would obviously. Cause a change. But otherwise there's nothing on the supply or demand side to really suggest that this is changing any time soon just you're gonna continue to have oversupply especially with. Potentially a million barrels a day of Iran in oil coming on the market within the next six to eight months as well as. On the demand side of things you have China continuing to slow down right now. And if you look at where a lot of the growth has come from over the last ten years it has been China and emerging economies and they simply don't have that type of growth rate. Good news for Tucker Silva Tucker and you'd need a new phone you've been patiently waiting. Yes desperately I notice it's plugged in again it is on the I got a text earlier in the program from somebody saying good -- battery from Amazon for fourteen bucks for team box that's on the text by take a look at it so just if you don't actually work order just went on fire and out system battery just it yet it's it's there fourteen box and we'll check it out but hey check it out that probably doesn't include the install. Yet doesn't get to do it yourself opt. Well here what if it particularly yourself. Which you might want to do. Is looking into getting in new iPhone six deaths because you can get it for free BF the switcher carrier over to T-Mobile. Counties. Now offered to do that team almost continuing to go all out pretty much they're saying if you buy out their network I just the united. I've never been on it yet and yet there I had never been on it Texas would you 68680. If you know T-Mobile. He knew live in New England like if you're in New Haven this T-Mobile work if you're in Springfield this T-Mobile good service because. It is a good deal you can get it for free right because how much is successful examiner about 600 off. Well if you don't with the contract it's going to be anywhere between two and four but it counts by the phone standalone between five and seven. So eight for someone like myself you know I like to be phones up and make them last long as possible so this is not something I would do all why. Is that I liked like old phones so it kind of gives me a five it's. But you're not tell us how this T-Mobile deal works out pretty much what it is is T-Mobile if you go and buy a piece which T-Mobile and buy an iPhone six okay. What they're gonna do is yet to use their jump on demand deal which means you're gonna pay the phone often monthly installments of fifteen dollars. When it comes to the end of the year now OK if your iPhone six is in good shape. You can freely trade that in for success and it's not gonna cost you any additional cash from. So if you are considering making the jump this isn't a bad time to do it because you're gonna end up with a brand new phone at the end of the year. Even if you get a new one right now so it's not necessarily a bad option if you're considering that for someone like myself it doesn't make sense but. If you like new phones. About it but he. I think here's the real problem is. Is it comes down to the network and does it work where you live and work. Meaning that you could get T-Mobile they could be given away but if you go home to. Milford and your phone doesn't work right there every sole purpose well look you even hit my my parent total in Framingham. I couldn't use my phone there and AT&T yeah that's I mean yeah so it's got to work where you live and work but T-Mobile. Has made tremendous strides. During the last I'd say two years in new CEO. Sprint has fallen by the wayside T-Mobile essays the legit third carrier we knew. I I would definitely say that they've been responsible for a lot of the changes that have taken place in in mobile phones now and getting people off contracts and reducing costs a little bit. They've been one of the big. Big this spurs of that really pushing that forward. There's a big retail company located in Freeport Maine it was founded in the year 1912. And it is open 24 day 24 hours a day seven days a week three and 65 days a year what we want to know this is a trivia question. What is the name of the retail company that is based out of. Freeport you mean we play trivia every day here on the financial exchange our text number is 68680. The first person with the correct answer to that trivia question will win a prize. Our text number 68680. Our question is what retail company is based out of Freeport Maine be the first one to call us with the correct answer. M is on laying out a plan for drones to navigate the skies you know I must confess truck went. The whole Amazon announcement came out with drones that are in. I thought it was a publicity stunt I've had an opportunity to talk to some of their engineers I can assure you. That Amazon delivering packages via drone is not a publicity stunt this is something that they really want to deliver upon. I want them could imagine how great this would be also just just for yourself do it's it's. But it just you have the ability to sit there and when you you figure. Were especially in Boston right now you actually have Amazon doing a trial of same day delivery yell it's their look you don't even need to wait for the the postman to come around the UPS guy you just have this coming on this drone pretty much. Whenever you order they can chipper right out of that. Factory just think about it like edit a day like today right we're gonna get off the air at noon got a busy afternoon in store would it be nice to be able to go on your phone. Ordered dinner and have it delivered by Amazon's drone. And it's waiting. On your doorstep because it was delivered by the drone Neitzel paid yeah right to do is throw it in the oven cooking up. Exactly and pretty much what Amazon's doing is they're trying to work. With the FAA as well as NASA is involved in this as well as a couple other really a hundred other private companies including Google and Verizon. And what they're trying to do is figure out. If we're gonna have all these drones flying around how to we set this up in such a way that ate it doesn't disrupt air travel to begin with. And beat that all of these drones don't disrupt each other and what Amazon has come out and proposed it's pretty similar to some of the other proposals that are out there. Is that from 200 to 400 feet of altitude. You would have. What's called a high speed transit zone for zone for Ford drones and such as Amazon's and whoever else wanted to have them and had the appropriate permits and so report. Above that from 400 to 500 feet he'll be a no fly zone. They're not allowed to go into those altitudes. And then above that for 500 feet and above. You would have meant that aircraft traveling there just continued to you know not have the clutter associated with drones in that area. Now drones have already caused the number of issues around airports you're not familiar with that. You've had a lot of amateur drone pilots who may take there drones up near an airport in a what's about to be odd diverted and it about had some close calls with drones I don't I haven't seen any reports of any collisions yet but I know they're out there from but you know so it's. It's a case where we we also need to figure out you know how to deal with analysts say zoning because that's not the right word but almost air zoning around those airports just has. If he all of a sudden have folks in. We want devices hitting the wires and cables like their covenant land. I'm trying to envision them landing in my house there's all kinds of wire around my house and trees and well and imagine if your house near an airport near avenue Amazon delivery coming how's that drew gonna get in the day you know one of their big concerns is having them get shot at a discount. Oh I can imagine that he has a date that is a major concern on the part of the engineers. Is that people make it as sport and in part of the sport will be to shoot Amazon drones out of this guy. I'll let IdeaPad funds I think would be great sport. And in that and they would get the packages carrying that's right. It duet knew that yeah that they coming up we are gonna be talking to Colin priest there is a new. Senior care company coming to New England they have been here before I think they're based out of California. They're gonna be delivering a new and unique service to senior citizens throughout New England that is our next topic on the financial exchange. Financial news business news and what it means you're all right here on the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong on the financial exchange radio network. What do you have inherited a large stock holding exercised options to buy your company's stock or have benefited from repeated stock splits over the years having a large portion of your investment portfolio any single stock carries unique challenges there can be big tax consequences when selling a large stock position it made makes sense to sell your position over several tax years. Or hate your position from a sudden market downturn you may want to consider holding onto your stock or donating highly appreciated stock to charity call 86695799. Or two and we'll milieu a free report that details your options for diversifying a large stock position 8669579902. Don't make it costly mistake with your concentrated stock positions call now 8669579902. Securities offered for securities America and an advisory services are with the securities America advisors think member of the rest IDC Barry Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies are affiliated representatives of securities America do not provide tax advice always seek the guidance of a qualified tax professional. 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Security topic is pretty American member and SIPC and advisory services up with the securities America fighters and Gary Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies are not affiliated please consult with your quote I tax expert for any activity concern. Mortgage rates are still at an all time low and it makes sense to take advantage of these rates whether you're refinancing or buying in new home leader bank is a local bank that is one of the largest mortgage lenders in New England with a very competitive rates at their experience staff about mortgage financing options and get a very competitive low term fixed rate for your home whether refinancing or buying a new home work with leader bank calling 776917. B 900 or is it leader bank dot com leader bank went over one billion dollars last year to homeowners in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There's a true experts and mortgage financing deal with the local bank today and call 8776917900. Or email us and loans at leader banks don't come visit leader banks for all your home buying or refinancing needs 8776917900. That's 8776917908776917900. Or visit leader banks dot com. Hi I'm London and it worried about your character Loveland living alone like I was and you are reliable senior air information. In call a late for mom. The nation's largest senior living were girls or a screen remain on as a living. Alzheimer's or nursing home even important financial information. Obviously agree search every not given meaning. They Downey plays or what he could afford and it was magnet. Where now. Very competent. And it's helped every who. So here's struggling to find reliable your living information call or mom this is a free service and you can ask them to help you. If you are struggling to find reliable senior living information your mom or dad didn't call or go online to get that we help you need during the turbulent time call now 804677530. 8046775. There. Do you agree. Financed and you can stunned to learn how they all work together this is the financial exchange on the financial exchange radio network. LL be. Was founded in the year 1912. And they were the first retailer pulled here. To be open 24 hours a day seven days a week 365. Days a year. Winner on this one was James from Claremont taking home one more morgues and we can get quicker response on our a question about T-Mobile as well. We got a number of different responses we get actually have someone say that T-Mobile is a good service. So if anyone does use T-Mobile and is actually had a positive experience that a snow is to this point. I've yet to see one response that indicate. No wonder they're given way to phones for free figured that it with a service referred to now. 686 cities are tech's number our guest is Colin priest he's. The local representative of the new company senior care company. That as started doing business in doing that I don't Colin. I'm doing very well Harry you don't. Good so tell us a little bit about Ramada senior care what death with services do you provide to the senior citizen community. Thank you very much for to me the opportunity to elaborate a little bit. We aria senior care. Company. And be our primary service line really is is home care but we do quite a bit more than that. In fact one of the things that appealed to me most about the model business model is. The fact that the very creative very innovative and very timely models serving the senior community. In what way don't like what services do you provide senior citizens. So. He's a senior state as the future. You're audience recognizes there are a lot different than their parents and the generations before and they have different expectations in terms of being involved in interior decisions affecting their care they expect. Have more information we expect a lot more power and engage all of which were very good things. At such that they. You know they have access to different things that that the parents didn't they have access to long term care insurance. They have an abundance of great senior here housing alternatives including memory here. He assisted living going up all over the place. Via they have access technology in the home now that can provide assistance in their care. They have access to some certain VA benefits that they that Beatty not very aware of than in the past so with all these things. Comes higher degree of necessary support. And information from from companies and you model model we do is we provide that sort of support information education site and efficacy. To support them as as the agent and required here on whether that care home. Without professional caregivers people wherever they may call. So that it brilliant and right so do you let's say. You know I live in New York City but my mom lives in western Massachusetts or in Massachusetts somewhere. And I work with the mod and help arrange home care business visits from another. Absolutely absolutely we can do quite a bit of a distance caring and supporting and we went there. Children all children support systems out of how can be. Helping to set up here at home you can also be you know trying to find a suitable long term housing for Robert. And what we quite often deal which folks that call from out of town. And stated they're trying to identify suitable long term senior housing and you know other Intel only briefly right and what we do it helped coordinate. You know they're coming in account coordinator with mom and dad coordinated with the facilities arrange for course. Help them you know understand all of the available options. Really try to hone in on what's important event and help them make very informed educated and hopefully stretch three decision when it comes figure out. What about like I'm thinking about. Rides to therapy sessions or doctor's appointments or hair appointments in grocery shopping because. Unity you get situations where. Mom is left and she's still living in New England but the kids are down in California or in Florida. And they want to make sure their mother's care for this there's a motto provide those types of services can you coordinate those efforts. Absolutely. You know their there's really have a range of different really good service alternatives for seniors that are out there. It's important for people to really re search and understand what the difference is darkest week they usually do. You know they all they'll have their unique guest niches and advantages and and a model for example you know all of our caregivers are highly highly trained. Hartley screen. And Earl driver's hand as such you know it's simply. That Jamal needs a little bit assistants at home and they need to be taken to the doctor's appointment and then you know like gosh you really like to get her aired on Wednesday. To the same person that you think onto for the last thirty years in all of that can be arranged through our potential target service. Good luck congratulations on opening here is this your first facility in New England. It is it is the first Ramada in New England believe that and change here fairly quickly I am the local owner and operator and yes we're coming up on. A very exciting first year very successful and you know we're looking to continue to help support the senior community very rewarding. Congratulations and we wish the best of luck thank you are built like very much appreciate it all right chuck I have a question for yes. Because I'm I'm probably. Guilty of this. Should workers get over time for after hours emails like I do this with mine please all the time right now we've got a large group by email you guys ignore Saturdays I email Tucker on Thursday nights it. 8 o'clock I mean. I mean do you workers. Deserve and I guess I asked the question of our audience or tech's number 68680. If you're responding. To an email at 9 o'clock on Wednesday night should you be getting paid for responding to that work related email on a Wednesday night at 9 o'clock. My answer is no with the cap. And that caveat is that. In the past let's say that something urged happen and something needed to be done it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for someone to calm and this is priority now for some of the call. And say look if there's you know something urging going on look we need to deal with this we need to fix this now OK let's let's get this taken care of on Wednesday and later on Saturday morning. That's nothing that's out of the ordinary so if it's a one off. I think what you're saying is if it's a one off then you should get paid. Correct now I do also thinking here's here's where this caveat comes in. I do think that email has made it significantly easier for bosses in managers to reach out to employees are and if this becomes something that is a regular thing as in. I go home at 6 o'clock in every night I'm working until. Nine or ten because I have a manager that's doing this. Then I think absolutely. It but I allegedly did the burden falls somewhat on the employee. Tuesday look this isn't the terms of my original service here you'd you'd need to step up and pay me more for this I don't think it should be something that's automatic necessarily of the court's gonna rule on an issue like this wall so what we're seeing right now it's it's major issue and it is something that is pretty contentious right now. Bomb and this is something that essentially the Department of Labor has come out. And what they're trying to do was actually bump up the maximum salary that entitles workers to overtime. And as such a lot of folks that maybe were excluded from getting overtime pay previously. May now be included so you may have some overtime come to those folks even without an official court. Keep track of those over time emailed him by sergeant paid on those before you know we'll be right back. It's Barry Armstrong and the financial exchange on the financial exchange radio network. Mortgage rates are still at an all time low and make sense to take advantage of these rates whether you're refinancing or buying in the world leader bank is a local bank that is one of the largest mortgage lenders in New England with a very competitive rate as they're experienced staff about mortgage financing options and get a very competitive low term fixed rate for your home whether refinancing or buying a new home work with leader bank calling 776917900. 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V now concerned about that because the way these trusts are drafted they will get a step up and remember they should be concerned because most of these assets that they're transferring. Art house or vacation right they spent very little on in buying it. And folks that's what's your basis is very little if you paid for it. And now it's worth a whole lot more well if you were to sell it they take the value of what you sell it for mine insured basis to come up with a gain. Well when you die. If these are owned either in your name alone or included in your state even -- one of these trusts and the government gives you this amazing thing called a step up in basis which means you beneficiaries. Get back home that vacation home on the lake as if you bought it at fair market value on the date of death that your parents died and now if you guys say you don't want it and sell it you sell it and you have no capital gains tax to pay huge win so don't be afraid of that put the trust to protect it and get to step up and he. Here's a little bit of advice from your uncle Barry get the facts about protecting your assets from long term care expenses request this brand new guide from Cushing handle on the top misconceptions. About Medicaid irrevocable trust 8668485699. Its toll free phone number called now and get your guide 8668485699. That's 8668485699. Est in asset protection planning can be overwhelming word you start how do you know what type of his right for you hi this is very Armstrong and I'd like to talk to you about the law firm Cushing handle it in creating the planes are folks in New England. 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B 900 or visit leader bank dot com leader bank a step ahead not a deposit not at the future not insured by the federal government agency not guaranteed by the bank may go down and out. They knew the trouble of Reading all those technical. Financial publications. Breaking it all down for you. It's the financial exchange on the financial exchange radio network. Well we asked the question whether or not you should get feed for responding to emails at 9 o'clock on Wednesday night. And the response at a Tex lines X 8680 is our tax on the response was overwhelmingly. Yes I wanna get paid at my bosses texting me at 9 o'clock at night on a Wednesday I want to get paid. Think it's overwhelmingly. Yes. You know it looks like we're about a 6040 split. And but that's all they wanna get paid. They do wanna get paid I I simply think look at there's something urgent that comes up that you need to to do that that's part of your job you do what you did you know you you don't. You know that level over there. It's that its job piper trivia what is the most eastern city in the continental United States. If you know the answer to that question you make Texas 68680 is our text number. What is the eastern most city in the United States this city is considered the first place in the united state. To receive the rays of the morning's sun our text number is 68680. Tribute here to participate. Yelp yours holy smokes they are down 28%. I use Yelp. But it seems struck like I might be in the minority Yelp let let's celebrity Yelp is worse. Yeah Yelp if you're not familiar with them they are a website as well as a mobile app. That allows customers are restaurants stores. Pretty much anywhere you wanna go a lot even two words national parks things like that. To present reviews are to post reviews. On there what's it as well as look at reviews that are posted by other folks. I tend to use and I'm not an actual deal member Yelp user so I. I am I you look at that follow me on yup I've got lots of followers have been posted reviews Aaliyah you do on a reviewer IE and in a lot of the restaurant's great game five star rating if they suck I tell everybody that. And so yeah opus some of them do. Tucker there are a lot of lousy idea it's out there. But that's the beauty of a we help we got in the crap from everything that's good actually now. So it'll be different types of food. The food is very important to. And so yeah go on there and make. If it's got a lot of two and three star ratings you just don't go to Australia. He you do your research and efforts and to give the guys it. Thank you via little tent camp great Italian food and I don't mean good to tighten up talking. You know on par and give it better than north and tie it. Really called you Leon knows in Connecticut they'll cut small chain. I LIA. And oh yes. I mean. Back Oka there that's your free for the day for an eagle on Yelp seems have a problem. Yeah Yelp has AI significant problem and that problem is what's called revenue. And they just guided about five or 6% lower than their initial estimates for annual revenue. The stock is being punished down about 28%. We are now the lowest level the that stock has been that in about 28 months now. And Yelp right now as a market cap of about one point eight billion dollars. Put this in comparison. A mere twelve months ago the stock was worth as much 86 dollars a share so they've lost about 75%. Of their market cap. Over this time period. And I think Yelp to be completely honest this looks like a company to me that is ripe for a buyout in his folded in to Twitter gets folded into FaceBook. Honestly the company that I see buying this is something like an Expedia or Priceline Priceline if you remember last year they bought at a loss to the Priceline but Opentable last year at the booking service that triggered by. I could see this integrating very well with Opentable platform because then you have Yelp right use an open to is really helped the primary service it provides morass or is it it is its restaurants now they have other but I I agree and so I think that it if if someone like Priceline came in and said look we'll give you an offer that you know 1520%. Above market value right now get this back up a little bit. That that's there's a great synergy there in terms of those businesses. And you know you'll Gradison the other the other companies that could buy them. The if you look at something like a Google may be. On you know if Microsoft wanted to bolster its search if FaceBook wanted to have been involved may be in those areas. But I think something like a Priceline makes a ton of sense just as of the Opentable acquisition they made last year. Hey I've got some advice for Anna give this advice free it's on behalf of one of our sponsor. 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In you pay it back over for your third time to really good opportunity. If you're thinking about expanding your business leader bank would like to be your business banking partner their phone number porphyry. 877. 6917900. Give yet sciences. Roars on hepatitis drug sales. Not surprising that their drug sales for Pepsi were even better than expected. Yet itself four point nine billion dollars worth of sales in the second quarter largely on the back. Of their two major hepatitis C drugs sold vol the and are bony and in particular. When we look at them it's the sold all the sales actually fell by about one point 29 billion that's largely because their new drug. Carbo we had significantly higher pick up. Than anticipated there and so what we saw is that the company actually raised its guidance for net sales this year by a billion. And now expects its sales to reach 29 to thirty billion dollars this year. The stock though are already up about 24% over the past year. And if we take a look at where it stands today. It currently is up about 4% on this new so investors do like what they're seeing here. On net keep in mind these are these two drugs are some of those drugs that do cost more than a thousand dollars a day. For patients to use if you're looking at list prices and so there are some concerns. When you look at. It advocates of trying to control healthcare costs the drugs like this could negatively impact the system going forward. But again at this moment it does appear to be nothing but good news for Gilead on this on this job report. Right it was announced a couple weeks ago that. There would be a merger between Cigna and anthem now anthem is located in Indianapolis or Indiana. And Cigna is headquartered in Connecticut. Now I'm not sure the mergers gonna happen I'll tell you the inside information on this Cigna shares are trading at a 146 dollars a share. If the deal goes through the shares are going to be sold for a 188. So with the stock market is telling use that there's a strong possibility that this merger never curse. However if it does in fact occur. I believe that. Many jobs are gonna leave Connecticut and be exported to Indiana our guest in the next segment will be. Mara leaf from the Hartford current she's got some study and she talked to civic leaders in the Connecticut area about the possible jobs that could be lost to Indiana. We're gonna talk tomorrow. About that topic in our next segment. You radios that can enrich your life and help your portfolio grow. Well it's a financial exchange with the Barry Armstrong on the financial exchange radio network. 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Leave me here for the financial exchange on the financial exchange and he'll work. The most eastern city in the United States east port being. We knew the answer that track jump from Nottingham you have to take no one of our great travel well. So yeah. As I mentioned I am not certain that the merger between anthem and Cigna will occur because Cigna shares trading at a 146 dollars. Per share now. But if it does occur. Many people are worried about jobs in Connecticut we're joined now by Mara Lee from the Hartford current high Marek. How many employees does Cigna having Connecticut do you know. Yes about 4200 full time employee is that Justin in bloom fielders at throughout the rest of the well. They also had an offer from winter which is very close to Bloomfield made all of it in the Hartford region. I was looking the other day merit and that the cost of living in the cost of employees. In Indiana. Compared to Connecticut and it seemed to be about two thirds the cost I would if I was. A Cigna employee I would be worried that my job is gonna be exported to Indiana or some other less expensive state. Well we know that it happened with MetLife statement quite a bit of their workforce which was also in the northern suburbs. Can North Carolina oddly the Charlotte area. But the law actually AB companies here have been willing to stay here and pay the wages that people get here because of the concentration of expertise we have here we have so many insurers. That people can circulate through the different companies building more and more expertise. You talk about people like actuaries and they're 'cause. They need jobs as I understand it Cigna has in Connecticut are pretty well high paid jobs. Yes not just actuary to could be marketing it could be scaled it could be. I T there's quite a bit of light the expertise here but in general. A lot of these jobs are high pay until some of them are moderately paid such as. Specially called that are dropped. Right right so. Our civic leaders concerned about job loss. They're always concerned about job lost the question is how much target they have dinner in. And how many jobs could signal minimize or eliminate and still maintain their tax favored status that they have because they got quite a few credits. From Connecticut when they moved there from Philadelphia. Right so they party here but they added they promised to add at least 200 people here and they made headquarters here. They've added 320 people sent to adopt a lot and when they kind of at this point they have thirty million dollars worth of tax credits that they can claim. Over the next ten years. If they have that much tax. Liability. And we don't know exactly. What the outcome would be if they cut hundreds and hundreds of jobs here because there's two factors qualifying them. One is how many jobs they cut for every job. Below. The 200 they promise you. They lose 7348. Dollars worth of eligibility. Though that would suggest they could try it. 680 jobs below where they Wear when they signed the deal and still get you know a few dollar tax credit but the other piece of it is that. In order to get any tax credits their house could be an economic analysis that the state is still collecting more in tax revenues because of income taxes paid by those employees. Is there any thought of maybe moving some anthem jobs to Connecticut is there anything that. Can be done in Connecticut they cannot be done in Indiana. So anti poverty has about 14100 jobs in the southern part of the state in Wallingford. And one of the things that Catherine that too is the economic development chief in Connecticut said to me as part of reporting on this story. Is that. Even no stigma is still collecting on the previous deal that would not preclude another deal being offered to implement encouraged them to move more people economic. You know they they need to do something because they can't afford to lose those jobs and your third shot the the Connecticut's been suffering with Pfizer for instance and now you were a little bit about Sikorsky. He is the the employment market in Connecticut is not strong anyway. So he can't apparently not a parent about. Or. Right the picture about the unemployment rate that you got to keep in mind is that it's a very small sample fine and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics essentially Connecticut has the same unemployment rate as the Gila. Because this Campbell. The uncertainty in the number but it. But yes I mean busted them much more are robust job market then Hartford or Fairfield County. And that does turn out because. Bijur dropped went about and for that reason. Well I think they came up when they got a good tax deal but they also. They liked the research capability in the Boston market because that's where the kids are they would you know with the coming out of school so. Right expertise which again is something that doesn't help but the Hartford because we held we have insurance specialty bleachers at our local university. Ya know it's it's there's a good workforce there I just worry about. The competitiveness. Of the job market. And the the lower cost of living in Indiana. In the lower cost of wages in Indiana because the you know how CEO is right he's looking at insane. I've got to do what's right for the shareholders he's not terribly he's not going to be terribly concerned about the employees he's more concerned about the shareholders and the workers. Right but the thing to keep in mind as it seems lying it's quite likely cord cord Donnie will be. New CEO. Two years after that merger goes through if it goes through it with as you noted in the intro at 99. And court obviously Connecticut native and he's the reason he wanted. Tempering their headquarters that picnic in the first place that could he'd rather and Connecticut that Alex that's the parent showed what can happen on the road if he takes over. It deed does he think the deal happens this is they would be here and firm out of his office that. Does as well as I look at this. Honestly say that there are optimistic that a nuclear regulators until it doesn't. And a must 42 dollars is a lot though rates trading at 146 it was 188 was an. They did the offer. Right and the same thing happened with. Merger announcement. That Humana didn't trade near its. Offer price either. Right right now. It will be fun to watch Richie Hewitt's speed dial Mara thank you very much for helping us. By that's merrily from Hartford current joining us today on the financial exchange. Forward. Good to see Ford chickens and bought. Yet for again this is a company that really. Over the the ten years from about 232013. Really went through. Just an absolutely massive turnaround and they're starting to really hit their stride at this point there's other profits jumped 44%. They have seemed very very good demand for the new aluminum bodied. They can't and they went fifty they can't make enough they can't make the F 150s fast enough I talked to a dealer. And he said Barry. No discounts we yourself on those things before they even hit the factory floor meaning they'd maybe Sam. The F 150 MM sharp well I know but the they've got a model that they're selling like you could buy a souped up. F 150. 75 grant will do what the average cost of one is now I I'm guessing fifty. 4646. Average about fifty average cost of a pick up in general is around if you look at the three American manufacturers is right around 42000 dollars Ford as the highest out of all three manufacturers because they have the best product right now. You know you indicate you do you talk to the guys in the trades that's the one they want. By my EF 150 now I think is nine years old and it's only got about 60000 miles on yet so keep an and I doubt it thing runs he can't kill. And H Ford shares trading up forty cents at fifty known nine what does this do to their negotiations with the UAW. I think that it probably makes a little more difficult is the UAW if I was them I'd sit there and say okay. You have record profits time to share a little bit more and we wanna get paid maybe that's that's that's what I would do file them but you know the problem that they have boot track eagle into the negotiations with that attitude. And fortitude to say I understand you wanna get paid. But. Sort of the people in China are sort of the workers in Mexico we can take those jobs to Mexico. For eight bucks now that that's the difference the only way I can hire Mexican worker for eight dollars an hour. Where is an American worker even with all the wage scale reductions in Ford is still paying about 55 bucks an hour all in. Where's the orient to Mexico for a fraction dad I think it's it it's it somewhere between 35 and 45% of the cost to build in Mexico. That's the problem that the unions have. In that type sector. With the labor unions if you're a pipe fitter and electrician you've got some so you can't be export rate but if you're in the manufacturing business sports a tough putt up hey thanks for tuning in to the financial exchange today trucks Ottawa's my cohost my name is Barry Armstrong. And I invite you to like this on FaceBook we at the financial exchange on FaceBook. Security suffered through securities America and remember finreg SIPC and advisory service offering to securities America advisors announced on representative I'm trying advisory group in the securities America companies are unaffiliated.