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Jul 27, 2015|

Full Show 7-27-15 by The Financial Exchange

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I. There. This is the financial exchange we've Barry Armstrong. First greens stay on top of breaking business news and balloon how to manage your money to help you towards a more secure future he'd still play mentioned exchange with the euros. Barry Armstrong. And my posts today is Susan powers from the Armstrong advisory group and Susan. We have a busy show for everybody today we have a very big issue and it so much news Conan sitting there well we'll start with oil oil under 48 dollars a barrel that's a big data point. Durable goods orders came in at 8:30 eastern time today. They came in favorable that's a good stat. The Chinese stock market selling down about 8% overnight that's not good not some Mexican thing for them there. With their struggling way I think is the the thought that the controls are about to come law which will allow them to sell their own stocks and it's mind boggling to me three weeks ago. The Chinese decided that you would not be allowed to sell your stocks could you imagine if that ever occurred in the states now are I mean you ought to sell yourself in Allen and prices go down. The market goes down accordingly. In China they decided that the stock market going down was a bad things are they restricted all selling. As a huge mistake in retrospect and they're paying the price for that now. But locally. We have a story out of New England regarding a company that has filed. For their initial public offering now we knew this was gonna happen we did we get good night for a while it has worked of course talking about planet fitness. So planet fitness they are cleaning to raise to a written sixteen million dollars in an IPO about thirteen and a half million shares is what they're looking to do and kind of kind of some red flags out with planet fitness and then some really good things in their favor there's that you're thinking is this something nice to get. Think about first they have a ton of debt right now they're total debt as of march 31 has about 506. Million. Relative to their twelve point four million in equity that they have so. They have so much debt they're restricted by their creditors to pay dividends that you need to consider that so. Where you gonna get your return to cast being capital gains so they're really gonna have to shows and they stock appreciation on that. You know in the discount Jim industry. Fierce competition there's a couple of big competitors out there that you really keep an I am but they do have a couple of things going for them. So they have the growth of their membership base there there membership continues to grow double digits every year. They've added one million members just in the past year alone. They are outselling the black car idea which gives you lead it is ten bucks a month but keep it the black arts twenty bucks a month and you can bring a guest with you every single time. It sounds great for you but it's really good for Clinton fitness can they get new opportunities to sell new memberships there. Really well defined membership Leon's there's ardea thousands stories that are mean to be added over the next seven years now franchises. In 87% of the news stories coming in. Are from existing franchise owners that's an honest really the guy. Really good relationship with it would be franchisees the and they are making money because they're not gonna put good money after bad so that's a great thing in and their results. You know there's 33 straight quarters of same store sales growth that's huge especially in the in industries so. Good news bad news maybe a little bit more and the good news department. Eighty million dollars was there are 79 million dollars was there last quarterly revenue figure that you have for planet fitness. They're also been rumors as recently as may that they were gonna move out of Nashua, New Hampshire. Because of the tax laws I looked into that couldn't find anything on that story. I look at the same thing Gary they were up against the while Jean and make some kind of decision on the senate approved it but then he just he did that opened. I don't think anything's been finalized and that aspect and they wanted to change the way the capital gains are calculated on the way. And now. Big question of course would be when will they go public and we don't have a definite date but here's what I can tell you who say they will probably be able to begin their road show and about 21 days. And and wrote shows usually take two weeks with legal out in the talked all the investment companies like fidelity and vanguard and say hey this is our company. We'd like to buy some stock because they're trying to sell. Pre sell as much of the stock is they can. To the institutional investors and that's when they set their price we have no idea what the price is going to be until late laden and do their Roche. But they are they have filed to do their initial public offering and we'll keep you. Apprised as to whether they're gonna go and you'll have to make your own decision as to whether or not you wanna buy any shares in planet that. You're listening to the financial exchange very Armstrong and Susan powers with you here. On a Monday. Our text number is 68680. If you care to comment on the show if you have a question force India question about plan fitness feel Frida. Give us a text and will do our best answer a lot of economic data breaking we gave the durable goods order. Number that that that's coming out. But during the course of this week my gosh Egypt bow down Melissa's powers lot of data breaking. All weeklong there's an awful lot of data so dirt the durable goods RD came out today tomorrow the US home price index for a year year over year from may. Expected to be about four and a half percent vs the prior which is four and a quarter percent Wednesday we've got the results of the Fed rate decision beyond not expected that they'll raise rates this week but we do think it will have a little more certainty as to whether or not gonna read them this year. Thursday we've got GD PQ two GDP there's an advance estimate coming out in it of course initial jobless claims for the week. Friday the N employment cost index for Q2 as well so there's a ton of stuff coming out this week. Well in and we had that weekly jobless claims last Thursday. That was the lawless stated in since 1973. News that 255000. People. Claimed last week in the news a very low number. Big merger to talk about them dined take a look and see how it's impacting their stock prices talking about Tampa. Buying Allergan has generics for forty billion dollars. This announced that allows announced yesterday. But he hit the markets today. Teva shares. Up 10% or six dollars and 33 cents to have a big pharmaceutical company. Yes they're actually an Israeli based company of the world's largest generic drug. Company and there are going to be buying Allah game which is the third largest. Drug generic drug company their base in Dublin's famous for Botox that they're they're big drug that they have so this DL. About 34 billion in cash in the Andy Allen you'll have about a 10% stake in have a company as a whole. The revenue that will be generated from the condolence. Huge they're gonna have fifteen point seven billion dollars the next closest is eight point five billion for the generic so. Just decimating the competition my aliens which is who'd Teva was gonna have a hostile takeover win. They have. Revenue of six point five billion their stock is slumping down about 14% because at the sent. Now thanks Eileen we're gonna go over here is so you snooze you lose on that Theo. What's curious about this deal is normally when you get a merger or an acquisition of this nature. The acquiring company's stock will decline in you and you acquired Allen in this case. There are stock would normally rise which they are doing Allergan shares were up seventeen dollars for five and a half percent. Both acts company stocks in this instance are rise. They are rising in you know what carried it's it they're going to be such. A Jai enormous company. They are Armas it inward. It is it actually is it didn't make the dictionary of years ago. They're going to be adding two point seven billion in earnings in an additional one point four billion annually in synergy savings so. Of course it's agreed deal for tougher asthma and I can understand by the stock is going. All right every day we play trivia here on the financial exchange if you wanna play along with us all you do you text your answer to us at 68680. That's our text number in your you're the first person with the correct answer you win yourself a prize. What is the state bird of Connecticut. 6680 is the text number and we'll tell you it was established it became the state bird in the year 1943. But that is our question. What is the state bird of Connecticut. And I if you know the correct answer to that you make Texas at 68680. When we come back or be talking about Chinese stocks they took a big. Death tumble and then. Hillary Clinton she has a plan for capital gains tax will talk to you about what that means for you and your investment portfolio when we return. Barry Armstrong. Step on the financial exchange radio network. 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The decision of whether to accept an early retirement offer is not an easy one to make it may sound like a dream but there are tax and retirement plan implications that must be considered if you're not 59 and a half you may be faced with steep penalties for withdrawals from your retirement accounts will your employer pay for medical insurance or will you foot the bill until Medicare begins what will be impact of an early retirement be on your pension and Social Security can you afford to retire now and if so how much income what you need and where will it come from Armstrong advisory group has made available free guide called evaluating. An early retirement offer here's the phone number 866810642. To let us help you make an informed decision call Armstrong advisory group now at 8668106. Or two to. Security topic it's pretty American member in SIPC advisory services up with the securities America advisors think Gary Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies are not affiliated please consult with your quote a tax expert for any activity concern. He's empowers and I'm joined today by the planning attorney talk lucky. Not locked arm of Chris and talent with your legally changed quick tip of the day. Today we're talking about last minute cleaning techniques for the per crap any air they can help each year out that if someone goes in to a nursing. Todd can anything be done to aid the liquid ask that of an unmarried individual. There are some now remember it's never as good as as advanced planning but it's better than losing all the money and that the goal. In order or an individual who singled again on Medicaid. To have less than 2000 dollars and often times they won't have you know few hundred and that they don't like it. Well bucket of money is there the individual what and how to. Purchase one of these Medicaid annuities and please let me a lot of reminder. That he's in new cannot be purchased prior to someone going into the nursing home so don't let somebody tell you that they can you make an annuity today. It's a last minute planting technique. And once you buy this annuity but they take two or 300000 dollars up excess assets. And purchase the annuity that that was accessed at our converted to an income so value and a half less then 2000 dollars of assets. Because that. Big chunk of that is now hanging out in income stream ultimately check you'll receive. Over your life expectancy whatever your life expectancy is that a term of the annuity. The moment you buy that annuity you're now eligible for Medicaid and you stretch out the money make it last. Lot longer folks if you are single warm married in their fees with a nursing homes day. The air is something that can be done to save your assets last minute that you need them guidance. Collar rockets right now heard the brain a guy from Cushing and Alan. Cleaning for procrastinators. 8668485699. At 8668. Or 85699. Securities offered through securities America income member finreg SIPC and advisory services offered to securities America advisors think Gerry Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies are unaffiliated. Follow along and interact with the financial exchange own FaceBook. Pick up FaceBook dot com slash the financial exchange this is the financial exchange radio network. Well there Robin. Is the state bird for Connecticut in the game that hurt your team three hours Ngo from. Teacher. We've got breaking news out of Boston. Our crack reporter here talker so distant for me that Marty Walsh made the statement cracked plate to make this wrong Tucker. Boston is no longer pursuing Olympic and paralympic bid if city. Must guarantee. Taxpayers cost taxpayers cover overrun costs. And you know what. I am somewhat surprise I am very surprised that that Marty took that position I thought he would be very much pro Olympics. And if they often take my hat off to Marty walks because. He is the union. Right EP. You know very much in favor of the labor unions. That that's who worked for before he became mayor of the city of Boston. And clearly though labor unions in the city would love to have the Olympics but he's not willing to risk a lot of debt on the part of the city of Boston just to have the Olympics. As the yet. Let Chris Stewart we're trying to track down Crist for Dempsey. Right now from Boston no I think he's at that press yes he has yeah and just adds that Walsh also said he expects you'll hear today if USOC. Will stick with Boston point 14 or move to LA 24. Other cities. You know it's curious about this is we've had a number of guests willing to come on and talk about why they're opposed. To the Boston Olympics in we have yet to get anybody from Boston 20/20 four to come on the year. A seems backwards to me about what it does and mean it does the I don't know who's advising them from public relations grade point aren't. They don't seem to be terribly well organized. In there effort to gain the Olympics and I think. I hate it just seems the momentum. In opposition. Olympics seems to be growing. I watched that debate on Thursday night last week and you know there for very formidable. People on that debate. Including two broadcasters with a four. People were doing combat a actress that he wanted to be you know I watched it uses it. The young man who had a clear grasp of the facts and easy dissuaded me from being favorably inclined towards Olympics and up until that had been favorably inclined including. From. There's so much about it. You know I love the idea you know 8000 housing units. I love the idea of five billion dollars being. Brought into the city of the ideas the tourism. And ended what you have the Olympics you're you're known as an Olympic city. Is that something you you'll whimper. You know forever. But what I don't like the idea is that. Possibility. Of daunting amount of debt. And without any guarantees I would like to see. The private sector guys the guys were really in favor thing in your Bob crafts of the world view Jeremy Jacobs. Yeah John Henry year Jonathan's. John and fish. You got to steep. Mineral billionaires in their own right. Those guys they it said hey we are so committed to the Olympics if we eat we will personally guarantee is they have the money to do. We'll put the Celtics franchise and will put that. Paid for stretches as we know it's going to be profitable venture if they had said that I think the attitude towards Olympics would be I've my attitude would have been. Hey let's go yet these private eyes and they are gonna back the whole thing. An ideal on port. But the taxes tax payers. Couldn't get excited you know going in. More than fourteen dollar budget. City. Shore pat I mean. I. Well you have of the big date and you which really was troublesome for me is who's gonna make money. The guys with lots and lots of money on. If they have been willing to guarantee themselves then I would have been very support here if it was going to be private Olympics. And in the first ten billion dollars of overruns and we're going to be their pro then there would be any. Exactly. And be controlling different can it be privatized the Olympics and them all in you don't want to privatize them and I think we'll take. Chinese stock markets suffered there largest sharp and their sharpest daily Paul since 2007 that's pretty bad. Yet not a good day in the markets of their Downey and a half percent more than 50% of the stocks that retreating or halted because they meant that 10% down so in need they fall. Tempers and consecutively than at the trading stops at halted on Matt. So we haven't really seen the full extent of all of the losses just yet it's been down thirteen of the past sixteen trading sessions today's decline was really. Out of fear that. Did the government would stop buying those big blue chip stocks at their 21 brokerage houses that have pledged to support that Shanghai index. As long as it stays below that 4500 level. And there's a state owned funded but China securities by Ian took a breach and it's been. Hundreds of millions supporting the markets over there. He and the fear is they're going to stop although they have not said. If they're going to stop it that's the theory get out. Is he how how well Al markets were up for re float. The that's the thing that I be bothers investors though is they're sane. You know if you're not allowed to sell you have to have pure markets I mean wouldn't it have been nice to be able to stop all selling of stocks in October of 2000 an idiot would that have been sweet or October of 2002. And when stocks are down forty and 50% out of been wonderful. But the fact of the matter is. If you could be an artificial curbs like that. The minute they expire Pete we're gonna respond accordingly of course and I think it's got to make it very difficult Susan to attract new capital to that market. Certainly would and I think eating meaning just exacerbate the problem because they think we can get out now because they might again though there's an even more drive around on the markets. It's India China mishandled that situation pretty badly by any estimates. What would. Hillary Clinton's capital gains tax mean for you well fair question and I mean she's the leading democratic. Candidate. According to polling that's being done by real clear politics Hillary Clinton will be our next president. Now it's very Euro rate yet well over a year ago. But she has a plan to raise capital gains taxes and a lot of us want and l.'s okay if Hillary Clinton is elected president. How few increased capital gains and it like 390 that this is just the thirst flavor of the capital gains tax reform that she's proposing. It's intended essentially to encourage corporations to focus more on long term investing Gary so. You and I beat the average Joseph is not going to be impacted by this it would impact those that have married couples with more than. And 65000. In income single folks with more than 411. And in income in the mean is to have folks keep those long term he couldn't get long term capital gains classic agent. Need help something for six years than hers piping at the ridiculous time frame. I'm so most people would not be affected by the act but hat and in less than half of the equities in our country that are at that people invest in our in. After tax Yeltsin the majority here held in the his retirement accounts that I'll text apart anyways it's not impacted by. But her in is to be six years and you can be its highest 3.4 percent activities that would be on pretty as well. And again I would think Susan that's going to be pretty tough on anybody investing in mutual funds. It would be very top although they haven't distinguish right now it would just be individual equities are stocks and or if it would include those equity mutual funds and eat well. That has not inquire by yet but some people argued that it would actually. It would shrink the difference between tears and it would mean people more mail to sell them in and right now if you think about when you're selling stock from short term long and taxing capital gains to 15% or zero depending. Well if you have to wait in five years to sell something to get cutlery men. Yeah it'd be more apathy in style and whatnot and we by years because in the green keeping you don't want to tax failed to win the guy. So there aren't there are folks that are out there managing money for high net worth individuals that they you know what. It's not and it is great result that she thinks it's going. Anybody go to the movies this weekend talk for your our resident movie guy night and go to the movies this week unfortunately I heard him. The integrity of the sea ice train act and I have to say I'm dying to see Amy she. Strange strange and that I currently happening in hi there I'm ray you're the second person that has told me. It trainer who's who's there yeah absolutely I mean did terrible at the box office. Store okay for rated. You know it's rated rated. We will continue with our movie reviews when we return you're listening to the financial exchange Susan powers. Barry Armstrong or text number six maybe six. Can cope with the financial exchange. You. Download the mobile app by surging financial exchange in the iTunes or Google placed door from the financial exchange radio network. If you're landlord pay attention now. First of the month rent day tied chased down late payments and organize your files or trip to the bank now you can take back all that we have time with something called he ranked leader bank in new product he rent automatically deducts. Tenant rent and deposit it into the landlords accountant making rent 81 less thing to worry about visit www. And for the first six months it three for landlords landlords go to www. Then invite your tennis so they'll never worry about late payment again visit www. He rent dot net to learn more call 7816. Or 18091. Sign up hers he rent that day and take axle out of right date for everybody this is very are strong and I'm joined today by estate planning attorney Todd luck ski. From the law firm of Cushing and Dolan with your financial exchange quick tip of the day we're talking today about. The top misconceptions. About Medicaid irrevocable trust I'll tell you what Todd this is something I hear every April. And that is here's a great fear among listeners that they're going to have to pay higher taxes. If you transfer your assets. In two and irrevocable trust is that true or not true. It is not. True but again I hear like you here I get calls from the accountants. No offense the accounts they can't tell that the trust is what we college grant tort trust for income tax purposes by just looking. So they give us a call we let them know let me explain. Yes it is very true that there are kinds of irrevocable trust out there. That if not grand torch trusts will be taxed at a much higher rate. Than individuals. When I say a higher rate they don't actually pay higher rate at their rates are compressed in Seoul after 121000 dollars of income can you imagine being at the tip top rate for income tax purposes not happy with that. These trusts we make our grand tort trusts which in English means that. Mom and dad the creators of this trust are considered the owners of the trust for income tax purposes which means any interest dividends rents capital gains. That are generated inside the trust during the year. Are simply reported on your personal income tax return just like before as if you've never done the try to get that. Act as it relates to protecting your assets. From long term care expenses. Request this brand new guy from Cushing and Dolan. It's called the top misconceptions. About Medicaid irrevocable trust here's the phone number 8668485699. Toll free 8668485699. That's toll free 866848. 5699. Advanced state planning has many Bennett. Including avoiding probate passing your assets along to your bloodline protection from the nursing home and my favorite possibly eliminating the estate tax type folks this is very Armstrong from the financial exchange each week pod my partner with the law firm Cushing handle educate our listeners like telling them how to protect air assets from the high cost of nursing homes estate planning has many benefits including helping you to not impoverish your spouse if you go into a nursing home Cushing and Dolan has put together a brand new guy top ten reasons do estate planning call your copy now 8668485699. Cushing and Dolan can help you protect your assets that number again is 8668485699. You're up with the securities America -- member and our SIPC an advisory services opted to securities America advisors and Gary Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group Cushing and Allen and the securities America companies are unaffiliated hi this is very Armstrong from the financial exchange recently I'd been hearing many reasons why we should consider buying gold geopolitical uncertainties stock market corrections you name it I don't disagree with the idea of buying gold but I have always been suspect of the ad that I see on late night television or even the ads frankly that I hear on the radio I like to buy gold from a local institution that I trust I owned gold and I bind my gold points from leader bank I walked right into any leader bank branch and I can buy American Eagle gold points -- bank is a local bank with. 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The lead underwriters of this stock offering are going to be the JPMorgan and so. That. Again a very good lead and maybe get a lead underwriter wanna either JP where he won Goldman Sachs one of the two. As it relates to the Boston Olympics 617 says Marty Roth wants to be reelected that plays taking this position. Another six and seven why would Boston have to agree to that when there would be other cities where this would take place. 978 what does boss what Boston is paying police and fire they probably can't for the Olympic tax burden. I think that's really what it comes down to visit I mean if you if you host the Olympics. With an unlimited. Liability because that's what they're asking for it every Esther remember. Dave Olympic Committee saying if you wanna be are bidding city right if you want to host the Olympics Europe population. Must sign off. And be willing to underwrite any at all cost overruns. Could bankrupt. State and city and we were already. In pretty tough for any atrophy you look at the financial health of our public pensions and our state pensions and they would appear in very difficult tonight. If Marty Walsh had vetoed this I'm pretty sure our Charlie. Trump and I just told C Charlie Baker signing off on this because he knows how to do math. And you know without a private guarantee and that's what I would come back with I would say Hayward we're all on board. But we want the you know the guys that are all right the average check in support of Boston 20/20 four is 73000 dollars for the private guys that are. In a write checks to be supportive of the Olympic bid right that's going to be. Your your business community leaders and I am not among them I would tell you right now I do not rate checked for I'm support about it but not support of them up there ready to get some vocal support well. And and I would be supportive of the Olympics under the rights of circumstances and I do not consider these to be the right circumstances. Our movies that he used say you what was the movie like train actually. Amy Schumer very well at Betty besides her that's of note. In Bill Hader bill here he was in four. Earlier that guys. In Le. And it that in a cat so. But the it man movie. Held on to the number one spot at the box office and yet that's correct it's a second week ended may 24 million dollars over the weekend. It also passed a 100 million dollar mark and that's the big news superhero movie. What about Adam Sandler movie and meet new culture is garbage it is it's on don't know pixels not minions. Well this is pixels minions is this guy here when is being put on the there is that it means that an idea I mean in. Probably the deal wasn't in the leaders this weekend. It came out Oca yet. Yet pixels as just they got 18% on rotten tomatoes which is horrible reviews. Problems in here yet to make much admitted 24 million dollars in its opening weekend so it cost he can yeah. Exactly so. Death not to go to the movie if it just looks cute yeah I mean Adam Sandler so. It it's too bad he used to be fun oh I know. Always in the ninth when he is that you twenties so yeah he's a funny guy he's just beet juices. Like his box office movies that no plot or you know solid ratings are. Yeah exactly are in important announcement on behalf. Leader bank they are a leader in the field of small business loans and here's what they have for use a special deal. The interest rates three point 99%. It's a four year payback in you can borrow up to 150000. Dollars. It's a quick response time closing within ten days. From a completed application. The website address is leader Banca combat their phone number is 8776917900. That's 87769179. Users are here are some examples. Where leader bank has made small business loans one was a restaurant that wanted to expand. 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Let's talk a little bit about Amazon we reported their earnings last week which were stellar and the stock rocked. Now we're learning more and more about this company. Yes so where they're saying that the majority of the profits came from our from that Amazon web services and that's you know providing cloud computing services to other companies. They increase their automation. In their warehouses as well that also help but really that web services. It was the sales were up 81%. Vs last quarter they were up 49%. So these justices. The growth here is just phenomenal in this in this division here and it's really what's carrying the company at this point. They have a 188000. Employees. Worldwide. And they have not. Made all their warehouses robot as a matter fact it's just they're just getting going on it yeah. When they do that Susan they're able to reduce their headcount. By anywhere from 55. To 60%. That's the advantage of the warehouse. So if you go to a non robotic warehouse and you have 3000 employees. And if they didn't convert that or would they usually do is build an entirely new warehouse in close up field and if they do that they go from 3000 employees down to maybe twelve or thirteen hundred employees that's how big a difference the robots thing now the robots are expensive. And their own right. But the up front it's expensive but going forward no benefits. No fight attacks a B just. There's a tremendous amount of savings by going robotic and that is clearly the direction that Amazon mistake. It's fascinating I've seen these documentaries on the History Channel or Discovery Channel where they're showing these robotic warehouses now. Un believable so impressed that the operation at. And and everybody else is gonna have a heck of a time catching. You know the if you said to yourself. Wal-Mart. You know would they be able to do it. Yeah they could've if they'd started ten or fifteen years ago they're starting now. Cash I think if the tough. And panic and catch up with themes is the online presence. On the ice I think Wal-Mart has a really difficult time trying to catch up one. Ari when we come back we're at be taking a look at some mutual funds Lou will be joined by Alec Lucas for Morningstar talking about mutual funds upon our return. He worked hard to make your money. This is the show they can teach you how to make your money can work through you it's the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong on the financial exchange radio network. Many people are concerned with saving money on taxes and avoiding probate and while that's important sometimes we need to take a step back and remember that there's a friendly behind every state plan it's great -- you been able to accumulate wealth but what happens to those assets if you get sick and going to a nursing home the answer is they'll be spent done in a hurry to the tune of twelve to fifteen grand a month the Medicaid rules change almost every year and asset protection strategies that may have worked in the past may no longer work for you Todd let's keep a partner in the law firm of -- in Dolan -- updated all of the facts for you in a free guide that he's put together an operational guide to life the states vs a remarkable drug called the office of pushing and Dolan right now at 8668485699. To request your company don't impoverish your spouse by a lengthy stay in a nursing home protect your assets now to ensure a sound retirement 8668485699. 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Securities opera through securities America ink member in radically PC an advisory services operatives securities America advisors and Barry Armstrong represented at arms and advisory group in the street America companies are unaffiliated representatives of securities America do not offer legal or tax advice always seek the price of a professional familiar with the laws in your state. Are you thinking about transferring your home your children in order to protect it from the nursing home. Did you know that if you do you put it at risk for your children creditors including future divorces. You really wanna ready checked here former on her daughter and not just to buy the Acura and home. Not only does transferring your comment rent it can also create huge capital gains tax money salad. Right now the federal capital gains tax can be as high as 23 point 8% and that in addition here's state taxes. There are better ways to own your real estate Beckham protected from the nursing home. 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Well what I like about it as a very distinctive and date the fund aims to be an endowment for individuals so you'd give them your hard earned savings if you will and and what they're try to do is provide you returned. An above average and also rising income stream. And they've consistently done that they've been aggressive and dirt and increasing their pay out the fund got popped at final 4% you'll over the past year. But they've also kept total return and minds of the public strong from that standpoint as well. So this would be something that somebody might say gee I've got a 401K plan on retiring in two years are retired. And I needing come from my eighth overall plan that would dispute type of investment somebody could use that for. Absolutely it's a global mixture of stocks and bonds that you got diversification you've got eleven name managers. Is that it very strong team so. You let them make the allocation decisions for you if you will and what they try and do is in. Current market environment give you the best combination of income as well as keeping return in mind. Very good luck Alec thank you very much we appreciate your time and appreciate your selection and research all the best. Okay thanks so much that's Alec Lucas if you're looking for an income fund called the American funds capital income builder of the civil forty C a I'd be acts. Now before you buy a mutual fund that one or any. I want you to read the prospectus before you do just do me favor. Don't make any investment in mutual funds without having it. Four. Read it read the prospectus they'll give you want for free he downloaded online if you like the read it and then invest it you still favorably inclined. Our guest now we have mark Arsenault on the phone. From the Boston Globe he was at the press conferences I understand it that Marty Walsh gave us. Within the last half hour mark are you there. Are here part where you where you that Marty's press conference ROK. You also as it was a done on line or howdy do it. It was it was back to carry multiple. He nodded and there was what does. Pretty firm in news in his stance reloaded reported on 900 newspaper that the USOC US Olympic Committee have been pressuring. The city boss in particular to. Agreed to assign the post. City contract that would be required to it but about close an epic. He most controversial part of that of course is that should be in private responded. Organized integrated run out of money. Then that contract would would put these balance of running games on the backs of taxpayers. Was this red in the past Clinton willing to sign it if he's convinced that wouldn't that kind of guarantee it would never be needed. There you associate really want to emphasize to our liquidity would but it did some more momentum. He's talking to do that until. He's had more time that it and instead of I mean Liu associate regulatory bodies and it doesn't InterDigital and other citizens so it. Why the pressure from the USOC. He got a great question I'm I'm taking from their perspective timeline has a lot of time and money has gone into this. That they don't want to continue if they don't feel they're going to be ultimately successful in Boston. There's Tom Fox. In Olympic circles. Your policy could. We group. Lick their wounds and invaded comeback was another bid from a company repeated most likely Angela. And I'm fortunate to. September 2050 game. I don't it deadline. Some people think it's too late for any other city here. Start out potentially seven months into the process and be able to do it but. Ellie doesn't have a is potentially get an elaborate every time that's available so they've got Marc spears and what else did anyone could do it would be. I would think this is a difficult position for the mayor to take given his relationship of labor unions. Yeah I just put laborer mean back in labor has been supportive of the Olympics. And other hand he. He's looking at you want market in terms of political science is looking much larger political issue that affects every taxpayer so if people. Does not feel comfortable. Guaranteeing. That the games because it hasn't had time to vet. The finances of the organizing committee as well as. Insurance practice that the committee only put out last week I think Friday urged that the insurance package. It's yet that kind of go over those opening band and have it analyzed by his expert Clinton don't wanna side. Did anything else get released during the press conference that's noteworthy that our listeners should be aware of mark. Well I think you know this is all happening in context of bird USOC. Be prepared. So you are so pretty. I figured he'd like to provide conference call not possible and he spoke certainly. It's possible that they could they could vote today it and the relationship of Boston and so I think that there. This happening and that contact would with which got me and also happening today is. Extremely bidders. For people put forward about Olympic it could. While well how quickly it could come to a conclusion. In and you think LA is the back up city. If they decided gulf were backed up it. Also certainly would be elected and imaginative and the other shortlist of cities Washington DC airports as score also on the short list but often allied. I'd imagine those two pull it together they've never close before Ellis posted the Olympic spotlight. They did. Pretty much every year available though they've observed entered the united cultural development community organizer LA probably. The most financially successful games in Olympic history no. If I knew it was going to be the bracket that beat them if if they don't believe wait to put together a winning did in the in the time lapse. Then they could get out of cycle and I would be before. Consecutive Olympic cycle and US department of orbit. And admitted sort of they can reach them beer aspirations for the 2000 points next winter games. Or would be 2001. Robert. Didn't. Very good Ari will mark thank you very much for your time I enter wrong you're busy and I'll look forward to your column which I'm soon I'm assuming you'll be posting before the end of the day. Order order now all right mark thank you. Mark Arsenault Boston Globe. Tell us. Italy Italy and then Olympics by in the past yet you think it could be today right now and prized by Nat. Anything on Tom Brady in a break and now they just I see his picture on the nothing yet are still waiting and I. On you know the robots that we were referring to with Amazon.com. The that Amazon I think the name of the company was Cuba systems KI VA if a bullet from memory here. But B is it a robotics company that was started. And developed up on the North Shore in in reading and Amazon bought them. And I think it paid maybe 500 million dollars for them and say within the last five years though. I could be wrong and in terms the beating of but that's where they do a lot of their research and so when you look at robotic technology. Around the world and certainly around the country. Much of it is coming out of Boston and they're here because this is where the kids are the talent here. They're coming at a northeastern they're coming out whitworth the coming out of tufts they're coming out like all of the schools that are here those engineers that have. You know mechanical engineering backgrounds or they were lucky enough to study any robotics engineering. And they are getting job opportunities pretty rattle him and he will be curious to see if robotics continues to lead the way with him is I've got to believe it does. There's no waited key innings in a lot of companies Internet every sourcing and bringing jobs back from China and India and a lot of them are in that robotics the jump. It's not a fact in the next hour we're going to be talking about out. Robotics and jobs that are coming back. From overseas will be joined by. Megan will house from the Boston Globe there she's done some research on manufacturing jobs coming back to the united states of curious to find out. What types of jobs are coming back in what can be done. To cause even more jobs come back to the United States are text number is 68680. Send us your comments. And you can like us on FaceBook we are deep financial exchange and FaceBook Susan powers is my co host today and my name is character. 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Don't impoverished your spouse or use at your kids' inheritance call a year free procrastinate is guide right now at 866. 84856998668485699. This is the Clinton mentioned the exchange we've Barry Armstrong. You're sweet stay until. Upload breaking business news and learn how to manage your money to help you towards a more secure future he'd still play an Angel exchanged with the euros. Barry Armstrong. I am your host of financial exchange but I am. Joined by Susan powers on me where the stock market continues its slide. Which I didn't have to say this is I wish I could report that stocks are up but they're not. They're not and. We can't be leaking think China is it slides and you know what at a time you know everybody's upset nobody likes looking at the powerful as being in negative territory in the Dow. By the laid out eighty points as we speak. Chinese market if you'd like if you wanna make yourself feel better it was down 8%. Eight and a half percent a nap art whose. Is counting. You don't the thing you have to remember is we had kind of mediocre year 2000. We haven't had a bad year since 20082009. Was a really good year. 2010 was really good year eleven was a B if it was made its coated down because there are some indexes were down Sherri. So 2011. Dude that's a good. Twelve was terrific thirteen is terrific fourteen mister Heath care I have news for folks the stock market cannot always go up it's only down. From its all time highs are down maybe three or 4%. So you're not down a lot. And what typically happens is the stock market will slide might go down pecked at a had no idea which include let's let's assume it goes down 10%. I think at that point what'll happen is at at some level investors will say. Well honey how much we make an on the cash that we have in the bank have veteran happen and they've certainly pretty regular hour make enough that. What's the dividend none that stock that we could buy oats for a half percent. That's what happens race and yet these attractions which is what we seem to be experiencing. Now. And then all of a sudden money comes in off the sidelines and buys stocks fell. Dow down eighty. S&P down five NASDAQ down 21. Ten year treasury to 23 good time to refinance to you that right now if you missed out in Yemen refinanced under your borrowing money good time to do that. Euro is trading at 110. Gold recovering a little bit. Lot of people are saying that you know the end was near for gold and who's going to 660 dollars an ounce. Gold at a 1096 and it's not over 111101096. And loyal. Early this morning oil was trading. Under forty dollars a barrel it is now back up to 4822. Tight one. Oil price problem we have there now you level lot of jobs being lost in the oil sector. Edu and you know what it feels great the pounds when he goes down doesn't well not so much on prepaid Cambridge. Boy is that the cheapest gas in the state and I still have figured out why I'm an only 230 something I. Two where's this break 49 well. 61 over the weekend yeah I I I hate to 69 and and I made the mistake of buying gas in kinetic it and. Connecticut of course in new out throttling. If you want to find the highest gasoline prices in the region it's always in and not mean it's not Vermont and New Hampshire. New Hampshire is cheap it's really cheap but Bridgewater Massachusetts for summaries by the sun goes to school there and I try to time insulin and drive and back to school them out of gas. It's always cheap. And it must be there was the refinery ripples over got to be summaries. Gas is cheaper in it it is just take it does it. So anyway that's the the story as it relates to gasoline. Lou we'll talk about you know and with that means going forward. As shall proceed here's what we're doing today we the we will be joined by Megan war house from the Boston Globe. He wrote an article that caught my tense tensions some offshore manufacturing jobs are retired returning to the United States obviously we all wanna know what kind of jobs those are. And then Tucker you scheduled. Jeremy green felled from thestreet.com. He only perfect credit score. I don't perfectly and now they Jeremy Greenfield is going to tell us how you can get it perfect credit score but to have I I I thought it was impossible to get a perfect fifty at all than. But evidently you one can do. Maybe Donald Trump Donald Trump as I'm thinking he is not a perfect and it's now in oh well we will find out. The Denver job market is luring men millennia is this because marijuana is legal the integrity of the not in the Wall Street Journal says. You know and read the article. Andy Olivia did allude to was the fact the young people like smoke dope and recreational marijuana use is legal. In Colorado so I thought that's why I've been to there. Yeah not so much now it's not the pod it's not that went to sports it's jobs it's the they have the fifth largest influx. Of domestic immigrants in the country so. Over the past four years they have population two point seven million over the past four years more than 100000. Out of staters have taken up residence there. They've always been known for they are. Oil and Telecom industries now what they have the writing is that. The energy information technology. In digital health care. Their unemployment rate is proud to four point 1% they had 3200 new farms opened up over that four year Tynes in. Created a 165000. New jobs kids love it up there. They do you they love Colorado great activities you know for skiing and snowboarding and all that it's nice lifestyle yet more firms opened up and in Seattle and Washington in the rents all though they're dialing up errors seven point 8% higher. They're still well below new York and San Francisco polio so it's really an attractive atmosphere for our companies to come in and create those new jobs. Here's a trivia question for you. In what year did Connecticut officially become extinct give it couple hits here. Connecticut was the fifth state to become a state and it was on January 9 of this year but we are asking the question. In what year did Connecticut become a state or text number is 68680. Weekly trivia every day here on the financial exchange. First person with the correct answer to that question wins a prize of your choosing arrogantly travel coffee mugs were generally T shirts all kinds of different prizes. On what. In what year did Connecticut officially become a state of the union 68680. Is our text number Donald Trump. Still battling. This time he's battling lawsuits and these are not frivolous lawsuits these are lawsuits filed by the attorney general of new York and other state. Yet there's two big ones that are really underway in it's really against trump university was launched in 2000 side. He promised to teach students is Donald Trump investing techniques. It really how to get rich on real estate but the first suit claims that teachers weren't actually Ian picked her answer it's. They were independent contractors and they got pain on commissions for sales of seminars and products though. They be brought them in for a free seven Aaron and they tried to get the top cell of get this one year apprenticeship for 15100 out. Which wasn't truly went there print it it was a three days seven in the anyway and people where excited about that and they tried to do another outsell on them. Which was mentor ship program protect ingredient is well as the Eagles program which is 35 grand so and so are you buyer beware but these some people wrote checks for like 36000 yeah they did they do it isn't stupid does exactly in the me trying to be made them money. But there is so there's that scene at its pending out there and is also another suit was brought on by the speedy New York where a trial court. And the tramp with personally liable for running an unlicensed school in PS to pay restitution to about 800 different consumers nationwide who took the course. After me at 2010 when they re branded as Trent university in Q. Trump entrepreneur or in the today. So he's always work in on them them. I'll tell you what he may be a little bit hot water but he still leading in the polls. He is not. Everybody expected him to flame out he has not minding his own campaign and I'll tell you for the entertainment value alone and so happy he's doing that's not unlike to scare. Who look for if there's a good wind and unity when I get a little full left on your right I bet money get some hair. Hey when we come back we will be joined by Megan wall how's Megan is going to talk to us about manufacturing jobs believe it or not. Manufacturing jobs are coming back to the United States that's right he didn't make the hearing error. Manufacturing jobs coming back the United States Megan whorehouse we'll tell you why. Financial news business news and what it means see you all right here on the financial exchange with the Barry Armstrong on the financial exchange radio network. What do you have inherited a large stock holding exercised options to buy your company's stock or have benefited from repeated stocks would over the years having a large portion of your investment portfolio inning single stock carries unique challenges they can be big tax consequences when selling a large stock position. It may make sense to sell your position over several tax years or hedge your position from a sudden market downturn you may want to consider holding onto your stock or donating highly appreciated stock to charity call 8669579902. 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Finance and you can stunned to learn how they all work together this is the financial exchange on the financial exchange radio network. In the last thirty years the United States has lost the truly. Millions of manufacturing jobs in one sector particularly automobile sector. UAW membership I used to be about a 1000003 and outs down relate to a 300000 very insignificant. Relative to the role workforce. Our guest is Megan wolf house from the Boston Globe. She wrote an article that caught my attention some offshore manufacturing jobs returned to the United States I Megan. So what's driving jobs back and I I wanna do more of that whatever it is we need to increase. Well I would say here in New England. We have a lot of advanced manufacturing we have a lot of counted people who are delaying. You know who skilled work. For companies they have back engineering background and very able to really do that sort of a specialized manufacturing that is in great demand. So what types of jobs that you're not talking about assembly line unskilled labor you're talking about. More advanced jobs another thing. Oh yeah as we look at a company called and naked. Which I thought this thing Cambridge but. Also operate the facility at a Burlington and they brought their operations back from Bangalore India. A few years ago because they realized that they could. But they realize it was that mask trying to add import and export products. Out of the country and they came back here. And realized that they can do business. Justice affordably. While the pride and worked out well you have more skilled workers but also your. Further away from the engineers for a Kazaa all they the researcher in the product developments being done in the United States and and they try to offshore to China or India. And he it's not like you can talk to these people you can't they can't walk from Cambridge under the manufacturing floor it's an Indy. You know they can't and they say that that's one of the best part about being here they have. This. Actually. To get that many manufacturing facility in Burlington office park and it's filled with. 3-D printers and looked a little bit like and very clean auto body shop with robot parts strewn all over one half of the office. And it the other half of the opposite they have software engineers who are hard at work in their. Constant dialogue between the two have that there Krugman and they find that it helps them. Develop products faster and justice. And expensively as they could overseas. What's the wage differential like Gary you're paying for that manufacturing job in Burlington and that's when you're using is an example. Is it twenty dollars an hour verses eight dollars an hour with how how big differential is. Well I've made the calculation themselves they're thinking. You know relaxes. A growing industry right now and because the demand for their products is is driving really fast and they did send internal studies about where they should grow and you know most everybody points to beat China ecological twisted his production but what they did their own cost about this they found that. It was only 7%. I am less expensive to do the market in China and that now they're considering just doing it out right here land line wouldn't you. Right and they can afford to pay these people. Quite well the people that have to work for them has. I'm excellent wages and that's one thing that's really insisting that. The manufacturing economy amass just that the bad people think that the integrity Garrity. You know. I need jobs that the pastor he's actually have really. Well paying. As you know engineering jobs that may be required associates degree and there are a lot of employers looking for people. To steal them. Define that force though when you say they're well paying jobs as it. Eighteen dollars and ours at twenty dollars an hour. If you it appeared machinists and in Massachusetts you could make. You know anywhere from 82 over budget year. That's pretty good wage that's a pretty good wage especially definitely. Well and a lot of those jobs as I understand it are out vote. On 395. They're out on four and they get further out west right they're not. It like there that's not a job is the rule states also very guy who's not a jobs to necessarily be inside route 120. There's a lot of smaller shots they tend to be scattered all over this statement. A lot of it has to do with these manufactures but it really been very ingenious and they as the companies have Bob short they found his niche market where they make. Small but extremely specialized parts. But can going to just about anything. And and we do that really well and that's the advantages to having highly skilled workforce when he talked to people in manufacturing. They're very concerned that we might be losing managed and we really need to keep. People infected and they just because there there better rock middle class jobs. What is there any evidence that this trend will continue like a hearing from other companies where they're saying now we used to. Manufacture these parts in Taiwan or South Korea but we're bringing in a back to the states. I don't think that there's a groundswell of free shoring. But I think people point to it adds placed where. New England in particular has an advantage with these. Very specialist. You know and other states like South Carolina they're they're drying. Auto manufactures. And there and followed that ancillary manufacturing. That goes along with states like Texas. That because there at. Those caps are actually paying less. Then we you would need tablet that matches. Very good variable Megan thank you very much for joining us appreciate your time and appreciate your research. All right that's Megan wall how's my friend from the Boston Globe joining us today on the financial exchange. The if certain torque tribute question was January 9 of the years 1788. That. Is went Connecticut became the fifth state. Of the union the United States and solve Flintstones them knew that answer and he thought it'd teacher as he is our history nature and the soft. Uncle Saul hey I question quick mention as a relates to Medicare. Not sure you're aware of it but there was a Medicare access and chip reauthorization. Act. Of 2015. Became law that's signed by law. By the president. On April 16 in 2015. And what it does is it changes the terms of your Medicare benefits you might say while non Marty 68 and among Medicare part B and among Medicare part C and CDs on America parts of four. To be precise. Well I'll tell you what you could be sixty years old he could be seventy years old the terms and that. Charges associated with the Medicare changed on that date. And the base pay is you know is 1049. That's everywhere you have taken out your Social Security check. But that law is going to change beginning in the year 2018. I would encourage you to call a whole free phone number. And get a free report that is sponsored by the Armstrong advisory group. And it tells you and defines all of the changes that are being made to Medicare and how much you are going to have to pay for your Medicare benefits. 866. 8106422. Is the phone number. That's 866. 8106422. Susan what is also contained within this guy for those. That are under the age of sixteen. Is a clear definition. Of the program in terms of what gets covered by Medicare parity. Would get covered by Medicare part B. What's Medicare part C. Medicare part. Yep been it's been nice basic guide to understanding because it's so confusing I think that's LE one of the most confusing. Actors going into your retirement is our right 65 ideally need to apply for make it from my party which is a free pack by. What's all this other stuff the idea and explain these GAAP and what do I need what don't nineteenth and why do I have to pay more than my neighbor. But that's really notable do they get that yeah I think Italian but the county. Not the state you but the county you live and could change what you pay for Medicare supplement costs. The the co. Cost of your Medicare premiums can be dramatically different from that of your next door neighbor. With wanna learn about Medicare and how it works I don't care for your 65 or not I'm only 56 and I read the guide. I think you should too it's 8668106422. What I learned after reading the guide is on and have to wait a little longer before I retire. 8668106422. Is the number that you call to learn about the new law that brings some changes to Medicare. We'll be right back it's very Armstrong and Susan powers. 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Dot com this is very Armstrong and I'm joined today by estate planning attorney Todd let's eat from the law firm of Cushing and dole and with your financial exchange. Quick tip of the day. We're talking about the top misconceptions. Relating to Medicaid your vocal trust. Meantime a lot of our listeners are apprehensive Todd. About transferring highly appreciated assets whether they be stocks or real state to an irrevocable trust because they hear their beneficiaries. Will not receive a step up in cost basis. Upon their death. True or false. It is all again they should not be out concerned about that because the way these trusts are drafted they will get a step up and remember. They are concerned because most of these assets that they're transferring. Art house or vacation right they spent very little on in buying it. And folks that's what you basis is very little if you pay for it. And now it's worth a whole lot more well if you were to sell it they take the value of what you sell it for minus your bases to come up with a gain well when you die. If these are owned either in your name alone or included in your state even via one of these trusts and the government gives you the amazing thing called a step up in basis which means you beneficiaries get that home that vacation home on the lake as if you bought it. At fair market value on the date of death that your parents died and now if you guys say you don't want it and sell it you salad and you have no capital gains tax to pay huge win so don't be afraid of that put the trust to protect it and get to step up and he. Here's a little bit of advice from your uncle Barry get the facts about protecting your assets from long term care expenses request this brand new guide from Cushing and Dolan the top misconceptions. About Medicaid irrevocable trust 8668485699. 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A step ahead not a deposit not FDI insured not insured by the federal government agency not guaranteed by the bank may go down and out. Giving you the trouble of Reading all those technical. Financial publications. And break it all down for you. It's the financial exchange on the financial exchange radio network. Are already day. I think really it is time for another tricky question we are to gave out the winner for the last night's game media analysts now. Yes remember playing frisbee you're in college and yes. But it next question. Is related to the frisbee. On this college campus students amazed themselves and amused themselves by flinging. Tin type plates across. The campus. The pie plates were made by. A mrs. frisbee and the poisonings were talking about. The development. Of the frisbee now I. Played with a frisbee when I was in college back in the seventies and eighties. And it was a it was a big deal but this event in it was discovered in the year 1920. In our trivia question news. At what school. Was that frisbee. Developed it was group developed by a group of college students and we wanted to know from you what school. The prison who is responsible for the development. Of the frisbee now marked tech's number is 68680. And eighteen that the frisbee neem I didn't notice came from the woman who used to bake. The prize at this particular school great school. In great I'll give you hit is a New England based college. If you know the entry could win a prize by texting us the answer. It's X 86 it. Light is it and they have a frisbee prodigy on my audience because three weeks ago Ryan my son picked up for it be I think probably for the first time even if Kidd catch it every single thing comes at a that's because they're baseball players. Map and a that it's all at hand eye coordination he's he's leaps and bounds but now he's that means doing these crazy things but it. That's for now he can make money at different. It's a game called ultimate frisbee as the bell back. In the eighty's I don't know that still being played O Rea big time as a few leagues out there already are professionally chipped it. Be it professional I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised to be Austrian. It's really skyrocketed recently as it got up in beef from every time. Professional sports. Are like Egypt the ultimate frisbee that they don't like SOS and. A lot of people are counting on retirement and their counting on their Apple's stock. To fund their retirement and I'll tell you Apple's stock down one dollar and sixty cents or one point 29% as we speak about it. At 12290. Now I don't feel too badly for those of you who own Apple Stock because. It's trading at 122 but it's treated as low as 93 dollars during the last year so you bought it right you're still up a heck of a lot. But how big a problem does apple have with there. There their technology in and how much long hours is will people be willing to pay that much for an apple phone you know what very day they I think have more problems on the horizon because of China the majority of their revenue is coming from Chinese sales and that. You know let's kind of divided up between the different products and we have be apple watch it and he's me. The other watches 31. That's a billion U 31 billion dollars and 49 billion. The Mac with six billion. The services was five billion the iPad four billion in and other products like the apple watch was two point six billion. But he clearly. Are making the bulk of their money off the watch and and her off the phone excuse at an early I question how much longer. People are gonna be willing to pay that premium price you know injury that the apple watch the in the Smart. Phone if you will has only been around accusing walked Smartphone has only been around since 2000 sentence was still considered in new technology. But people pay an awful lot of money goes. They do pay an awful lot of money for them in there is you know I mean look I'll look at what's happened over in China Berry 87%. Then increases in sales in China and they're looking at a less than 20% upgrade of the existing apple uses only a little over 20% and actually upgrade to the sex and there's a lot more upside potential so it's no longer really from the perspective of it's only gonna happen to win. When it hits the stores when it's right out of the gate that apps from people are gonna buy it it's gonna die down. I think there's a long our business cycle too when there are really putting these new products out there so. I think it's a ways to go in in they did have strong and generally positive earnings. Last week but. They were down on the number of units that were expected to be sold for the phone yet did you meet. Analyst expectations. But you're still growing like crazy it all comes down to it from my perspective is. How much longer because I'd buy apple products I buy I've got the apple watch and the reason their iPad sales are dropping his. Guys like me are not using their iPad to work is like in news watch minding your phone call never the well well well I yeah roll up the iPad anymore that kids use it I never ever pick up and he is the play games. Carrying out there and it starts selling the watch act Beth died in going to be at a hundred best buy stores. I don't know anybody. You know I don't either night Tony having seen it on people having seen it as a few of the Samsung watches. It was apple yet it would only at least I mean by the by this I'll expect it to be available in 680 locations that is napping when you go in. Over I think 220000. Locations by the act but it's not out it didn't benefit from having in the stars and having long lines union that's threatening. That threat publicity if you will because they get up and we emerald mine. Act during. You know they are gonna have in the past by they are not gonna sell the super stupid and and now why. They usually do but added there are well. They filled. On the super stupid locked in real gap. Zealots cultivated in it's that Jiang enormously you've got to be stupid to sign a lot it's a super stupid it's ludicrous that. Angry in Iowa it's. What's this kill switch you can put on your phone. Artful yes so this you should actually activated on your phone Gary it's this kill switch so if you lose it. It has. Lost phone's screen except that basically. Yeah that remotely somehow like yes I was seeing you last year on you to log in here iTunes account new ads that you'd flip the switch for this last sound. And adding Ian it would have a number that. Refine the mounting college and if you don't get any calls back on that you can actually shouted down and it's abrupt so. They're saying liking California for example there are requiring that all new and have this lost node. Activated by default so right now if he had it before you actually act to be yourself there. Their intention is that it will significantly reduce the amount of Smartphone that is 96% of the islands between apple and right will have this on there will be by default. So they worth they were hoping it is and it really decrease the cost the board and it catchers on the areas San Francisco it's down 40% even on that. Land and down 24%. They pick on college campuses. Is not sure it is really digging in if you look at it that Oakland California they were down. That's again percent in the first six months but they actually had neck. Because that these fine on the things that they are using them at this assembling and selling and our hearts to unsuspecting consumers that are are Chinese and east talent and so. I don't know it it's built they'll always find a way around it I mean at the big thing is just don't leave hang apparently. And that Wall Street Journal today. Only five dollars in the stack on the team. No but I tell you what apple. And stop this pretty quickly on. House. There's technology naked they could put tracking technology on there's any number of things that they can do to stop. That the phones they don't stop because it would mean that the decline in sales in either. These sales growth is part of their sales model whose stolen bulbs they know OK Susan power is gonna get her full story and Susan powers is gonna allow. In by new line I knew that advance notice and it's literally. Eight eighths dirty pool on the part of apple. I guess it out of your shareholder. I don't share your candidate answer okay it was at. Night. They coming up we are going to be joined by Jeremy green felled field from thestreet.com. He's gonna talk to us about how you can get. It perfect credit score on a perfect credit score maybe you do already. But he's gonna teach us all how we get perfect credit scores. You radio that can enrich your life and help your portfolio. Oh it's a financial exchange with the Barry Armstrong on the financial exchange radio network. Today the senior citizen as a woman tortured and spending time in a nursing home will you be one of them what would you do if your spouse didn't have enough money to live on because you were in the nursing home in depleting your assets by more than 101000 dollars each month think about it how long would your money last if you had to write checks like that each month the answer. It's probably not very long how would you feel if there was something that you could have done to protect your spouse but you failed to act don't put off protecting your loved ones any longer call the office of Cushing and Dolan right now to request their brand new guide that will teach you gotta create an escape plan -- will not only protect your assets from a nursing home but will also help your family avoid probate keep your money in your blood line and potentially eliminate the state Texas -- 668485699. The law firm of pushing him Dolan has been a valuable resource to thousands of families for the past thirty years it's time you found out how they can help you 8668485699. That's 8668485699. You've probably heard that it your spouse goes into a nursing home your primary residence is protected but did you know that he's only temporarily saved if something happens to you your house becomes 100%. At risk but the nursing home advance planning is ideal however if you do nothing else you need to have your basic state planning documents in place this will allow you to say some if not all of your assets last minute if you or your house enters a nursing home Cushing and Dolan has put together a brand new guide back to the basics it's a complete guide to a state and asset protection planning call for your free copy now here's the number 8668485699. This guide will teach you. Fundamental basics that you need to know about estate planning 8668485699. This is a limited time offer so call now 86684856998668485699. Escape in an asset protection plan and can be overwhelming word you start. How do you know what type of trust is right for you hi this is very Armstrong and I'd like to talk about the law firm of Cushing handle it in creating it plans for folks in New England. For more than thirty years and they get so cute with all the different types of trusts available I can understand the confusion when it comes down to escape plan do you need to revoke mobile truck do you need an irrevocable trust and what's the difference you need an expert advice and they put it together three guy that will help you decide the best plan we view this pre guide the differences between revoke global. And durable global trust is yours for the asking call 8668. Or 85699. They can even show you how it's possible to eliminate your estate taxes I love that part call Cushing handle right now to get this straight guy 8668485699866. Eight or 85699. Mortgage rates are still at an all time low and it makes sense to take advantage of these rates when your refinancing or buying in the world leader bank is a local bank that is one of the largest mortgage lenders in New England with very competitive -- -- they're experienced staff about mortgage financing options and get a very competitive -- term fixed rate for your home whether refinancing or buying a new -- work with leader bank calling 776917900. Or visit leader bench dot com leader bank claimed over one billion dollars last year to homeowners in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There's a true experts -- mortgage financing deal with the local bank today and call 8776917900. Or email -- and loans -- leader bank dot com -- leader thanks for all your home buying a refinancing -- 8776917. -- 900 that's 8776917908776917900. Or -- -- leader bank. Dot com. Valerie Armstrong knows play next. You care about your fine it's good for you know Barry Armstrong. Believe me here for the financial exchanged a look financial exchange revealing that work. Well the frisbee is a toys that was developed by college students at Yale in the year 1920s. In James from monument be math you add in and am very good. Our guest is Jeremy Greenfield he is the contributors editor at the street dot comment. Are these bright that are not but he sure got some good information force about how to get a perfect Michael score and they got had a perfect anything. Certainly not a report card in my life flee I would say I. And I've got your perfect template that's. I don't Germany. Area. While Jeremy ware doing great I am caps and I am impressed because I don't know that I know anybody who has a perfect score so kudos to you on one. Thank you I'm not sure if that's common when I showed them personal finance expert who work at thestreet.com as well as folks who work at the ratings agencies in the bank. None of them believe me at first. And I can see why I mean if you think about that at 850 credit score. Mean there are better rates the you're kind of in this niche market for an now do you really need that high of a school mark. Well the good news is that you don't. You is almost here about 76780. You're going to get the best rates on the loans that are going to be you know and he'll. A case of that that once debt that should be our threshold are bar that we are reaching or probably got seven ED score so. Kelly about why it fluctuate like I look at my eight. Discover card statement and every month there's a score on air. In I see it fluctuates sometimes by as much as ten points but I'm not doing anything differently so. What do those big factors that are playing and it could cost those chain cut it to change so much Daryn you know 38 carry. But the great question because it's actually really complicated. You're score can fluctuate based on number of different factors what model was used. For obtaining this score. What purpose. The score was fatigue or and what scorecard thing views within that model and purpose and then when the score was holed the Lebanese. To them the model being used it is there's competition in the credit market now so there isn't just. Spike there there's the company called vantage score as well. And they have different models of they'll they'll. Board determining whether you are creditworthy. But the models are extremely complicated and they're based on when you meet payments and other information. And they're tweaks. Artistically by both companies to be accurate for the banks that possible yeah. They're always making new ones like it was on nine model and did scored on its third model. As well it making it a bit better. And the second thing is is why you might be obtaining credit care plan for a credit card a bank might choose uses special. Top model that is geared toward determining whether you are worthy of a credit card person that you're trying to get a mortgage and auto loan or some other kind of credit. And so that can come back and make your credit there and the last thing is the scorecard. Which the bank wouldn't tell me very much about but basically there are dozens. Scorecard. And that they are about what kind of person you are how old you are where you're from. That sort of thing and then lastly when the credit is holder is extremely important. If you pull your credit. The day when you're carrying 3000 dollar balance on your credit card but you may intend to pay off and a couple weeks went do Britain tomorrow at the pain that balance. Your credit score will be different. Interesting so what's the most important factor that's gonna lead in to how these different lenders there are looking at you. Is it is it how much you have outstanding on year by year credit cards is it when you pay your bills what's the the most important factor. The main factor the most important factor I had to choose one is paying your bills on time. With the credit score basically designed to determine is that person going to pay their bills that I could vomit up in an assortment and I would say. Don't borrowed too much money too often and pay all your bills on time for a long time. If you do that consistently you will get a perfect or near perfect credit score. So if I'm looking at like I always make concerted effort to pay off my credit cards every month so I'm not carrying that balance but if I got something big on the Nike pay an op. Is that gonna negatively impact my credit score. It is wrong you make the minimum payment or more than the minimum payments your credit score will not be impacted significantly. However if you are carrying a balance that is above. A certain percentage of the revolving credit you're allowed to happen revolving credit is the kind of credit you have when you have a credit card that it will bring your credit. Course flight. So what's our percentage we don't wanna go over. In carrying out ounces. Basically gotten. Mike a lot of is that he never wanted to hear about it extremely expensive because the credit card companies are very higher interest law allows up almost 80% interest of the most part talked a lot below that so there's really no good reason to care bounce on gasoline after that that's really the great thing about a credit card that the thinking that maybe you have an emergency or you really need to buy something about it. It's something you can't already afford you can borrow that money from the credit card company area talent but that's not great for your credit. It caught. If you are about. Experts think it's roughly 30% but it is very quietly based on all of the different court actors. You you're gonna you're gonna get being a little bit here credit but it won't be consistently make those payments even if there's a minimum payment. They're not gonna a huge problem here critic. Our credit score. And Jeremy how about those folks that are playing the tree inter game where they're opening up new accounts and they're saying I'll look at all these syrup bounces I'll just roll to a new card. How is that impacting their scores. That's not good for your credit score because one of the things that the model look that is how old often. New credit but everytime you open a credit card you're speaking these credit and the dings your score. But again if you are someone who want good credit score and you want to be financially secure just again think about the basics. I need to demonstrate to credit card company or the lender. But I'm gonna build on and I'm responsible is that really responsible behavior to open up multiple credit card the helpful critic argument transfer bounces and carrying balances if I'm trying to gain the system and that credit. Scoring model kind of note that. There are exceptions for the rule for instance if you're trying to get a mortgage. The credit score has built into the model that you need go to five or six different banks looking for that mortgage even players seeking credit for multiple plate as a popular figure credit score because the he is responsible days. Re entry that's they'd good advice for her at the half thanks Jared. Yeah that's said Jeremy Greenfield he is the contributors editor at thestreet.com and breaking news as it relates to that tax holiday. Right now we have news Tucker released this last week. The dates are planned to be August 15 and sixteenth now there had been some resistance. To the tax holidays this year. But it doesn't look like it's going to hold up and the tax holiday will occur and that it's not official yet but it will occur on the weekend of August. Fifteenth and sixteenth. And will be limited to purchases of 2500 dollars or less so if you live in Connecticut. Ranked. Just drive over the border in two Massachusetts does Connecticut. As a sales tax of six and a quarter percent he'd say that's and I drive and over the border could deal the deal. And saved you folks in Rhode Island come on all happened. And take advantage of the tax holiday. Right now as they look at the markets the Dow is down 117. Points at 171450. The S&P is down nine points to 2070. The NASDAQ off 41 points at 504710. Year treasury note is it to 23. Gold. Not moving a lot today it's at 1098. Dollars 1097. Just boost. Now 1097. Dollars per ounce and we've got crude oil trading down. One point 6% it is under again is under forty dollars a barrel. 4784. Susan it won't be long before your pain a dollar 99 forgets down a bridge that and Allison should I tell me the if it holds its trajectory. In and if he continues to slide our best to do is get to 45. And you'll be at a dollar 99 for gas within about six weeks of that time and it's at 4783. Susan powers thank you very much for joining us today this is the financial exchange all of our podcasts are available on our website here. The financial exchange showed dot com or like us on FaceBook. We are deep financial expenditures securities America and number finreg SIPC and advisory service operatives securities America advisors Gerry Armstrong representative contrary advisory group in the securities America companies are unaffiliated.