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Two more cops killed over the weekend

May 11, 2015|

"The men and women who go out every day to protect us, the men and woman who go out every day to make sure that we're safe, they were turned on (Saturday) night," DuPree said outside Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, where the officers were taken.

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Okay my friends. The number is always 6172676868. You can text us six saving six saving. I'm not there. Cough shooting this time in southern Mississippi. Forget to block the lives of matters how about police lives of the matter. Again my friends to. Two more cops. They 34 year old white police officer. In a much younger. And African American police officer who in fact was rookie of the year. I'm staring at a picture of him. And I don't know if you remember Sean call your how to serve a babyface. 11 of the cops the police officer gunned down by the cern AM Brothers by flash bangs speed bump. But this African American police officer reminds me a lot of Charlotte collier. He has a babyface. You can just see on his face he's a very innocent. Just very good person salt of the earth kind of person. Both of whom were gunned down. By thugs. They were pulled over at a traffic stop. They were driving according to police reports they Hyundai. When they were pulled over by the police. According to multiple witnesses he immediately. Boom. Didn't. Shots rang out. Both of the officers went down. The one of the gunmen marked his banks got out of the car went into deep police cruiser. Drove it for several blocks. Other police began to converge on the scene. As word got out immediately that two cops had been shot. Turned out to be fatally shot murder to gunned down. He then left the police cruiser they eventually arrested him. They arrested a female accomplice. They arrested several other people one of them being his brother. Occurred as banks accessories after the fact. But when everything is said and done. To Mississippi cops. 13434. Years of age. The other one really just a rookie very young African American police officer. Both of whom shot dead. And this is on the heels of the funeral. In New York. Held for police officer Brian Moore who was also shot dead this time shot in the face shot in the head. Because he approached a suspect who appear to have a handgun. May be any legal handgun according to the police officer. Moon whiff. And. I handgun hidden in his way spent. And when he asked him what he had in his waist band. These thug pulled out the handgun and shot Bryan Moore in the face killing him there was just the funeral for him recently. This they remember the previous. Two NYPD police officers. One a lit penal police officer the other one and Asian American police officer. Who were also gunned down. So this idea that some now. The cops are waging a brutal. Police state racist war. Against the young black male outs. If that's the case. Which of course it isn't but let that go the cops are losing it. Because I'm looking now at five cops dead. By the way three of them minorities. But let that go. And I've got big Mike dead. I've got the guy in South Carolina dead. I've got Freddie gray dead and I've got Eric garnered dead. So so far I've got interviewed these high profile cases so I've got four young black males dead. Error garner was in in that young but let that go I've got four black males dead NN got five cops dead Rangers do the math. The cops are losing. At this rate of attrition I'm telling you there's a hell of a lot more black males and there are cops. Of whatever collar white Latino black Asian it really doesn't matter. Cops are now dropping like fly east. And I have to say this now to the liberals and the progressives. I know I know everybody's going to be talking about Tom Brady and he's going to be suspended. And appears he's going to be suspended and knew all my guy named all big jock sniffer is are all up in arms I know all I know let's. That's all people in the city wanna talk about Tom Brady two games four games six games forget dead cops. The dale for backstage after let it go Jeff. Jeff let it go he may not be available for the home opener against the steelers' Jeff Mike god the world got to come to an engine out. We're gonna mail a couple games next season Jeff my god it's it's it's unbearable Jeff. Let it go Jeff. I blame. And there's only northern group to blame. The liberals. The progressives. The Democrats. The leftist media who have fed and fuel to this absolutely. Preposterous. Narrative this big lie. Condition new narrative against America. That's somehow the police in this country. Are inundated. Where if if they're not the racists now because you've got three cops fighting for their very lives in Baltimore. And you've got minority cops being shot a shot left right and center so it can't be really racism anymore. It's now inundated with psychopaths. It's now inundated with absolutely. A brutal heinous malicious people. Who whether it be Darren Wilson. Who apparently just shot this shall be a little black kid who had the whole world in front of them big bike. Execution style. Gangster style. Just did his hands up in the area was just saying please don't Sheryl please don't sure hope. But no to racist cop walked up to a member according to the initial media narratives. And right right in front of as he lay there. Pulled a gun out SS style. Gestapo style. But you. Boom boom boom. Riddled with bullets that turned out to be utterly bogus but hey. Why let the facts and the truth stand in the way of a good narrative to bash the police and bash America. Then you have Eric garner. Diabetes. Heart trouble all kinds of health issues 350 pounce. The Bellagio has along the book you can't sell cigarettes. Couple of cigarettes there's everything's got to be taxed in the people's republic of New York what happens the cops are sent dent. Commanding officer on the scene African American officer. Officer who ordered the arrest was an African American officer but let that go why why should facts get in the way for the moon bats. And in the process of being arrested I tell every every attempt briefed before you know it. Again look at the cops killing people left to right and center. The one South Carolina caught on tape. Legitimate. You don't shoot people because it's they resist arrest you don't kill him for that. Immediately. Charges relate. To which officer was held accountable and he's probably gonna get life in prison. What are we talking about here. And from this. From Venus. The entire police force is now under scrutiny. The entire police is underscore the old law enforcement there's no we war between the Obama regime. Against the police. And now their last cause was Freddie green. Poor parts of Baltimore were burned to the ground where his demeanor. All of Italy said the rioters and looter should quote have the physical space unquote. Right it won't been burnt. So on Friday. Maryland mall is B. I'd despicable. Baltimore prosecutor. Who I believe this is another Duke Lacrosse case why I believe when everything is said and done. She should not only be removed from office. I believe she'll be fighting for or against charges herself who unfairly. Rushed to judgment to placate the mob. And then charge these cops some of them without rages charges that you're never gonna hold up in a court of law and what did she say she said. I've heard your Christ's. The from the protesters. Really be erode the rioters and lawyers would let that go another protesters. From the mob. No justice. No peace. Now think what that means. No justice. No peace. Now to Mississippi cops are dead. Brian Moore is dead. Two other ghosts whether police officers the Asian American and Filipino up in New York are dead. No justice. No peace. Meaning if we don't get the cops who reformed the way we want law enforcement to be reformed. We're gonna keep picking them off one by one by one by one. K here is Milwaukee sheriff David Clark. On Sean Hannity roll it cook. I sheriff we lows a lot of officers every year and I I would sadly bet that most people do not know any of their names. Why is that. Cop slugs don't matter that's why my thoughts and prayers are with. The survivors of from the family members of Brian Moore and with my colleagues. And the NYPD commissioner Bret that was Alter about a month ago spent a lot of time with street officers on the keep your chin up and I was proud of them. Brian Moore struck down the prime of his life serving his community by black suspect. Brian Moore is a white officer and then there's no doubt that had Brian Moore shot and killed. The suspect who shot him it would lead to new lows of what do led. Every new cell live an American and what does that way at all. Let's black suspect and I think that sick. He's completely right. Cops lives Bolton matter police lives dole to matter. So my question is this. Where the protesters now. Yeah happy. Remember what you were shouting on the streets of new York and Boston and other cities. What are we want dead cops when do we want it now and they said it day after day after day after day. And where they condemned by the media yet. Where they condemned by governor Charlie Baker yet where they condemned by ill have faith when Tina Walsh yet. Where they condemned by then attorney general. Eric Holder or look now attorney general Loretta lynch yet where they condemned by the dear leader and yet. They were encouraged. Every step of the way no how the New York it's civil rights cause of our timing. I hear your cries for justice. I hear your cries for reform. I hear your cries to hold police accountable. Shall on Friday. Loretta lynch. Forget the fact. That she has been completely. Over zealous. And politicize those six cops with these ridiculous sweeping charges. That I'm telling you there's no way in hell they're gonna stand up for any of she now has asked for a federal investigation. Of the yen higher. Baltimore. Police department. For supposedly quote pattern of abusive behavior. You mean to tell rule. One heroin addict. Arrested twelve thanks. He's put in the back of a police of men. As they go up to pick up other criminals to process them in prison. Dies on the wing. And all of. A sudden. The entire Baltimore police department must be investigated. Now two more crops are dead in Mississippi. No justice no peace. And my question do you is this. Is there now a war on police. Are we gonna have even more riots this summer. And more than that. To the police officers. Are you gonna stop policing though or pulling back. Because I gotta tell you how did you not make a traffic stop in Mississippi. Those who popped would be alive today. 6172666868. Is it open season on goalies. All of your calls Max. Yeah. Officers. Shot. Shot up in a weekend shooting that occurred Saturday evening. Haiti's birth which is a southern Mississippi city. In many ways predominantly black and as a black mayor. The mayor is very angry many of the townspeople are rightly very angry. They are lowered flags. It's a Christian community like much of the south the Bible Belt. They're praying. For people have been arrested. However on Saturday evening. Officers Benjamin dean and look Corey Tate were killed. It was a routine traffic stop they pulled over on Monday it looks suspicious. As the officers approached. Immediately. Gunshots rang out. Both officers fell to the ground. One of them knew that he was fatally shot according to a witness. He said I'm dying MI dying I'm dying. Please give me my walkie talkie. I guess you want to see some final words to somebody to his family members or to his friends. She never got that chance. To more cops are dead. Five cops. Have now been brutally gunned down over the last several months. Other police officers even here in Boston. Have been shot out. All what's the common thread. Black who lives matter. Did demonstrators and the protesters. The anti cop and deep police hysteria. Being whipped up by liberals. Progressives. The media Obama. Loretta lynch Eric Holder. And my question to you is this. Is it now open season on the police. Is there now a war. Being waged on the police. And to the police officers out there. Are you know afraid for your very lives. 6172666868. Is the number. Mike Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Mike. Say yes you know the press and what's that all out credited back in 2009. With the Cambridge police officer rob Henry gates. Well yes our president sent quote I don't know all the facts what I do know the Cambridge police act. Acted stupidly. The president setting moment he basically said don't have any trust in police say that you know spiraled from there are no. Reluctant to blame because they're the ones that are racist and I'll tell you because they're the ones that put wall support and actually believe bin. Affirmative action which is not more than racism by another name that's the very definition of you would give someone a job. By virtue of the art the car they just did not find their character are what the qualification but our honesty and racism in the racists. Michael you're completely right they see everything through the prism through the lens of race. Mike Lee here's what I don't get okay. I'm looking at Baltimore. Like I got pictures of the six officers in front him again by the way all of them now all of them according to local media reports. Are saying that Maryland most be the Baltimore prosecutor. Was completely overzealous. That the police investigation says there is no evidence whatsoever. To support any overcharges but I'm looking at these six cops. Three of them were black one is an African American woman so we are white. I'm looking at the two cops that were killed up in New York in clear retaliation. For big Mike one that was an Hispanic. A very nice man ever a Christian man another one family man and Asian American. Not polite. I'm looking at these two cops in Mississippi. Honestly Donald don't get me wrong they both look very you know apparently if you like you know holes some decent people. But I think I may be because he's younger he's about 25. The African American car. I mean he reminds me of Sean calling her you these babyface. He is innocent on race. He just looks like we had one called the kiddies point five but just looks like a good guy to a Corey taped. Spoiler. I'm sorry we're there racism. I could I could somehow cede the narrative if they were all white cops and had the victims are all I can somehow maybe see the narrative. But you've got minority cops now are dropping like flies. So it's not even really is not racism anymore now is just an all out war on the police. 61720666868. And David you're up next going had been. They blow played once upon you completely that Pennsylvania allele. And a good job we mentally does catch something and then did so well how alarmed. I'd when he is that the patient back and in New England gave DJ you're our market and it's in this patient let out. What baby pointed out it's very good at listening very aggressive being honored to get and. Because they say that morning at 6% of our population here is you know African American make it happen in America and it's a politically correct we all know that Jack yeah. Salt here's the point now that this still democratic mayor bill that did all that we advantage broad. And that's impossible especially. BAQ are you came out with a lawsuit against that great candidates that that minority cops on the boards. And then policemen union which led by a blackjack and did you not just wage higher the rates game. I'm Kara Lawson with those within the city of Pittsburgh had a car that was hard as you mentioned how did you come up my black settlement. Who's very conservative candidate Mike Greenwald who led the former reds are ahead. And they are available regarding raids we want all kind of collapsed. I'm glad I qualified to get Jeff you know they've practiced. Affirmative action and it had a negative reaction to get people on here that I'm qualified in the same thing Jeff it doesn't matter. And again and likened the Mississippi should anybody bass said that the I already gave people don't want to probe did mention that that she wanted to African American OK Geoff that's please that'd be adversely sitting in reverse discrimination. Thank you very much for that called David but look I think there's no question about it. There is racism in this country and it's now primarily against whites. I'm sorry. I mean look at the fox. There were quotas in federal contracts. Affirmative action in academia. In university admissions. In the federal government in many businesses many corporations. There are specific scholarships set aside for African Americans and so called other minorities. African Americans can get into the best schools with a much lower SAT score. Game is rigged. We were we kidding. But I I don't wanna talk about right now honestly Jimmy Reese is not look I got a black cop dead and I got a white cop dad. I wanna talk about race right now I've got three cops fighting for their lives in Baltimore that are black three cops that are white. I've got pulled cops in New York one Olympian won an Asian dead and Brian Moore was wiped that. Cops are dropping like flies. And yet the media narrative is somehow. The cops are going out hunting to kill blackmail its. When he if you are if you look at the scorecard. There are now more dead cops then he's black male celebrity east. You know Freddie grain big money Gary garner you could run down the whole list. So if there is a war I a lot of breaking news to everybody in the cops are losing. And at this rate you guys won't last very long. Couple more years of this in your guys are finished. It's so it's basically now one week even to a week now. 617. But I think our casualty rate any rock. And Afghanistan. Is now lower than for the cops in this country. Might Q do you know what it's a gored bull Afghanistan you have a better chance. I might care go ahead Mike. Just few of the boys. And I look you gonna non sexual way that's that's that's. How I'm in the gym. That gets sixteen TV's aren't. Talks with carrying. The depth of those police officers in the the 645. 67. Not thing. Not rent. You know at the beginning of all of this shift toward what should have gone out was a public service announcement. Saying when a police officer. So if you put a halt to. You all for you follow the order of the police officer at the beginning. And end the see our news media is remiss in not getting this word out thank you Jeff. Thank you very much Mike I appreciate that. 630 here on the great WRKO. Two more cops were shot down and killed. This time in a southern Mississippi city in Haiti's berg. A 25 year old black police officer 34 year old white police officer. The black police officer was rookie of the year. And the 34 police are 34 year old police officer was apparently loved family man there are now dead. My question to the liberals. Are you happy. 61720666868. Is there now a war on police. And what should the police do about it. 61720666868. All of your calls next. 34 here on the great WRKO. You wanna see how and he believes hatred. Has now reached even here in the Greater Boston area in Revere. This is what happens. When the thin blue line. Between civilization. And the criminals. Is now slowly being undermined. In Revere I swear he. A brawl broke out on the Revere beach yesterday on Sunday. Nine people were arrested. Check this out witnesses told channel 7 NEWS. That a large fight erupted. Overeat dispute about a stolen land back. And so police allegedly arrested three people over to stolen handbag but were complaining or start a fight. Fights begin to break out over stolen and actually calling the cops right the problem you call the police get called daddy. Big daddy big mommy come on and so they come on in but war. Lou. The moment the cops started to come and I. A especially when they Kaczur somebody. Cool. And then all. Hell broke loose. Roland Cox. Nobody thought I. No just this no this. I mean the these fuel they're animals they're all fighting each other they're finally type shows up and they all turn as one against arguably the cops. There they are over some stupid stolen handbag or allegations of a stolen and Bagger you must read Michael course I mean critics say she would have done that proves her right quarterback. And I mean they start fighting each other but then the cops come you know to settle everything down. And they taser one guy because he's just out of control and then all of a sudden the people were fighting each other they all turn on the police. So they had the call reinforcements from several other communities caught for coming in left right and senator. And you've got to wonder people any massive brawl breaking on our Revere beach early ninety boy ended up being arrested. But according to witnesses. They were throwing things at police cars. There's stones are being thrown bricks were being thrown bottles were being thrown. Apparently one police officer was injured when he got punched in the face. Did. I mean it was absolute pandemonium. Decision Revere. Now there are lucky. The cops are lucky. Somebody there didn't decide to pull a gun out like in Mississippi. And shoot him dead on the spot or is there would have been a dead copy year. Or dead cops or three dead cops. So let me ask you this. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Notice. If the cops she told to respond to augur racist. Dale won a police in our neighborhoods. They don't wanna tackle crime in our neighborhoods. And then when they come all look at them they're pressing everybody. What are they doing here they're just a bunch are racists looking to oppress us and our community. So what do you think eventually is gonna happen. Police are human being like everybody else. Dress say forget Nick's. Screw it how we couldn't. Find out who listen I need this like little hole and dad you won anarchy you gonna anarchy shall who gets hurt the most. The gang bangers and during the lawbreakers in the criminals the thugs. Law abiding decent compare people who have to live endorsed crime ridden gang ridden communities. Those who are trying to get by this single mother with a couple of kids. Trying to send the kids off to school and she tries to get herself to work every day. Business owners who see their businesses go up in flames and the businesses. Never come back. Decent law abiding people are the ones who suffer the most. Now before I get to some other phone calls. I just want you're going to look and understand who these two people were that were killed. In Mississippi. These are the people being demonized east. By the media and by the radical left in this country is out of control cycle paths. Who just wanna go around gunning black males found for the sake of gunning black males the room. One of them Benjamin dean. Apparently married his high school sweetheart. He has two children. Everybody says he's a great family man. He apparently was once the voted officer of the year 34 years of age dead. Now he left behind two children any grieving wife and grieving family inference. 25 year old look quarry caked. A black power black police officer. His parents ops so Luke Lee devastated. He was known to his friends this cocoa. According to his father he said that ever since what Corey Tate wished twelve years of H. He always wanted to be a policeman listen to this quote. He was the most respectful young man you could meet. It was a pleasure to meet someone so gentle and nice. Everybody who met him liked him. You could see it on the pictures. You can just seal on his eyes in his face the moment I sedated I sit red Michelin calling her. It's practiced gentle nice. Innocent as a lamp fakes. Salt of the earth. Face. They said the reason why you wanted to become a police officer according to a spot of parents. He wanted to help the black community. He wanted to clean up the community of criminals. Drugs and gang bangers. She were shot dead like I've dog. By other black thugs. Because he pulled them over for a traffic violation. How lousy stinking traffic violation. And they pulled out a gun. And they shot him dead. No justice. No peace. It's going to be my friends I'm telling you a summer of anarchy. A summer variety it's. And the summer of more police officers getting killed to the cops out there all of you watch your backs. Shock Europe next go ahead chuck. AGF hey did you notice that what really liked it prop bets that protected speech but yet that's. Camp gal I can galleries vilified because that I she had the drama on the catch and contest. In a that's left wing media there swarming all over our. They get this other stuff if that happens voters in this race. Well you know chuck you nailed it and according think about it shock to the logic of CNN. To the logic of the Boston Globe to the logic of Greta Van Susteren and Bill O'Reilly describe just Warrick. They were being provocative. They were being so injury very they knew the context. Today they knew how the cops are hated they knew the writing in Baltimore. Mean you're riding in Ferguson. Senior about the protests all over edition of old used to go. These thugs they should've pulled the Marv is banks and what's the other one's name Joey Callaway edition of pulled these two thugs over in their Monday. Asked for a there wasn't so injury it's inflammatory. As you Wear a shield. You Wear a shield. You pull over somebody you're asking to get shocked. By their logic. 6172666868. Powell you're up next go ahead out. Hey good morning Jeff the public that ninety kinda edit and when we see these criminals it's oh aren't easy. They always repeat offenders and I've been noticing. Again the liberal let them off easy to let them I don't. And they continue. To call it may have. And that's exactly what went on here again these guys who were criminals. Well apparently you're right this guy Marvin banks. I think he was a felon he was a criminal. I mean just eat your completely right career criminals. Freddie gray was arrested twelve times. By the way the media won't tell you the I was heroin addict but but let that go. So he's a heroin addict he's a junkie he's been arrested twelve times big Mike I just knock off a convenience store. Are you saw a camera it's on tape. So he knocks off a convenience store. Then the owner confronts him sure grabs the error by the throat shove them up against whatever chip stand or whatever walks on now what is boxes cigars. And as he's walking in the middle of the roll another one high as a kite. At that moment. Trust ball four he was confronted by officer Darren Wilson according to the liberal media I swear he. He was in turn his life for a between knock it off the convenience store and walking would those cigars in the middle of the road. He just how to come to Jesus moment PG found religion. And no from then on we lost the future engineer. We lost a future brain surgeon we lost a future nuclear physicist. My god we've we've lost the arms race to the Chinese and the Russians with the death of big Mike. John you're up next go ahead John. I I hit a lot of debris of a point that more general is that. There have been I'm not yet nick talked and talked to one of the guys and devoting my twentieth to help and what people. He and I would get. Older and yet know these contribution but he later found out that it why are no other reason people or do you think it will a woman let children and I. The look but just couldn't take are stop and kids it's about the death you know the bug take over and what they Laredo Texas. Just over the border extremely forward everybody averages like 40000 year. Barrier to access there's no law and order on the other side of the Mexican border sort of rehab and human and take it. And that's what content or walk. And huge board neighborhood fought so the law and order the biggest thing knocked that in the multiple that the bad guys will take it without enough. Are you completely 100%. Right John and I want to look. No one else has the guts to say I'm gonna say because it needs to be sent. You know what's gonna happen. Cops are just gonna stop policing in primarily urban minority neighborhoods. Crime ridden gang ridden drug ridden neighborhoods. Does gonna pull back. So what's gonna happen. You gonna leave the streets wide open to the gang bangers in the criminals. Or who gets victimized next. And decent law abiding folks. They're gonna have break ins. They're gonna have burglaries. They're gonna have muggings. There's gonna be theft there's gonna be rapes there's gonna be murder passed what's gonna happen. They're gonna happen nothing. They're going to be at the complete mercy of these thugs and gang bang hearse. Loretta lynch. Is shoplifting law abiding blacks. Merrill in Mozambique is shocked being law abiding blocks. The dear leader in shots being law abiding blocks. They're shopping around. And for what. Jim Europe next go ahead Jim. Tight ship stake at this particular call. Just as a police said the summer so far to say that turn that freight that that 88 was yelling and read your beach oh he would say it no justice no police. And no peace how well no justice no police in your absolutely right it's it's should be read that called people showing where. The crotch just get disgusted and pull back then don't Europe police say any more and there are. But it sure to eat are abiding people you're absolutely right. Jim I have to I have to ask you this as a police officer. Is there talk now among your fellow colleagues. Doesn't matter about you forget race all of that. Is there talk among your colleagues you know one. There's some areas is just not worth it. He's it's just it's a general feeling of disgust characters shaking that they had. Is they seem worth it anymore because no matter what that it'll. You're playing to implication that in the queue dual key and if you don't. And just rapidly we're a teacher from my union right now what they outrage pitched directly attributed to George Orwell. It's we sleep safe and our village. Because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who blew some. And that's what will directly talking about the police and that goes back to shifts but that he was absolutely right then any right now Earl. Jim thank you very much for that call I really appreciate it Gordon Europe next go ahead Gordon. And nobody door and I'm good how are you Gordon. Good I'm you were talking about how the police it's you know possibility that they won't quantity neighborhood and police. I don't thing or another scenario. Just so that awarded. You could have got mobile. Setting up barriers or no growth at all sure real walked the police soldiers. There now. What are essentially wrapped up. Well I'll tell you right no Gordon is so look how much running give people ideas but they've already figured this out if I'm a radical islamists. I'm going straight to west Baltimore. If I'm around honestly from a radical Islamist you know or I'm going. For. Ferguson Missouri. I mean I'm no good to go into these predominantly high crime areas because the cops are gonna pull out. There's pressure on them now to pull out dots that's where you go and infiltrate. And here's another thing nobody wants to talk about it. The Muslim population. Is one of the fastest rising populations in America notches because of immigration. But because many African Americans are now abandoning. They're traditional Christian faith in favor of his warm. You wanna start recruiting among really unhappy. I'm talking disenchanted. Young black males if you're a Muslim group and the ground is right. Gary Europe next go ahead Gary. Reject that particular call I think you're under the director think people who country wake up because that situation all agree to get worked and from my perspective. We look at real liberal policy trip this is the perfect spoke scream. They know trumpet or to the police to clear all and all the policies that they all the things that they promised people they can't. Particularly GAAP to what a great great work with doubling our enforcement globe awards the communities across the country. Politicians it's shameful what's going on in my city Easter. I Gary and we if you. And that dirty secret is this. We have pumped trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars in social uplift programs. Supposedly eradicate poverty. And it's gotten worse. Robbery is worse drugs are worse illegitimacy is worse incarceration is worse the dropout is worse. Test scores between blacks and whites they haven't closed. Everything is collapse. As we've thrown more Mormon. Scripture or don't order recruit people really thought I know. We lost we real low wind we lose and we just suddenly lost the hello. Yup sorry go ahead shoot government. The Baltimore City Council people thirty or reroute it put more money more money for what it's probably never money. You don't accept the liberal solution to look more money give us more programs but. I think you're comic you're your your immediate word on the nail on the head they're so big problem and more port street. Has a big problem in front of him and it's unfortunate that people like you wouldn't be able law abiding people in this country gonna suffer because. Notice. They always want reform the police. But they don't want a reform. The criminal culture and the drug culture and the gang culture in fasting those communities. I find it incredible. So the entire police department of Baltimore is now I swear under investigation all of it all of it. But the rioters in the looters and all the crime and drugs. Not they have a legitimate message to let's listen no justice no peace. Until wrong in this project and we'll place. Have victimized to. Have her arrest. Have a great equipment and that's not I don't know what strategy and there that you're kind of doing Jackson. The first Senator Obama I don't know that I'll won't graduate in the job then realize all the saves early. They are really one Melvin did the others and I hope. Except Obama is a bit of a sharper Dresser and looks a little better than mend and a shakedown art is just golf course that's my tax dollars you can by the best threats that. Anthony you're up next go ahead. Go ahead I'm coming. Our hero inside union guys had where you wouldn't really honored that they have an outside your right now just didn't. You police union goes out that it supports their cards right at the top. Eddie Eddie helped I can't say I am well look back got harder after that. I'm with you estimate. Police. Lives matter. 654. Here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. To a more cops gunned down in Mississippi. Over the weekend. Your reaction to your response. All of your calls next.