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Is Brady a cheater? 5/7/15

May 7, 2015|

Do you think Tom Brady cheated?

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Six so five here on the way WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer good morning. Boston. Okay my friends. You know then. This to me has honestly. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. Here we have I swear to you as god as my eyewitness. Ice is now perpetrating its first attack on US soil. I want you to think about us. The tool gunmen were shot dead. A security guard was wounded. If the organizers of the event in Garland Texas the contest to Mohammed drawing cartoon contest the Mohammed art exhibit contest. How vain not hired any kind of extra security. And had police and the swat team on the scene. It would have been Charlie had dole probably kind stand. Each would have been a bloodbath. You have ice is in this country. You have I should Wear TU the FBI now yesterday coming out and sank in all honesty. And the reason why we weren't tracking down these gunman. Is because there are so many like him in the United States. There are so many like him or spouse in the virtues of Jihad. And simplifies things with Muslim extremism. And Islamic fundamentalism. And Islamist terrorism. That we can track called home. And yet. What is the country up so fast with. I'm talking wall to wall coverage it's leading every newscast. It's national it's local it's international. The local media might guard. I've never seen anything like it it's a feeding frenzy. Deflated. Football's. Deflates date. Palm operating. Easy achieve here is denied cheater is CO lie here is seen not a liar. So we have Christians are being be headed we have a genocide taking place. There across the Middle East we have you want on the verge of a nuclear bomb we have license. Ice since. Now successfully launching its first terrorist attack in the United States. You have our own FBI saying well we couldn't try these two guys because frankly the stuff they're saying on FaceBook and social media. These pro jihadist. Islamic extremist ray thinks there's so many of whom we can't try callable that's how many people there are. Sympathetic Digi autism in America. But normal normal. Football's. Twelve point five pounds per square inch. Was it under twelve point five pounds if it is under twelve point five pounds these two attendants in the locker room when they depressurized the football's. Is this good and now undermine Tom Brady's legacy. Almighty god Zia cheater. All bowl contrary. This has become to a standstill. To Taco Bell for two bolts. So. Here is Mike. Two cents worth broke and yesterday. The NFL finally concluded. Its months long investigation. The Ted Wells reports came out Ted Wells is the lawyers the investigative lawyer if they hired the independent counsel to do it for research. I've looked at some parts of the report to part of my job as a journalist I have to be informed on the issues of the day. It's extensive 243. Page report. And I have to say. And it breaks my heart to say it because I'm a big Tom Brady fan I'm a big patriots fan. I think Brady is one of the best if not the best quarterback to have ever played the game. Buddy cheated. Britney's telling you might hear he's only the best because he cheated Brittany is very upset about Tom Brady. She's very upset he's a cheater she's very upset that he's a liar. And I'm looking at this and I have to tell you the report itself is damning. It talks about they locker room attendant and equipment attendant. Who McNally and Yastrzemski. Who clearly worked in on it with Tom Brady. Through the text messages back and forth whereby they were deep fleeting footballs for him. Not just in the Indianapolis. Colts game the AFC championship game. But it appears by McNally is text messages. That they were deep fleeting football's forum going back at least a year. Minimum a year. In fact make now leave the locker room attendant. Openly calls himself the quote before later unquote. And so according to the NFL or report. It appears that McNally for that gain in particular the AFC game. He went in to wave bathroom adjacent to the football field. And then grabbed a thirteen game bolts stole from the officials' locker room and then using a needle in about two minutes time. And basically deflated all thirteen football's. And the reason why he deflated all three football's. According to the NFL report. It's because Tom Brady likes what's called a soft ball. The balls were under the twelve point five pounds per square inch league mandated minimum of pressure for a ball. It's easier to grip a football if it's a softer ball it's easier to catch a football if it's a softer ball. That's why the league has mandated minimum. And so according to the NFL investigation. According to the text messages that they discovered from yes dram ski. Now from John yes drums re the locker room attendant as well as Jim McNally the locker rather the com. The the locker room attendant and John Yastrzemski was the equipment assessment. That clearly. This it was a quid pro quo. They would get signed jerseys from Tom Brady. They would get signed footballs from Tom Brady's day would get cleats expensive cleats from Tom Brady as well as cash from Tom Brady. In exchange for wink morning. Deep fleeting football's on his behalf. It was part of a cheating exercise its. To give Tom Brady and the New England Patriots an unfair advantage. What is even more damning. And I think this is very tough for patriots fans to swallow but I think it's now pretty obvious. Is that according to the NFL and according to this report. Tom Brady refused to cooperate. And not only did he refuse to cooperate. He refused to hand over text messages. He refused to hand over emails. He refused to hand over. 40 records of phone conversations. That he clearly hat. That he clearly out. With his equipment assistant John Yastrzemski. And the locker room attendant McNally Jim McNally. He didn't cooperate. Because obviously the evidence would be damning. But they have enough evidence from both Yastrzemski. And McNally. Where they're they're talking about. Tom likes it like this Tom give me a couple of sweet pig skins make sure there are signed. And mission accomplished. They also apparently in their text messages portray Brady as a very tough arrogant taskmaster. They often say blank pom pom is very impossible to please Tom always wants the balls a certain way. They portray as a real prima Donna who really is very specific about how much she wants the balls before aided. And he's never happy that their job is good enough form. This is the same guy. When he held his press conference you remember his infamous press conference. McNally. I don't know McNally. Yastrzemski. I don't know Yastrzemski. I don't know all these locker room dice what are you talking to me about I never heard of these guys. I never animal. Yastrzemski McNally who all but rally who'll Yastrzemski who I don't build the locker room guys. That's that's beneath my pay grade. Well now there are text messages between them. There are emails between them and they have apparently hadn't spoken for months before the event before the story broke. But then when this story broke. These two people he allegedly never knew never heard of there was a flurry of phone calls from McNally Yastrzemski. And Brady. Brady refused to hand over strong records but they got Yastrzemski and nick now ex. So for somebody he didn't know for people he didn't know. He was texting him he was emailing him and in three days after deflate gate broke they were following each other left right and center. Obviously to get their story straight. Obviously for him this. Hey look I'm on a deny everything just denied denied denied. And don't worry about it if it falls on your shoulders wink wink I'll take care. The organization will take care. Let me speak now directly to Tom Brady. Tom. Here is what I. And many people who were big fans of the New England Patriots and frankly the country. Don't understand. Why. Why. This reminds me very much of Richard Nixon. People forget now. He won 49 states in the 1972. Election he won in a landslide. In a landslide. He never needed Watergate. He never needed to break into that. Democratic National Committee headquarters to spy on him because he was gonna win and win big. He didn't need to cheat to win. After the balls were read full rated at halftime. In the Indianapolis game he actually played better with what you wanna call on inflated balls then did deflated bolts. In this Super Bowl. Where they were clearly measuring the vaults and weighing the balls she played you played a spectacular game. You have so much god given talent. You're one of the best quarterbacks to have ever played the game. Why did you have to cheat. You didn't need to cheat. And now. I don't care what if this diehard supporters say from now on. There is going to be an asterisk beside your name. Every record that you achieved. All the touchdown passes all the passing yards all the championships. All the Super Bowls it's always now gonna be with and asked her ex. But he cheated. But he probably was involved in deflating footballs to give him an unfair competitive advantage. An advantage that you didn't need. I'm a football fan. I grew up loving national league football American football. I think it's one of the greatest American games ever invented. With Tom Brady was involved in. Was a conspiracy that strikes to meet at the heart of the integrity of the game. And let me just say something else. And I I have to say this. My Ashton looks up to. My Ashton now watches football to me. You know how many kids across Boston and Massachusetts in New England. Lookup TU and and and see you as a hero as a role model. A guy a sixth round pick. Who nobody gave much of a chance. But through sheer hard work and talent and pursuit of excellence. Became may be he greatest quarterback of all time. Human body in many ways the American dream. And you should Pruitt always. For a lousy deflated football it's. Eleven pounds per square inch instead of twelve and a half pounds per square inch. What can mix them. You risk everything. Because deep down are you so insecure. Did you lose your belief in yourself. Did you suddenly doubt that you could actually achieve what you obviously achieved for much of your career. Tom Brady. Should be suspended. He should be suspended for at least three to four games. I believe there should be huge fines imposed on the New England Patriots. And the question I have now for my fellow Croatian American. Why also admire and think he's maybe one of the greatest coaches if not the greatest football coach of all time Bill Belichick. What did you know and when did you know it. 6172666868. Is the number my friends the corner country poll question of the day. Is Tom Brady a cheater. If you believe the answer is yes text an aide to 68680. If you believe the answer is no text to beat to 68680. If for many of view I just don't care. There are a lot more things important in football right now. There are deflated football's. Taxied to 68680. So there yes a 68680. No 68680. I don't care accede to 68680. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends at greater when senior services. Greater Lynn senior services is hiring right now just visit GL a SS dot net and apply today that's GO SS dot met. And apply for a new job today lines are loaded marine Europe first thanks for holding and well. I've seen the movie I need and took them out there. And I met you think about. Not being allowed an odd things that. That's what cooks he wants and I know I think bringing us that you want as well correct. Talk is a favorite he's on brute but yeah look I have to tell you if it gets conclusively proven. That he did cheat and be during the interim report is overwhelming. I don't think you should be allowed to the hall of fame. I'm Marie I think we have to send the message now into our culture into our children we will not accept cheated. Enough is enough in this steroid era of baseball. I'll Mark McGwire Sammy Sosa all these great home run hitters to me they should not be allowed into the hall of fame. If you cheat there must be tremendous penalty debate and I'll go even further. You wanna stop all of these shenanigans going on professional sports they won't do it but you if you did this it would end it right now. We're right there report to Super Bowl. Admit this Super Bowl should beast considered you legitimate if they did that they won't do it but if they said you know what. You're Super Bowl victory was illegitimate. Your quarterback your team was using unfair football's deflated football's. Hence your victory was illegitimate revoke the Super Bowl. If they did that that would stop the cheating dead. Yeah stoppage at its tracks. I get international all the but I don't know that night at northern got biblically wonderful. And I think immediately ship that. Are. You about lately we can't wait for the Mac that they doubt that. It is now. He can keep our blogging machine on any thank you Alan I think it would send an Eric and should not be allowed and without you. Thank you very much I agree thank you very much for that call Marie 6172666868. Frankie are up next thanks for holding go ahead frank. Heard just played beautiful on the map and here. You've seen the report. I've read parts I haven't read all 243 pages. But I've read a good chunk and I was up most of the night reading a beacon that. All right in the air Q2 questions. What was the pressure of Andrew football price of these. Game and what will this. Then wind with a football exchanged. Because that keeps the whole thing. It's so refereed to give the football's over to the quarterbacks and if they didn't know what to them in the long program. And assuming that Andrew much pressure preference was I there. Who looks the most beaten put also will be given to him you know more locker room so many degrees today. And soon. In my group perceived pressure was Lola has preferences law. To within the parameters then they brought it to the field. Their degrees colder. You know who looks pressured Walsh repression would've been included as well but still within the parameters okay. Do you know that. A frank look I can just tell you this they used to be the issue now is on hold on what did did we worry we're over this vote somebody fired very locker rooms thirty degree tempers as outside. It's as Bullock's doesn't happen. Structural. Caught these patriots fans are saying they're worse than liberals. Cuomo local borrowing might not a not a golfing gods he's Obama is the deal leader senator Tom Brady to dear leader. Both are dear leader links deflated also tears. Look. I can just tell you this okay or just having read the mop much of the report okay good chunks of the report. The referee Walt Anderson this is very important is key to the report so please listen to this directory who work the AFC game Walt Anderson. Has been a referee for nineteen years. He said the only time his entire career. Then he went into the locker room and the balls were not where there were supposed to be there were gone was in that game. He is extremely meticulous. She measured all of the bolts. The Indo colts balls and the patriots balls when he measured them they were above twelve point five per square inch pounds per square inch. When he got them back out of halftime. The Indianapolis Colts balls were all above twelve point five per square inch. It was the patriots balls almost all of bomb were under twelve point five pounds per square inch. So you even have the referees word for. Now according to McNally they kind they've nabbed him. What happened was he grabbed the footballs from the off of the the officials' locker room. He then went to the bathroom adjacent to the football field. He took them. In two men and I and a bathroom and there he pulled out a needle and literally took thirteen footballs and. This. Just in about two minutes. And then place them on the field. And that's how they deflated the balls. And according to the text message that they found from nick now he. As well as Yastrzemski. They've been doing this on behalf of pomp for at least one full year. In fact McNally brags about it. And that he keeps east texting Tom saying you know for what I've done for you or whatever mission accomplished. You know he's that's when the mission accomplished. I'll give me who signed jerseys I want to picks recalls and sweet big skins too sweet pig skins meaning to football signed. Because they're worth a lot of money on eBay and plus cash was exchanged. Know what I find honestly alternate I know it sounds strange. Even worse than the cheating and maybe this is my personality now coming out. It's the lying. You have that press conference if you remember. And he's like why why Lou I've done a deflated foot. Olson blew. I never even think about how will the weather the balls are and later on inflated I've never heard of this McNally who who's the movie Yastrzemski who is Yastrzemski I have I aren't going home I have no idea why are. Why. When in fact the text messages show their texting each other back and forth the phone records show they're calling each other back and forth. Of course she knew McNally of course see you Yastrzemski. Kimi was obsessed according to all these text messages about the pressure of the ball. But yet that famous or infamous now infamous press conference but I never I don't care ball ball pressure. But of course on our sister station EI. He's giving interviews saying all I like a soft ball. A couple years earlier I love a softball all nothing beats a softball. He lied and lied and lied. And my question to use this. Do you believe the investigative report by Ted Wells. He is on Brady at cheater and what should the panel TV. 6172666868. Pom. Say it ain't so. Yeah. 36 here on the right WRKO. Six months now. But thanks to. OK in my brand. His mom parade MHZ. Or. Bombshell new report it's finally been released from the NFL very extensive. They interviewed a lot of people repeatedly the only person that wouldn't be interviewed. Wouldn't hand over his tax wouldn't hand over his emails really wouldn't cooperate. Which Tom Brady himself. It's 243. Pages is by lawyer Ted Wells and I got to say it does not look good for Tom Brady. The NFL's findings. More probably than not to. According to their lawyer reason language. Tom Brady. Was behind it before laid gate he definitely at least knew about it probably participated. In it. And there were two people in particular. The patriots equipment assistant John Yastrzemski. And the locker room attendant Jim McNally. Deliberately deflated football's on behalf of Tom Brady's. Not just for that one game BA FC game against the colts but they're saying I'd amend a mom for the whole 2014. Season. They don't say it they say everything but say. But they've Tom Brady's a cheater. They do everything but call Tom Brady a cheater and a liar. And my question to you was this agree disagree. 6172666868. Bill Europe next go ahead bill. I just. You know I am almost all of Montreal and I really don't hear much about it. The world on fire are he knows he's not Obama so he's he's all right mark that no matter how we cheat. I gotta say you wouldn't show up but the White House. And all these moon but here in the press select my salute is she brushed black hole might call ought to. All my goal at all how could he not go to the White House somewhat good for you palm. At. Good for you but maybe just maybe we now we know why he didn't go to the White House. He may have been thinking boy you me I've got damage control to do. Dave you're up next go ahead day. Good morning Jeff. Do me in Tom Brady I believe isn't so much trouble is that. She's not my brother's keeper like it change in the White House. Who it is ices his keeper. And it is expected distracted is that news. Not a big deal as what the president up to east not the president and his gonna get peace in the paper and one does pay its. Oh that's interest them. And you know get a message kick came over there and you know my brother's keeper is from Cain remember. He'll look at home brought us one apartment woman's worth Tom Brady doesn't sign on and now bold. But as my opinion not my analysis there. Thank you very much for that called if 6172666868. JP Europe next go ahead JP. They got. Okay put it client current that what you mentioned about the texts and emails and a lack of cooperation. Yes. Belt since I got up front that's even pick it. And you know it's a good thing hit it in LA Gloria has it been this really you know. We have I think it damages the majority had to help it but it really troubling. When you look at it. On international scale we have a a presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton who acted as an agent that the United States. Violated. Numerous. Protocol. By capping. Female. Professional correspondent. Federal car spartans international correspondent. On a private Sherpa. Okay and you have a scandal like thank god he had now for the sake of convenience. Cheney says while it's it's a race it it it doesn't count anymore. Yet this and what the media will focus on Tom Brady I liked I liked that guy OK I'm I'm not a rapid end. About sports like Gonzalez. But I do like watch the patriots. Occasionally. But what's really stat. It is drive direct every day. In Indy hear stuff like this going on. And that they know where it would. This email. Singer Phil media covered I would like it just 10%. Of the coverage. It's directed at Pitt directed at. Battle Clinton I really don't. RJ if you look you touched on it. If farm media were as vigilant in holding our politicians and our leaders accountable. As they're now trying to hold Tom Brady accountable derby no corruption in this country. I seriously. I mean we would expose every single one home. But there's something deeper look let me tell you what. This is why I think this story's gotten so big smoke and I could be wrong it's not just that football is so popular it's really become America's game. It's not just that frankly a lot of people around the country hate the patriots because they're winners and are successful. And I have to say. I love to watch Tom Brady play. I love to watch his grace. I love to watch how he just fires these passes these quick short passes. Boom boom boom he is just I mean he's just such a wonderful quarterback to watch OK he's a thing of beauty on the field. We're becoming a nation of cheaters. This is what I think this is the raw I our politicians cheat. Obama cheats in line is Hillary cheats and lice. Are. I don't know I mean. I'm. All of you have corruption rampant throughout our government and now in sports look Britney was the one that mentioned to me should I don't understand Jeff. I grew up really admiring A-Rod. He's a cheater. Marion Jones the famous track star she's a cheater. You can just run down the whole list star after star Mark McGwire Sammy Sosa there were all doing steroids. Barry Bonds Roger Clemens they're all doing steroids. And after awhile you'll like where have all the heroes gone. I'll tell you what's killing this country. It's going back to wanna bring a full circle bring him back to the Clinton's. Mind me. We have become honestly such greed and money. The lust for money. It's never enough. Terrorists so much money now it's day. Whether it be in baseball or football or basketball. Or boxing that charade of a fight on Saturday which I paid a hundred bucks for honest to god. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao what a joke. What an absolute joke now we find out that Manny in fact had a bad shoulder and he knew about two weeks before the fight but he wouldn't tell anybody. Does he want to get aid. So you have one guy chicken Floyd Mayweather running around the ring. Not wind to be touched and you have any injured fighter trying to pursue him and everybody's watching without a hundred bucks okay but let that dull. Terrorists now so much money involved. So it's. Win win win win at all costs you gotta put HGH. Stick yourself up with some human gore growth hormones you're doing steroids you know it deflate football's you'd know it. You do all what ever you got to do to win just win baby. What ever happened how you play the game. Whatever happened panel call me an idealist call me a fan emphasis call me a romantic. Whatever happened to fairness. Whatever happened to sports builds character. Whatever happened to. Doing in leading your life a right way doing it the right way. Honest to god I don't cheat. May be just me I don't cheat. I don't cheat on my wife. I don't cheat on my taxes. I don't cheat to get their ratings up. I just. Here is what I am here's what I stand for here's what I do here's how I lead my life I try to lead at honorable decently. And I'm thinking of the kids. So what's the message being sent out to our children if you really wanna succeed. There's only one way in America. Cheat. Lie. And in the end even if you get caught you're laughing to the bank. You get what two or three game suspension slapped on your wrist. But hey you made hundreds of millions of dollars and you've won four Super Bowls. Is that the message we want for our children. 6172666868. I don't know maybe I'm the last romantic left Lee Europe next go ahead leak. You know I don't know why anybody surprised by that but while it's all about cheating. You know that but that fox all stars and tries school got away with murder because they were put false start. They got chewed you know fill up the girls that never got into trouble. They got you candlelight explore in the year they never got into trouble they got to get lousy grades and they never got it Strobl. They where there are caps on the college they got their little degrees and then Eric immensely on board and yell very administrator position. Don't even get started football is all about cheating and it always will be and it's art Tom Brady. Did in his Shakespearean law. A very well said. Very very well sadly 617. He cheated when you didn't have to cheat. About a year and that's the irony of all like Nixon. The rich get tricky Dick. Yet cheated. Even though you were gonna win. Julie Europe next go ahead Judy. Colonel didn't pay scale I'll come from the top. I'd get an idea I really didn't get an education I'm not I'm sad about sports however. Different from my example he lived in my family. And the only conservative. I'm attacked her and kept my. They add Debbie really shaken out of town Brady but a lot of I think initially mentioned Chilean lagging. I practiced on it that's why do we deal would give literally. About condemning Cameron export chipped it containment. But we can sort of say whoo kid about politics and the only and that person could do a lot of cleanup went down 'cause speech. It seemed and we can we have the hero. He had more to say to improve. The black. Culture. And we destroy him yet. If you get my academic track at all. And didn't I have to say. Thank you very much for that call Judy 6172666868. Not really aren't aware of all the heroes gone. I mean it can't can't anybody just win by playing by the rules or is it is it just means Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. Demorrio Jeff like hey I've I disagree. I did especially with cookie. There's this PetSmart lab report came out there independent they did this totally on the world record desperate that that we can't for the game. They had scientific result. The show that the pressure's gonna drop from the rain and then the colder temperatures. In the bar in the NFL reported they had direct that that research. Secure Mike can you say that again. It does the NFL report could direct the test experiment. By Ed Smart lad and that broke. I mean I haven't read the full report sort what I saw a look what they what I saw was this. The referee Walt Anderson. Weighed the balls of the Indianapolis Colts. I halftime they were between twelve point five pounds per square inch to thirteen point five pounds per square inch. So the only people that had the balls deflated with the New England Patriots. He weighed them personally before the game he William personally at halftime. So when you do the updates were talking what MIT models in scientific models Mike I gotta be honest with few. I think it's pretty obvious what happened McNally took into the locker I mean from the locker room into the bathroom. He was there for two minutes they have damaging texts Larry. Around the French ship the partial would have dropped even lower. This is not gonna come down so if they deflated them than they would've been down. Even lower like is that it can it would be like eight towns which until Brooklyn playable. He can't try any PSI ball crime he'd be ridiculous. So they have to address that the science. And I mean cook because it was Pollock. It's not ball he's totally walk through side behind defendant have to be addressed so I don't believe this stuff yet and not just among defense. Mike let me ask you this. We knew we Mike is still there yeah okay why he would be NFL. This is a 243. Page report what I mean it's got its hard damaging unity read all the text messages. McNally com I mean look he did meeting in the text messages he's deflating balls for Tom Britt. Yastrzemski easy meeting drew deflating balls for Tom Brady factor attacks are talking about how they can't stand Tom Brady because he's so. He said I'm. He's such a stickler about how much she wants the balls deflate it only. That he won't deflate it. Did anybody measuring how much they were deflated by these guys who don't know whether to navigate. I know but Mike der deflating for him and in exchange for that he's giving them signed jerseys. Signed footballs. Signed cleats cash. In fact they're saying you sheep. I want you like or signed jerseys and more sign cleats. Show us that this is not a court of law I would feel lie detector test all these people I don't believe it. I'm just totally a skeptic I'm only looking at the turn at the time have to be explained you know what some. No final but Mike and it's ultimately it's about football I mean now we're into lie detector tests and bring descent to a court of law I mean. I mean he didn't look Eric Hernandez murdered people I mean to meet the Aaron Hernandez thing is I held a lot more serious. I'm more talking about deflated footballs look it's cheating. I don't like the wind or sheeting but guys come on now is just football. You know I mean he just deflated bolts. Get off I don't want the guy imprisoned there tell let's everybody. Just calm down a little bit. 617. To succeed from these patriots fans have taken it so personally. Look he's gonna get into the hall of fame. They may get five mini me gets suspended for a couple games. I want major fans remember this from Pete Rose gets into the hall of fame everyone Campbell's instead they give Michael Jordan gambles what's the big deal. Hey look erodes a steroid user next time he's playing at Fenway Park don't hit a Red Sox because every one of baseball's doing steroids what's the big deal. Cook's let's hallmarks. Tell us and ask is why do you think patriots fans are like so like circling the wagons around for. Tom Brady is holier. Than Maine god. Seriously Tom Brady could run people over in his car. And people blamed the people he hit. We'll look at stalk me you know oh look Tom Watson broke down on the one way street the wrong way. Tommy does it it's our cheating jeopardy what does it big guns at the wrong way. People shouldn't have been in the crosswalk at 355. Met Thursday afternoon they had no business to be there would talk we've started down the street. That's not possible folks responsible. I've got I got would probably be Jersey I get these tweets that I don't deviate from a guy says you know star rating that he works in the locker room. I looked ready. And homosexual what. Us. Well I think it's weird but you know. The album in low road you know get in there all in the minute I say putt putt putt well who can sell. Really dogged. Brady's gonna cheat all the big guys that cheat you show us the latest everyone does it. You know I cheated on my wife buys it look pretty. Everywhere and cheats. What's the big video here and yet you've got a text messages from well. But you know that text messages don't make that it may be credible that a bag and you know now. Aha I let you just don't know. Ball and then I looked all Tom Brady. Neighbors don't children dog plus you Gisele. Seriously we don't hoping caddie pictures and everywhere as Lipitor has been replaced with Tom Brady. It's probable. Not ha ha ha ha aha I tell you the reports say it. He's probably not guilty. They were be all the dancing celebrations. Could vindication. At. Call your out medics go ahead Paul. All of that. The idea. What difference does it make right it's only gonna say that it got to jump but the mystery and go to chipotle he'd been a regular folk it'll blow over. So while you think Indiana he's gonna ride this thing out to. Us. Always a good joke for our got to look at Steve you're up next go ahead Steve. Yes Joseph. The decision a lot to do it or not and I don't know exactly why you have to help Porsche this June Olympics but it did it but. But I note that he liked all of a lower end of the spectrum spark what what a small I'll. And so be it you know how our problem we are. I want a almost editor at a war and spectral Beagle rescue amendment like I need it the Laura spectrum. That's how long comfortable there are a bit older NFL quarterback actual Arctic LY came out and been like you know like. Port cheap. As well as I mean. How would you Aaron I'm Aaron Rouse Aaron Rodgers jagr and even admitted he said I like it even harder are really hard ball. And we try to give them a really hard ball after referees don't catch it swelled to about for you might. I've done something else did Jeff Gordon. Every Sunday I watch this game I say your little one now holly hit those as balls if this wasn't what they Manuel I think I. They got some nice balls and just say yeah. Bless you god. I'm an open invitation still have another human health I'm pleased and 655. On the Gregg W when they elected Tom the other kids famous Brady. Remember as well. One patriots there will be here. More now starting in about 2001 and before that not a big fan. More good golf bags. Rush Limbaugh who.