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Stock Talk - Taylor Muckerman, Motley Fool

May 5, 2015|

Stock Talk - Taylor Muckerman, Motley Fool by The Financial Exchange

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It is time for stock talking in the first company that we're gonna discuss you may not have heard unless you've traveled and rented homes when you're on the road he may not be aware of this company you don't do that much advertised name of the company's home away. Dot com your home away incorporated the symbol Fortis EW. EY. And you were able to purchase that stock today for about 27 dollars a share. Our guest is Taylor mock urban from the Motley Fool he likes the stock Taylor howry today. I'm great how late in the afternoon or morning against such that morning yes yes how do you why do you like pulled away. Look at the company that the to disrupt her and the travel in the travel market basically allowing. Owners of secondary property it to market than themselves not going through a much larger on the agency the charge. Basically initiation fee to join their service though there are moving more toward the commission based. Servers as well to the kind of blending the two choices there for owners. And their website provide a calculator to those owners to make that appropriate decision so there is becoming. A little bit easier keys on the ownership side but for travelers. That are looking for short stay or very extended day. This is a tremendous option. And they've been growing quite rapidly over the past few years. With theory they seem to be expensive when you look at it from a profitability standpoint what kind of growth are they experiencing. Well he's still a little bit of the O'Donnell last couple quarters but. From what everything they've been talking about that largely currently based you see the dollar. Strengthen against pretty much every major currencies around the world and in Europe does play a big part in a Malaysian business and so that's been negative aspect but. Currency translation there's something that long term investors should view as pretty trains did because generally those are mean reverting. And so we looked at maybe the had went to kind of ever go maybe become a tale of one they've put. As far as. Duke wrote for subscribers that is taking off still and Expedia CEOs that on its last conference call. That day. Are excited to work more closely Europe with all the way. And they're gonna be testing and learning as a partnership over there to really figure out that market and what person great growth. And you've seen the stock pulled back. Pretty significantly over the last couple of weeks. And so I think that maybe not to acquire an opportunity that this is a time where investors. Certainly take notice of this company that eagle that we're familiar with that and that he added pieces. Overtime. OK so you pay it pay 27 for what's it worth five years ago. Well I could certainly be this company. Offering investors that 50% a year on just based on on on market appreciation. Condit stepping up big dividend any kind in my mind because they do you have such a large run when one of them. They're ramping up marketing that now that they've got a lot of other platforms and play. And so I I expect some handy returns there are people that invest in the company of a long term. You're next election. We refer to lose Tom Brady incorporated also known as under. That's 76 dollars stock and my understanding is he was sitting at the fight with the CEO of under armor on Saturday night. Yeah you could be right there that are of the camera promote the fight and that the company also won the masters in the NBA MVP this yourself. There are quite a roll it George Heath and Bill Curry and this company you know I look at this as a blend of as a clothing and odd technology it just purchased my fitness. Earlier this year. They're already rolling out a paid premiums to and I speak up providing greater access to meter consumer information. And it also can create maybe more that picky relationship. Once they can really integrate their clothing. With that app than any other apps they decide to roll out over time so users law not only all love with their clothing. But their apps in the energy that they can experience for both those so. I'd be that as being that next step forward for under armour. They do have very loyal consumers people who they try there where whether it's the oval where because they've got Gisele under contract as well Tom Brady correct. Yet that's combo pack into it there. So it's like you said some pretty. Yeah go ahead I just what that company. Based on you know they're looking to grow basketball from 100 Billy one billion. Shoes are only doing about ordered 31 million dollars last year wears Nike does four point five billion order. The last quarter so even if they can't you'll want to market share is. Picking great pick away at that these others going to be a lot of programs on looking again. This company in act and the 50%. A year return rate. While the rate it's a 76 dollar stock today Taylor. Yeah they'd they'd split that would come down as far as the price per share I'd still property law Villa on a price for earnings ratio but. Just for the company that you seen. Go up. You know. 30% or more. Avert this just the course of this year eight and over 60%. Well last year and I feel a lot of headway had a bit. What makes you believe they can break into basketball. Also they're out there discussing with like you right now are sorry the NBA right now be able to license doubled their apparel and limited distributions. So maybe in their in their cellphone stores. He will be it was a pellet. Worldwide on the Internet or much everywhere they can't spell. So there is gonna give them. Limited distribution rights is what they are hoping or so. Getting out exposure on the athletes they'd be getting into the NBA com by Mike they are in in L com under the sole sponsor. Of the NFL combine that you watched that you see these athletes with that you may emblazoned across their chest there short issues. So they're making headway from the ground up in the sport. Credit Nike. The long term contract starting in what EP with the NBA. But I beat him on the fringe there really building awareness and with that curry when Indian BP. With their logo. All over and I think that bodes well for the awareness. Very good period Taylor thank you very much for your time we appreciate it appreciate all at all at this hour. Taylor Michael Mann Motley Fool.