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To arrest or not to arrest? Mom calls cops on son. 5/5/15

May 5, 2015|

Alabama mom fed up with her child calls cops.

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There's been a lot of talk because of the riots in Baltimore. About again problems plaguing particularly deep black community in inner cities. And one of the things that is being mentioned at least by some people like me. Are these social pathologies created. When you don't have a father in the home. It's not that single mothers aren't heroic. It's not that some of them don't do the absolute best that they can. But by having one parent in the home especially the lack of a strong father figure. Is having very devastating consequences. For a lot of the youth and in particular young black males. Well listen to this story out of Columbus, Georgia. They blackened Georgia mother. Says she's now getting concerned. Because she doesn't want her eight year old son. To start getting into trouble with the law. And so she began to hear. Disturbing reports that her son was misbehaving. At school. And she said I spoke to him about it once twice three times four times she says he's just not listening. She is not listening it's in my she puts it it's in one year and out the other. And she said he's getting disrespectful. She's misbehaving in the classroom he's not doing his homework he's not doing his school work he's talking back to the teachers. He's showing no respect for authority. And she said after multiple conversations. I met my wits and I didn't know what to do. And as she put it her name is Shaquille hill she is a Georgia mother of three. And that she put it being disrespectful. At any H to anyone now could get you killed. And her big fear is that this eight year old boy is gonna grow to be an eighteen year old boy. Who's gonna have nothing but contempt for authority. Who's going to be in constant trouble. We should not go to Melissa and we should not gonna follow one play by the rules and before you know it he may become a gang manner. Or get in trouble with the law. Or end up in prison or god forbid like many young black males get shot by another black male and guilt. And so in a desperate effort to try to discipline her son. She reached out to the police. And in particular. To two black cops. And say what I need from you is to show up in the car in your squad car. In your police uniform. Talked to my son. Talent he can't be misbehaving in school. He cannot be talking back to his teacher all the time. He can't stop not listening to his mother and not doing school work so sure it's called the cops are so I swear she called the cops on them to us. And she's put on name and she spoke to them outside and he said can you please simulate an arrest of my son. Put him in handcuffs. And thrown in the back of a squad car for 510 minutes. To scare him to scare the living daylights shutting him to make him realize you're on a very bad wrote. He's going to have to face right now places. In one ear. Outbid other. That's when she called these guys in hopes of scaring them straight. She says she's scared not obeying his teacher could escalate into disrespect for authority as an adult something she believes could be a life threatening. I'm scared for. When they get older how bad is going to be. Hill says one cops arrived they talked to her about what your recipe at least one month Blake making sure she was okay with everything. Then they entered the house. Tucked a shot about his behavior put cuffs on him and then sat in the back of a squad car for about five minutes. I think every police departments should do this RR I I'm with the mother. But if little Sean is acting like this headaches. This is gonna get worse for a time lotion on his twelve and then fourteen and then sixteen. And then god forbid eighteen or one. What I find incredible. Is again you have all of these leftists. All of these liberals. Deceased. On hold them you its decision so traumatic for that shy old the that this mother is me is being mean being with how dare she changed little shine a light that. And putting him in handcuffs the bore little boy in my as the bills sold for weighing. And all of. Thinking is are you kidding me. Are you here look forget and each year old boy okay my national mentioned this to cooks yesterday despite. Not a life. I see how he behaved so when I'm not a monks. He's a boy. He always pushes the envelope and he doesn't fear his mother. He's already now a little bit. Talking back to grace. Sessions pray I fear grace showing showing an attitude towards grace. And she and she are you here giving example okay. Yesterday here gracefully this this morning before I left for work. Yesterday. Little Ashton pushed any of our caller baby pushed big east. Just for no reason just shot during Porsche there so Grayson discipline them should go on the corner. This whole whole time he shares they don't tell that. Mommy promise don't tell daddy please don't tell daddy daddy's gonna get mad I don't want this I don't wanna see daddy's mad face. When I'm not around. He starts to throw his weight around. He thinks he can get away with stuff he's always pushing the envelope. But when big daddy comes home. And big daddy raises his voice. And big daddy looks out of knowing you know what son be very careful because if vice spank you. It's corridor and all of a lot more then when mommy spank you. Suddenly. Pashtuns well behaved. Suddenly he knows his limits. Because daddy is there. If you don't have discipline. If you don't have authority in the house. If you don't teacher right from wrong and the consequences of their actions this mother is completely right. And she's doing her son I think an immense faith. She's showing him you're down going down a bad bad bad role because if you're disrespecting a four create. What's his kid got to be an eighteen. Freddie great. 6172666868. Is the number at C grace scares me. Well I mean that's what she's a skittish and that's scary woman I mean that rich you can tell she's not a pushover should output show so I'm thinking Jeff Corey please pick. Honestly that's effort but honestly doesn't want she's got. Every honestly honestly. I told you get the better honestly. I told you to get the melt honestly. At Augusta on one right now I'm sorry sweetheart I'm sorry. So caught so I mean agreed disagree I mean what you now. I'm glad she called Paris though the cops on the skid. Well then and other some people that are complaining that this took away from their police duty or cost the taxpayers X amount. But think of how much if she didn't do this in this case goes and gets and so much trouble when he turned sixty how much it will cost the taxpayers. To keep him off the street actual talk time by the time we hear parroting story what they're doing something for their children. 6172666868. Iron fist maybe that's what you need to pick. Up. Do you agree with what the mother did do you disagree. Jim Europe next go ahead Jim. He just. Joked I know create remote you're 90% of its time but it's a police service for myself. And I wouldn't go near that with a twenty foot pole. We we got criticized and second guess as it is. Every one has the cellphone camera out if that little kid hurt himself in the air currents are in the back of the crude. I'm guess looking may anticipate. I'm thinking liability. Right away drew ever be a winner appear to be active in a play. What are it'd be surrogate parents. Arm he were later every parent calling out Specter and believe me I've been to these calls. Them because spectators and doing their homework. Our. Of our fight between an eight year old and a six year old. And they go to therapy ability to. Handle it they're pretty normal parent would be and so they call us. Bit army called New York's current remote police officers helped I wouldn't go near that with a twenty foot. Jim I'm just curious. So when you've often had these calls her mother has 6789. Year old and she says I can't control my boy. Oh repeatedly say it probably won't do it all worked and so they used to police as a surrogate parents. If you were probably good discipline or cared. I wanna Kabul are there or. There's some responsible male and cultural but stop using the police its surrogate parents. Jim you anticipated my next question where is usually where the fathers are they gone they're just not present. Not present Goran don't work. It's the usual story over and over again. And we get used as the glass spare Britain will last. Resource that they have worked. And I'm sorry I wouldn't do that in her heart beat there. Court very clear cut her apartment in beat you look it's against all department regulations and rules anyway if you're not. Arresting somebody for crime did not get a play act. Interest and thank you for that call Jim. 6172666868. Russell Europe next go ahead Russell. As I would disagree duplicate smothered it and it's not because the other related Peter Carter Marin. It's that she's going down a runner past first cost you the government which is a big big government solution wrong word there. But the biggest thing is that the family unit has that these are storing your element in the cute light. He just watched your modest sell or someone else. He's gonna lose respect for Glover eventually winning streak is outback cop thing was a hoax. And then at my facility for the week here at an arts. Right I got to players you're both you and Jim have made very good points well look Russell I agree with you I'd to meet the family unit to break. The biggest social crisis that we face if you want to understand. Many of the root causes of poverty of drugs of crime of violence it's a breakdown of the found. It's just literally does scoring system skyrocketing divorce rates. Couples breaking up children out of wedlock the illegitimacy rates. This is what's killing America today. So there's no question about it. But so that's what happens when you don't have a father in the home but the father now is not in the home page is not mean you just visit. My question to the audience is this. Your single mom you've got three kids the father left. You got now on each year old boy you're seeing serious behavioral problems. You can see what's coming down to route. Hey today it's teachers and skipping class and not doing your homework you know what's gonna happen tomorrow tomorrow it's on the streets drugs gangs whatever. What do you do. He hit them you spank MPs vote. A mother spanking just doesn't have the effect of a father does is just the fact. So my question is what do you do. At least in my view she's trying something. So your belt said we are caught seriously get a belt. That's the fathers out there get a belt. Six that hurts a lot where it's a woman or man Slavic. Or maybe get an uncle her brother somebody yeah I'm a male figure stepped in and tried try to discipline the kid I mean that's what I that's my first instinct. 6172666868. Mary Europe next go ahead merry. I can't I'm good morning night I lay it worked great now. I'm I'm learning. Third patent it very much in the home service agency and I'm so wound up with a man you guys talked this morning I think everybody made them. Extremely valid point. What do you think that you question would be. I you know it economical that dad's not in the all of we act with an extra and who lodged population where the attic not in the hall. And wouldn't hear you mean more is when LaMont should not and has done everything in her power up. I didn't mean stepping outside. You know into the community getting me in home services in place. The mode that we didn't know I had it. The other thing carpet the other they will we find out what you can expand on the child. We get into the quarter and the probate not if they're frustrated and we are because. Not only can they do absolutely not staying we have got in behind the bench. That let you hit odd maybe pork I think I'm. We don't sit back wonder how we waiting for the trial there really commit a serious content. In the exit by you until we deal with a lot of teenagers. Yeah and then it would would be weak equity apparent that while raising their children. She operated wild bit out in the hall you know different theory added that they can't get sick sick to come home at nights in Taiwan no way she is now into drugs that kind of situation. We get enacted to collect. The court said that check it out but I don't say a lot. They collect I'm kind of outstanding warrant on him that they let it lay eggs and the cockpit out of a law and they cannot believe the opposite that early out. They can't touch this trial but I'll pick and Obama. I got to leave it at the grant carriage hit Pamela did not. Bank down I you know I remember the old school. Congo and spanking my granddaughter and a few great let that she's got a call blocking but what do you do when the government has remote opt for grand Ole white. Trying to meet parents who can no longer. They can't keep that in mind because it's it's a lot out of the alternate not that our parents and dealt. That child as of cramping at the parent report that we would need intensity you're paying. Without my act. All Mary you know what you make so many good points under the last one though obviously just triggered. I go to hard Jerry Kelly my wife grace are we often shop at target target. Shall we can't speak to their parents now. Almonte caught. I mean any 910 year old Amal fund scheme it's the language they use and I am looking at him. If five cents at 1100. Of what we're saying to my parents ice where he might dad. Would have whacked me so hard in the document. You forget the Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather fight they would be more action in the corner house hole I'm telling my that would be spending he waited so art. Leadbetter would be like that fight one guy throwing punches the other guy right and perhaps not. It's it's just incredible. And the parishes what was it like nothing. Like somehow the kids are entitled to just verbally assault their parents it's the lack of respect for parents and they honestly it's disgusting yeah. Ronnie Europe next go ahead run. Hey good morning chuck what do walk down memory lane this story he has some my parents and the police arrest me and my brother when we were kids. I would nine he was seven we had mixed food coloring with water put it and squirt guns and sprayed the side of a lady's house the night. And the next day we were horrified by how much damage was and what about the by cruises where. And what they found out that we did it. My mother wouldn't even let them waste just driving most of the police station and my mother made us walk. We got that that is the question that jail cell in cap that they are hours. And when Mike Utley showed up. They staged a fake conversation outside the jail cell where all we heard was the chief Dolan. You know damn these kids they're going to wait for here amateur in the open and we're cry in your screen and you're like I did is there anything I can do anything I can do. And that she says well lush you can take 3500 dollars right here on the spot. I vehicle gonna come take them to would you be detention center. And then they're gonna go on trial but distraught and blah blah and I understand police chief police Jeep that's got to be a way around it. And that she's that well there is one exception in Massachusetts law where they go to the house and admit what they did and offered a clean it up. The judge might show leave the autumn and everything I would screen it will always. Say they finally let us out but yeah that day that it's the only time I've ever seen the inside of a jail felt to have their very. Brian. Yeah god I witnessed every word I just orchestra. So basically you're scared straight running. Riot what we straightened. Welcome to I tell your story here. For me on the spot like that I mean there because of. Seven point seven here on the great W work day. Jen you're up next going. As Jan. Well yes and running gap you know I'm good how are you. I mean they can't you know I'll thank you sound and that should got up and Woody Allen. They don't want to school at buying back you know I had. I brought them into an account and do it a comet they wouldn't know the app. People and a couple. I want let them show them how to build you I mean you know what'd. And I don't want to let you know let slip I'm I'm I'm open their shut that door when you had it I have to. Jacqui we we lost you there John you kind of broke up on us called back again I think there's a problem with your phone. 61726. Cent 668. GM Europe next go ahead Jim. Good morning I don't know what you know but not that I ate immensely the issue last week did you like I. Yeah I assure you want it back you know how the mock someone sorry. Thank you Jim Nazis whispered at least someone does pack a they abusing got to put up with their gem like you know all content that. Go check out what my daughter or eight year old sheet over their yesterday. Lieutenant. Stole eight I think that at that press Ali. And I. Don't worry I think. I gotta go up shooter ignored I don't I don't do it. I don't know actually if you don't equate it sure I bet you gold or. I don't that the PlayStation. Network are. They know what happened. And caught it okay. This is what we do do. What are you hit. It's I hate people what number are we there Koch's what I older yeah well it's. You weren't happy. When you beat out big girl you get a bite. This where you are gonna go out right now daddy put beauty bar. But when you beat a girl it's what you do it but it felt. They probably our biggest sell well we knew that it. She was I didn't Q and corporate the corporate or economic or you didn't armada that ought not. Wow. So I mean generally message was registered. Point two made. Lowered my friends but you never read troubled cops. Have I ever been in trouble with the cops and be honest. Oh wait hold you forget the mounties never had none I'll actually I I I was in trouble I was in trouble with the school and a serious way once. What did you do. And and I was in trouble with the cops another time book okay what did you go all right it would I was in grade eight okay. So we had to take then not to school bus we called the regular city bus today so it was a short box whenever the he wasn't. There was no longer elementary school economy so we were taken legacy bus. And we knew that the driver. Was it Quebec's separatist. Thanks so we or us they crave this is the eighth grade. And I have found out the driver was a combat separates you want to break up Canada after back secede and of course I was attending I was a Federalist. So were all the students on that journey it's great we're in the eighth grade. Bankers are all angle fault right. So I said hey there's a traitor but I. I sorted out and owns the other lesson that term angler to speak English your English speaking and a French part in a French province. So you know as Anglo guys pretend that we're following Brady minority English speakers in the French province of combat okay much real. So I said look there's a trader. Driving that bus aunts and my ass and I got all the students at school really riled up all the political revolutionary. Invent. And it was in the middle of winter was February. And I said you know what we gonna pick ours and I swear to you for Canada. So we waited for the city bus. And even then even though it's cold they open the windows a little bit of the heating is on so strong inside the bus. So the windows are open and of course he opens the door to let people get on board the bus. I got about thirty students. To wait for twenty minutes and we all made like 1520 small balls each. And when the bus came and stop I swear to you. We pelted the bus which Mobil's. It was like a military brush. With a small balls went through the windows to snowball went through the front doors you left it open for they have for the passengers to get on the bus. I swear it was for five minutes all you heard was. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom what we've. Pummeled this city that's in. With I swear to you I think 300 Mobil's. And of course I'm yelling I'm leading the pack throwing all the small balls from going free film for you come. Canada. At net I just like Braveheart it's very swear to god I was brave hard before there was Braveheart. So I get home that did you fight someone transport grace and hold on so I get home that night. And you know I thought very well myself I thought to cut Pakistan for Canada. And als watching television. And apparently there was a teacher and car and it seemed the whole thing and of course what is the teachers see me. Throwing small balls yelling Canada Canada freedom freedom freedom leading the pack. The phone rings you know when you're in trouble. ES cents at the moment the phone ring yeah you're young boy I hear my father pick up the phone hello. Yes this is me yes I'm guess I'm Jack corner come like right away I'm like pawn. On home it's the school I just had a gut feeling it's the school and all I hear my father is. And we'll. Well I slept yeah yeah. He closed the phone. Whatever my god god and I knew revert to Croatian he starts swearing in Croatian. I fled communism for you look throws low ball but a bus depot does bell cow sold out. I was black skin cool. By the time the night was over. My political career. 740 here on the great WRKO. OK Georgia mother. He's getting how should I say mixed. Reactions. Some are really applauding her others are just excoriating. Her criticizing her. She has an eight year old boy she's a mother of three a single mother. Her eight year old boy Sean has been acting out in school. Disrespecting. His teacher refusing to do schoolwork. She strike to talk him out of it. Nothing works so she ended up calling the police they were obviously they agreed. To simulate an arrest of the son put him in the back of a squad car for five minutes in handcuffs. To try to teach him a lesson. That if he continues down this path. This is where he's gonna end up. And I'm sympathetic to the mother there's no father in the home. It's very tough for a mother to discipline. Boys especially as they get older my question do you is this. Did the mother overreact. 6172666860. Every bad kitsch Serbia be a mock arrest that. There really sober you up very quickly. Tricia are very young age. When you say young you mean sixteen or 1613. Depends how bad they are I've seen some kids or you know. 8910. That are just awful. Don't say like. They should go to jail. I would not overnight that they should get arrest that. So they can see you path that traveling down. Really. That do you get scared straight quickly. Just say it. Well that's that's that was the thinking behind what the mother did chick here hill. That's what they have let's get straight program I wanna put the bad kids and a prison for real couple days that's. And maybe yelled at by the prisoners yes here we go through this where you're going to end up unless you go to school or whatever they're doing. 6172666868. Dana Europe next go ahead Dana. I'd expect. To get out. I don't listen to actually it was sitting out YE a bill later kids. But if we that if we got to get that in the cart which I hit it yeah I'm that they Adam correctional. President. And we talked to that day and he wouldn't say ass if we didn't I behaving at listening. It's an epidemic out. That the love again. It definitely added that it did that god so. It didn't doubt but that definitely get straight. So Dana I mean what are your feelings about this Georgia mom do you support what she did. Definitely. It's definitely become active then I mean kids I intermittently it but if they don't think they don't then. Parent. They are scared they don't really get hurt Clinton's action. Badge there not been until and then de LA went. Or all your right in a look I think this is I think it's what the mother's concern us and look. I don't like the government getting involved I understand of the gym the police officer called say they look you know were not us substitute parent. You know we have a tough enough job as it is. I'm very sympathetic to that argument. You don't have a father a male figure in the home this is what starts to happen. And I'm looking at this mother and look at how I want to go back dashing he's five nevermind eight. When I'm not in the house he's a different kid. When I'm in my house trust me he's better behaved. Because he knows big daddy's gonna bring down to funder. I mean he just he holds it. So he's and that's the thing when he misbehaved gracious and now he's always telling grace mommy mommy please don't tell that. Because what I do is I do my you know if you did why. Why did shoot bill do you hitch your sister. I think it's all like nervous and afraid and he wants my approval. So I concede just in my own son. How we do how we behaves differently when I'm home I want I'm not home. And if I was never home. Can be a different kid. 6172666868. I gotta say look I was talking about this with coaxing last night. And I'll I think cook she's doing an incredible job with no I'm just being honest. And he told me out if you wanna share his story or not could expect. What how no one misbehaved one time on a T ball field. But that was Sunday I was on Sunday. And ionosphere a typical four year old and I don't know where I'm I thought you handled it brilliantly as a loyal playing T ball is tedious. They baseballs is tedious anyway for four year old have to sit there. Wait it's awful. But it is just like kick in the dirt sitting down thrown his glove around Taurus had a route. And the coaches try to you tell tell you would get ready get position he just like set on his butt. Our turn is back on the coach. Obviously didn't wanna be there. So I gave it like 1015 minutes and then I told you come over to the fence that circus had this glove and he looked normally get no clue what I was doing. And it picked him up from over the fence put him on the other side and took him to the car. And then he started crying as he realized he was gone home. Perceive got a net those attitudes in the bud real quick. Because if he's doing that for and you let it go he does it five he doesn't attack and he does at sixteen. The next thing you know he's Whitey Bulger 27 run in the winter hill game I'll look as he did correct about T ball field he was four years old I have some idle Sunday. No but I mean W made a point last night that your dad on eagle Jeff. If he's gonna disrespect to coach and disrespect authority at four guys do it at sixty he's going to it to the teacher at sixteen. He's gonna do it to god knows who. I just getting beat Washington how much can I get away with. They don't know what they're doing what he didn't know what he is doing obviously. We can't let him continue doing it sooner or later he's gonna noticed. If you just sit there while this behavior to happen that's where the mother went wrong. A good swift kick in the and the tides that kid when he started doing this when he was probably around for sure have had to have a mock arrest stuff. Sami got if I did whatever this kid is due when I was eight years old. My mother would beat me on you're going to be like slap. Could be a beat him. My my were just tell my dad. My father never never hit us as always grandmother all really my brother and over my father never gave us and I see my dad was the in my mother whale blocks. No my mother was the guy we like our father. Really I was one which your mother gets holes are you serious Fredricka on the among mothers the opposite of what did your father gets home. He was the enforcer my mother's brutal she still hits makes a mistake. Yeah. I don't know why am thirty forcing the issue here where this economy around. You know what I find myself doing now. Hi I find myself living retroactively is great and my childhood like I leave all the lights on the house when they go. The class screw you my not op idea that bill now we've all leave the water running screw you and pop pop up. I get back at my mother from like thirty years ago now I thought I marketed do the dishes that. Not opt opt out you know what I'm not gonna put the trash out. Your call go redo it clinical winning I don't know why I'm on my child back. I'm not doing laundry. Six was 72666868. Com Europe next go ahead Tom. Good morning good morning I thought I would have beaten child. And cut our national. Are it's like you got spanked if you Dodd cliff had for the last time my mother really hit me. That's probably sixty. She just out of nowhere just pull back here to me that was not when you through the exit the school. All this is you know it might have been out seventy it was after that it was after that though she didn't hit what I got arrested. I think getting arrested as a rough. I talked about it but it is Ursula you're throwing eggs or sixteen I was Halloween night it was Halloween night you're the rest of my living was high school there's a big field there it's called the meadows viewing your friends are ha ha I think it'll make them more you know let's throw some exit the school put no it was at three different high schools in the land attack classical English and helped us to have a naval war. Don't you want and I think it's Halloween can allow you know. Currently the neighbors that alike because their houses are getting hit no big deal. And then all of a sudden I don't know it's like 9 o'clock out of nowhere. Does blue lights everywhere. He's good with the help they come for us. And then they swarmed all of us. They tackled me around yeah I have a cost me behind my back. Cost me two of the offense I could get to some of the kids got cut by the beckoning got up and try to run away. So they cuffed us to the facts that you should Madonna hands up don't shoot a yeah. Shouldn't nightlife Fred Tom got hit by police cruiser is here is running out of the park a line and they try to kind of myopic he like ran into it. Whether they throw us in the paddy wagon and I would say no in this PC world as a derogatory term for Irish. But my beta names Mulcahy said go to get over. And then we went to the police station handcuffed. They give us one of those rough rides that you don't Baltimore without the police station. They weren't being gentle on the turn to ha ha. I crawled all the clocks. Ever since his bat. Kids everywhere is like all of us and what he lagged it does get thrown everywhere. And never went to the police station. It will take you what is going to be held to call our dads who come will be out. They fingerprinted us when serious yeah like the but the old ink we had a role at the role of god. For throwing that is global. How to right the idea. That we are gonna mug shots they get that we have to hold that lake Albert told Blake chart in front of our faces. They tried shot into the profile shut. Him then they took our shoes. All of our belts they put us in the rail sells well like holding cells are the kids go but the rail link bars. And. We'll conclude that it would. Then after two hours of sitting there. He never got the fourth call. How sit there go talk we're gonna call these are a couple of months. Sinking you just have your mom can get come get me to. A forceful call it government. So you have in the calling your. Called my father come. They'll be out of jail six feet on three to four bit independent. How low I don't I don't remember exactly what what I said I don't remember my dad. They saw and talked to are you. Well. They can get me the story about the police they should you win are you win or half of the bigger guards troubled. Are you serious Iowa I've read on Mike and I think getting arrested in the community services trouble enough. All my dad would kill me my guy would have freaked out my decade guard got me play a document gotten yeah. I was. That we had of the guiding go to court. Settled. They do like ten hours to feeding homeless people or something. I'm never been to jail sentence. And uncontrolled transnational she's. Everytime they get those sirens go god it. I immediately got my pockets only eggs I have. How hot. It's like it was about pebble those dogs and my. And eggs or no I want. A so that that's the bed of the dealt worst part about it. Was it sixteen that was a good fifteen some odd years ago it still comes up when I went to give Oregon license. Still comes up that are zarrella Russell Steve for trespass is expunged out after you left you're supposed to put it never happened. So you go to Barack I have a police record below sixty dollars on. Trespassing Halloween night. I. Play I hope we can give you the slice out of six and since then all of that is the traffic tickets. Well hold on now if you're flash bang if usual guards and they have the joke kernel talk no broad problem you wanna got what it. What you want daycare 47 no problem. Bill could see whoa we've through some exit sixteen at a school moll. Sari let's school each other. I'd each other but they're good do you do you mean damaged property you go through each other. And so and you gotta gotta go and it's incredible 617206. At 6868. Donna you're up next go ahead Donna. I'd get so anyway this mob did the right thing a quick story when I was young that aren't about we grew up in the projects. And there was we went skipping school you know the joint optically trying to find out that in any couldn't tell. One of our and mom all to my house where everyone black on black hiding it not our bench and obviously at a bar and lacking proper hearing that would want to talk cookie. And knocked on the door and edit spelling out yeah I know that you're better off if the school and you know we are again I think I'm parent or adult cell. I opened the door and he said I'm a well what you don't look that bad at all I'm that you that's going to be permanent show you popped. In this moment the had been achieved a hot all of after the point that we never. School again. This crap about being a whack it does help keep the league cup situation. Might that was not around itself. This character is the Libyan backed out of me and everyone but get good at that we never skipped school again and epic true story. Donna honestly you know that tough love works. And you know itself most of the things our parents did honestly today Donna would be considered child abuse. Now how about how to outfit. Thank you for that call Donna I'm an artist they get over Ronnie story a while walking to the police station today. Aren't you tell your kids to walk to the police station you left your kids on accompanied 79 years of age almighty god we're gonna call NBC asked. 6172666868. Georgia mother calls the police to do is simulated arrest of her eight year old son for five minutes. What some in the back of a squad car liberals say she overreacted. What do you say did she do the right thing to 61726. At 6868. All of your calls that.