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NYFD hires woman who couldn’t pass physical. 5/4/15

May 4, 2015|

Is diversity putting lives in danger?

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Made only nine here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner bus and pulled those are cleaning up no liberal ball. Okay my friends back from a really nice vacation in Bermuda. The corner country poll question and visual war. There was clearly a terrorist attack last night outside of Dallas and Garland Texas. Candidate Mohamed. Art exhibit an exhibit Carrick maturing the Prophet Mohammed. Islamic terrorists struck. They were armed to the teeth they shot up the place they apparently were carrying explosives on them. The only question now is why zip linked ice it's. It was an attack on free speech. It was part of their radical islam's war on America and the corner country poll question of the day. Do you think that the terror attack in Garland Texas. Was done by ice it's. If you believe the answer is yes it has the Islamic state written all over the next eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no net. Maybe he Islamic. Terrorism but not crisis. Next beat to 68680. This morning's corner ball question is brought to you by our friends at the greater Lynn senior services. Greater land senior services is hiring right now just visited GO SS dot net and apply today that's GO SS dot net. And apply for a new job today. Cox what are the poll results so far 88 yes 12% now. 88 yes 12%. No. But you stated about. Lure. An hour now for goal. You didn't think ice this was involved. You satisfied sympathize but around the guys is directed at you don't think this is an ice is directed operation now so you still see you would be annulled and right I'd be enough. 6172666868. Okay. Let me tell you would cook C and I are definitely I know. And that is the case of Rebecca wax. Now many of your gonna say Jack have (%expletive) (%expletive) Quarterback hell Israel back relax. I mean I know you've got some stroked in Bermuda. But avid completely lost your mind spoken. Hat tip to the New York Post they broke this story it's a very important story because it shows how diversity. And affirmative action. Are slowly now lowering standards everywhere and putting public safety in jeopardy listen to this story. For the first time in its stellar history. The fire department of New York. Is gone awhile allow someone. Who failed it's crucial physical fitness test to join the bravest. Rebecca lacks 33 years of H. Is set to graduate tomorrow. From the fire academy. Even though she failed she did not passed the functional skills training passed now many human say. Shaft Shaq at Jack. Or headed goal of shaft what the hell is this functional skills training past. This is the test that people in New York fire department. Must pops. It's a grueling off sickle courts basically they're trying to simulate the environment. Of a burning building. And so it's a grueling obstacle course. Where you have to perform this task within seventeen minutes fifty seconds. With a limited amount of air in your tank in your air supply. And you have to be you know you basically. Your pulling off hallways. You have to lift the latter. Do you have to lift you pulled dummies. You have declined six flights of stairs you have to pulled dummies down you have to break doors you have to break windows in other words. You have to be able to show that you can go into a burning building with a team of your fellow firefighters. And be able to carry your own weight and not be a weak link in the chain. Well gas swaps. I'm their big bird. I'm Daryn Mair build the blahs deals administration. Which does you know is stressing guide her city and compound. Ash from. And flow aren't. It's there is a lot of pressure on hire more female firefighters. There are 101500. New York firefighters. Only 44 of them are female. So build a blahs yo big bird has said hire more women hire more women hire more women. And so under this kind of immense pressure. Aura back co ox even though she repeatedly failed the fitness test. Is now gonna graduate and become. A full firefighter. Dreaming and it was signer to a fire house immediately beginning on Wednesday. She graduates tomorrow. On Wednesday. She's gonna be a firefighter in New York. Deb terrorists it. And I got to tell their livid. Firefighters. Are livid. The male firefighters are livid the female firefighters are live and apparently two other female pro v.s. Pass the test with flying colors. According to one insider their kicking butt. They're doing better than 50%. Of across these two women these two other women that these female probes. When they get assigned to a firehouse. They'll be welcomed with open arms because they've done what everyone else has gone through. However when it comes to Rebecca locks. FED and why members the firefighters are livid quote. We're being asked to go into a fire with someone who is it 100%. Qualified. Our job is a team effort according to one inside source. If there is a weak link in the chain. Either civilians or members can die uncorked. A lot of the girls in the field are teed off. Because they feel like they're getting lumped into the same category or a female. Getting special treatment and not meaning the same standards as the melts. According to another insider. It devalues what the women in the field have accomplished. Bingo. I want you to think about this. They are now willing to put. People's lives in danger. Civilians is lives in danger. Firefighters. Is lives in danger. For the sake of dive her city and come. And him. And Paul Lawrence. Their asking firefighters. That died. Potentially. In the name of diversity. Now look. You have to do it in seventeen minutes fifty seconds. She only finished the course once this Rebecca waxed couldn't even finish the courts except once. It took are one people minutes. More than 22 minutes. All the other time it's. They say she struggled she was too slow she emptied the air and air tanks before she even got through the obstacle. She's not physically fit. To be honest with you she's too fat she's still chubby she's too overweight to be a firefight. Now she apparel. A billion she works in the civilian side of the fire department of New York it's not like this woman is going hungry. Believe me. So apparently she's a civilian effort the Arab fire department of New York employee. Since 2009. She works as a community coordinator whatever that is. Last year she made 52338. Dollars according to the New York Post. But she wants to be a firefight. And they have to hire female firefighters. So now they're gonna lower the bar. And allow somebody who is blatantly unqualified for the job. What they're doing. Is they're putting civilians is lives at risk and they're putting fellow firefighters whose lives at risk now I'm telling. If I was at a firehouse. I wouldn't wanna serve with. Not because she's a woman I couldn't care less about her her body parts or one. Because. I can't trust her. I can't rely on her that she has my back. I'm gonna put my life in danger and knowing the person beside me is not physically fit to do to draw up. And let me ask all of you this. Your house is burning or your apartment is burning it on fire. Your spouse is there are your children are there. Do you want someone. Who can't even pass a basic obstacle course test to be the one coming in to potentially rescue you when your family and your children. Or do you want somebody that's fit for the job. Tim mean that they're allowing her to gradually. That they're going to be assigning her immediately. To a firehouse. Is to meet an absolute travesty. This is what happens when you have affirmative action and diversity. Ideology. Over reality and experience. 6172666868. Is the number. They're questions you don't share. How many firefighters are currently serving that can't pass that test anymore. Well the same with the cops well that's why I agree with you I think this test should be done every mandatory every two or three years. So that there's a basic physical fitness level for both firefighters and cops. I'm not saying every year but every two or three years. You should be able to prove that your physically fit enough to do the job. I'm with you wandered in 10% on its. Now I got asked you this Cox I'm off it's just me. I have never seen a thought fire fight. Very rarely are so I mean I'm I'm sure there must be some out there. But I've never seen are really all really overweight fat firefighter every firefighter racing honestly looks a bit pump weights three to four hours and they look in phenomenal shape. Many of the cup so there. In. It's a little different. And did just some of the golf assume given these tickets. By the time they walked over to my car I Zurich. Our analysts feel like you and oxygen tank you wanna know you couldn't do you hope you know why have. I was talking. On crew who. Cook. My philosophy that I. Do go 45. And a third. Terribly forgot to. You know why they take so long try to take in the cruiser catching their breath. Do. A I say look opposite. That's race. By the way you write that ticket and not. A violent I get away do you think you're the tech. I give me a head start. Go. But so buddy let me ask you this would you want cops as well to gold on all. I think handouts of vibration of the taken every two years every two to three years that they can't pass that they shouldn't they should be gone. And I know you don't then you say in Boston in particular you find a lot of the costs of your domino last night bugs everywhere. Every this especially when there's a lot of this does a lot of big cop. I we have talked early days. Fifty. No seriously. It's just. I look at them and I think. God bless you man I understand you know too stressful job. But there is like a legit cried like a vice officer officer that guy just all my wallet. He's not to be of the chase of I is that gonna get them. That you call for backup playing golf back up yeah. Dull dull dull gold you know the with a good chase or in the car the chase them in the card call and helicopters soon agreement or the helicopter and a car. Not on foot but you know with. Seriously. These scenes guys 350 models look to a game bang here. Well you don't around here get a dress that. Specialty groups are. Now britney's Adam. Took a 6172666868. Rob you're up next go ahead wrong. Hello hello. That's when their phones I think that police source of cellphones are broken our Fossett could there's a problem with our phone system. Apparently OKO line is we've got to the lord our great job Brittany. Rob you're up next go ahead raw. You know couple years ago it was a woman here in Boston that I know wow that's a week. That's one the academy is sued into aren't the fire department chief scarlet fire fighter without an eyelid. In Boston and you know. She actually. It has no business being there and obviously four blocked obviously won't I won't mention her name but you know and they should I retired from our force went into. We had to get tested every two years and obviously you'll get the battery of tests married that don't get different you'll you get. But we have to get dusted in and I believe the fire department bounced it gust in Boston I can't speak liberated. Now rob if you don't money asking where she what overweight just wasn't physically qualified or she too small it. She's a tiny little mentioned wave bunch you know I think it's got to mention weighed about a 110 I'll end on the big guy myself from 240 pound. And look what they want us to cheat to get me out of a fighter I mean the guy of average side like 180 yen or not Powell had a hard time getting out of black. How can a woman about size get me out of sight and I I'm you know I'm not. Trying to be chauvinistic at all but you know let's let's look at being realistic there are some technicality that the job that would be just cannot go. Rob I'm with you my friend amen brother. I mean look if you pass the physical tasks like I said there's two other women that apparent is that a better than 50% across. They're bigger they're strong they're really in good shape. God bless you if they pass all the requirements they should that we be a firefighter. But when you got somebody who sailed over a dozen tanks. And literally is running out of air in the middle of the fire obstacle. I mean to Putin Putin did there's no air and attack you want to hurt to be a firefighter. Because big bird the blog you'll says we need more women. Six I mean to me I can't think of anything more reckless or irresponsible. For the for the firefighters. And for the people potentially could be in a fire. Max you're up next go ahead but that's just me Max you're up next go ahead Max. Oh no welcome back right and so are you saying Allah and I got. Under that category I Garnett in that really you do are that and I got my friend thank you don't you know what it's not that big that wave that meant that building got I haven't is out of orbit the air. It I want I want the latest they highlight a not to create my spot. My uncle I grew up with my uncle being the commission has stayed in the answer the harder it will. They had GT three times a week. A guy. Didn't see this I clicked on it that I don't want them with some of the technique I could protect myself better than they kept. If a strike so that they don't have to do that don't expect at every year. Max I got to ask you why I'm I'm just curious why is it I'm trying to put down the cost you I love the car. Remarkably. Moderate and I want out but Guatemala and why are firefighters. In general it just physically fitter than police office I was sick I don't think I am sure there must be some I've never seen an overweight Firefox obviously got. Britain and they had to go up and down our bladders that didn't know it is her window. View it I know that highlight. What it. Underlined what they do every time they had at bell and a that I'd want to be in the best shape by the Libya. Now our police I do not understand I do not understand how they're allowed. To be overweight other people make fun of the doughnut and you know the cops and the dog is not what we're told that is. Some of those cops have made a ballet you know by dean hunt and I can tell you I have seen medic is not a site that could not say. A 300 cap person down the road and look at that may that popped in protecting our. A text that's president elect of the fact that adopting paid for basically voted on because all he could do was in there and shoot the gun. Cracked. And now you can even shoot the gun because if you shoot somebody Derian. And I feel bad that I got to be on what you I've heard you know I Oliver didn't do it our morning I heard that Al that flat without without. And to me I gotta be got an out of its elegant. A dead because I played it it was a way out of line with it I I understand not everybody believed. I'll go to country believed I understand that. I'm not and it right by enemy but what but you know that that's not a bad spot. We we do let people have a different opinion I expect to get so and these so. A capsule keel and wanting players out you know being felt right right right Steve what. And that's the separate satire about what people call like that because the majority of our web app. I've mostly I think 75% on them what they static. I thank you very much for what it does it'll you've got the bad and that we didn't I didn't have not been would be in a way worse quite and we actually that it. Thank you so much and I appreciate that Max out of Europe next to go ahead. And I don't have I'm doing great how are you out of Columbia College commercial. Thank you got a bit out monitor Russian I would do it. Yeah I'm a rocket fire fighter. Boone collect cleared. And then there's a lot of war grew wolf. British outlook. Caller I believe it. I believe out of let me ask you this would you wanna serve with someone like this Rebecca black's. Who couldn't pass the obstacle course. Who runs out of air in the middle of a burning building. Who couldn't pull you out of your life was endangered would you wanna serve with somebody like that Adam. Well armed car I mean. Like Dario either called fair. What I thought that and that at Google know this morning you're used. To knock on a workout then. Yeah you have to be sure. To like go. I won't you know. I'm with you Adam I'm with fewer you guys do great work our I love you guys honestly got to look you the coughs I love you guys. And I'm with Boxee on this I think every two years. Or three years whatever you want but there should be physical tests every couple of years to make sure that the cops in the firefighters are in the best shape possible. I go as far as you know they want they want to test school kids would then BMI body mass index. They should do it's the cops and firefighters are. Mean if they're gonna go after the kids. Do you might ask well past the firefighters and the police got. Why not what's fair is fair 6172666868. Comrade John clay you comment drew. Good morning call my dad. Gentry I don't want putted from. And tiger bonded from carrying out that tasting and smelling things and so last week I never bomb it true parent brings their radios terrible. Approach welcome our thank you my friend. When Ned colosio's drowning let's make sure to send him a quadriplegic like god. I asked us. 830 cents here on the great WORK. Go home day. We're back relax 33 years of age. Is now set to become a New York firefighter. Despite failing a crucial fitness test. Firefighters. In New York both men and women are absolutely livid. Dubbed laws yo wants more women in the FDNY. No matter what my question to you was this. Are we dangerously. Lowering standards. In the name of diversity. Does someone have to die. For diversity sake before we realize how dangerous it is 6172666868. Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. Kept hi Mike ordeal on good how are you might. Generally chaser up. But fire they'll have control over the years. Just to. I must say that oil shall say that these two women community. May have gone out there waiting a while hundreds are huge new York city fire fighting. Department of 343. Men died of emotion college. Which particularly. We'll try it let up quite a quite it will look come back a retreat meant little. And I you know all told drivers women also AP I would do what you do I must say it because will also have the guts to say it. Two women have been a pain in the park. There were a welcome women play a pleasantly luckily. Let any pressure and get out of disabilities. And chronic or play a play usually are if you look at the test a week took twenty quite yet to speak yeah. So why the big picture you see them in New York to compete girls. That that what they want a tropical. Mike as a former firefighter let me ask you this. How important are you cognizant when you guys going to a burning buildings are you guys aware. This person to my left or this person to my right I know they have my back I know something happens they can pull me out this fire. Hot is it important for you guys do know that the person and trying to view and the person behind you can save you god forbid if something collapses on you guys. Tripoli say that effort to get quite a well you know. That the guy next to me like regulars like to shake my head and I feel the same weight it's so mobile clinic and by the way the fight in the Yugoslav would Pique I lucked into sixty but could torture adored doubt continue to get that door get into wood door. I wanna get a proper global. The fiscal well look look at Lu declared we haven't gotten the word explosion it would pay top guy to promote the well. It's easy. Society you know little alarm it's quite you know that's Sesame Street in the world I have another little vitamin. It's like little look at deal out late in the idea Yugo putt putt I will be dropped. Thank you very much for that call might 6172666868. John Europe next go ahead John. And yes. Our very welcome back. One a little. If they that they are now looking at unintended consequences. Should this woman. I know that you put in everybody's life in danger room full force which achieved or how to act. That's going to be such a lot she did get in this city troll I heard appeal apply if I hope. These units that are trying to. John you know I never even thought about pitcher a 100% right. I mean if she's going to. Thank you second up all the air maritime and before you knowledge she drops that a heart attack you know in the middle of a fires something. Then I did that taxpayers are on the hook for god knows how much. I've seen them it's sort of make your own that they shouldn't have. Unbelievable although I'm out there that nobody looking at that thank. Let let that Korea called John on another John John goal and I miss you my friend how are you John. In morning that it carried it a good great to be back my friend I'm glad you're back decorate their radio work last week but Al carpet. And how can I. Ask our. It I think of course we thought certain our partnership Jake. But I think they have every couple years and officials should be required JIQ. Would never ever thought what you're NFL well. Airport gate we were so worried about Erica baht you'll want to read you find. Out why I mean that department of New York. I mean you have to be kidding. It's where not everybody feel good but she tried so hard for so long you know that the date. Well in an extended period of time with Elin and you are not got motivated. Kyra Kirk traffic by Eric eating twinkies or not walk gain are why you should put on people Richie something. Like they don't want your auto lock in your appetite very. They got under art check in cheap hoops. Or an abortion was unable. Well I mean I. I just just our reinforce which are saying John according to the New York Post piece apparently. She's really been this is the best shape he's ever been in our life. So there's a quote she's in the best shape of her life and she's still not good enough. So I ain't even lay off of twinkies I just still can't do it John. And I absolutely think so everybody tropea baker firefighter a what are able to perform hard you eat into that. It's been looted there why do terrible lack of ability. Nobody elaborate no that because the union well let it happen. The minute I shot the union is why it's critical but if that band are not like they were outweighed. Fire fighter. I am although a decade ago and now in the bill that everything's getting back out. In great I network saying it's not call or all of the place but our our school. Com or wherever and people were used to believe it because it. I acknowledged major. It's long been active for the treatment. Out. And cons aren't my cup although they hold their picnic and they're hurt they may air your feet short. Eric particular problem. And well according. Now the united women firefighters this is the organization of the fire department of New York women they actually I swear to you they're actually objecting. To the physical fitness test the obstacle course. It said that it unfairly bars females they go this. Amount to millions of him. Just eliminate it and just start hiring women I know they aren't whatsoever and with that bad job and they are. I mean I got a port Perry a huge lead and only got that they are not both Egypt say that. You know everybody get that try to calm the public they eat up a list. In military you know they typically order sent it to a copy boy at school it's probably redefined an amateur because it's not the heat but I. They eat it you're out in order trouble with the end of their accountability. So that's all I'm but the dude what about like globe or herald reporters. Do this and the fact that as well under. A lot of it. 6172666868. Okay my friends. Coming up next. Breaking news in the terrorist attack in Texas. Trust me you don't want to touch that dial WRK. Go. Jeff crooner here if you're thinking about selling your home and want the most money.