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Nick Iannelli, WTOP, on the Baltimore Riots

Apr 28, 2015|

Nick Iannelli, WTOP, on the Baltimore Riots by The Financial Exchange

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Nick I Nellie. Joining us from Baltimore Maryland nick welcome thank you for taken timeout. That's a problem Barry suck to be here. So what what's the what's it like there today how is it is it column today Ayers it's still pretty dangerous. When you compare it to what was going on last night is not armor but last night you had people in this great there work early or it. Glass bottles at police officers. People were injured several officers were injured not seriously. And is day that started out. Like sunshine but then you look at the street yup and National Guard soldiers they're standing in an army and he next humvees. Blocking out road. Other street or shut down state troopers were outstanding so there is so red and black right ear only shields and wearing helmets. So anything but normal and Baltimore but certainly better than what we saw last night which was the only way out in the. Who it nick any idea as to how many businesses were affected. By this. I think we had something like team structure fires. Yeah it got fired in Baltimore. City officials this brand new. 140. Or. Vehicle fire the people were just. Walk around they were setting vehicles on fire many of them police vehicles. Betty it is on fire loading. Emma are going. By shopping mall looting that. And danger there again spot in Molotov cocktail glass bottles it. Police officers were trying to keep the heat. Today officers are all around 800. Aren't the Baltimore along with hundreds of soldiers with the National Guard. Maryland governor Larry Hogan made promised the people earlier this morning. Its office is now located at all mark that I'm being the said it will absolutely not happen again that this massive law enforcement president. Will retain order there about the situation. Nick when you look at the rest of the city obviously you had the deluding in the riding going on in certain parts. What what exactly is going on outside of the parts that were directly affected I mean are people out and trying to act as you know go to work in. And keep up a normal order or you seeing people pretty much staying inside and out really do much in any part of the city right now. Thought that perhaps you know Baltimore public school. Well. There are being told to stay on it the bulk situation as dealt lit. Police are telling people remain in her home state. Of molecular severe weather that right ear state official LP Spain out. They up the road that will be easier to deal whatever I'm. That's very similar so what's happening here they are being sold this state inside. And as it will be easier to police the road. The downtown area the short friendly area and Ann Arbor there seeing a lot. Don't work mail going out west Baltimore and a place where these riots really started breaking out and then build and it out on area. A few people on the road. But again in the inner harbor there downtown area Baltimore. It looked like a normal days people had to work certainly anything but normal on the west side does it. Is is the west side of the city again though isn't working class neighborhood how would you describe it. There are a lot of pain in building on the west side of the city and that's another reason why we got so many structure fire last night he. Banner in Allen and it is it is in the inner city of Baltimore were being set on fire. And that is the difference between the downtown area and the west side of the date there are different. Areas of Baltimore that tourist friendly but this is the downtown and the west side of the city. There is riots started on the west side began spilling into the downtown area last night and be in arbor. Packed with tourists there's a major wary about the the people out in the lot children in the area police were telling people. Date back that was yesterday they back away from their is just not stay. And Alex right in there and at the rioting building in that area. They have only present a normal day. I sought. Video of a lot of violence around Baltimore stadium where the Orioles placed so it must've bled over there on Sunday did not. That's exactly right over the weekend thousands of people were wrapped in camping yard you know seek out the ongoing protests around the street. And last night and yards float down the oil at a game over at the white dot. That was as well. Wouldn't even allow them the go to court and yards there. Barry violent protests that erupted around the inner harbor and downtown area again they build over. In the west side of the city. And created a chaotic situation. And the city special they ought. All of this situation. Like that back to Maryland governor is not acting the National Guard and put them in. Emotion. When nick listen I know you've been up probably for two or three days straight and we sure appreciate your contributing in. Helping us understand what's going on in Baltimore thank you very much for your time. And it got nick di Nellie were.