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Teaching transgender issues without parents’ permission. 4/21/15

Apr 21, 2015|

What would you do if this book was being read to your children without you knowing?

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707 here on the way W. JO Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up vote liberal bull. Okay my friends you wanna talk about liberal bull listen to this story. You know captain we talked about this at the town hall regarding common core. How there is now a liberal progressive. War. On for the minds hearts and souls of your children. And if you don't believe me let me cite you one more any long list of examples. It's a regional story up in Kyrie means this is up in Maine. It's going and everywhere you wanna talk about going viral this baby is going everywhere. Pat Mitchell primary school. Remember these are just little kids in elementary school. At Mitchell primary school in jittery main. The short answer there. We're forced. Apparently compel time. By the superintendent. Of schools invited teachers. The superintendent is alien Hutton. To start having the students learn about what I swear do you transgender. Children. What transgender ism is. What it's like to be a transgender child. What transgender children go through and so they were assigned to mandatory. To read any children's book I swear to you about a transgender child. The book is titled I am judge us. And it's. It's all about this transgender Childs. I am jazz by judge Janine X. And it documents. The struggles of this opposes it. I don't know what I don't know what she's a girl she has a girls put calling Hershey she has a girls' brain but in a boy's body. So she's basically a girl trapped in a boy's body. And the book was part I swear to you of a lesson. On quote hauler rents and respect and quote. And sort of teach these little kids. Tolerance and respect. According to solicit schools superintendent. Alon Hutton. They had to read I am jobless. Which centers around the trial where they said was born a girl she said you know I mean born a boy. But she said she had a girl's brain she felt like a female she felt like a girl trapped in a boy's body. And landed she begin to feel old dad she had a girl's brain and a boy's body. According to the book that the students are reading the kids are reading the little Bambi knows. Who years old. Actor who. According to the book apparently a tool a little giants. Triggered at. I was born a boy but god got it wrong. And I know what tool better than god does. And I may have. Dubbed the plumbing of the boy I mean look like a boy eat you may think I'm a boy I may have been born a boy you. But UCL a got to grow brain. And that means I'm a girl. And so what two years of age I had transgender issues and I couldn't properly translate that the fight which gender was mine. And this is part of my growing struggle. From becoming a boy into a girl. Yeah that's the just about the reality just Jennings just the one about the reality TV show. So the story is based allegedly on a real life experience. And it's cold they made some bold clear way that will be appreciated by picture book readers. Apparently their parents and by teachers. This is good for the good of everybody through the good of the teachers left impeached this. It's for the good of distorted it's the children and even for their parents because they have to be taught. Paul Lawrence thank compassion. And respect for the bird. City. Well you can imagine. Many parents. At Mitchell primary school. Were absolutely. Outraged. And one mother in particular. Took it to the media. And said how dare the school. And how dare they superintendent. Take away my parental right. It's my choice and my right how are one and introduce this very sensitive topic too when my children. What values should be taught my children about this. That's not to schools right it's not their prerogative. But these are young kids. And she Pesci said to Sean Hannity quote. I feel like my thoughts feelings and beliefs work completely ignored. My right as they challenge to allow or not allow this discussion with my child was taken from me it is very upsetting to me. Then I didn't have an Al an option out all on quote. She's completely right. It is not a school's business. To be indoctrinate. Young children. We're talking about elementary school kids. 5678. Years of oil each. About something as frankly complicated. Confusing. And disturbing. I strands sexuality and transgender resume. And the school superintendent. In some ways is trying to justify your decision this progressive thugs. This this this liberal fascist. By sharing but we have to teach our kids call currents. And respond or act. How about reading writing and arithmetic. Why don't you start teaching the kids dot. Since when since when. Did our schools become social laboratories for social engineering. Notice now. Everything that used to be reserved for adults to discuss. Or maybe teenagers to start thinking about now we foist upon our kids 456. Years of age. Might Eva dished to. Change to. She supposedly the aged at Littlejohn has figured out that she had a girls' brain in a boy's body. I two years of age. My Eva has no ability or comprehension whatsoever. For her to start making decisions. Daddy I mean the wrong gender. I daddy I may look like go girl but I have the brain of a boy daddy eat. Daddy god gave me the wrong body that he's. She has absolutely. No ability. Do you know for herself whether she's actually our boy trapped in a girl's body heat. And further schools to be trying to impose this upon our children this is child abuse. This is emotional psychological. Child abuse. And so now the superintendent has been coming under fire and so she now admits. Well. Mall no whole crew home. Come on you mean informed the parents. Give them the rights in the choice about you know all whether you should be teaching them about transgender risen in trans sexuality. And bisexuality. And homosexuality. And promiscuity. And sex. And sexual education. Bhutan maybe 567 made you think it's a little young yet think. According now to anyone not to. We have a practice that the topic is considered sensitive. Parents should be informed. Know. Rule. If this in this situation that didn't happen the whole culture at Mitchell schools about teaching tolerance and respect. The people were pervert something the last and thought the book was one more piece of teaching that lesson. In retrospect we understand that coloration. It's taller raiding people of all opinions. Look this is becoming a joke. This really is. Your job with all due respect. It's not to teach the kids tolerance. Or compassion. Or sensitivity. Or above global warming or above gay rights. Or about the president aura. That is none of your business. You are we teacher to teach important life skills. Through core curriculum. Teach them the alphabet. Teaching them how to read teach them how to write teach them caught. Mathematics. Teach them not one really crazy now how about or geography. Or. Or how about a little history. Cool how bought a little civics. A and mound getting really radical mount. Maybe the declaration of independence. I think maybe the constitution. Now little just a little. Or maybe the bill of rights just a little. How about a little bit art creativity. How about a little about how about started producing not an early age a little bit to some of the sciences. This is political propaganda masquerading as education. It's my child. It's not your child. And I'll be damned. If you're gonna start telling me that might involve my two year old to. Okay we'll still as a pacifier. Might pull your world. Is struggling with gender issues. He's thinking about potentially having a sex change operation when she's 67 great years of H. Or you're gonna start reverting my kids. By teaching them about. Pornography. Or how do you put a Condo Omon or sex or. Bisexuality. Or trans sexuality. Or homosexuality. Or. A mommy track. Heather has two mommies Timmy has two daddies are in this case may be two daddies and one mommy because mounting wanna get married in threes. Leave the kids alone. You are robbing them of their innocents. You are robbing them of their childhood and and my friends this is a deeper point. Teach your child. Do you pay the taxes. You pay their salaries. They don't have a right. To take your option. Of what you wanna teach and when you wanna teach your kid away from you. And so whenever teacher says won't rarity teach tolerance respect and all you're here at least a three arts. And you know what's really sad. You now have kids graduating graduating. High school. Or functionally. Illiterate. I can't can't even do basic life. We're raising a generation of illiterates. All the dumb down population. And all the why he'll. Instead of focusing on the basics all we're doing now. It's sex it's homosexuality. Bisexuality. Now unaware transgender now now it's gotta be me me me transgender. It's a global warming and its gun control it's Republicans are easy hole. It's capitalism is bad it's our founding fathers were slave holders it's propaganda and propaganda and propaganda. Progressive as some masquerading as education. There be huge up Port Jefferson Jesus appeared that book. If there were teaching them about how Jesus changed my life or how I found Jesus. By. By. You whatever the Jenny Jennings. Fool. All. Poll. I mean old dull lives would be live it my today. Homosexuality. Lesbian and many bisexuality. Kong bombs you know name an abortion. Or what a anything at all it's just what. They're sicker the better. 61720666868. My question to use this. If this was your child in elementary school. And they had to read a book somebody transgender kids who decided that to that she was a girl trapped in the boy's body. What would your reaction be. Gordon Europe next go ahead. Or changeup. Hi Gordon. I'm a girl trapped in a boy you've already got some like Obama. For me. Historically. Well blatant historian who brought you by the letter and WGN out. 000. Brenda you're up next go ahead Brenda. Nicely said Gordon. At the question that I personally would be slipping out of and not an end and that kind of you know all look at are you getting out of college now aren't you overreacting or whatever that I would be. What Barry is very. Very very concerned. Let's put it this way. Gave up. It's two years I don't know what she's toilet trained to not and I need to know that as many kids at that age perhaps I even toilet train to thank you need and that in the concept of your bodily function or what they need to you know. But the graphic yeah head around the content that. At a car that is struggling. With eight sexual identity issue in the minds. With Sam sit there these are all lies I want a column or is it evil. It's that marketing and you spoke to cap the body yet children. There in their possession for many hours that day and that includes that. That includes Alex sitting in the classroom they actually asked the school there in this sport activity and other activities. Good that can you got it on an odd. They want to protect the lie. That day has been. Got a lead putting little pop culture for the laughs that he's sixty years and it spent battle. And I stagnant talent the broke a racquet I get back here at this point. When you stack of diminishing got a really hate him out of the equation that ultimately jacks into what it says. And you and you elevate the government that they know what facts. Stick to what we have to be a wet. Tolerance and diversity. Paler than I am not. I'm an epidemic saying I was very compassionate to a person that is struggling. With a homosexual acts. Transgender veterans that are. That they don't just stop. Yeah I'm with you. The book when you're eighteen to one in 21 you wanna start dealing with these issues and that's your business but don't start indoctrinated kids at 56 or seven. OK let them be children let them have their innocence. Six once call me crazy Mitt sued the only thing no I was confused about when brother he is what are your buzz like growing up. I mean I didn't even think she sent via the little princess coming up this year princess and even at nineteen the government doesn't trust in drank. But they trust you at five or six don't know whether you're a sex change operation incredible. I swear liberalism is a mental disorder. 617666868. All of your calls next. Point seven here on the great art jail and a year up next. Go ahead and. So morning dropped I had no one good how are you end. You know just like can already tell your book of shadows the contention that achieve that salutes as a lull you know not just stay in that in Maine. Their whole purposes sure and without wondering this is a war or after the Ritalin cocktail. You control the kids to control the future. And that's the biggest thing that's the biggest thing that you can control the kids in shape Bill Maher and so what you want the beat you out and white. I had you're completely right and frankly that's what they're progressives have been doing now for several decades and it's working. I mean it is. I'm not saying all but Tom look at a lot of the people Mallon they're one east okay who've been through the public school system the last several decades. They're filled with progressive socialist ideas. It's all of this liberal nonsense this garbage. And when it comes the basics. Math. Reading writing. Putting together a sentence of paragraph hell deployment take my word for it I swear to you. Pick up a copy of the globe with a herald to. Look at the opinion section. The columns we'd like they were written by eighth graders. I mean that ice ice I said before I'll say it again. Forget your view it's what you think of the papers ideologically and frankly I don't care for either of them to meet their herald is our final rag. And and the globe is is a movie about Iraq. But the quality just the quality of the writing it's atrocious. The quality of the thinking it's atrocious. To me the globe is serve lengthened its. That's about all you can get out of it. So and these. Are. Such a except for fraud tariffs column I mean it's just it's it's it's horrible and these are supposed to be the only two journalists of the city of Boston. So. It's already having an effect. Linda Europe next go ahead Linda. Chad good morning and thank you felt much exactly like. Can't get something can't find it sounds ironic and so disgusting. That politician in the country that's Democrat or Republican and what are you content at thousands of foreign workers into this country H one B defense. And put them to work ramp up our. American workers. What's happening that's different you're teaching divert the GO. LG BT aware I had you want to call it. Stop it that's starting at young kid out of western high school. And that they refused to teach American history and call. Foot sent our little girl so disgusted with America they don't want to teach about American history. The kid when they graduate school at an actual like. Torre actually out there. Interpret graduate. They're going into college totally unprepared for the work place. Politician and the threat that started what it brings everybody on twenty defense. I'm theory in the next 101520. Years. What's going to happen that this country. Can't going to be graduating from girl well versed in the first. Alec TPC. Are edible only that they wish that they can live their own time. It hit the school is dumb they're not going to be prepared to work in the country. I let Linda you Melvin were graduating. And army are politically correct wrong it's. And the real jobs for many here before. Welcome to liberalism for America 6176668. Leave your child was being talked about a transgender. In a children's book 6172666860. Years it's happening. 739. Here on the great W. Huge story gets even going international. What sort of our regionals not a regional angle to whip up the name jittery point. Horace Mitchell primary school. Some parents absolutely. Livid. School officials without notifying them. Cut their elementary school kids. Read a book I am judge it's about a child with a boy's body and the girl's brain. Who eventually finds a doctor. That tells the family. The boy is a transgender. And according to the book. Courage does realize that there is he should be no. I don't I wanna call it. Knew that they were transgender from the age of two. Ager told how to girls' brain and a boy's body. And some many parents are very upset saying that their children came home with questions about gender. And wondering if they too might be transgender. You know two years old parents still let their children choose what they wanna eat for dinner. But you can choose what sex or. According to the moon bats. And so one while one mother in particular was very upset. And she said that her seven year old son. Came home started asking a lot of questions. And he began questioning whether he himself might be transgendered. She said something he had never previously spoken about. Never spoken about it. Panel a lot of the kids were saying why don't always. If jazz is transgender Mimi and transgender medium a girl trapped in a boy's body just like just. Or maybe I'm a boy trapped in a girl's body. And so. A huge backlash. When they complain to the principle according to one mother. Quote he was very cold about it. It's amazing how thoughtless the school has been with this whole thing but some parents I swear to you are ecstatic. They love it that children 567 years of age are being taught about homosexuality. Bisexuality. Lesbian amity packed condoms on cucumbers. Is all bad that the Goldberg birth control the whole bit. And transgender issues. So one father probably transgender students at this school. Some think in elementary school when they pops 101112 years of age. So apparently he's got a stored in. Guys got to trial. Apparently is transgender. How you configure your transgender by 78910. Years of age is beyond me. But his father every transgender. Student apparently told gay news this quote. We fully support the stuff of Horace Mitchell school. People in this country parents in this country are outraged. By bullying. Keen sure aside rates and the depression. In children. What this house to do with teaching 67 year old kids about a transgender child. What this has to do with bullying. Sport teenage suicide rates or to depression in children is beyond me but let that go he continues. This stuff from Mitchell school is doing something about pets. By teaching your acceptance and love. They are shedding any light on lesbian. Gay bisexual. Transgender. Or questioning. Issues. Reading I am jazzed by judge Jennings distorted is a way of showing them. Died gender can be more complicated. Than just boys and girls some people are born somewhere in between. Mulder moved. I don't know I mean I know. Happy for I mean look I don't audit failures. Here either born a boy eat. Or airborne a girl and how to you know all I don't mean to be grown just check between elects. The whatsoever between your legs that bad either a girl it's settled. Now one year one neat when he told 24. On your wrong nine. If you wanna get a sex change operation if it means that much to you my hormone solid fuel my brain whatever it is that's your business get a sex change operation it's a free country. But even more than that. You're the parent. They have no peace. It's. Disgusting it's. Something as complicated. As disturbing. I sensitive. With your child. Since winter school how old since when have they stolen a prerogative sex education. So parents issue. Homosexuality. Bisexuality. What do it's apparent reach a sedition between you when your children. So call me old fashioned call me crazy. How about a little reading how about a little writing how about a little arithmetic. And stop with this tolerance and respect months cents 6172666868. In other words teach. Colleen you're up next going. And calling. Martin out hustling. I am not it didn't hit it in purity and only love it inappropriate. No no wonder how eager are you can't think shelter. And I mean that. It would be a million every day they cut back a pack. All had to name a hip hurt that he had written back. People are more functional let history back I'll let back oh I election. The more I am all the hip or. Everybody oh. Week. Are calling your 110% right I mean look honestly what's a really seriously what's next Playgirl and Playboy in the classroom. But really I mean I mean we weren't beyond not chill until what's Max. Looked yes dishes or make did want. This is how big doorway you say butt hole if your day look look how you if you're gay or lesbian look you can do it like us. You can do it like this. Or you can do look like there's some little Billy. Okay us care mommy and daddy what do they prefer. I mean this is really this is for peace is perverse. This is sick. 61 cent and I swear I'm an extremist. This is what I find mind boggling. To the progressives in this state I'm in that country Jeff corner is the crazy one. 61720666868. Donna you're up next go ahead dot. Add I'm Brent fixture there and I got angry and got an Olympic unacceptable to me. At eleven. I didn't want to go a lot more purple here at the went up late playing the girl I teach. They didn't need to know that at a young age when they got in middle school and they want it legal collaborate on something that they may have heard about bootleg you know what ever are. Then I had the parent would ban going to teach. Scott by the DGR but yeah each a huge teach at a young age at a hotel lobby a lot siblings you know my kids that they have very close to each other. And do you attribute that the fact that they always he always talked a lot each other out a lot lot every watched. And that's how it should be and that's how it should look at the end out. Amen amen. And I gotta say my name announced two so the exact same managed. The exact same age that giants. And I am jazz apparently discovered she was transgender debt to. Just to show you hope shirt and sick. How abusive dating is even start intra day introducing this these kinds of concepts to children as young as that as innocent does that. Remember right did an event up at the butterfly zoo a couple weeks ago well the nice owners they are gave us Caterpillar's. Who were now you know met amorphous thing and the butterflies. And so now the butterflies are becoming entered Phnom butterflies they're fluttering around my house. I come home from the show yesterday. There's my little Eva who years of H okay. With her little pacifier in her mouth with her little Tommy just a little bit of a commie now she's eating a little bit. Daddy we're sweet cheeks. Daddy daddy daddy Couric sure he is already getting in my what is it three what are you so excited about here's a little butterfly. He just metamorphosis from being caterpillar. And he's on the flooring is trying to fluttered. And she's like guy and don't step behind this kind of bleak data he won't step on each comment dying guy heat how might all okay sweetheart. She's now finding out about butterfly X. Her mind is being awakened to a butterfly X. And don't kill butterflies. And don't step on daughter flocks. And I'm thinking this is what two year old are supposed to do. How innocent they're Monday's how they marvel at everything in the world how everything is fresh and new and awe inspiring to them. And you're telling me that my daughter was just discovering butterfly race. He's in her mind able to think or. You know I think I'm a boy is brain trapped in a girl's body and home. I think I'm body I think I liked it both ways I think I liked to have hit with men and I like Abbott with women. To the moon bats. To their progressives. If your mother didn't tell you I'm gonna tell you. You're sick. Scott you're up next go ahead Scott. My gap has got. I say just a quick comment about education I think it's a deliberate attempt to dumb down. What these kids are learning out. Ignorant people are a lot more easily led then people can think for themselves and I think if the goal. Turn us. So robots or at least the next generation. Well low information voters. I mean we've been sitting there honestly with Obama now for the last six years. And if Hillary I don't wanna get sidetracked here okay. But think if Hillary has any shot at winning the presidency I'm telling you it's going to be the low information voters. And why would meet. What I yeah Asia fine if you're being indoctrinated. Inculcated. Propaganda east. Told transgender is some. It's all about gays and lesbians. So Paul let's indict. Hurd said he had come should. Someone like Hillary comes along what Kabul for Hillary got the control we got to vote for Hillary. Because that's how they've been programmed wired. Since they were 56 years of age all they can't read. All they can't write all they can do basic mouth that's wine eighteen trillion dollar debt bat badgers doesn't register. They can take a welfare check yes. They can watch TV and play video games yes but anything beyond that that's a bit too tough. Harry you're up next go ahead Harry. They get played on I'm telling you tell pretty good. A while ago I watched two programs and fortunate to switch to serve our TV providers would on the programs what was on local TV which is. Pretty much deep field he. Channel. And the two programs. I don't remember the first flight there was another network produces traditional something. But the one logo is. It's just it's entitled what makes quick question mark hole if you wanna look up. What I think I meant animals these are people literally think that their animals. Actually think that they animals is silly and what the there was the the transgender rights advocacy movement. Says is actually not that the mind because the feeling. It's not between its public between it's between which your ears not between your legs. And that's what happens when you have moral anarchy and you have cost. Relativism. He gets this crew we're gonna get worse of people watch out. You have that use this paper is apparel they're you know parents you define everything that happens in your school. And it might sound I don't know what's been pod but when I was going through the toward a new Playskool that would just felt nice cycle is that a good job. And knows that the two deplore persons portrait partner tomorrow would result which it says you know is really different audit which really different now than what we are going to preschool. Says there's one class a week on its people listen. And she's sit sit wondering if you sound like she really don't like it but was confused sect I guess it's okay if it does the job and I'm thinking to myself. It's doing the job this remorse and you do you do not need I was political united this class the week the entire school. To see people say that people don't beat on people call them names because of different. But this is all propaganda. Harry I have to ask you this if you raise a lot of very very good points. When you because I was bullied on as well. How did you deal with the bully did your father tell you Harry you've got to stand up to on this is how you stand up to one. Hold them well one point one of the kids to play it's he was more electric period just trying to parlay. Problems solved but it is jerk. But I got to fight with them and of course I hit him what he didn't make. And then the principal DT came on and they haven't spoken. If you didn't really say anything and I don't think they're really serving thing and there is a once first. I was walking home and they came up but they're current on my books and and on. And I just got so just upsetting this sort of turned up desk and walking on a classroom. Yeah just handles himself. Harry does not mean I feel I told my doubt about it my dad said listen son you're going to be bullied your whole life. He goes they try to bully me at work. They try to bully me throw my he goes you've got to learn to stand up for yourself and get bullied ties go get bullied and I still stand up to the bullies. Yeah my Britney Mike Cox is vital lives by you name it by everybody Mario Croatian climbing music you've got to stand up for the bullies. 617 days I don't have class and don't get. 6172666868.