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Do you stand with Rand? 4/7/15

Apr 7, 2015|

Senator Rand Paul will be announcing he’s running for president today. Will you vote for him?

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606. Year on the break WRK. Good morning news Boston. I in fact my friends. From quick little trip up the Montreal over Easter weekend by Boston's bull goes there. Back. And I got to tell you a lot lot to talk about today. But. I I get off the plane. I'm finally about to Logan Airport we finally made it them there was a little lunch ends my wife. I'm battling traffic. We landed about 5 o'clock by the time we got our bags find their way to the. Cars. And so I'm in awe and by the way in 93. It was a parking lot. I should just my wife when is this one is 93 not a parking lot idol should credible. Whether it's in the morning after norm Knight it doesn't matter it's always bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper but let that ago I digress. Sold their I am in the car. Basically looking around tomorrow. Lou mouse 63645. Like I said congestion and traffic honking everybody giving each other the finger. The kids are crying and about in the backseat mommy daddy when are going to be Omar we hole yet daddy are we I should know we're stuck on my B three. Believe me they'll pick us forever to get home. So I said who. Let me send cooks she and Britney attached. Letting them know. You know I mean I'm just the host don't mind me the corner man is back. I'd be as reported the eagle has landed. What do you guys want to do for tomorrow show you guys wanna talk about as any stories did you. Maybe the age makes me just a little just a little bit just a little era just a little bit. Here's the text I got back from Cox. So after rice say hey I've landed. You know should be a hopefully I get home shown what are you guys wanna do it tomorrow what's stories exit. FYI jet a storm re two exactly the text I got from corks. FY IE ink jet. It's Monday night and tonight we'll find out our win Brock Lesnar. He gets this championship rematch this is by the way WW we wrestling for those of you have no idea who Brock Lesnar it's. So you have till eight to call. Priorities. I'm like. This is incredible. I'm time however put us put it this. I was away pretty welcomed you back. Welcome. Really. I mean she's watching this with the stars out. I mean coaxing texted me airlock the eagle has landed this is me just arrived will be home in an hour. And I am like a yo what are you wanted to do for tomorrow's show could actually didn't even know you were gone. Laugh out lout this is me ha ha yeah you're right it. Brittany. Within these let these little would call me little symbols. Yeah Alamo geez what people like laughing with tears you know like pat how we did you know you're gonna act act. And then check the throwing like welcome back. But with one exclamation point when she really is serious is like multiple exclamation points but let that go like you warm act with a missile okay hold on but you know welcome. What do I see any yesterday when I finally got you on the phone. Well I said Jeff it's very apropos. You left on Friday and you return on Monday it's like a rove personally star. Cougar as his. Melt in fact but that's not you did say that but does not the first thing you said to me. I call a mob what was it called 750 whatever and a five X it was 801 all was a cats are put the bambino is a bush finally put the kids to bed we Iran Iraq you know I'm ready now his focus on business. On today's show. During the and this is proxy. I knew you would blanking call right now I knew you would blanket call right now just when I'm lying down. And I've got the TV on and I'm relaxed and ready to settle in for the night. Now you have to call me now you call. Hmmm might cheeks you always you lot to do how. Shocked. I tell you. The sleep and cook right celebrate this if you are just a cult is laid out. I. Expect. Such public Jay is gone beyond hot I how real. Nice to hear from you will not such. Changes are we're watching guys the B two that we that I am Mac. But you know but let that go. See the abuse psychic. The issue of the abuse I take from from from from the team here. A man in my education amount amount learning she what I have to do to make a living it's just it's incredible the abuse I take on a daily basis. But let that goal OK my friends it is great to be back. The big news of the day with out question. Do you stand with grand. Rand Paul. Is expected to announce here's bid. To be the next president of the United States she's gonna officially announce in Louisville, Kentucky today his home state where he's a senator from. That he now is going to throw his hat in the ring for the Republican presidential nomination. It has many libertarians. Fired up in as many Tea Party activists fired up. It has many independents. Are fired up and what Rand Paul is now trying to do. Is she is now trying to recapture. The energy the passion. There is the commitment. Of many of his father's supporters and a libertarian movement. But package it and sell it to mainstream. America. He is running as the true independent in the race. He is running as the true maverick in the race he is running as the true outsider in the race. And Rand Paul is now essentially. She's message and his campaign will be yes. We've had the Republicans. We've had the Democrats. This duopoly. Is bankrupting and crippling America. It's not working. And not only is it bankrupt union crippling America. But according to Rand Paul and his supporters. It is systematically. Destroying our republic. And are very constitutional. Very constitution. And private personal liberties. And sol Rand Paul is now gonna take a stand. He says that his libertarian message has now arrived. The libertarian moment has now arrived. And he now wants to roll back the government in almost every sphere. And liberate the individual. He wants to repeal the NSA. He wants to repeal. Obamacare. He wants to slash taxes across the board. He says that he will balance the budget within a couple years he will slash 500. Billion dollars. From the federal budget across the board. He will abolish the IRS. He will abolish the Department of Education he will abolish the Department of Energy he will abolish the Department of Commerce. Or is seaports that the department of non education. Of non energy and of non commerce. He will do evolve power substantial. Lead to the states. He wants to restore federalism. The way it was practiced. By our founding fathers and by most American presidents until the last several decades. He wants to bring power back to you. Where you have greater choice and greater freedom in your individual life's. That the government has become way too intrusive. Way too burdensome. Weight too invasive. He wants to and Obama's. Drone program. Whereby he says we're just slaughtering not just terrorists but innocent people all over the world. We wants to end the practice of having drones flying over American skies he says spying on Americans. He wants to end the entire surveillance state. He doesn't want the government listening in on our cell phones he doesn't want the government trolling on our social media. He doesn't want the government reading our emails. On foreign policy. Rand Paul says he will declare war in congress. Costs for congressional declaration of war something we have not done since World War II. And smash prices with the full backing of congress and the American people. In other areas of foreign policy he wants that and constant military intervention ism. He wants to and are endless wars around the world. He wants the slash and get rid of our foreign aid budget saying it's time to put money here and put America first. On social issues. He believes abortion should be left to the State's. Same sex marriage should be left to the states. Marijuana he wants to decriminalize marijuana. And throw it back to the states let the states decide whether it should be legal or illegal. In other words. He wants to restore our constitution. And our fundamental personal liberties which she says both parties. Republicans and Democrats. Have chipped a way out over the past several decades. And so he is now running. On a powerful. Populist slogan. Defeat the Washington machine. Unleash the American dream. Listen to Rand Paul as he released an ad teasing his presidential announcement did a roll it cooks. Probably. Candidates for 46. Scene that are more interesting than Rand Paul grandfather's been the most consistently. He might just be that candidate wins of winning this thing he's got the organization on the ground right now. In all fifty states he's got young full. Folks gravitating towards him he's got African Americans taking pause looking at them to fix Washington we can't have this statues. Congress should ringing them have marine. Congress should also live under the laws they back. If they won't let us. Limit all the returns instead of that career politician backing. Buster yesterday mobile. Senator ball shoots down a lot of passion that many Americans and admire others joined him on the very fine show their support. Filibuster the way it's meant to be. Have failed already this. I wanna talk about your trip to Detroit this week where you. Helped open the first of what are going to be several. Republican outreach center is an inner cities you also unveiled your plans for economic freedom. Yeah in depressed area I think at this point you have to call him a front runner and I think it says something profound about. To our founding. Stand up for the entire. Back to prosperity back to. And balanced budget. Simple fair tax system. H I T I gotta say it's a very very powerful god. Now you know were right stand it I love Rand Paul I think he'd be wonderful as the Republican nominee. Mike McConnell opposite things stand right now is that groups to me it's a choice between now. A Philly mean you're home and ran a dry aged cowboy state. I'm a cowboy state command but Ike I'm very happy what do filet. Rand Paul let me tell you this about Rand Paul. Rand Paul will appeal to young voters. Rand Paul will take the message to African Americans and minorities in the inner cities. He's gonna talk about enterprise zones he's gonna talk about the the power of free markets he's gonna talk about unleashing the American dream. And getting off the economic plantation. Of welfare liberalism. Rand Paul is gonna restore our bill of rights and our constitution. And my question to you is this he in many ways is an exciting candidate he's the most original candidate. How are as libertarian. Ism now found its voice it's Ronald Reagan. Do you stand with Rand Paul. Will you vote for Rand Paul. Or conversely. Will you all holds a Rand Paul. If you wanna study do you stand with Rand. If the answer is yes he's the man of the moment text made the 68680. If you believe the answer is no net. Text to be the six saving six JD. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends at the greater land senior services. Greater land senior services is hiring right now. Just visit GL SS dot net and applied today that's GL SS dot net and apply for a new job today. 61720666868. The question before the house. Rand Paul is announcing his bid to be the next president of the United States today. The race is on. Do you support them do you stand with the Rand. Or will you oppose them I wanna hear from you how do you feel about Rand Paul candidacy. You'll like them not like film all of your calls next. WRK OU. Kim a. Joseph DiMaggio. Didn't trust. Above all it's time for a new. I don't we score again. Boston's bulldozer and we'll get my friends. It's on. For an. All will be announcing today from Louisville, Kentucky. He's got a vast campaign infrastructure. Already in place. He has a huge network a base of libertarian supporters. Constitutional lists independents. Conservatives. They believe now he is demand the fresh Trace the fresh voice. To break through the Washington establishment. And return power to the people. Do you stand with Rand 6172666868. In Europe next thanks for holding go ahead. Take you out all the songs on my back on oh OK okay I thought I. Umpire and I think a lot of our country. People don't wish you are she and are you watch. I doubt very Jarrett Jack I doubt that ran all of this receipt. Contributions from Qualcomm which I heard. I have been a pro amnesty and gets cut. I are good our show read all ready to ship that are there legal yeah what are. And what could just believe that and I think. He is not a Republican easy alert Marion. I I'm I'm a Republican so you gonna let it be equally in an amnesty. He is there if you look at our on YouTube yet if they wish you are. I'm sanctity of marriage. But he won't first shock. Or. Yeah and you're right and we beat double what groups we stand on the matter why is it gonna talk and eat well. We do that and I'll give you an example walk I looked at first I'm gonna look a little water already here and like Al. And the duke couldn't comment I'm running yet. You logic out the big they are gets comical or not. June aside not a comic why because our budget they let money no app. Oh I thought. What we out it was that at the port where the duty. Hiring him and and and. Dion who are you make your case very very well I got to serie and thank you for that call of an answer your question in a second but you touched on common core. Let me stress this to everybody. We have a couple more tickets available to give away it's going to be one of the most important town hall events we've ever done. This Thursday two days from today April mind I'd pick how long restaurant. Join me as well as other leading education experts policy analysts. Who have studied common core know everything about it. For a major town hall on the origins of common core. The goals of common core how it's being implemented. What the real plan behind common core areas. For your children for your grandchildren. You need to know what's happening because this is going to affect them and view frankly. In a very personal way. And in a very long term permanent way. So call now 6179311680. 6179311680. If the wind is busy please keep calling back. We're gonna give away tickets. Join me a WR KK ghost town hall event. Thursday April 9 a pick how will restaurant ruled one in its August. It's brought to you by bill Kelly financial services doctor Daniel less sever sleep apnea specialist. And Boston's talk station WRKO. Shall call now 6179311680. You can also bring a guest or friend. For his upped it to. Trust me on this this is very important if you can show up show up. Desk Danielle thanks for holding go ahead Daniel. Hi good morning Jeff thank you for everything you do and I know that some time don't yet again not just say what you think I I well off. I like. Eight crew. My problem is I was born in Canada I'm ready and Larry can I love my country I'm I'm not true ally to America and 2004. And I got my people are in my hand it's only in L is just like an American now but cannot. Brought up president. So yes I'm gonna vote for it electable. America. Because I think our current attention span and Iran all that despite liking him at first I need to transition that would be a change from a lawyer. But he. He can't illegible. So I will look at him I'm going to look at all those are candidates who are techcrunch late. And also little formal event that bishop. I Danielle I got his first of all your your accent is so charming. I love your rocks and I kept period in Montreal over the weekend. Look it's I think the real is the real debate it's gonna be Ted Cruz vs Rand Paul. And they both have strengths and they both have weaknesses. We're gonna get into that. Why does the liberal media tear ran all you're not gonna believe this tactic they're gonna you. Try to destroy ran come mauled bill Hank Alan hang on. You stand with ran it 6172666860. All of your calls. 636 here on the great WRKO. Jeff Horner. Classrooms bulldozer. Okay my friends. The corner country poll question and there's sort of the day. Do you stand with ran he is announcing his presidential candidacy Rand Paul is today in Louisville, Kentucky. If the answer is yes tax days six days six days. If the answer is no affect me just six days of Sadie. Crux of what are the poll results so far. 72%. Say yes 28%. Say no. So obviously corner country is very receptive. To a Rand Paul candidacy or presidency. Com a look not Danielle but the previous caller. Are going to be uneasy with Rand Paul on certain positions. I'm gonna get Rand Paul on the show and I'm gonna pin him down definitively. On his position on immigration and amnesty. Because I think that's the biggest problem frankly for most conservatives. But if you look at Rand Paul if you just stand back look at his positions. Common core he's adamantly against common core. Common core will be repealed root and branch under Rand Paul presidency. The First Amendment will be completely restored under Rand Paul presidency. Religious freedom laws. Not is going to be enshrined. Everywhere under Rand Paul presidency. The Fourth Amendment is going to be restored under Rand Paul presidency. The NSA gone. Massive surveillance or spying on citizens. Gone. The Second Amendment. He's gonna protect the Second Amendment and he is going to peel away and repeal. Gun control legislation after gun control legislation. Obama care gone. Foreign need gone. Legalization of marijuana he will leave that to the states he's a Federalist. On marriage. Image issues like same sex marriage he will leave it to the states. On abortion he's against Roe vs. Wade and you'll allow the issue to be decided ID state level. So if fury constitutional. List all kind of demean the one that I really think is key. He's he's against drones were not going to be bombing other countries using drones. And killing innocent civilians he's gonna and Obama's drone campaign. But the big issue. He will balance the budget. Rand Paul is the only one to give him his due who was laid out eight Cong Reid's plan. With details on what the cut. He will slash 500. Billion dollars from the budget. And he won't get as balanced within a couple of years he will push back the mountain of debt he's gonna start to push back. The mountain of debt that is mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren. So if you want a balanced budget. If you war pro Second Amendment. If you're broke tenth amendment if you want a repeal the national surveillance state. If you want a repeal obamacare. If you want a restored the bill of rights and the constitution. If you want a candidate that has a lot of appeal to independent voters to libertarian voters too young voters. He's gonna go into the inner cities and talk about enterprise zones and tax cuts and promoting entrepreneurship. And getting them off welfare. This guy is your man 6172666868. And that's why the liberal media fears him. Because this man poses a threat like Ted groups he Ted Cruz Mike Lee. Are just three amigos of the Tea Party movement in the sent. There are other great senators Jeff Sessions from Alabama joining earned Strom Iowa a lot of the new crop are phenomenal. But that is the core of the Tea Party movement. And that's why they're gonna demonize him at every turn. And notice. Because he sold likable. Because he's a doctor. Because he's very surgical and precise in the use of his works. It's very hard to turn him into a caricature. Of this far right wing neo Nazi extremist. So how always the media going after Rand Paul. This sins of the father are being laid at this event at the feet of the sun. Every the Washington Post the New York Times political USA today. It has been weeks now knowing he's going to be announcing his candidacy now. Did you hear what his father Ron Paul says. Do you agree what that plan do you side with a grand. They try to take any controversial. Comment or perceived to be controversial. Comment by the father who by the way now is retire their bets that he's done. And they keep asking the sun. Brand agree he disagreed. In other words they want Iran is smear campaign against the older man by going through the sun. That's how they figure they can destroy Rand Paul. And Rand Paul's answer has been and I hope he sticks stoic is. I'm my own man I have my own positions. I stand my own ground. I have my own distinct worldview and philosophy. He won all my father thinks about something passed my father. But notice the hypocrisy in the contradiction. Cook she pointed to sell to me this morning brilliant. How come home when a true constitutional. Listen libertarian is now running. Against the Washington. Government media complex. Suddenly. What a father fix is so important. Home now you can't read an article about Rand Paul with all reference in the father Ron Paul. But what about Obama is that. The dear leader wrote not one but two books. About the influence of his father on him all day never ask Obama they never asked Barack Hussein. About his daddy. They never. Lou speeches from Reverend Wright little that had nothing to do what Barack Hussein. Mama long haul bill where's that had nothing to do with Barack Hussein. As I said his Kenyan anti colonial radical socialist father and they are Muslim let that go. Diana had nothing to duel with Barack Hussein. But now when it comes to Iran all. Wohl who don't follow other it's very important to we have to discuss the father look at the influence he had on asylum. Their hypocrisy. Is shameless. And obvious to everybody because you know what my friends they fear him. He's gonna take away their power and give it do you. And that's why Rand Paul must be destroyed. 6172666868. Dual use. And with Rand Paul come all Europe next go ahead come all. Very researcher Craig hi we just discovery Jeff please them and nobody calls me mr. Our Erik Kevin nobody caught see Brit nobody I opera nobody calls me mr. Kamal I'm not that important. Well thank you grab remark call. Yeah I. You know like. Yeah a couple of weeks yeah ever bumped off a naturally go to. A black conservatives. Ron Paul would be like our next protect crude don't. Kamal while house so you do you think for yourself come mall. June led like a sheep like others. You're an independent thinker come wallet obviously your very intelligent man I congratulate you my friend. I'm a body temperature year. Apoplectic act like an. So Kamal would you would you would back Rand Paul you think he's Sarah. You think he'd be a very strong forceful bowled a principled leader for the United States. Yeah definitely I'm really without. All this like god spying on people like the American youth who like can't. Kamal thank you so much for that call I appreciate it I'm telling you I think he's gonna get a strong segment of the African American vote. He's out there campaigning he's in the inner CD's he's doing aggressive outreach. Rand Paul is gonna bring new. Voice a voices and you votes into the Republican Party I think he wants to broaden the tent and that's also part of his appeal. 6172666868. Steve Europe next go ahead Steve. Yeah morning Jeff the big question is can you tell me why she stacked Mitch McConnell against that Tea Party member. I cannot see why it Tea Party people are excited about it and I can not trust him. And that's a question I'd like they had you asking if you give them one ratio. Sting had done my old. That's the second question I'm gonna ask him the first one's going to be on immigration the second one and he's I'll tell you what he's told other media outlets. But basically he needed Mitch McConnell support. To have any kind of serious influence in Washington. It was a deal that he cut. To give what he says constitutional civil libertarians. A voice a place at the table. Mitch McConnell is very powerful. Senate Minority Leader now we senate majority leader. That's why he did it apparently initially because he defeated. McConnell Allah. When he won the Republican primary 2010 in Kentucky he defeated a top McConnell ally Scioscia McConnell couldn't stand each other. And then both of them said look you're both very powerful in Kentucky. McConnell needs Rand Paul Rand Paul has big aspirations. If you wants to be his goal. Used to be libertarian isms Ronald Reagan. That's his vision. To port libertarian ism in the White House and so the thinking as you got to put some water in your wine. That's. You wanna make it all the way you've got to put a little watering your wind Reagan at the compromise a little. Rand Paul says I gotta cut a deal with Mitch McConnell that's just life. 617. Under is giving you his his his recent. 6172666868. Sally Europe next go ahead south. I am I did I think that Rand Paul is brilliant action. I ink bad. He is really answer should do all of their you know issued act. Are they won't and it's a lot don't you get up and did not put on the air achieved very out of Rio and no matter what. Sort of external where he has been very articulate stock quote respond. It even so brilliant blue route eagle on that aren't worried about images I don't think our order. It's not wrapped up orders. And with that. And I'd. Sally look cute on something he's very Smart he's extremely well read. Keys you quite principled and he's had to make some deals but overall he's quite different you know where we stands on many of the issues. And look I think he's gonna run on three I think three issues. That any general a lot of issues but three issues that I think you're gonna catapulted into the pot and I was gonna win what's gonna make him a first year major candidate. I think number one. He's going to repeal the National Security Agency the surveillance state. Which is big I think it's it's to me it's the if he's running against whoever the Democrats put up the battle alone I would vote for Rand Paul. She would end this a police state that the Democrats and the Republicans have imposed upon us number two. He is going to restore the constitution and the bill of rights. Number three. And I think this is an issue that's got a lot of legs a lot of people who support the legalization. Of marijuana. Or he wants to just send it back to the states and like Colorado and let them decide on a state levels of taxes will vote them all. Colorado will vote yes let the states decide. But I think the pro marijuana legalization people. Are gonna back Rand Paul in a big way. And that's gonna give him. A lot of energy a lot of support a lot of enthusiasm. My question to use this. All of you that support the legalization. Of marijuana. Have you found your champion in Rand Paul. And will you vote forum 6172666868. Do you stand with a brand today is the big day all of your. But judging from that turn out here plenty of people think it. Throwing error after the when you are okay no okay. On. Senator Rand Paul Kentucky Republican Tea Party darling. Is now throwing his hat in the ring he's gonna announce later today in Louisville, Kentucky. By he has openly said Jeb Bush is quote Democrat lite. That he cannot win the Republican nomination. And doesn't deserve to he says he's gonna hammer Hillary Clinton on Ben Ghazi. He says it's now time to give constitutional it's a voice. Will you back will you stand with Rand. And Europe next to go ahead and. OK and I don't I'm Howard you and very eager yeah I'll definitely a supporter and auto recall and remember the next. The next nominee other. Or nominee president than. 2012. Would probably lost. The bottom line is it the establishment Republicans. Need to get behind a real constant who has a real conservative. Beach Yankee now pretty progressive candidates. I expect him to win. Online as well and I'm not many people in the Republican Party I'm Irish pursue Republican. And it uber important it is getting ill wind. Instead of what that candidate is it really hurts you know I know what according represented I wrote I've patent document put them. That's an answer what it would make if you're a Republican candidate wins. If they're the same as the democratic unity. It doesn't make any sense and Richards took sort of look at the argument and I don't bring grand ball in mop. And they were trying to do what we're able to lose isolationist there on that end the I know Rand Paul is constitutional as using it rejects the next page two years. I hope brings freedom back to the nation of people put a Culpepper people's you know you roll back the enlightenment of the revolution. And good to people don't understand many people they don't actively don't study history. But we actually had a real conservative. Or real constitutional sort of person I respect the constitution in the back while exploration. Just just as well Reagan didn't break this country would turn around in a hot he. And I gotta tell you look I think Rand Paul per look I stinks look I love Rand Paul I don't wanna you know. Do the analogy over and over again to mean these are great for LA Nina all I love filet. I'm still a pet crews guy but believe me. I'd love if are Rand Paul presidency Jeff corner is over the moon you can text assets 68680. This is from 603. Jeff. So you wanna do away with Deanna say that will put that will give overtake our 100000 people out of work yes. Guests. Let these get stop both spying thugs I get a real job. At stop spying on Americans and violating our civil liberties get rid of every single one of them. On vowed a long I would vote for Rand Paul this is from 508 Jeff. Rand Paul will audit the Federal Reserve stopped the EPA and their massive overreach into the lives of Americans and business. Great start if you ask me. He'll also get rid of obamacare. Restore the First Amendment. The Second Amendment the Fourth Amendment on defense the man. Another words the bill of rights. What got kind of squeeze in one more call books twice second. Kevin you're up next go ahead sorry frank you're up next go ahead for good. But just what you gonna have the money go. I'm gonna get him on the show. Probably the next couple weeks in fact were already working with his people. Bob cook see yourself following mission I don't wanna get into it but. Crews will be coming on Rand Paul for coming on. John Bolton will be coming on we're gonna have everybody on the show I promise. Caballero Mets go ahead Cavanaugh on the all right Kevin. Got to put the radio down my friend okay. My friends I'm up against the coming up next. You wanna know why we need a constitutional. Restore libertarian like Rand Paul. Five got a story for you. Dirk comment after you in your car now. When you put on your headlights I swear to you don't touch that dial. You're listening to the FCC.