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Should we take Andrew Jackson off of the $20 bill? 3/20/15

Mar 20, 2015|

If we had to get rid of Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, who would you pick?

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Couple were polio program like 705 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Okay my friends. Here is the corner country poll question. That day. And it's creating already even here within the roof heated debate and discussion. Plan now it's taking place all over the country. There is now a Porsche. To get rid of old Hickory from that point eight dollar bail. Many liberals many progressives are now saying once they get rid of the term Redskins. From view Washington football team. They wanna get rid of the or would they consider one of the great killers or murderers of native American Indians. Andrew Jackson. Who they say it was a genocide will killer of Indians. They say it's a shame that all the Koreas are twenty dollar bill. And so many of them are now calling. For Jackson to be removed off the face of the twenty dollar bill. And because women are not to represented. On any of our major currency. Not one dollar bill has George Washington in the five dollar bill has went and ten dollar bill has Hamilton. Twenty dollar bill obviously has as old Hickory. The 100 dollar bill has Benjamin Franklin the fifty dollar bill has Ulysses as grant. There's on the one million dollar bill I have no idea to any news there or won't they haven't that is Avastin is there even is their one million dollar bill. I know this one really large piece a currency that like only banks use. Drilling on circulation. Is like a thousand dollar Miller. I don't know four point. But anyway but sold to those of the major denominations. And they're saying now that it's time to report any woman's place on the money. And so a lot of feminist groups are pushing to get president Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill. This is straight from grass Mussa from the big polling firm and they wanna replace them with a famous woman from US history. And so many Americans think any former First Lady for example might be a good candidate. And so the latest Rasmussen Reports national Palomar hotel home telephone survey. Finds that 45%. Of American adults agree. With these proposal to put a famous US woman on the twenty dollar bill. So almost the majority want Jackson off the bill. And they wanna put a famous a woman an American woman 34%. Disagree leave all that Korea along. 182%. Are undecided. He decided that would put into the take him off category because if they I decided began everything can be easily swing and with you I'm with you. And so right now they've been holding a survey. Hillary Clinton is number two I swear to you. On the list of people wanna see her face on the twenty dollar bill. Ella nor Roosevelt. FDR Roosevelt's wife First Lady under the Roosevelt administration. Is number one as things stand right now. And so it's Eleanor Roosevelt won Hillary Clinton number two my question to you is that's the corner country poll question of the day. Should we take Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill. If the answer is yes. Taxed paid the 6868. If the answer is no net. He was one of our greatest generals one of our greatest presidents. I mean you just helped us win the war between twelfth. Mark let that go. This morning side Texans beat the 6868. So no tax B 68680. Yes that's a 686 say. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends. At the great early and senior services. Greater when senior services is hiring right now just visited GL a SS dot net. And applied today that's GL SS dot net. And apply for a new job today. Let me just say 92%. Say yeah I know an 8% say yes. Prime with the audience. I say leave old Hickory alone. He helped win us Florida. He helped win us the war of 1812. Which would have been eight she merely aiding tragic defeat for the United States at the hands of the British. He ushered in democracy as we know it in the United States through his presidency. I think he's one of the greatest presidents of all time I think this is part of a continuing campaign. To vilify. The great American heroes and if he's not the founding generation. He's right after the founding generation. This continues an assault on the fundamental pillars and foundations. Of our country. However that being said. I really would not mind let's say a ten dollar bill or whatever another currency another bill in the the denomination of our currency. And if there was to be a woman I really doubt wouldn't bother me at all. Not only that. I got to be very candid with all of you let's say it is a 25 dollar bill or just throwing numbers out there are 75 dollar bill. Not just women. Why do we limit the people on our bills to just politicians. Why not have famous inventors. Famous writers like for example what I would be happy Albert Einstein. Was she not a great American. Thomas Edison. Alexander Graham Bell. Some of the greatest invention is the right to Brothers. You to in terms of were James Madison the father of our constitution. He's on the 5000 dollar bill he is. You know are you know there are you serious Woodrow Wilson's on the 100000. Dollar or so there really there really is a 600000. Dollar bail get salmon chase is on the 101000. Grover Cleveland is on the 1000. And the kid is on the 500. You see. I got a BC always politicians I would I think inventors have just as much if not more impact. Writers. Mark Twain. Ernest Hemingway I could run down the whole list I don't know why we don't recognize the Stephen King. I let's say that ethic that I mean let's I mean let's get serious narcotics. Did on Damian and I'm talking about a series everybody musicians. Yeah I should help us be on a dollar bill you know honestly she reasons America out whereas apple I agree with you he's had such your. Mark global impact on American popular culture and culture all over the world be such a great American. In terms of his impact and influence. I'm very open to that now if we weren't I have let's say a two dollar bill okay. And we have to have a woman on the bill. My pick honestly would be Rosa Parks. I would not be it would no way in hell would it be Hillary Clinton no way in hell would it be Eleanor Roosevelt. Timmy Rosa Parks was an absolutely important transform it your finger. Crucial to the civil rights movement. I'm a big Rosa Parks I would be more than happy to put on a two dollar bill I would go and that falls into your politicians. So crazy right. Yeah. And I mean let's be honest I mean Betsy Ross you're not that big a fan. I'm Abigail Adams plus a Saudi a mock me non dessert you're just kind of reaching for a woman you're thinking it and but I'm rich or pro life trying to saga we are. Crush. There's a couple of the sales that are really reaching now we're learning a wash wash so let's go. So coach what would be your vote is for let's say to put a woman not. A two dollar bill or any kind of a visit sexist I can't come up with anyone. You cannot come up with one single woman that you aren't. Are you serious you're saying that women have made such little contribution to American life in America Lucille Ball. You would put Lucille Ball I just try to think of what. That's the best that you can come up with price can't I mean Abigail Adams Dolly Madison Betsy Ross. One second Julia why Susan B. Anthony. Low. While Marxist who challenge you mpeg Rosa Parks along remarks at a premium USEC is as black that you just and that's the only reason I did not. I told Omar we're talking about I mentioned at all marginal Mara mentioned it though Omar said Rosa Parks anyway I should say that's why don't tell me various artists and and he said Rosa Parks. Lisa and I love you Jack has said no I love you brother. 61726. At 6860. Trillion budget tomorrow when it came on one. My big event that'll happen to shut up. I would put Rosa Parks on one and Martin Luther King on the other on another. Cowboys rose hits like guys that yeah Martin Luther King on the front you know the little picture they got on the front. And on the back is the scene the first sitting on the sort of on the bus that would work I like I would work I would be happy without. But I'm just stunned that you cannot name a prominent woman that you would put on any dollar bail is set Oprah. I said what seemed. Thought how actually actually actually. It's. Oh. Cool optional. I. Oprah would just give money away can't opt out. 61720666868. Is the number okay double barreled question cooler country. Should we take Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill many liberals and progressives want to do so. Who would you replace Andrew Jackson we have if you want if you wanna get them off the biggest from the news departments and Sally ride all Sally ride. Police again. June almost Sally right see the spaceship. Armed challenge our institutions incredible YI. This is an ex. 15 in the morning this is incredible. I appreciate you choosing create your doing this incredible lyzard goal going all known auditions incredible. Rosa Parks I mean. And she's cash or not I don't sense if there was a woman report on a dollar aerial tubman. Who would you put on the dollar Bill Curry is government Clark she basically says either Lucille Ball. For the latest Playboy playmate. I say Rosa Parks 617666. Mid 68. Dave I don't quite proud. The David are up next go ahead David. And I'm glad what we're focused on important issues I would go. Britney spear head on the aren't Ellen DeGeneres on the. Speed are. Brittany is a big Brittany spears found a did you not I'm really errors and I she's another one. She's a great American really a great American. Not a die would be up for me she's right up there with Rosa Parks really here are. 617206. At great American. Middle of December which is a great American League most swimmer when she goes driving she gets lost. A millionaire hardly think one of the great Americans and history but now but let that go carts I bet you didn't know she wasn't always like to you Google before. 617 they've put animals if 6170. We did the bald eagle that's our symbolism month. Rattlesnake. He put a rattlesnake. Gaffe while I don't tread on me airline that's about Turkey. But Turkey. I know it's a bit of any feminine if that's what they want to the National Guard to be. 6172666868. Is the number billionaire up next go ahead bill. I know on our political woman around. Not a white a lot of politician but I'll look then to build. Who would the woman who own marble house been divorced her husband married the billionaire down the street all were all Belmont. Would instrumental in getting women to -- future billions that she inherited they have gotten divorces and whatnot. Duke post parties and get the change that. Led to women getting the vote if you Google search Al book and they'll be a Vanderbilt. Beat beat stop letting BI LTE not dual loyalties. She with a very influential woman are a hundred years ago. Yeah future billions for that. And Dale's she would be your candidate if you had to put a woman money on a bill. You say put her on the bill. I like mobile barks so because it could blow apart shows an ordinary person can stand up and be a catalyst. Forward shorter cherry on which you've Todd got to me that's why Rosa Parks amusement number one point there are great thanks. Thank you so much bill great minds think alike my front 61720666868. Dave you're up next go ahead date. Yeah I don't care how are you do not to America or worse there are currently the only people want to know woman on the on the bill. I mean you look at stamps and stuff and they put a lot of people. RC. Traditions to hamper whatever. What are we just have you know I don't wanna week club you know or one week a British woman's on the next speak that way much table only to young adults. Who's your favorite woman. Much. While. The Chechnya. Kaka whereas your mistress and cut it off with what the big secret is. 617266686. You know so. These presidents around bill if they're also on according. So we should take about one of the other big watcher like Lincoln's on the one of the patent. Sleep modified and put the woman on the penny in but you wanna put a woman on the penny you know insulting someone would find meant. So he's a fiber but I miss the tiny. Emmy Awards something it rail links and that's fake that's just paper don't pay it actually works. I'm in this day is. Hamilton's not. Natural born citizen gearan him. Clearly how moved in with such a great man and I'm not saying he wasn't on the bodies are we. The constitution he held when the American war for independence and JFK sabbaticals and I disagree. Built by I disagree. I think he was a best of very mediocre president. And his personal outlook that have ended with Garrett in his personal life I mean they're just it just trust me on this he makes Bill Clinton look like a saint. Jackie Onassis. Wife Marcia shot UMass has been and Brittany said it not me why he's tradition and a lot of money and she married a rich billionaire Greek tycoon. So you marry a wealthy guy in after your husband gets shot you run often get married a billionaire all of a sudden. You will you Wear expensive European clothes in the mix is suddenly worthy to be on some kind of a dollar bill. It's outrageous every day. An all star I'm just saying I mean of him lieutenant just incredible I mean seriously what's next Farrah Fawcett there's gonna put for Arafat's on the bill so we'll sit Jane Fonda. You know or Jennifer throws you up what do Madonna I mean at this stage what the column militia when. Let's just put Madonna on the bill that can make it part of that root or YouTube make an argument for Madonna. Yes she can be in the consideration. The only question is this week just trailblazing performer trend setter would she being linked or call. Well you have to prove otherwise so she can be used for stripper money. I. 6172666860. Vivian Europe notes go ahead Vivian. Good minding my French I'd love these segments he's a great tall thank you very much Terry Cain I think restaurant. Great school now. Chippy on the bill oh god bless is to put up with Il. Crucial social. And they and Al Gore elected any intent. He would get off vivienne all my hard to really look great inventor like now it. Hey every night these period and it thank you so much forgiving god bless you. 6172666868. Cordon Europe next go ahead more. Shepherd at the perfect woman candidate to vote or Drobo. Barack Obama. And experts. You all of my favorite picture of him he remembered the one I think was his first or second vacation which I think was the vineyard. What is Jalal not unlike you I don't what is bicycle helmet design is little bike though little bicycle. He's got to sell outlook and it yeah. He's got elbow I swear to you elbow odds mean besides the helmet the whole thing and writer at same time. Putin was off on his vacation I swear he's hunting tigers. I guess work. Cuba is slumping tigers shirtless sweaty shirtless he's got his shirt off where his bulging chest that military fatigues his parents bury his there's Putin with. Bear just been hunting tigers swimming the ball down and our guy with little by the his helmet and his meat. Oh yeah. Then things didn't even think they. A man of mobile and in the full of local. How about Lewis and Clark. I gal Lewis and Clark definitely. Noted that I'm I'm I'm with you on that one. I'm with you. 6172666868. OK whoever is on line one because it sits just states. This is a token you're telling me John Ridley is just. Printed up Sean. So it's all wire OK so Omar is the only one on the ball here. So Omar printed up Sean OK so one that please somebody knows what they're doing in the boost Sean you're up next go ahead Chevron. Good morning at the code well so I'm good how are usually. I think there at the perfect illusion all site when you believe Jack and picture on there do they get BR there but it looked like he's got. That's brutal I coached. Football man. There comes Obama here's Obama in little by. New anathema would be a beautiful give welcomed you let it. Mom need to mission now look where are you mission until. Bob bureau Mets go ahead Bob. That there aren't national good morning Bob are you. Good hey you know let me first second I think Hillary Clinton as it is a well it is a perfect the apartment but not already all of dull just stay out all the all the security think that you could do. What they'll spot on the aren't. You know you could take input in the all local security strip along the fact that there are bad and you could take out considering god we trust. You report what difference does. If moon edge Snowden I think he's too hard for ever I mean I like get snowed and I agree with us Snowden but I think he's too controversial. I what do you think Cox Jackie Robinson he said no sports but. I mean yeah and I think Jackie Robinson's a great American hero. I think no question about it Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan Ott Babe Ruth honestly I think babe I think Babe Ruth saved baseball after all black Sox scandal of 1919. I think Ruth really put baseball back on the map. Nom de about just Vince Lombardi. I think Vince Lombardi is the Bill Belichick is a phenomenal coach don't get me wrong I think Vince Lombardi was the greatest coach of all time. And really made football what it is today. Good thinking ahead right we should just put miles a timeline right now. Societal awareness that it. Or Lenin what the house putting Karl Marx what the hell up. Or hey reverend Jeremiah Wright he's a great American tour and he's the future. 6172666868. John you're up next go ahead Jong. They won't serve. Hey John how are so real and I took after Friday a weekend. Yeah idea went and I don't think it'd be taken off what it and you already bought it I guess you got congresswoman not yet rank. A life she's the first female congresswoman. Yes you should post throughout what would blow right to vote. So you you would you put in for you would put a voting for Janet Rankin. So appreciative very up front an American woman. And you think she's more prominent and more influential say in Eleanor Roosevelt or Hillary Clinton. Absolutely. From god I got a great who they are you. Secret you know Matt Miller is a good pick honestly giants a very good strong pick I would have no argument against that I really wouldn't Linda Europe next go ahead Linda. Hey Jeff good morning I would love to eat three women and the fact that al-Qaeda front to try to make it reported a great I love to remote county music. I wanna be guy aunt Mary Anna Faris it's good to preempt an upfront. Motel around. Land that's a great call great call 617266686. Ronald Reagan. I'd love to see Reagan on the belt I think I don't know why we haven't done it. I don't know what to meet Ronald Reagan was indeed greatest president of the twentieth century. I I love that old man on is the god. Every time my vote I just think who's got the Reagan I judged by the Reagan standard. I love that old men in fact when you go one step further I swear you percent of before I'll say it again I really believe in my product of the Reagan era. I consider myself really Reagan babies. Do on his red diaper baby I'm a Reagan baby. I grew up watching Reagan I grew up admiring Reagan. I've studied Reagan I've read Reagan. To mean Ronald Reagan in my lifetime is the greatest American ever John Larry I put Chuck Berry on one highlight Chuck Berry a lot. I like shocked I think chuck was a phenomenal musician I love this music authority revolutionized rock and roll. I chucked him he should be definitely be a serious contender. But I Elvis to meet Elvis has to be somewhere. To me I mean he's not the king of rock and roll. 61720666860. OK my friends should we get rid of the twenty dollar bill. Sorry guy Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill. Who would sure place somewhere. And if you have to put somebody on a huge denomination running new bill. Who would that person be 61720666868. Jeff corner. On a laid back Friday. It's the first day is. And abandoned and then and then and then. It's 736. Here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Okay my friends there is a big portion. Among a lot of progressives and liberals to take Andrew Jackson. The Indian fighter off the twenty dollar bill they say he's a symbol of racism and genocide against Indians. Imperialism. Colonialism. And so they won Andrew Jackson taken off all the Korea off the twenty dollar bill. They wanna replace him primarily what some kind of a famous. Woman American woman in history. A lot of the liberals are suggesting neither Allen. So my question to you is should we take Jackson off the twenty dollar bill. And or if we're to create a new. Denomination. At two dollar bail out 25 dollar bill has 75 dollar bill. Who would you put on those bildt's. And I'll be honest refuse that we were talking about some other names while we were off the air there are Jonas. So all the guy who invented. The vaccine for polio. I think should deftly be considered a very very strong contender that's a no go the end save access but they can always choose not to take that bill. Could you say immense so it's it's it's a freedom of choice issue. So we've got Jonas salt. There's a million error hard is another one. A Lewis and Clark. Albert Einstein I'll tell you who I think should gets top consideration Henry Ford. I noticed cradle lot of controversy in the Booth but I think Henry Ford is a great American. He's a great inventor he invented the triarc. He invented the model T he invented the assembly line he is the father of modern day consumer capitalism. The understanding that you wanna pay your workers a fair wage. So there are able to buy your product. And that's how you make profit. By making sure your workers have the purchasing power to buy things. I think she was an absolutely great American. And I would definitely put him on one of these if we're to have new denominations in new bills he would be to me right up there. What do you say. I got a great one and stealing from the tax. Branches of this little areas. Nancy Pelosi. But you have to spend it to find out how much explorer. Sets are getting into this silly retro silly character up their share its uniquely American. Well you're pushing for joining me. Guys are names up there night I don't think Charlie which you were going I mean you're getting all heated in there about Joni Mitchell and I said she said Tom Brady well no I said Joan Davis couldn't where Tom Brady's jock strap. And you got very upset about. I can put out as something that's uniquely American. It's silly it's safe now but it's uniquely American bigfoot. A big foot on the on the dollar bill. But yeah Omar says he got to find a person exactly I mean some sort of blurry picture on as somebody who doesn't sound in doesn't exist. Something that's only in the mind of coach seat but this makes sense because the dollar bill really doesn't exist and any real value anyway it's all of your imagination that's actually work something. Won't let it wash wash wash which. 61726. Doubles Cronkite. Walter Cronkite I never have put out tomorrow. Fact there are honestly they don't do anything formed. I just going to be on his with a 6172666868. Army air up next go ahead Paul. And major up atop a lesson of bipolar battle without a golfer Greg. Start. Political Waldman Merrill but overall. I mean it. Boot version of copy Burke didn't JFK she's saying and was just terrific. And think of all the picture could do would it you know you push so utter horror picture would be an it would singing happy birthday like Pittsburgh. Reported birth date card. And putting groups savings and that's what level. All I've always. Hubble Walt Disney. Are easy not a great American. Honestly I know we're getting a little I said no he's racist Cisco wanted was pulled Disney racist or. Well. Disney World wasn't supposed to be for everybody has us beat them from one race only second. I didn't know that really was only initially what whites only pretty much. He didn't really want any other color minorities going to do to also he'd been on like day your kind of people Eden wasn't a big. Exactly let my let a rookie in Bailey. How. True key I. I wasn't aware that I didn't know that palace Superman. I'm Ozzy and assay that Superman on sat whats more America lets you make fun of me for bigfoot. You got a cartoon character off I mean movies have been Comodo Superman. No one's ever seen super mineralized Phillies could have actually seen a big. I mean the comic book says the movies how many kids admire Superman Batman and are it's a symbol of Americana all over the world honestly I'll tell you what Bugs Bunny I think Bugs Bunny on asleep. I think Bugs Bunny is a great American cartoon character. I find I'm watching Bugs Bunny now because it was in the Bugs Bunny and nationally in the Bugs Bunny Lee Jones. First of all hilarious. I mean just an adult can enjoy it a kid can enjoy it but he's got that kind of snow are key. Why is Alec America and sort of character and sense of humor about him there's something sold all American. And the way he speaks the way he carries himself how he's an individual list how we stand his ground how he'll overcome any obstacle any problem. I think Bugs Bunny honestly. He's one of the great. Icons of American culture personally I'm Alice. Mickey Mouse I love Mitchell he's already had so many products I agree with you though amid all the what are everywhere. Honestly passion and Eva are already getting on my case about Disney World sorry Omar no offense. Already did like daddy daddy category Disney World daddy daddy Mickey Mouse daddy daddy many how much these kids. So much Acosta going around to Disney World and they want the crew is now not just a goal of Disney World. I'm gonna go silly with the Superman stuff you make the case. Four like Spiderman except Spiderman now they get the movies the old fifties horror movie Dracula. Are well Bonnie now because Dracula was a reason. And novel. Bye bye whereby an English author. So bye bye bye bye bye Bram Stoker. I know that all of eighties John wean our John Wayne how could you not have John when he. Yeah Neil Armstrong Larry John Wayne charm when he come on John Maine. John Wayne Timmy is America. 6172666868. War heroes I prepared to go about their motion put Benedict Arnold. They know what did. How about Chris Carlin. No I I. I put them on there honestly thought I would Mike you're up next go ahead Mike. They kept I figure political back to Lucille Ball because. No truly yeah the dollar billion wrecked money now worth much so called funny money. Push push. Market that's a good one mock crash. Took Hillary you're up next go ahead hill. People who can't get on a period well what about. If you're thinking about putting a woman and Gingrich nomination. How about civil letting it shouldn't feel I'll meet you came ensure that I'm not excited I'm during the revolutionary wars. Continue to own a chart Hillary because they're. They yelling in my here Wonder Woman there or yelling in my ear Wonder Woman because they're all everybody's a comedian in the Booth today sorry about that right Hillary go ahead how to name. It's terrible flooding and. She lit. She was only sixteen years old during the revolutionary award she already twice the land. How to Paul Revere ride toward more in the colonial armies of Vietnamese approached. And was instrumental in numb you know issued a cheat on a stamp already but I mean that you know she's kind of overlooked and now. And I'd love it I honestly I love it. Hi I am not and it's not just the fact that she's a woman but people who were so instrumental in helping us win our revolution. We don't celebrate them enough. And don't try that and but it's going to be important. Hillary or call me on several countries based off about our constitution our liberties. To me. Honestly I don't think we give Paul Revere enough credit we don't give John Adams enough credit we don't give Samuel Adams enough credit. We don't even George Washington I know he's the father of our country. But we knew we I wanna get sidetracked here but when you read George Washington. Some of his speeches. My cottage to tears come to rice. I just how one man's soul loved his country. And just what a good man and what a decent man and what adjustments and and UN level bottom and this is the immigrant to me now speaking. How he wanted to be the gifts of America the bounty of America and the liberty of America the blessings of America. To be given to every one. As long as they agreed to become an American. It's the most Christian. Decent thing I've ever seen in my whole life in terms of a political leader. To meet George Washington he's the greatest American I'll be honest with you the greatest. And we should celebrate him and study him more. 6172666868. Might cure next go ahead Mike. A great Bjorn of order gonna look at also what they know nobody thought why averaged. Think about these guys aren't outdoor bodybuilding. A dumb movies. Spotted him as a person I mean other than to play your personal aside with a wife or whatever but just yeah. He embodies the American dream Tony came over here would not bring. It was the morning and as early twenties playing great a self made man. And he's an immigrant from Austria who came here basically wood nothing and through share hard work and determination. But Mike let me ask you this what do you think of that Sylvester Stallone you brought in rocky character. Lot of debt that only the same thing and I a lot of got a lot actually part that's because quote bunker vote and vote on it was a great ideas. But like if you wanna talk about two people collect a lot of people don't people. And something else you if you look at people spend their money look good morning observatory interest somebody people look at Calvin and hobbes strips. Paul called an optional you're right Mike. That was a great comic strip absolutely great comic strip but Charlie Brown. I mean really Charlie Brown I mean I don't know if you get more Americana than Charlie Brown. Some was Captain America I think out America's incredible superior. Another great American cultural icon but that's just me Roger up next go ahead wrought. Can Condoleezza. Rice. You put on the on one as he's the nominations you bet I would. Rotten nasty this why. Because there if you were an American. She. Went through Herbert or. What he called Eric secretary say whatever it what are the. She was national security advisor she was secretary of state. She actually may end up being I hope she is the next commissioner of the NFL I think should be incredible commissioner I think she'd clean up the NFL. So yeah and all Condi Rice I think it's a great American I agree with you rod. Are you Bernhard thank you so much rod. I don't know what I put her on a bit though her. I doubt to me is. Touching dull but she's definitely a great American 6172666868. Let me throw another name out there Clint Eastwood. Brilliant doctor. Dirty Harry. Huge cultural icon everybody knows dirty Harry the character. Brilliant director. What are have a four year career 4045 year career. Al Capone Al components of but the funny when Al Capone and that's a Bob you're up next go ahead Bob. I. Six rockets up and truths that expects the station. Or there is edmark key and then the Dracula you can put those two together I want to cure him I mean. I want to secular more. Lou. 6172666860. Andrew Europe next go ahead and for. Page I go one out and a assault attended that they want all Janet Reno crew on a twenty dollar bill. I. It. This does that thought ever picture on the point eight dollar below ground drew moral moderate world mobile what we're rethinking. Bought old Hickory space not all a ball and boast an. We usually anything keep all cute and president is the whatever you do just all put Janet Reno for God's sakes. 61706. X 6868. Tony you're up next go ahead Tony. But I think we should kick Bender actually because you get that help our guys at the guts to do against. What he took over the president's veto list I think banks. The interest rate or do you look respect. It got rid of the fighter action and if I'd be tried for years until oh he's your jet off. And I are located in Central Bank. Yeah that was that was before the modern day Federal Reserve but even he understood. That a central bank and it kind of Federal Reserve System. Would destroy the currency and her I killed the working people and their wages he was completely right. US can't be right it just I know you're picking a lot thereby each if you look at you want it cheap or too low salt all the way. I. Cut the Elgin you're up next go ahead Elgin. Yes I think somebody stole my thunder but I I think your lips and probably one of the biggest benefits of putting someone on a new denomination. So if they want to get rid of all victory because he's great sister and a title maniac. And we need something a really America and I think you mention listening out easier you really want we have to practice knows but Captain America. Don where if you. Ali go go go go crazy. Are we can you seriously can you imagine so OK you know what not you're right okay and all your old Hickory. Tech guy and being that the listen all that curry was nothing more than. You know. At the Indian racist but you're right let's get rid of all that. Buzz is not the best looking guy in the world. Captain America. They'll goal. Sure. I mean booze Cirque. 6172666868. Is the number. Who should we replace old Hickory where. And who would you put on a denomination of any bill 61.