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Would you mandate your child to learn Spanish? 3/18/15

Mar 18, 2015|

Jeff says he wouldn’t mandate his child to learn Spanish but Cooksey says he would.

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605. Here on the great WR can ill because. More I mean. Plus there. We've lead fitted baby. I have welcome the VV headquarters. It looks like a live here later Barack Hussein Obama. Just lost our mother. Mid term election. His attempts to depots Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Failed and it appears failed dismally in fact it may even have backfired on him. But let Doug go as I would say. We're gonna talk about that the 7 o'clock hour I promised my friends. But before we get to the all important results of the Israeli election. And another defeat and setback. For Obama and the dear leader you know he dives into an election anymore. Doug Winnie a year camp when it in Israel but again let that ago. This is one of the most important issues as a country that we face. And as you know I've been saying this for a long time as conservatives we understand the fundamental truth. Mean that culture is ultimately more important than economics. That to really understand your society. What's happening around you. What the future Holtz. It's culture. To solve most of our problems we have to focus on the culture to understand most of our problems we have to focus on the culture. That the ultimate solution. Is by looking at culture not politics. And not economics but ultimately all problems and all solutions. Our cultural solutions and cultural issues. And the question is this now it's now being asked. Increasingly. In the liberal media. In the government media complex. In newspapers. All across the country. I especially. In the southwest. This is a red ought issue it's eventually got to come up to us here in Boston it's only a portion of time. And the question is this. Should be United States become a bilingual. Country. When will we become. He bilingual. And in many ways. A multicultural. Country. In the United States. According to a a piece. In the Voice of America English news. Very well written piece. And by judge Joseph Robbins. Elizabeth Lee. And and and county Gene Kelly so throughout three reporters you know reporters there actually wonderful job. And as they point out in their piece. It is now becoming increasingly. Common. Across the United States. That now people speak more than one language fluently. Across the country according to the latest US Census Bureau data. More than one quarter 25%. Of all adults. Are now completely fluently. Bilingual. Most of them. Bob last run no. Speak Spanish. But it's not frankly just Spanish. Many of them are speaking Arabic. Many of them are speaking Japanese. Many of them are speaking Korean. Many of them are speaking Vietnamese. Many of them rather our shot. Are speaking Russian or Ukrainian. Or Serbian. Or Croatian. Or. Italian a little bit although most of the Italian immigrants came from previous generations. And they've lost whatever Italian some of them may have known. But the fact of the matter is that 25%. Of all adults in the United States according to the US Census Bureau. Speak English now. In California. This number according to the latest Census Bureau is now 50%. Especially in Los Angeles. And so according to this piece Los Angeles has one of the largest populations of what are called millennial stick. Essentially young people between the ages of eighteen and 34. And there is now a new trend among this new generation of millennial it's. That they now speak fluently more than one language. In fact more than half. Of all Mullen meals in Los Angeles. Speak. English. And some other language mostly Spanish. But also has a big either Asian communities many of them speak Japanese made him speak Chinese many of them speak high. Or shot or or Vietnamese or Korean. And this is something that is now being deliberately encouraged this is what's changed us is maoists say. Eight rebel what was something revolutionary. In these waves of immigrants now coming into the country and those now how being children with their millennial is now growing up into adulthood. Is that now they are actively encouraging. That bilingualism. And other languages. Be taught in schools. Exactly speak a separate language at home. In fact you are increasingly seeing bilingual signs mostly Spanish science. All across Los Angeles all across large parts of California. Increasingly across large parts of the southwest. And so in particular. They interview one woman by the name of Maria Elena Burgos. And she says her family. Is she immigrated. She came from Mexico. Her other family members came from Al shall not at all. And she says that yes she wanted to learn English when she first immigrated to the United States. However. She never wanted to lose her Spanish parity which. And she wanted to pass on her Spanish heritage. And her Mexican heritage. To her children. So they deliberately speak English at home they deliberately study Spanish at school. They celebrate many Mexican customs. Many Mexican. Same days or holidays. Today for example she says she insists on cooking Mexican breakfast every morning. And these are just one of the many traditions in her home. And for her they don't wanna lose their Mexican roots. Their native Mexican Spanish roots are so important to them. That they believe they need to hang on to warm at all costs pass along to their children inculcate them in their children. And so there's a short video that comes with a piece. And let me just say this to be brutally honest for almost like arming the confessional with all. She strikes me in all honesty as a nice woman. She's got a huge cross around her on her chest she's obviously a devout woman I suspect a Catholic but I don't know I'm just. Speculating. Bomb or she is from Mexico assembly Catholic country. From. But she you know she's a very obvious you devout Mormon. You see them having their Mexican breakfast and frankly looks delicious to be honest review but again let them go. And there they're praying. They're saying grace and there they are praying at the table before they eat. And she's got five wonderful children they look wholesome love well taken care of so in many ways this is a good decent woman. Collison is the court's liberal honestly I have no animosity towards this woman I really don't. And so here she is. Saying no we're bilingual. Where bi cultural. We don't want to let go over Spanish Mexican traditions. Customs. Language. Heritage. In fact it's very important for us that our children go back to may call or El Salvador. And meet their other family members. And understand. That they're basically part of a larger. Spanish community that just happens to be in the United States. She's even said she's deliberately named her children. Zach out and names that could be acceptable. In both English. And Spanish. So for example her children include daughters Elizabeth. And Monica. Which are also Powell softened El Salvador and Mexico. Elizabeth wants to know her family's culture. The culture she says is to go back to our roots because that's part of who we are. Now. Let me ask all of you this. Would you would mandate. Touch your child to be taught Spanish. In school. Because obviously now bilingualism. Is getting bigger is becoming more prevalent. It's now become a majority. Way of living and speaking. In California. In parts of the southwest. You have a surge of Hispanic immigration into this country. There's a huge Hispanic birth rate. And do you think it's important now for your child. For their economic future. That they learn Spanish. And would you insist and mandate that your child learn Spanish. Now I'll be honest with few. I had this discussion with coaxing last night. I think this is very dangerous. I think this is we are throwing away the melting pot. If you have people speaking different foreign language it's. Not just in their home but in public. And being taught these different languages in school. To reinforce a different cultural identity that is not an American Identity. What holds us together. What's her glue. We're only get a common culture. What unifies us as a nation. If we're not speaking a common language. If we're not celebrating. A common culture. Wish they caught with common traditions and calming heroes and common holidays and common myths that bind us as a country. Then we I believe we're gonna start balkanized and and what you're gonna have as you're have little nations within the United States. And so in theory it may sound nice as we have to be. Lawler. And have respect for buyer of her city but my question to you is this. He is throwing away the melting pot and assimilation. In the long run. Going to hear of this country apart and lead to its balkanized nation. Or do you think it's a good idea. To know and speak different languages. Would urge you mandate that your child learn Spanish. This is the corner country poll question of the day. If the answer is yes seat you think it's a good idea of the more languages of the better text say eat the 686 week. If you believe the answer is let. Alone. Text be just six or 8680. This morning scorer poll question is brought to you by our friends at greater land senior services. Greater land senior services is hiring right now. Just visit GO SS dot net and apply today that's GL ISS dot net and apply for a new job today. Should we have bilingualism. In America. And would you mandate. That your child learn English 6172666868. This happened in California. It's happening in the southwest. Should it happen all over America. 61820. Here on the break WRKO. OK my friends. Man Dave that church trial. Spanish. There ever. As a crucial second language because we are increasingly becoming now according to the US Census Bureau a bilingual country. The answer is yes that's days six days of say the answer is no next. Six and 86 say so far it's being once you know. Now. I'm definitely against that. I'm a 100% against that and I'll I'll lay it out why in just a second but going back to this story. This woman Maria Burge gross who's profiled in this in this piece on now learning English. Says that it's not here's what she said. It's nice to know our culture and then be able to pass it on to our children and grandchildren. And every one to let them know where we come from. And that's why her kids speak English but also Spanish at home and their learning Spanish in school. And they want him to speak Spanish in public. According now to University of California Los Angeles professor. And how wall panel plus Shaq. Go list passcode. Hanoi says now saying. That learning a second language at home and learning a second language in school. He says it's not just Spanish he says in California. He said Mandarin is being encouraged Japanese is being encouraged Vietnamese is being encouraged. He's saying that in the past the children grandchildren of immigrants did not continued to speak the parents native language. I mean that's me. My parents spoke Croatian I spoke English my father didn't like it. He won a meal learn Croatian I ended up learning a little bit but honestly I understood even as a young kid it if I wanna really assimilate. I have to master the English. Because my parents left their ancestral homeland in my life my home this year it's not Boehner. Well according to professor can all cause scrap. He said more people now especially millennial us. Are learning a second language at home or in school. Many immigrant parents are passing their native languages. To their American born children. And he says it's an absolutely great thing. Professor it'll cost. Says the decision to keep a native language is already overwhelming in Los Angeles now. And as the number of minorities in the United States continues to grow he thinks bilingualism. Will spread to the rest of the country. Now. Do you learn English. Because this is the language of America. And as I told Cox. I'm very young bloke she's a nicely this woman profile honestly and at a devout Christian. Her kids look very wholesome and well taken care of its honestly it's nothing personal. But if you wanna be Mexican. And if you wanna be el Salvadorian. Gore back to Mexico. Where I say this honestly would all do was no malice with all due respect. If I immigrate to Mexico. I learned Spanish. And I learned the Mexican way of doing things. I assimilate into Mexican culture and Mexican traditions and the Mexican heritage. And my father and I were often I've heated arguments because he felt there's nothing Croatian left in me I should look. You have Croatia so much corporate Croatia. We're all due respect add. When your sheer. Look. If you are gonna come to this country and take advantage of all the opportunities. And all the freedoms. And all the benefits. You also have to take on certain responsibilities. And there is to mean something fundamentally. I am grateful. Above suddenly saying why wanna keep my native roots I wanna keep my quote unquote native culture what I'm sorry. You wanna keep your native culture go back to Mexico. Sheer you have to learn our native culture. Our native traditions. Our native language. And when you lose those other languages. That's how you become an American. Where and I go to Germany. If I was to live in Germany I would speak German and assimilate into the German culture. If I went to France I would speak French and assimilate into the French culture. If I moved to China I would learn Mandarin and assimilate into the Chinese culture. Because I'm now in your home. I'm now in your country. I'm now in your civilization. In mind knots in my the only one that still believes in the melting pot and assimilation. Now I would not send a rushed in and I would not want ash and to learn Spanish. If she's older and you were loves languages that's something else. But as this as a parent. I want mashed in to master English. I want him to know about his culture his country here's history she is constitution. Accused bill of rights here's some. America's war for independence. I want him to become a full fledged American. Cooks you disagree. What right did you are both of them. When you why that's possible to learn English and Spanish at the same time I know I know but I mean she's encouraging. In a sense cultural separatism. Right that's what she's got a lot about agree with that but I would mandate that no alerts Spanish you wouldn't really. Course. If you say if you disagree and I think the poll is eighty to twenties that they would not. Here at saint. What are you know the kite. Use your child should speak Spanish because by the time he's 1820 years old. It's probably going to be a required to have a job in order to learn it in order to speak Spanish to speak Spanish will be required when you do like in 1520 years old you were out and more anonymity because W so many Hispanics or you can sit at home and pretend that that's not gonna happen and then when your child's 1820 you know school to get beat get employed as a kid speaks Spanish. That's your fault. I mean this whole like I wanted to learn English only and not Spanish or French. Or Russian whatever it is. Why what when you've got some become anti education what's the problem learning experience. Take this fight learn Spanish circuit there's a lot a lot of different jobs like you have now. Well I mean you said to me if you are want to be a police officer junior hadn't taken as you'll learn Spanish actual points solar cross announced could be officer coaxing. I'd give it makes britney's gonna go get the newspaper or not will go through all the war dead. And how many of them ask you speak a second language. Yeah tell your kid not to speak Spanish or not to learn it it's never gonna we're never gonna get a job ever. So. I understand you so you're the kind of guy that when the Germans rolled over France Selig took thirty minutes to get to at all on that you would be saying. My little son is mixed that's not a little know law you must not only know French you must now learn German. Because German will be the second language. Identity card to see do you go to lake via the most extreme did or did acknowledge it cab be dumb join yes. The country is overtaken by a blitzkrieg from a foreign invading army don't speak their language. But since most of the country is speaking Spanish already. And he and you say oh time during ATM machine it says English or Spanish. Press one for English press two for Spanish what do you think it's going to be in twenty years but look I mean no seriously flipped on the TV how many telemundo stations don't have all your right look Spanish as I'd like to know these Clinton gets people started well none but here's I. Lewis of combining. This. Is it foreign invasion studied foreign invasion like Hitler in Germany all you really don't know it's not like Hitler but it's an invasion of illegal immigrants okay pouring into our country. And rather than I'm saying via rail style. It's you can sit their fight against collaborating you're selling collaborate. I'm saying you can sit there fight against that happening you can put up all the fences you want. You couldn't and petitioned the government to make English the only language. But let's beer or are in reality none of that will ever really happened. So eventually you gotta have to learn spared despair I just think I'll be dead by the time it's going to be a requirement. Then the Spanish sides nation of America are you say you've got to roll with the flow. And Nick Price could be I take it and they like semesters are so Britney saying no I think you have a choice yeah I languages. You took an icicle lights experience for a year and a guy who took Latin for two quarters. Until I realized I do who else speaks Latin okay we you're saying this you would mandate the analog learn Spanish. Gig at a young age I I have five which started kindergarten all the rocks yeah probably asked when you're out doing now so when the illegals completely I don't either get a Rosetta Stone follow with sewing the illegals takeover. And everything is in Spanish and English is bound intellect his second language. Dan little knowledge just changes his name. Says forget the the right here in the freckles I'm really Latino look low low or no changes name. Who alert over the speaks fluent Spanish. And then your suburb covered ask for a job and they're sick almost just cash cash and actually so. But my friend I speak English is how how how they don't go after Miss America diminish Iraq but I don't. But they needed I needed job mr. cook's either and god OCE. This is so what that is the ligament and I know. Brought ADR and guarded your constitution. Getting doll. 61706. And your father always he had just put her as guests. Are your father was ignorant I'm content I'm not so sorry Sony. Ellen devoted his guns that bush and I getting off. We are cutting edge or maybe she could do the newscast as they have vanished 61726. I know. Get all these calls Leggett tell me I'm I'm a liberal about all right so Scott Kevin Ross Bob Johnny hang on I promise we'll open up the phone lines. Sure Jose Pablo Sanchez all these old would you mandate that your child learns Spanish guard announcing both say they'll say don't see though. Although the state sponsor of. Iran analyst John. Go green go. Since then revived. Him and just didn't try it here and other actually had to have her as rusty as vote does out of well is is there I was based planners Marlene looked accurate. Why. Why your mom and dad died now everybody's expanded right. Rangel I you're I'm getting like plea and we are not going anywhere in my hand. Bulldozer is ex governor go to a. All right cuts so you're a child if you would be stupid if your child does not learn Spanish at this very moment she wanted to. It was so stupid so stupid don't why you have to start with the insults so early in the white. And an insult it's just a word what color you still don't you ignorant about some ignorant I sing a beach to open implying I'm still open if my child doesn't learn Spanish. I mean this is such a send that I believe in in America we should I'm not saying you don't believe in American I'm not saying I don't believe in America that I don't agree with 99.9 percent of what you say. I'm just telling you the reality of covered all is that you would collaborate don't know Spanish and twenty areas you'll aren't going to be crap out of block. So what you're saying is don't fight to bilingualism. Don't fight out on foreign invasion. Don't fight the loss of our American culture and identity fight but you're going to lose roll with the punches. And like like they're not shy like the Vichy France not see how I see how you characterize me it's like sound defeatist. Other Senator Obama Communists marxists that I'm just saying fight but I have a player beat. Plan B you learn Spanish learn Spanish in basically the invigorate the exchange rate between the dollar on the peso and he'll be fine you'll be fine. 617266686. Are you ring we think you're gonna remain knowledge of a middle English to Spanish modeling. Positive. I don't know hole is wave and have a Spanish first. I know while I mean I don't know there's a Spanish version. Britney do you know is there a Spanish version of Noah. We'll find well as a legitimate secular given my whole. What does that yes or no. Knowing all there is so there's no way you go my friend no way Jose. Back cook's C office looks and stays loose Bezos has just got access my friends with Libya back. Because I should know is that I pray to pay cash cash. 6172666. Figured 68. Would you mandate that your child will learn Spanish. I say no cooks he says see what you say Scotch you're up next. I'm good morning I'll let you show. 2 in the morning some. And I didn't look it would widow with a caveat here I don't think it should be mandated I think it should be. Just the way it is you know I took French she got options the first Spanish Latin you could you could do all that but. But the problem a problem I see mr. Kohler. It's. I've been the trenches I'm out here every day in the construction world I'd get blue and I get Laurence Abel. And a lot of these glaciers if you don't speak Spanish you automatically. Play you know in these cassettes from. To learn a little bit so I can. I can understand when they when they are swearing or leave behind my back and I had a drive through abuse drugs like trying to get that actually worked our. But it is it. Coming it's coming I think I think everybody if you could speak a second language in this but particularly Spanish. And you put on your resonate EO will make more money. I guarantee that. Because that makes you a more valuable consumer and employee because you you're able to speak the language of other people. The lower part of your customer base. And liked it to be adding it's very important I don't I'm not telling it not to learn about complied George Washington American pride in the order July. But I don't think it should be mandated by I I I would highly recommend everyone to where it's been. Scott let me ask you it do you have children. You if would you mandate to your chew would you say hey. You know Scott junior junior. I want you to start learning Spanish in school because in 1015 years from now sign your gonna need it. I I if this is what I would I would and I told my children next. Well they're I don't know how out but I'm. I told them it would be brought you to learn Spanish that is upcoming language. I'm not gonna. Force them to do it I would recommend them do it I would not. I would vote against any. An education. Curriculum that's forces people to learn. Anything but English English is the primary. Language in there always should be. But it wouldn't I would not mandated but I would recommend it. Scott thank you very much very thoughtful call I appreciate it 6172666868. Kathy you're up next and welcome. Actually I don't want everybody I talk. Contract it out years ago I married a man from Italy edit screen Kyra that's what you did in those days. I was constantly my country how wonderful food but they assert that I can say and I. Like water packets delivered some much nobody invited you could be here. And it still won that but back out there that it played artwork with a lot of sloppy and a lot of resilience. Vermont. And the you know south of us you know it's the same thing. Who you know might slow down the doctors how beautiful my country and Michael W it what did you go to air it's so great the only one that I worked well for pop. What I would undermine mother Polly spell. It was educated like coach was saying. Just for educational arbiter to learn another language and I actually got. I say part of a Montreal Quebec and and just depth of a language out seven and Il who went to DC and I studied Russian. And he got forty or scholarship. University studies. But it should get it travel around the world. Stevens has not spoken in hopes we happen would be border Mexico and South America. But it air travel around for people text. You want to announce this is the native language of the country. I believe may not in English and also on friends they don't run out and Spanish. So any language to learn any language I think it's important. I Kathy look I'm with you look I speech several languages. On top of things you do not so I didn't. Parent would noon I do not familiar speak French. Speak it. I would move concept. That's easiest thing regard speaks French car in the group sickness. Walther and also quite. Zero grandmother Aysu we'll show you you and your name is what what's her name. But anyways so I say Croatia and go ahead shoot. He just dedicated the end of everything was so sure it was not so easily well that's the French person who shot a reply he took our. Our surprise birth control actually. Which it's always what he had the ethnic cheap shots up but anyway OK let that go it's. Brady says it's so easy. I follow the path of least resistance. I mean so look I think obviously you know it's it's good to learn multiple languages. My big concern is this and how he nailed it. Because you see it in this profile species that are much I love Mexico oil beautiful Mexico is a beautiful salvadorans. Our customs are sold greater traditions are so great are for his soul great our language is so great everything is so great. Look we're all due respect I've been to Mexico it's a beautiful country there's no doubt about it. But this thing in Mexico. Here we speak English. And this isn't the problem that I have spoken and now that we've thrown away the melting pot now we no longer stress assimilation. How do we get along as a country. What unifies us as a country. If everyone is speaking Japanese. Or Vietnamese. Or Mandarin or Spanish. And their role ghetto rising themselves. And loving the ancestral homeland and saying how great Vietnam is our great Japan is or how great Mexico is our great Korea is. Where we are creating separate nations within the United States. To me it's just wrong cook. When you come to another country were all due respect I understand what Scott sank separate practical argument book look she's a very practical argument my question is this. Why now do we have to speak a foreign language and our own country. Many of them weren't even invited the tummy or they broke our laws they came here illegally. And then instead of learning our language they kept their language and now we have to adopt to them. We have to put Spanish tapes in the car and adopted them and they're what's next we got to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Titan where does it end. So what we're doing is in the name of my mini. We're selling our country and it's culture and heritage down to river. To me George Washington is rolling in is great but that's just me Johnny Europe next go ahead John. Yes let me help you while we're pure arguments. That definitive book that was written on this subject was your advice I have to slicing jerk. Uniting America right back you read packed and it's such a whole story as a danger you cannot be a world Pollack. And still be. What I quote which said balkanized for example the Russian empire has been balkanized so they separated. We could also ahead very nearly two different countries and Canada when they were nearly followed established French section and also on English section of course you know or Yugoslavia. That's what they're dangerous as we can even have a law what I would have the United Nations and you know how well we do what when we work with the United Nations on any battlefront. Very poorly. Brilliant Johnny absolutely brilliant Arthur Schlesinger. What is a well known liberal. She was an advisor to FDR. He was an advisor to Kennedy he was an advisor to LBJ. He was almost the dean of liberal professors and public intellectuals. Any wrote a book in the early 1990s called the big issue mighty of America. Worse he warned against this identity politics. Multi cultural ism bilingualism. He said it will air America's fabric apart. You wanna see how far progressives have come how radical they are you now how old live sports. We're saying this is gonna pair balkanized America. And now slashing here is considered a rightwing extremist. That's how radical I believe their project is and dangerous. Bob you're up next go ahead Bob. And Jeff I think I think if you look at historically. In this country. You know especially here in Massachusetts if you grow back. They re ethnic group head around churches and they spoke Iran languages. And they were pinned in their home in your community. That does not exclude assimilation. You can have both moved it reasonably. And then and then and then in Massachusetts is a prime example if you grab all the legal proceedings. And recently. Has their own ethnic church. There won't let the background and these people assimilated. It can happen now. Until removed languages. And the trouble. They were able to speak in foreign countries. And so there's nothing wrong with that you're excluding. I think you know you can never put weapons exclusion has risen. You can help you had a culture and you can absolutely and that's what makes us so wonderful because I ripped through the new generation. People wrote to assimilate in the ocean or on top of the people's cultures. Well Bob look you're partially right. People did stick to their own ethnic churches. Privately in the home many people would you know they speak German or they speak Italian Irish people are short. By and Jewish firmly either Yiddish or Hebrew. But what is different is this. In public schools. They were taught English. They weren't taught Italian they weren't taught German they weren't taught Yiddish. If you wanted to keep your dates and to a Saturday school at the church or at the the synagogue or whatever. But in public school they were taught English. Furthermore. Look which changed its modern media. They didn't have Italian themed TV satellite TV they didn't have Yiddish satellite TV. They didn't have polish satellite TV. Where literally you can bilingual signs so now if you're Spanish you come to America they are legal legal doesn't matter whether illegal really illegal think about it. You can watch telemundo. You can watch ESP ND port beds. You can go to when he bank take out money in Spanish you could order cable will be a Spanish you can work Richard job and only speak Spanish. In many sectors of the economy. You don't have to learn one word of English. Literally manner and I think zero. So how do you assimilate. Not large group now there's something else very quickly I have to mention us. The economist. A centrist British magazine highly respected not right not left. It's a very well written magazine and rich really down the middle to centrist publication. Has now come out with an editorial. Saying seek gusts up to cuss. Talking about how Hispanics are now becoming such a huge chunk of the population. And their growth is expected to double. Within the next 25 years that you're looking at over a hundred million Hispanics. With huge exploding birth rates and appoint the economist makes is this it's an obvious point. There's something very different about peace panic immigration to America. They say the Irish Jewish Italian polish traditional immigration to America. There are so close to their ancestral homelands. Many of them border their ancestral homeland. They live in the same time zone as the economist points out. They're one cheap flight or Skype. Away from speaking with their grandparents. 200 dollars you can gore every weekend the may Cora Nicaragua Earl Salvador or Skype you can just yak away for hours on the phone. Sorry hours on the computer. There are not assimilating. The way other immigrant groups have. And there's an army of home. And when you start then talking about Mexico teaching the southwest was lost. And you start seeing in Los Angeles public schools then teaching that California is Mexican went. And you have a lot of buzz the race. Saying that the southwest should be a Spanish separate homeland. You're talking about Yugoslavia here. You're talking about come back. You're talking now ball potentially. Creating a separatist movement in the United States based only Spanish language and Spanish culture. That's why when you throw away the melting pot. You are playing with fire. And I have to ask this question I asked that the coaxing earlier he couldn't give me an answer this is before we go to on the year. What is so bad with the melting pot. What was so bad would assimilation. What was so good with the way America used to do thinks. We now overthrown the melting pot of multiculturalism. Why. The melting pot helped us win world war after world war. It made us the wealthiest richest country in the history of the world the greatest democracy in the history of the world. Our culture was unrivaled. Everybody wanted it. Elvis Presley Marilyn Monroe you old Hollywood movies I could go on and on. What was so bad. About fuel melting pot and the old America that would now we try to overthrow it. So we're we've overthrown something. That has worked spectacularly. Well. For an experiment. Where it's been tried everywhere else. Pass fail. Jong Europe next go ahead John. They're separated. Okay American group. You Rhode people but under the roof spelling error prepared to follow and vote to go you ought to explain to. Pull the trigger alert was hurt in America but around the world what the word ball consideration and we didn't do that soar over just due to external. All of my doing so good that vote a particular group sort of inflate their nose. Those Democrats often due to issues are emerging as an episode particularly. No. Our Joseph Whitney and I think unifying language do you trigger that there are languages English. And we should do everything we can to keep one unifying language capital so because of the Brunette. All of us there and whatever don't feel. I don't feel very warmly about whether they're called assertion but they do that historically evidence about what the world how are miserable global unified hardware it's called that would. And both that was affair recalled certain reverend a bit but it but it took you so global war was definitely was referred further ado. That John look I mean look English thus the other thing she wishes guys were becoming more bilingual. And less English. Or around the world English is becoming the international aid is the international language. So this what I find ironic. The world is embracing English. As were turning our back on our our own language and our own roots. But why why is it if I say I I want my kids learn Spanish or French or Croatian whatever language and it. Why does that automatically become such a bad thing and I'm so liberal Communists who doesn't understand balkanization. We'll have a fight flip it around say I won't make it towards Spanish he's a large calculus. He should alert. All these different. Subjects. Because I want him to have as many possible opportunities in the world that it possibly have but you could sit there and say roads including crucial week. And minimize everything that could happen to him in the future and out of Baghdad. What mall I mean I want my children to learn different languages when they're in high school. But you're talking about it's easier when they were afraid third great. They learn this stuff quicker when you're in third grade their brain is the spartans can have high school year it's all free kit alerted anymore. Look I'll be and we'll obviously cooks I feel like I'm reliving a debate with my that. I ice wordy. Well known and all plenty. He always sell all learn other languages are not going to learn Croatian Shuler Croatia Croatia is an important language used on collision of a look at a Michael Dowd I won a master English. English is the language and distort it I had a my point is just this. Yeah your mandating usage should you mandate your five year old your child to learn Spanish. You're saying yes and the reason why you're saying yes my your own definition is because you believe it's gonna be a bilingual country fifteenth when he. So you decided. Stud study isn't trends now I understand major publication. I understand. And my point is we I think we should reverse this trend before it's too late I nice I agree there were playing with fire I agree with you but I said have a plane because it's probably not going to happen. What did you talking about reversing destroyed since the eighties are not happening my friend. And sowing your basically saying I teach your kids Spanish because Spanish is going to be the official language of the united deficit that. And I never said it was it be the official weight are one of the two official languages usually you can get a job went out Spanish you won't be able Sony or you won't be able to stuff to get a job now the whole gosh what the Vichy French sent to be tough to get a job in in nineteen. But apparently ever Qaeda big so what my son to be educated on this sorry. And they said in 1520 years if you don't speak German not to get a job in France she is so you're saying would there. Foreign invaders come on and he can't beat them join them. 61726. It's just trust it's amazing what I do that's such a it's still can't really judge. You can turn every argument into a which I actually located in and Hitler marching into the central Russia a chest. It's like Al Sharpton called summer recess and. Come on now that's why else are apparently out shark that's below the light hits all of our friends that's our that's below the belt now come on now with trash talk a your kids should speak Spanish. So you want me to send my Ashton kindergartens or learn Spanish redolent. That would prove it it would be a good day because you don't want no one after Pelham 1520 years from now we can iron you'll be able to tell because. That's immoral and we'll understand. Mr. cook's tour if you had a job. Sausage way to cash cash cash and he will not. Dong doing most of it Doug Anglo centric product maybe yes and national sees it where it. At a but I'm back got. 617. To tell you you've really you you really become the out party of anti education. When you can why you keep saying there. All my kids alert thing why were Americans. I know. We are no I nobody's trying to find strange honestly if you go to toilet that's surely stupid argument I want my child to learn cricket. Well we're Americans we put these bull. What's the big deal could work something out what's the big deal he has and others skills. I'm gonna be very honest if you don't take this the wrong way. I think your son should be playing baseball. Kids who are other language say yeah. How many user example I got a profit multiple understood to be honest with you I have Ashton now enrolled he's learning how to play baseball we call you would most of baseball would call a busy multi ball the ball. He's loving tee ball. I've gone and now he's a learning how to play for that he would daddy mean soccer that's what's gonna be twenty years that's when I mean soccer's gonna take over a sunshine but no I'm. He's overplaying flag football touch football he's learning how to play basketball. He's loving hockey. I don't wanna play cricket. You want to play cricket when he's a team that's his business I want him to grow up to be an American. Is that so bad. 6172. Is a playoff filegate now he can be Iraqi river all American are Mike it'll be employed but. Slower it is I mean you're based out of the bag you're raising your kids to be our next ambassador to Mexico our future ambassador to Mexico. That's that's Richard that's Richard we're just fine if you want your kid to be the next ambassador to so don't have a job as I say to you earlier agreement. While just sense somebody asked the collaborate. You know I'm saying somebody at the welcomed the Germans 6172666. We did 68 is the number. Starbucks. I kid you not is now ordering their servers known as buries stunts. Who now confront customers I swear to you and discuss racial relations in America. I've got that unbelievable story. Now Boston's talk station hey M 680 WRKO. 706 year on the great WR Jerry oh OK my friends. Before we get onto our next topic I mean talk about out of control at Starbucks. You're not gonna blow the backlash. Is already be getting my friends but before I get to that story. The corner country poll question. This sort. Because the French were sent. Would you mandate. That your child. Learn Spanish as we become increasingly. A bilingual. Country according to the US Census Bureau. 25%. Of all adults in America are now speaking fluently a second language. In Los Angeles half of all millennium goals eighteen to 34. Speak a second language fluently. Not only in the home there are increasing bilingual signs everywhere. We are now becoming slowly. A bilingual. Nation. And primarily obviously Spanish is the second language and most people are speaking. Would you mandate. That your child learn Spanish. If the answer is seen senior ought. Yes. Tax the latter an eight to 6868. If the answer is mall. And yet. Next beat to 68680. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends. But the greater land senior services. Greater land senior services is hiring right now. Just visited GL assets dot net and apply today Dutch GL a SS dot net and apply for a new job today. I say no cooks he says yes what do you say. What are the poll results. So far are 75%. Saying yet. And 25% say c.s equipped. Really. I thought I thought did not figure would be a little higher to be honest with you. Knowing our audience and everything. I it was eighty twice so it's now 7525. Correct so three quarters no one I. YS EC say wait a category I would Mindy my child learns Spanish. Any other language or just man shall French would be okay ever spill widow Ethel what ever language she would walk but I am encouraged. I would actually probably courage Arabic so. And that's what I was gonna figure I mean for gonna be taken over by the islamists have to say you know the government's gonna need a lot about people solicited on their. There SA calls of admits that he had Eric look honestly industry as we get into the California to Sharia law you got you know I told you like to -- those three weeks ago Jeff. The world is much better you can submit its own. Easily yeah. I like these text messages that I get. What was lady X 71 said. I could see you can you can ask your child to taken the language that you can't mandated. I'm it's my kid actually made it whatever wore it I don't ask him to go to bed a mid eighty goes to bed at 8 o'clock. But the other one how did you expect your kids to learn another language. But how did I expect the learn something. All. I noticed you mean just between you and me. I noticed you have a certain. Contempt. Yeah I. I don't I don't disagree and for our listeners. You seemed to have this let's Deon and Al all for one of you have a bit of an elitist attitude let's be honest not elitist know that. That basically corner country consists of a ball ambassadors bunk. That you know you basically is called me at UCL you make things out that you call me anti education. You call many of the listeners and the education. You know as someone yelling at me so walk my kid to learn something. Yeah that's into educational doing silly books I was yelling match and save some of the text messages of all of text message people and gone overboard. How can a text message telling you how they put it all caps at the I thought Brittany was yelling I'm from the tax generation we can if we can read it motion. In the words okay let me ask Britain for example 45 exclamation points means really eight. Rush rush rush hour. Spelling has been a furious. You know one guy wrote I they should have a spin it shouldn't be allowed in a classroom. And they spelled allowed eight LO UD base and he's really test. This guy's arguably about education. Allowed really. Although weight labored on C area in the actual owed auto correct. Shore where does Brittany stand on this great is that my category but really are you serious. Unspecified errors he took you took Spanish for five years. And so but you you would mandated you were you insist that it. OK so you're not on here is dissolved in my ear now. Okay go ahead. You were you were saying that you gonna say and swear words yeah. That's between all the swear words tiger mad at me because you saw disagree with me on this issue. But you are saying that you wouldn't mandated. But you would strongly encourage it. They already have Spanish and a lot of schools Spanish is already being widely spoken. Limbs Salem everybody speaking Spanish and Lynn in Salem. You go to your local Shaw's you go wherever it's all Spanish. Market basket it's all Spanish. So what now you can't beat them join them. Now Jeff you're gonna be the last guy speaking English in this country okay. You know as long as they learn a little bit of English your fine whose. You know so basically Britain is saying yes. Let's all learn Spanish mandate. It cooks he says mandated. Basically. If my kid not maybe it for the world if you can't be dumb joined number dear I am mandated from right right it'd been didn't quite get it out the entire country 6172666868. Is the number. Okay. This is Deirdre. OK it's I. Let me excellence isn't this isn't credible now I know why you guys wanna speak Spanish I wanna spill that's prevalent are they did this. You guys can't you guys can't write English. I swear that I have. So yeah copy so yeah. So dear to Aetna so I have did you know that fanatically DER. Mode DEA are. Equals. Bill that was a space we know. Hey it's okay looks like equals the RA and I might be mirrored what now who. She showed us. Yeah do you draw is DER ID RD. Deirdre that's August Pollard did but that's why me but that's why would have if she's. I'll bet sure she said her name was my idea. Or Catalina. All that you have no problem with that bat ballot flowed beautifully. Because of all the years of Spanish you talk it's now I don't why the both of you to Iowa aren't the Spanish because you guys can write English forgot snakes. 617266. 6868. Is the number OK dear. Equals draw. Deer drop. Welcome to the corner report. They did so happy to be here. You were brought into my pleasure Deirdre. By the way just for Brittany can you helper a little bit with her English or Spanish by the way is phenomenal but with her English how do you spell your name. DC. I aren't I hot will be RT well. Well. Okay all right so she's making mounds and another going after my ethnic heritage again how important now today. Spelled phonetically because they wanna help me you dumb Croatian. Look at the I gotta put up a disabuse ultimate okay. Deirdre how are you go ahead and urged. Me I think angry I didn't I didn't really agree with correct you about. On that Spanish language because they didn't even think to keep confirming not and it. Have a second language but I don't think it should be split on what language it and you know I am right in front runner that being Canada I love being able to understand language there. And the opening. We're hanging on hanging in the degree that you at least internally at the Arizona. And their kid went over there it might not kindergarten didn't want me and it can do that person there are a kindergarten. In Spanish but just didn't speak Spanish Oprah but man there are a Gurney and it's like a really bizarre and anxiety filled. You know that much stiffer a little kid who doesn't even speak that language that the first introduction to score off. So I don't think it's great to force that aren't they aren't. Deirdre I agree with few 110%. But let me ask I got us to a second question OK I won't. Because this is what gets my goat and maybe I'm just old fashioned maybe I'm just the young folk he. Maybe I'm the last American left in this country okay it may be honest with great. Why should that little it's a boy in the one in Arizona correct yeah girl girl for him why should that little girl. Born in the United States of America. Going to kindergarten. Why did she have to be forced to learn a foreign language. This is what I don't get. I think Mexicans would resented it if they're kids were forced to learn English. Or any other language. In other words were born in America you live in America. Our languages English it's a beautiful language it's a great language it's served us well. Why can't sure you the little girl in Arizona member of your family go to school and learn English. Then when she's more older she can say you know what mommy daddy. I like French aura like Spanish around like fashion. Or what I like Chinese. Why are we forcing them to accept bilingualism. Because we below so many illegals to over run our country. I agree a 100% I don't think it shouldn't be forced in. I I think that if the person's choice and then the parent wants to can learn the language just like that it was saying it doesn't own jitters. What number or even just a little element just. You know in the crowd chairman sometimes buying that not a worse. Errant you know. Also as far as what you said about not being able to learn the language Slater a lot of kids they're kicking up Mandarin which you just mentioned in high school and you're doing great with that. So you know there's no. Ability you know inability for them to learn a language leader might get the forcing it and that forcing at and statistically I've got now. Do you draw a great call it Deidre is this your first I'm calling it. Do you drug don't be a stranger. A caucus I need somebody who can actually communicate with you meet in English unlike my team in the Booth. Daycare Deirdre. OK let's look at us what is. I've got Phil tourists I've got Phil on my board written as F I LL. Does this isn't credible that this is incredible to mount mount lookout not final but if there was probable all I'd be spelled perfectly. Shell welcome to the corner report. Please don't eat easier you really spell your name modify a little. I know it's so PH I L. Yes it's it's actually sort of been expelled the biblical way so I'm sure I don't mentally politically correct either. Phil I swear to you was god as my witness. On my board Brittany has typed it up fill F I L now. Put yourself. And I'm doing it as a resident of taxes. Who are here working right now I should come over and blow your board. Rush rush rush rush week. The. This you are putting up with this but I gotta look a man of my education fell a man a mile learning this what I have to put up with here. Well I got to do for a living felt. I understand it looked in on the well over thirty years ago I spent six weeks since Singapore when I was working for General Motors. And the way it's handled over the air they were British colony at one time it's mostly Chinese. A lot of a lot of punitive from India a lot of Malaysians. You learn two languages and school. In Chinese state standardized on the Mandarin dialect cutters like a 150000. Different Chinese. They standardize them out. But English is the language of business and you are both school no question to ask if you're having problems. There's a great there's a TV station can turn to in the afternoon pretty foolish question. And I never to be patient you can turn to return Mandarin Chinese lessons. The only time I ever went into the store rear. Where people couldn't understand English. Was it the person what is China needs and look like they had been around during won't work here you. And then they're spoke something and there are so I'm her grandson came to help. That's one way to do it obviously affects as we have a big problem on the you know what we Spanish as well. My solution for that is. I don't care what language they speak when they come over Vietnamese. Chinese are receipt. Spanish I don't care he take them for one here. And you particular class doing nothing but she children English archer how long they are. One year Chichi and nothing but English then you put it in mainstream school. I feel like the idea. Joseph Larson I love that idea. It's in reminds you of my mother and now this she didn't go to school. But Mike when she came from the old time party okay what you can from what is now the former Yugoslavia today Croatia. She came up litter she came off the plane. Any wonder her learn English right away and so what he did was he forced hurdler you just forced her learn English. And so he better learn ten new words a day he would put ten words. In English which translated from you know from Croatia to English and you have to master of Alston works. And he would come home and he would Grover. And in the next day it was ten more works and the day after that it was ten more words and he did it over two months. Until she knew about 5600 words in English the basics high by a lol how are you what's your name. A basic phrases basic words he said not want to go out and speak at. And share to go get a job and ship a function of the job she worked in a factory ship to go shopping shared the buy the groceries. Everything. And that's how she learned English. And I agree with you I would bring these immigrants coming in. And I would have them do one year say your renal go to school and all you're gonna do is learn English. Because here. That's I'll work language. 6172666868. It's almost fanatically curious isn't credible strong insists self doubt we're helping you with your English. Jane. Haney HR. CEO Jack Reed is generally well Jerry your general and our Gerri Gerri spelled JJ EH REE this incredible. Go Janet jet. You know what you'll most men know English cash crunch match yeah. I'm gonna comment on this for a moment. And then I'd like to make comment about mr. Netanyahu. That you might grandmother. Used to say she's from Abilene only Italy. She is that say you speak to English did not throw learning a second language but if you're in this country. They like to build that. It is the language of business throughout the world do you speak English but I I I have no trouble what cooks he said his some learning Spanish or. French or whatever. There's no problem with that. Learning those languages and keynote didn't actually intellect. But you know in America you speak English. Jerry have you noticed. Over your lifetime I've noticed over the last 20/20 five years. How the quality of English has declined. It's deplorable people came in and dramatically make a sentence. You know like you know what I mean like you know men and you know light light light you know light. I mean the quality of the do we we are barber rising and forgive me bastard I isn't the English language. Is to me a travesty. It's an absolute travesty and what I find incredible ice we're ready I meet people from Indy. People from Pakistan. People from Eastern Europe I'm like wow. Your English is from mobile. I mean it's subject verb object. You speak in clear sentences. Keep you do you think in paragraphs. You articulate and elucidate every word. Not everything is like you know man you know what I mean man like yeah Gould you know. I mean issues when I see especially young until one of the young people today. I'm like yeah. Yeah I'm always firing you why would learn Spanish because your English is atrocious maybe he'll be better in Spanish OK check this out. LE SS. Print out it's fanatically spell this isn't the 6074. Well eat less fully. Okay Leisle discuss incredible. Lastly how are you less. I'm front and the morning when I'm going out of my mind that these people in the latest now. I would put Latin back and cold yes. That's. Brand it's UN not a crime data firm and you'll see the similarity. So clarity of the Latin word with the English read. I think that if you're playing English let them land map. In the final four history. And then introduced the effect language. Leisle I think we should bring back Latin I agree with few it's the root of the English language it's incredible it's the root of much of western civilization. It's an ancient language it's a great language. To me. To have properly educate our kids I think a knowledge of Latin is absolutely indispensable incredible. I'll tell you it nicely incredible and I'll be honest with you. But you know if you wanna welcome in the foreign invaders. And you figure they're gonna women 1520 years. And you Figaro become some kind of Latin American banana republic. Yes you start your kid at two years old public Espanol public Aspen hill. Because somebody has to welcome in the. Yeah this blatant hypocrisy you're doing right now when just hypocrisy or a hypocrite new one. You just spent an hour and a half demonizing me for saying I would I would require my child to learn Spanish. And then you said you would mandate Latin. And all schools. So Spanish dad but are far language I know uses anymore that's cut. Well not tell you why because this what did she used to balance the roots of the English or not. For hundreds of years you would teach kids Latin on top of English. And the founding fathers all you Latin Abraham Lincoln you Latin film study it anymore that's not the point I understand you're a big that's the point. Little people speak Spanish and French and Arabic to properly understand and use the English language Latin is the basis of the English language. So many of our thoughts ideas words phrases. Have their roots in Latin. So to me you learn I don't need to know that supplements being English language to be a firmly pro don't need to know that it's pretty English. Speak proper English. I'm looking at your spelling I've Stalinist fanatically and you have a trouble read it and I'll be honest with you I'm looking at your spelling that is. But those are light one. My cal am YE. KE LL with Michael. Deb spelling fanatically for you Mike this is what we have to do in the future little that's how they're teaching kids finish off fanatics. That's that's exact alternative dramatics is a bad thing to look at sounding get out what is block Healy. Our RC HH HD rush. These are Richard yes say they get to hang honey get a Richards are artists is that Brittany cooks your mom and your main page this is common for this article is the common core generation my fronts. This is this is what I look there's are fighting against regular right here in the story. It quite six four yells at us and then move could go OK it was is that Mike Dee. My key I have Mikey. Okay my OK Mike Mike how are you Mike. Go to check the call waiting are probably right but then the I believe baseball. Apple pie my mother. I don't know you Obama rode up the audacity of hope. I'm sure well what are actually. People can't block country. Right tackle I think there are illegal. They kicked our. Can actually cap. Our content and everything else aren't so. So you know our welfare benefits. Are shot show them I'm not the right if I had my way. I would say but don't by the U lead coming up when they were our goal. America. Who love their. Or leave the biggest they're great kids music that. All right my friends. Coming up next. Starbucks. Is now telling their servers and did you confront customers and disgusting race relations I swear you have got cautious already begin. Got explosive story.