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Warren Mosler on the Economy

Mar 16, 2015|

Warren Mosler on the Economy by The Financial Exchange

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Warren is Eric beard or a New Orleans you know you bet. Under discussion as to why he shouldn't have around the clock trading. No no this is just sit there at the but at the we're talking about it politically it would be built visited Europe opened. It was asleep at the two. Weren't the be the Fed is telegraphing. In that perhaps the last unemployment report that we got based on the February statistics. Was not as strong and you felt that way would view what would the statistics with in the unemployment report that you did not like. They actually using a telegraph. Yes we believe that they have the technology. I. You know you know what I see what I needed to note how low the productivity numbers are. So what's happening is that we're getting hired but output has not increased. In wages of average hourly wages he'll grow to wait out right. So what narrative explained that. Well if you hire somebody Torre cleaned the carpet in your studio output that the court still spoke up it's probably a bit of weight job. And he you know maybe that's what's going. Where the hiring or seeing. The low into the service sector is. You know what's been happening independent it doesn't go on forever just. One time event to catch up from the days you know the people to keep the fort click. And that's. You know what the eight point two Warren you know at least in this article is that Syria to use six beyond running 11%. In February. And the unemployment rate he official unemployment rates five and a half now the U six historically. In that case should only be about. Emphasizes that yet people are back to work but they're under grossly under employed. Yes it's true but don't. What what people been stated yes but the music is down from eighteen something so it's moving quote in the right direction and they look at the rate of movement and by. You know in the year the Fed might still comfortable that will be at 8%. Of the and so what are you don't hide. And it chose a lot of slack. Responses yes but it did it. And so I. Please can we do read on this. Right but but how do we treat honestly I was so we're trying to trading decisions. Yup it is generally lagging indicator and we've seen the unemployment claims. Probably move a little higher but it's small but it's real art yet. In. I would say the we'll be looking at that there's been numbers again won't do it the next employment numbers and it's. You can always get revised into recession may never know your unit. So what ever it is it is in the last one of the ways in which Fargo we've been reception. Well before anybody that we. And it's a saint I. EasyJet Avandia but I wanna stop here or there wouldn't stop your there. Are you suggesting that we might be in recession first quarter 2015. He architect of our interview I think we've probably had negative growth of or court. Because if you look at the dropped from third quarter the fourth quarter. We went from Bartow what they've averaged 2.2. Two point 12 it's going to be. If so. How do you do you know cure far right and then the next thing you do averaged two. You're going down that means you don't go for three to want typical but her that he Arctic ever to QB out of India are substantially lower. Don't think by December. We were probably pretty secure growth this quarter. But the way to deal good deal after the dust up two point six so it's party. At the numbers keep coming out it is a merger that again right there. I was as it probably would be a cure but that doesn't necessarily needs stock certificate. It. Wanna know. What welcome. These companies can still make money you can grow it and make money with very little cup points per. They've been profitable well you don't even have corporate profits overall are down he's been negative. The ones that make ESP 500 at the top guys they knew it took to get out of it by you it was a at the same target date periods could get hurt they could drop precipitously there just saying not necessarily. Connected. Burn we have to get out but thank you for joining us that weren't Mosul our chief economist here at the financial exchange.