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Would you want to be on the Marathon bombing jury? 3/5/15

Mar 5, 2015|

The Boston Marathon bombing trial has begun. Would you want to be on the jury of this trial? Should Dzhokhar Tsarnaev get the death penalty?

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606 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer and good morning. Plus there's bouquet. All lost there I mean a lot to talk about today however. Yesterday. The victims. Of that terrible terrible day. A day that frankly I will never forget for the rest of my life April 15 2013. So Boston Marathon terrorist bombing. Finally the trial has begun. And yesterday was the first day. Of opening statements. By both the prosecution. And by the defense. And the victims of that terrible terrible dark day. Finally confronted. That terrorist savage. Debt sub human. Barbarian. Flash bang. Usual carts are may have the Joker. And the Joker visual arts are may have. Now 21 years of age. Sucked into a courtroom according to multiple media reports. Where it is shaggy style hair. And his goal he. Utterly lifeless. Utterly indifferent. Today may him and the murder and the butcher re. And the suffering that he cost. And jokers lawyer. Flash bank's lawyer. He immediately. Stunned the courtroom in a dramatic opening statement. Jody Clarke a big ultra liberal a huge leftist. She is an anti death penalty specialist. In fact she decided to take this case solely and purely on the grounds Sheen new rule the Joker was guilty. She new flash bang was guilty as sin. However she's gonna fight tooth and nail her job her mission her purpose she says her goal. Is to guarantee. That the Joker does not get the electric chair. That the Joker does not get the death penalty. And she is somebody who has defended. High profile. Murderers and terrorists in the past. Getting them off the death penalty saving their life whether it be via Atlanta Olympics bomber Eric Rudolph. Whether it be V unabomber the environmental radical by Ted Kaczynski. Or Jared Loughner the guy who shocked Gabby Giffords and killed multiple other people. All of them she saved from the electric chair. And so now her job her mission is to say flash bangs a life at all costs. And so yesterday in the courtroom. She immediately said my client did it. He admits that he did. The issue is no longer whether he is innocent or guilty he is guilty. His only defense lawyer Julie Clark admitted it yesterday. In a hushed courtroom. He was part of the plan. He did place those pressure cooker bomb us. In fact one of them that he placed it was a came out yesterday during the prosecution when they had their chance to speak. And begin to lay out their case. Which placed deliberately the behind the back. Of eight year old mark and Richard. Who would be killed that day as the bomb tore into his flesh and devoured him. Even this serrated him. As the prosecution's spoke. Victims in the courtroom wept. The parents of mark Richard wept. But Julie Clark insisted. And this is gonna be the essence sever case. He's guilty. You have the video evidence of him dropping off the pressure cooker bombs and the backpacks. You have multiple eyewitness testimony. You have overwhelming circumstantial evidence they planned the attack. They bought the pressure cooker bombs they created the pressure cooker bombs they drop off the pressure cooker bombs and of course there is the graffiti. When he was finally found at the end on the ball. In his own blood. For raising a lot. And saying that this was a victory for the so called puma. The global Muslim community. That this was a Jihad. An act of weeks Islamist terrorism. To avenge. Where he said was US aggression in Muslim Lance it was an act of Jihad is some. Here in the heart of Boston. Where he deliberately targeted innocent people in fact as the prosecution. Brilliantly laid out yesterday. The goal of the pressure cooker bombs. With the ball bearings and then nailed Spock then. The point where the bombs were placed. Was to do as much maximum damage as possible. And in particular. To mean and cripple innocent runners. At the marathon. To take out their legs. To cripple them. Not just to kill them. But to literally bleed them. If possible to deaf. Julie Clark. Is now gonna argue this. And this is the only matter now that concerns this case. Is he guilty he admits that he's guilty did he do it we all know we did it he now admits that he didn't. But now Julie Clark is going to argue. Fact. Flash bang they're Joker pro car. Well under the malevolent spell all of these older Brothers speed bump. Ahmad Alam. The 26 year old. And then he somehow like a Svengali. Influence they younger Joker. The shaggy haired Joseph Kerr did goatee Joker. Did Joker who went to university. Did Joker won't just want to be on a wrestling team did Joker who did don't. And sold marijuana like all young kids don't today. Title just one hit don't horse around when he fell under the evil spell of the older brother. And it was he older brother who became as Julie Clark put it radicalize axed. And it was the older brother who then began to radicalize. Quote unquote. A flash bank. And that's flashing bank under the evil influence of his brother was not get the right state of mind. And the real. Enemy here to real bad guy here the real evildoer here it's not pour flash bang. Look at his hair look how sexy she is look at his gold he he was a teenager forgot say weeks. And she showed pictures of flash bang several years earlier. When he was on the wrestling team and he's with his friends. And there are having a cheeseburger and a Sherry. And she says look at this guy what is milk shakes and as marijuana. And his wrestling team. What is shaggy hair. I mean what those innocent doe eyes. And then just a couple of years later look at the picture of him dropping the bomb at the finish line. Look how his face changed this was all the work of this evil nefarious brother. The brother made him do it. And hence he wasn't in a right state of mind and he didn't know exactly what he was doing and so you'll have the jury. Of ten women and eight men must find this man yes guilty. But give him life in prison spare him his life. Because if we take away his life. We take away I swear to you just his potential. And we become just a savage and just as barbarian as they are by taking away his life and I Joni choir. Who have defended some of the worst mass murderers Ted Kaczynski Jared Loughner Erik rolled off all adored defend terrorists and mass murderers. I'm superior all of you won't. And I'm telling you civilization. Must never have to death penalty so spared this mass murdering jihadist. This little shaggy haired dog why aid gold. Please just let cuddly little Fuzzy bear. While hiding behind Jihad waving the come out one note the best than him save him. My friends let me be honest with you let me be like I'm in the confessional. Hi we have. Last night my heart was broken. I read the media reports. I washed a lot of the TV coverage. I saw some of the footage of the victims coming out afterwards. Describing. How gut wrenching. How painful. How heart wrenching it is to have to read live all of this. And he sits there in that courtroom. We got smug smiling use Kendall Square hole dead ice. And notice he's never expressed remorse. Once. Since she committed that in fact he goes on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. You have more. He's like my teenage son who just wants to raid the French. Who look it is fair his eyes his gold. I almost find them and you almost like a sex symbol the way he is so court took a terrorist Bob Dylan a jihadist Bob Dylan. In his youth. This trial. This to mean a travesty and a sham. Look at all the money we are wasting. We are gonna give him now the chance to showboat. To grandstand. God knows to give rant after rant after rant. This should've been taken to a military tribunal. Because what they did was an act of war. It was an act of war committed by Muslim terrorists. Against the United States of America and in particular against the people and citizens of Boston and Massachusetts. And this thing is gonna go on for at least three or four months. And the victims are gonna have to real live this day after day after day after day after day. And let me just give you an example of the kind of emotional and psychological. Hole this is already taking. I could go on all day with this. Rebecca Gregory. Was one of the first witnesses. To take the stand. She lost her leg. In the attack. Her left leg. She had to walk slowly to the stand in an artificial leg. The moment she got up and had to start walking. People in the courtroom immediately began to walk out that it did two weeks and solve the she got up she sat on the stand. And she laid out exactly what happened that day. It was a beautiful day she said she was there with her five year old son Noah. And then out of the blue instantaneously. She remembers as she said being thrown back a huge blast. Being hoisted into the year. And ashy lay on the ground she said she saw body parts and limbs everywhere. Yelling and screaming everywhere. Pools of blood everywhere. Quote. My first instinct as a mother. Was wearing the world was Mike Beebe. Where was my son. And she lay on the ground and she detailed and explained. How she get now notices. Her leg is blown up. That the bones of her leg are lying right decider. Under is a pool of blood underneath her. She's like my legs are gone. And she says but as a mother she can. Here know what yelling in the background mommy mommy mommy where are you mommy mommy. And she says all she can think about even though her legs were blown up. Was her boy her son she's a mother. She said she looked down at her leg quote my bones were literally laying next to me on the sidewalk. And blood was everywhere. I thought this was the day I would die. I could hear Noe I don't know how but I could hear my little boy. He was saying mommy mommy mommy all over again. Over and over. And then she said this. At that moment she prayed. So I pray to god. Took a mother. She said god this is my time. Pick me. At least take me. But let me know that Noah is okay. Save my son. Mark Richard eight years old. Wasn't as lucky. Nor survived he didn't. The blast. Tore his entire flesh apart. As the prosecution laid out. The parents stood there in the courtroom. Weeping and sobbing uncontrollable. Now my question to you is this. The parents have to go through this again. Rebecca Gregory has to go through this again. The victims have to go through this again. And he sits there in that courtroom. With one of the finest lawyers in the country. God knows who's paying for his defense team. Swedish three square meals a day. And they give him a scorer on every day. And after all of this happened as the prosecution I think brilliantly laid out. As she lay on the ground begging for her son to be saved begging the lord almighty you know what he did he went back to the university. He went and hung out with his friend it's. They are literally went eating and drinking. He was zany sports car having a good tying. They left. She and his brother laughed. My friends. What. Flash bang and is evil brother Tamil land speed bump did. Was commit an act of cold blooded. Premeditated. And deliberate. Terrorist mass murder. He deserves no mercy. He deserves no pity. He deserves no compassion. What he deserves. I swiftly. And judiciously as possible. Is the death penalty. And my question to you is this. The liberals in the state every single democratic candidate who ran for governor. Said that full that show carts are nay have flash bang should be given life in prison he should be spared the electric chair. He should not be given the death penalty. That in the end he's almost a victim of camera lens surname NF. The defense says he deserves life. The liberals say he deserves life. I say he deserves the death penalty. And my question to use this. Are we spending way too much on this trial. Should this not. Have any military tribunal. And it does show carts are may have the Joker deserve the electric chair. I say yes what do you say 6172666868. 4 I am not quicker the better. This is AMCC. We're glad Boston's talks. Ask him Joseph hearts or not. In all the videos if all the pictures of America are bombing and its aftermath defense attorney Judy Clark telling the jury in opening statement. Did this him and no one else. But for this or night defense team trying to save them out 21 year old man this is not a case about guilt or innocence it's all about the death penalty. And to avoid it Favre told the jury to keep an open mind and keep an eye on older brother camera lens our night. The great WRKO. What do you make of this trial all the money and time it's gonna take up. The fact that the victims after relives the horrors of the Boston Marathon bombing. And the ultimate question. Should flash back and get the death penalty I say yes what do you say Boston bill Europe next go ahead bill. I say no strongly in this case for its uniqueness that. Debt fell do you elevate him a martyred Doug and I just this culture and that's where he walked over to a richer so there are. Went to print them or just you want just. What he's wired. So I'm I would grant him that maturity of the bird to load PS so you can strum along with the mark had done so no way he that's the only reason why there's somebody else in the different culture a tickle to put the switch Burnham. Well not in this case it's that you know they cute. Bill let me ask you this as you make a very very good point you make a very good point. What do you say the argument though that if he stays in prison for life he is it your honesty is a terrorist. He'll become a martyr simply for having survived the American justice system. Having rented and show bloated glorifying Jihad. And that he will act as a source of recruitment. Because then from prison he can send out letters he can write emails he can be a source of inspiration. He can write books she can do all sorts of things. To help galvanize the radical Muslim world. I bet into the structure all due respect I think pundits are on this are under strong supervision and restrictions. You won't have those lectured as well. I think it's time Bob and Doug presumption that you do have these liberty to write and I'm not sure. And a ball. Com could you might remember garner that level who what restrictions government since these monitors that everything's coming in goalie has is it's not as. Bill thank you very much for that call 6172666868. Can you imagine if he gets life in prison. And he ends up writing a memoir. I mean I'm just I'm just you know I'm just saying I'm just can you imagine mapped. Gary is Rolling Stone will put them on the cover second time Joseph Carr. These statements prosecutor. William White bread spoke of the horrific deaths of victims of sleazy Lou crystal Campbell an eight year old mark richter. Bob Morton wide red describe how was injured mother Denise Richards. Tried to find her little boy on the ground but couldn't see him as he bled to death because the same blast blinded her. 636 here on the great WRKO. Yesterday he trial of Joseph cards are nay have. Began what are your thoughts. John Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Mari just hi John. Well would you please refer to him as the Boston bomb said should I have that would be days. Edged and the other point here it's. I might special period is desert rats but. I. All of. Rat bites I thought both well I'd like to human life or execution I call it extermination. See I I thought about it for our secondary have if you lipstick he would be good about it me or half bucks. And if these are not. Eight kilogram in my over the yellow roses so well. All the moderates among all already know also American that are carrying concealed gonna blow you away. It John let me ask you this. Would you wanna be on that jury. Yeah Arroyo. I can tell you can coach Ivan talking about this I swear I think I would give my Lai. You know what I would love to be on that jury I got I would honestly. You know I if somebody walked up to me and said Jeff. You're gonna get wood is five bucks a day where toy box of day whatever they pay you. And you are beyond that jury for like 34 months and say listen I'll pay you twenty bucks a day just get me on that jury. I didn't just give because you think you can bring reasons are that there's there's got to be several liberal on an Asian you stick it to bring. Reasoned so. Activity showed. I thank you for that call John let me ask all of you this all right would you this is the cooler country poll question of the day. Would you want to be on the Boston Marathon bombing jury widget there are ten women eight command. Would you want to be on that jury if the answer is yes taxed eight to 68680. If the answer is yet no way text beat the 68680. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends at the greater land senior services. Greater land senior service says it's hiring right now just visit GL ISS dot net and applied today. Guys GL ISS dot net and apply for a new job today. Because we're talking about this yesterday. And I don't know if you saw the interviews of some of these jurors. But they're like under us like you do you know who we know flash bang is do you know all the social call our concern they have is a mall a mole. Do you think he's guilty of I don't home. And I don't know I have an open mind. I don't off ice where this is a villagers I don't often watch television. I never really heard of him before. So yeah she could be your mission I I'm I'm completely open minded. And I cook should archer I should do you honestly think. Are they telling the truth. Or are you saying about to get on the jury. And has coaxing and I are convinced a lot of these people are pretending to be open minded protect. Our whole country for a week all they did was talk about this case. The whole war almost about the time Milan enjoy carts are -- flash bang in speed bump. And suddenly now you've got people on the jury elect never heard this guy. No I think they're acting personally just to get on the jerk. And if they asked me if they called me up as a potential juror I Jerry strong feelings about to station more win more. I mean do you long I mean do you what do you think you think he's guilty or innocent act I I bowl but it really I don't you know honestly I don't watch a lot of TV young. I'm very busy guy with my wife and kids kids and I'm busy working in. I know I'm very sympathetic to Chechen cause. Our talent supply pipeline you know follows living under Putin might wanna breakaway is well really. You know what put him on and the moment I'm Juan. I'm just gathering all of the information. And it's when we're finally they're deliberating. Not only is it guilty. Death death death death all of saying is guys these are the electric chair. Is it the needle I'd personally prefer the firing squad. Or put him in a Rome with pressure cooker I swear I put him in Rome and encased rural solid Rome with pressure cooker bumps. And say hey flash rank. Joker. You see Richard did to the others that's exactly what's gonna happen to you. Dole's ball bearings -- nails are gonna dare you to pieces. My body say hello to Alla and is 782 versions. David Europe next go ahead David. Morning Jeb I don't I'm doing Mario. Eight stole my thought I was gonna say the same they would put pressure cooker but take a step further or put on paper due to reduce the deficit. Dead. The day you're up next gallant didn't. I woke. I did your on the air. They just stole my thunder because. After all. These. Punishment should be commensurate. To the crime. And what should happen. Is that businesses are very very different cases. And I'd like to bring. Certain amount of torture. Should be presented to know what execution. Not letting this guy off. I agree effect on the celebrity victims. We were able to come through there's shipping at these. Is there anybody here. Well put like true love. Now there is are we lost you there I get your point whether the the other victims anyway there was not a what baseball bottom club bomb. What a night put a nail him. I think the critics are that's why I like the electric chair. You know it's it's a younger electric chair gets about a rap but I swear to you. You turn on the switch. This. At old speed turn back off lack high rollers a malfunction I don't know what the hell's going on here got a little problem with that let's try it again. Not too it just understood turn off the guys I told what the hell is wrong with equipment today. And do that for about a good 3040 minutes and then say flash rank. Semi to Britain virgins they're waiting for you next go ahead nick. Porter mr. to America. I personally think that the death penalties to too late for this bit. We what do you wanna do you want virtually. Yeah I think it's certain degree of torture ordered here. I mean if you lived in Russia and pull this in his native country. Who would avoid and told them here by Alpine out so. I think he'd go very go a little bit more than just an injection. You know nick it's funny you should say that I swear I don't know if you guys are like. Are you there's a working for the NSA or something you could hear you guys are reading all my thoughts. Yesterday coach Sharon talking about this I said you know cooks honestly you know what I would seriously contemplate. Giving Vladimir Putin in my that I shot a call. As saying look these guys are Chechens they came here illegally. I mean under false pretenses which to me means they are I would revoke whatever. Legal residency and citizenship they have. I say you guys are no longer Americans strip them of their citizenship you lost that right send them back the mother Russia. And I say look Latimer. I know we have problems which Ukraine. And I know we have problems would be wrong. We can be more flexible on some of those issues OK but I need you to do me a favor. I major KGB guys now called the F says B after has beat. How'd your effort as a me guy likes to take a minute dark role Vladimir you guys know how to do this. I want justice. One justice for the people of Boston. Do it did away that guarantees justice OK Vladimir you take care of them that option away. And I'll tell you this if Joseph Carr if that Boston Marathon bomber heard that he hang himself and his self. There is no way he'd ever wanna go back to mother rushed. My hero. It's going might. I wanted to they might. Real model are currently blocked a what sort of torn all over there and what really sicker that we have a fundamental fact. That China would like. We're gonna come up that sort out what that what we need to improve a lot of the country are going to be serious or the Internet and congress it's a couple law. To fare better to commit a parent Spector got out he global although her partner a community. And just so open source what weight and and all that stuff I'll spend my tax bolt but at the sky blocked conflict Concord. Might aquinas said better myself. Jobless or my friend that's exactly my feelings. And this thing is gonna go on and on and on and it's gonna cost us millions of dollars. Then you have the moon bats in this state the lives in this state. Begging for his life. In fact saying he's got potential. I swear to you that he's earned top two resorts. Are you are. Are you freaking kidding me. This guy this this waste of a human being. It's he's all he's admitted. That he got it he admits it he's guilty. Too I mean I sent to a military truck you're guilty no problem firing squad next. Daniel Europe next go ahead then. Yeah I agree with a lot of thinks that the first court echoed about the death penalty being way too easy so proposed getting some Lex and poly carbonate built in eight. Clear transparent container. And then putting pressure cooker and air. And just detonating it on M. A June. Jim your couldn't fix go sit in the world Jim how are you Jim. Good thank you just play of the incident concerned about martyrdom that somebody expressed earlier as they history teacher you must remember General Electric urging. And he put very much former uprising in the Philippines and I think it was 1909. Armed before he killed him. He's smear them with pigs blood and put speaking on their bodies so they could not go trick have been they couldn't go to terror gracing get this 72 urgent. I'm. Like imperialism every brilliant tactic because. The uprising we shouldn't put down a little bit at stake in a little bit pig blood. And back gets what. I'm writing this all the heat is not a moderating more he cannot go to paradise. He blood of an unclean animal in Italy or at least that's what they think I'd love nothing more than spirit. Arm. Do that to them and you are you fight trial would fight it and terror with terror. They mention. It's a great idea. Not just a short one I mean I'm trying to get everybody all whipped up here by you you need to know the facts. Do you know not only getting three square meals a day. Do you know it's all Muslim approved. He won't eat pork he wont need bacon he won't be certain kinds I swear he caters out of the forty scared of him. I don't people moments. Satellite television. Computers. He's got a pool Rome he's got to work out to Rome he subscribes to magazines. He's got his own prayer mat. They'd give him a core wrong. That he into the corrections officers have to Wear latex gloves. Can not see this solidly to not paint the Koran because there are believers. We put latex gloves on to give him his score wrong so we can pray to Mecca five times a day we order out his fooled so it's Muslim culture. I swear to you that's how well. Because god forbid you should eat some pork or bacon or whatever other a dietary prohibitions they have. And now he has one of the best lawyers in the country paid for by us. To tell us he did it. But it was all under the spell of his Brothers so. Give him another sixty years in prison costing us millions of dollars so we can continue to have a while meals. I swear only in America Bob you're up next go ahead Bob. We have always. Are you you know rather than be on the jury I let you go back in time and be a policeman and Watertown. They shouldn't as some of the big between united and put an end to all the nonsense. But you know that's exactly what britney's it to you this will work it. She said she was right. She walked up he said you know all this money and all this time all this mean all this hard eight. Real living everything opening up the old wounds she said you don't want a cop who found them in Watertown should just said I'm gonna do the planet a favor. Boom. That's sick if I was a cop. Hold on is Ritchie for gun boom. Car crash warning was rocked I was reaching for something there was self defense. That's sit adios amigo us hey you wanna die for a lot no problem. Glen in Europe next go ahead Glenn. Jerk or I'm good how are you glad. I got a horrible treatment syndicate you got a lot cocoon country it's that you coral says people with great not amazing. There are meant not so politically incorrect that's why I love I love. Yeah but you know what I gotta disagree a little bit as much so lectures go directly to such a chart that. I think. And a Muslim nation nothing irritates and upset so more than the fact that they cannot shake lower result or demeanor. Sort I think we should stay our course both -- debt. And be done with it I don't want to group reached before Obama pardons on. Well that's a no it think it's a race against the clock now. We got to put him to death before they did earlier leaves office in January 27 and because I was thinking the same thing I said you know. Just worries about believe it's 1115 man named 58 seconds he signs an order. Pardon flash bang pardon West Bank have gone up. Tonight at seven Marc look in bunny and six CD WRKO. And six here on the great WRK you know. 6172666868. Is the number if it was him. Liberal lawyer Joni Clark defending the Boston bomber. The flash bang they're Joker shall carts are Rene have. Admitted he's guilty he did it. He participated. In it in fact she even went on to say that hurt his older brother never quote forced them into the planned. She put it he never put a gun to his head. However he was influenced by the older brother. They malevolent older brother and she's not really truly fully responsible. For the mass murder and terrorism of the Boston bombing. And hence he should be given life in prison and not the death penalty. My question to you is I agree disagree. 6172666868. Joseph Europe next go ahead Joseph. Cuba. I am really I've been listening Q&A kind some garb you know he wouldn't doubt and shout and you don't really want to. Well that yes like I was very you know move despite the description from a trial. But I heard. On the radio eight. 88 reporter who put so actually read reports on the and she was describing the trial to someone and she broke down in tears. Chief surrogate in chief says at the end that it was one of the mole it wasn't. And I'm feeling that now because. I don't wanna see the pictures and everything but the big descriptions of what it once just after the bombs went off. It's. Beyond any trail looked human comprehension. I I just don't know. You know I'm and I don't know this might have a plan which this how can people. We remove the king of that gay it's almost like it's been scrawled. And now I'm the king of that day I mean dot horror. Very it's just like. What horror it is beyond Carol and it is. If you agree it is Digi constant track. Well it is it was still obviously wise I mean look and I wanna stay focused for now on the trial I've been doing a lot of research on this the planning that took place what really happened. The training. This was something that they had been plotting and planning for months. And I'll tell you this. I believe camera Lance our native speed bumps wife. Why is a co conspirator. I believe she helped him purchase the pressure cooker bombs I think she's been playing dumb. I think she knew a lot more about the planned and she's been letting on I would indict her. I think she should at a minimum be thrown in prison. I would go after the mother in Chechnya. She was the one that encourage them to get into this GR lifestyle. I would go after a lot of these family members. They and there's a lot of other financial connections other people would help them plot this attack my friends this is just the tip of the iceberg. And I'm looking at pictures now when I'm up against it. Here's a man. May be thirty. Mark for Corel. Walking his leg is gone. It's gone. I'm staring at another woman Heather rabbit another survivor she testified. With an artificial leg. Complete artificial leg. I'm looking at pictures. Of a mean bodies. Everywhere. Children everywhere body parts everywhere blood everywhere. I Guinea everywhere. Just to Syria. These are pictures you see in Syria or Iraq. Hate turned our city into a war zone. And how that does not deserve the death penalty is out literally you have to be mentally deranged moved backed. Like Julie Clark to stand there and ask us to feel sorry for this guy. 6172666868. We're gonna continue with all of your calls are really wanna hear from you Boston. 6172666868. Should show carts aren't they have the Boston Marathon terrorist bomber. Get the death penalty. And would you like to be on that jury. And what would you say in deliberations. If you were on that. You know fed. To see that I'm my kids you know they all talk about the sentiment. The second day today having to another. 707 here on the OKO Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer yesterday. Opening arguments were heard in the trial. Of the Boston Marathon terrorist bomber. Last bank. Joseph carts are nay have. And my question to you is this the crooner country poll question of the day. Would you want to be on that marathon bombing jury. Where Jew be one of the ten men so forgive me the ten women eight men. Corn now gonna make that decision. Whether he should live or die. If you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If the answer is no you'd want no part of this text beat the 68680. This morning square poll question is brought to you by our friends. But the greater Lynn senior services. Greater Lynn senior services is hiring right now. Just visit GL SS dot net and apply today that's GL a SS dot net and apply for a new job today. What are the poll results so far. 64 yes and 36. Not basically 21. 54 yes 36 no. Brittany would you wanna be on the jury yeah. There struck you wanna be an injury as well right I would lie to be a manager. I swear I would I swear that the marathon. Is that went into an apartment they try to or access. This account that aren't aren't aren't. I'd rather not boom all I don't have an opinion on our guard a little free Chechnya I'm a big charge and activists really the dead on the we will watch you on the jury. Far I'm very open minded. I do have a couple of these text messages you want me to share with going some of these are moving again some of the other piece some of these are unbelievable go ahead shoot this one's great because actually had to text back and ask if they were joking which they told me no they were not. From the for a one. Quote our society made him better it is partially our fault his life should be spared he simply made a mistake. And you touch the documents and these young Syria or in fact yes I wrote back you must be joking and they were OPEC shouldn't you be a looking for bigfoot. And their oats or you're joking and they wrote no I'm not and then I wrote while and then they just texted about two minutes ago and said. Your callers are all barbarians what happened to thou shalt not kill is an exit shooting and killing where are your morals. Unbelievable. Wow unbelievable. So tell me how did we discriminate against them was it the section eight housing. Why is it the welfare. Was it the EDT carts. How about allowing them into the country under the false pretense is that they were somehow refugees. When in fact as we now know. They were the mother in particular was a Muslim fanatic. Or how about the fact that we helped give him a scholarship when he was in school. How about when we help pay for his education university. I want where where is it when the older brother was on welfare and he was off boxing. Trying to be a big boxer tell me where was the discrimination. I guess treating given up welfare money. Just this is look at the move its I this is a probable. By the way you can Texas a 68680. Okay my friends. Bombshell. Admission. By the defense this is an usual for a defense to do this it caught everybody by surprise. The Julie Clark who by the ways and anti death panel Pete specialist. That's all she does is take up high profile cases. Mass murderers terrorists and get them off the death row basically give them life in prison but make sure that they avoid the death penalty. And so she took up the cause of the Ted Kaczynski the unabomber. The Atlanta Olympics bomber. Eric Rudolph Jared Loughner the man who killed multiple people. And severely wounded Gabby Giffords an Arizona she got him off of death row. Guarding him free from the death penalty she wants to do the same thing now she admits show carts are in May have did it flash bang did it. It was him. He helped plotted he helped planet he helped drop off the pressure cooker bombs. But she says he's not fully responsible. Not full me. Because she was allegedly under the influence of his nefarious brother. Now. You need to be aware of us. The prosecution there is new video that has come out graphic video of what happened. The damage the carnage but even more evidence. And as the prosecution. Showed yesterday. The flash bang usual cart surname if not Pamela Pamela in place the mom elsewhere. But Joseph carts are nay have purposely placed one bomb. Behind gay role of children. In fact several of the survivors now testified they even helped him brush up against their backs are against their arm. And then he placed the bomb behind a role of children. Who were seated at near the finish line to watch the marathon as the runners were finish. And one of them was a mark and Richard eight years of age. The bomb went off which such fierce ferocity with such intensity with such power. It killed Martin Richard almost instantaneously. It blew almost all of his flesh off. It maimed and crippled countless dozens of people near the marathon finish line. And in particular. Yesterday Karen Mick waters. One of the victims testified. She lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing could. Before the bombing she went with your dear friend Kristy Campbell 29 years of age. In fact there are pictures of them shown to the jury. Of them around Boston. Taking pictures together as one of them near a bridge. They were very close friends you see the smiles on their faces. You see are just the affection they have for each other the happiness on that they have. How happy they were that day. And she said that they were there Kristy Campbell and Karen Mick waters. To watch Karen Mick waters his boyfriend run. And they were deliberately near the finish line because they want to photograph. Mick waters his boyfriend when he would cross the finish line. And as they were waiting for her boyfriend to come down the final stretch. Karen Mick waters testified. That she heard out of the blue. Boom. She says she'll never forget that sound for the rest of her life. She said he immediately within several seconds. She was dazed she was dizzying. Her head was completely spinning. She heard horrific. Yelling and screaming. She lay on the ground. She said she saw body parts everywhere. Blood everywhere. But as she lay on the ground she says all she can remember now is this screaming and a smoke. And she's asking herself she's lying on the ground she's completely based. Why am I lying on the ground with like just what just happened here. And then she looked better leg. And she realized that something very terrible she put it had happened to us. She saw her foot to which turned completely the wrong way. The ground she said was red hawk she couldn't believe how hot the ground once. She said there was a bad smell almost an evil smell of sulfur of burning hair. And immediately when she began to smell the older and the sulfur. And the burning she said almighty god it was a bomb. And now she's desperately looking for her good friend Kristy Campbell. And in the carnage in the mayhem in the bloodshed in the streaming in this small in the debris. She said she finds Kristy Campbell lying on the ground. And she crawls her way to Kristy Campbell buys her leg is bleeding profusely. She grabs Kristy Campbell 29 years of age. Her whole life in front of her she was a restaurant manager. Everybody who knew her said she was hard working she always had a smile on her face. She was somebody who was ambitious. She did her job she came in on time she was the kind of person if you ever needed anything she was always there for you. And there she was lying on the ground in agony. And that's make waters testified quote. I didn't know how bout Christie was hurt. She said that her legs hurt. She said and saw that Christie Campbell's legs were completely gone. She then grabbed her friend. She grabbed her left hand. They what their faces their cheeks against each other. She said I try to console war. Her hand then went limp. And they never spoke again. Karen Rick waters lost her leg that day. She's gonna have an artificial leg for the rest of her life. But what she lost even more precious than more deer. Was her friend Kristy Campbell. Who will never come back. And this sponsor to this day. And it's not just the people that died. It's those that remained. Those that were crippled. Family members and friends. Who lives in Norton who lost two of her son to over suns lost their legs. Both of her boys lost their likes. And as they told the Boston Herald in an interview. Last year. Born of that is difficult. Moving around is difficult. Going to the bathroom is difficult. Everything which you take for granted it's now difficult to. Our lives have been changed forever. And as these witnesses testify to the horror and the barbarism and the mayhem. There flash bang stood. According to all the media accounts all the witnesses in the room. Deadpan. His eyes cold. Dead. Almost with a smug arrogant look on his face. My friends. What she was she is pure evil in that courtroom. And if this man does not deserve the death penalty. Then nobody doubts. 6172666868. They're victims. Deserve. Justice. They deserve to see this man. Sense to his grave the quicker the better Diane Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Hey good morning not early days that you know. He misses that and every every album art straight out and that the government monitoring them their monitoring that trial. And we need to keep in mind because what happened here does this I. Well the crime he committed. They're gonna say well they're that's part of what Germany still I'd. An episode devoted to there. And we'll let you know. The up in L a direct but there I don't think it really. Because they can do what they want to do and eat it noted that religion and and and that they bring in new. So they amateurs saying is if if he gets life in prison. I sis and other jihadist and say hey look what's the worst that can do Lewis. Put us in prison for the rest of our lives we eat three square meals. We rock show on television. We read the core Iran we can Prado madcapped. We can even give interviews start Rolling Stone magazine and they'll put our face on the cover may be Marjorie you gambled what column saying how sexy we are. 6172666868. So 120 on the great WRK though. Should. Flash bang get the death penalty his defense says no. The liberals in this. Seven point four here on the great WRKO. Ruled syrup next thanks for holding and welcome. What that was Jody Clark that was. As Joseph Carr's lawyer yesterday. Well ma'am tell yeah I knew I knew crystal Campbell she was there big time event coordinator for this summer shack. She did nothing but bring joy to people she always had a smile frustration was just a ball. I. The speed bump. East peace are what is versions as brother need to join them but Jeff. It should be get away like she's starting role would would agree with it nailed down on top of very it kill. So they'll let us from congress we substance and style and let them let them just shot. Six of contempt in 2666868. Jerry Europe next go ahead Jerry. All right our. They go back drama Jenny how are you might spend. Well let me ask you something I heard you mentioning probably you know yesterday. Is that true. Lean he would talk promoting Italy. Oh somebody called me said they were for now we know that that's my thought about it all really almighty my wife's from parents came from Calabria. Listen I worry we're almost I Zahn. Don't. Yes to it thinks. The first thing is. I would like I thought nothing better than just being killed in the water account I know that's sounds harsh. I thought the same thing but when they captured him I said to myself I wanna see him executed. The only way other than like imprisoned I want to see him executed history in the blackjack pershing. Treatment. You know what that is. You know somebody call there was a guy who led the stop the insurgency in the Philippines. Tell what are ways Muslims drenched him in blood covered him in today and. They lied to cover them and entrails but all night and he let one of the live and escaped. You would be aware is no uprising after that. The word got out. That Jerry thank you for that call. Look I'm going to be honest with all of you I know I'm not sure is gonna get the death I mean don't get me wrong I want him to get the death penalty you know my position on this. In this state. When all the more bats in this state. With Marjorie he's been writing how sexy is we he is the way of putting him on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Where Khomeini and he death penalty activists there are Khamenei moon bats there aren't. I could easily. Look look at some of these won't mapped textures. It's mined varying. I'm daring you kill him means in mind marrying. Your business barbaric is seen ends. No stupid. Because he took innocent lives. He forfeited his right relive the moment he took other people's lives he's pure evil. There is no redeeming value or feature regarding him none. And frankly it's immoral I believed to spend millions of dollars to feed him. Entertain him hold him give him a moron so we can stand there for 304050. Years. Who's gonna bring Martin Richard back. Who's gonna bring Kristy Campbell back who's gonna bring that wonderful Chinese graduate student. Only Jew you back who's gonna bring them who's gonna bring Sean call your back. Who's gonna bring back the legs. To all those people who were maimed and crippled. And he gets the stand there and stuff his face. And then go offers one hour a day mandatory exercise. Any has access to a weight room and he has access to television. And he has to have his whole all Muslim Kosher meals. Are you freaking kidding little. That's sick that's barbaric. If you want and all the truth. Not show as a self loathing and self hatred and disrespect for the victims. And so honestly with Tippett did jury pool I don't know the jury obviously but in this great. Cook she was mentioning to me. There was a high profile case. Whereby there was a pet a final in fact to data files who lured young boy the curly case. They do word doughboy. They were raped and murdered little boy. And when people want to bring back the death penalty in this state although mourn about. You know all full crawl mole. Murdering had a files they have rights school who moan moan moan home. Normal all they have a right to three square meals and and satellite television in Playboy subscriptions. Are c'mon now. This guy deserves only one the only debate I can mean as far as I'm concerned is do you give them the needle. Is it the firing squad is that the electric chair who or Deanna hang them. Not to me is the only issue. How fast and how how brutal. Is the app is he is he is the death penalty when it comes to this sub human animal. My question to you is this. The defense has now admitted he did it. Really get the death penalty should he get the death penalty or should he get life in prison. 6172666868. All of your calls next. Saved. 735 here on the great WRKO. Yesterday. These trial of Boston Marathon bomber. Flash bang jolt cards are live began. What are your thoughts 6172666868. Frank Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. The government cracked well. You know it I believe he's guilty I believe we deserve a duck dropped. Well we don't really mean you believe he's guilty he says he's yellow and Williams I'll argued poultry. And do their adult adult content and now you're no callers are talk to a ball. Different way out if you could guard yes a lot from a vote yes and got told me. That the liberal course rating and another soccer ball port tomorrow and go and up three. And and so it. I'm Noah was sent that's probably normal. Well what I'm sorry but what what is so sick about the I don't I'm a big one right. It would really don't know well frank easy by the what do you need and we're not talking about an innocent eight year old schoolboy here. We're talking about a mass murdering terrorist thug. How do you think we've dealt with the Nazis frank. What do you think do you think we patted them on the ahead and you can call them we gave them three square meals and said how do you feel. So yes no I I have no apology for this look. I'm on her shoulder him. The same compassion you show to his victims I'm showing you more I'm giving him a trial I'm giving him a lawyer I'm getting even three square meals a day how many how many give them all the rights frankly shouldn't even have. This guy came under false pretense is key to our system I'd leave off the fat of the land he used our welfare to plot these attacks and you know I'm gonna do for him. I'll wanna give them a nice clean needle. Oral given the electric chair. Oral given the firing squad it's quick it's easy it's efficient it's effective. And you're standing here lecturing me Lou. What we're all these people coming from feeling sorry. That we're making fun of of Sar may have. It's really it's a mental disorder they really used to it's it's insane I mean listen number till being humorous is as a coping mechanism. A lot of people are still affected in shocked by what happened and joking about whether or not you agree with that is a coping mechanism. Well yeah and all of a sudden we're supposed to. Well but his feelings and your hurting the feelings of people because it target about murdering him alone know we're talking X accusing him there's a difference tree executing and murdering. He murdered people where executing him you know that if I wanna wrap them in bacon and put him. In front of a firing squad how how hot. Get over it. Are you completely don't wanna be on the Jerry. I mean I'd love to be on that jury see because I'd be dealing with people like him. You know and go I get to meet to stand there and just document all of this all the evidence and then have to argue with people like him. I would love deterrent all of them and say look you're gonna tell me is Canas and deserve the electric chair just doesn't deserve the needle. No one asked frank do you think the outbid the terrorists are sitting around in their caves and their hunts going. Bono pressure cargo bombs much too much too brutal we shouldn't be doing that only at the Figaro more humane way to butcher our enemies BM media pour gasoline light among fire her. Hubble woody Jessica be heading you'd think that should delighted and that's a assemblage when we chop up bid you'd think. This guy blow up the finish line. But where the savages but where the savage it's only I swear you. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder. Kevin you're up next go ahead Kevin. Thank you jab jab there's so that this case. Chokes me up as well as opening. Yesterday in the federal court house where they should go to. Good friends of mine no matter transport chief became the minute job. Does it doesn't shout class coming in and you can see from the inside just what that cottage outside. In the group. I know crunch people I present day yeah I think our political ball. Our group recommended it to restrain camp pulled up in the have a child went to school. My ultimate and saint Charles says she baptized. And communion. To. The confirmation. I would be that you go to media. Due credit that you could give a pin drop attending her if you roll. And then laid I went to Lindsay rules we currently the only came halfway around the world. Can pick up for a college in broken body give all of the product. In black kids don't speak go to the Boston Globe in the certificate. All of that match well that he hit doubt he's given every reaction has. Act that said that Ahmadinejad told a little Clinton will welcome an insurance doubt that set a date how to. Sure great to talk to. You know what site is cage and how many times it has truly clock in the defense team. I mean I want them a lot of kind of stop this trial to have that looked. That is they did this discriminatory. I mean she's got a pilot's. And that we're able to crest. I whipped it out if you haven't Boston if we decide who's gonna get the most sympathetic because we'll get right plank. Did help Diego I'd like to contest that the government without the attitude rebel. Yes. I mean it's a shame. Apparently I mean honestly you nailed it. And this we are taken out of Bausch and we're gonna kick the court case out of Boston why did you pick out of Boston that happened in Boston. How can Utah why would you want a ticket out of the city where this act of war took place why. People that people are most affected should have the right to sit on that jury. And make a fair impartial objective decision and rendered their verdict. Now the verdict is now a foregone conclusion because the evidence was so all three can overwhelming. That is old lawyer yesterday said it was him what he did it. It does let's forget about the guilt or innocence phase he did it. So now with all the moon bats in this city. Although moon bats and escaped. One to defend data files from the electric chair who want Oprah to defend mass murderers from the electric chair. So. It's 5050 whether this treasury gonna get the death penalty. And to me I cook she nailed it what I find incredible. Look how they can't even make the most basic moral distinctions. They cannot distinguish between a mass murder a terrorist mass murder. An atrocity essentially a war crime what was done here was a crime against humanity. And illegal Mexican should. A man comes in and slaughters innocent people. In cold blood. Deliberately. Premeditated. On behalf of gene hunt. On behalf of a holy war against America. In fact then goes afterwards I swear to you and parties. He's wicket as the prosecution laid out brilliantly he was with his friends. They were laughing. They were eating they were shrinking. They were driving around he was like nothing I have. Happened. Kids these days he's never expressed remorse in fact he sits in that order but he shocked. Completely deadpan and smug arrogant. No no outs of remorse and him. And then you say kill him. He's pure evil justice demands that he be X security it. Quickly swiftly decisively. He's got a lawyer. It's been going on for two years. He's had every legal protection in the book he's going to be tried by a jury of his pierce. I'm worth a barbarians. According to the moon boots. Because people are cracking a few jokes. About putting a pig's blood ornament a and and and and and and throwing bacon all engulfing him in bacon or are you freaking kidding me. Now our body's feeling X. That's why I'm telling you. We're gonna lose the war against radical Islam. Because the liberals would rather commit suicide than stand up to them. Q what we did to the Nazis during World War II you can take on a trial forget Nuremburg. Throughout western and Eastern Europe do what they did every major Nazi leader they found they hung him. The ally Richard Vegas home. You're the leader bottom up on a chair on and rules I sure they're home. You banged a shot on American troops stood at British troops dated Russian troops did it. They don't sit there's a shot of cool. If this was 5060 years ago the greatest generation. The generation that defeated Hitler and told chose Japan the ones that liberated Europe and Asia from fascism. Do you what they would have done had they found this before and this clown does this sub human animal. At that in Watertown. Here's my gun mobile home for a certain kind of story hang on right now to hang on to upset you wanna die for a lot more problem. So their heroes. Two day cure work criminal. Today you're barbarian because you won XQ this man. Did. I'm not talking about Nuremberg the local commanders. Were never given a lawyer. They were never given due process. They were never judged by a jury of their peers they were never in front of a judge. Queer people talk to me about looked. Had we listened to you we never would've won the American revolution. We never would've won the civil war we never won one World War II oh and that's why we can't win a war. This iBook outside of San Francisco I'm gonna say this is gonna get me in trouble but I'm gonna say 'cause I have to say it. From there to say the truth what's the point. Outside of San Fran set goal as my friend doctor savage puts it. This only missing. Only this city. Could have a mass terrorist atrocity take place. Four people dead. Dozens maimed and crippled for ever. An eight year old boys Flesch got completely and it's blown off you got incinerated. And they care about a few links of the terrorist. You gotta be really sick. Really morally perverse. I'm talking. She groom backed I'm talking real nor how war. I'll who'll. I'm talking a real long backed. And that's Boston. Coleman or at least parts of Boston Common a John how you want a moment. Well Abdul wrote secret I have a good morning program good morning. To thank. First of all that's why Harry input will be the trial actually move that checks. And you know watch about what he remained. Steady doesn't get the death penalty. I Billy Graham into sole 24 hours certain it's a little. Our lovable drive them nuts after. A I would put a big picture of the Pope just outside the parts. Big crucifix mother crook who the star of David the star of David the talmud the talmud right there. I'd the National Anthem of Israel I swear to god I would just play it. You want life mobile giving a life you want live from prison no problem there's the star of David there's a big map of Israel and we're just gonna play. The Israel National Anthem one B four hours a day. He'll be begging us curriculum. Paul Europe next go ahead Paul. Just how cold it was a little emotional pieces of garbage. Have been killed in Maine people came in here. To store where I used to go to China likened more to abide any QB but I no connection from my freedom and actually shut down at eight. But literally liberals and some what discord just called ballistic just initiated them or individual which we're really questioned whether you're liberal. They have any idea. Golfing history of this world what lied in huts of evil people like you shed. The league where they can make sure wish I. But your actions are almost like the general on the bridge over the river quiet when Alec finished. And sharing some sort what have I got picked conspiring with the enemy. This speech to creep. Bragman against now water which they mobile totally bald and also state colleges and that's public stress in this status become. And we need some real man and I noticed most of the men around him of bending match Kelly. Two women do the driving past the women drag them around at the top actual list and they resent guys like this guy down at Texas crush kind of the American sniper. Because they exhibit right just filing which is necessary what someone does something to your life he grandmother he had thought. You don't sit there and give them counseling and try to take gamble for the courts because locals feel these. Brilliant all absolutely brilliant. 6172666868. 750 on the great WRKO. Before you go to break I have a great text message or go ahead should buy you because the moon bats will probably go crazy or this one. This is from the 978. Jeff I don't agree with wrapping him in bacon it's a perfectly. It's a waste of perfectly good bacon. You can Texas at six city civic city. Should flash bang get the death penalty. His lawyer says and all don't moon bats feel sorry for flash bank. I say yes what do you say all of your call rose zero. Seven seven here on the great WRK. Oh Mickey you're up next thanks for holding go ahead Mick. Do everything and torment. Well until right showdown poorest. People inside an outfit that. And. So until you're listening to the choice you removing snow from your house. Dude out and then. When you are up. What's the net what's on your mind body. Pollute and how did you approach. Today as I won I think that would I can say do everyday. I think it's time. Yes it's great things we think of them and I also want to go through middle and the index and the. Eight Q yes well I think that we had to spend time. This hasn't been crippled in the situation it's one that's too bad. That's out of some into next segment engine program that they trimmed out and get out that the team in two months. I decided maybe we need that. You shouldn't put food for a short jumpsuit he inside immediately know that we do you battle it than just. Is incredible. How did you know we're gonna do Hillary Clinton next. Well. No I'm serious I callers calling in. They're like they're they're describing almost verbatim conversations I've had with court seat now you're like hey jab does is for the next segment. What do you call after the NSA is something. All right take a nick I don't understand our shores and gets scary now. Just like five minutes ago we should they got a couple story when he won a pivot to pilots to Hillary playing OK so for the next topic Jeff. With talk about Hillary and the emails are straight out he finally waking up on the big Ghazi front it's incredible. Are right Steve you're up next go ahead Steve. Yeah good morning hi Steve. I don't and then there listeners are there creativity. Out. The book or watch general and alienate actually on the sure capital crimes. A little ball here just the experience. How good market for medical Judy there where Clinton. Actually cute little. Lemon are reluctant to leave or more. And then bring a little trim and they're Chela I. We Q&A lot of the media. Got more. Slowly at all. Little accurate remember how they're quite a bit you know and. My chart you are people didn't like this thank you or. Off the lights and so. Normal normal life right IC. I'm going to have to provide these low of 72 virgins is 72 bolts mole I don't want to die Momo. Got a they lied to me low margins and he's only colts only. Looks. 6170666868. Ball came my friends coming up next. Hillary is getting pounded. By the mainstream. Media. And now she finally responds. I've got that story that discussion. Next Boston's top.