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Mike Siegel and Dr Richard Weitz onBenjamin Netanyahu speech to Congress

Mar 4, 2015|

Dr. Richard Weitz, senior fellow at Hudson, and Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis, joined Mike Siegel to talk about Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech in front of Congress

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I got out of four. I've been good it just got my hands my heel yeah. 607 welcome back good evening ladies and gentlemen nice to have you whether us. We continue along with our analysis. In depth of the major issue facing this country. And a very long time I think this was a day of it that preps at turning point. At least one we're gonna look back yet. As the prime minister of Israel spoke to a joint chat session of congress. Even the president arkan who. And to speak with the prime minister it's stunning to me that we wouldn't watch the speech. Absolutely stunning. Because the way a person presents themselves physically and and and torn nation. As whole wholly different. Than just reading a transcript. I don't get that. I think that's about ego and about. The president's own a hedonistic attitudes about. On the center of the universe and I I won't. Even take the time to watch him on television I understand maybe you'd wanna meet with the that would. It was amazing we are joined by doctor Richard Weitz. Doctor white says they've probe powerful background. Senior fellow and director of the center for political military analysis of the Hudson Institute. He was with the astute foreign policy analysis the center for strategic and international studies the defense science board the senate for should teach your studies. And Harvard university's Kennedy school of government where he worked also a graduate of Harvard with a Ph.D. in political science doctor white you will formally with a Harvard Square gather. You have yet been back in and I'm I'm still would then buck and that tonight. And kind of local station. All while she is listening to be due to be great. Our doctor Weiss I guess we'll start we'll just stay Euro overview. Of the prime minister's speech to congress and what you made of. Very good political rage on these credit where they bled and it'll it'll I'll hit a litter Asian. Tom anticipated Ahmad the compact argument I thought it was a good speech. Arm and got that part of equality probably an act that they earned it who need money to better see it. Now this was. A day of great importance for him because he you know people say it was about politics but if they know anything about. Bibi Netanyahu his brother died. In the rescue and Entebbe in Uganda. He was in the IDF and an important position there. Israel's in his bones I mean it's it's part of him. And I at least I believe he really believes that Israel's existence is at risk do you think that's the case about his own views of the world. I think that hole calmed just because he encouraged me incur a lot of heart. Do you wouldn't you know we knew coming. And speaking. Even when the White House make clear that they do not welcome in. And many others like each. On the going to be ugly divisive so I'm definitely in the bath yeah eight games from at home electorally but yeah well. You gotta be from other low does that work. While the other thing too is apparently. At least until the speech there was a lot of problem form politically in Israel that that a lot of people didn't want him do this that they felt he was defending the president and some Israelis thought that was not a good idea. I'm an annual net interest income of the Jewish roots here and the fact I mean and support for Israel widened in a bipartisan. Arm and they were concerned that. His arm and I hit the pain and especially the way it put in all congressional budget and not. You cruel White House. I might. Disrupt create their relationship but it. Clear that the case I mean eat it calling her kids the president's relationship. Where I mean bet president at the but the prime minister. But it yeah I don't think the overall relationship with an arm. Yeah I doubt that it's it's a pretty bonded relationship both from many presidencies. In this won't change that actually did acknowledge. At the beginning some things that we don't know publicly that this president has done for Israel that. The prime minister wanted to acknowledge I'm is that a fair point that the the this president has been supportive of Israel when when when it needs to when he needs to be. Well I mean you know mentality that the prime minister said. Well that and that probably lacked in it's a little alternate and that a lot more. Open Li now and we'll covertly supported Israel then perhaps they'd beta of the Israeli think Alex. Let's talk about the that the negotiations that are going on the very reason that brought the prime minister here. He believes that there's got to be I as I heard him sanctions. And that he ran in any deal would have to make three points. Point number one. Is that they believe their neighborhood along the men that go into other countries like Libya or Iraq or Yemen or Syria for that matter. And others and number two that he leave the west alone Western Europe the United States Eastern Europe too for that matter. And that. In my mind their own business and number three that they retract. Any discussion. There were intent to annihilate the State of Israel when they have the nuclear capability. Are those three points reasonable and should they be included. Com. You know I don't know that that that that debate if it's critical debate here almost since you know so on different interpretation. About. How comfortable you are with Iran nuclear. Program. Even wore it any other issues you just mentioned. And the White House. We want median yield which is 90% certain. Although it that you that'd be constrained Ukrainian. U output undermine Ukraine's. I'll leave you or 9% confident they want cheap. I am aware of that and percent for the prime minister is popping back up for what. Now he might have become 199 and that. Count one backhand side of the patent country you know snapped a crack pipe ram and that the different that they that there. I'd get our production of the kind of ripped. That the White House and the Israeli prime minister Owen hey I and then the other thing metropolitan. Well then and ads are towards the of the there's a fundamental point here. A given the nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran and it is based on it's to our interpretation of Islam with Sharia law. It can they or be trusted the mean they believe that you can deceive people for the benefit of your promulgating your religion. Than in some aspects of the Koran that says that. They and the buy their own behavior nevermind just in a from that the Koran but. By the wrong behavior. Can he run ever be trusted in any deal to do the right thing. You have a promising work because what we pay you can try. A lot of rainy and a lot of time may be the truck that our government. Are called to that base here or any deal late side. But you know happier players from different government and pro would they have the capabilities. You loud and it can ability to have nuclear weapon. Maybe this government and cabinet can. They've they've had announced. And they're so it doesn't but maybe the next group convent are back at that act now under tarts that if they are they had. It's a lot ease urine into every person tensions and it revert capability. They have vowed right now. Apparently at least according to some reports about 6500 centrifuges operating that there's still. Developing their run nuclear capability the debate I guess that is it for peaceful war. Military purposes but. So they're still doing that the still enriching. Only it'll slower pace and at a lower level. Is that is that something that can be acceptable. Given the fact that at some point they get the nuclear capability anyway may be later rather than sooner. Well they probably. Already have their own nuclear material. That that they need to think that if they in Dayton it basically watt at Hendrick fugitive. So I've been kind of civilian program and it like that he can outline on nothing could produce we got on the year. Heart rate they need to do bomb a year every year. But I think that thought that would mean my net fire break this country you can in my gone and now. It's got to be a bit more are happy something else I mean you have to worry about their delivery system and it can make nuclear war ads. Com and soul either inept we've learned that number it's usually what appears he picked Cate and yet at the moment they meet. The limit how much how much should be and made him concentration are gonna go coordinate each. 3% of the 20% in the united and it nuclear weapon. Bomb it over time and they're and they're gonna get that and it now that the question engineering and running and running through that they they had to get a bit of material. It's now owe more a question of whether they deliver asked whether we can detect and I'm equate trying to cobble warhead and stuff like that Karl. You need much more fruit laden and actions of that coming out now. And as the BIA he gave me an international atomic energy agency which is an arm of the UN. Which never was able to get in the really inspect Saddam Hussein's. Capabilities he would let them do that there in Iraq. The same problem here I think they said in the last several days. That there are areas of Iran where they where they cannot go. And we had a gentleman on this program yesterday is from a and an Iranian. Group in the United States. Showing evidence of the fact that they are still military. Capability being developed in hidden locations. And therefore were they can't be trusted I mean and the whole thing smacks of an elusive butterfly who went to an old song kind of trying to pin something down that doesn't seem to be penned that honorable so to speak. Yeah I mean that Hulu is not eat up any exposed the original program McCleon as. Com end. Though it may be claimed they obviously they have we didn't sell but they can't the equipment that pan concept. You know our rat let me get back at probably an Iraq and what I get power have you have put him there. So it. That that that the biggest problem I think it left a problem upbeat Heineken change from the gushing now under existing. Centrifuges. And other programs then what they're do you mean that we don't know if you know we lose Deborah one of their life but on site. After Ari an op not break up a year are probably other doubt that we don't know. The debt to add a lot of concern in that. Well that then that Lisa the question of throwback to Richard whites of the Hudson Institute that makes it even. More troubling because he rents the samba a little larger than the size of Texas pretty big territory. I mean they could be putting. Theoretically at least. Development of nuclear capability in these very obscure locations that may be would be like finding a needle in the haystack. And that's why would you say 90% we ever get to that point or will they always have the ability. To basically have these hidden locations where they can do this work. I knew the latter but Canada and unfortunately it the other problem is that the only way we can be sure. That we can detect any pain. It basically do what we did in Iraq to 2003. Witches. Invading our country deposed government for an assembly government to keep your troops and other forces there three years. I haven't had that protect inspector. We're not gonna do that well that's the problem at one week that the prime minister's speech he can then I'd applaud what our negotiations likely agreement. But it was not clear. It eat what we can do and after the program be better that that. At this from the ministry starting and we haven't had a good answer for that depend on a lot of imponderable that people are just gonna get reported no way in Brooklyn. That's a good point but we had manned Irvin here earlier from now to the student. And I believe that the prime minister also said as she did. That. One of the way you can deal with this is really tighten the screws down on the S sanctions. Make them really severe. To put Iran in a position of the economic got disruption. We had that in 2009 in the war there were people. Rallying in the streets in the servant told us of course she's from Iran that I've. The people were hoping for some support from us not people but military and equipment and capability to overthrow. The Ayatollah they claim that she claimed that about ninety more than 90% of the Iranian people do not support this a totalitarian regime would there be any. Likelihood or or any effect of a supporting an indigenous revolution in effect and Iran. It popped the ball just don't know what I mean certainly saw a lot of support for the US. And again they're playing a few years ago. Yeah different president now remarked archetypes. And Ahmadinejad. Mom but I think actually agree if you think about that problem at the pain that won't create. He has mentioned solutions the one of that as we occupy the country when you put up our own government and we're gonna need that but if regime change. Court but yet you. A better government that would be more comfortable about what doing what are we should do you have just a few politicians. Trying to wanna ran and you would basically do what their policy what he's what nineteen opening night little line economy with Europe but it natural commentary very. And you whiners here security with the United States that weren't external balance. I haven't I'm sorry and I threw it off kilter and though. You'd quit thank you get a different regained that they would re conquer their natural line and look at all conclude that Israel under all non Arab. Country in the literally surrounded by air country well. And that. Go to countries and Turkey were actual parks out into the out liars. Com and bat I didn't bat. You can get active bat that would be a really good situation notwithstanding there what some evidence then that the child would regret if there rapid. Arm because you keep in Indian bit to kind of sit and tell you so ballot quote. And how insecure because Obama didn't match from now I get her previous speaker that that. It just got it wrong and a nuclear weapons and yet you know you are part of that green you could make a lot of reasons why you wanna have it Iraq. And I'll be going to get from people who have a different view world. And you know I think back to. When the show was there and back even earlier than that you had. Batiste in Cuba and Somoza Nicaragua I always thought to myself. These guys are bad guys their dictators and of the shot was no freedom of Armenia and I guess in in in Iran you had to have control. Because of the religious. Zealots and all of that. He certainly wasn't he was arguably maybe something of a dictator. But and all three of those cases they did not export. Terrorism. But then you convert that in Cuba Castro tried to do that. I know some of the islands with some of his people. And of course Nicaragua tried to export its. Form of communism under Daniel Ortega who's back there again ironically young as president. And and then of course Iran became the leading country of exporting terrorism in the world and still has so. I wonder whether having somebody along the lines of of of the shot maybe somebody on the right. Who might be somewhat dictatorial. But may be with a greater level of freedom know what they have today. Because even the Jewish people back in those days as I recollect where merchants and and and thrived and Iran. May be at some sort of revolution of the people indigenous people be right because you're right we're not gonna go when there and change anything directly. Maybe that would be something that's an ultimate answer to this problem a long term answer. You know Barack pet population. The the reality today though is that's not the case we had an opportunity the president didn't wanna do it in 2009 in terms of getting them any kind of support. So now here we are. What about the option of the sanctions Netanyahu did mention that and and requiring that they yeah I reject the violence as I said in their neighborhood in the world and then retract the statement about Israel combined with. Sanctions. And and strong diplomacy because. As you described. But he is who would be. Enormously difficult. Even to inspect and if they don't let your command and inspect the IAEA goes in with the suspect the same thing could happen as happened in Iraq they could say well. While Lecce and tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and they say well let's go to the next day. And they're pretty soon their invading to the point where you don't get to inspect the way you're supposed to then you're putting yourself from the position. Of having to have a military confrontation because you've made a deal they're not living up to the only option then is to force them. To allow you to make that deal. So what about the sanctions and as an alternative. And strong diplomacy. Well the sanctions are clearly more attractive and capable wish. Then after example Russia Russian appeared blown off and he would want then you know you would. The patriot American people who can now it quite well not great care to hear that enough. How they're thinking that Iran clearly I don't want that anxious slipped in and Billy had a hard time. Mom well we had a bit of backsliding blocked a couple of years you know pressure and sit down. They're harder to get your opinion or are sanctioned paper that are not yet and it. I'm not guilty but you know we get a pot sanctions that we need to really be European unity in the end the Japanese and Koreans and other partners. I'll bad. To put a lot more pressure because they have a lot more economic ties we get uranium. I'm I'm a little worried now about Russia and China and you know how long they're gonna keep. Locked into well let so barred by Ukraine and Russia but here is not have been too content many problems or Washington they have expanded it well. All we could then put out conditions you just played out. But I don't know that other countries to go coordinate aid down and we would have much impact it would take a lot of skill on the C. Very strong again can you get pregnant. Pan and I don't know whether Obama can do it is not his style. If that's the case that were kind of between a rock and a hard place is almost. No good option I suppose he's gonna cut it he seems to wanna make a deal that doesn't appear to you as a political scientist that. Barack Obama and I asked this question previously of others I'm just curious about it do you think he looks at this as a legacy issue. In the way Richard Nixon opened up China he wants open up some kind of civilized relationship with the Ron. No part of that argument that he did not that are described it out quite properly and pat but he's not would not bet anything that. Make it found that that the cave and then and certainly. And I would be he doesn't want to avoid the Carter legacy of leading and under the actor and wait for this human rights hall they felt. You know you want one of me being done only thing worse talk and that you and then working rendered opera. Com. The whole lot pop we don't want it iams team won the DL on May pay you know what I'm. It means you don't have nuclear weapon in the absence people on power now who are. You only tactic that we can you look now and grabbed my other arguments like international and and strong international sport it'll dawn. Tom did so it seemed like a good time they're hurting economically. Well old you'd like Oprah and I had but yeah night and we just got it any time have a better government down a line. Now they're big they're thinking well we can get an agreement with and partner for ten years that. The government he won't be down ten year note that a government and years with a lot of sleep I couldn't get it fails ended up but the thing dictator out of Iraq. Now a year and corporate and they get it is rain overnight. I don't know I I didn't confirm this but one of our reports earlier in the day indicated that the Iranians. Rejected the ten years thinking that was too long to hold off. I heard that it'll you know. You know I have heard that there. So I mean and that and and Dianne Feinstein the senator from California. Made the observation she thought it was too short to be fifteen or twenty years so. Our men and kinda answered that edit well out wanted to complain you know ten years is not enlightening colonel. State of Israel not really helpful. So what. Do you see any see any reasonable way out of this is that these CME any kind of ugly short term solution that makes any sense. Yeah all right seeing the long term solutions we did that change in government. Meanwhile federal and court applied logical acute political partners. Short term. Equipment and news. They had that little book written they're getting nuclear weapons breaking out cut my problem then. Then the question what do you look harder liner off the line will be gap. And Nina I'll need that cannot pay you are either way apps where we ended its apartheid we should continue. Why appreciate that I'm very much doctor white's it's good to have you with us welcome back to Boston and and we thank you so much for your time today. It's a pleasure doctor Richard Weitz. One the great scholars in the field. But the but nobody seems to have an absolute answer. You know if you're doing with hard core reality what's look at one point Marie clearly. The Iranian government. The F theocracy. The autocracy the dictatorship. Under religious Sharia law. Is on bendable they're not they're not a pragmatic group. And the way they will negotiate. Is always going to be based on their adherence. To their principles. And if one of their principles is to build and grow the Kalish for eight. Because they call themselves the Islamic Republic of Iran they make no bones about what. Rolled what would that government is it's a religious government. And add that government. Lives by a series of laws and they'd book that encourages growth. And that's what they're doing right now. Militarily. In other countries. So how do we deal will that. You have to deal with the in a very hard core fashion. You have to say. There's a here's a line you don't go over now Obama did that with Gordon and he did that with Syria particularly on chemical weapons. They went over the line aside did anyway using the Campbell who weapons killing several hundred of his own people. And we got no response from the White House. With food no response. With the Iran. Changing things that they want and so it's almost as if they control the negotiation. Because Obama wants it so badly. But when you're dealing with a hard liners such as that. They don't understand. That it had to use of the parable. A sitting down at a Starbucks having a lot day in solving your problems. They are very hard core absolute views. About who they are. What their culture is what their motivations are what their goals are what their objectives czar. And they will not deviate from that other than to deceive you. And go around the corner to get where they need to go but they never lose sight of the goal or objective in the end. And that's why it's so elusive. To put this deal together. Division not dealing with people who are straight ahead we'll be talking England about a treaty to talk to Canada. If you're talking to. Germany if you're talking to France. We understand each other for talking to Israel we understand each other. These people operate in a fifteenth century empire mentality. And that's where they are Steve got a car phone your run WRKO Steve hello. I exit Mike again great show very very interesting. Gets you know being expert he was I. I had it I had I was taken aback by it. You know here's our reluctance to being more passionate and you just were in the last four minutes. Of your morale. I take these people are not only religious yeah eight people and I ran into my opinion in the leadership there if you indicated there. Our religious ideologue. On small different and I guess they are they are supporting terrorism. Around the world. And in the theaters is there. Were all true up chain is trying to shape a world wide. And I don't think they can be trusted. So Juan checked into. I think we only attitude that we is Justin who certainly would be very hard. To ten years as trump suggested that she'd act. All of speech in an email the other night should secure don't read you don't reduce the sanctions or you have in the discussion. I'm in negotiations. With triple or quadruple. Or you make it so punishing the country just starts at all part I don't think that's being I don't think there's an issue hoping there will be no trick. I'd I think I think you correct because first of all. You have to take the word fear out of the equation. Because because of and there's a reason for. The Ayatollah. Is not a fair person. Look he's thirty said he's gonna liquidate annihilate the authority used the State of Israel. He's made his position clear. So why would you negotiate with somebody. Before they withdraw that statement in other words if they make it if Obama makes a deal. With the run. And that statement stands. Then have we done our job in in and getting them to become part of the world community. Netanyahu is completely correct. And yes absolutely correct and anybody who thinks. That's not correct. Are not just us all right. And saying that there are suggesting at all or in my case anything longer than what Netanyahu is suggesting. It's suggesting ninety could take complete I need to say and that's and that's where eyes about. Are taxpayers think Kerry. And Obama and all administrations as well. But I don't think everybody I think they know how bad these people are I think they know how are completely untrustworthy why don't. The word trust or believe under their targets and doesn't don't speak the same language. Let me ask you question and I'll get to other calls we come back. When when 2009 came around you heard ms. Ervin say at the people were in the streets protesting against the I have told the supreme leader. And is she they said Moussaoui yelling Obama helpless he didn't. We didn't want we organist and troops will never do that I wouldn't support it but why wouldn't we send military capability to they. That to the huge number of people that can't you wanna overthrow the sitting government to create some kind of democracy. I don't postal sources say that Obama is complicit. Didn't hole. A radical Islamic movement and me in the world I don't think she. What would a couple of sword and cut somebody shut off because frankly I don't think he had the guts to do that he was on the battlefield could be more or wobble there. But frankly I think he's complicit. I think if you didn't see the email that's running around the world right now about more about them toll not just finger in a recent African. Mentioned. African nation and all her beaded. I have couple weeks ago. He almost the single pop it in the air and single index finger off from the air leakage and class that same way. Along Islam makes total across the world. I understand that night that report came out. And and ask yourself the question why would a guy not support an uprising by people who want freedom. If he believes in freedom and knows what the all government there is doing to the people. At sits back and allows it and now he's working with them getting as hands and knees asking for a treaty asking for a deal. I'll make another statement here Mike that it almost conversational as I remind you know their potential. Okay he's he's he's fit that may be a good Chandler who. Except food has more shrewd I think but I thank you. He's I think he's wage smarter and I think he's he's harder you know put your right or. Thought I spelled out almost being advised fight just small plume appoint these this. The accelerator standard quality or whatever. Number of people setup burying our government right now I'm good at charming in him and giving your molest a global offense but Edie the stay on this course and. Appreciate that and I've got to get to a break I thank you for calling though and some excellent points 637. Back to your calls right after this at WRKO should. Yeah. Yeah. 643 welcome back and a good evening to EF. Got lots of cuts from the president and from the prime minister molded to your calls these couples come first. You've hopefully heard the speech and the president's response Robert in middle warrior on WR KR Robert hello. Yes I heard the speech very very interesting. It was something's fishy about this entire Iranian Google I ran its development of atomic weapon. Then December 6 1941. Roosevelt released the first buns. Through the development of a nuclear weapons for the United States. It wasn't so late 1942. It's even had DS system rolling to develop that weapon. In 1944. Late 44 we exploded restoration Iranian bomb that test bombs we dropped in 1945. We dropped. A uranium bomb on Japan and enough plutonium bomb when Japan. So here rant has been a good looking for a weapon after ten years supposedly. And they every time we turn around and another 23 years down the road. This totally baloney look at that technology we had in 1941. Compared to the technology we have here. In 201575. Years ago I'd like to read the book brief. Does statement this was secretary of war two assistants and when he briefed president Truman on me. Probably borrow and there's Truman didn't know about it when he became president. That was Henry Stimson at that time. Yes and this is his comments recorded comments we made scene at that time when such a weapon may be constructed in secret. And you certainly and effectively. With its aid even been very powerful. Unsuspecting nation might be Concord will know very few days. But they're very much smaller ones. The world. In its present state of moral advancement compare it would its technological development would be eventually at the mercy of such a weapon. I don't listen in morning email me that statement. Can I do yes I couldn't do that. Yeah I might get Mike Siegel dot com. Okay. I'm reading this out of the book and all day. Oh yeah is this yeah stepping way okay. I think he's I was of course when they dropped bombs on Hiroshima Nagasaki. I thank you serve which show was a courageous act. That this president would never done that's a powerful quote isn't that when he does for at Mellon Natick you're on WRKO Mel hello there. My might look at you have an excellent idea. I'm doing most people can rise up against stepped terrible assistant million Rand. That's an excellent idea you have. Google then also. They are you ran monster. Obama to battleground within these. Websites that. They've got a little wheel barrel. You know you and your point about the them the plan I. Suggested. I'm not the first one to suggested and an Obama could have done it in 2009. We didn't have to send one person there we could have sent. All kinds of weaponry. To get it in the lead to those people. To get it in there. And the let them fight their battle because of where flood our guest earlier said ms. urban who was from Iran lived through that revolution in 1979. If she was correct that the vast majority of Iranians were against. The supreme leader. They would've taken to the street they took to the streets note about the weaponry to fight them. It was kind of like Nazi Germany the Jews had no weapons well the Iranians have no weapons and Obama said back in total Islam wildlife more of what the streets looking for is tell. I know about okay we know he's massacre situations. So that people have to accept. I know it's not a good you'll remember this under these influences simply didn't until it. Gload and stimulus that determine who grew up. Well I agree with the and that's that's gonna be the answer in the end that's a long term answer is changing the government. To a free government might give Milton you're on WRKO Mike we have people standing in line they wanna know if you leave for New Zealand. Well luckily till I tell you what I say player who decided that I'd made at the Tel Aviv. I salute to a that there are you hear it. You know he brought that cartilage. In the whole week. Place where right to are congress' polite but he really did I mean which I watched this speech. I was I would uplifted to see you meadow. Not that it to a close so to speak but to let's say you look at. Never again. Will do about our own without the help of the world necessary. And it might could. Actually go to Jerusalem. I would not be because they know there I would say or at least I would have a Lolita. That would put us hut is so that it lays on the award for lead in the right people. Make it right. I thank you for calling. That's a leader. As an. We have leaders. And this and our presidency we certainly have had leaders over the years. Whatever your political views were about Franklin Roosevelt he certainly let us through World War II. To the point of his passing and and Harry Truman took over. Harry trim my view Harry Truman was a great leader history looks at him that way. Ronald Reagan obviously John Kennedy. Was certainly a leader Reagan and Kennedy were receiver similar politically. In my huge dose of George H. W. Bush was more of a governor. He governed the American. Government rather than let it. He made it work. A body wasn't a leader in that regard I think George W. Bush wants. People agree or disagree with what he did I think going into Iraq was the right thing. Saddam Hussein nobody wants talk about the Saddam Hussein. And he stayed and stayed there he was gonna carry out any kind of these the surreptitious attacks on the United States using his a homicide bombers. To come over here quietly. He was still alive and we with a porous border that we have so Dallas and we sending people over with the suitcase bombs. And have just taken care business. A killing small numbers of Americans so a few at a time. And Saddam Hussein would have continued that program. He also by the way pay 25000 dollars. Every family. Who lost their homicide bomber a bombing Israelis. That's what's on the day Saddam Hussein did. Forever it's worth the Iraqi Government now if it can get its act together and treat the Shiites running the government treat the Sunnis. As with the respect. And the courage with the respect that government could work. But they need to treat those people as part of the government and maybe. The Shiites and Sunnis fighting together in decree to take it back from crisis. Maybe that would be a model for them to work together. And the danger of course is that those Shiites. Are there in the behest of the Iran here we go back to Iran again the bottom line of this program today. Is that it's an amorphous problem. And that he ran as a bad actor. And that has to be kept under control. And that that since we honor our deals we should not make a deal that doesn't have absolutely clear. Delineation of responsibilities. For Iran and for the rest of the world. Because of the you don't hold Iran accountable. If you don't tell them this is where you warrant this is what you do and these are the inspections you must do. And we have to have access to the entire country we have to have unannounced ability to commend to Iran and inspect. We don't have to tell you one more comment. It's kinda like one of family. Gets that it has a child in the had a complain about the mistreating the child and social services comes in and they say we're gonna come back unannounced. Every so often. To see you treating your child. We don't wanna play one more common well would he run your bad boy so we wanna commend when we wanna commend and we're not gonna tell you was gonna show up. Where our equipment to investigate and inspect all of your nuclear capability. That's what we're gonna do if we find a problem. Then you're gonna be held accountable for it and we you agree in writing that we will destroy any. Of these. Reactors or any of these pieces of equipment. That in fact is being used to enrich uranium for. Military purposes. And that in the agreement we will bid to have the right to destroy any of those we find. That's what they need to do at Boston's talk station WRKO. All right folks 655 great little tidbit for you. You remember Bill Clinton had a sexual escapades with a Monica Lewinsky. And then Jesse Jackson of course. Tired on a four year affair with Karen Stanford a 39 year old former staff aide who would been with his rainbow push coalition staff in Chicago. And other reverend Jackson fathered the child but the Stanford born may have 99. And by the rejection of the marriage is 1963. Now we know just before leaving office President Clinton. Actually. Commuted the sentence of a former Illinois congressman Mel Reynolds the story was out there at the time. He had spent thirty months in the state prison for having sex with a sixteen year old campaign volunteer. And was serving a five year sentence in federal prison for lying to obtain loans and illegally diverting campaign money for personal use. Well in January of 2001. The Chicago sun times reported that the former congressman Mel Reynolds. The felon. Would be working in this as the community development director of the Salem Baptist Church. In south side Chicago and he's also a consultant for gas to. Jesse Jackson's rainbow push coalition. Trying to decrease the number of young African Americans going to present. And so our Reynolds. Was characterized as an advisor. On prison reformer of. The new youth counselor given his affair with a sixteen year old. So you have a sexual exploit her Bill Clinton. Pardoning a sexual exploit her Mel Reynolds who goes to work for a sexual exploit her yacht the reverend Jesse Jackson. All of them have that common wasn't an ironic. When Jesse Jackson. Was up allegedly. Ministering to Bill Clinton. It was because of what happened what Monica Lewinsky so Clinton turned to Jesse Jackson. For his serve a spiritual nourishment. To try to get back on the right track. Who in the world would turn to Jesse Jackson. For spiritual nourishment. Other than a guy like Bill Clinton who now. Is implicated as being a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein. And as we know from this program Jeffrey Epstein has been kicked convicted. Of dealing with underage girls had a whole harem of underage girls on an island that he owns very wealthy guy billionaire. And Bill Clinton's his good buddy did that doesn't come and break out. As a story if or Clinton runs and that's a big of a new York times of course that bill Hillary used her private email him to do was not supposed to do. Good to have you would have to back tomorrow befitting this over the world in the world will be good to you what WRKO in Boston.