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ISIS beheads 21 Egyptian Christians and Obama golfs. 2/17/15

Feb 17, 2015|

What do you make of Obama’s reaction to the 21 Egyptian Christians? Marie Harf, the State Departments spokeswoman, said we can’t win the war against ISIS by killing them. Do you agree?

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Six L five here on the great WRK. AL AM six days he. Good morning. Boston from the corner man is back. I was in the frozen tundra of ransom over the weekend. But they're basically shovel my way out almost if you didn't say bull adults. My way out. My back is killing me I mean killing me but I gotta remember herniated disk but let that go. Corner man is back. Ready for action. All lost all lost all lost to talk about. A lot of news in the last three days. But without. Question. The biggest use. And is now emerging as perhaps the story of our time. I say this is now like Europe's doorstep. In an absolutely. Stunning. Stunning video. Shocking and deep raped. Abominable. Over the weekend. Crisis revealed. A five minute video to the entire world. In which Egypt shouldn't Christians call ups to be specific Coptic Christians. Many of whom have been facing severe persecution. In Egypt. When our own president pulled the plug on Bosnian Mubarak. Which led to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Which led to countless Christians being massacred. Their churches burned to the ground many of them expelled persecuted tortured and murdered. Finally the Egyptian people said enough is enough. They have now installed a military strongman. President Al a CC in power. But there is so much chaos. In large parts of Egypt that many Egyptian Christians. Can't find any work facing utter despair. Have now moved into Libya. Hoping to find work in neighboring Libya. Well as you know. After Obama toppled secular dictator Moammar Gadhafi. As I predicted. As many predicted. Libya has now essentially been taken over by roving bands of al-Qaeda. Ices militants. And Islamist fanatics and terrorists. Well over the weekend. I serious. Animals. Are serious savage is. Islamic. Terrorists. Seized 21. Egyptian Christian civilians. They were working in Libya. They were not troops they had nothing to do what the military. They captured them. They beat him. They tortured them. They then drove home apparently in cages. Kept him in cages. And then they drove them to a nearby beach. In which they lined up at one. With an ice is fighter behind every single one of these Christians in Orange jumpsuits on their needs. With blades to their throats. Their leader than read a statement. To the entire world. Whereby he told. The west. The Pope. They who Rome Vatican deceit of catholicism. The president of the United States. And the entire western world. That they are at war with christianity. That now they are gonna murder these 21 Christians. Who they say represent the nation of the crossed in their words. And by our laws will. They are now saying that every single Christian we'll have quote his blood mixed into the seat. Well where Osama bin Laden's body was eventually laid to rest. And with our laws permission. Quote. We will conquer Rome itself. And then with the music in the background. And I highly staged and ever develop choreographed to video. Then they proceeded. To literally slit the throats. And behead decapitate. All 21. Christians. The crime and this is a crime against humanity. Has shocked the conscience of the entire world. The president of Egypt Al SEC. Immediately condemned radical Islam. It Jordan which is now engaged in air strikes against spices condemned radical Islam. The Pope. 400. From the Vatican. Saying that there are only words these 21 egyptians. There are only words. Were quote Jesus help me. And the Pope went on to say. In very powerful. At times. Emotional words. Is that what they did. Was an assault upon every single Christian. That they were killed because they were Christians. And that now it is the moment in human history. For Catholics Protestants orthodox. Cops it doesn't matter. To stand together because ice is wants to win violate every single Christian on the planet. As she put it these are the blood of Christian martyrs. And what is to meet incredible my friends. I have been warning about this now four years. And my question to the dear leader is this. Are they still the JV team. Tell me. Our 21 Christians. Be headed mutilated. And massacred. Simply because they were Christian. As was said explicitly by the Islamic state barbarians who committed. This heinous genocide laughed. They are the blood. Although they are the nations of the cross. We are killing them because they are belong to weigh Hoss file church. Which are locked commands us. The Koran commands us the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him as they say commands us to kill murder and annihilate. We are coming for you in Rome or Rome will falls. Is that media hype as you said a couple weeks ago. If it bleeds it leads. That this is nothing to be worried about that show like a big city mayor. Having to deal with crying you're always gonna of crime you just can't get rid of this. This is just sensationalism. By those who are panic by this. By Christians around the world by France by Germany by England by Jordan by Egypt in other words my question to you dear leader is. How many more Christians have to be Borchardt. How many more years CDs have to be butchered how many more moderate Muslims have to be Borchardt how many more. You always have to be Borchardt. But for their part of the NBA. When do they get a graduate. Of Kobe Bryant's status. A dear leader. That's the question I have. Because what is now happening. And make no mistake about this my friends. JD. Are now moved past the sizing across the Middle East North Africa. Ice this is on the march. They have just taken over another pound any rock. I'll Baghdad. Which is just west of Baghdad. They are now attacking Ebanks. Al Asad airbase. Where 400. US Marines are now stationed. They're there training the Iraqi Security Forces my god. Our boys could be now in danger literally potentially killed. In a couple of base. They're about to take over a major air base and you wrong. Dave now entrenched themselves with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Ice this is now about a safe haven in Yemen. Ice this is now in Libya. Ice this is now on should Don. Crisis is now in Somalia. Crisis is now in Jordan ice this is now in Egypt. Ice is just now carved out a huge stake in the heart of the Middle East. In Egypt they have a third of the rock they have a large swath of Syria. They just hit Paris a couple weeks ago. Over the weekend I swear to you I won't Islamic terrorist inspired by crisis. He hit a cafe in downtown Copenhagen. In Denmark. The crime the Danes what are the gains ever done. Put a good gains ever done anybody's. There was an artist. Who wrote who drew a cartoon. Caricature ring the Prophet Mohammed. And for that crying. That cafe which was holding a talk unquote freedom of speech. And freedom of expression. And can is long be compatible with freedom of speech and freedom of expression it was a lecturer it was a debate. Total dead five wounded. Several of them police officers. London. Madrid. Paris. Coping Hague in the ball leave Australia. Canada Boston. New York Washington. I could go on and on and on. But now. Ice is is that Europe's doorstep. Ice this is now. And staring across from the Mediterranean Sea into Italy. Ice this has now said role will be our next target. This seat over Roman catholicism itself will now fall to us. We will take the GO bought and the holy war straight into the Vatican straight into Rome straight in Italy. The Italians are an absolute panic. They now know would be whit what awaits them. And as god is my witness. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. Did dear leader. Couldn't even mentioned Christians in the White House statement condemning the I says be adding extra. On wind on Sunday night. Josh Earnest Press Secretary and minister of propaganda. Issued a statement that even now the American laughter at least some segments of the American left or sank an off. This is now becoming an embarrassment. According to Press Secretary Josh Earnest. The White House should describe the victims. Are squall innocence. And citizens. That they deplore. This despicable. And cowardly murder. Off went. Citizens. This would be like a hundred years ago. In the deep south. If blacks were being systematically. Lynched say in Georgia Alabama Louisiana. By the kkk. By a white supremacist with their little stupid hoods on. And the president of the United States would come out and say and we deplore this despicable cowardly act. On the citizens of Georgia Alabama and Louisiana. And all they were targeted because they were black. Just does these Christians were targeted because they were Christian. Ice is explicitly says so in the video old. We are murdering them because they are part of the nation of the cross and we will conquer Rome by a loss permission. We are killing them because they are Christians because we say arc arc de corps Ron and a Prophet Mohammed. Compels us to murder questions. Norris. She will not they demolish. That Christians are being mass occurred by Muslim extremists. What is obvious to the entire world and on top of this ask god is my witness this. This one I have to tell you this one is shocking even by his standards and I'm staring at a picture of her right now. As the entire world. Mourned these Christian martyrs. Shocked. Shaken to their very foundations. Italy stunned. German looked stunned. France stunned. The president of Egypt style and in fact he immediately ordered devastating air strikes against ice is positions all across Libya. Much of the world Muslim world even they are now horrified. By the end by the the rise of the ease of of a crisis extremism. And radical Islam. The president of the United States and the leader of the free world. I am not kidding. You know how we mourn the death of these 21. Egyptian Christians. These murders. All day Sunday a key gulf. She was out in California. Palm Springs, California. And has the Egyptian Christians the bee headings by the by I assist the video was released on Sunday I swear to you. President Barack Obama the dear leader. Played golf all day in Palm Springs, California. In fact Monday. He held a fund raiser and Ed did some more golf on President's Day. Fuzzy Egyptian Christians. Are being be headed. It being mass occurred. They dare. We did cheerleader. This golf thing. He golf's. While Christians are getting their heads sawed off. It was so bad. It was salt palace it was showing different. You even have now many liberals in Washington itself. Saying what is wrong with this man. Listen. 21 of the key liberal opinion makers in Washington. The one and only. Bob Schaffer. Are huge liberal big supporter of the dear leader big water carrier. Even now Bob Schieffer on CBS this morning news on Sunday. Said that this I can't believe this. But after that Jordanian pot. Was killed and not horrible way gear yourself king put on these his critique. He executes to prisoners. That they were holding and Jordan and launch bombing right each. We have another American Washington jail and congress and the president the president goes off group. California to do a fundraiser and some other stuff and the congress goes on vacation and they say yeah. We'll we'll debate what to do about all this but we're gonna do it it's all music fits into the schedule there's no reason to undo anything out of the ordinary decision and I think previous. And I'm I'm sure I'm overstating. I mean. The guy is golfing. As Christians are being beheaded and massacred in the eyes of the entire world. This man is sick. I mean literally it shows you how we were different he is how he doesn't care. How frankly. For him right now it's all about partying. It's all about living it up and hey hey it's a JV team. Where there are people. Authoritative briefing eleven in his tour my godmother cream. Bills go up next thanks for holding in well. Hello bill. Who's bill okay. Anthony you're up next go ahead and that. Forward Simon the president comes down call deadlocked now I Muslim. That based on religion. Yeah I know I know noticed when Muslims get killed. Notice moved Denny's stops his golf game pool. Who Denny's very enraged Denny has the lecture everybody. Out of nowhere and yet though we settle it based are aware of any kids sake. Both the capitation brook based on electric this guy got to go (%expletive) bombs that got a might be heavily out. Thank you very much for that call Anthony. Sand Europe next go ahead Sam. You have a great job I don't know whether and how all the political IE NN that the last. I'm glad tonight to do is bang out we have a black community organizer. And now White House met Al each getting about it now and I hope. But by the minute Europe Israel really wakes up and shake shut those. I looked up when he did that. They got app. Thank you very much Sam I don't know if all of you know this but Obama. Is so upset. That Netanyahu accepted gainers offer to speech to congress I kid you not. He's now sent in some of his top campaign people. They are now helping the leftist opposition in Israel do everything in their power to defeat Netanyahu. In next month's Israeli elections. So we are now actually meddling. In the internal affairs. In the elections of Israel. Because the dear leader doesn't want you who doesn't want congress doesn't want America. To hear would Bibi Netanyahu west to say. Which is that we are at war with radical Islam. I mean term. There are murdering. Their murdering Americans. Are murdering American journalists. Are burning Jordanians a lie. They're massacring Christians they're massacring museum he's they're massacring moderate Muslims they're massacring Jews. Dave declared war on us. I wanna say this to all blue moon bats and liberals who continue to put their heads in the sand. You may not be interest stayed in Islam. But Islam is interest you in new. 630 here on the great WRKO. OK coming up next. Should the president be golfing. As I assists reveals and shows videos. Off Christians being be headed and even. Soft the ball Chris Matthews. Even Ed steal an election Schultz. Are now saying. All my god were in a religious war and where is the dear leader. All of your calls next. 38 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up vile liberal bull. And I got to tell you honestly. There is so much bull coming out of the White House. There's more bull coming out of the White House then all the snow that's been dropped here in Boston forward allows for weeks I honestly thought. You you couldn't shovel out I couldn't hold goals all the bull that's being dropped over the last up. On base and frankly the last couple weeks so. 21. Christians and Egyptian Christians civilians working in each Carroll working in Libya forgive me. Work kidnapped. Beaten and tortured. And then they were told to be an orange jumpsuits they were paraded in cages like animals. Then told to drop on their knees right near a beach. Behind them stood mask. Islamic state terrorists. Holding a knife to their throats. As their leader in an American accented English. Said we are at war with the nation of the cross. And we will annihilate. And destroy every Christian on the face of New York. And by our laws permission we will conquer Rome next. This seat of Roman catholicism. Crisis is now saying they're gonna take their G hard straight into Europe straight into Italy. Straight into the heart of western Christian dump itself. This is what the mast. As he reported that video is titled. Any message signed with blood. To the nation of the crossed quote. The good guy who is the jihadist dressed in military fatigues speaking as I said an American accented English. All braves is due to a law this strong and mighty. And may blessings and peace be upon the ones sent by the sword. Fuzzy mercy to all the world's. All people. Recently US cnet's on the hills of Al should common Debbie explained. Chopping off their heads that I've been carrying the cross for a long time and today we are on the south of Rome. On the land of his along Libya. Sending another message. Now. Listen to this. Listen. How he words of this crisis barbarian. He sold similar. To wall Obama's criticism. Of the crusades of a thousand years ago the national prayer breakfast. Look how ideologically. They hate christianity. For the alleged sins of the crusades. Of a thousand years ago. Here's here's exactly what this amassed ices member senate quote this leader quote. All crusaders. Meaning Christians and Jews in the west. All crusaders. Safety for you will be only wishes. Especially if you are fighting us all together. Therefore we will fight shoe all together. They see UF hidden Sheikh Osama bin Laden's body. In we swear to a law we will mix it with your blood. After the Marxist leader finishes speaking. His fellow terrorists all of you which all of whom with huge. Nights. Blades. Then commence the simultaneous. Should be heading off all 21 Egyptian Christians. I have not seen the video frankly I can't stomach seeing the video I can do it. Cooks he did. Cooks EC almost all of them he told me. Jeff it's even worse. Then the burning of that Jordanian air pilot. And Brittany watched a video as well and she agrees. It's if it's possible it's more horrific. It's more barbaric. It's more brutal. It's more sadistic. It's more bloodthirsty. They're boasting their bragging. They're almost wall wing in the blood of Christian martyrs. And as their being beheaded. This crisis leader says quote too and we will conquer Rome. Bio laws permission. The promise of our prophet peace be upon him. As the bodies away slaughtered. We are coming for Rome next. To the seat over Roman catholicism. Be ready. Because the heart of Christian dump will now fall. This is a religious war. This is a clash of civilizations. I don't know how much clearer these people can make it. These Christians were killed because they're Christians. And crisis is now banned on a global Jihad. And as this is going on I never thought I would see the day. Wears a pulp. Vote hope himself. Who stands as the vicar of saint Peter. The vicar of Christ. Yeah true. Prince of peace. The Pope. Who is openly said she wishes malisse can no one. The Pope ooh par still urges peace. The dialogue. Tolerance forgiveness. Turn the other cheek. No hole himself. When stronger. And more forceful. And angrier. And more defiant in the face of this crime against humanity he defended dear leader himself. The president of the United States will listen to the Pope quote unquote. In reaction to the murder of these Coptic Christians. They're only words were Jesus help me. They were killed simply for the fact that they were Christians. The Pope said. The blood of our Christian Brothers and sisters is a testimony which cries out to be heard. It makes no difference whether they be Catholics. Orthodox. Cops or Protestants. They are questions. Obama as a response. I swear to you. As a guard is my witness. Can golf. He golfed all day some day. She golf after re fund raiser all day Monday he spent all of Sunday golf union palm scallop Palm Springs, California. He played the whole eighteen volts. Apparently hit the links before 8 AM local time. Played the porcupine creek golf course in Palm Springs where a three of this Hawaii buddies. What does this say. About a man. Cool when your. Which shocks the conscience of the entire civilized world. Where you now have the president of Egypt so inflamed and so infuriated he immediately orders air strikes on nicest targets in Libya Jordan is so inflamed they hit. Ice is targets across Iraq and Syria. Where the leading Sunni university shows we there is a civil war within Islam itself. Radical Islam is malveaux mortal enemy of all civilized human beings everywhere. The president of Egypt says were at war with radical Islam. The president of Jordan says we're at war with radical Islam believing she only university. In them in the middle he says we're at war with radical Islam. Everybody says were at war with radical Islam. Except. American liberals. And the president of the United States. Do you remember. When James Foley was beheaded. She went out to read the statement mechanically. Poll lead almost like an actor reading a script. Our condolences go out to the families were sold sorry. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. And six. And I'm not talking five I'm not talking seven. Six minutes later he went into the limousine he took off his suit he put on his golf holes in the limb home. She hit the links caught fist bumping hi fighting what his buddies and he played golf all day. After reading that statement. Well I'm a bit earlier. Jermaine bad day I haven't seen you ought to be a fist bump shall we go love baby on the bill later. When there was a Danish cartoon. Didn't kill Muslim. Didn't burn a Muslim life. Didn't he had a Muslim. Didn't even split on Muslim. Didn't even lift a finger against the Muslim they drool in Khartoum. Making fun of Mohammed. Because there's so much violence associated with them Mohammed holding a couple of dynamite sticks. And the entire Muslim world was inflamed. And infuriated. Angered. Remember when they dear leader then ran to the United Nations. And said. Their future does not belong to the folks. Who will slander the Prophet Mohammed. Roll it Brittany. The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. But to be credible those who condemn that slander must also condemned the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated. We're churches that are destroyed. Or the Holocaust that is denied both condemn incitement against Sufi Muslims. And Shia pilgrims. It's time to keep the words of god be intolerance is itself a form of violence. In an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit. Yep. Yep. I wanna know now. Is there dear leader go to make a big address that the UN. Is she gonna come out and give a big speech. Condemning. Not the in its insulting the Prophet Mohammed. Not long long mole. Is she now gonna condemn should be heading of Christians. The deliberate massacre and genocide of Christians. Is she gonna make a speech now. Instead of making a speech that he's golfing. And that's all this is going on. You woman all with this administration. Really thinks. Deep down. Listen. To their chief spokesperson. How this woman got this drop is beyond me I'm telling you is beyond me. She's I think 26 point seven years of age. You wanna talk about a belonged airhead literally with nothing between Mary Pierce a liberal moon back. Who's an optional embarrassment to this country. She was recently I swear to you on Chris Matthews soft ball on soft but soft ball Chris Matthews. State Department spokesperson Marie heart you all the one with a little. A dug a little Gucci glasses that she wears her global technical. Every time we talked about a massacre at their bullpen and. We cannot win this war. By killing crisis. Here is Marie Hart saying on my own. It's gotta be jobs. It's got to be stimulus programs. It's got to be health care. It's got to be addressing poverty. You can't stop vices by telling him you gotta love home. Roll it Britain. And how we stop this I don't see I see the militias from by the Shia militias coming out of Baghdad were Xia. The city's take them listen these are loyal to ice is driving going it would this year. You've got the did the Kurds the Judy in airports and on Egyptian airforce but I don't see any need. The climate crisis I would be afraid right now I had to think it is no existential threat that is truly can keep. Finding places where they can hold executions and putting that. Camera work together again in your props ready and killing people for shouts and nothing we do right now seems to be directed at stopping this. Well I think there's a few stages here right now what we're doing is try to take parents their leader and they're fighters off the battle field in Iraq and in theory that's really where they slightly chilly until number we're not about and we're gonna keep telling Mars and so any diction so it attorney and air and this site wit that's. But we cannot win this war by killing them we can act kill our way out of this war. Ricky do we underused. The other hand me in the longer term medium to longer term to go after in the root causes. In each he is enjoying these smothered lack of opportunity for jobs. We ought to stop that our lights camera fifty like there's there's always going to be port people because it was going to be for Muslims and there's always their form wasn't good trumpets blowing a joint. We can't stop that. But to not enough. Already future consider. They need. New poverty jobs. Health care. What did what they need is Obama economics. What are the meat is obamacare. Prayers every goalie should Obama scared of the Muslim world. They wouldn't be producing all these crazy but I have fanatics Torres. My friends in the corner country poll question of the day I never thought we'd have skid. But what this administration. Anything is now possible. Do you agree. Which stated department spokeswoman. Moron marine heart more run Marie. That we can't win the war against spices but killing them. If you believe the answer is yes the Ramon boxes is a chance now. Tax paid the 686 say if you believe the answer is no Jeff are you even serious and asking his question. Next to beat the 68680. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends at greater Lynn senior services. Greater Lynn senior services is hiring right now just visit GL SS dot net and applied today. That's GL SS dot net and apply for a new job today. State Department spokeswoman. Marina harp AKA moron Marie. So as we can't win this war against vices by telling them we just can't kill. I agree disagree. And should Obama be golfing. As Egyptian Christians are being beheaded 6172666868. All of your. But nothing. You do right now seems to be directed at stopping this. Well I think there's a few stages there right now what we're doing is tracking its take there. Their leader senator fighters off the battlefield in Iraq and in here and that's really where they fly we kill it up and I'm working on a lot of fun. And we're gonna keep telling mark fans already egyptians over the burning in there and this site went back. But we cannot win this war by telling them we cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the longer term medium or longer term. To go after the world causes it means he was enjoying these trips whether it's a lack of opportunity for. Did you Obama there are no. Learn about global warming if you would just address global warming does anyone know my sense is radical love terrorist Muslim terrorists. 6172666868. I swear you couldn't make this up Andrea you're up next go ahead and drink. Yeah and it idea. On the front side if he's on site I mean. Yeah and I would pay the green into that we know exactly what she is just let the political commentary is doing it. Everything he does I think hit playing golf and do an audit that the just that simple. I hit that you've got to plan. Outlook for about Egypt Jordan in the Belmont I'm not a hundred go about it golf I think it would open is on that side. I mean country isn't it chilling and not really isn't a chilling. And hi Andrea isn't it chilling. That this is going on and this guy is just golfing and golf thing and more golf thing. Any pitted after James Foley was beheaded he keeps doing its. I know I know. I can hit that copy of the letter that but the bird without you know when they just. God I then there was he was smiling ear to ear remember that. Cool I never. It was almost as if Michelle I was pregnant I never saw that their leader as choppy as the day they got the father there with them at the Rose Garden. Bo were bringing you home. 61720666868. 707 here on the great WR JL plus than bulldozer Jeff Horner. Okay my friends. In the way. Bob he won he won his Egyptian Christians Coptic Christians civilians all of them working in Libya. Captured by I insist they shocking gruesome video. Just when you think they couldn't go any lower they gave. In which all 21 of these Christians. Are shown an orange jumpsuit they were first held in cages. Parade it like animals in cages. And then told to drop on their knees. Behind them stood mask ices militant fighters. Holding. Blades knives to their throats. As one ice this leader. Read out a statement. Saying there are their to win 908 all of the nations of the cross. That they are their tech massacre every single question. That all of our blood will be mixed with the blood of Sheikh Osama bin Laden in the seat he was married and and that next they are going for a role itself they vowed to conquer Rome they vowed to destroy Rome. With the permission of all law they now want the seat of Roman catholicism. Itself. When asked. Even by a shake and soft ball long soft ball Chris Matthews. May be the biggest little Obama has ever had the guy who got a thrill up his leg every time we saw Obama or heard a speech. Even soft ball. Is now saying the United States is being humiliated. By crisis on the world stage. That ice this is clearly on the march. But they're not to JV team. That they've taken over country after country after country like a cancer. They are establishing. A Muslim cal fate all across the Middle East and North Africa. And they are now trying to going to Europe itself. Kiosk Marie heart. Do you guys even have a strategy for winning. Her answer the U Ted don't. If you do do you cat killer army captain and his word by telling them. They need obamacare. They need a stimulus. Denny government spending it. They have to work on poverty. There's global warming. At those are the issues that if you're really tackle that's the way to defeat the ice it's just spend more money. Ala Obama nom ex ruler Britain. So nothing we do right now seems to be directed at stopping this. Well I think there's a few stages here right now what we're doing is try to take parents their leader senator fighters talked about a field in Iraq and in theory and that's really where they slowly killing up to number we're not about and we're gonna keep telling mart Sam's already ejection Enceladus Jordanian air and this site which asked. But we cannot win this war by killing them we cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the longer term medium to longer term to go after and the root causes still needs peoples' enjoying these groups whether it's lack of opportunity for job the. It really stop that now lights were. I mean even have to use this like what do you not such. Did the sugar and Bernie first of all poverty is not causing this. Many of these ice is fighters are very wealthy where they come from middle class backgrounds. In North America in the United States in Canada in Europe Osama bin Laden for example was a multimillionaire. So just to show you how ignorant moron or three years but let that go. Even now some of the hard core mourn bouts are saying dead bird there's a lot of dead people. And nice is just keeps going forward and forward and forward. And you all seem to have your heads buried in this and up there in the white ups. Do you agree which State Department spokeswoman. Marie hard. That we can't win the war against vices by telling them we just you can't tell him to death. They need jobs programs public spending on health care obamacare. If you believe the answer is yes decks pay six or 8680. If you believe the answer is no. Next B 68680. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends. At greater Lynn senior services greater when senior services is hiring right now just visit GL SS dot net and applied today. That's GL a SS dot net and apply for a new job today. Brittany what are the poll results so far 95% of what you're saying now we can cut for yeah I. Don't the moon bats always deliver app doesn't. I mean even even some of these blue moon bats who do you like Chris Matthews or at least they re didn't use. They're like moan not mall where your. Not all of this is this is my outs even by more about standards this is not stepped up. Hitler in the bunker what are I tell you it doesn't matter what they say you're don't. These guys are gonna fall right off a cliff okay. So. Even now. Some in the American left are finally. Finally waking up. That I sis is on the march. And it's now going to be us or them. To me this is eerily reminiscent of World War II. Where the world finally woke up to wait. About the evil threat of nazism. And now you have as Lamo fascism on the march. You have Jews are being targeted all across Europe. Anti semitism on the rise in Denmark in France in Germany in England it is sold out. That Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu. Has now called for mass immigration of Jews from Europe to Israel. Saying don't wait. Don't wait like in World War II because if you wait it'll be too late. Crisis is now in Libya. It is in Egypt it is in Jordan. It is in Tunisia. It is in Shandong is in Somalia. It is in Syria it is and I Iraq. It is in now with the Taliban in Afghanistan. They're now in France. You're here in the United States they're in Canada and now they want to Rome itself. Finally. Chris Matthews says it's. The United States. Is being morally humiliated. In the fight against crisis. Even. Soft ball on soft ball has taken the adult diaper off. And says I just. I can't get that thrill anymore when I look at your dear leader what are you doing dear leader. Roll that Britain like many here I'm living conflict over this far from the mideast these 21 day headings of Coptic Christians as an ancient car. That's been carried out before our eyes purposely so. Why else is the indecency so carefully videotape so well produced hit every screen in our state of the art possession. They are using people over there the death of people to demonstrate their devotion. They're ruthlessness their power they are killing people in the most disrespectful ways that they can be seen doing it by the people they want to recruit. By the people they want to kill. They wanna start recruitment by showing their willingness to go all the way to start anger as well by doing what the hell they decide to do the people they are committed to destroying. Other religions other countries other Muslims. And what can we do. Can we do not think. Can we just look at the pictures ask what's for supper what's on TV tonight what's the weather like tomorrow morning and go over our lives warding off the knowledge that these people. Are being killed in demonstration against us. How about this can we content ourselves by doing something which we know right now will not be enough to stop this car right now. We all know we need a plant we need to route that takes us to destroying ice is because. The alternatives too sick to un American to a Newman we can't see people killed like this in our face and simply flip the sports page of the financial news or. What's at the movies or who's gonna win the Oscars and act like America our country has not being morally humiliated because it is. And with the lives of at least some of these people who must in their last moments be wondering. If there's any chance the people of the United States could be coming to their rescue because that's how they were rightly taught we conduct ourselves. We don't leave people behind. And that's hardball for now that. All yes we do. If you're a Muslim convert like bowl bird doll. You're never left behind. Who backed this president you do. Who aided and abetted him every step of the way you did softball softball. Who bombed Libya and overthrew Qaddafi what'd I say what's gonna happen radical islamists are gonna fill the vacuum. Ice is an al-Qaeda are now rampaging in Libya. Who pulled the plug on Mubarak the dear leader did. What we're what replaced him of the Muslim Brotherhood. What I say about the status of forces agreement everybody warned him you don't sign that status of forces agreement radical islamists like ices will fill the vacuum. My friends. The reason why I say this is on the march. It's because this president has aided and abetted an emboldened them every step of the way. He won't lift a serious finger to stop on. They are now brazenly. They're haunting us. They're mocking us. You know what this series. In some ways I swear to you and I mean this can no offense. To my Jewish but I do it to all my Jewish listeners out there you know how much I support your cause. But even Hitler didn't do this. He capped the concentration camps secret. He didn't feel it. And broadcast it to the world. Even ocean it's a book involved he kept hidden away. Because he could downed. He downed. The Nazis were ashamed. They knew deep down what they were doing was wrong these people these animals. He put it on video. He bragged. Freed them it's a moral badge of honor to burn a Muslim Jordanian pilot a life. It's a badge of owner. To behead Christians. And then changed or coming for Rome itself. And now don't you tell us at the eleventh hour. America's being morally humiliated. It's been morally humiliated for the last six years. And finally. After I've been saying for god knows how many years. And mocked and belittled for. That we are now any religious war against radical Islam. Even. Head to steal an election Schultz. Ed the socialist. Schultz. Missed early morning about himself. Has now admitted. We're in a religious war. And if we don't destroy him they're gonna destroy us. Roll it Britain. Think it was a weekend of terror around the globe in Libya ice has released a new video showing more bloodshed. The video released on Sunday claims to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians. Now the brutal act of violence is clearly aid gross display of what crisis is capable love. What they're motivated about and what they are really all about and I think this act of mass murder amounts to a religious war. Now we all have our own interpretations at this point this continues to go on. At this point these people were targeted as I say it. And murdered because of their faith as I see you know. The United States is going to have to have a continual review all of a strategy known we can't sit back here and watch hordes of people get their heads cut off known and why would we tell ice us. That there's no way we would ever put ground troops. And in combat situations. I think it is reached a point where we really have to have a very strong debate in this guns small hole as I see it. It's a religious war no one is going to turn back iso us. No all I had so did Edsall at the mall all. Fan added you're criticizing them earlier and what's wrong with sure I had all my god that are you OK are you feeling okay yes. Everything okay get a home what's the matter with you went. Somebody that you over the pad dead. Look at them now. The whole world is inflamed us. And now. There are leaving their sinking ship like rats that they are. Now suddenly couldn't pick just only him. Now suddenly who weren't a religious war we got to take the fight nicest. Really. When I was saying that for years warmonger. I thought they were the JV team. According to the dear leader just last week in that interview with a box dot com this is all media any. This is all of that bleeds it leads mauled the real problem it's global warming Edgar getting off script that is global warming had. 61720666868. My friends. Even now some of the moon bats are finally admitting we were right. And that dear leader was wrong and my question to you is this. What is your reaction to the bee headings of 21 Christians in Egypt by crisis. Should Obama be golfing. And now the administration is saying we can't tell you the answer is more drop programs and Obama there. Are they truly insane. 61720666868. All of your calls snack size. This is really Islamist supremacists. So this and as they were Egyptian citizens would sure love to be a fly on the wall. Room of the White House announces media. Figure out how I can possibly describe. What happened without offending those who did. Seven point five here on the great WRKO. Jerry Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. At half past the at how are you Jerry. I've been Barack. I've been better after watching what went on this weekend but any how GF. You know this all goes back to an ideology. Of the salary Bowman she carried in the deal lead up. It felt great ball means parents. The issue was born in Iran a lot of people don't know that our parents. Back in the late fifties early sixties or Kabul with the doctor and her mother with a teacher. They saw all the for the show our viewers are intent. He got in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and so that's how that's helped five acted this whole connection goes it's all intertwined. Appointed I wanted to make Jeff. There is no radical Islam there is no moderate Islam I've come to the conclusion. That there is only Islam. All of these moms. As well as. Delisting to look again at the prime minister of Turkey all of the people that are involved it is one saint. That there is no radical Islam dearest just Islam. If people have to come to that conclusion. Jerry let me ask you this. Cooks he believes and I think it's a very legitimate. Or reason or whatever legitimate line of reasoning on his part. That the reason why Obama is golfing so much on Sunday on Monday. Even though the whole world is shocked by this it's a front page story all over the world. It's because. He's in over his head. He's kind of addicted to golf. Because he's toned out he doesn't know how to deal with this he's in over his head so he just rather golf. Because frankly he's checked out from the presidency. Because this is way beyond his ability to deal with. Do you agree would bat or do you think there's something even more sinister involved. I agree with that tool points subliminally I think debt. If it's like someone who sit an alcoholic or or addicted to cigarettes deterrent. But beyond that. I don't I believe that the deal Lee have police in colonialism has nothing to do with this England and France with a true call me let's hope we can we not imperialists so called deal less sweet local wind. In rate countries and take all the natural resources and take its take the countries over occupied them. He has that deep resentment. For this country. Is ideology will not allow him to have anything but that. Actually called Gerri as always. Nothing's going to might call it is a liberal press select a regional restatement sure 1943 garage protest at Roosevelt or young people. In that quote the positions davis' children. It's an elderly men and women are crying to us all the leaderboard all day. Since the fire and sword and starvation. I've always in the upper so obviously you know people don't yet fulfill our responsibility. So we have come broken heart and when you always say that you don't president Roosevelt took it especially easy to regular native of Jewish European Commission. And I asked the community here. When we gonna stand up to our clergy and get our communities to get a much lower on the White House but also all of those communities around the country. I started to talk to my rabbi and I think it's critical part a lot of friends Christian engines. It's about time we get our head our decision and asking lefties and please please. Start to pay attention. Jam with you amen brother. Hey man. I think the Jews of Europe are now threatened are believed to Jews of Israel are now threatened. And if we're not careful we could and I'm serious. We are now on the verge of world war three. Behavior and I'll tell you like World War II are believed to Jews will be the biggest victims. Date Europe next go ahead day. Tight Jeff I mean there are ordered to get any bigger we should lay up another 30000 military. You're making it all see all the Democrats should not go to congress to avoid Netanyahu's speech. You know being in this silliness that goes on here Chris Matthews moron read all people. Hillary Clinton let's go towards dealt out there head cover they won't be allowed to work. They won't be running for office got used to beat the adequate. It. I'm with you Dave I'm I'm so with you my friend look it's obvious to me. We have a fifth columnist in the White House we have been a Serb per in the White House. And I look at him. And I so I'll be honest with you I agree with coaxing up to a point I think is very valid what are you saying. I think he's giving a subliminal signals. Keep killing these Christians. I just don't give a damn or wink wink. Jim Europe next go ahead Jim. Hey Jeff good morning and they are limerick a couple of points and quick bella to respond to win. They don't want to bring up it is is approaching your or a break here or there are if you could go blue eyed 1963. Communist gold buried it or street where has that luxury that the job under. Fighting an insightful like I did it. But the real Puerto wanna make it is everyone so surprised and Obama in the way he's responding to the Muslim Tareq. And the reality of the market he telegraphed this year ago it is all there that the perception of hope likely they called it an out. He says oh what the political windchill. I won't stay with the Muslims I mean the coworker. Though what I. You're you're not out jam I got to ask you this half jokingly do you work for the NSA. Lord I share your bar chair I swear to you this morning 5 AM I'm on the phone with proxy driving in court she quotes the meat from I love the deception of all the audacity of hope he says Jeff it's right there in his book. Yet when the political winds change. I will stand with the Muslims he said the job he told us this and his own book. I'll clear it'd be I mean he's telegraphed this parts of the never border into Iran north I'm so surprised. Typically been happening want somebody to beat big ego trip to accurately McGrady ought to play and we need it best we don't need to hear that when you know either. Jim excellent call 6172666868. Let me ask you this what should we now do in the wake of the bee headings of these pointing Christian 21 Christians. And Obama golf song some days golf sun Monday. They won't even call them questions. They said the Egyptian citizens were killed. What do you make of Obama's reaction. 6172666868. All of your calls let's pick that Angela next. Yeah. Well I would use every resource available. Military. Thain came. Sanctions. You name and I would not hesitate to put boots on the ground you know we need to fifty that we use the coalition will form at the handsome lead. That you can't sit around. You guys do this so well. You know this series. And so I would commit everything to fit and eliminating them right now and we also have to make sure that our military. Which is extremely talented but very good leadership. Is not so put in the compromise position. Where we're trying to micromanage and we have people trying to manage the military who know nothing about them okay you know nothing about military strategy. And our military needs to know that they're not going to be prosecuted when they come back. Because somebody has that you did something that was politically incorrect. I was off your friends Carson appearing on Fox News. Really I mean just taking it to the cheerleader. He Visser raiding his war strategy. Saying he's not a leader what we need now is serious statesmanship and leadership. Or else we're going to be facing potentially world war three and a couple of years. 6172666868. Laura Europe next thanks for holding. Call it long I guess I'm going to take my call concludes. I'm Angela by saying that come as a do I actually do appreciate it and describe how much they appreciate how you end. I'm very you know conservative talk show host and conservative. Politicians are supported it into a telepathic saying that contend and how I do I am agree with almost everything that you share of the community morning. I can wanna think cat so that your comparison. Com. You know it. Killer and and with them I can't I got a little guest that and I try to holocaust survivor. Believe me you know that the elite Lebanese army. And I you know. An idea of change and what what they did and how Hitler you know hurt maybe down deep didn't you know has some level of knowing what he was doing was wrong. I would turn to get back. In the pit strategy I believe. You know Hitler and the Nazis or evil pure evil pure evil has no shame. And when you wanna go down deep and look at them they're all like what they're shame what condition and how I compared I could. I don't think they need to be a comparison I think eagle you know they're both pure evil and because he'll have to kind of strategy which went. K let's not let the world know we're doing good we get matched chewed. And other killed at comparable I wouldn't wanna like a quietly at any level of some kind of humility ashamed eagle could eat eat eat out. Laura what do you make a very good point no question about it. But Laura I will say this team and I'm really I want all my age you everyone to listen but in particular my Jewish American listeners. I think historian. There is a direct connection. Between radical Islam and the Nazis. And many people don't know that. They are carrying on Hitler's legacy today and it's not just that both are evil. It's that both of them saw themselves as explicitly. Anti Semitic. Anti Jewish anti Christian. In fact many of the leading Muslim teen moms. Openly welcome to Hitler. In fact the best selling book outside of the court wrong. The best selling book in any wrong is my comp. Did best selling book in Afghanistan. Outside of the car Iran is mind comps. Don't bet I'll tell you this these prices fighters nobody wants to say this yes they re declare Iran that they love might come. They look at Hitler and they say. Thought it was the greatest evil leader Europe ever produced. Because basically on almost all of the major issues. They think Hitler I mean he wanted to rid the world of the jury bingo. He wanted to win Miley Christians. Bingo hall she wanted to create a one world new world order bingo hall. I'm very loved this guy. And so I think what many Jews don't understand. Is how Hitler there weakening Iran they hold conference after conference. Denying the Holocaust. Even then I am rampant. I mean gay love the guy. When you go one American campuses here's the dirty secret. From Noam Chomsky. Gore hall of or MI you can run down the whole list. They hate Israel. They despise the juice. All of they do now is a big movement on campuses do a divestment and Israel. They look at Israel has an occupying militaristic. Imperial colonial power. Basically the west in the Middle East. They want Israel wiped off the map deep down. That's what they want to. So. What you are seeing is basically this is Satan spawn. Nobody likes to talk in these terms but they are the sponsor of Hitler they are the sponsor of Satan. And this is gaining 15100. Your project. And it's been culminating in culminating in culminating and let me be even more candid with you. And this may get me into trouble but I don't care from Conyers speaks the truth what's the point. I believe this is 19381939. I honestly thought I do. You have. Which they have said they will use to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Do you now have ice is rampaging. Across the Middle East. Syria. Iraq Afghanistan and Yemen Egypt Libya. All of the secular dictatorships. That held these forces a day would there be Khaddafi Saddam Hussein mall market Ahmad. Hosni Mubarak they're gone. They're gone. There was a guy. I want everybody to go to the Drudge Report OK don't take my word for gore the Drudge Report. A big hat tip to Matt Drudge. There is a story it's indeed lead story on the Drudge Report. And it simply called bridge who hell. In Paris. It's about a Jewish journalist Smith got Klein. And he walks the streets of terrorists. Not pay Ron. Not Baghdad. Not Gaza not to Ramallah. Paris. I'm talking France. Almost of the cradle of Western Europe France. The land of vault error the land of Napoleon the land of the goal. May be one of the most civilized countries in the world. He's walking with a video he wants to short oval world. What it's like to be a Jew in Paris so we have as a young lookup on his head right so he's he's Jewish and always Jewish. 'cause he's walking. People are saying. Get out of here you filthy Jew another one what's she doing here mommy doesn't he know he'll be killed. This man is being spat Honduras video footage of people walking up to a more G shrift damn true. Spitting on the guy. Few of other people walking up to him saying go back to Israel where you belong you're lucky we don't be a jewel right here right now right up to always face. This is in downtown Paris. This is like Berlin. And in 1930s. Do you now have a Jewish cemeteries being desecrated. Hundreds of tombstones being desecrated. Synagogues are being desecrated. You now have thousands of Jews leaving France. You now have all is being written I swear to you in Le monde and Le Figaro where you now have prominent French journalists saying. I don't want you to leave but I'm telling you you should leave. It's not safe for you in Paris in France anymore we have too many Muslims. And they hit Chiu. And they want to kill you. And it's happening in Denmark in Italy in Germany in England. You now have the prime minister of Israel openly coming out I've never seen this in my life. She's not asking them to leave Tunisia. Or re wrong. Or Syria. She's telling the Jews of U hero and in particular democratic Western Europe. Secular liberal in Europe liberal Europe. Post crash in Europe. Get out. Before rich too late to get a helped. Com take Israel. Let me be even more honest with few I don't think there are safe and Israel anymore. My advice to them and I have a few Jewish friends in France. We've been emailing each other. Come to America. Canada America find doesn't matter come here. I'm telling you come here. Sell a must think they don't panic. Torture house up get a good price for it. You know make sure you can get a job whatever transition get a visa I get everything it may take six months nine months of but ghetto to. I'm saying miss in 2015. What am I back in time warp sudden 19361937. Russia has just signed in military partnership with the wrong. China has signed an agreement with few wrong in Russia. Do you not know see how the great powers are now descending upon the Middle East. And we having Neville Chamberlain in the White House. Who now wants appease appease appease a piece a piece at all costs. We have an American public like in the 1930s. That is interest data and entertainment. Their interest in sports there intrastate and whatever singing their interest it and American Idol or the voice or whatever don't bother me. It doesn't concern me I don't care leave me alone. Did the Holocaust not Picchu and think. Your hated and Russ Feingold. They can chew in France. Gave Picchu in Europe. They hate chew in the Muslim world. And nobody gives a damn. Don't liberals like FDR are not writing to your rescue. Because deep down they were chew gone. Deep down when you really pressed him. You go to Elizabeth Warren I know all the faculty of Harvard it's identical to the faculty at McGill be disgusted me. All they're real reason why there's so much hostility and chaos and violence in the Middle East because of Israel. She Israeli Palestinian conflict if you could just get risen Israel could just. And what permitted to see if you just get rid of the state of it does get one of these guys bam Childress just get out of them. No wonder your problem. It's like Czechoslovakia. Just get rid of the chat since given Hitler what he wants who can coach Rex is a better about the checks. Never too warm. You're gonna feed this monster because after the Jews. And that's what crisis is telling us that's why this video is so important now nobody can deny. Like Hitler this is the thing about fanatics. About fascist fanatics. To give them their due. Unlike the Communists. They tell you exactly what they're gonna do. You know exactly what they're gonna do. Hitler senate. I'm gonna eradicate the Jews I'm gonna smash to Soviet Union I'm gonna invade Europe I'm creating a new world order. Nothing Hitler did. You didn't know before hand. They're telling us. The nation of the cross will be eradicated. The Christians are next. And we want among other world. We want to roll itself. What we couldn't capturing the crusades. Worked we couldn't get for hundreds of years. Because have you so cold crusaders. Now we're gonna get. First of Jews. And and Christians. And my question. All of you out there. He's when are you gonna realize that the moon bats and the liberals. Now reaching the point. It's like the Nazis. It's either us or them. Which side are you 1751. On the great WRKO. All of you look and funny and six CD WRK else. Because you're up next on the corner report thanks for holding and welcome. IDF that's the first time I've called them a while timeless are welcome to. I bet I he wondered if you love your show as well thank you can yes I would like to bring an eight. Discussion back to the border especially with the Homeland Security. Up budget this is simple product congress right now yes. And it's a fox because. The real control is what the forestry department beat period apartments that 4000 miles. A little bit less. I'll wait and along our southern border. And the AMR IC EF. They can go into certain world and experience. So we have recipient that cease sometimes that chart on all of on the news on TV show and calm people want prospect the yes. Border Patrol on pop star. It's three days. There were running out of time but no this over and have a lot more on this in fact a federal judge in Texas. Because now ordered a temporary halt to Obama's executive actions on immigration. This is setting up a major court showdown. So we're gonna have got a bit later in the show. But I wanted to take more of your calls what's your reaction to the bee headings of 21. Egyptian Christians. And what do you make of Obama playing golf. 'cause that video is released. And coming up next. Ben Carson. On all spawn Obama I've got thought all of your calls. Let's take effect and July Anderson in the years. Boston's talk station. Hey M 680 WR Cahill wants to maybe sixty to 93 point seven WEEI Lawrence Boston com.