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Run, Warren, Run! 2/12/15

Feb 12, 2015|

Elizabeth Warren is beating Hillary Clinton in recent polls. Should Elizabeth Warren run in 2016?

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My knowledge there on the great WRKO. OK. The corner country for all question all of the day not to got some other stories we cover we can continue to take your calls on this. But there are some other important stories we can cover. Should all Barack Hussein Obama. How congressional authorization. To use military force against crisis. If you believe the answer is yes text eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no text beat the 68680. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends at greater Lynn senior services. Greater Lynn senior services is hiring right now. Just visit GL ISS dot net and apply today that's GL a SS dot net and apply for a new job today. Britney what are the poll results so far. 74%. Say no if it's cloudy 60%. Say yes they look silly little which could see doing but they are easily grow notice I don't odds stacked comics house watched warily bigfoot is like a all star cast out bodies trying to trying to throw you off your game make you make a mistake you're making a laugh yeah. After. I. So basically three quarters say no one quarter says yes okay. Will continue to take your calls if you wanna talk about this however. I swear to you I never thought I would see the day honest to god I never thought I would see the date but it's here. Dear actually in its. It now appears serious. Popular broad based support. For Elizabeth Warren chief spreading bowl. Actually become the next nominee for the Democrats. And 116. According now to multiple polls that have just been released how tipped to the Washington examiner. They're the ones who first broke this story. There is JU golf poll of likely democratic voters. Conducted in Iowa and then conducted in New Hampshire remember those will be the 21 two primary races. The caucuses in Iowa then the primary in New Hampshire. And any head to head match up against Hillary Clinton. Chief spreading bull I swear to you. There's actually beating madame Hillary. There in Iowa according to these latest poll results edits graves are is not a credible I mean god to me it's phenomenal use. Apparently and I know was just like Lawrence governor there's still I mean gusts. 31%. To 184%. There in Iowa in New Hampshire warriors leaves a little bit less 30% to 27%. But clearly. Are among progressives. Among liberals among the moon bats. They don't like Hillary. They don't want the clintons. They obviously don't whatever reason they don't want to vote for Hillary. They love the chief. And I'm telling you right now cooks you know I talked about this. If we don't make this decision lightly but I as a team we've now come together with a collective decision. We are low that this is like this you need a collective we we need a collective for a decision like this you need a collective. We are now going to join the campaign. To enlist chief spreading bull run or Warren run. We are going to be part of the draft Elizabeth Warren movement. She's gonna have my full support for the democratic primary. I I urge every listener out there we've got to back the chief. Against madam Hillary are frankly now I'm not gonna make fun of the chief anymore I'm not gonna criticize the chief anymore. Cook she and I have said you know what if the Democrats are that stupid. If no more and that's our Ted stupid. To think that she could beat any Republican in 2016. I swear to you. They refrigerator. You put a fridge against her and they general election and she loses. Good crushed at this with Hillary and Obama called it operation chaos this is going to be our own version of operation chaos operation last mohicans the operation Geronimo the proper kitchen Geronimo. As so I am gonna do everything I can't. They dropped chief spreading bowl Elizabeth Warren and to the race and I'll tell you why it looks like she may be able to beat Hillary. She's gonna divide the Democratic Party she's gonna empty Hillary's massive war chest. And I think potentially derail war. And if she becomes the democratic presidential nominee. I yah yah yah yah I. I mean who ever the Republicans put up they can put up Mickey Mouse. And they're gonna win. And what I find incredible. Just incredible. These these moon bats I actually think. She's a viable presidential candidate. They are Scholl pray east der shoulder unhinged. Der showing the fever swamps. They think this woman could actually pick a country by storm. If it's possible I don't think it ever is there are over there ever was the last six years. She's I believe to the left of it if it's possible she used to the left of the dear leader. According to these moon bats and New Hampshire and Iowa I swear to you. To the people's republic of Cambridge okay communism on the charts. Do you think Obama is a conservative. They actually think Obama has been too cozy with Wall Street. Did you think that mall we need a real world real hard core mourn but she's so far to the left she's into the ocean. And sold they think that if they just Porter out there and draft her. That she's gonna. Sweeping through the nomination. Do you rail Hillary. And then the whole country after one of the most after a V most radical president in our history. They're gonna wanna vote for somebody. Even more radical than the their leader. Surveil out of all of us do our own. Show. Let me just make this argument right now. And let me use the moon bats logic against the liberals. And frankly it's an invent if you think like a liberal this argument is invincible. If you oppose Barack Obama by their definition your a racist. You oppose a furious just. It's the color of his skin so my question all the liberals is this. All of you Hillary supporters why are you a bunch are racists against Elizabeth Warren chief spreading bull. You don't like the fact that she's in native American. What's a matter you wanna get rid of the Redskins the name of a football team but you're watching one elect one into the White House. Note there is nobody in this country who got Rich Bond his own. Your goods to market on the roads the arrest does hateful and yeah you. Workers don't breath don't just hate to. All workstation. Horses and tell us patent or you. Marauding bands what content and free and hire someone. Don't rested just yet. You. You know. The best. For a change we'll. I'm Ben my show I have is back in. As with the big alert for middle class Americans the bedrock of the nation. It is now more than five and a half years since the recession began and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren has a bold claim. That Wall Street bankers and made a disproportionate share of the money because the system is still rig. Gross chief goal. Why yeah yeah you'll fit in bill bad TCU alum James Shields so we're on. How ability. Whole program here. We've gotten bridges who writes needed repairing and thousands. Of war one are we rebuilding America our competitors they. The work building the future trying to invest through 9% of its GDP and infrastructure. America boring just 2.4. Percent. Better we can build a foundation for a strong economy and get people in Massachusetts to work right now. I'm Elizabeth Warren and I approve this message plus go to war. We're chief. Let's go award that cheat. You would be a tool for the first woman president first native American Indian president. Now let me ask all the pro Hillary liberals out there. How come you want to keep them native American Indian bound. What this is time for another historic. Candidacy. Another historic. Presidency. Yet even if you don't want her to be president. It might I think you really have to consider switching parties just to vote in the democratic primary only because if she is if she's actually. In the primary is a legitimate contender. Hillary Clinton will have to run so far it's the laughed she'll fall off the plane came into the ocean. And shows this at least such ABC walk credits the White House. You don't put up field. Ted Cruz the Rand Paul and they can be the most crazy right wing nut jobs that they wanna be against Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren got. And they'll come across like more comparative I'm not come across like what she centrists. So either she knocks off Hillary. And then achieve the chief will be destroyed it when he sixteen general election or. She Porsche is Hillary so far to the left. And have these war chest she's a sitting back against whoever runs against their point six me. Now let me ask the liberals that's hot how bottled up land that was taken from the native Americans. Don't you think their entitled now to some historical justice yeah. Behind what about the genocide against the cherokees and a native Americans. We all went to the cheek to elect her it's your racist. You don't vote for your race this operation let's get operational Redskins. Corner country and are you with me. Coaches call and.