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Obama says Global Warming is more of a threat than ISIS

Feb 10, 2015|

Obama thinks the media overhypes the threat of ISIS

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All my god any day our rights to listen to this. As you know is he the dear leader is now doing any media offensive his poll numbers are. Not what you would like them to be key now lost control of congress he's trying to regain control of the narrative. The country is slowly slipping away from him and so he recently went on vox dot com VOX dot com. Q talk where if liberal brown knows there Ezra Klein. As well as a math fewer Iglesias. Basically true hardcore liberal progressives. Too big Obama cheerleaders. And they asked him questions about the media. And in Obama and everything but in particular asking questions about the media. And they ask the dear leader point blank. I mean. Do you think the media is overstating. The level of alarm. I think the media and counterterrorism months. Overstates. This sort of level of alarm people should have without. Terrorism and this kind of chaos as opposed to it a longer time Ahmad climate change an epidemic has done is absolutely. And you know I I don't blame the media for that it. What's the famous saying about local newscasts predator printer if it bleeds it leads right. You show crime stories initial fires. Because that's what folks watch consult. Me about ratings. And but the problems of terrorism and dysfunction and and chaos. Along what plane crashes and a few other things that's that's the equivalent. When it comes to recovering international affairs they're just not going to be a lot of interest. In a headline story that we have cut. Infant mortality you know barring. Really significant amounts over the last twenty years or that. Extreme poverty has been slashed its or that. You know there's been an enormous progress we have a program were set up. When I first came in the office to help. Him poor farmers. Increase productivity and yields. It's not a sexy story. And climate change is one that is happening. That's such a broad scale of such a complex system and it's a hard story for. I think the news to tell on the day to day basis look and the the point is there's. My first job is to protect the American people whom it is entirely legitimate for. You murder people to be deeply concerned when you I'm Marcia. Violent vicious zealots. Who behead people or randomly. Shoot. A bunch of folks in in a deli in Paris re. That we shoot people at a deli in Paris. Zealots ZLX. Notice he won't call them Muslim terrorists. She won't call them radical islamists. He won't call them Islamic terrorists not long long haul dirt just zealots. Who just randomly does well what well we got up one billion. Let's shoot a few people at a deli in Paris or let's go to Charlie have told. They happened to mock the Prophet Mohammed then we said that's why were killing some but let bad goal Digisette hey let's start be adding a few editors here. What battle. And for him to stand there I want you to think about it member of play this Susan Boy Scouts yesterday. How she said the greatest threat we face is equality for the LG BT community and climate change for international peace and security. Not a radical Islam not licensed not al-Qaeda. Now it's coming straight from the horse's mouth straight from the club Boston so. That the bigger threat what people should really be alarmed about. This climate change but you see it's not sexy. Because it's if it bleeds it leads right. And apparently what crisis a lot of people are blaming but climate change nobody's bullying. Nobody's buying. Things aren't blowing. So it's just little calmer on a day to day basis of even though ad nauseam. They have been trying to ram that completely disproven. Hoax. Right down our throats all we hear about is climate changing global warming. It's like a religion. Day after day week after week month after month but let that go. There's a story in the USA today yesterday. That all of this stone Boston was attributed to global warm global warming. And climate change is one that it is happening. That's such a broad scale of such a complex system and it's so hard stored for. I think the news to tell on the day to day basis appropriate. We're just too stupid what he's really saying you wanna see his academics Marbury. You wanna see is arrogant narcissistic. Elitism. He's basically saying look I'm god. Gary are more modern day Roman emperor I know everything I understand these broad complex issues like global warming. And you peasants you hicks. Few little Bible quote unquote Bible for peppers who cling to your guns in your religion. You guys on this thing global warming do you think you're freezing in Boston you think all this lawyer being buried a small when your freezing your rear end off. Do you think that's cooling hallway it's warming. You guys just don't understand abrupt complex issues that system. For operating under. You're worried about the among Muslim terrorism let's matter we view. It's above poverty it's about. It bowl it's about the persecution of lesbians and gays and transgender and bisexual people. Climate change that's the big issues. Now I want you to think about this. This guy is telling us. That we are being needlessly. Alarmed by ice is and radical Islam. As the entire Middle East and North Africa is burning. Big church burned literally they Jews burned to pilot a life. Jordan is saying were at war with radical Islam. Syria is saying we're at war with radical Islam the president of Egypt delivered a major speech at the beginning of the new year. Saying Islam is in the midst of a major civil war. Radical Islam poses a quote mortal threat to civilization. Muslim leaders are saying were at war with radical Islam. And on top of all of the act. On top of all of Max. If it's such a non threat. If it's a quote JV team. How come Mr. President you're gonna go to congress most likely ten many. To us for congressional authorization. For us to go to war against crisis. If you're such sharp. If you bleeds it leads. Different social sensational alarmist worry we're just overly alarmed. Overly consumed with fit because this just a sensational. If you wanna know drag us. Into another war. Another open ended war. Giving you constitutional. Bought a blank check. No declaration of war just a little dinky blank authorization. So we can have another Vietnam. We can go out and again like we gave me the authorization in Afghanistan and were you raised our troops mean a major troop surge with no strategy for victory. As our boys were bled to death one by one. As I speak to you now. This supposedly minor threat that pails in comparison to quote unquote climate change. The Islamic. Elephant the Islamic states. Which claims to the Muslim world they are the direct descendants of Prophet Mohammed himself. Occupy is size of territory. Bigger than Great Britain. Day literally. Lou there was have a brilliant story in the London spectator which will not see written here in the American press because they don't want you know the truth. About the nature of the evil in the enemy that we face. There are practicing. Slavery. There is a story in the London spectator. We're literally crushing girls. Have now been captured many of them raped and they're taken to a bizarre by ice is fighters. And one guy is holding a Christian girl saying how much she she wars if he wants to buy collision of cough weapons coalition took off rifles. There's another one where he's buying one saying how much is the one with the green eyes green eyes are worth a lot of money how much is that girl with the green eyes worth he's buying himself a bright. That's all I miss them. Thousands. Of Arab Christians are being buried alive and slaughter I swear to you. Not only are they being slaughtered you have children being crucified. Churches raise to the ground. If you have amnesty international Human Rights Watch. The leaders of all of these Christian communities all -- communities many of them who speak the language of Jesus are a million. Who go all the way back to the time of Christ himself. Saying we are being wiped out we are on the verge of extinction. Botulism. Territory sometimes. Overstates this sort of level of alarm people should have about. Terrorism and this kind of chaos as opposed to it a longer time Ahmad climate change an epidemic. And is absolutely. And you are I don't blame the media for that it. You know what's a famous saying about local newscasts predators return if it bleeds it leads. He mean terrorism is not a long term problem. Just look look into how arrogant to question its. Look at the bias within the question it'll go longer term problem what climate change. You mean what radical Islam and terrorism is not a very long term problem. Those Americans that were beheaded. Was it alarm is them when they felt the blade of those butchers. Trumping their heads off. Golden boy he's now they are doing bombing runs over Iraq and Syria our Boyce. And many more after this authorization passes what happens to them you think when they get captured. And some will be captured by crisis. You'll think they're gonna be burned the life. You'll think they'll be be headed. You don't think we'll get the treatment of what they did to that Jordanian air pilot. Is that alarm isn't. Mister president. What this man is under original sugar coating that's he is a new list. He is a narcissistic. He is a shameless apologize or for radical Islam. I believe that this man has disgraced himself and the presidency. And for him to stand there with a straight face in that arrogant and voice opinions. In that condescending. Patronizing attitude. That we the American people are just so Walsh pulpit. That we don't understand that climate change. And cutting the infant mortality rate their all of his other bogus triggers but he cites. Is somehow. Are much more important story. Then. The threat. Of a rampaging. Muslim army in the heart of the Middle East. Peres declared Jihad against Christians. Choose the west and America. The man is a weren't picked. Frankly the man is no more than a lunatic. With every word that comes out of his mouth. With every comment that he utters. He now shows us clearly an irrefutable the key is a danger any threat to the American people. 6172666868. My question to the Republicans up on Capitol Hill. What is this man have to do and what does he have to say. Before you impeached this guy. 6172666868. The president of the United States has worked foolish bold print to understand the long term threat of climate change. And that global warming is a bigger threat than Islamic terrorism. I agree disagree. And 23 on the great RKO 617206. At 6868. All. 15 there on the way WOR KO. Geoff corner of Boston's bulldozers my friends. You have a president. That honestly believes. Global warming is a bigger threat than Islamic terrorist. It's not a question of their. It's a question of Wimbledon against this. Victory sometimes. Overstates this sort of level of alarm people should have about. Terrorism and this kind of chaos as opposed. Longer term how much climate change and have. Absolutely. How are you kidding me. This man is dangerous. This man is an extremist. This I'm telling you you have a president that says climate change is more important more dangerous then Islamic terror. We're gonna get hit. Chris nice not only question of wind it's a portion of it not a question of if it's only questionable. I and that he's allowed to get away with this. Notice how much more radical he is in his second term debt in his first term because now he doesn't have to worry about reelection. Now you're seeing their true radical in him come out Obama. Unplugged. Unfiltered. Basically he's a black. Bill Ayers. What we have is a black millionaires in the White House. Jeff you're up next go ahead Jeff. I don't know I'm good how are you Jeff I'm pretty good and don't just put it in a storm. Please be careful out there just because the rolled obsolete treacherous are there are no matter what or spell. Back growth. Got their third but anyway it's calm. Sort of bring up so I'm a young guy and we export. Our radiate. I don't know what to make that suited very it's very complicated issue but do not agree that I mean. Troupe that they. You know as we work to get attacked breakfast or are we dude if you crisis. Com. Which do don't we you'll let human race will survive but. You can't really argue that climate change and the human destruction of the year is pretty important you not occurred. Well Jeff I just did a big segment on this yesterday I urge you go to the Daily Telegraph. They had a devastating front page story global warming is an absolute hoax it's the greatest scientific scandal of our time. In fact they they have been deliberately cooking the numbers you see looking laugh. She restaurant saying you're like a fanatic. Touring America fanatic you won't even look at the evidence and you're already laughing. All right so my I'm asking this I would let me ask you this question this is indisputable the actual data on this is indisputable. Since 1998. It's now been seventeen years the world has been cooling do you and you know the global temperatures have actually gone down do you know that you there's more Arctic ice now than ever. You know there are more polar bears now then ever you know there are more penguins now than ever you know there's more ice in Antarctica than ever. So the ice caps are not melting the polar bears are not disappearing. And the world just look outside on the role job. The world is schooling is not warming shall what a long term threat to our planet we face from so called cold climate change. Are you aware of the how all. Am I like to into court if is very is very very complicated very complicated so explained to try and it's it's not just I'm not a spark your vote global warm but also. About what you know art are you aware how much clutch couldn't see. Are you aware or proud destructive remote Monsanto. It on the world. Jeff Jeff Jeff when you start talking to me about plastic in the seat honestly buddy I look at the Daily Telegraph peace. You have numerous scientists climate researchers now saying they have been deliberately cooking and doctoring the box but. Plastic in the C is more of a threat to my sis are you normal. Dear leader in that interview yesterday. Compared. Terrorism Islamic terrorism. Whereby UN high jihadist connected to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. As well as crisis. Behind did devastating attacks on Charlie you have dole as well as a Jewish deli. In which people were systematically. Murdered. Be headed Borchardt. Simply for criticizing the Prophet Mohammed. And the president of the United States the dear leader. Sherrod spoke terrorism. Just to choose local pro industry just a random act of violence it's a let go local criminals societal what well let's just pulled up a Jewish deli. It's not a sexy story. And climate change is one that it is happening. That's such a broad scale of such a complex system and it's a hard story for. I think the news to tell on the day to day basis corporate and the the point is there's. My first job is to protect the American people that it is entirely legitimate for. The American people to be deeply concerned when you got a bunch or. Violent vicious zealots and who behead people or randomly. Shoot. A bunch of folks in in a deli in Paris. Incredible. Comparing. Islamic terrorism. Equating it with local crime. Now listen to Charles Krauthammer. Syndicated columnist Fox News analyst. Saying if the president really believes this. Danish truly truly. Terrifying. Role it walked. Says the media's over hyping this and that that's the issue because he believes it and that's where the scariest of all if he if he was just being cynical. As it relates to dismiss this because of the failure of his own policies. That will be run thank I think he believes is at the end of his presence. Al liberator to actually say what he believes. We complain he doesn't have a strategy in the war on radical Islam the reasoning doesn't have a strategy is because he thinks there is no need for his strategy because it is a random. Though the violence people shootout Delhi's people go around and out of places and do stuff they attach an ideology afterwards is it waiting to make it look legitimate. Key things and he. So as an openly this is like the fighting of crime in the city there's no unifying ideology in the criminals of the city you go after one after another using drone on why you arrested none of you shoot a third. But you don't have to have a strategy enough to understand who they are because one thing after another. And that has been the reason Obama has no strategy he thinks I killed a few people here it was a drone I tamp it down it will go away or people who ignore it especially if the press who would not I don't this is what is so terrified about the man whose commander in chief of the country at essentially civilization under attack. I'd Charles struck hitting it right hit the nail right on the head Joseph Europe next go ahead Joseph. Here is a situation. Where now I'm Matthew Shepard. It's attacked and killed. That's considered a national trend sweetly we sent containment could be killed. I went to Charlotte hornets all the rules all of our. Or beg my number. Edge or big Mike look at big Mike customer trust your point. Matthew Shepard and look I'm Mike Brown Eric garner all it's a national trend. All my god we're killing what people all the cops are racist then they pay everybody with a broad brush. But suddenly. When an ice is guy throws a gay guy off a building or their hang in a left right it's an I'm out all this is all random. Nothing to do what is lomb nothing this year. And those plus the embassy. Good like that collar job is plastic in the stadium. That's a bigger threat than basis plus the embassy. Steve you're up next go ahead Steve. But yet I should say like all. I'm sure there's probably some very electric company or. Thermal imaging yes. But took a cold rush. From a guy in the head that's a PH beer for. He's also a law under US scientific community. To me rather for our global warming and Eric saying and he can tell you without a fact for a fact. They had not all that little hole. But our number one he source which is good shot and it's cooling. So at all bark it's all BS they have more than ten years of scientific research. Chomping sound watch approve. Steve. And your 100% right but what does it say about a man who supposed to be our commander in chief our return to. To chat across Irish point. Who genuinely beliefs. That all of these islamists around the world. In Libya. Any chipped. In Morocco. In Syria indie rock in Afghanistan. In Yemen in some mall yah and so on I could go in Boston. In all alone home on in New York in Washington DC. That all of these acts being done in the name of Islam. They say justified by the Courant. Dead that is just random. There are bats. All there's no ideology there's more religious bases map thing. But their real threat nice Malone. It's equality in the LG BT community a climate change. If this man is protecting our country where I'm telling you were in big trouble. George you're up next go ahead George. Let's put it on what Crocker said the Pope almost certain that there's yes I don't rear Carter ever in the sense that. Seemed that most urgent because he believes. In the ideology. You look at Obama's formative years he grew up in Indonesia what are the madrassas. The guy is it wouldn't Parker didn't immediately update. Obama believed to cause an ideology that clear asserted that in its current. And I thank you very much for that call George RR third Europe next go ahead Arthur. Sorry bill my about bill is a bill Europe next go ahead bill. Yeah I played Newark until all of the shell welcome bill welcome. I admit it. The rule I pretty much showed that people rock blue blue led major climate change till the past forty years. And not knowing none none nobody. And people would do damage and killed in the pageant week. I mean can take this as a joke clutch and I think it's of course it's all Pollock and so food college maybe due to market these genetically modified who care about that need to. He's been to the nuclear powered okayed that I'm no clean include the words don't jointly and that's what you are trying to atrocity. Committed good to do about it BP A getting their Pollack. And that will be called a true torque. But without all of this ridiculous. Very much bill will look that's why my buddy Michael Savage. I think has coined a phrase now I believe will last for generations. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder. These people that are calling up about climate change people like Obama people like Susan Rice who honestly think global warming. He's a bigger threat than radical Islam. They're like the people insisted the earth was flat. They're exactly the flatter first. And it doesn't matter the overwhelming evidence. In that doesn't matter deep. It's global warming and its global warming and its global warming and then it's climate change in the tri Kleiman a stranger in an academic strangely it's going to be bad and they are the most EU irrational and peace science people available. And to stand there are what you think about this what you need a list. Talk about having no moral values whatsoever. No genuine sense of right or wrong to stand accused the president. I'm reading this in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times the Jerusalem Post I'm reading this in the guardian British newspapers. They're all reporting guessing this holocaust taking place. T get reports. Of children being buried a life. Of women being sold into slavery. Of Christians being be headed off you see these being slaughtered like dogs off church is literally being burned into the ground. By the way burning people life. Crisis is doing that all the time. They were literally Christians are disease in churches any rock or in Syria and they do or animal life in the church. And he gets all of these intelligence reports. And to stand here. And read all of its. I want you to think what kind of a man. What kind of up. Soul what kind of a mind what kind of heart what kind of a person where you're getting this overwhelming. Documentarian evidence. And then what post cold ice and that arrogant home. Stand there and lecture us. Pure pleasure just stupid. (%expletive) climate change of so sophisticated and. Complex and you guys were getting all worked up about it so a lot. People got killed in Boston so why dozens of people got their limbs blown off solo 3000 people died. On September 11 so what the Fort Hood shooter shot them all up in Fort Hood so what the Oklahoma. And in morrow Oklahoma. Women were beheaded by a crazed islamists so. But it's. So what people got killed in Paris and in Madrid and in London and in Bali. So why not. That's not a threat when he does get on a common now owned. Sipped some wine relax you've got homemade beer here at the White House Atlantic's. Own booed it's about a global warming. Jonathan go ahead Jonathan. Let's just than Jeff Bible just I'm sorry that's OK and I there was certain feel for quite some time phenomenal job all nominal. Very common all phenomenal this guy in the White House. You know I will reform no way I'm sorry I am a generation or voter summit king. He's seen a liar received final me because you know. Make comments about him like stat but. I've given a lot of thought me she struck in the future cart has there really is. I don't you know that. Well you know the key is mortgaging their futures of our children and grandchildren and my friends on and be very candid with you. I agree with Mark Levine on this 110%. If we're not careful with this man in the White House. We are gonna get hit again. And this time hit really hard. When you have a president. Who denies the mortal threat that we face. Won't even acknowledge it won't even see it because he sold blinded by his ideology or if you're even more cynical. Because he secretly sympathizes. With the radical islamists. We're asking for trouble. Jim Europe next go ahead Jim. They got anybody touch you so much him. Mr. mitnick cricket player from Obama I think you're an idiot doesn't understand what even contradicts himself he says that is primary focus is to protect the American people while the border so wide open I can't even take awhile to the most quite on the plane but the border a wide open. He's ready and fundamentally change America and he is he doing that he's overture that it almost put it not for the better it's for the worst these people in the country better wake up. Indulgent excellent call you nailed it okay my friends. The moon. And. H 53 here on the great WRK I'll brag you're up next thanks for all things and walk. I I tip well look first time caller welcome. I've used it I may get it you're professor right. I was a former professor yes or Miguel. So you know you know about the logical fallacies. But a logical fallacies yes I took much of course in logic. Problem. Well at that. Breakfast where Obama haven't don't even think he talked a logical fallacy right about now. Well don't say anything because of you guys in the crusades so I think that's what is that is set to Coke. New to. And it didn't even get it right because on the crusades worked against the depredations of the Muslims and Christians in the Far East. Without two wrongs make a right. Bragg which you're always so you're basically saying that. The president is so incoherent. That even when he tries to compare license. To what allegedly the Christian crusaders did a thousand years ago he doesn't always talking about. Well no. He doesn't I mean and I mean. Pope urban he didn't do it he he did it because of Bob what was happening to the Christians. Come over in the east and they were treated very badly. That's right Christians are being massacred by the Muslims and number to our heroine gets sidetracked here but this is a very key point. A Bernard Lewis if you wanna read one good book read Bernard Lewis. Oh what went wrong with his long he has a breeze literally known as one of the greatest scholars of the Middle East. And he shows conclusively. If you look at the Muslim armies at the time in particular in North Africa the mores and later the Ottoman Turks. They erupt more in Europe. They were invading their overall on the Middle East they were massacring Christians and Jews in fact if they use a term to short of the prophet. They literally used to short of Mohamed to conquer either way across the Middle East. Dot told they spread is long in community after community after community. Christians and Jews were being massacred in religiously cleansed so what's going on today frankly in Syria and Iraq. It's been going on for 15100 years. And then they poured into Europe. Spain was conquered. Portugal fell southern France fell. Southern Italy fell Romania fell Bulgaria fell Montenegro fell sure be a foul. Bosnia fell. Parts of Croatia fell. They even try to sweep into the east. And they were literally stop at the gates of Vienna. So when the crusades were launched. It was a defensive. War. By western Christian dom can read claimed Christian territories. And to protect persecuted questions. Where and he talks about the crusades you see he gave himself away at the national prayer breakfast. If you listen to Osama bin Laden if you go on these jihadist web sites. The way he describes the crusades. Is exactly the way these jihadist. I somehow. And illegal are offensive war of conquest by the Christian crusaders. In fact they were for us our troops. That were very Iraq and Afghanistan. Are squall modern day crusaders. They refer to the Israelis this quote zionist crusaders. So for him to say Christian should be embarrassed of the crusades literally he's taking the line of the islamists. I mean Iran the government of Iran would look at that statement saying and he's echoing the talking points of the crazy mullahs in Iran that should tell you everything you need to know. Lou Europe next go ahead Lou. I don't you have a couple a couple torts so really wanna make the first one which is that this is just done this the global warming transgender day as diversionary tactic. More than a year ago. The big tactic was used and approaches Florida that was portrayed the American public. And the stooges of the the the Democrats were out there calling for Joseph you got. Which resulted in a number of dead chops. A big shot around the country. So this this is an ongoing series a diversionary tactics that better earlier drive replaced a buyout charge. Believe they had don't don't shoot business there's just what you believe a perfect Baltimore could stop. The second thing I want to make your point I wanna make it all the transgender people around all these gay rights activists around. Barack Obama is about to hit atomic weapons to what that most evil regimes in the world Iran and which is not art a threat to any transgender person anyone in or any gay person in the world among aging that people can't put these things I get there and see what he's doing. He and Hillary both the support of the cal fight the Muslim Brotherhood do out there throughout their history and and it's a major if people can put this stuff together. I thank you very much for that call Lou look at the State Department. Just last week. Hosted. The Muslim Brotherhood. They hosted prominent leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in the State Department. They're very group when they took over Egypt slaughter Christians any egyptians and moderate Muslims up and down Egypt. They invited mass murderers and terrorists into the State Department. Mainstream media. Well I think I hear Brian Williams. Has well no problem Brian Williams I don't know if you heard about this but he was therapy at the birth of Jesus. DC Brian Williams was too busy telling everybody how he was there at the birth of Christ. A by the way Brian Williams was their Gettysburg. Brian Williams was there apple may auction went there they Robert Lee surrendered. Did you hear Brian Williams was a Yalta us. But there was Brian Williams and vice zoo is there. He spoke at Churchill person Ronnie Europe next go ahead Ronnie. My friend. Porsche let it go to report it brought Q why are you always want just. Why fix some distinct enough so you won't dump that donut fish sandwich. Whoever that just Laporte Greg it's tough flash builder and so and don't forget just how long jump well.