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Obama slanders Christianity. 2/6/15

Feb 6, 2015|

What do you make of Obama’s comments?

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606 here on the great. WR JA LAM 6 Haney good morning Boston okay my friends. All loft and I mean a lot to talk about today. But there is no question noon about it. That dear leader. He goes off the deck collapsed yesterday. Criticizing. Even condemning. Christianity. That terrible deeds done in the name of Christ according to the dear leader. So as you know my friends. Yesterday president Barack Hussein Obama. Spoke at the annual national prayer breakfast which is a big event in DC I've covered it for many years. When I was at The Washington Times. It's an annual prayer event where usually religious leaders prominent people of all sorts of rates. Descend on Washington. Where they penal which talk about their face talk about the importance of religious faith. And they break. And it's always done over breakfast. The president usually speaks at these events it's a big gala. People from all fifty states. Over 130. Countries attended yesterday. 3600. People. The Dali Lama was there. Prominent bishops and cardinals were there. Pastors. Reverend is rabbis. He moms. You name it everybody was there at the event. Now. To set the stage. For what we're may be some of the most frankly outrageous. When ridiculous. Sophomoric. And shameful comments. Ever uttered by a president in American history. I want everybody to simply think back of the context. Here you have. She entire Muslim world never mind the western world never mind the civilized world. The Muslim world itself. Utterly inflamed. Pardon upon. By the burning alive death. Of a Jordanian air pilot done by crisis. Which shocked the conscience. Of the entire civilized world. Where you now have I want you to think about the next. Not only the king of Jordan. Which you now have the grand Sheikh of Sunni Islam itself. You have. Saudi Arabia you have the United Arab Emirates you have Syria you have Turkey you have Muslims all over the world now openly saying in acknowledging. I was King Abdullah did to Obama's face when he leapt. Jerry is a quote civil war within is long itself. And radical. Islam. He's at war with humanity. It is a mortal enemy of civilization. Anywhere. It must be destroyed. It must be defeated it must be stamped out. Because it will marchers be burning pilots it will burn all of us. In fact. Let me even say something else which everybody in the Muslim world knows but we keep forgetting. Because normally get to the comments now very soon. Crisis is not just be heading American journalists despicable as its. They're not just burning a life. Jordanian pilots are horrific and disgusting doesn't it's. As I speak to you right now. What had been done to be Jews during World War II. What had been done to the Armenians. By the Ottoman Turks during World War I. Namely a genocide. And holocaust. Is being done to the Christians of the Middle East. By ice since. Let me repeat that. Because this needs to be said. Christians of Iraq are being exterminated. The Christians of Syria are being exterminated. The Christians of the Middle East are being exterminated. They are being buried alive you've forgive me they're being crucified. They're being be headed. They're being mass occurred there are churches are literally set on fire and burned to the ground it is systemic. It is deliberate. Amnesty International. Human Rights Watch. Governments all over the world do you not rated nations I could go on and on Christian leaders. Who were still alive and surviving in the Middle East are saying if they are not stopped if radical Islam is not stopped. The Christians of the Middle East will be no more. The Christians who base themselves literally to the kind of Christ many of them speak the language of Jesus Aramaic. Gone. Gone. Like the Jews of Eastern Europe gone. After the Holocaust. And in that context. The world came to the national prayer breakfast thinking the leader of the free world. Now the president of the United States finally. May be belatedly but finally. It's going to stand up. And denounce site since. And denounce radical Islam and denounce Muslim extremism. And denounced the Holocaust and genocide being perpetrated against Christians in the Middle East. And instead. To lose our shock and horror of almost every one in that room. And the shock and horror I should we are two new ways god is my witness. More Muslims all over the Muslim world bear couldn't believe this. The president of the United States. Stood there. And lectured I swear to you. Christians. As he put it. All religious faiths have hijacked their faith to murder other people. There every religion is equally guilty. But in our particular. Don't stand on your high horse. And try to single out. Is worm. Normal normal mold. The problem in the world is not radical Islam. It's not even in races it's. According to the president of the United States. Look. At that terrible deed it's. Done in didn't mean off crushed. Roll it Britain. Man who's been grappling. Were these questions throughout human history. Unless we. Get our high horse and thank mrs. You need to some other place remember that during the crusades and inquisition. People committed terrible threes in the name of Christ. I swear to you. The Muslim leaders like what is this first of all first of all. Even if you accept the premise of the crusades OK even if you accept it which I'll get drug when second. Muslim leaders are like this was a thousand years would not literally literally. It was a thousand. Years of call. At ten centuries ago 10100. Years ago I don't know how lost this Davis. We're talking about Ted hey. We're talking about now Ole. We're talking about what's happening now. And you're going back a thousand years. To try to quit because it put put moral equivalence between Islam and christianity. But okay. But since he acts like key. The brilliant professor. This is frankly social. Honestly his claims are so ignorant historically ignorant and stupid. I'm telling you even make college freshman professor. Wouldn't utter something as stupid as this here and I can prove it to you. Objectively look it up any history book on the crusades we'll tell you this why were the crusade started. Because it's radical Islam. Then under the power of the mores and the Ottoman Empire. Swept across the Middle East. Ethnically cleansed and murdered Jews Christians in fact they sucked Jerusalem. Which was then the capital of Christian. They massacred and wiped out in fact if you wanna be specific which is why ice is does this. There may be headed. And crucified. All of the Christian men women and children and yes many of them were burned a life that's a fact. And then after they took over Jerusalem. Day invaded Christian Europe. Spain fell. Portugal felt. Southern France fell southern Italy fell. Romania fell Bulgaria fell Hungary almost fell. Pullen almost fell. Serbia fell Montenegro fell. Bosnia fell and let me be even more honest with few Jewish to show you how why angle all list. One country at the gates of Vienna did not fall. And that country was Catholic Croatia. Then part of the Austro Hungarian empire. And you know how I know this. Because acorn and in Germany at the time called the corners. Which is literally I swear you in Germany and you can look it up the brave. Where events center by Christian German kinks. To have head off the impending Muslim invasion they wanted to conquer Vienna and then Rome itself and all of western Christian da would have fallen. And that's why my firmly centuries ago. Emigrated to Croatia to stop you pay the invading Ottoman Turks. The invading Muslim army. And they fought him off first century Reese. What were the crusades. I read one book by Bernard Lewis the world's leading expert on the Middle East. It was any defense civil war. By the Christian west to recalling all lands and territory is invaded and occupied and cleansed. By invading Muslim army X. In fact the whole theory of just war theory emerged out of decree states. The Christian concept of just war theory which we adhere to to this day you know what it is. You have a right to self defense. That's why we have the concept and our law. That if somebody assaults you or tax issue. Or wants to murder you when your family you have a right to defend yourself that easy just use of violence. Yeah crusaders. Were liberators. The crusaders where defenders. In fact there are the ones that develop many of the theories of just war you don't kill civilians. You don't target women and children. You give the enemy fair warning before you attack if there are women and children who could be in the crossfire. This was all done by the great Christian crusaders. Only a Muslim sympathizer. And a propagandist. Could somehow decried the crusades. I think Christian war crying. Because that's the argument frankly that radical Muslims use in the Middle East but let that go. Now he turns his focus to America. Christianity. Is evil because of the crew cents. But in America. Do you know what christianity is responsible for. You guessed it suddenly buried and Jim Crow. Rolex Brittany. And our home country. Slavery. And Jim scroll ball too often was justified. In the name of Christ. What is would forgive me wish this moron talking about. I mean this I taught American history. You will not find one incredible tax book that a textbook nevermind a serious scholarly book. That's says slavery was somehow under gore did by christianity. Forgive me forgive me I know he's the president honestly I'm trying to be respectful. This guy is a complete and missile. So Avery as an institution. Went Barack thousands of years to the ancient egyptians. That. Many egyptians had hit the ancient Greeks have a. The ancient Romans about it we Africans touted the Japanese knotted the Chinese about it. Are Russians not everybody about it. Slavery was a part of the world first censure for thug looks entries millenniums thousands of years. It has nothing to duel with christianity. Zero zilch in fact. If you read the great abolitionist. It's the entire abolitionist movement to get rid of christianity. Very hot which explicitly. Christian. Let me repeat not the movement to wall ball is slavery. The abolitionist movement in the United States like every great social movement in this country. Was led directed. By religious. Per share an individual it's. And frankly in the name of Christ. Jim Crow. Segregation. How frankly how stupid can this man being. Martin Luther King was a pastor. The leaders of the civil rights movement to a man were all. Pastors and religious men were all very devout Christians in fact a civil rights movement slogan this is not even an opinion. Any scholarly book on the civil rights movement Pelz you. It was an explicitly religious Christian movement. In Charlotte when liberals say they don't want religion and public square you know how to check made him he say well what about the civil rights movement. To go what do you mean he was explicitly Christian or religious. That's what I that's what led the movement against Jim Crow segregation. What are you talking to me about. Every great to reform movement and slavery to Jim Crow frankly abortion totally but let Doug go. Has been a Christian movement. This. Is nothing more. Then cheap propaganda. To try to somehow. Equalize the guilt. Of christianity. Judaism. With his lawn. It's a desperate attempt to whitewash the grave sins and horrors of radical Islam. He's now trying notice nor I want you to think about how radical the statement once. He will not linked to terrorism to Islam. She will mark link al-Qaeda or are racists or the Muslim Brotherhood. Was wrong. Even though the Islamic state says were Islamic even though al-Qaeda says were Islamic even know the Muslim Brotherhood says were Islamic but let that go. But he will link. Christianity. The crusades. She will link christianity. To slavery. She will link christianity. Jim Crow. In other words all Muslims are innocent. All Christians are guilty. Now I ask you. There's only two conclusions now you can make there's only two she's not expose himself completely. Either he is a closet Muslim. Deliberately and are trying to whitewash the sins of Islam. Were number two. If you believe liberalism is a mental disorder. As I do. This is the kid a little off progressive secular liberalism. The guys the guys Lowell as a fruitcake. Either he's completely insane. Or he's a Muslim sympathizer. Take your pick. 61706. X 6868. Is the number. What did you make of his speech. And sure christianity. Now be criticized and condemned. Eyes being equally bad as radical Islam 6170666868. All of your calls next. Log I'm with her first got. Oh man who's been grappling. Would these questions throughout human history. Unless we. Get our high horse and think business. You need to some other place and remember that during the crusades and inquisition. People committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. Our home country. 61 EA here on the grand America you know that's terrible beats. And in the name of price. According to get there later. Let's thanks for holding go ahead that. Concept. I don't I might let it blaring. In new and it straighter it Muslim traitor president. Had set up that's in male term I think that this will. It's like the country and I can't because (%expletive) I need to do now my new homes they have no we have checked it it can potential state. I'm February 13 and now is that tie and all of that they that they need to come together if it didn't actual. That lit up the maelstrom. So pocket legislative rocket building room two intense that you eleven. I believe it's located behind the capitol building it starts to back representative. Frank at a black. It built HCR. Three. Again the convention of state. Friday February dirt slope and I couldn't can't shut. And Jeff if this bet that without the American citizenry. We allot my brother we are locked what do you think. Dab I'm all for it I think it's time for convention of the states. I think we need it nominee give you my full support cougar country will give you my full support. I wanna see this in state after state after state does this man in the White House he's out of control. Barbara Europe next go ahead. I can't I and I'd just very happy to cock feel I have the picture rally. On the common. I ate I did love licking your program possibly. And that I have to tell you I have found a long time. Knowing that this president. Is a Muslim sympathizer. He is that much on what else can you could say. The Chris Hague. In comments showed absolute. That he absolutely did not understand history. He deranged. He needs to be impeached and. I'm with you Barbara. I mean. He he makes the arguments are honestly the only people that make that argument. Are the radical we moms in these mosques and baloney I'm talking the absolute lunatic marxists. Not at Harvard. The dead a communism on the charts asset. Crazy Ivy League professors or radical imam stake your pick. Kevin you're up next thanks for holding cabin. Jab. Jab jab. Unbelievable. That national probably at breakfast was brought Apollo in this country club fifty years. Post World War II still a lot of atrocities that happened. I don't know if this is typical White House chief. Just suspended that cancel that altogether he besides that they did they Goldman note that twenty proper elections. They shell on the first Chia on the grounds coming into Christmas. After the yet that they spent the White House. There was all the infighting not a doubt. I'm Chris interest rates. Between raw memory new world. They're not committed to donate even actual thought it was Korea based Faldo Bret I want to say so that you brought out the history of slave parade. Are there amidst those great temple. Put 1500. Yet to go quick time of bad. Christ wasn't born for 4000 years windows pyramids were built by slaves. I guess I guess there are to blame for that is well. Fourteen hours after we saw that Jordanian man. Burned alive. For some reason I thought it was important to remind the world. How about the evils of that Christians committed to a thousand. It's inexplicable to me you're right words matter. And the president thinks these things through so this is revealing as to his world view. And 48 hours after seeing that video. He's his reaction to say we have to get off of our highest courts because Christians have committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ and what isn't. You might get off our high horse and what kind of person looks at the video of a man being burned alive and his reaction. Action is to say well let's not forget we in the west did that too. 639 here on the great WRKO. That was. EEI scholar mark PC and on Megyn Kelly last night. And here's something else he's completely right. Do you Shia ICM and being burned a lot in the name of radical Islam is my first instinct who poor little seed here. On Wednesday. Before he delivered this stunning and shameful speech at the national prayer breakfast. Dear leader president Barack Obama apparently meant we finished little quote unquote Muslim leaders. Some he says were prominent members of academia. Others were prominent religious leaders. Apparently they spoke about a wide range of issues according to Josh Earnest. VAS spoke about. Obama care police fairness. Anti Muslim discrimination. And the upcoming so called summit on countering violent extremism. When asked by the press repeatedly. To give their names of these so called. American Muslim leaders don't White House refuses to give out the names to give out the list. Who met with Obama. What are they hiding. And I want to know which of those are Muslim academics. Wish spurred any this year in this year and pedaled these lies. About christianity being responsible for Jim Crow and slavery. And the crusades. 6172666868. OK my friends and you wanna make a difference. You wanna really stop this man and start taking our country back. Cooler country's gonna be the tip of the spear we're going to be holding town hall after town all. Be the sixth caller in right now 61793116. Or eighty to join me. The corner man along with our special guest Rafael Cruz the father of Ted Cruz for WRKO. Special town hall. Thursday February 12 that's next week next Thursday February 12. Our tech how little restaurant on route one in its August it's brought to you by bill Kelly financial services. Doctor Danielle as sever sleep apple specialist. Boston stock station WRKO. Call now he's getting free costs you could also bring that special someone it's time for rush to take a stand. Call 6179311680. I promise you it's going to be a night to remember. How we are up next thanks for holding go ahead how. Our good morning show how he. I know we should understand one thing are in mom Obama is an Islamic gatekeeper are such a first and now everything you'd send about CoreStates was historically accurate in pool however if you read James Crowell brought. Constantin so are you will see that the crusaders who went through Germany. City Belcher and our our Jewish communities and they paper. They were raped and tell our state burn. Aren't you lose a lot of thought in their synagogues and they're in their houses. They want to many villages like I think one city was Trotter. And an economic. There's talk Constantine sort is what you're Nuys the world all the. How we hello. We just lose how we hear. Okay how are you just dropped how we actually know I've I've read that book unfamiliar with Doug book book there's no question about it. I'd atrocities were committed by the crusaders there's no question about it. The fact of the matter it's the crusades were a defensive war in defensive European question. And the Muslims. Committed. And infinitely more war crimes in fact they were invading Europe. So this idea that somehow. The crusades or special gilt up on the Christians is Ludacris. I swear. If you look at just ordered jihadist web sites. They're the ones that keep comparing us today the Israelis and the Americans to quote unquote modern day crusaders. Crusaders are bad word only in the radical Muslim world. So why lazy repeating jihadist rhetoric. Leave Europe next going deadly. Good morning how are you going I'm good how are you leaked. OK but I'll carry out its its the same story that they draw Mobi go look at this is just. What he says is just a distraction. OK yesterday you talked about a thing Texas aren't gonna call and I'd be changed subject. And that thing and I doubt about teaching go to my idol and you're wondering why should of been my idol OK it's so important. Do the Mexicans and why it's so important choose the whole thing down there are. Can prepare my help if somebody's birthday. Get a birthday that is secret I help. Listeners. Hallmarks. Why do well yes. I go to my how it's called mark burg. That's what they always play and a back door. Interest thing OK I didn't know that we I don't wanna get off topic here I wanna stay on Obama in his speech. But let me ask you this what does it say about a man. Who wins seizing video of the Jordanian air finally being burned the life. In the name of radical Islam. Would then need to put the king of Jordan. Who's apoplectic. Saying we have these civil war with radical Islam. Oh by the way yesterday that Jordanians just launched punishing airstrikes against the Islamic state targets. Did your now army war fever in Jordan. The Muslim world is now rallying against crisis and this guy. Costume ball out of his way to say. Got off your high horse look what look at the Christians look look look at what a thousand years ago we'll look at the Christian public. Country. Slavery and and Jim Crow yeah all too often was justified. In the name price. Incredible. I mean just more incredible. How low can you goal. Might cure up next go ahead Mike. Good morning yeah I is that Britain and are there certain yesterday and fired at work I'm about so itemized here. You know about a month to vote the crew saying. In the Muslim battle that he doesn't vote global warming look outside. Leyland didn't get on this thing yet. You're right it was a defensive battle when I took my military note I raced I won't be a record. So help me god I have an here. Good god I'm in Cuba are what they do on the data that you are never break anybody. It occurred to anybody yet I went to war yet they had to do it really written to thank my family and malevolent and my country. I don't go up in the name of god as well whenever I had and it starts blasting. Me people are in human. But let it said that it global warming it. Botnet. Mike god bless you and thank you for your service your debt on look I want you to think about this this is very important okay think about this. The crusades were an attempt by the radical Muslim world to literally conqueror and occupy all of Europe. Remember the Americans were not discovered that. So basically the west western Christian them. If she is attacking and assaulting the crusades. When he's really so I don't think about it is why did you guys to figure out. Should've just let the Muslims come on in a pickle over conquer everything. It's a backhanded. Argument free global how the fate for a world Muslim empire. That's why the Muslims did these days the radical Muslims the islamists in the Middle East are seething over the crusades. Because god was there one big shot. Act taking over all of Europe annihilating christianity and having a world Muslim empire. Why would a president even make that argument. When the conscience of the whole world is shocked by the burning alive a vote of a pilot. We're looking at radical Islam we wanna fight it Jordan wants the fight it Syria wants the fight it. Everybody wants the fight it and this guy's talking about a thousand years ago the receipts. If it walks like a duck talks like a black box like a duck it's a dark. Rina from Israel how are you green. And so that's good or bad about good morning to you in that afternoon pat. I didn't mean to con you only because I think that Japan can I don't think anybody in the world I would. Kids I'm mr. blue moon and I lit Hulu and couldn't do that. It's not blue blue come into blue green and Indy the different you lose. Well I know the new agreement than minimum bid into the injury but because. I may burn my head and somebody had to fight with the attitude these people get on to our bathroom in the broad impact without. And then when everybody on the that's. There are computer kept Christian could get any impact on the and in effect it would give an overpass. At. In 1975 below 20000 consumed in Bethlehem boots and hey I'm not be 5000. And I consider anything they didn't know anything I don't know why the only thing. There are people and you would people that come and attend to his right knee wouldn't the only yeah. But and the road that it really can. I think kids today are. Pro. Islamic. Fundamentalists. And I'm glad I didn't. Really you know we are going to end because. It just getting darker and black and delete just have to pray that god willing. Something happened that these people are my employment have got I don't know what it's gonna attempt. Reno let me ask you this what is the response in Israel. To the fact now that Obama has slapped Netanyahu in the face publicly. And now Nancy Pelosi has come out and said. The Democrats will not go to congress and sit down and listen to beat these address to congress that they have other things to do. Do they feel now to the Democratic Party has slammed the door on the face of Israel. I wouldn't let them yeah I'm ahead in fact I've been sending the email a couple of my friends still that the deal. You've been on their head the other day there and you said that. Obama cannot admit that they feel a pair of them in the labyrinthine bad. And they didn't even more. He doesn't like Netanyahu and leave it up on Netanyahu's that comment because Netanyahu knows that can't easily can get. I wouldn't have been a warning new CFO would. Huge in America. The best pitching against DePaul could cut it that's been dismissed by the people in the music industry the people who don't really understand that people didn't do it. I have and look at the I have no idea what you are we don't know that it. And that doesn't really remember then but I'll get back out to people who know that I can that be could. We know it's only 200 community. And I did. Yeah. Do you do to influence our election and that he definitely left did. While. Marina stay safe playing in their call again. Take care arena 61726660. Eights EA here on the great WR can ill. Vinny Europe nuts thanks for all things go ahead Vinny. I I agree with everything that has been said so far. With regard to people are Constantinople. The fact that Islam. They invaded our. Christian territory and don't want. I'm not I'm not gonna repeat that but what I am going to enter the conversation. Is. I really know Wall Street Barack Obama. Continuously. Minimizes. The atrocities of Islam and always talks about christianity. Why he has continuously doing it. But cause the key is a mild slump. You've that is a cultural Muslim but no he is a Muslim and I believe when he leaves office as president. He will. Publicly come now and per cent is that it is Islamic states to the. I thank you very much for that call many. 6172666868. You could very well be right my friend okay coming up next. You're not gonna believe this. After making himself essentially speaker for life. Now house speaker Porky Pig Bob Dole Leo is planning to a surprise bill next week. To raise the salary it's. Gave a massive pay increase. Debt every single member in the Statehouse and state senate. They wanna give themselves a raise my friends. Jeff deal will be on to discuss this and so much more corner country. It's time to awaken again. Get on her horses. And blocking them from giving themselves. Pay raise they don't deserve that story next Boston's talk station and he ends.