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Have you lost respect for The Patriots? 1/22/15

Jan 22, 2015|

What do you make of The Patriots football scandal?

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Yeah. Mail ballot just isn't there. Their brochure. We don't have enough pressure on the ball. It's it's deflate did make friends. Today 930 and build valid Jackson will be holding a press conference. We'll find out maybe more maybe we won't put my friends loved without question. This story is now not just a sports story it's a culture story it's a national news story. It's one of the biggest stories in the country. Jeff corner Boston bulldogs are 617 consists of 6868. Good morning Boston. Okay I've got to tell you. I've covered a lot of stories in my life are and I just out as a journalist I knew I was. I've covered 9/11 I've covered wars I've covered political scandals I've covered elections. I was here obviously during the Boston Marathon terrorist bombings. I have never seen a story like this I swear to you in my entire life. On the surface. What appears to be really. A fairly trivial sports scandal what you stand back objectively. We're talking about deflated balls. I mean we're talking about big. Balls small balls hard balls soft balls. Pounds per square inch weighing balls. The balls for one half of the game of an AFC championship game we're suddenly. A tool like they were apparently you know and not properly inflated or they were deflated or under inflated. And yet there is so much and now it's reverberating. Across our cultural landscape. And I look here today Boston Herald. Which is supposed to be our cities. In our hometown city paper the way the globe is kind of a highbrow broad sheet. They herald is supposed to be in theory anyway the city's tabloids this city's hometown paper. And talked about piling on Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick act is now being essentially art and feather. He is being excoriated. He is being vilified. Across the entire country. Demand is ops or one of the most hated man in America right now I'd swear to you. I think in many ways he may be more hated than say Vladimir Putin. She may be more hated I'm telling you Dan. There's some of the top al-Qaeda leaders. If I mention held by daddy could be able to criminal Wie is but let that go the leader of vices Hugo so. I assists. Mallet Chet. Ice is melon checked. In much of the country I'm telling you they hate Bill Belichick wore. Well now the Boston Herald is beginning to throw even build ballot text under the bus to talk about piling on. So today's cover of The Herald. The damage. Is done. And there's a picture of Bill Belichick on the cover. And then they have a couple of sports columnist let me just read to you their sub headlines bill must answer to NFL and the Bob Kraft. Ballot check takes air out of pats. Bull bull and a Super Bowl balloon. Another one Steve Buckley coach losing grip on his legacy. Starter tell the guy apart limb from limb. They're now starting to turn on him right here. In his home city and in his home state is that the media does though. BC blog and boy they go I mean man and they're just they're jumping all over this guy. And so look let me here is the Genesis of the scandal okay corner has been doing research corks even doing some phenomenal research. Let me tell you exactly now what appears to have happened this is the Genesis of the scan. Apparently. The Indianapolis. Colts won they played them jury in the regular season when they played the patriots during the regular season. Should help that the balls were not properly be inflated on the part of the patriots. They felt the balls were deep waited. They were not part of the NFL. Standard regulation of twelve and half to thirteen and now there's a one pound. Only way between twelve and after thirteen and half. Pounds per square inch that's deregulation. The average air pressures opposed avenue football to play. Both sides agreed. That that's the ruled the standard rule in the NFL. So the colts. Coach complained and felt something is wrong with these balls the patriots are playing with balls that we think are deflated and we think give. Brady in particular and the patriots and lynch. So they were coming into the game. Concerned. About the fact that the balls were not properly displayed properly inflated. Apparently now there are reports coming out this is from Fox News I'm telling fox is all over this CNN's all over this this is front page almost every major newspaper in the country. Even internationally now there covering us we're becoming. That the national international laughingstock OK but let that go. So according now a Fox News. It appears that the ravens. Also tipped off the Indianapolis Colts. Saying at these balls. So before a big game even started. The Indianapolis Colts hold the ref for reefs. Watch out for their balls. I think they're deliberately under inflating the balls to give themselves an advantage especially when it's raining outside it's wet it's slick. Just rolled the ball catch the ball carry the ball now. Here is the key point okay this is now the key point. Two and a half hours both sorry two hours fifteen minutes to be precise before the game started. I didn't notice I'm wearing now is I go along because I don't I never thought of balls in a football game but let that go. Apparently. Both teams. Bring twelve balls each to the referee. The referee. Then takes the balls anyways on. If they're over inflated talks he deflate some if there under inflated shifts he inflates a true the twelve and I have to thirteen and a half pounds per square ranch which is the standard issue regulation in the NFL. This was done for the patriots and for the colts. After each ball has been waged it is then especially specifically. Marked by the referee. Saying wade. You know basically wade it's proper it's NFL standard regulation. Checked it's good. All twelve balls were then wait. All twelve balls were then judged by the NFL this is key now two hours before the game two hours fifteen minutes to be specific. And then apparently an attendant on the New England Patriots side somebody on the New England Patriots then is supposed to hold the ball. Until game time and then you use the balls during the game. There was an interception by eight colt's linebacker. At the end of the second quarter of Sutton near the end of the second quarter. Of Sunday's game. The immediately the linebacker. According now to multiple media reports after re intercepted the ball said this thing is soft. This thing is a bit like this things under coach coach this thing is under inflated I'm telling you. He immediately went to tell colts head coach chuck McDonald what happened. Chuck McDonald felt the ball said now and then then then then now. This no no no no this thing is under inflated she then apparently told the police got the gold chain of command he told the Indianapolis Colts is GM. The GM then immediately notified the NFL official responsible for this on the scene. The NFL official then pulled the wraps I want you to waive the balls and I have to on. They were waved at halftime. And lo and behold. Sure as slim. All twelve balls were deflated. All of them. All eleven of the twelve balls were deflated by cool pounds per square inch. The other twelve ball on what it was it wasn't too bounced. It was a bit lighter than who is not as much as two pounds lower than two boats but all twelve balls work don't work under inflated. They were deflated. But low regulation standards. So we're essentially. Within four hours. Somebody. Tampered with the vaults. Now there's no question about it. People are trying to say it's the cold there were trying to say it's temperature. That's not true because the colts is balls weren't deflated and it wasn't that cold it was 51 degrees Fahrenheit. I know because I literally live within a stone's throw of patriots place Gillette Stadium. I know what the weather was like it was raining and frankly was quite worn it wasn't that cold. So here is the heart of the scandal now. Somebody. Somewhere. Someone. Deliberately. Deflated. The bolts. Deliberately. Pampered and doctored the balls. To give the New England Patriots. An unfair. Advantage. That's an issue here. Now. What is this some rolled ball boy. Which is what I'm hoping. Why is this somehow accident or royal ball ball boy. You know just pay and eager ball boy Eric trainer whatever sing hey hey. I know how Tom likes the balls you know what it's slow adjusts its image as deflate a little bit yeah it's it's just. And you know what I know once the wiser. Okay no harm no foul day if you're a cheat muy trying. I go to the either the mentality in the locker. But now the NFL is investigating. And what they're looking at it and now this is why the sharks are circling around Bill Belichick. Is did Belichick give the order. Did Belichick say I want every possible advantage to win. Our quarterback loves deflated malls. Our quarterback likes it when it's like a ten and a half PSI and not twelve and half for thirteen and half PSI. Pounds per square inch. You do what you gotta do oink oink. If that is the case. My friends. The patriots are in trouble. Bill Belichick is in trouble. And they herald's point. Is. At this point. Hasn't the damage to some degree already been done. You know if you look at spy gate and you look at other allegations of cheating. There have been leveled relentlessly against the patriots. The question now is this. If and I say if Chris do you evidence is not conclusive on this I want a thorough investigation. I'm not gonna jump to conclusions. Unlike the media. I'm gonna give Bill Belichick and Tom Brady the benefit of the doubt. But I say if. They deliberately doctored the balls if they deliberately tampered with the balls if they deliberately cheated. What's gonna be bill Belichick's legacy. He was the greatest coach of all time but at one act. That's football or cheating. And who wants to root for the patriots now. I mean that's the damage when you have a coach like this who's coming under so much fire. When you have allegations of such apparently deliberate systematic cheating. I mean think about office. If and I say if too big. If Bill Belichick. Tampered with the balls or hold somebody to tamper with the balls my daughter if they're willing to tamper with balls what else are they willing to do. That we just haven't heard about or that we don't know about. And so my question to you is this into a corner country poll question. This war. How does beef filet gate may June lose respect for Bill Belichick. If the answer is yes. Next eight to six or 8680. If the answer is no text beat the 68680. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends at greater land senior services. Great early and senior services is hiring right now just visited GL a SS dot net. And applied today that's GL a SS dot net and apply for a new job today. Might Europe next thanks for holding and what are. Tehran I I think it's time suit. Well legacy. But I'll let you look at this that are gonna start we're with the media pastor and Obama are out. The track at all coach and I. Well. Much you know that. I mean look look at look at these liberals in the media. When they wanna destroy a well run well whatever you think about the patriots they're very well run. They're very well disciplined they're very well coached they're immensely successful. They have let's be honest a golden boy is quarterback. He's handsome he's got a super model for wife. They've had nothing but success after success look how they're willing to pare down this guy. The American dream. In many ways does not Tom Brady embodies the American dream. Rosie allowed in the last pick in the draft and he skyrocketed to the most. What is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game there except. And they want nothing more than to attempt to destroy this destroy him and I. I am anti Brady and patriot Eminem I think they did it they did on purpose. But this whole pig pile on ballot check in Brady's. A bit much from it. I mean now there I mean other singling out the bella check honestly like disguise public enemy number one. Now let me just say two very very quick things I want to get to the colts. Why is this a national story. Why is this a big cultural story I'll tell you why. Because if this scandal is true. If it's proven that they deliberately. Tampered and deflated the balls to give themselves an unfair advantage. It strikes at the core of the integrity of the game. And football is America's sport. And I think the reason why this scandal is resonating not just obviously here in Boston and New England because rung the virgin born the Super Bowl. And I think we have a good shot of beating the Seahawks I honestly do. But across the entire country. Where you know I've everybody opining on this and ahead everybody's upset about this. Is because in our culture. Very few things now bind us together. We don't have much of a common culture let's be honest. We're slowly Balkan rising as a nation but what is the one thing blacks whites Hispanics. Asians. Men women young old. Football. It's one of the great institutions in America is what the great things we do together resignation. And now this game alone. Is very integrity is coming under assault. That's why I believe this scandalous captivated the country to be honest with you it's why I'm. I'm burned I'm burning up about the stark it's why I was I can't get enough for the scandal. Denny Europe next thanks for holding going head then. Eight (%expletive) farm I think he kind of got that strong didn't aren't John from truck early go to the game I'm bishop him in the blocked. Bob Kraft right. But that's not what. So I equity every basic inherent in no love Philly poppy. I know something about related at all to get back from earth split about what could name other thing at this James Taylor that. Often blocked off both left my phone off. That there. My chair up next go ahead Mike. I think that's as much ado about nothing I don't watch any professional sports like call and that's double the national felon league. I really don't care one way or the other it's. Do put things in perspective where's the outrage. And common article got taken away from the baseball players that you know worksheet and that was obvious cheating. With the drug abuse the other human growth hormone and speaking up and we're all records particularly I'll remember I don't really care more sort of Scott where professional sports. Spoke much ado about nothing. Michael let me ask you this. Because are you seem always like a very intelligent well read man so let me ask your opinion. A major sports columnist at USA today this baby's going viral. Wrote they call but I have to say it's a well reasoned column I don't agree with her but it's a well reasoned column where he said look. If you cheat on an exam if you're at school you cheat on an exam. You're you fail you're out. If you don't pay your taxes. The IRS comes after if you cheat on your taxes your fraud and the government comes after you you're out. Why should the patriots not be disqualified. From the Super Bowl. If they've been caught cheating what do you say to that argument. I'd say what are the rules what does the rule book straight goal by rules and policies that each personality about it. That there are I think yet but I'm birdie eagle bulk chart for black they wouldn't be having this discussion great now. That's a very interesting point. According to the USA today got columnist Allred to the call a bit later he basically argues look you fail and examine. Is our you can cheat on an exam you fail you're out you cheat on your taxes the higher risk comes after you you're out. If you cheat at a game. You should be disqualifying to you should fail. And sold USA today is now demanding. That the patriots would be as arguably forfeit the victory they be disqualified. And may not be allowed to go to the Super Bowl. Do you think they should be disqualified. If it's proven that the patriots deliberately cheated 6172666868. How have you lost respect for Bill Belichick act and do you think he's now being unfairly blamed scapegoated. For deflates gate 6172666868. All of your calls next. Are there people. I want 83 Finger Eleven tour. Feel real. We're glad Boston's talks. A late day bloody day. Mark you're up next. Here. Definitely don't try that we're all be out yet why not look like this that the Sadr City up in order to operate the line at this out it is. Exactly a professional route that's well that's what does that you can't look at my allowed to cheat the. It's passed Jeff you're up next though I had jobs. I didn't try to be absolutely. It was made it part of all. And everybody remembers what they. I got. Would you really got so they're just a bit and it. New Zealand originally made it patent didn't recognize that. He you to repeat. That sick about it at all. There that apparently culture and their problems. That's what are you a bit more couldn't be people who were New. York. A portrait of hoping that everybody would order. It's at what costs are so. Don't think it's like the mafia but hopefully the mafia and everybody's dirty I. Good natured visits by gave nothing happened he was it dollar check despite 500000 dollars or doing nothing. Well we have to make an example out of somebody cooks. 66172666868. Okay my friends. How have you lost respect for Bill Belichick act do you think he's being unfairly tarred and feathered. The Boston Herald today. That damage is done. And how does that mean you moves. Your enthusiasm for the Super Bowl 617206660. Eights. You make a good break gave up eleven of the twelve involved allegedly that the patriots used. In that championship game were under inflated what do you think about softball. Well I tell you why hadn't been a receiver. I like this off the ball much org you know. There's a powerful and Joseph Biden even he's weighing in on this golf god help us. 6172666868. Okay. Daily Mail story like I said this is now gone international I'd just say this is not just a sports story now this has become a major new story. They're citing a report from ESPN. Apparently now there are allegations check this out is like an onion you just peel one layer and and as another layer and then another layer. How have the patriots have been cheating all season. According to ESPN cited your read the Daily Mail. It appears that the Indianapolis Colts. Who lost on Sunday first made the allegations. That the patriots were deliberately. Under inflating the balls. Against the games they played against the pots in November. And apparently ESPN is now citing sources. In which the NFL. Was aware of accusations. Against New England. And aware of this suppose it problem this apparent tampering or cheating by the patriots alleged cheating. Prior to Sunday night's AFC championship game. That they knew about it for a while and in fact they were aware of everything that was taking place or the accusations against the props. Prior to this weekend. If it now comes note. That it wasn't just a one time of one offering a one time thing. But they've apparently been doing this all season. I ya ya ya ya I. Now. Let me throw one more thing and I'll go to the phone looks. Because no one has mentioned the elephant in the room. Everybody is now conveniently. Circling. Are around Bill Belichick okay the sharks are now circling even the Boston Herald. There's now basically saying he's losing his grip on his legacy. That he asked to answer to the NFL a Bob Kraft as they put it on the front page that damage is done. To the credibility of the patriots to the organization. And may be to the NFL and the sport itself. But ultimately. Again. I don't want this to be true you know I love the guy. But who benefited from this. Tom Brady. Why do you have to have an under inflated ball. For the quarterback. He likes to throw it a little bit under inflated. He likes to handle it under inflated. It's easier for to make those quick. Quick passes that he's known for those quick slant passes he's got a quick release like god and boom boom boom boom. Why is Aaron Rodgers he admitted Erin Rogers the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers said I liken over inflated ball. Because he's got a canny likes to throw it deep and hard. And so Wiren rockers had no local cable we didn't over inflate the balls. A deliberately disaster where like it hiked really tight a lot of pressure maximum pressure. And then we give it to the referees they way it if they catch it two back if they don't good for us. Brady handled the ball the entire first half. Few most of the mole and the balls were deflated. Now I'm not blaming Brady don't get me wrong please don't get me wrong but what I'm saying is this. If Brady is the one that ultimately would benefit from this. How come nobody's. Throwing an eye towards Brady. How come nobody's throwing questions at Brady. How come everybody suddenly now Blaine evil bill suddenly now is blamed the coach. If there was a conspiracy I'm not saying there was but if if I'm I'm playing devil's advocate if you don't think Brady was at the epicenter of the. And yet everybody. Once the tar and feather and cut bill Belichick's throw. 6172666868. This is a witch hunt reference. John in Europe next go ahead John. Jesse says that the rugged like from over inflated. I'll. It helped reelect them under inflated what are the other quarterbacks like twelve but we. I really think this is they I. Dropped the ball on the NFL. If this has been going on it's been going on there three years without reaching. Sending the ball to what Fiat. The quarterback so far. I mean not this big east in the support to supply all. DN FL should have control those balls once that they've been grade I should be in the hands. And then sell. Association. Basically the one zapped. Should be taken care to make sure that the Allstate. The proper inflation. And John Arnold and I got to ask you this journey and I mean I just to see you look I'm a fan I love football I've always onslaught football's as a as a young boy. Obviously I've taken on the patriots now as one made my teens because I know once I moved here I live here pasta loves the patriots Gracie who likes the patriots. So we've kind of you know adopted them as our team. But I honestly thought I didn't follow the ball and I ought to me I honestly thought what the ref reasonable. I never heard of this honestly. That one team keeps twelve balls the other team keeps twelve balls. And they keep using their own balls when they have the ball on offense and John I never heard this. I know I thought why don't the Rask handled the ball right at some independent person hold the ball topped the trials so nobody can tamper with the balls. MI I missing something here John. I'll know you heard it right arm like assert. Beat the NFL should be in control also makes little sense each team. You know control the ball that they that they play on offense where. You know I think this is really the fault of the NFL. Bob they have not been armed. You know making sure that the rule of the game are even. Across the playing field. You know you wanna blame anybody it's the and that's so association itself. Or not protecting bead problem. I mean the effect protecting the pants because the fans want to share them so freely in the NFL to make sure that everybody's playing by the balls and that's it. This ARAMARK is themselves that he likes over inflated balls. Jan obviously quarterbacks have been doing this year's been working NFL. Where have they banned it sort of like you know rewrites are actually does white in the face. And they school yet to gain and then all of a sudden there's. There's outrage. And the NFL react to all places to click and shell are you know they know they don't raise rates and so will geez we see there's a problem with the Ford Pinto. You know. I'll everything we didn't society there's no collections. And that's that's the problem and tell me what else is there. What are ball creates what what creature guys where a lot of well. You know some are cheating they got longer create some green mediators are all whatever I mean there's there's opportunities everywhere. So the NFL wearing a gold standard. And they need to hold him accountable. On game actually games like BA FC championship for the NFC championship so. Didn't blame to go around here it's really put on Roger Goodell in the NFL. Tony great call great call robbed Europe are you hit the nail right on the head. Robbed Europe next go ahead rob. Etiquette I have that questioned should issue that the ball slur. I'm taking aim at halftime in any measure. Yet to be setting their measure would boost separate gauges not one but two and both gay said they were. Eleven of the twelve balls were two pounds less per square range then NFL regulations. I I have to. Short period yes. Yes. They change the ball the first play of the third quarter according to what I've read so the second half was played completely with. Normal standard issue regulations. And would the pats beat Indianapolis when he zero was such an. So if you have a cheater I didn't need to cheat. Right and you have to finish it. Besides you're kicked out because they cheated seemed like they play shared that in that last app. So. They should be able to retain that title. Yeah isn't rob that's why I gotta tell you look in all honesty. I just look I'm not naive I'm a journalist believe me I know all the corruption of money. I know the corruption of power I know the corruption of fame sports is Diego money. It's a big business I honestly think you won and all the problems with steroids performance enhancing drugs just too much money. Our our tradition shown much money. It's incredibly corrupt OK so I understand that. Bella check is paid according to what I read in USA today about seven million dollars a year no one actually olds but the rumor raising makes about seven mil a year. He's paid big money. Brady is paid big money gras is paid big money wind. Right win baby win. Now if you've got that much money sloshing around that much money at stake is big business. To me there's no question about that. But. I go back to this. It's up to the NFL. It's up to the referees. Especially if you knew about these allegations at a time. To me it's outrageous. That the NFL is allowing these players and these teams don't hold the balls themselves what do you think they're gonna do or or the new look here. Brady likes it just a little bit less circuits spoke to a little electoral start today. There we go there we go. 6172666868. Good morning Jeff are you don't I'm good how are you good give this issue the the attention it deserves now. Why hasn't president chimed in on the ship I mean I'm probably say something like spell check and act stupidly or. If you if you like or the weighted ball you play what's your afflicted faults. You know that's about as much attention it deserves this is important that this is just silly. Thank you very much who are called Jake and 6172666868. 649 on the radar can no more your calls next let's take it to Rush Limbaugh Brittany and as Israelis. Ball. Clearly more giants were always. And welcome. Hello Bob. They are going to have gap down. Absolutely Brooke but it just ask your question yes the order would welcome the NFL yes. Yeah but the well all of that's droplet look in the NFL yes. Take it's personal but her. Are some of the why isn't that an unfair that is because it has been well let me ask that question is actually other so where does feel. Yes well who beat up like that says illegal boat people like if some people's personal preference. Okay which soccer ball that we stop the unfortunate side it's no matter what the the places do. We've got to get burned it is cheating if they win. That simple ball that Jeter to get there they hit they lose they gonna give credit that they they couldn't they couldn't live without cheating. That is outside the problem is. This does not this is our whole movie that felt that the senate health issue why did they know they. And safe here there's what they also brought there and so this should have been done that. Bingo you nailed it Bob you absolutely nailed it. Tony you're up next thanks for holding go ahead only. I'm just trying to portage your first I thought yes they golf prequel we're RKO. When that picture on the way to their second Super Bowl I remember hearing the gossip columnist or women on the station you're going to. It up or is no different goals we look at him look at that all been played yet they would post you have a entry. Right give or and the other what is what people are shut up shut out. It is built Alan Schechter is by far. Just shouldn't be straight coaching. Look are the data we let it go while. Try to kick you out or all he has scored their last again. Eight bad start in the classroom a lot. On the field. And they. Can't really ask I think he's the latest coach then that is ever uptight and a coach at. Tony why would the Boston Harold green I understand other cities they had a ballot check the box is frankly were successful. Well why would the Boston Herald publicly on the front page. Nice one of their world. The way they're going after Bill Belichick. Volley after a changeup I mean newspapers a lot of doubt porch and I know that. All everything crop if you look at look at Aaron and never had a mandate stitched former guerrilla patriot. I look good at all and they assault papers. Thank you for that called Tony Russell go ahead Russell thank you for holding and welcome. Just as Barack Obama. Actually I don't want. Our we were totally Olympic village or. Else. The dearly in your arms up you called what's on your mind do you. I don't quite know Oprah Obama I don't know. Why aren't they an electorate. Are important I think it's gonna be important look got to be want to at least we people didn't. I don't I want to order it hit the odd ball who does I usually play that game. Such. Do you said Eric like your other great WRKO. OK my French coming up next. Should go whole of the Lanza. The sandy hook sugar. Do you razed to the ground. People in Connecticut are saying yes what do you say. I wanna hear from you we'll have that discussion and debate let's take a net Angela in the newsroom Boston's talk station. Hey M succeeding WRKO.