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Deroy Murdock on Oscars and Al Sharpton

Jan 19, 2015|

Fox News Contributor and Contributing Editor of National Review Online Deroy Murdock joined Avi Nelson to discuss Al Sharpton calling an emergency meeting because no African American actors recieved a Oscar nomination this year.

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Martin Luther King Day we're gonna begin with a very distinguished guest do Roy Murdoch is a syndicated columnist at Fox News contributor. And it contributing editor international reviews also led his columns in the Boston Harold so far this indication is local. Early in afternoon thanks for joining us. My carrier fight direction doubt one of the things I saw you recently on fox. And the subject was. Al Sharpton one of our favorite guys who are you guys like to let. Who has called an emergency meeting emergency. Because. There were no black people nominated in this year urged Oscar. Competition. And a cash team considers that there are some kind of racial slur. And I would like to get your view on which you think about Sharpton. Calling for this emergency meeting. Yeah I got her Betis I guess so ruled last week when he first chimed in on this. Topic and I thought well we're gonna have an emergency meeting and and does surely. Reverend Al Sharpton is calling members meeting over the fact that so we have support but to Russia 5600. Personal. Black people murdered by other black people to task Emerson and me and that was not emergency. Economically that the black unemployment rate is 2.4 percent compared to four point 8% for white people or public may be an emergency the no immersing beating Wilson and Adams about the other terrible racist just not on the part of the American Motion Picture Association. Linda California. In not only nominee Selma. For best picture which is sort of the only sort black or denomination to use that term. And this is also sort of racist plot of the part of the Hollywood I guess the real short concede that even though will be the head of the association motion picture arts and sciences the people who actually handle the Oscars. President speak Blackwell had issues and on terrorist conspiracy to. Yeah I and it doesn't happen often by the way as I understand that the only other time that don't all white group was named rose in 2011 and before that 1998. Social modeling it happens every year. And as if. Is it than usual but just look at a chart to be different ground with the agree disagree and these terrible things that's a critical point if only last year just last year. The best picture obviously it was a story about slavery it. Very good gripping difficult to watch movies but still very good picture mean a lot of lashing total abuse of displaced and it was actually read up on this picture. Best supporting actress went to black woman the best bet screenplay went to twelve years slates so but also at six nominations including best director Steve McQueen so. If this is really some kind of a racist conspiracy. Must see Britney because a year ago earning all kinds of Oscar like people. To Roy Murdoch is on the line with main Fox News contributor contributing editor to national review. What Sharpton after. I think a couple things so number one this dismantling some attention. Carol turned. Our backs on him I think he would do it would be like watching the the a look at which you can and it was a mosque just say I'm melting melting disappearance floor. And I know you and I'm pretty beating beating me up leading the eruption cheers pat. Three went tensions in this of course we're talking about Nelson loves the attention. And the other thing is it's very important is efforts as well amid strict arms supplies who has basically is this. Motors suffered just approach large corporations and saying look Europe. I think you're racist and if you don't get me some money a minute lead a protest in a boycott picking your headquarters several. These are all kinds of money over the years to have sort of thing so I figure it. She's conversing meetings way to get a lot of people ought to look alike have been. Cooked ordered ordered studiously looked at special need money slowly so its search of the good check we wrecked me Hugo wait until you probably you know traditions of 1000 dollars this. Will we ever she you'll find out about the amount sure about the paid off. So that you may leak out here and there but just trying to get sanctions if it has given the national action network of believe that's at 51 C three so that might pop up in there. Tax silenced on the road all those you know they're but four million dollars or reader so those papers may not come out to about me not come out people just he's just. Might have to wait longer than that trying to do who actually showed showed the money. Before we leave this the he mentioned the movie Selma which I have not Sheen but which has gotten good reviews do you have the machine it. I could see that I saw last night that they it's outstanding motion picture. It's very well written it's very well acted tells a story. Be up march in Selma to Montgomery. In the efforts to thank you 65 mark of the kingdom and just. It is so organization others to get to LBJ signed the voting rights act that is too great stories were all told him so that's terrific high quality picture or community in the Cubans and. I know movie reviewing is not usually you're mainstream should but any others that you would recommend. Well the actor admit it though some of many plays Smart to take distinctive yellow or fiscal year low toward pronouncing it. Great actor I've not seen before but. He superb in this picture and I think kind of forcing took him to a great stuff. And up also they have it would have been nice to seeing some of these people nominated I'm not gonna. Cold bursting meeting over at. But Chad if Bozeman do a terrific job and James brown and political get on up. Which is the change rabbi opened. There's a great movie a portrait ticket goods sold no tickets and maniacal fringe might see a lot of movies and will be sought assortment mommy's dead. And little or no water to what people see it so it was a critical hit but just of the initial offer some strange reason. But it is available under DVD and home video so. Let's call can have up to discourage a proposal and also played Jackie Robinson to the moon vehicle 42 Leicester which is excellent well. But it is a wonderful jumps singing and dancing and performing. And he's wonderful and he's very very very good gifted young actress on the fortune. Even more good performances and consistent on up right now you could see him up as james' strategy is superb job. After Roy Moore wreck on the line with neo Fox News contributor. The contributing editor national review and syndicated columnist. The forgive me to Roy but this is radio and soul who want to tell the listeners that that the Roy is blacks that do you know the perspective. Can be. Can be garnered in terms of all from Nora march. I want. A giant. Why people can't get beat her you know they can't chuckle now they all know well why do let me shift over because I was looking at a a poll who's just been published in January 16 of this year. In the talks about race relations in this country. Magicians 17% of American adults according to Rasmussen. Now great great relations in America as good or actually that's down by half from 34%. A year ago. Do you think that race relations have gotten better or worse since we have had the first black president. I think to deter your very dramatically I'm 51 years old. And things are now as racially tense as I can remember them in my life. I'm too young to lifting the march on Washington and it and that sort of thing I think Quinn Martin can shot at each other fighters Leno remember that. So I missed all those things are like the two young girls know what's going on on the bubble looked remember all family interpreted son in a lot of racial humor. And it can be we're getting more and better we left about these things and how are sort of so sensitive for all walking shtick shells. Every since statements seem to racial lens anything makes anybody of color slightly. Uncomfortable. Is attributed to white racism. And then you've got so people like Obama and Eric Holder ratio of almost any controversy that happens. It's a war or all jumpy we're all nervous world really uptight about old sourced from. I knew I I think a lot of people voted for Obama six and finally with our first black president when we will take. The rich racial. Perhaps should bury it once it's fall I think it's exactly the opposite. Racial patches hold and sharp can be waved around like crazy and I think that is so huge and tragic and very very surprising compared to where I thought. Would be Erica Enders and and certainly what the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was. Forced to go in the direction if all we are traveling in short question then is. Why has this happened how did happen affect callers on this program who called open shed the first time. Really in the first election with Barack Obama. Didn't agree with them but I thought to be good for the nation to have a first and a double blog president the first black president George voted form for that. And yet it hasn't happened it's gone the other way what went wrong. I think. A big part of it is for whatever reason. A tendency on the part of this administration to look at things too racial lens isn't a racial license a lot of rhetoric has been racial less so for example if you are four. Think people when you can Google we want you to show an ID cards and can make sure that if you're probably going to be nothing else it's really nothing else not you know Sam Jones soda and try to put your belt. Well that's not you know overly aggressive or maybe jets. To many Jewish people it's racism it's as a Republican racist plot. To disenfranchise black people so so that's rationalized PC look you know I'm not crazy about Obama care I think it's expensive and out of control. It's not because you have a different viewpoint of how American channel culture post because you're a racist to which Obama so. It shouldn't surprise people when particularly the left so much rhetoric is thrown around that are these racial bombs to people. Field goal attempts and aggravated it. And if I put on defensive. And then you get to the situation now with so many of these sort should be racial terms the discussion about the police and because police brutality allegedly you know Ferguson and the sucker purchases Staten Island. The thought isn't there that may be some cops are bit trigger happy being Michigan were careful it's all that China. Plot by white cops to find black men and gunned them down here at best for target practice at worst because some sort of you know KKK is sort of wearing white worlds and other external and blue uniforms. And of course that's completely racial lines to the point where we had these 24 cups and in my interview with PD cut down a few weeks ago. So that sort of thing immediately to eat any situation. And grabbing the racial mob just cranking it to be up fifteen unskilled Serbs just. It's not a surprise and after all that appear appeared rolled just still feeling. A sense of racial expert we were hoping would go where it. Have we come to a point where the election of the first black man as president. Has had the exact opposite effect for jump wolf coming up in 20161. Of the people talked about his potential Republican candidate. He's Ben Carson. Who was a doctor I'm very articulate. And you'll have a very different political point of view than Barack Obama national I think that's. You and I would be more comfortable with the he's black. Cash his candidate she'd been compromised even. They believe in limited because of the reaction that's going to that's going to take place with regard to. The Obama presidency. Well that interest thing I think it to a degree. People makes it well are we tried to black president experimented failed so it's not try that again for over fifty years. That's entirely possible on I think with Obama it's not just the racial things and talked about. I'll be able trailer and the economy actually down sort of pick up a little bit. But don't really truly don't lack of any kind of management document total administrative for a just. Portugal's biggest for like the current. I actually better being excellent pro. And the fact that he's incredibly lazy and we couldn't listen to consult pride so falsely so for watching football what it was doing last Sunday during that amazing. It is terrorism march when somebody. He couldn't he was he didn't have the energy tickets for the cultural Biden's age oh look I'm staying politeness. Which you teaspoon standing connect states we color colder air purity over there you don't take that. 2 o'clock plane tickets six caught between two to be in the march. That's sort of thing is that guys attended their actions mr. I think it's approximately 57%. And 56 to decent person. But this presidential daily intelligence breach just strips them. This hormones and milk and expect her presence to keep our enemies foreign and domestic from killing us. At 57% of the time Obama does show us. The latest and that I think is is. I'm in my view and unprecedented. In the White House and I think a lot of people look at them according to you again. Throw wasn't leasing should do with regard to France in that meeting of world leaders where the United States was not represented by anybody I look French ambassador. Which at least finish or wasn't intentional mean was it the team make a decision I'm not gonna send anyone. Well then that's even you know and even more nefarious explanation that could be the case evidently he. The White House some well you know security beat two tough but apparently some folks to Secret Service and well you know we connect it can handle it. Even arrest never asked Peter raft so affected harassed me many chip McCree mr. point two didn't want anybody in the first let's achieved even more. Horrifying and what Mora for frightful explanation adjusting our president didn't because. You give the calories to to to get that just sat motion and prosecute but to truly truly turns ministers. There I know we have limited time and then the agreement was we wouldn't keep you pass for twenty which is what the time is now. So wanna thank you for joining rushing giving sharing site. And like congratulations on what you've done so far and keep up the good work which could die of articulate people. Writing good stuff and trying to fight the good fight lord knows we need help. I appreciate it very much Rick beyond your your your listeners. Thanks again to royal Murdoch who is a syndicated columnists whose columns as of and appeared in The Herald. Contributing editor national review and a contributor on fox. We finished they would dish for a while civil.