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Who is the real coward? 1/19/15

Jan 19, 2015|

Michael Moore calls snipers "cowards" in a tweet on twitter. What do you make of Michael Moore's tweet? Have you seen American Sniper?

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You're on the break doubling your K you know how he Martin Luther King Day everybody. 6172666868. Is the number OK my friends. There is an absolute. Opt for a more than nine rule uproar. The erupting now over the film American sniper. The left is going absolutely. Dessert it's the latest film by our Clint Eastwood. It stars. Bradley Cooper. It's a biopic. I'm gonna actually at an existing individual was alive navy seal Chris Kyle he's no longer alive I don't wanna give the ending away but. There he does pass away a couple of years our PR plant owner he ends up not OK I don't wanna give golfing away but Chris Kyle ends up dying. But analysts say how what circumstances whatever but anyway it's about his story is a navy seal. And according now to the body OPEC and according to people who served with Chris Kyle hikers or who's played by Bradley Cooper. He was known as the greatest sniper America has ever had. In fact he was known as one of the greatest snipers. Ever in the history of warfare. In fact Cog Hill. Is credited Chris Carlisle is credited. With saving hundreds of American lives. Any rock he served four tours of duty. He has the most confirmed kills. In American military history 160. Confirmed kills. He claims that he shot down in fact over 255. The military is confirmed 160. Chris trial always insisted. In his own autobiography. Then he shot at least 255. And killed. 255. Iraqi G artists. Iraqi insurgents. And terrorists any rock. And his story is absolutely incredible. But if you haven't seen the movie and I haven't but I mean in rave reviews my friends are telling me to go see it. People on FaceBook are telling me to go see it. I know mark glove then the talk show host he went to see it apparently he said at the end of the movie everybody in the feeder gave it a standing ovation. And then they were furious for about a minute abuse of the ending I don't wanna give it away and then they were just sat. But that the movie had an incredible impact it has broken box office records for an opening. It is pro military. It is patriotic. It celebrates. Our warrior us. It celebrates the heroism. Of our men in combat. Apparently it's brilliantly directed brilliantly acted. And the real Chris Kyle. Was raised in rural Texas these attacks and where he was a Texan. And he was a cowboy literally was a cowboy he was on the rodeo circuit. However he had an accident when he was on the rodeo. With which left him with metal pins in his arms. And so we try to joined the navy seal its. And they didn't allow him. Because of his metal pins they said no you're wounded bridges no don't meet our criteria. However. In the late 1990s. The Navy SEALs began this somewhat relaxed. Their entrance policy. And so Chris Kyle was sport through apparently a ferocious. So election and training regime. Any past. In 2003. Chris Carl was then deployed to we rock. Where he made his first long distance skills. That's when he began to spot G artists and pick them off from long distances. They said wow. This guy. Easy boring sniper. And so what this kind of obvious talent he was then sent to seal sniper school. Where he was taught the skills of being a sniper. Now. It seemed very lonely job. Each one of the most controversial. And difficult jobs because your often either working in small groups were often alone. And your in some concealed position. And you have to make a judgment call. An apparent there was one infamous incident. Whereby. If there was a a woman. With the Childs. Who apparently he suspected had strapped dynamite around the child's chest to going in kill innocent civilians. And yet to make a judgment call annually or several seconds whether you think the child is a suicide bomber or not. Anyway he was known for is incredible marksmanship. And it was in ramadi in 2006. Where Khalil gained his nickname I cage you know he was then known from that point has quote the legend. From his fellow seals. One day he was positioned on the roof. He then watched several men. Drop a backpack in two way possible. He realized right away bad backpack was full of explosives. So he then took an incredible shot. At this at this. Are these two men they were on some kind of a trucker whatever speeding. Out of range of about a 150 arts. The bullet hit one of the writers check this out passed right through warm and then hit the other. One shot he took down two of these terrorists. And god knows how many lives he saved. In 2009. After four hours of Iraq high hill retired. He not only shot more of the enemy than any other American sniper. But frankly he's got. Silver stars for gallantry. Now but I tell you the end being among can tell you what happens but basically. It is the life of an incredible man. Who admitted in his autobiography. That he struggled with severe PT SD after he left the war after he left military service. And how difficult it was for him to readjust to life in the United States now what's the point of office. The movie is getting rave reviews. Audiences everywhere are going to see it. Did feeders are packed it's breaking box office records. Because it celebrates heroism. Our military. And patriotism. It's now been nominated. For multiple. Academy Awards. Including best picture best actor and best director. I'm probably gonna go see it either today or sometime this week. Just to be candid with everybody. Now. Here you have the film. That doesn't pass judgment on the war in Iraq. That doesn't pass judgment on war itself. But according to what I've read from multiple media accounts. Is just describes the life of a sleeper. The constant stress they're under. The constant danger of their under. This split second decisions they have to make. Do why should the child to why not shoot the child is it a suicide bomber is a lot if it's not a suicide bomber Mike gonna may have just killed innocent kid. The kind of tremendous stress and pressure that piece snipers are under. That's what this is that's why the movie this shall riveting. That's why has audiences I'm not kidding practically in all. You would think. That a movie like this would not be controversial. Normal normal. No no no Obama friends will all warm all. Not according to the radical left I swear to you vol Hollywood left. Is now condemning the Oscar committee either condemning the Academy Awards for having nominated this film why. Because now the left in Hollywood is saying as well as the New York Times. As well as many liberal commentators. That this movie I swear you in celebrating a quote killer. Is celebrating his quote mass murderer is shelter celebrating quote I kid you not they not see. So Michael Moore. That both phone. Dot propagandist. Immediately took to Twitter I honestly think he's just jealous. I think he's jealous at the success of Clint Eastwood. She's jealous at the huge box office records that this movie is is breaking in smashing. Because he never had a film anywhere near as popular as American sniper but let that go. So the fat slob. It takes to Twitter. And he denounces snipers are saying Dirk cowards they're not heroes. And according to Michael Moore quote. My uncle was killed by a sniper in World War II. We were taught snipers or cowards. Will shoot you in the back. Snipers aren't heroes. And invaders are works. So basically. Not only is he saying that they Chris spiral the Chris Kyle was not a hero. But that in fact he's a coward. And when he says any invaders are worse he's obviously taken a shot at us the US. For having invaded Afghanistan and Iraq because we're invaders. Basically were occupiers. And and mass murders. You have Seth Rogen that move full member from the movie. That was almost banned because. They want to assassinate. In the movie they pretended they they did it is a scene where they assassinate Kim Jong-un. Well Seth Rogen has now come out and said American sniper in glorifying Chris Skiles career. In China and in glorifying his role as a sniper. Is equivalent to wane not cheap propaganda film. You have many a Hollywood leftists now coming out and saying. How dare Hollywood and how dare Clint Eastwood. Celebrate the American military celebrate patriotism. Celebrate military hero is. And all I'm asking myself is this. Do you think snipers. Only existed in the Iraq War. Snipers have been used in war since the American revolution. In fact the colonists. Used it to start to defeat the British. And there were snipers in the civil war snipers in World War I snipers in World War II. And here you have a man. Who stood there and killed. I think minimum on 155. Insurgents. And bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists. And Michael Moore condemns Chris coddle. And Michael Moore condemns the movie. Because our snipers actually managed to kill G artists. These people are sick. So. Anything that is pro military anything that he's pro America anything that is patriotic. Anything that shows our troops in anything other than a diabolical. Like in anything other than he set panic light. For Michael Moore and Seth Rogen and be spoiled Hollywood liberals. These elitist limousine liberals did then is credible up and it is forbidden. Let me ask Michael Moore is very simple question. You don't think if you're the crew if there were Chris Kyle's in this world you honestly don't think. That's the jihadist wouldn't be here killing us. You're able to make your garbage propaganda move weeks. About health care or about how great Fidel Castro is. Or about hitting America and his gun culture and all the other garbage that you battle. Because of the likes of Chris Scott. It's because of snipers like him. Picture able to stuff your face. And make a propaganda films that you do. It's because of Chris Kyle and snipers like him picture able to sit in Europe condos and your posh apartments. And stand there and and and live in the lap of luxury. Sucking on your thumb. As you burn the American flag. Do you owe your very freedom to the likes of Chris Kyle. And know. That he's getting did you think he deserves. That these patriots get to do that they deserve. That our warriors get to do that they deserve. Now you're all hot and bothered. Notice. When jihadist strike at the heart of Paris it doesn't bother Michael Moore and Seth Rogen. When jihadist struck us right here in Boston it doesn't bother Michael Moore and Seth Rogen. When the Twin Towers came down. Michael Moore openly praised Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. When Americans get killed. Then Michael Moore is happy. But when Americans defend themselves against new mortal G artist and then. No she. Did no big Mike doesn't like it Momo Dennis soft at the buffet table they'll let me tell you this. Could think Michael Moore is right I think on one level he's ranked. I think Chris Kyle is not that great of a hero you know what I think is even a bigger hero. And then Chris Kyle. The Porsche supervisor. At the grand chorale buss family. Does that change all the food after Michael Morse finished with lunch and dinner to me that's the real hero. 6172666868. Is the number my friends let me ask you this. Are you planning to see Americans sniper. What do you make of the fact that the holy wood left is now demonizing. The movie demonizing Chris Kyle. An arc snipers. Cowards. The left says yes. Michael Moore and Seth Rogan say yes. What do you say 6172666868. All of your calls next. They won his sixth year on the break double your scale. Are up next thanks for all the while. And Jeff are you as well I'm Mary Bryant. Great spirit and I read that book and the book is that made it had been seen in Libya I am I heard it. There are very moving forward in the book and Richie says that. You know it doesn't you don't like. Killing people in the it in the lights are on it. You know the fact that that's what he had to do. But you did what he had to do you say it Brothers in arms and you are in it to get the job done protect American citizens. After the moving forward. It on the page chapter one reached out trucks or. What it was but what a title of that was the title of the the first chapter ought. Brian and I got to ask you this and why would some phony like Michael Moore. Who apparently lives on this gorgeous lake house. Up in Michigan he's got multiple homes that mr. railing against the 1% mr. anti war appeasement. Why would he call someone like Chris trial account. It indicative of below are. I I hit it a bit about it Obama's administration but. A guy like Kyle. Like you know Ali you know it it the most amazing sniper in the history united states military were confirmed killed and anybody. It's also an eighty's he'll be also went through sniper school in greater track. The guy was an amazing individual. When he died. You may remember it was certainly it was in the class are a couple of years Leo yeah. It's I don't wanna give it away because you don't know the movie by it. I won't give credit Cadillac but it's beautiful wooden cowboy stadium and are in fact. They all let stating their daughter you know on the Obama administration stand to represent them. You don't want. The White House. Oh wait that's the way the last thing about this no Eric. The way the other way to clintons think about the military ordeal I respect both military and and and particularly in Tyrell. So bright you mean you can hear a sound like an assistant deputy assistant junior. Secretary or something. Well of course you know there were people on dirt you're people illuminating and our people from buy this unit there of course people Obama. Other military they're but there's no official represented as well luck deal. Disgraceful distrustful absolutely this Brian thank you so much for that call I appreciate god bless you my friend let's go another Brian O'Brien's in a row. Brian go ahead my friend. I just hurry or are you. Jeff I got to see the picture onto the senate this past week and one on 71 strong one. And that industrial parts like the rest of the agent in the mood you're only left the movie it was taps salutes silence (%expletive) And we did that was that what it was absolutely and credit. Brian might. Did they applaud his Mark Levine said when he went to see people we're just applauded. General two people couldn't apply Jeff I I think Eric just. Struck by eight. Began being in the impacts. Coordinate with the final credit to the movie. Back to treat I felt like I mean it was just. Amazing what he accomplished and amazing what. What you try to do when he came back to help by the veterans. As the other callers said before. Before me you know it was all about helping institute unit helping people. And that's what. Captain motivated the whole time in the fort toward even open air. What is. Two make sure that he was. Trying to NAVTEQ got people that work or hurting. America. Brian. It to me. You know I'm thinking of Chris Kyle's family now here is a hero. Here is a man who served four tours of duty in Iraq. 155. Minimum confirmed kills. How many American lives he saved how many innocent Iraqi civilians he saved. The man I mean the man has a chest full of medals he's one of the greatest heroes of our time. And you have the Hollywood left spitting on the guy. Calling them a war criminal calling him a mass murder were calling him a coward calling him a killer. I mean. To me. If I'm Chris Kyle I must be rolling in migrate this here is what the people I fought to defend Ford this is what they think of my sacrifice. Absolutely (%expletive) and what how did they think ahead then. What about the god father of one about scar State's fate they idolize the people that were depicted in the old movie. I think I'd do you think there I don't know how they how they can. Pick on an American hero. I psychotic you gangster are you you his part of folklore is part of Americana. But in Europe are a cowboy Texan who served Ford do a four hours of Dewey. An incredible patriot all he did was kill jihadist and terrorist and save people's lives. Took biggest kid on the guy. Right. Thank you that call Brian got a lesson my friend I think you'll enjoy the movie Jeff on amen to try to see it today. But be prepared it is emotional on outside been reading delivering my wife is well I think she wants to see it as well the ads. Pretty are pretty gruesome but our fight oh my boys and I went not not my wife while you wanna stay home. Yeah I'm here VA nurse. Associate bill would earn that trend in the posttraumatic stress there's so many spinal cord injuries should entry years. So she could well be well prepared forty the PGA component on the movie. By PR burger they are shooting and they hear the Eric casualties there you see from that. Can be pretty gruesome so I hope crate it up for that. Okay thank you very much for that Brian. I don't I don't want my wife to say I never take around. Where is our hi sweetie yet but we'll get a baby sitter for the kids don't ever say the corner man wasn't good for you. Whatever so I wasn't good tee. Brenda you're up next go ahead Brenda. But roaring yeah happy luckily it. Can do not kill markedly speaks for the I have to cook that I can do they want statements should do adept at the previous caller. What I did it we know why did Ellen I gain this year Al you know like. Can bridge that gap is setting up another family and parenthood that's what it takes courage that they it. Twit did I think getting. It felt ought to walk I'll bet that's how they Eli that that Google may yet that that's gagged and setting up adequately and parenthood and a great day yes. God bless you Brenda says once you hit the nail by the way on the head you hit it right on the net 6172666868. American sniper will you see the movie. Why do you think the Hollywood left despises. The movie so much. And what's wrong what's my purse. Why are they now suddenly cowards. Should Michael Moore. Retract his statement 61720666860. You movie American sniper smashing. Breaking box office records. Audiences. Love it. It's pro military. Role patriotism. Celebrates in fact they heroism. Of one of our greatest snipers Chris Kyle. Truly an absolute hero and yet. Michael Moore and the Hollywood left are now demonizing the film. And Chris Kyle played by Bradley Cooper saying he's a coward. He's our murder. Keys and not see he's a war criminal. Because he killed jihadist and terrorists. At least a 155. Of them. 6172666868. Why do Hollywood leftists like Michael Moore. Despise the military and our soldiers and patriots so much. I wanna hear from you and are you planning to see the movie have you seen the movie. Jeff Europe next go ahead Jack. And it's going mystical. Jeff tell you my friend. We get it I've gotten more iPod digital I'm glad I was at the other illegal immigration rally but I do great. Are what's notable Saturday outside Tokyo to yes they have got my best presidential order last like presides Saturday what sought. No deposit yet. Complete respect that completely respected that the animal repeated on socket ball bat or opt. Whichever that it's but the review or opera or more complete. Well I just is that the one right near the emerald square mall yeah. I regret. I I I go to that movie fierce sometimes Jeff was a packed. Janet who it was practically a bit about movies I would buy out all right here you're out of Europe you look at Playgirl but pop. A couple weeks bitter that you are dug a receipt at that hole there was that there are three. It was at 350 times art which historically been the site will be with Libya after ago. I bid you good at what it was that it was completely out of Ghana got those are we did our ability to watch a lot to attacking them protect accurate movie. Because they are that. Oakley Chela. People especially like I'll look to what what is bigger than Michael Moore Laura. Console I get free propaganda. To sell what it is cool to be completely untrue or get to compete dot pitch. That's all that elapsed is spirit jealous people are happy side you're good to try to make the result happy it would make other people misery. Miserable at this treeless property applauded but that we would split I'm not didn't say anything about it about what I what I saw that he got that brew city. Particularly like the article the other guy was talking about that aren't being. Odd include global sport tech darts or were so that it didn't didn't know what you would think he would speak. Are yet because there's only get awfully good right you could take you liked it here and would double so how are our. It's our. I cheers equities lord spared airdrop are what are they Riley Cooper what an excellent job he did. We were so worried about some. Jeff I got to ask you this because I've been reading some reviews. And everybody says this scenes of him when he's a sniper. Does he showed a woman does he shoot the kid he's got to make a decision. They report you almost like in its almost like you're there and you're thinking oh my god what what I do I only got a few seconds to decide. Is it that well Don were you almost feel like. You're almost like a sniper yourself and your realize the pressure they're under. Maybe. You're not the only difference I Oprah viewers oh here. We emotional impact this crap on him and that it is perhaps the W outlawed yet. Are the decision yet because he. Won't say I got this I've got this sort of an all went carried out you know I don't teach you how a good day. We we don't know why aren't it is the position all year at a guy like I don't mistake that you make a mistake they're gonna critic verdict you're gonna be imprisoned or your life. They argue that. The fact that he might about the part which regular. Archie Donald. And he kids have been exploding you its sporting the I took them you don't like that cycle which has to position. You're you're you're cricket like or keep it all out there to socialite W you might be. They're great really. He would spew about how well Reilly group were out in the result we see that I'll do what little we deductible. Read the report exulted arm political it will get here great you're so good. From what you described to me how can any self respecting decent person. Call Chris Carlisle a coward. I'm Julia so QQ do that only somebody who would never. Come near you a couple of of Crist out wouldn't they look like that could repeat that got the Buick the only public about what dark. And attacking people they can apply expects you know whether that got a document that's that's all that's about it. Jeff thank you for that call gray called buddy Linda Europe next. Go ahead Linda. Hey good morning captain. I outlook and take you so much for taking my call people I talk about Americans diaper cookie can find me to tell you that I did sign up for that why emptied vacation. You don't I'm like I am already paid by the pot that. I'm Italian so I did them both played that many and Cody Wyoming. I Jackson Hole out of my guide on how god on the yellow county. I felt because that mount Rushmore and they are fantastic. Place that. And for people out there if he had not signed up for the tour. Please don't let you gotta go to some of the best places in the world can't and that is coming to work the airlines I've traveled all that I. Any time I ever wanna go on vacation it's always going to be out west I love the country. Lot that area it's phenomenal. I'm but after I played getting back to American paper I had not seen the movie I wrangling this coming Wednesday afternoon. Com I think the reason why people like Michael Moore action. And got broke and I wouldn't say right now I'm gonna tell you right now Affleck will come out against this movie it's well. They aired two outlets. They galloped at Wendy's what they're jealous that the American public. I'm reading the report today in The Herald. American hyper growth this weekend ninety point two million dollars is the biggest grossing movie ever. Ever and people pour coming out against the multi act actually jell O. They galloped at the more we get jealous of its concept. Yet story Anjelica Clint Eastwood and I would say one more I think hit gap a way to get back to people like Michael Moore actually sent Rabin and Ben Affleck and the rest of that seat left wing. Up Hollywood people. Don't pay to go see your movie I'd done that for years now I don't play the senior police as much as I want to I will hit an eight. I'll wait till like 98 free of charge that's that I don't want them to get any I'm money. Linda I got to ask you this what would make a Michael Moore for a Seth Rogen or Ben Affleck or Sean and I can run down the whole list. Despise a guy like Chris Scott. Who basically. He's fighting off the very enemies that would steal our freedoms. And kill people like Michael Moore and Seth Rogen and Ben Affleck if they could. They have their freedoms they're prosperity their wealth and their success. Because of people like Chris Scott so why spit on the very people that are basically keeping your life. Guess I'll paint something after listening to these left wing liberal. For years now eight despite this country they despite everything America yes. It's a weapon for them at the American military. We wouldn't have the freedoms that we enjoy candidates. I'll play it right now I get a lot of money trying to military a lot of money to charities and as the military is always the first one military banana malt. Threats once again that. It's heated debate that perhaps they get. Really actually they despise the American military did I park President Obama has like some I've ever. So there right in lock step with our president and it just that doesn't surprise me at all but I'll say it and the people what the for the military. And women over the decade we would enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy this is the greatest country in the world thanks to our military. And then very well said Linda amen. Let's go to one another Linda Linda Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I would slept. I don't good Italian there was another movie called enemy that the gates. Yes I saw. I love that movie and what we're date they were the 100 German sniper suspect German sniper and one was the best Russian sniper. Maybe Michael Moore would like the Russians are elation flight from Libya. Very different at call in depth look I want to get the strong word but honestly. I've seen any near the gates are shocked I owned the movie it's incredible. It stars Jude law and Harris Joseph Fiennes it's incredible and it's based on the true story I want to get sidetracked by. Ed Harris plays this brilliant not cease sniper. Who apparently is the best in the entire event marked the German army. And keep an editor at Stalingrad it's all all the contacts the background is the battle of Stalingrad. And so. Suddenly the Russians. Have this guy from the literally from day from Siberia this little young pleasant guy who's got this talent for killing Germans. As a sniper. And is getting so bad that now you go up propaganda isowich or sing it we got this incredible uncles and a rocky rocky trigger but a sniper. And so the Germans bring in their best and Harris. And it's a showdown between these two snipers. In the heart of the battle of Stalingrad. It is absolutely incredible and you know what it. I didn't hear Michael Moore called little cowards. I didn't hear the likes of Seth Rogen calling them a bunch of mass murderers and war criminals on the old. That was an incredible movie. Buy ya a tour powerful actors. Showing what it's like to be a sniper in style and ground but when it's an American who by the way is better than those two. And just days on all. Moral dot Scotts and he's a workable look what Fisher he should have been hauled off to present given medals according to the Hollywood left. Dave you're up next thanks for holding go ahead date. I just couldn't get. Erica probably sixty putts and we respect that I get paid under percent. You guys have the luxury of sitting back. Funny unarmed air and talk about what's wrong easily beat this movie detectives say that it's not good that it. And I. This particular hit it's not right to promoting war. What can apply. Fluctuating. It could look like this throughout history book blow up there. It just isn't quite what they can work at. You know and comment topic. Did you nailed it you know how many snipers. The patriots used in the American revolution to kill the brits. Do you know a little snipers the British and the French and we used against the Nazis in World War II. I think a guy like Michael Moore so we were taught touching our personal car hours on what clinics. Now you're complaining about a German sniper that allegedly killed his uncle war W was a Nazi. So you're comparing how Americans cannot cease argue Michael Moore there's there's no way there's no moral equivalent stupid. Now I want you to think about things he's saying it's yeah moral. To kill. Suicide bombers terrorists G artists. Who were trying to either blow up or kill American soldiers. Or innocent Iraqi women and children. You don't get more deeply grieved enact. If Chris Kyle isn't a hero and a great American hero that frankly nobody or nothing it's. Scott you're up next go ahead Scott. Got good morning I'll let you show I'm like I just tuned and that I was working trying to pay the bills but and so. I like and I saw American sniper over the weekend. And it was so. It was gut wrenching. But I and we're so glad we we would risk to go out every anybody could go see it just took. Just to show the egg in nineteen lynching and the day goes through in net in wartime. What what most people don't realize is oh well there are no rules in war. When law is about survival. And take them to goal and do his job. And protect his comrades. And and pushes its lights on the line time and time again. 82 gets to defend freedom of this country. People people just don't understand. Just how how big sacrifice all our men and women you know why. And it's just. I would recommend every everyone Garcia a movie just so they get. A small sliver eight. What goes on in real light pitched it's not pretty war's not pretty. And now I am now it will who we bring it everywhere. Scott you're completely right and never mind what goes on in a battle field okay Aaron in the field of war and how horrendous and ugly and violent it is. I've talked to so many vets. They come back home. Severe PT SD. Their lives shuttered to. A they'll never be the same again they have to carry this with them for the rest of their lives. They can't sleep at night. They have got our anger issues explosion issues. Intimacy issues. This sacrifices. That these men may. They're the best of the best. It Tibet to the basket and it and an idea I act complement and be the producer of this movie. Cheap to bring home. Do that gut wrenching. Traumatic goes on in. Every day every hour on the battlefield. Not knowing witty. You don't I was ever done or a guy you the next day or you're or your buddy who you're out trick it was the night before resist you don't just. The he's gone. Talked thank you very much for that call. And for I say cold. For a a low life like Michael Moore to stand Darren technical little cheap shots at a hero like Chris Kyl Michael Moore Mike key. If your mother didn't tell you I'm gonna tell you. You're a loser. Now I don't find here on the parade WR JA LAM 680 gentler Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal bowl army relaxed. Martin Luther King Day OK my friends. Not gonna get your calls and a second about American sniper as you know it's been raking smashing. Box office records for an opening weekend for a movie it tells which. True story of Chris Kyle. One of he greatest if not the greatest American sniper we've ever had. 155. Confirmed kills. Any raw he served four tours of duty. Killed many terrorists many insurgents many Islamic G artists. Saving countless American lives countless Iraqi civilians. Women and children. And yet because the movie faithfully for Trace. The distress. The danger. That tension. The immense pressure. Is that a sniper like Chris Kyle was under in a human vivid way. Michael Moore. Seth Rogen. The whole Hollywood leftist community. Are now denouncing the film and frankly denouncing Chris cardinal. Michael Moore is called him a coward. He's now come out and called us invaders for invading Iraq and Afghanistan. Others are calling card Chris trial a war criminal a murderer a killer. By Seth Rogen has said the movies like a Nazi propaganda film on behalf of the American military. And speaking of propaganda. Lenders another movie out that's making a lot of minorities but in a different way. This is a movie however that the left loves. The left a dorks. The New York Times is celebrating and glorifying. And that of course is Selma. Which is apparently Martin Luther King biopic. It's produced by Oprah Winfrey. She's put a lot of money behind this picture as she and apparently has a role in the movie. And they are up and arms. Oprah is up and our roads the director is up in arms approaches a black woman she's open arms. The cast is up in arms the New York Times is up in arms many liberal critics are up in arms. Why. Why are they up an arts. Because they now claim that Selma. Which focuses on Martin Luther King's life and in particular the historic march to Selma Alabama. Where they then faced racist cops who were beating them sending fire hoses upon them. Finally should unleashing a pack of dogs upon the civil rights protesters. But according to of them did not get the attention I swear you. Did they felt it deserved from the Academy Awards. They didn't garner enough Oscar nominations. And now they're saying I swear to you that there evict them you guessed that our racism. And it's gotten so bad. Dave even now called I couldn't make this up if I want it to the Nona Reverend Al Sharpton. So now the Oscar committee house to meet I swear with Al Sharpton because Al Sharpton is complaining. That there are just too many Oscar nominees this year best picture best director best actor best actor is etc. etc. that are. They're just white. There's just according to I swear you according to not a Reverend Al Sharpton and they're just stolen a black people. And gave him this is another sign of racism. In Hollywood in America. And more injustice being perpetrated against blacks. And so now they have to ask Powell if maybe they should change some of their picks. To make sure that more blacks are represented at least in the nominations. And I'm asking myself. This race him. The Jewish race hustler. This man. Who helped unleash the protests. And riots in Ferguson. This man who's done nothing but sold racial division and discord. Who always over four million dollars in back taxes he's a tax fraud and a tax cheat. This this this former crack dealer and this warmer snitch. You go to him. And kiss his ring. Monus. When it comes to professional football. Or what it comes to professional basketball. Or when it comes to hip hop or rap or whatever. Then suddenly well I'll never says it's too black. Have you noticed that. He never most industries that are disproportionately. Represented by blocks which is falling to meet god bless them succeed you succeed. But notice he never goes to the but he never goes to the NBA is so you know. A twelve out of the twelve guys on this horrible act only 13% of the population are black are commercially but people want your team global whites are being discriminated against. Pass first Selma. I'm not gonna go see it and I'll tell you why for two reasons. Number one I'm frankly sick. Of these. I'm black oppressed movies you had the block lurk UN do I mean there's just so many of them twelve years a slave. I am sick of discussions about race. And about supposedly racial injustice. You wanna talk about propaganda. It's been one litany of one film after another about supposedly. Racist America. Against the oppressed blacks segregation. And slavery Jim Correll civil rights movement a black man. And it after awhile honestly enough is enough. Get some new materials. Number two. And it's one of the reasons why it wasn't picked for many categories by the Oscars. It's historically from what I've read bogus. BS. Did director even admits. That they deliberately distorted the past to make Martin Luther King. Each seminal central figure in the civil rights movement and in particular the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the voting rights act. So the other key player Lyndon Johnson. Is portrayed as a vial racist. As somebody who was against civil rights from the beginning. I somebody who allegedly was patronizing Martin Luther King. Patting him on the shoulder. I treating him in a very condescending. Disrespectful. Manner as somebody who fought the voting rights act tooth and nail. Who fought the Civil Rights Act tooth and nail. It's a line. It's an absolute line. You wanna talk propaganda this film is propaganda. Say what sure Pavano LBJ for all of its flaws and all of a sense. He wanted civil rights legislation at the moment he became president. If it wasn't for LBJ. There may not have been a voting rights act. She was instrumental. In the passage of the voting rights act in the passage of the Civil Rights Act. And so when the the director of Selma was asked point blank well why do you approach ray LBJ so negatively. And why do you demonize him. And want to truly show you know he did care about civil rights he was a key partner with Martin Luther King in the passage of all this legislation. Her answer I didn't wanna do quote white savior movie. No one's asking you to do all white savior movie. What don't lie about well BJ. Don't deliberately manipulate and distort historical record to make Martin Luther King seemed even greater than he was. Don't give us propaganda. And so now yesterday I swear to you. Invoking Ferguson. Invoking Eric garner. Invoking of allegedly racial profiling and police brutality against young black teenagers. They heard they were yesterday. All around the director of cell mom they cast of cell mom a couple of hundred others. And they marched he recreated the march to Selma. Because you see the very end they were fighting Bull Connor. Then there were fighting racist police who were beating civil rights workers with the butt on. And with attack dogs. Today. It's officer Darren Wilson. Today. It's. The racist white cops in Brooklyn Ted daddy it's Rudy Giuliani. Shall we've gone from Selma. Doug Ferguson. But nothing has really changed according to Oprah Winfrey and all the other members of the of the cell mom of the so maccast. Really. W Oprah how much are you worth. I'm just Indus enslaved America does Jim Crow segregation America you know how oppressed you're tell me how much are you worth. Is it what a billion or is it to a billion or is it three billion. I did it. The hypocrisy to me standing. Here decrying American sniper is being a propaganda film. When all it does is accurately depict exactly what Chris Kyle went through when Iraq. But then when you have a movie about Martin Luther king and you won't touch on his ties to Communists. If you present LBJ is that a member of the kkk practically in his races view us. You lie and distort the record. And you brag about it. My friends enough is enough. 6172666868. Is the number. Do you plan to see American sniper have you seen it. Do you plan to see Selma how mussina. On literacy American sniper. I won't even wait for the video once Selma I'm telling you I have no use for propaganda films and frankly I don't care for Oprah when for. I honestly to me. She's still talking about or died by the way. This woman for forty years has been talking about losing weight but in either lose it or don't lose it but I thought I don't wanna hear and anymore. Peter you're up next thanks for holding go ahead Peter. I'm good how are you peer to two Bramlet aren't caution aren't sure don't have a black entertainment awards yes. We don't know Warner entertainment awards that would be racist but dub are actually tribute to what party. Are you see the double standards you see the hypocrisy but I don't understand that western there's no one white person I guess I'm a blockage in an award. They're all blocked will be black art Ernst. And yeah should they have a channel black entertainment television aren't entertainment award we'd be right. Even have a year they have a black channel I swear an all black channels called black entertainment bella and not talking about. I don't know how to Wear out starting the ball wide channel intra. I'm not that I'm aware of no I mean just I mean just that's one of many levels of hypocrisy. They did they did twelve years of slain which by the way it was completely bogus. Not all apparently was never. It was written by a northern abolitionist apparently was even written by a former slave. But but let that go. Doug got nominated member of the year before the Butler about this guy who was a Butler. And and he came from the racist south. And then eventually becomes a Butler in the White House he stressed strikes up a French ship we're John F. Kennedy. Apparently he had a big effect on civil rights legislation. And then under Reagan. He's no longer the Butler he actually gets invited to these big fancy issue and see dinner in the White House. And got was another one they nominated for I don't know how many Academy Awards every year they gave me this kind of a film. The black suppressed why it's a bad blacks good black suppressed. Slavery segregation Jim Crow. Every year a parliament. I can imagine among the Oscar committee none of them looked this year will. It's the same script every year low let's say a little more we don't know how many awards enough changed changed a page in a different story. Tom Europe next go ahead Tom. When you're another angle to secure and well you're talking about the hypocrisy of the left. This Michael Moore thing just think about this several years ago we had another great movie. Saving Private Ryan and guess who the director what is Spielberg. And guess what what are the main character is yet to pepper that was in that movie he was a sniper and he played an important role in that city is so. Soldiers in that movie. That's what we've got nominated best pitcher in almost one there was no that's not being talked about that being militaristic movies so just again shows that. The hypocrisy of the left is that they support their own type. And they don't like Clint Eastwood directs this movie and they come out with DR animosity towards him if it bit so transparent. It's almost nauseating. And one other thing about it is I think it. Beat in the sports is movies kidding but I was a political my Asia I'd say more than ever that show's host country is more conservative. Than anything you read your. In the race seat is yet. This really means we can elect a conservative candidate because look at how people go to this week we are American we get patriotic if he can't I think that. A sign that this is the time that we can definitely. I don't fault anybody if they ought to come to the polls we want a real American to be president of the United States. Tom brilliant brilliant call Tom. I love you know in a non homosexual way I love you. The culture in the country is thirstein. For patriotism. For support for America love for America love for the military. Now you touched on something politics. The left new man ever forgave Clint Eastwood. For that famous that the speech that he did at the 2012 Republican Convention remember with the empty chair. Marking the dear leader gay man ever forgave him for that shall now to add insult to injury. You mean you're doing a film celebrating his great sniper. Celebrating military heroism. Celebrating patriotism. Celebrating America or all this shot we're gonna rotations got a lesson. We're gonna run a mile down the problem is the American people are loving the film and god bless import. Tony you've been patiently holding tank Q and welcome. You gotta just I love your show up to everything you say in that letter escalated data rate on the the nail on the head. Well because somebody saw that will be in I was in the military and you know like people don't like it. Because it represents bought in honor at this station. And indeed I was in the cycle but diagnose and snipers so like it's obviously a tactical image slightly apple. But the biggest part of that it is nobody said Nelson that peace and of the movie because Auburn now why you ask me about Michael Moore no idea actually of bulk just Grogan learn to give him and I get so. Tony what do you think of Michael Moore. Tickets are military guy I love you guys by the way. Yeah I figure probably big and strong and I don't wanna get on your web site Tony so when you askew I ask. Tony what do you think of Michael Moore what do you think of Seth Rogen. Most of college okay. Kursk I would left in this six so that whatever you necessary doesn't mean anything you would be just slapped and choked and and so it's. A pocket. Drug token type of guy so who cares politics expert I want to end this with the with one thing did edit forgot who were gold made this statement. But I wrote it down and it says the nation that does not honor its fallen heroes does not earth itself and it's all ball on adjust. And I love what you're doing man Tony goes here who'll be in particular like to present to I would. She meets here. Thought you loved it chew up comic take place Tony god bless you and thank you for your service to grow god bless you Tony. You know Winnipeg I always say this to grace. Both say don't treat chew well. Don't settle assure you the world look who look how good I empty my ticket to the movies I even buy you popcorn and a Diet Coke. That's what kind of guy Jeff terrorist. Threat at at at at half staff at a lane you're up next banks were holding go I had Elaine. Yep hi Geoff how are you this morning. You'll good. And I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I and a couple of friends and went even will be over the weekend. It was riveting students and women can definitely handle it. It was couple places like both my act I have to admit but other than that it was just amazing. And I've blitz until your call it could have been on hold for quite awhile and sorry about I don't know how that's not a problem but a lot of them have spent the same thing that I was about to back. But people. Did not get up. Out of fifty and the audience was filled with. People of all ages which I was amazed that because I thought most everyone would be older. And they were young people middle aged Ollie just. And we were riveted because of the emotional impact and the feeling of patriotism. When they showed the funeral procession. Going to that football stadium there was not a dry eyes in the theater with old flag waving. And people cheering because he respect your hero. And I think that's what really really petrified the last. The feeling of patriotism. That that most Americans. Gap when they see something like that and they feel that and the love they have for their country. And that's why they hate this movie and they hope nobody goes to see it but I'm telling you they're going in droves. Ali did undisturbed and as I mean hearing reports that people have been now some callers today said he didn't happen when they saw the movie. But others are saying what you were just applauding at the end. No one applauded. I just think they're trying to gain composure. To hang out my husband would choke up I would. And I thank. But at the end when most people get up at known as the credits begin to show on that and no one moved it was the main thing. Now. There was just you have to both be it grateful. Colleen I think helmet they grace has been touched any. Saying hey come on chief ball take me the movies half saw Obama at taker this afternoon. And it Matt NATO sent economic and that they will have the kids so. I got to do it only in the matinee because. We're gonna get a baby sitter but. When I get my wife for nice popcorn. Nice Diet Coke she wants and I scream whatever she wants that's the kind of guy and I it took me to catch richer wife well what kind of a manner you. 6172666868. Let me just say one other very quick and obviously Chris Kyle is a great great great American hero. I'll tell you this about Clint Eastwood. I think he's one of the greatest directors we've had in this country I think he's a great American director. I think he's a great actor. I think this man has been phenomenal. For the last 34 decades. And if this is going to be his last film I'm not saying it is but if it is Clint what a way to go out. 6172666868. I've always loved Clint Eastwood from dirty Harry. And I always well. 936. There on the great WR JO shattering you're up next go ahead. In general men can't tell who knew he had to olive view thank you very much the past year. Think you could comment on Michael why Greece had a recent discussion a couple of my friends who are in catwalk. No one likes war some are necessary. So it's good that the explanation that they and I used. And I would create in a home where veterans who have buried respecting my father has four medals from world watch you least half we miss him dearly. I'm in Lee's drama real real drama love it so I've watched during the as many old to watch movies. In the current mine for valor in education. I wanted to ask Michael Moore question if I call it may be somewhere be able to direct this to him. If someone learn dating his home a breaking into his home. Would he call. He'll call I would hope the local police. If you are being attacked on the street and somebody jumped in to help him. I would hope that you would think that person. In when you go to the bank to withdraw money from I'm sure his billions. If the bank of being robbed I'm sure that he would be very thankful to the security police. So he loaded the dictionary and look up the word how would before he's got a packed thing. Judgment on many brave men and women in the military in like fourth fifth. Who put their life on the line all the time I'd like to see him trying do it stink and I hope you agree with me. I do a 100% thank you very much Sharon. Look or when somebody wants to hold up the grand corral buffet. As the area is at lunchtime plowing through all those buffet yeah meals. Does what he wants somebody out there to protect them of course he would. The Bozo the heroes the ones protecting what the grand corral buffet during lunch and dinner but he wanted to thank them. 6172666868. Chris Europe next go ahead Chris. Good morning hey I think the liberal media missed the whole point of the night it not to take people out one sniper was multiply it. But we can hold up an entire unit from occupying an area in the end. Essentially take them out apply. I'm it and that's saving lives as well if you denied access. To your opponent of engaging you don't have to kill. You're right Chris but even to be honest with fewer means so they kill jihadist they killer terrorist. You how many lives have been saved. Every Timmy this idea that just because you shoot somebody from a long distance. Instead of shooting autumn right up close big deal you're still killing the enemy that's the point. God bless them thank you very much for that called Chris might cure up next thanks for holding go ahead Mike. Nature out Mike. Get through the wall scraper to military strategy. Okay. And the thing I'd just oracle bought it about where any sort. When he was rowdy Yates and ride as a boy waited might that Gary. Peace political RO against unbelievable how much. That left leaning Hollywood. And she stood up against. The teacher Europe absolutely brilliant. Security carry. People don't like country. He's a great American. And it appears what that that crouch has a boat Eastwood and I told you wouldn't maybe because like that'll be shattered. Few. But great editors this you'll a lot of trauma that oral. There will be no walls no matter what you shaped spaceship. Thank you very much my god bless you my friend. 943. Here on the great WRJ you know on this wonderful Martin Luther King Day. Mickey you're up next thanks for holding go ahead. When injected into this tie he'd like this yeah in the wake up until spring did. They look that I just two days one actress one on Taiwan roper earlier. And we'll much so proposed us. Helping to receive culturally. Black list well its second well on Chris Kyle. A lot of military decorations too so the size it was realistic guy barreling west officer. I'm like therapy if you get favorite also known as Dodi Cologne. Up. A. Didn't hear about your world. And even politics to get any medals as good as. As bode well rounded up at imputed on several occasions what do from the action to get out of the military to get hysterical plot that. Indeed won this thing there's a somewhat. But anyways. I think his military record speaks for itself is and you're right I but I saw the movie addict I certainly went several times. An excellent direction general via Clint Eastwood won his last comment on the up. On the Annan. The black cultural side of things. The NAACP I was I was fascinated by the sea in that just. Acronym. Our relation if you look for colored people and I always worried you know just how much they do for native Americans well. I'd look into that recently and they they are descended to to allow Libya. And don't a native American peoples are to be recognized by some resolutions in China in. In 2011. And look at what was the cost so that it costs native American people's 200 mile 280 million dollars to be affiliated with them. For them since I have no idea. Nick honestly this on the it cost native Americans 280 million dollars to be this affiliated with the national association for the advancement of colored people. You and what they've done so far I haven't passed a resolution that I have no way. Nick I got to ask you this is it just mean. Or you sit com all these sort of civil rights black oppression move priests it's like an industry now every year. And every year they have to be nominated for some kind of an Oscar. And finally this Curtis said look enough is an organ damage every year. Oprah literally just if you look in the in the in the background what does that it's about the markets about the mighty old was worth a couple of bill whatever and a and you know go out lesser issues an entertainer but that I just don't like the idea I'm telling it and telling. About well we are and what we're perceived to be if we're not black or any other color besides black again I guess that's my big problem. Thank you very much for that call nick. March Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. They get paid on or. I'm doing great. And let me just let me just premise what I'm about to say you assess my dad's a what they are or what to veteran combat veteran Pacific theater that's the way ironic when you actually airline enough on its on the seventh. He. He is. You know very near and it's a lot and I are well. My son that the US marine science we will not let. It looked up and I was fortunate to be holed up but I did not see any little thing that I armed movement as it ended up. I'm very thankful that. The person and I feel bad for. Well well. Is Michael Lewis shot that only plays some of them I'd be embarrassed. That a parent. No wonder that steps flawed it's taken advantage of the freedoms that guys like Chris Kyle provides for a and it just sickens me. So I can pick and trying to tell you that that they Jeff thank I thank sport you don't. Well Marcus and god bless you and thank you for your service. Michael Moore cordoned lick your shoes. Okay we'll all due respect. He couldn't white pure and you know what we knew Gordon about it. That's to meet this guy is the Biggest Loser if he had any ounce of decency here integrity look let's be honest to god to complete slob. Let's go let's be frank among friends as the French say untrue rule among us does a complete slob. Every time you raise the bar faith. At the grand corral he should be thanking the troops if he had any decency. Don't want you afraid that dinner bell for a very it is stuffing his face. The least we can do is say geez it's because of a boys on the Frontline it's wasn't for the boys on the front lines. Those islamists would slice we openly about about the 5 big but I am. I mean let's let's be honest. So he does that go all the nerve to stand there and all sold self righteous. Each night Bruce or how works. And marine eaters. All. All fourteen Miami. Are all here so courageous. DeMarre they are refilled the bacon at B. But the breakfast buffet to my go shop somewhere bacon down your throat. Steve you're up next go ahead Steve. It's it's a pot smoke YouTube debate and action with no ad hominem personal attraction isn't what it means. A ball Michael Moore but the guy's not a slump. No I don't is a slow you don't think Jesus let me take a look at the guys are Yugoslavia don't wait. But let me ask you lose Edwards he's over 300 pounds and don't wait group. Talking to a Republican. You know you're most attractive person. I'll tell you this though I don't raids I don't read the buses okay. But let's get back to the issue Hampshire come by the way our critic would not upper past Oscar and to erroneously stated earlier sporting. But you're the Hollywood establishment lol you mean the film is not up for best picture you want to opt for best director that you shared use. Ordered a film is not enough for six Oscars one of them being best picture and Bradley Cooper's up for best actor. You'll go to twenty let me ask you this little luck Steve I don't have time for this I really don't. Look honestly how great command amend. Who gave his life for our country. Is now being reviled. By the likes of Michael Moore Seth Rogen and the holy wood left. And my question do you is this. He killed over a 155. Jihadist terrorists and insurgents saved countless American lives countless Iraqi women and children and civilians. What the hell is Michael Moore ever done for this country or the hell is he to call it hero like Chris Carrino. I coward when this guy is the biggest power on the planet. It does show called Hollywood went through the establishment is solar denounced the movie Howard had nominated for true. Oscars. And that's not the issue here. Are great lesson look honestly does the elevator go to the pop we fueled. I mean you have Hollywood leftists blasting the film Geron a record blasting the film. In fact you even have. The pieces in the New York Times in the Washington Post saying how many Hollywood liberals are furious that the movie's doing so well both commercially. And critically because people the Oscar committee decide to give it awards is one of the best reason they're in the last decade. And you're gonna stand there and denying that the left wing community in Hollywood is my vilified the film. I think he should what I got to put up with. A man of my education a man of what my learning. Did you see the people I have to deal with on a daily basis. A guy in his pajamas calling me from some mental asylum. To what I got to do for a living to put food on the table for my family people I gotta put up with. Ray Europe next go ahead rank. Hello good morning Jeff rate calling congress turned car lineup like this say this. During World War II would go a little guy that couldn't get in the range couldn't get in the navy couldn't get near course. But beyond NATO come he despised people stick to any way to 128. Pounds is meant more party Murphy he'd killed 350. Our live the Germans. He brought and pray and keep Latin. Germany he ended up and Asia okay what do sixth grade education to the world a little different then. If you out of. Ray look I gotta tell you it was a different time. I think in many ways a better time. And by today's standards. According to get a left this at the New York parents. At the Boston Globe with the Obama administration. To the Michael Moore is of the world plus there's a war criminals. Well I see those documentaries on TV. Of our boys in Iwo jima. In our boys in the Pacific islands fighting goes Japanese fascist kamikaze fighters. And they're smoking a mile from the caves literally using for a flame throwers. By today's standards so much caught the wrong war criminals. That's how now you know why. We don't win our wars anymore now you know why it's what is it now thirteen years and Afghanistan and counting. Now you know why crisis is running wild any rock in them and and Syria I don't cross the Middle East. Because unlike before. We celebrated the Chris carts. I'm like before we unleashed the Chris Childs. Unlike before. We unleashed our military to win. Now sober and what else is Felix. Except. Those that do the fighting in the bank have you noticed that. Nor cares about Crisco oils Felix. No one cares about how his family feels normal normal normal. It's always how the Iraqis must feel. How the Muslims must feel how big is a land this must feel how the enemy must feel. It's time to put America first. And you know why I think this film is doing so well because it's an America first film. And the country. Is starving for its rating for its bursting forth to. And that's why am I go see it this afternoon Steve Europe next go ahead Steve. Got good money Jeff. Burton and I am I'm I have a problem with saying that Michael warning that must pay anybody's life. Every time he goes into football and a choppy waters a couple of post on the guy behind them to keep it has gone through in life. Are. I had to I had and I give you a couple of weeks ago about my Walt virtually out of I believe out today op art wall where I want to tie it into a corner kick but aren't we got Michael Bourn and I hope I know he's got a bank job. Steve he's got it. He can do the whole world a favor just walker find him at the grand corral buffet you know the one in Beverly Hills market nor the guys stops as faced. Go in there Eric. At the Golden Corral. Yes sorry the Golden Corral go to the golden chorale in Beverly Hills. And just I mean beat the living daylights out of them. Just stuff all that shrimp down his throat really good. You've got your pardon me you've got your pardon 110%. Joseph all Europe next go ahead John. Good morning just pleased that Michael look he bragged about the help give down and Cuba didn't Fidel invite. Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela has come and get cute and it can't talk. Yes network that. A guy that didn't work out form that didn't work out form. Notice Fidel doesn't like very much when Michael Moore comes down to Q have you noticed that. But he's the guy eats up the whole island. For Dell's like listen when we got starving people here in Cuba I can't fly you win all the time what's the matter with you you think this is America it is the Golden Corral. Breakfast lunch dinner buff Fay buffeted love thing not all that's said there's three million would freeze on the plate that's it. 6172666868. Low seriously. How is it that in a self respecting civilized country. I cheap leftist propagandist like Michael Moore. Is able to get make millions of dollars. And not only make millions of dollars. You know basically what is ahead at the trough gorging at the trough of capitalism. But Denny turns around and denounces the very economic system the very country. He's made millions off of I mean you wanna talk about and in great. 6172666868. Steve Europe next thanks for holding go ahead speak. Dec aborted due out I'm a key example I'm the reason that the market collapse or shoot straight just single out. It is so beautiful animal like this and so they all operate is because they don't consider them all America. Particularly insult people the world and so anything picture off like a spot with some big victory. Sure hope not in this country like this small city. You know based on all its numbers. They're special really gates at the Irish they're here. Because there's something in the fight do you know American epic country and that's what they fear the mulch. See that's a very good point. What and his whole like for example when they hear or see a list him. The Matt Damon movie all day love dot one. All that was one the most socialistic left wing movies I've ever seen in my life. All they love that not one of all Matt Damon you couldn't get enough Academy Awards. This Clint Eastwood now for best picture it's appropriate to Nazi propaganda film according to but headset throw him. Jim Europe the next I've got one minute goal my friend. Don't you have Germans go one minute well. Okay job properly I'm better than I don't two movies. I try to open but I was a great mood yet to Wear white. Still a kid and I to the other movie entity you've got to go see it. Well there you have it drew me a position paper. It is also not a part because they won't accept a particular book is one shot one kill. Yet let me read poetry confirmed killed they see what 200 to a particular but yeah we don't buy himself. If you could go to Tokyo the poor chip we do it it's a great book. Okay thank you very much in Jim thank you so much for your service god bless you my friend I'm up against that my friends I got to let you go. Happy Martin Luther King Day everybody. You've been listening to Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. And together we're beating liberals know. We're driving the more bats crazy. One day at a time if you can go see American sniper. My buys.