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Ronnie David Show 12-21 NYPD deaths

Dec 23, 2014|

A horrible night as we discuss the assassination of two NYPD officers.

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It's Christmas 2000 more. The giant like dip stick topics you don't want a romantic Christmas carols and Christmas trees. Banning all things Christmas and all colors residents. There is no how brave and noble man that America. There radio. Six variance. Medics millions of. An evening Boston it is December 21. 2014. The Christmas episode episode now. Of the running data show 6172666868. Is the number to call and participate. Have they walk. To get through tonight an awful lot. To get to tonight everyone I want to thank you so much for joining me this evening I wanna thank you so much for tuning in for gathering around your radios. If this is a very very very somber. Night. Not when I finished my show last week. And I was driving home. I thought about job are wonderful caller Jones call and when I got home I started thinking right away about what I wanted to do tonight. And when I was thinking of about exactly what to do. The idea that you it was just so obvious to me why don't you do a great big old Christmas show. Where you know you've got a you've got a custom Christmas opener you've got Christmas Day it's coming in and out of every break. You've got nothing but discussion of all things Christmas. You know listener participation to call Lynn talk about your favorite Christmas memories favorite Christmas toys favorite Christmas traditions. And I thought it would be to such a wonderful wonderful idea. Because for the entire month of December all of us all of us our ability to maintain. Our Christmas spirit. Has been thoroughly tested. Thoroughly tested by report after report. Of children being denied Christmas in school report after report. Of school officials college officials. Banning anything related to Christmas Day getting the word Christmas Day getting ready in green I in their schools and on college campuses. Happy holidays this happy holidays that. An endless. Bombardment campaign by the united atheists leak in their billboards. Rye yeah you're right it's about Ferguson. And Eric garner angry protests all over the country screaming for the death of police. Screaming screaming for just a screaming blocking traffic. Numerous arrests nothing but violence. And I thought to myself what a great idea it would be. Ted Ted Ted tough fight all of this to fight all of this in our own special way. By gathering tonight for an extra special Christmas show. But as all of you know things have taken a very very dark turn. This weekend. Two police officers in New York have been brutally. Viciously deliberately. Targeted and assassinated. Officer way engine blew an officer Rafael Ramos. Were simply sitting in their police crews are doing their job outside of a Brooklyn. Housing development. When a gunman walked up to them. And assassinated them. No warning. No nothing. Of course as reports come then it seems that he gave plenty of warning on social media. But now be sue police officers. Are dead. And just a few days before Christmas. Their families and all the people that love them. Far without them and I what you think for just a moment. While all of us in our day to day life are struggling to celebrate Christmas as it is. But think about think about how these fallen officers' families feel. And then in Florida. Tough third officer. Responding to a call. Shot and killed by apparently eight transient. Person. A transient person who had a gun in a car. I don't know how you can label that person as a transient. If they have a gun and a car. But that that that job. That Florida officer had five kids folks. Five children. That are without their father tonight. There's no way there's no way I thought about this the whole drive then. I said god you know please give me the strength. To say what needs to be said. To save the right things. To say something that has some kind of healing benefit. But I'm angry like you're angry. I'm fearful for the future of this country like your fearful. For the future of this country. And I am determined to celebrate Christmas tonight don't get me wrong we are going to celebrate Christmas. But it felt completely irresponsible. On my part. To not address this before we move on to our Christmas celebrations. I know that for a lot of view you know your hearts are very heavy just like my heart is heavy. And I want you to call Lynn and share those feelings at 6172666868. I have several questions for you. Regarding these assassinations. Of our brave men and women. I wanna ask you if this current progressive driven climate. Of protests of slogans of screaming. Do you feel that Reverend Al Sharpton. Is responsible to some degree. Do you feel that all of these civil rights leaders that have ginned up all of this animosity. Do you feel that they bear some responsibility in this. I wanna know what you think. But I'll tell you what I think. I think that this is a terrible sad sad day in America. This is a terribly sad day. And like I said you know all week long. I can't tell you how many hours I spent in the studio recording Christmas spirits. Laughing and saying oh my god I can't wait I can't wait for the audience of the running David show. To hear all this Christmas stuff and tidy up my Christmas cells right here just got all of it right here. And this is what happened this weekend. And it just felt so irresponsible. To jump right into a Merry Christmas everyone. With so much we will with such heartbreak with such senseless loss. And I know that it would have felt equally empty to all of you. And like I said. We are going to celebrate Christmas tonight. For every police officer in this country. The Ronnie David show wants you to know that every member of this audience is with UN mourning tonight. But I want to ask all of you. Do you feel build it to block CO the mayor of New York do you feel he bears some responsibility. Do you feel Al Sharpton bear some responsibility. Last week I played you that insightful that hate insightful speech by reverend Jamal Bryant. Claiming that that Black America is a victim. A victim of Republicans in the Coke Brothers and a psychotic. Police force. Do you feel that this rhetoric has contributed to this climate. I tend to think it has. And one of the things that strikes me so much. Is that when. Louis gates refused to just give the police officers in Cambridge simple information to clear up that he was the owner of of his apartment. Those police officers were doing their job protecting his property. And President Obama wasted no time. Addressing the nation. When George Zimmerman a night watchman. Just innocently. Observing someone that looks suspicious to him tray Von Marten who he never spoke to. Never addressed never confronted. Never approached. Just simply observed him and when he lost sight of them headed back to his vehicle we're trade on Martin doubled back. And assaulted him. President Obama wasted no time. No time addressing the nation. When Michael Brown walked into a convenience store. And stole. On video camera. Assaulted the Indian store owner Pakistani store open bar owner on camera. And then moments later walked right down the middle of the street with stolen merchandise like he just didn't care. And along came officer Darren Wilson. Who asked him to move to the side of the road. A fight broke out. A fight initiated by Michael Brown. And tragically Michael Brown lost his life. For those decisions and President Obama wasted no time addressing the nation. And the same goes for Eric garner. Whereas President Obama tonight. For these two assassinated police officers and a third officer killed in Florida. Whereas President Obama. Where is Eric Holder. Whereas Al Sharpton. Where is Louis Farrakhan. Where it's Tavis Smiley. Where is reverend Jamal Bryant. Where are today. Maybe they're Christmas shopping. 617266. 6868. Is the phone number. I M I'll I'll say right now I am leaning and depending on all of you tonight. On every single one of you tonight. My heart is breaking. For the families of those officers. But my heart in my mind are also thinking something else. If this radical. Leftist. Ideology. Has spread to this kind of a degree with this kind of consequences. It's not the Tea Party out in the street everyone. It's not a conservative super pac out in the streets every one. It's not a Republican super pac threatening the lives of police officers and interfering with everyone else's life. That's just trying to go to work just trying to celebrate a happy and Merry Christmas. This is an exclusively. Progressive driven phenomenon and there's no getting around it. And it's disgraceful. And it's disgraceful and tonight on the runny David show we're all gonna take a stand against it. And it's hard is it may be. We're gonna get through this I'm going to get through all of your calls I'm going to let you vent your frustration. You're hurt your anger and then dammit we are going to celebrate Christmas. For the families of when Jin Lu Rafael Ramos. And Charles Conn dec. For those officers. For every officer in America grieving for their loss. And for all of their family members we will find a way tonight to celebrate Christmas. As if all of the anti Christmas nonsense wasn't bad enough. I mean that's what I wanted to show to be a remedy a remedy for all of the antique Christmas bullying. For all the anti Christmas choke holding. For all of the icty Christmas everything. That would have to put up with this entire month of December. What we're all just trying to be without our families. While we're all just trying to celebrate the single greatest holiday ever. 617. 2666868. Is the phone number. Let's go to Linda. Linda I wanna thank you very much for calling into the runny data show thank you. Right believe me it's my pleasure that you have been doing just such a great job on Sunday evenings at the pleasure Phillip and TO. Are happening here it felt different about this. The murder of these police officers. Has disgusted they'd both be on believe it all my years I've not ever seen anything that comes even close to this yeah I was just felt nauseated. I went to bed that night. After they were murdered and just cried and cried and prayed for them and prayed for their families because this should not be happening in my country. This feels different doesn't that Linda this feels different. God and I'm gonna tell you something and whether people want to believe and I. Blood on the hands of Barack Obama Michelle Obama. Eric Holder everybody either of them get beat Jack said Al Sharpton and bill to block CLU name up there everybody has has got to blame for that. I'm Barack Obama has waited until late subjects that he admitted I could skip gates controversy about few years act. He went and waiting it out bat and then he admitted in the same breath he didn't have all the facts but yet you went to tip back for his friend. I'm he and at that the interview that initial Obama just gave to People Magazine. Was absolutely unbelievable full of lies and yet they're holding themselves up as to be and that victims because they're black. I am so sick and tired of that only black people in the country but primarily black. Calling themselves the big guns look in the mirror people the only people court Dick device that you didn't yield. The united victims collector cans at them principal responsibility for your all of lives. You problems are not nine I didn't I'm sure problems. You caused your own problems says you're unemployed. You're unskilled. Here I'm under educated. That's not my fault I'm not to blame for that I played paint plenty pack says. Debt in your ball and sickened tired and out playing the victim in this country. What are people ever going to get a clue Ronnie and stop saying that all of the pick them because I'm this color out of victim because and that color. I'm sick of it I Wheeling it. Right I'm the victim because on this religion on the victim because on this sexual preference on the victim because. Of who my parents are on the victim because of who my parents aren't it goes. On and on and on and on doesn't it. It does try it out and putting this is the only country that I know of and I Al tightening I worked for the airlines I've traveled the world. This is the only country where people say I'm the victim of poor me pour a need for a mate should know a country like that. No the country had individuals living within their boundaries. Bet I'd sit down and quote on quote we are the only country here and I think that I'm really pick that. I'm so sick of it to Linda I wanna thank you so much for the call I wanna wish you the marry a stiff Christmas is please keep your family and loved ones close. We will be right back after this very short break. Right here on the runny data showed don't go anywhere. Yeah okay. Are you. You have. See I think she's come on line. Are you kidding me. Yeah man yeah I'm Nicole. The police say if we if it didn't hit six. They're gonna law enforcement if I use yeah. And welcome back to the runny David show every 16172666868. Is the number that of course was audio. Of teenage Christmas Carol is now being told that law enforcement would be involved if they didn't stop. Singing Christmas carols which they were forced to do. A clarification. If I hadn't clarified this in the first segment. The the shooting death. In Florida. And the shooting deaths of two police officers in New York are on related. I just to clarify that two different shooters are different sets of circumstances. But tragically. We have three. Of our rock of our bravest. Gone this evening and their families in god only knows what kind of morning. I just before Christmas it's terrible. I would like to get back to the phones Mike I want to thank you for calling into the runny David showed tonight Europe next go right ahead. Yeah I find that very responsible. And disrespectful. The trawler. Should be. So we get unleashed. Battery hee-seop assists. What the app poster respectable dignity. That it is sure. Because of their heroism that they portrayed everybody's going to work coming over like it you know. And that last call at saint Barbara somebody's shin on national joke immediate solution. They are actually lead and went out there for rhetoric because you and I both know it'll stop eventually. But let's put you don't throw rushed. What dignity he unleashed that instruct this. This. There are barked who to blame and ordered that we know Currie Arnie. I don't know I am out but I remember it better be ready and Shatner like right so but let's put these little first what are Irish in Greece should back. Well just bear with it if bear with me for a second don't hang up just jab Mike did we lose and did we lose a match. Yeah I you know it's just. All opinions are welcome like I always say but. If you're going to make an accusation like that Mike I think you at least deserve our meet the courtesy of staying on the line to respond art to you. I do not feel that anything I said in my opening segment was undignified at all. Undignified at all I I think that what I said was what a great number of people are thinking and I did not assert I did not assert. That blood is on this person's hands are blotter this person's hands of that person's sense I asked a common sense question Mike. Where are where are the same government officials where is our president where are these civil rights activists now where are very. We heard so much from month. Over the past four weeks six weeks eight weeks and where are they and I think that that's a fair question to ask Mike I don't feel. That that's disrespectful at all. I really don't and I and I can tell you this right now I I'm sorry if that's how you took my opening segment. But I I didn't come into the studio with with anything but respect. For those officers and their families nothing but empathy. For what their families must be going through I guess you just didn't hear that part might may be in your anger. Maybe you just didn't hear that. But look all opinions are welcome. That'll be true as much tonight as every other Sunday night and I do thank you for the call Mike I've always enjoyed your calls your regular caller here at WRKO. And I really do appreciate your input even if it is to disagree. We will continue this discussion right after this break right here on the runny David show everybody up on the board don't go anywhere I'll get to you next. My name is major Jeff mills station here in these funds are and I wanna say happy holidays to be said Carter warrants right moment friends and Pittsfield Massachusetts. Logo and we've received yet. Floyd money is best in the same devolved from Holyoke Massachusetts I want to give a shot out from my wife and kids in Fort Hood Texas and my two oldest baby they do and out of there I love you Barry Christmas and happy new year to you guys are you. Really trying to tell kids today and tell parents out there with a straight days. Do you love celebrating winter. Lynch are not prisoners of winter. Why didn't kids get up to lead all over the country and members of York was last seen as an innocent man many of you like to answer I'm sure people. Things can't get up because it's Christmas. Around the United States because you went there yeah. Anyway. Your board always fun to come in June and this is your opportunity to draw I think we have an answer knowing who gets resonance. I'm more offended. We are offended. That you would take Christmas away from us. Anything else happening. But how they're using crystal clear way you're my minutes are about inspired his include. And welcome back to the Ronnie David show the runny David Christmas show. Right here at Boston's talk station AM 680 WRKO. The time is 835. Hank before I get TU ally see you up there to just give me 12. Mike called Barack. I went into the back room to try and talk with a but he is so incredibly angry and I will put it out to any of Utah and are waiting on hold right now I. The last thing I ever wanna do when I get behind this Mike on is the AA barn burner. You know that's the last thing I ever wanted to do I felt that my opening address showed nothing but temperance and respect. For these fallen officers and their families I think what's wrong with Mike I think Mike is so upset Mike's a very. Mike's a very mercurial kinda guy anyway any view that listened so WRKO regularly of her plenty of Mike's calls and it's very touching go with Mike. It's really hard sometimes to figure out what's gonna set him off. But I think that Mike is so hurt and angry this evening about. The state of developments in our country culminating. With these tragic deaths over the weekend that I think Mike just wanted to call living yell at the very first person he could. And it turned out to be me Ronnie David are no harm no foul with that made him feel better. That's great but I wanna get too while I wanna get some more calls are from people that have been patiently waiting. Hank I wanna thank you so much for calling in to the runny David showed tonight please what's on your mind. Right I'm running out we don't what are we talk military before everything's on my mind. I did that respect to all law enforcement firefighters military. In the poor people to getting slaughtered raped and it has got to cut out across the world this is a major. Major world Croatia's should should not change to get people better wake up because. I agree with you by the way thank god please you'll love all the time you need that yes I agree with you criminal. Old world. Are you won't you know just 12 Hank let me interrupt for 12 and then I'll let you finish with a all the time you need. What what scares me so much about this tank is what I think is scaring so many people in America. That that if these individuals. These leftist you know individuals are so committed. To their ideology. That they'll just walk right up to two armed police officers and do this what kind of chance do you think that is that that leads regular people like human night. Exactly but see the thing is unless I miss sixty years old I was around in the sixties. I've probably got killed in Vietnam stepbrother sorry yeah yeah I I know what's going on I. The condition this second generation of the Weather Underground on steroids where the checkbook. In the power of the courts. This is the problem because they have taken the country if people don't know what the Weather Underground and Billy yes it is because he's a drones of that Barack. And then knocked down or stop. The worst is yet that term the next two years are going to be to worsen dangerous she is an exchange based apparently the history of this country. We waited for very diet diet turn to people don't understand. What these people are and what daily what they retention. And what they've goals. You know hey this is exactly why I wanted to have a Christmas show tonight you know where for two hours we could just look the world decide. And just laugh and be married and enjoy the Christmas spirit. That that the climate of this country just keeps denying to us and our children at every turn you know. And and then over the weekend it it it yeah and I think you're right I think over the next I think it's gonna get a lot worse before it's Kodak. It's gonna get ten times worse then that this is what they want. They create a crisis after crisis after crisis these are all created orchestrated. I mean that's the thing with a gracious thing at target. The woman did and Askgreta get the epidemic show wanted to bring up the show. Can be militia worker CNBC. Give me a break collection and no that was staged. Don't state these distant CEO of sorely pitches. Was one of the biggest emotional armor and ball collections. You know it's funny you mention North Korea Hank maybe I should have checked with Kim Jung owed on what I could talk about tonight you know a lot of pay Hank I've got a hold you dear we've got a lot of people on the board but I want to wish you a merry Merry Christmas and ducked and thank you so much for the call. What are sure sure glad we got a battery that copy the outcropping served time in slop. Information because I'm into like you are well guess earlier launch sometime in real you know talks. There's really bad things covered thoroughbred tumbling want to go. Well Hank I couldn't agree with you more and it's it's not it's there it's the biggest biggest reason on that drew an extremely private person like me. Out from my quiet life in here behind the microphone with a all of you because I I hate it that the truth of your call resonates with me. And I think it deeply resonates with a lot of callers. To Hank that. That that something is happening something is happening on the that there is an ideology there is a belief. That is spreading through our country like a virus it is swallowing the Democrat party it is swallowing the Republican Party it's swallowing all of our institutions and holidays. And now tragically. It's swallow when our our finest finest men and women on Al I wanna thank you for being so patient. And Europe next on the runny David Cho thank you so much for the call brother. All Tyrod Merry Christmas to you all hate. Thank you so much for taking my call. Hey real quick out before you say anything. It did it is it is is quite you've heard I you've heard salty might make a million calls and to talk radio was he right was my was my opening monologue a disrespect. Absolutely no reason not an end and and don't get me wrong I love I love my you know my you know we. You know Mike and I have had personal interactions you know we. Save your PSA hereof met him before yeah I just think he's so angry tonight now he's just got to directed somewhere. And I and I and I think you're right and again you know what god bless you Mike. You know when we all love you so armed before and I also want to say on behalf of the inner circle Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Oh thank you so much out thank you so much. Take just to piggyback on Linda call earlier. Did you see the reaction of the New York police department when the Bellagio was walking past them to get to this press conference. Yes they all turn their back garden. They turned their backs on that liberal puke who does nothing but disparage their importance. Does nothing but make them his personal tax collectors which led to the whole Erica artist situation to begin with the and to that I say good for them and god bless them. I agree with everything that you said thus far and lastly I will say. That there is blood on many people's hands and build the Bellagio is cheap amongst them as always you're doing a phenomenal job and keep fighting the good fight my brother got question. Hey god bless you Allan thank you so much for the call it you know like I said you know the drive in tonight. The drive in tonight it was a very peculiar drive and because I was so excited for all the Christmas treats and goodies and debts and fund. You know as a release as a release for all of this anti Christmas entry to anti traditional American values that. That's just been suffocating all of us and only getting worse every Christmas season and I thought that they show would be a wonderful. Are gathering placed all celebrate and be happy. And later on in the second hour of the show. All I'm going to talk about is Christmas and my favorite memories. Of Christmas and I've got a surprise special guest that'll be calling into. Todd has some very special perspective to offer. Armed but I just felt it would be dishonest to just pretend that this. The at least three awful tragedies to just pretend like they don't exist in just get right behind the microphone. Screaming Merry Christmas and talking about cakes and cookies and and candies I I I really felt. That that this needed to be addressed and that before we can all laugh you know and and that's what I'm saying I wanna dedicate. All all of the Christmas talked tonight. All of the celebration of all we love you know dedicate to the families. To the families of these fallen officers and I know that compared to how they must be feeling. That you that that must it must sound like an empty gesture and maybe just some of you out there that sounds like an empty gesture. But as Americans who care and love this country and appreciate our law enforcement appreciate our military. From where I'm sitting right now behind this microphone it's a very best that I can do. And that's what I am that's what I'm going to do tonight the very best that I can do. To tell it to celebrate Christmas to celebrate this wonderful time of year the best holiday ever. While at the same time are praying. Are praying for our fellow Americans that are in so much pain and grief tonight. We're gonna get right back tier phone calls right in icu what their video I see what their. Everyone's gonna have a chance to say everything they want right here on the runny David should stay tuned. Hello everybody from Worcester Massachusetts my name is blessed. Career. They're good out there myself. Better plan statement they get out I thought well. Quarterback mark little tree watering earning. Throwing lefty Greg to have record in the oil output but he lived his leg next morning and the local yeah. Petty things of water out there that he's gonna try and mom out of it not tough talk and get out there again yet. The because hey it's Saturday com. Ralph you've got a little bit of Mississippi late yeah. Who gets in my. Red lake is goat can't compete. Round wearing short answer. It's. Toward Warren though. He does laying its best solution and it's. Do you actually standing there in my living room. That's what they would come here I'm excited that do. And welcome back to the running didn't show every 1617266. 6868. Is the phone number to call Lynn it's 850 here on Boston's talk station. And six CD WRKO. Let's go right to the phones video wanna thank you for patiently waiting you're next on the run and David show Goran had been. Thank you so much trying to call us and believe me I would rather comment on something like Merry Christmas and I got some wonderful stories but. What I heard you talking about this. I'll just come to the point my cousin is the new York city police officer in fort Apache the Bronx. My daughter as a police officer down in Georgia. And believe me when I get these things going on. I am worried. Some poll has talked about blood on the hands of hopeful Bob Barr and Jackson and then and Al Sharpton that's true. But I would because they continuously. Would incite people. But this someone else at all or has responsibility for this and that but TV broadcasters. Whether they be and Massachusetts are crossed for country. They always referred to Fergus and as a white police officers shooting unarmed black man. They always get back behind me at that time after time that was their headlights putting tip on a fire and held there and now this Ronnie. Another poll or talked about the weather man this is something. That's really much bigger and I. This is publicly acceptable weather men Denny. Yeah this is publicly acceptable. Yeah but Ronnie. What Amanda are. Or these anti American things whether it's Christmas christianity or what or whatever it is. This is part. That has held the Bolshevik Russia and revolutions started. They really do want a revolution. They won't go away after anyone in authority and now they're going after the police. More video wanna thank you so much for the call and look in the second hour when we're talking about Christmas Vinny please call back and share your Christmas story it's okay please don't do any good what are all book while they call back in the second our share with Vasquez would love to hear it. That was pretty everyone as if some of you may not know Vinny Vinny beat cancer. It was real touch and go with Vinny for a little while. And Vinny beat cancer and I'm so happy to hear his voice tonight so happy to hear him well. A god bless you Vinny and thank you for the call let's go next to Ryan. Our Ryan I wanna thank you so much for calling and I won't waste any time go right ahead. Brian you keep copyrighted originally he showed up on the call screen is Ryan. That's up are you better replacement called strip off and I don't think he's he's awesome Sweeney is the man but go ahead and Brian are locked. What I wanna say whites everybody Mike's a great person Linda is a great press and everybody each greats and coo of the country except for a few more bats. Much probably just have a bad night but the focus is we got to stay strong Ronnie and what we all have to really focus on we all rolled into games. They have to be replaced. You know taken out of replacement would. People with common sense we all locally. Yes we knew Bobby white Mike's upset because it keeps going on every day in the nose. We see it every day day in and day out and everybody's getting frustrated and angry. But we all have to stay strong like eight and we got to remove these you know who we know they. Brian you know that's that's why I'm here tonight you know him well believe me it you'll never know what a difficult somber drive it was in here tonight. Planning huge Christmas show with so much tragedy going on I mean you've gotten and that's why I'm here. You know that's why I'm here. Strong warning that's what they might get a great American Linda as the great American you are great American Jeff isn't solely to everybody that called and except for maybe move that bill but not. You know this is what we have to do funny week week which we can't just let them you know when Wendell Wallach we got to keep fighting until weeks you know. And that's what they everybody's get frustrated all the because this scene that day in day. You know Brian this is why did an end this is what a format like this does she know this is how this is how people of our ideological. Ideological bent. This is how we handle our frustration this is how we protest peacefully. Broadcasting on radio peacefully calling in to speak to a broadcaster. Peacefully. Peacefully without snarling up traffic and ruining everybody's day. You know at that rally near the jets corner there I that the State Council I know. Talk yeah boy it was not incredible. That was incredible hey Brian have a very Merry Christmas. Until then everybody else did just. Stay strong and we'll get through all this because like you said this is what this has I expect a willing to look standup were caused. And no Willie not to. People at the score until. Everybody be strong and don't let it get feel and have a very Merry Christmas. Couldn't a said it better myself Brian thank you so much for the call hey let's go to Kevin our good friend of the show. Kevin you're up next go right ahead you're on the runny David show. Almost every Christmas to you running marries. This essay. And white liberal posts. I hope the greatest gifts does it brought this year is there any. Overcoming his kids say men both but hey man these odd lessons and to rusk. Even before he went on to their grueling grueling process of so many days of the week is elegant white meat every. I think it's depressing Serb Croat and country can be drawn to. And I would be remiss if they didn't touch based its home page he has his daughter in law enforcement. There was diving into wind sheet that came upon an accident with a problem into the waters. She told me into that ice to save the woman dead two and it brought not to vote. And so. I mean where would we be without the cat and. I opened the show. Our our decision Ramos. All of this is slew of New York City. And did gentlemen deposed by Charlie cake. And at the tip 22 opposite brings. Blogger dot. Are hot to grieve I love the monologue it's god bless Linda we have distraught but if you would say this that don't fight in this country. And it has spent the last six toast stepping he has. We hadn't talked about race come up until we're told that they can be met but those days of the sixties and seventies. And they are frightening times. And what are you met at a putt that progressives and the liberals we ought to keep it failed people let Mike talk. Mike and I got a man dictatorship has to this country at some rays sent provides. I know really need to know we can't be complacent and just forward spot is Barack Obama is. Does and wants to continue to divide. It did not helping the people all the cute but this week what what he did without congress approval. And I'm frankly some like this sudden with the appropriate. OK for brokering this deal without any contention to. Yeah unbelievable hey Kevin I'm more I wanna thank you so much for the call. I wanna wish you when your family a very Merry Christmas. And da and tell everyone who's called in to the show thus far during the first hour. I'm I just want to thank all of you for listening and thank you so much for your participation. And and helping me navigate. Tom through a very very very. Sad and very sad segment. On coming up next we're gonna talk Christmas for the last hour. And if they kills us we are going to laugh we're gonna share of good stories and we're going to do it to honor America and honor those that serve America please stay tuned to the runny David show right here on Boston's talked station. Hey M 680. WRKO love it. Plus a Merry Christmas everybody back and U Massachusetts was out of my mom Karen Murphy my dad Robert Rodriguez I want everybody to have a great next year flight fifteen that's what I night. It's Christmas 2000 board today but unfortunately. It's like the United States. The giant like dip stick topics you don't want romantic Christmas carols and Christmas trees. Banning all things Christmas and all dollars residents. There is a home how brave and noble man that America. There radio. Six variance. And experience them. Maybe. I am. Welcome back everybody. To this special edition episode nine and Ronnie. Christmas show it is 905. Here on the Braves go one and only Boston talk station ANC CDW RK you know. 617266686. TE is the number to call and participate. In tonight's Christmas special well we got through the first hour it was tough. I could not have done it without all of you out they're listening or participating again I cannot thank you enough. Bob but now. I'd despite how hard it may be for some of us. We are going to have a good time in this last hour we are going to laugh. In this last hour we're gonna share funny stories we're gonna share Christmas memories all of our good ones may be some not so good. But further further for the sake. For the sake of our fellow Americans that are without their loved ones tonight. I do to these awful awful police shootings offer them we are going to celebrate Christmas and and celebrated the way we remember it. What we were kids and that is going to start. Right out of the gate I have a special I'd guessed for all of you I would doubt like all the view to us say hello. To my mom. I'm going to call this section RPM. Or Ronnie is progressive mama. I'm wrong we need. US and let me. Mother are you think are you there are bother. You aren't aren't involved mom you know he did think I could have you want without doing something a little extra. Extra special for you month everyone please say hello to my mom. And it's real interesting to have my mom on. My mom agrees with very little that we think can say. You're on the Ronnie David show on my mom is a loud and proud progressive loves Elizabeth Warren loves Obama. I'm but what makes my mom different. Is that you know I ate I mean without art you know we've got a couple pretty good political fights mom but I've got to say you know like yeah I mean your nodded in your face zealot. You know my mom's not like that at all but the reason I wanted to have you won mom is that you and dad. Have given given us kids are on the oldest of four mom you have given us just some of the the most beautiful Christmas is ever. And it's so true and I I wanted to ask you tonight mom being on the other side of VIL. I'm you know what when we were kids you could have Christmas parties in schools you you insisted that we war are nice clothes to school and you know Ed and since you know that that the climate now mom. Is it just seems like this relentless war against Christmas you see the Christmas I specials disappearing from TV. Stations you see. You know there's no more Santa updates on the news about where Santa is in the sky. The stores are abandoning the word Christmas they're forbidding their cashier's is public policy to say Merry Christmas. You know they did these kids all throughout all our elementary schools there's no more Christmas parties now mom you know what. What's going on mob why do you think that is. I really don't know I I mean everything has become so secular. But you know I'm a Christian progressives and Christmas is a Christian holidays there's just no denying that and you mentioned store clerks than last year. I was an it department store and I said Merry Christmas to the clerk when she was stunned ringing out my things. And I could see she wanted to respond in kind but couldn't. And you know that's quite dad died. Those of us to believe. It's just have to go why believing more shed any light sockets out of it I mean if local ordinances say you can have nativity scenes that. Public buildings are whatever you know scriptures that is rendered its heyday of the things that are caesar's and to god the things that are kind. So we have to Obey what these ordinances are but we still have freedom of speech. So anyone is free to put in nativity scene on their front line that's that's what they wish to do that. That's constitutionally. Guaranteed it is freedom of speech and I just dumping Christians should change the way. They do things this bizarre thing Christmas bazaar. Holiday we reiterate it did he is the birth of Christ for Iraq. And nothing should be able to change that I don't care anymore and out believes when I believe I believe it. I would think your recruitment to. My friends I eat you know I know you're not gonna say Merry Christmas to it would Jewish parents say it would be insulting. You wouldn't say Merry Christmas to mudslides and hate they don't believe it would be insulting. I'd. You know Merry Christmas to me means. Have a great celebration of the birth of Christ and that's how I feel. And this is why I really wanted to have you won mom because I think a lot of my listeners feel. Bomb that that it's almost an exclusively. It that this is almost exclusively driven from the progressive side of the idol. This this this spin on Christmas you know like the saying. That you know that not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims you know people kind of see the same thing with Christmas mom that. You know that not all progressives are atheists but all atheists almost always seem. To be progressives that the that the one parent complaining about Christmas at school is almost always a progressive Democrat. The about marsh field public workers putting up a Merry Christmas signed before that was pulled down all of you know end. I mean. It's not a myth mom because it really does seem that that a lot of this anti Christmas sentiment. Seems to be generated from the progressive side of the island yet. You know I don't mean you're as progressive as they get mom and and you don't feel that way at all why why that disconnect on the progressive side of the aisle do you think. Forty think that audio or do you think that on your debt it's not like a progressive think. You know I don't really outdated. Art atheists progresses. Primarily I don't know. But I do know what I think and believe and I believe in Christ and I believe president. Celebrate the birth of Christ. And you know I heard the argument made that you know Christmas actually take place on a pagan holiday. And apparently that's true I know it story and I'm no expert but. Apparently. Emperor Constantine wanted to. Create a holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ it was a Christian convert. And she wanted his people to become Christian convert and so. He chose the pagan holidays. To kind of bombed. Jerod and man I gas and many historians out there please please feel free to correct me but that's my understanding. So the argument really is bogus because. The holiday was created his celebrate the birth of Christ in a court Christ's birthday we don't know what Matt Wise. I I think got you mom I think the listeners would love to know you know I'm one of four what what will we like what with a four of us like on Christmas as kids. It worked great. And you were. Just keep it to where we were kids mom if you get in so when I was a teenager in my early twenties all news to drop something on our. I you sleep very grateful. Fur or whatever you got hands. Your brother always took apart is Christmas to get hit the other works. Everything did the where everything right. Everything. And food you want it whereas you know certain things start to cabbage patch doll do you wanted to tell that story is terrible all. All very very quickly mum please do yup we. I had a cabbage patch doll they were all the rage and couldn't find YC yeah how has been located one. I had an Italian American club in Boston and it was going for a 125. Dollars which lies. Big big money at the time I don't think it'd. Side. Your father one enterprise than any picked up this style unfortunately she had all Italian adoption papers and is the pride in hated the doll. This. So and a month later I want not already aired America. Cabbage patch kid him about that initiated that'd. And that was the end of it so the dark just got kicked around. Well mom I'm so glad that you have the time to call in tonight and I'm so glad that the audience got a chance to want to hear you would say hello to you thank you so much mom and I just want you to know before you hang up just how much I love you and just how grateful I am for the incredible Christmas is. That they that you gave assault are growing up you were a UN doubt we're just always so wonderfully generous at christmastime regardless of what we had a didn't have for money. And I just want you know I love you mom. I love you too I am really grateful fair use thing that. Are no problem god bless you mom have a great night I'll talk to you later are you got it. Hey that was my mom every 1617. 2666868. Is the phone number how long before we go to break it drives in time to talk Christmas a little bit here. I'll awesome up got five minutes. Christmas Christmas Christmas I'm sick of people ruining Christmas for everybody this tiny minority of people. Just ruining Christmas for everybody dragging their ideological boots all over the single greatest holiday ever. I mean yeah at what point did it I mean I had Christmas parties when I was a kid going to school and they were the most wonderful wonderful wonderful events ever. They were the best events ever and like I did so with my mom the first thing you did which you wore your best clothes were at and I'm talking like third grade fourth grade. Fifth grade. About that age you wore your best clothes whatever you felt you are best clothes you wore your favorite shirt your favorite shoes your favorite sneakers. And you got to decorate the whole school. In Christmas decorations you got to make those red and green construction paper chains right. You got to put up the big giant CNN stuff all over school and the entire school was filled. With nothing but Christmas and then you got to decorate your classroom Christmas tree where you got to make the ornaments you self. Or you got to bring the men and you decorate the whole Christmas tree with ornaments and then it will we did anyway. Down on the South Shore is that the whale worked was everybody wrote their name on a piece of paper and deported into what hack and then everybody drew names. And whatever name you got there was like a five dollar limit on a gift that you could get him. You know so was really cool to find out you know like there and it was always the girls that had to know. To which you cat what they can't where they get who they get everyone had to know who everybody got and people would do the private swaps like if they got. The name of somebody that they don't like you you know you'd look for somebody else to trade names with. To get a name of somebody you know that you could live with. And we had so much fun and then all my god forget it the whole elementary school filled with the smell of cookies. And cakes and pastries. And all of these wonderful things and then the kids that were really good at singing. You know there was always that small group of kids that even as kids they you know they they were out front and as performers. And they would sing beautiful Christmas carols. Which sing beautiful Christmas carols with that the teacher would read awesome Christmas stories. The classrooms would be covered with lights you could leave the classroom and go and everybody else's classroom. I mean it was the best time ever. And how it's all gone. And now it's all gone and look I'm only 45. I'm only 45 I mean I'm not battled it wasn't that long ago. And yet now all of that is gone because somehow schools that are without all of back. Somehow school is better without Christmas. All these wonderful incredible things that I know a lot of you experience to an elementary school and for it and and somehow. These progressive. Educational zealots feel that now that that's its big kids have more fun without all of that. I mean isn't it knots. And here's one of the things that I would love to point out. To anyone I hope they're listening that's a devout progressive atheist that celebrates. Every single year that this know Christmas in school. I want you to think about the poor kids that you went to elementary school with. The port kids whose parents couldn't afford retreat. The poor kids whose parents couldn't afford presents the Christmas party at school was their Christmas. There was this Christmas so even though really really poor kids. Got to enjoy Christmas got to eat cookies and cakes got to sing Christmas Carol's got to decorate your tree got to decorate the school. Had a gift waiting for them under the tree at school. So even the poorest kids that you went to school with got to experience Christmas at school if god forbid their parents would just to pour. To be able to give them the kind of Christmas that they wanted to give them at home. We have got calls for waited on the board of people that wanna share their Christmas stories it's make in my heart swell I'm so happy to see Bryan up there. Video parents saw one let's get to all these calls let's get to these great stories let's celebrate Christmas right here on Boston stock station. AM 680 WRKO let's. Don't appear and Timothy Broncos who have sluggish out my dad and my mom of Massachusetts and down Florida just my wife. Love you very much I'll see when I get back to finish out my vision on this very much. And keeping in school yeah. Because of conspiracy and let me. Representative salinas' angry parents and ask why their child to. Sosa Nichols zealotry is Chris and won't see Christmas tree and won't be allowed to say Merry Christmas at the school's winter party. Why are we having issues within on places. The parents supported the Republican and emails sent out by the organizer of the school's winter. Even if they were three rules listed for the party no reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday. No red or green or Christmas trees and nothing mental state in the car. There HP 30 wait for the Mary Christmas law. It allows students and staff at schools in Texas just say Merry Christmas happy Chanukah unhappy holidays. Perry signed it into law earlier this year this week Texas values and conservative. Released or greedy it's a holiday reminder that new rule. At Disneyland the state taxes this bunny is joining in the fourth largest media markets in the state and closes the voice of the child. Soon yeah. And welcome back to the running David's show Christmas special everyone. Right here on Boston stock station AM six CD WRKO. It is 9256172666868. Is the phone number. I make it. I can you imagine how over a winter party where you can't Wear reading green and you can't say Merry Christmas and you I mean it. You gotta be kidding me I feel so truly sorry. For our for young kids today they don't get to experience that joy. Of going to school and enjoying a Christmas party and and the wonderful Christmas to our displays its stores that are shrinking. And all the wonderful. Our Christmas tree lights that you know slowly but surely every year it seems like. Less and less homes are putting up those beautiful Christmas tree lights which makes me appreciate. The people that do I even more I'm so thankful this year I live on the street where just about every house has wonderful. Our Christmas lights I I'm so happy about it but look. Let's get to the phones enough for me Brian and I wanna thank you so much for waiting on hold Europe next with runny David on the runny David Christmas show go right ahead Mary Chris. So hopeful this happens all of hope hole it's takes riding all score us what's on your mind. Yet it's happened back in the 1962. At my grandmother's house with him well. I liked it already did not strike me out of back in the days we all got together. We're also Iran won't ready to open I guess in the first gift was given to my father had a pretty good sized blocks. When he opened it up because now this happened don't forget back in the 1960s. Not happened late today so don't get the wrong idea. When we opened the box and had a bunch of bras and it keeps. Pivotal bayou. I think it was my grip like I said she put the runways that's particularly on the package. That's right so that happened in the sixties. All that's awesome idea wasn't Christmas when you were a kid just the best Bryant. You know what is on sale we all got together everybody right right. They don't that's why I was back in the sixties that's right said. Hey Brian I want to thank you so much for calling in sharing a funny story and Merry Christmas to you and and everyone in your family now. Yeah and I hope everybody has the safe and happy Merry Christmas also. Thanks. Your mouth to God's yes Brian thank you so much for the call take. Our our Mae and Freddie called Barack. I'm so glad that you did many welcome back to the runny David show ends up please tell your Christmas story brother. Okay Ruddy I'm glare at the previous caller talked about a story in the sixties because that's might that I have a story like that. In the early sixties and by the way the colts green right estimate he knew who Perry Como what he says. I think you know so I'm just gonna happen the first plane that Perry called go to the older generation back then. Would like it was his famous is Elvis Presley. So here we go. My two way to take puke my cousins. Christmas Eve mass. Perry Como sang ave Maria during holy communion. If that would that would that that would amassed with ended. What do my answer was waiting at a car in the Asia was at a dark area sitting. First seat on the drive that started. I'm on a drive at the right. A Pall mall Perry almost caught looked at was would parked right in the same area he accidentally gets in the wrong car. He closes the door opens up his coat. Take out of cigarettes start smoking and meanwhile my little tiny add delete or is there in shock the court. Perry Como is is that doctors are right he's that she's been shocked her mouth is wide open she's wont then. And then she screamed. Perry age and it looked that are I think that what some in the wrong car. And she grabbed the whole book at him almost attack and the poor guy. Meantime my husband and I have my other rant we we got up to the car she wouldn't let him out of the car she's. Yeah now that she's really excited. And so basically. I tell that story every Christmas Eve and yet I got a chance to meet Perry called alt well. All Vinnie that's great hey before I let you go vigna what was your favorite Christmas present that you ever got as acute. You go nice. And I was playing it on Christmas Day early in the morning. Like about 36 o'clock when I got up and my parents were still sleeping. Oh good lord god bless them but hey Vinny thank you so much for calling back and have a wonderful Christmas songs like god I don't just some god is good then you beat cancer dude. You beat cancer. Yeah yeah yeah. And I thank you to run him Merry Christmas. It off thank you so much any. When we come back from this next break I'm going to share my favorite Christmas presents with you I'm gonna share my favorite Christmas stories and memories with you and welcome you invite you to call in and do the same right here on the runny David show stay tuned. I my name is major Jeff mills station here in Wiesbaden Germany and wanna say happy holidays can be said Carter performance right moment friends and Pittsfield Massachusetts. Don't go can we deceive and. You can't answer a simple question so if you had your way you say you want to wipe Israel off the map. You want Israel destroyed you don't want the State of Israel because you have this deal and here's the point I'm trying to make you and I will finish my thought. You believe that every woman non Muslim Muslim woman to Wear burqa your fascist you wanna brand that down people's throats you wanna cut off a little. Excuse me I'm not finished. You wanna cut off people's hands that's the only you wanna stone people to death and they commit adultery you wanna rob Israel's land in your justified. And I believe hell you don't have the courage to admit it but your bit of a coward. That you believe that people that killed 3000 Americans and go and I haven't. And they're gonna get 72 virgins so to what you say can you not stand back from his sick twisted bizarre ideology here to see that. Those 3000 people were innocent victims are. Can you not see that. No you can get on eventually got your your I can live in Israel to halt fighting sir please thank you so very much information do people behind him. I will not be exploited unlike guys in America and Britain and in the western countries. You have the basically run some of those who live as citizens unlike automobile didn't want to but I must let business citizen under Sharia where I got a landmark New York. Callous fade and you're away alive and if I don't. I'll night. And welcome back to the Christmas show everyone it is 936. Here on Boston's talk station. AM 680 WRKO. 6172666868. Is the phone number I am wishing all of you away very very Christmas. Merry Christmas. Now. I I never come into the studio to do was show. I dress like a bomb right Ed I don't pay eight you know casual but tonight. I wore are a really nice sweater with an Oxford shirt and a tie. And everything. I I can't remember the last time I put on a tie but for some reason I just dressed to the hill coming in. To do the show tonight because it it kind of felt like a Christmas party and maybe part of me wanted to. May be part of me wanted to re live. You know putting on my nicest clothes are going to love my elementary school Christmas parties and just what it what a shame. What a shame. That today's children. Are deprived of that incredible joy. Of coming to school and celebrating Christmas I mean like when I was a kid. I remember distinctly that there was a Communist. Family pay I I went to school with a kid whose father was a real devout Communist always elements agreement. And you know they gave his son and excused absence for the day and that's what they do for someone of a different religion you could either you know celebrate with a everybody. Or you can just take the day off if you parents really objected. You know and and what a shame. What a shame that that simple common sense approach I can't be I can't be employed today now I've got a lot of questions for all of you. That I want you to call Lynn. And I want you to talk to me about what would you favor Christmas traditions what are your favorite Christmas memories. What was your favorite Christmas present ever what was your least favorite present ever. How about your school Christmas parties what would they like. What are your favorite Christmas specials and movies. I love Santa Claus is coming to town. I love Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Rudolph shiny new year those Rankin bass clay nation though stop playing nation specials. National importance Christmas vacation way up they are a Christmas story you'll shoot your eye out kid I watched that every year and a less. Well known one it was an HBO special called and that waters jug band Christmas. That I just loved loved loved. As a kid but I wanna know what all you are special favorite memories aren't favored special things. You know I'll share a real quick Christmas story with you and then open it up to the phones again. I have a younger Brothers Steve. And like my mother said when she called in earlier. Steve Steve would enjoy every Christmas present. For alike may be a few hours before you had. To take it apart in fact I think one of his Christmas presents that he wanted with screwdrivers and pliers and everything to help them better take apart. His Kristi is Christmas presents like remember that big track. It kind of look like a space futuristic tank and you could program men how far forward you wanted it to go and then writer left to whatever. I mean he enjoyed it for I don't know how long before he had to take it apart and find out how what worked and sometimes he could put it together and sometimes he couldn't. But stay with my brother one Christmas I want to save my brother was about seven or eight. But he had just made it up in his mind that he was going to meet the real Santa Claus no matter what. So here's what he hears what he did. He decided to set up an elaborate array of trip wires around our family Christmas tree and we had a big old green chair. Right near the Christmas tree that he decided he was gonna sleep behind so he took a bunch of fishing line. And tied little cans and bells and anything that he could and all around the Christmas tree was this big elaborate network of trip wires. And so he slept behind the tree. With a all of this stuff tied to his leg so if anyone pulled on it not only would you hear all the stuff. But it would pull a need and he had one of those little Polaroid Cameras ready to snap a picture of Santa. Any finally went to sleep. Determined. That he was gonna catch CNET in the act and have a chance to meet soon after. Here's what happened. My brother woke up in the morning. All the trip wires were left completely on disturbed. All of the president's worst act under the tree around all the trip wires. And as a tradition we left out a glass of milk and some cookies. Every Christmas Eve percent to. So in the morning. None of the trip wires disturbed all the presents under the tree. The milk drank the cookies eaten and a little note on the empty plate that said nice try kid loves Santa. And I will never ever ever forget that. I'll never forget how hard I laughed and I'll never forget. My Brothers ingenuity and how angry that he was that he got. Outsmarted. By say Erica but before I share anymore my own personal stories are really wanna get to yours. Vivian I see you up on the board I want to thank you so much to calling into the runny David showed tonight hero Boston stock station AM 680 WRKO. Please go right ahead. And Merry Christmas to you vivienne. Christmas to you yeah right and you can't wait all thank you so much how will your Christmas has grown up and thank god for you mom she seemed like a wonderful lady. Yeah I mean she's as aggressive as they get but she's a reason she's reasonable. You know at what she's reasonable. Happy about it there why are no way isn't that the truth is your mom is not that way at all no ad you know and and to be fair there are people like out on both sides of the dial. Until but my mother's as progressive as they get but she is no anti Christmas zealot you know it. Al Davis beautiful Christmas since. Another thing I'd like to have Jeff Cole and cook it for giving you an opportunity. Act to be an act chaos on Sunday evening it's been refreshing. Did you and I hope it continues I really don't. All Vivian from your mouth to God's ears I was gonna get to that a little later stay on the line you don't have to get off yet. But one of the things that I am so grateful for this Christmas season. I is that opportunity that I was given. No no I know broadcast resonate all know vocation and broadcasting. I was a completely unknown and unproven untested commodity. And Bill Cook seek and WRKO. And Jeff Koon are gave me a chance they gave me a chance and I don't know how many talk. I don't know many how many people around talk radio now Vivian. That just had no background in it before they got into Witten and just got on the air because a radio station like this awesome radio station WRKO just. You know took a chance to see what would happen but I am so grateful. I'm so grateful to like to cook seek to crooner to Brittany. Tom for our job putting the podcasts out there it's RK oh I'm so glad that you brought that up Vivian. On a really I it's it's a dream come true and I'm so glad you're enjoying it. That's good track thank you very much Randy to recognize different Palin or something and I was on the right. I can't get brought up in knots and they do all the Franco American rock and aged. And my and I remember when I was little they had just this chapel was beautiful chapel little angels little chairs that painted on the feeling. Beautiful little Angel writing the opportunity itself. And I remember I've hanging with my sister Elise is saying the midnight mass. And leases saying. It eating needed DP nap time meaning he is on the design and at least the thing that's French. And so that the that the memories that I will never pick ax. And I also want them might definite presence that I they had I think I was about six years old. I would hit a lip and a little black golf. From the same path a little black doll like couldn't believe it. Q at night favorite doll. And I would carry he'll learn a little until altar in the downtown shopping like that action and Lou blocked by the church can't get in another potentially going to check that they allow the god. Thank you know you had your doll. And I remember I think I'm on my mom ideology black NG it won't see her back. That's sweet and then we don't that is sweet. Yeah fell within its Merry Christmas deal he'll listen there is that not correct that family. And that just you know give somebody else the chance to talk Merry Christmas. All Vivian god bless you and have a wonderful Merry Christmas yourself. Thank you for the kind words and sentiments too I really really appreciate it. We're gonna come right back from the spray can wrap up tonight's runny David show so don't go anywhere you're listening to Boston stock station AM six CDW RKL. Hello everybody from Worcester Massachusetts. My name is. Let's go Riley on the other problems I'm stationed in Okinawa Japan comes with Marie we head towards what we won and I like to say to all my friend your friends happy holidays and have a happy new year. I'm Steve sick cows give former Wall Street insider. Yeah. Mrs. Obama did not lose the. Well done really wish it were uploaded packed and they talk about Santa Claus there's so much. Happiness in the world poor misguided folks. They missed the whole point. Lots of them have been. Maybe so Hulu doesn't Santa takes a little bit of that I'm happy this way. Doesn't a smile on Christmas morning spectrum. Cry in the center. What would happen if we all tried to be like Santa and learn to give. Put ourselves. And our hearts. Maybe we can all learn centers beautiful less. Maybe there would finally be consumer. Hey it's getting laid my gut these letters to deliver. You better be getting home to and remember. Behaviors so. That's right behavior cells and welcome back to the Ronnie data show 617266. 6868. Is the number right here on Boston's talked station AM six CDW RKL. You know. Fred Astaire they are from Santa Claus is going to town. Full disclosure when I watch those claim nation Christmas specials I cried like a freak in baby. Even to this day. You know when you hear the songs like put one foot in for they there are all right I just lose it. I just lose it I absolutely lose at that has never changed so I never watch those around the nieces and nephews because I just lose it. And you know to wrap up the show I don't wanna leave my dad. Out of this I have some great Christmas memories with my dad and oddly enough. One of my favorite Christmas memories was going to the dumped after Christmas with my dad with a all the wrapping paper. And the whole lot take the line at that dump which just go back for ever. Everybody was loaded up with wrapping paper. And me and my brother just thought it was so cool to Jesse. All this wrapping paper rolled just piled in 21 spot at the dump and get to see the boxes of what all the other kids got for Christmas we loved going to the dump with my dad. We also love going to get the treat. With my dad. You know my dad would pick and look and pick and look and hold him out and hold him out and hold amount. And we gather around it would look and we decided would look and we decide. And I can I can smell the pine trees right now at the flower place where we used to go and get them. I can I can hear my father asked him the guy for twine and saying hey look I just bought a treat the least you can do was throw winsome twine you know. I can hear all of it I loved going to get the tree with my dad. Out very quickly before I get to the phones my favorite toys. That those slot card Tyco race car sets with a little race cars one of my absolute favorite Christmas presents of all time. The Batman and Robin alarm clock that actually talked. I would say quick Robin it's time to wake our friends I'd set the alarm to go off every five minutes just to hear about man. And Robyn talk. Anything that flew those balsa wood airplanes with the propellers might edit stuff a couple of the stockings and I would be set for ever. I loved GI Joseph I love taught wheels. I do all my god when we got a Tariq. When we got to Tyree for the first time and god bless my parents does growing up they were Reno both working class we were a working class family. You know my dad and mom Morton made out of money. But boy did they really make sure that we had wonderful Christmas Susan you know I sometimes you do you have to get a little older in life. To have the perspective to look back. And appreciate. Just how many sacrifices your parents made for you I know that sometimes you know go especially don't do you teens twenties and thirties and all that. There can be a lot. Of lot of disconnect in discord that happens with Stanley. But I'll tell you when I look back at and I look at all the sacrifices my mom and dad made. You know it just transcends any political difference. That that we could ever have or any difference at all for that matter but. The Christmas show is for you so let's get to you is that I've been up there Yvonne you're up next on the runny David show welcome and thank. You so much at all this president's. Made a commitment. I don't I don't you sound like don't you sound like a little sweetheart. I have to be yanked because you counteract and yes they are and the mansion on benches are watching too. Well. You a couple of funny Christmas presents and I come from I came from the same with seven hits and we didn't have much money. And one Christmas. The four of a girl who relate. I don't know like 45 and six we got. For directive that would that this thing would push so excited we award those Fashion Week that we put it that's great and then when I get older my ethnic. Saw a picture but in that threat to their knees that. And you went to Catholic school. Can't. I can't figure. We'll I think that would I don't look at gotten them. Like as a donation unlike the Turkish cooking. So like that that would that let me Christmas time. Thought that's you know an end this and it is shame before I let you go how the grace and beauty of Christmas that we knew. Growing up this is just being like erased a way like it never existed today. Yeah I just can't I can't believe that eight year old kids are are going to. Going to school without experiencing a Christmas party I mean it's it's just such a shame. Well I have a daughter that's a teacher and I know that that's like a no no don't say that horrible you know think Christmas seller you know. So you know it is. I mean you you can you can get a bunch of eight year old still hold up I can't breathe signs and protest but they can't say Merry Christmas and have a Christmas track eight. It's unbelievable I hate not hate god bless you for the call and have a merry merry wonderful Christmas. Hadn't yeah thanks to a they and we thank you so much for calling let's get to another call. Jeanine is it Jeannie. Hey what I yellow of the L all of so happy to hear. Us. Could thigh and remember I heard about nine year old. Back in 64 out more about but anyway I'm we were at six scared I won my other five the very. And my dad had an out plowing old colleague here at the current panic any clout now to make extra money. Any point how many said okay let's go when he got to act from a neighbor we lent a hand out when it was thought boy. Any truck without ever try to chop down a bit straight. Am well or talk about the purity some amount of police came by and app there you know. He actually had to do different that triggered I'll look up. And he said yeah I you'll probably not the bike I mean I think six kids if you wanna take it away from up. And then he said very content the last and then we went probably dragged the true advocate Fowler. And now can't because playing that night and it came not compatible shabby and read every I'll never forget. And not and he came in front so I usually my ankle Yemeni. I knew it might they aren't good Emmy that I never said knock them took a look at 'cause they floor of that and a club right our top. And how it went in the basket and says I love might have been doing that that we are we were pretty well we didn't have money. Provided treat ready tech without even the permanent. We were out retreat. Apology thank you so much for calling in and sharing that wonderful Christmas story that's indeed these are exactly the kind of stories that I was really really hoping. That all of us were here tonight and are. Talk god bless you and because of that the wonderful show participation tonight with heard some fantastic. Some fantastic Christmas stories. Christmas is just four days away. I can't wait for it. I I just can't wait for I can't wait for Christmas Day I you know I I do a lot of talking with god on Christmas Day giving thanks for a lot of things. They are a previous caller on the head kind of stole the thought bubble right off my head of just how grateful I am to be working. Grateful for my for my day job as a as a municipal worker I do I enjoy serving people. I do. I really do get a lot of satisfaction from serving people. And working with police officers you know as often as I do I it just it really really hit BD how those. How those officers must be feeling. This weekend and I'm so so grateful. For the opportunity to reach out and have a discussion. With all of you. That's the music that says episode nine of the runny David show has come and gone I can't thank you enough. For calling in god bless each and every one of you may all of you have a wonderful. Wonderful Christmas and please keep the people that you love close. Celebrate them cherish them. And really together somehow some way we are all going to get through this. Good night god bless you and Merry Christmas thanks.