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No Police = No Peace

Dec 23, 2014|

We still try to make sense of this anti-police feeling sweeping the country.

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103691. Boston's talks to you shouldn't AM six AB WRKO bust and an HD TU 93 point seven WEEI. I'm Angela Anderson and here's what's happening. Starting in New York City where mayor build a glossy oh is asking that protesters hold off on their demonstrations against police until two officers killed in an ambush on Saturday. Can be laid to wrap. To get everyone to move away. From anger to hatred of their differences we have to address them peacefully. A funeral for officer Rafael Ramos and be held this Saturday off so when Jen lose a funeral will be held one's family members arrive in the US from China. His widow speaking to reporters yesterday. I'll unnamed. And you. Well tensions between new York city police in their mayor are mounting here in Boston a different story with mayor Marty balls making one thing clear to police. He's got their back and respects there. Ernie David please brought to weren't. I think we have to understand and respect the lines here that what's happening and not confused until I think it's important first set to continues and that message we've done an Airbus. The mayor making those comments during a promotional ceremony for police yesterday. The US not dropping any hints that it is behind an Internet outage in North Korea key North Korean web sites are back on line. After a more than nine power outage that filed in US not to respond to wake crippling cyber attack on Sony Pictures. The Washington blames on our country only a small approved a segment of the North Korean population even has Internet access. Australians prime minister warning residents to stay alert amid an increasing threat of terrorist activity. There has been IE heightened level of terrorist chatter in the aftermath of the not imply siege that's why it's important that people remind a list and a way yeah. Tony Abbott says he has received a that a intelligently. Urged again now strains to stay vigilant. A career criminal who styled himself fishy Calvin several hostages last week. He was killed along with two hostages and police stormed back cafe. Lawyers they show hards and I have watched court officials to control demonstrations by people who call themselves supporters of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect. And emotion vowed yesterday defense attorneys say the demonstrations with friends or knives right to a fair trial. Some so called supporters have opposed espoused a government conspiracy theories to explain the bombing. A former Boston College football player is not going to jail for the beating of a homeless man and Alston. Craig Parsons admits he attacked a fifty year old panhandle are in January after a brief argument. At a co defendant attacked the man as well stopping and slamming his head into the side mark. Parsons was sentenced to five years probation his attorneys say that's fair. He has paid the price he's paid a price already had help pay a price in the future. He's certainly someone who has done a tremendous amount of other good things in this life but it's one. Unfortunate night and home life of an individual that as and spent very well other than that. Parsons was expelled from Boston College after his arrest. Aaron Hernandez being transferred back at the Bristol county house of correction he's been housed in Boston for convenient access to his attorneys. Another preparing for an upcoming murder trial in Fall River the first trial will take place next month. For the killing of voted Lloyd Hernandez will be moved to Bristol county on January 8. His friend Zach Carlos Ortiz in earnest Wallace are both charged with murder in the Lloyd case as well. And neighbors in these small town of Harvard less than jolly over the district's decision to have classes. On Christmas leave the superintendent said the plan is too often snow days taken with the elimination of closures on. Some religious based holiday so tomorrow has now become a casualty with. Three hours of instruction plans will officials anticipating a small turnout from students. And most of the teachers have taken the day off as well we are seeing now fairly light volume this holiday week but a little slow 190s reordering of the details in a moment. Congratulate Hanover street chop house in Manchester, New Hampshire for being named one of the best. 100 steak houses by open payables 2014 Dinah stories award for the country's top steak restaurants. Too busy running your business to monitor online reviews stick your free reputation tool to see reviews competitors and ranking go to reviews about Meade dot com enter promo code busy. You can text into the WRKO studio. Any time with him retire Boston text line. 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Painter might have played this season they've prepared for an extreme weather hits bosh I thought it was clear blacks as 365. Long lasting performance because lie. You botched cares about what's ahead visit Bausch. 88 feet dot com the Wii forecast fourth Celtics at the magic tonight Bruins as the predators weather today to see some rain 46. Light rain tonight then showers overnight low of 45 tomorrow rain 53 right now. 43 degrees in Boston at 605 on WR KL. 606 here on the great WRK. OK I am sick stay in Boston new. 93 point seven W. WER. Lawrence Boston good morning Bob. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldogs are 6172666868. Is the number OK my friends. We're gonna try to lighten it up a little bit today. Over the course of the show we yard you know couple days away from Christmas. And air tomorrow is Christmas Eve and so. You know I don't wanna. Keep talking about some of these depressing news stories it's it's good to take a break once in awhile however. However. This. This story. In the shooting of the two police officers. I'm in in New York. In Brooklyn. Who by issue male bring easily this story just will not die it just will not die. And I've got to tell you it's. It's incredible. It's just absolutely incredible here's this story. This hot tip to CNN they had a reporter bare so are Gannon on the ground so. You know. This city is now in mourning all over the assassination. And the execution. Of two NYPD. Cops to a New York police department officers. Rafael Ramos a family man with children. And where engine Liu who now leaves behind a widow and a very very grieving family. They were executed. With four bullets both of them shot in the head from behind. By this this maniac this cycle pop ish male brings. Simply because there were cops in retaliation. And revenge. For allegedly what had happened to big Mike and to Eric garner inched up moment. And so the site of the execution. Has now become in a sense in memorial site. They makeshift memorial has been created. Where police officer's. Family members of the police friends. Of the are not of the two officers killed. Have now been pouring in. Carrying flowers. Carrying candles. Leaving behind what any little tokens. But to remember them and to honor them. And you would think. But he's rabble Rouse yours. You would think. That piece of moon bats. And anarchist and Communists. And anti police provocative worse. That they would have a shred of decency. And at least while the family members are mourning the death. Of these two police officers are the bodies are still might even cold yet forgot six. That they would at least hold off on the protests. With their bogus hangs up dole short black lives matter no justice no peace. Normal normal. I kid you not. Yesterday's CNN. Reported. That. Already a group of protesters. Were at that memorial site in the exact spot where devotional cops were assassinated. And they started yelling at the police. They started yelling at the officers. Who were fair. To mourn to honor to remember their fallen comrades their fallen Brothers. And they're yelling at them. Hands up don't show. No justice no peace. Black lives matter. How few people. Most sense of decency and. Have you know changed. And then there's big bird build the Bellagio. Who now is coming under intense fire rightly so many are now calling for his resignation. Rightly so. Because here is the man who directly fanned the flames of hatred and division. Here is the man who has been helping with this I'm ceasing propaganda. Villa fine the police. Vilify and law enforcement. Inflaming. Our African Americans. In communities all across New York. To somehow think there's a war on the by the cops. And now you have big bird build the blahs EO. Openly now saying. That well the protesters should hold off please please please. Until after the funerals please at least until they put a bodies into the ground. Please don't stand there at the memorial site and basically mocked a police officers. Please don't do that. Don't I'm big bird and I am asking you and I'm baffled Sesame Street bullies don't do that. Don't mock the police officers. Are you kidding me. Well he's basically saying is it's okay to protest. It's okay. But just come on now wait to race. Come on up please let him what are our reef on the coffin ought to put a coffin in the ground and then you can start protesting all over again. Who gave the so called protesters. The right to block traffic. Who gave these protesters the right. To block the Brooklyn Bridge or who gave these protesters the right to block the highway east who gave him the right. I keep hearing people all the time so all often is more American and a protest like. Excuse me. It sucked you need a lawful assembly. You have to have a permit any designated area the you don't have a right to just close down traffic. You don't have a right to just close down what they try to do here. 9395. The pike he don't have a right to do that that's a threat to public safety. Somebody's got to how heart attack or whatever needs to get an ambulance the Amber's house to take them to the hospital here blocking traffic dot person is dead. You don't have the right to do the act. That's mob rule. We've now given in to the mall. I now build of Lazio's telling them just keep right on protesting. Where he should be telling them. Because he want to these are gutless coward. You have blood on your hand it's. Do you words of one chanting what do we want to dead cops when do we want it now. And let me tell you my friends what I believe now he's extremely dangerous. And there's no getting around this and original sugar coating this I know Christmas is around the corner. Believe me I'd the last thing I wanna do is be talking about race relations. But reality is reality is reality. And this is where we find ourselves today at this moment. When you take a city like New York. And as I was mentioning this the Cooke's yes and we're talking about show prep and what we're gonna do today and what angles were gonna take on stories. And I said cook's book. You have to understand and everybody has to understand. Boston is a big city. Boston is a metropolitan city don't get me wrong. It's it's a big markets city it's like Atlanta it's like Miami. It's like Dallas there's no question about it. But New York is a megawatt Bullock's. It's like London or Paris. Or a wrong hole or Tokyo there's a handful of city east. That our show big. And so fast and show populated and so congested. They're almost would you call a city state they're almost a country. And when you have that many ethnic groups. And that many racial groups. Which so much pension and and an antagonism. Problems and Crown Heights problems in Brooklyn between blacks and Jews or Italians and blacks are. Whatever it is when you have that kind of tension. Already latent in a city. It's a potential tinderbox. And the only thing. Got a hold this CD together. Is it a fin. Blue to red. And that the blue threat. Is the New York police department. And once you start tearing away at a threat. Tearing away at that social filed work cutting the way I threat. You are gonna be inviting lawlessness. You're going to be inviting barbarism. You're going to be inviting a complete breakdown in law and order. You know what you gonna how Ferguson. But Rick LaRoche. Ferguson for 8101214. Million people. That's richer are gonna have. And that's why as a mayor eyes a leader. You dole to make these kinds of inflammatory. Reckless statements. Decency injury or statements. You don't pour gasoline. On the fire. You don't stand there. And say that you your son because he happens to be biracial. Even though we culturally incredibly privileged home. Who's been coddled from day one. Push part of the 1%. Who does god knows how many people waiting on hand in fort fort who goes through went through some of the finest private schools in the country. Don't count me with a straight face that you're telling your son how careful. People make one false move one falls who would you prefer the police don't really triggers cell phone Boiman looked the wrong way because you're dead. Because that's a racist cops are your blood in my doctor black did elbow showed should bed just for a look at out of the wrong way. What you are doing is you're lending credence to the ridiculous propaganda. Argument. That cops are shore racist but fell short black people on the streets for nothing. And that's why the cops are saying you have blood on your hands. You have been legitimizing this hatred of police that tragically led to the deaths of both went shoot you and Rafael remarks. Now. There's something else that needs to be set. I might get into it a little bit later in the show. But god is good this brick cobol role. Played by. Al Sharpton. And the dear leader. And the media. CNN. MSNBC. And PR the Boston Globe the New York Times I can run down the whole list. In creating this frenzied this atmosphere this climate of hatred. Whereby I want you to think about that's okay just stand back for a second. Until Al Sharpton stuck his notes. And by the way have you noticed. Whenever this guy gets involved people die. Have you noticed fact where he stuck his nose in Crown Heights in the early ninety's people died when he stuck his nose in Harlem. In the mid ninety's and more rights and shoot people died. He sticks his nose now in Ferguson and Staten Island and people are now that these two cops but let that go. You have two cases. Big Mike Brown. And Eric Lerner. And there is absolutely. No shred of evidence not one not one. That race had anything to do with the shooting deaths of the origin of the two deaths to choke hold and the shooting death of either of these two men. Nothing. In fact Eric coroner's own wife. His own daughter. Came out and said look this was about loose cigarettes. Just suddenly nothing to do with my father's race. Big Mike the evidence is overwhelming didn't have they that he never said hands up don't Schulte. That's a complete lie he was never shot in the back he was never shot execution style. So race had nothing to do with either of those two deaths nothing. And connect. The entire country. Has now been turned upside down. Poisoned by race. Divided by race. Inflamed by race. Where we now have bogus protests and demonstrations and riots. And now they shorting and murder and executions of cops all over the country. Based on two things on two cases that have nothing to do with race. It's absolutely incredible. It's completely incredible. The powerful propaganda. And not only the I want you to think about this. She NYPD. He used to be one of the most respected. Venerated institutions. In America. All you moon bats and liberals out there do you remember when they rushed into those two burning buildings. The Twin Towers. How many of them by the dozens gave their lives to save people. The white black Hispanic. Asian man and woman young old. And now. NYPD spells racism. NYPD is nothing more than a bunch of racist cops. She's completely. Al Sharpton and Obama. And Eric Holder and the media have completely destroyed the reputation. Of one of the most venerated law enforcement institutions in the world almost overnight. And on top of that. Our justice system how do you notice now now suddenly grand juries are illegitimate. Because they didn't give the mob the indictments that they wanted to. In both the case of big Mike and America garner so now not only is the NYPD. Completely under assault and being discredited. But now our entire justice system is under assault to grand jury system is under assault. Everything now is being delegitimize. And torn down by these racial starts everything. And over white. Because some eighteen year old 300 pound fog high as a kite. Are assaulted and beat a police officer. Instruct reached for his gun and as the forensics show shot him in the hand. Big Mike was shot in the hand. And even after being shot in the hand he would not. Who listened to the officer Darren Wilson he resisted arrest. So you're glorifying a guy who's a criminal who assaulted and hit a police officer. And now you're telling me this is somehow racist. When this officer says I got. I arrest them. I got to take them down. And Nash for Eric gone under. Severe diabetes. Severe heart problems. High blood pressure had asthma. They were arguing with a guy for ten minutes police we got her rescue. We've got arrest you these are mirrored the block seals orders do you know who's been pushing what's called a broken windows theory. Which is aggressive enforcement are very low level offenses I swear to you but was no big bird. He is the guy that wants a cracked down on these people selling cigarettes. But cops don't even want to know it. That's why they're so angry with them. We're gonna become your tax collector. What the cops really wanna do is come time. Come on merit just got off the street come and get away from restores are sunk amount. Vermont our best our it is a 25 dollar ticket no. Double was always giving them orders crack down and arrest him OK so they arrested him. What do you want had a guy not resisted arrest to be alive today. Now you may city that's police misconduct we can agree to disagree. But to race had nothing. To do with this laughing. So I want you to think about the apps in four months. Here's what Sharpton. Who is now Obama's top advisor on race relations he's tied at the hip we did your leader. You wanna see Obama the got to go to the White House all the time is Sharpton. So because of Sharpton. Obama and big bird did dear leader Al charlatan and and and and big bird. Both whole country has been turned upside down. Now what Sharpton really wants is a race war. And now it's gotten to the point. Where after the assassination. An execution. Off who. Police officers who had nothing to do what Staten Island nothing to do with Ferguson hell forgive me for saying it's. Because they're not even wiped. One's an Hispanic what was an Asian. Now these protesters. Go back to the site of this execution of this unholy murder. And are chanting hands up don't shoot. Punt pinned the police. As they're honoring and remembering their fallen Brothers. What are you people weren't. I'm asking the moon bounce a very simple question what do you want he won a race war. Because if you keep tugging at the threats. While war holds a city like New York together if you keep tugging at the threads of law enforcement. Of the police of the NY PDQ. Gonna get one. And I am telling you it's not going to be pleasant. Just ask the people of Ferguson. 6172666868. Is the number. Let me ask you this. What do you make of the protesters. Going to that memorial site and taunting the police officers. What do you make of the way big bird build the Bellagio has handled everything should he resign. And do you believe Sharpton and Obama. Bear responsibility. For the poisoned race relations in this country day if you're up next thanks for holding go ahead day. Kirk question. How many. People are you know how many of the people were killed by police and how many police were killed by the people over the last five years. Google. What's your conclusion Dave. Well I don't know what the exact numbers are but they're drastically different the police kill a lot more Americans and American Derek hill police. Well out of information to keep. No I understand that but I mean they remain the police to deal with crime they deal with criminals. They deal with murderers they deal with rape as they deal with gang bangers. Oh everything in America is a crime now I know police deep early and I've seen video of the lot who. Says that almost everything is illegal in the United States and Russia police chief said that communicate. I understand that that's that's another issue that you're completely right about god but my point is when you put cops in very high crime Marriott's. Like they do in New York. Yet they take him to areas where the crime when you send them to Harlem or you send them to the Bronx. You know you're not summon them to Wellesley. I mean you're just not. And our primary key you give more content Maurice and believe. Well if you see the point is you send in police the hike primaries to arrest the criminals. And that's for example why didn't NYPD. It's almost been a miracle but they have taken the crime rate in New York from 3000 homicides a year to about 300. I mean the police have been the best friends of the black community in new York and every major city across the country. You had a problem in the Southside of Chicago is here for December and the cops. That's why blacks are dropping like flies. I think you're right it didn't is not primarily various issues. No it's not it's not primarily a race issue it's and the fact of the matter is this look you want safe streets you have to have more police. Now I cannot tell the police do their job. Then don't complain to me like Southside of Chicago that you've got blacks didn't get killed by other young blacks they're dropping like flies. But what I don't get is this. And when you advocate more police are advocating more taxpayer expense an act of aggression against taxpayers don't withdraw. Mean it's an act of aggression against attacks there. Keep us. They may have to take the money out of your pocket. They you don't wanna get all of my under the additional. I know but we don't live in an anarchist society day. We need police to protect us from criminals there are a lot about life inside. And protect us from that. Bill protect us from the police. Well we do and the constitution does. But that's a separate issue the fact of the matter look they're safe. You're in the Bronx and you've got gang bangers you've got the blood in the crips and MS thirteen running this rampaging through the rocks as an example. Now more you can ascend into clean up that place because you have a lot of law abiding Americans most of them minorities who are caught in the middle portion of the when. He then again. And then freedom. Well the last time we had dug up all anything like that in New Hampshire where we have gun freedom of the average person and defend themselves and organized. Eric day what's the phone number for freedom because let's say MS thirteen breaks into your house. And you got four gang bangers. Or you're gonna call it. Number is Glock nineteen I actually. Fifteen holes in them because I mean the amateur and I have that freedom prepared to carry a high cap magazine back and even carry a firearm. Basically day which are telling me is you wanna get rid of the police. Completely. I think privatization. Of some kinder competition would be better than what we have now. So you want like roving bands of mercenaries. Where would it would be yeah oh yeah now I'm not and the police is now I want it. By the way and by doing who polices you lose you're done you're shooting. Well I have if I shoot somebody and I'm not supposed to do they not they haven't. They haven't initiated force against me they're going to be consequences when there are police or not. Much sense and they look I understand what you're trying to say I look I have concerns about the military's mission of the police. I have concerns about some excessive police methods I'm with you on my brother. But what I'm trying to tell you is that it's. If you date a mob saying you in particular but whatever people go crazy people do crazy things. If Dave it's sup has gotten a start shooting people if we don't have police. You're gonna have a massacre. What I'm trying to tell you passed in many who look for most of human society. If you want a civilized social order if you want civilization. You need police. After an accuracy police served very recent phenomenon from the 18100 Tom they're really didn't exist before event. Well that's because they contractor wrote to soldiers and mercenaries. But the fact of the matter is if you don't have some kind of punched a constable Larry. I'm an arm of the government don't you know. Collect taxes. People law and order keep the social peace. You're gonna have one or in this case Ferguson 6172666868632. On the great RKO. All of your calls next. Welcome back to the corner report Jeff corner Boston Globe goes to work cleaning up liberal ball. 630 years here on the great WRKO. OK my friend. It seems. Like the only way you can reach out to the hash tag generation. Is to put stuff in a way that they can appreciate on FaceBook or wetter. I guess what a 140 characters or less. That's the only way to reach out to these people. These demonstrators these protesters. Who by the way are not taken a break there even taunting the police at the memorial site. Where those two coughs Rafael Ramos and when Jindal who were executed. So as cops are paying their respects. Leaving flowers or or candles or whatever. I you have protests are shouting in their faces saying hands up don't show. So these people going to have respect for the dead but let that go. Is you have to counter with your own hash tag. And they love slash dyed black lives matter harsh died no justice small peaks. Well let me give them something that is completely fundamental. To any civilized society. No police. Not peaks. Let me repeat that. No police. No peace. And that's why what cooks she and I are gonna be doing here at the corner report. Is we are now going to try to create bumper stickers. Where are trying to give them away free of charge but no he no police no peace. To show our solidarity. With law enforcement and with our police that help keep us safe. And so my question to you is this. In now the obvious increase. In anti police sentiment. By these protesters and demonstrators human side a little bit with the previous caller. Do you have you seen this increase. In growing anti police sentiment. And do you think it's a good thing. Or a bad thing. 6172666868. Do you trust or mistrust the police. Nick Europe next go ahead neck. I need a different. RA. Well stay out of Newark because the latest thing I've read about them both online and you know TV is. The police and being advised by the authorities do not confront groups of people think it's. Quite an encouraging sign I don't think the chamber provinces as much as say the way of of and fighting terrorism in any area. Let's get right we're going and what accounts in his which happened in New York because in saint louis' it is because people Staten Island. It is what it is it's. Well the sin of the coalition by people like Obama and Sharpton and Jackson and and it could stabilize sealed it's also a crime of omissions. This thing that they should have said that they didn't say and that's kind of like how they construct the environment. For crap like that it happened this is not a good thing and actually guiding him astray it is and we say it and that is the freeing thing is great but that. You know drugs are pretty big thing especially down around here like Borough of in Weymouth Massachusetts. Heroine is a very bad thing. Well the police. Without the DEA and the FBI it's not like. Oh it's gonna do is run rampant since it. Now thank you nick and it's not just that you have these junkies. Who they get their fix. Cars there there's so addicted to this stuff. Well I mean they'll go rob you blind go muggy they'll shoot shoot they'll kill you they'll go after your family. And Caesar says well I gotta go walk while okay what are someone kidnaps your son what do you do then. Whose gonna help lead our roundup a posse. I mean it's obvious we need police to do basic functions of society. He Gary wonderful husband beats his wife would she call. Freedom. 1800 what is it you know Adam yeah yeah 100 freedom. I mean is just yeah I mean you you need police and a civilized society. You know what I really wanted Jeff and me and mentioned this before before. I think what you don't we have the national do not call list get caught me to solicit yes I really think these people should put their money where their valves are. And we should set a starting national do not call police list. And if you're so anti police. Just register your name and your phone number your address next absorb breaks into your house and you call 911 the cops go sorry you're on the do not call list. Good rapper got 1800 got freedom not helping out. A book or 100. Hands up don't shoot very seriously. You guys hate the police my problem will put sure I'd love to Cox will what you wanna do not call list. And you call and should do but they were much are racists are or where budget cycle profit thugs I'm sorry we can't take your call. Jerry Europe next go ahead Jerry. Morning comrades glamorized Jerry. In the words of my forefathers. I would like to wish who leapt out legs. Of course the. You don't really get caught Jeff ghost busters. Here that's seriously this is classic and flowered Tipton. Toward the border with illegals create racial division creates sexual division. Turn young against old turn rich against pork that's witnesses saw the ball and they do want a race war. To be a leader and in all of his minions. Led by the rev reverend that revenue. That's fighting games and just. The reverend of revenue. All trying to divide and conquer. And and get honestly you're right cherry and get rich in the process. That's what's so despicable. About Elvis. All Sharpton does is fund raise and make money. And the more dead bodies the more burned down businesses the more neighborhoods torched the more I don't Mora. I'll charlatans Denon reverend Al de Mort this guy makes money. I mean it's incredible. And I want you to think about this you wanna she'll upside down this country is okay because god is my witness. Not only has he now earned the respect for the NYPD. From white into black. Not only now have they completely discredited the grand jury system and yet at the justice system. But this very same race hustler and race them. This varies for this very same anti semite and Jew hater this very same big hit against whites. This racist. Now is the president's top advisor on race. And not only is he the president's top advisor on race and say from the Krakow post to the White House. Not only was easiest point man on Ferguson but I swear to you. Now in the United States of America. For example. Like Doug executive producer of Sony Amy Pascal with those allegedly racist emails she sent to a producer. She house to go to him. For a solution. She needs a blessing from the non reverend now. And if reverend Al says you're not a racist you're not a racist if he says your racist durations if you're Don Imus. You have to seek absolution. From this race hustler and race him. This guy who's the most responsible. For racially dividing this country poisoning race relations. How many bodies he's responsible for how much blood he has on his sense. And we have to bend and by how they him. It's obscene. It is up swoon. He is the most hated man in America. And you know why. Because at his core. He is a tribal list. He is a charlatan. He is a hustler. And he's a big and everybody knows it mark Europe next to go ahead mark. Add the morning I had absolute. Completely dead and I agree with the he's idea about no no polyps are for police and I am another greeting went from their from the incher. I would love to be able to not have police aren't police show up. And I would love you do not have to contribute might act does not do that you might by local police department's aide believes I truly believe that our. Nothing that legions are in our community. All that being debt. I don't think what has happened to them should be happening to me now not not a nappy get hurt two people going out of and in the now shooting number you know court that now. But the entire statement that clearly should Leach and the community. So mark for example I'm just they're playing devil's advocate. Do you have any children marked by his army asking. Let's say one of your kids is kidnapped or abducted. Who do you call holly is marketed children back. Well I think I am glad I moved patent to move to an area where something like that is even remotely likely. I mean I really can't beat that he that happening it it bit. My stock market where you lose. I and my idol Internet carries about that and answer. I mean mark I mean to be honest you hear those two police officers didn't see happening to them what happened to them. Well there are very high crime area. And in the end the year previous are earning answer. You know you look at it here journey look at some hot in crop decrease illegal state but there's there's no time restrictions whatsoever in the top. How much I see no high crime and are trying to Darren about my child I mean they're miniature. You know it it's virtually nonexistent beat out of things like gun ownership and eat the willingness to do things that are out. Mark listen look on gun ownership you and I are 110%. Immigrant like I mean I you don't know how much I agree with you. And you are right. Vermont New Hampshire did much slower climb Grayson let's say big cities dot com a 100% in agreement with few. But I mean mark c'mon there are murders in New Hampshire. Idiots there are that you noted I think you'd sit the added many times you know that it's ours nuclear is a concern. When seconds count the minutes let. That's true but any marked a dozen that logically then doesn't follow we don't need police. That's where. I'm not saying we don't need Campbell we don't we get I don't need them in the heat in the volume that we that we currently capped. But either you that you take tickets popped out and million in New Hampshire and without a 77 out of that we 500. We're. 3830 full time boxers during a first opt out of that so ridiculous. Well if you're talking about drug I think I've gone wish you want not if you're saying to me look Jeff I live in a small town in New Hampshire. The crime rate is really very low. A lot of people own guns people know you break into someone's house she gonna you know you're gonna expect trouble. We've got thirty police officers. A whole lot because just 12 you sing Jeff you know we don't need that many police officers we can cut that down substantially. I'm with you want to brother. But when he starts getting into society without police. That's where you'll lose now cooks we'll ask him about a month. Mark have you ever heard of mount Vernon New Hampshire. He would step. And then population 2000. Yep and out to the police have ever done anything about that situation. Mark was murdered. Correct and and and that the police there's no possible way to get this could have done anything about that. But knowledge cook she wants to ask you point blank this murder happened though mark even though it's a small community of 2000 people. So mark which you're saying is you're not saying we need no police you're just saying you think there's too much police in some areas. They didn't I I can't imagine there's there's there's an area that that the too much. Well I mean you know what about I mean to me I would argue differently I would argue with some of these major big cities. He's rushing these high crime neighborhoods. There's not enough police. The league can registrar just bring this to his logical conclusion as Welch are going to cooks let's get rid of all the police like marketing Dave opened New Hampshire want because they think their little. Mount Vernon's of the world with a population of 7000 will be completely safe. You know what keeps that the criminals out of mount Vernon New Hampshire where he lives they have police. Get rid of the police crime will spread throughout the entire country. The only thing stopping it is a police force. They gathered minutes away when seconds count I get it but still it's only thing that's keeping people could people from breaking into your house every night. A look and and your 100% right and look just approved it. Look at countries where there are sold or they can afford a police force. Took one. Look at Somalia. Look at Guatemala look at Honduras. I mean the criminals run I mean they just that they Rampage. Get a little big put pillage they plunder. You see the assumption is this is where I disagree with libertarians I root them on many issues. But fundamentally. I have one disagreement with them. I don't believe human nature is good. I'm a devout Christian I'm a devout Catholic decent look at the underlying premise of what cooks he sang he's got on I believe in original sin. And I believe some people will just choose to do evil many people in fact will choose to do evil. Unless you socialize them. Unless you develop a moral codes and moral principles and unless you are strong external authority a police. That will prevent people from just stealing your stuff mocking you rate in Q killing view assaulting you. That's what happens in poor countries all over the world. Now the fact of the matter resists. When we unleash the police in New York under Giuliani the NYPD did something that was thought to be unthinkable. They reduced the homicide rate from every year from 3000 deaths to 300. Do you take away the police. You give the streets not to the animals. And then nobody wins least of all you. Worry Europe next go ahead war. A lot of times. I can apply to you about and that Al Assad knows the criminal life you need LEO five million dollars a pack is the ball doesn't fit body why does he have to pay act. You don't worry you you hit the nail on the head how is it that Clyde even bond. This poor rancher who's minding his own business who by the way is paying his taxes when he doesn't pay his grazing fees and they say yeah. Who you always a million dollars days surround this guy like you would think he's Osama bin Laden. Which 200 armed federal agents and they want a massacre Jimenez family. But suddenly when it comes to the Monroe reverend now. Who likes to party with our with a dear leader and party with Eric Holder and party with the Congressional Black Caucus. Who's got Comcast and MSNBC. Universal backing him all the way suddenly now. He lined his pockets and line his pockets and line his pockets. And he's not paying taxes. Clearly I hour. Where's the IRS panel where. Oh where's what how come he's not being arrested. How come these very same moon bats one slaughter Clive and Monday literally shot him dead. But when it comes to non reverend Al. That would be racist. Just react to beat. Long Olerud a calm and ocean. And I have respect for by the Burris said he. He was a hustler when he was a punk. Who sold crack cocaine to his own people and his own neighborhood. He became each snitch. He's been a hustler his entire life and now he's doing the ultimate cost. Straight from the White House like I say from the crack house took the White House. Bob Europe next going head bop. Why are very Christian Merry Christmas all the best to you when your family bop. Thank you very much just a little bit off or you just talk about but yesterday's elections at that press conference with the mayor of New York. I was so upset with the commissioner Bratton sit there and here rather. Peyton says myelin a green Larry King is Troy a solution and I just couldn't believe. I I can't believe that Bratton has to resign because of what's going on here would a police situation it's it's upsets me shall much. Well Bobby he's a shell out for all you out there he's in New York police department commissioner Bill Bratton yeah look she's a shill. First applause you know. The Bellagio pays them. Applause yo hired him to Bellagio can firearm. So there's Bill Bratton saying well. Some police officers don't like them air Bulgaria and fifty years. One ahead of what union hasn't had his problems with the mayor and there's big bird the blogs are in the background as big bird nodding his head up and down. And I think to myself you phony you fraud you you've got to have your Rome slaughtered dead. Because of the partly because of the words of what this guy said inciting them you like your entire police department now utterly vilified and smeared. Because of big bird and you're standing there are defending him how much is paying you for God's sakes.