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Tensions rise in NYC. 12/22/14

Dec 22, 2014|

Tensions rise in NYC after two New York patrolmen are killed. What do you make of the killings?

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They're flawed. My minivan. On the green. What New York City we've gone there every day. Okay. What John and have you all. 71 in six chair on the great WRKO. Am 680 Boston. They actually do and I'm three point seven WEI. Lawrence Boston. Okay my friends through. Police. Under siege. Here is now be absolute latest my friends. From what we're now piecing together from multiple media are reports. Issue mail Brin easily. 28 years of age African American man. Was apparently in and out of custody her multiple violations multiple crimes for many years. Decided to take matters into his own hands. The protesters said they wanted dead cops they called for dead cops and so on social media are ish male brings Lee said. This is for Michael Brown this is for Eric garner no justice no peace. And so he went up to Baltimore. Saw his ex girlfriend shot her luckily she survived he then drove up to New York City. Apparently he spotted. Two new York city police officers in their patrol car there marked cruiser. Rafael Ramos and where in June Lou. They were parked up in Brooklyn. He then walked up to several gang bangers. Toss them for their affiliations. And then told him what he was gonna do and said posted on instead Graham you'll see in a second pigs in a blanket. He then walked up to the two police officers from the back he ambush dumb. He shot him four ninths. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Immediately. The two officers. Were murdered execution style. One of the officers Rafael Ramos. What is the one in the driver's seat. He is now. Forty years of age she's been notified its forty years of age married with a family. He's being and being portrayed in the media. From all accounts by his friends and family members like many Hispanics. He has a devout Catholic. He was a deeply religious and and he was a family man. The medic that was first on the scene at parent cannot Alexander. Said that Rafael Ramos were shot in the head he were shot in the chest he was shot in the folly. His partner when general view was shocked in they had one bullet took him out. According to the man active the first GMT on the scene she said that I Rafael Ramos could barely speak. He was pleading for his life he was desperately trying to tell paramedics. His name. Before losing consciousness. To let them know should they can tell his wife alert his wife. That he had been shot. Not only have these two officers been shocked but now. The they hate trade generate it. By the protest movements. That constant chants of what are we want bad cops when do we want it we want it now. Their hatred of the police that vilification of the police. The nonstop trail by the protesters. By CNN. By the media. By Al Sharpton bio Bravo dear leader Barack Hussein Obama. A by Eric Holder. How is now finally reached the boiling point. And now this weekend there have been killings of cops all over the country or attempted killings of cops. Not only were two officers. Assassinated and murder in New York. In Florida. We're now finding out. That a former NYPD. Officer and former member of the New York police department. A 45 year old law enforcement veteran. Charlie Charles Jonas Charlie Kay conduct. Was brutally murdered and gunned down in Florida he had been working in Florida for seventeen years and harping springs. He was also shot dead execution style. In Saint Louis. An officer whose they have not released the name yet. Was deliberately targeted and assassinated. In his own car in his personal car shot multiple times he is now fighting for his life stable condition. That we know up this weekend in Saint Louis. In Dorchester. A gunman. They believe about 1821 years of age. Shot out to repeatedly a police officer in Dorchester. Luckily the police officer was not hit or was not wounded. The police here believe it was clearly in retaliation. For big Mike. For Eric garner and obviously the after effects and consequences. Of the protests. Now. Here is the absolute latest. In Tennessee. There is someone who has posted and instead Graham threat against more killings of police officers. The New York police department are now investigating reports. That a man is driving from Tennessee to New York to kill tool more police officers. This threat allegedly came. One day after those two New York officers Rafael Ramos and when shin who were brutally executed. As well as the shooting of the law enforcement officer in Florida. Apparently now vis Fox News obtained a copy of an NYPD Dutch message sent officers about the possible threat. It's now on it was posted on the instead ram website. That a social media site instead ramp which is the same one that was used by ish male brings Lee. So now they fear another man is going up to New York to kill police officers. And as all of this is taking place. Big bird build a blogs ago the mayor of New York is now coming rightly under increasing fire. He is the one that's through the police department under the bus. He is the one that said the killing her sorry DB do that the death of Eric garner was basically because of racism. Q is the one that said that the country new York and the NYPD. How to deal with not decades but centuries of racism. He's the one that said. He has to constantly talks to his black sons or whatever how often blocked son. To be very careful how we deals with the police. Because one wrong move one wrong which. We just literally one fall smoked. And his son will be marked. Here was mayor big bird double laws deal. Throwing the entire New York police department under the bus. And giving all of this legitimacy. To these protests. Demonizing. And hailing the police. Role in Britain. It's a very emotional day. For our city to very painful day for so many New Yorkers that is the core reality so many people in this city are feeling pain right now. Hands. We're grieving. Again. Over the loss of Arab garner who. Was a father. Husband a son. Good man. To man who should be wit us and isn't that pain that simple fact. His felt again so sharply today. There's a history we have to overcome because for so many of our young people there's a fear. And for some of our families there's a fear. So I've had to worry. Over the years from planes had to worry. Was Donte' safe each night there are so many families in this city. Who feel that each and every night is my child safe. It's cute who fraud do you feel phony you fraud you. Your son born with a silver spoon in his mouth. You're telling me he's in fear of his life every night you phony you fraud you you liar you. All he did. What's taken issue that had nothing to do with the race it's not mean. It was a bulk little cigarettes untaxed cigarettes. With a guy who had a heart disease diabetes. Asthma and high blood pressure. Who went after 1015 minutes ago saying oh per dollar rescue. You know all the laws they're big bird build the blood of those laws you can't sell untaxed cigarettes on the street corner. Don't pick it up with me pick it up but the manner. And the guy I would camp resisting arrest and adapt resist and allows them dump resisting arrest so although black sergeant on the scene said Beckham bound. And it took him down with a chokehold and Borman and I ended up buying. Even his own family said he had nothing to do with race. But you immediately he had to racial likes it. Immediately he that the demonize the cops. So. This may. Who in 1994. I swear he took his wife archer lane McRae. To Cuba. To Communist Cuba. Are now on on a honeymoon that's where they I mean. In violation by the way of the US travel ban but let that adult that's the kind of hard leftist. That's what kind of commie sympathizer. That's what kind of warned backed. That this guy is the one place she wants the honeymoon is Castro's Cuba. So now this guy. Who sides with a protesters. And the monarchists. And the race arsonists on the streets to sharpton's. Has now turned his back. And roamed in New York police department under the bus. And now it's come back to haunt them. You know what they said you're right now they're a bunch are racist pigs. Your right to mirror. This is a disgrace. Your right to mirror they murder two black men. Big Mike and now Eric garner no justice. No peace. Body for body. And now the new York city police aren't all in rural fault. Against this fraud of America this Julius of America. Listen. To bowl beatle. A former New York police department detective. Say it's time for the blog CEO to resign. And take his wife and goal live in Cuba roller Brit for. The moment deepest sympathy goes out to these offices family. Bernie was just told her that I was there are nearly seven these. How we lost thirteen cops one year. Love and cops addiction to assassinate the same way this is what the BLA. Now if you look online lets you alienate. Black Liberation Army. And if you look at last week and gangs were posting on on the web sites about killing cops. But discarded things started this whole lap as your first all guarded incident. Was not a racist thing it was a black sergeant on chief credit I want to debate that now. Also have to take it and make it a racial thing that this may I call me a big bird of Lazio but that's exactly what he is I was out promotion is you have one Pete please plaza and he got two people platform this guy's a disgrace he's divided this country at this point. Pump shot that hit march around let's wait with those demonstrations what are we want did cops well it got. Got to didn't come out and are you don't want this guy what did you we're 1984. He should take his wife bless you go back to Joba looked. I. Hey man at ball or a Manhattan you'll love cure by the way now the dear leaders taking care of that for you now you can trouble it's more problem. Now that's in the revelations of the normalized so you don't have even that violate the ban are didn't break the law. So pick a nice first class ticket go to Alabama and party it up with Raul Castro and talk about how great communism isn't how evil Americans. 617206. X 6868. Leave Europe next thanks for holding go ahead leaked. Good morning are you aren't com and I wanna make a couple of plays that I could sure glad I told your daughter booted out of Iraq and I tell yet. It has begun a catch let me just go back to what you're talking about was originally. He would in Baltimore and he would get a group would people. Called the black guerrilla recently obviously according according to Alan. WMD you can go online to check it in between to verify this information. And that very day there aren't sure but they are world daily news went out of air. Okay and the idea our daily new come up with the idea here are some kind of got that going on the bill and you can't to New York. You killed police and because that's what they do it. Being black or militarily this kind yet are we and the Weather Underground Todd gill air. Now there mainly not consulting with a I don't know. But it has a history the electoral front. Because it goes back Q aboard well excuse me it goes to be quick used to call Bud Black boy and black gay and guard which got in there. California. A little low building up so they and camp okay to go to new York and that is how I'd or what you have to. Right call and I talked about. Cuba and that obviously you learn everybody says usually guarding it and I bet I like you I think that that's why they're there. But Eric and it's that part of what he's trying to do. Lee look I think there's no question K here's what we know. As this shoulder. Jewish male brings league worst part of a radical black nationalist movement. This was clearly the premeditated. Execution an assassination. Of police officers. We now notice a coordinated attempt cops are being shot that one has been killed in Florida another one severely wounded in Saint Louis. Now we don't is another man allegedly coming up from Tennessee to kill even more cops and in New York. We knowing Dorchester right here in last year in Boston Greater Boston. Does that late last night. Our gunmen shot out repeatedly a police officer trying to kill him luckily he didn't hear him. So there's a war on the cops. Coin sided it's. Double Ozzie big bird. Or who incited this Al Sharpton. Who are excited it's the protesters. Who are excited case CNN. Porn site reduced the dear leader. And so when you ask for for protests when you ask for demonstrations. When you legitimize. Their hatred and vilification of beliefs. When you make two shootings that have nothing to do with race and make them all about race. Then you're guilty you're culpable you're responsible. Al Sharpton should now I believe beat charged with inciting a riot. And within citing the murder of two police officers at a minimum. Build the blog ZO should be forced to resign. And did dear leader. Should now be held accountable in the eyes of the nation. For now essentially putting bounties and targets. On the box at every single one of our cops in this country and I got to say one more thing I have to say it. To the people of New York. You voted for this clown. You want progressive ism you want socialism. You want liberalism. You got a baby. So my question to you was this. Sure it Al Sharpton. Beach fraud should he be convicted. Four or should he be charged with a crime should he be invited. For inciting a race riot. And for inciting the murder of two police officers. I say yes what do you say. Do you blame Al Sharpton and build the Bellagio. For what happened and Saturday night in New York. I say yes what do you say 6172666868. All of your calls Max and. George you're up next on the great WRK. KL welcome. George I collect first call bank before we do things George chaplain assistant. Great Dresser we always looked good velocity and an orange jumpsuit. And but what if somebody come out of all the sticker no police. Build peace. Then. I am about bonds a great sign I loved unless of that that that that sums it up that's brilliant. No police small piece. And so all of the moon bats out there. All of the protesters out there if you wanted dead cops you've got dead cops ya happy now. By the way I swear to you. Apparently at a Sunday press conference this guy. Did I mean this guy is such a snake oil salesman disguise such a bottom feeder check out what the non reverend Reverend Al Sharpton had to say. Apparently now he's the victim check this out. On a Sunday press conference. Al Sharpton said that he's received several death threats. Following the murder of did to New York police officers Saturday night. Now check this out what got to put out of what out of the languages quote reset the language is quote hey and words stop killing innocent people. I'm gonna get you and I have several like this Sharpton said we are now under intense threat from those that are misguided. By those that are trying to blame everyone from civil rights leaders. Did America rather than deal with an ugly spirit and all of us need to fight so now he's a legend. That not only is he either victim. But guess what. They're doing using the N word against him. But hey when he set protests where they're threatening to kill cops when they're saying we want bad cops. When do you want it we want it now that's okay. But now. This snake oil snake oil salesman. Is now claiming he's the victim here is getting death threats. And the and word is being used. Let me say this right now. You're a liar. Europe cheap hustler and a liar and a fraud. Show me ghost corrects. Sure all meet those emails with their names of the people on it where there are threatening view and calling you the N word do you follow me you fraud you. Even this even this you wanna pimp out and turn it into race. 61720666868. Is an is the number. Sure Al Sharpton. Be indicted. For inciting riots. And the murder of these two police officers. I say yes she roll out in the slammer what do you say all of your calls next. 738 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner in mourning today Boston's bulldozers. For the brutal. Execution. The assassinations. Of New York care police department officers NYPD officers. Rafael Ramos and where engine rule. Other cops have now been targeted one officer has been shot dead in Florida. Another one was shot multiple times in Saint Louis fighting for his very life now in hospital. Here in Dorchester. Sunday night at 11 o'clock. An officer was repeatedly shot out by young suspect one point one years of age. Luckily that officer in a house was not a wounded or hit. Boston Police Commissioner as well as police commissioners all across the country. Are now putting police on high alert. They are now telling them as follows. Wear bulletproof vests. I'll avoid posting inflammatory statements on social media down. Don't to make arrests unless you have to. And what ever you do do not patrol all home. The protesters. Wanted dead cops they wanted blood and they got a and my question to all of you now is this. What should the police do. In the wake now of this deliberate attempt to target them by. Gang bangers. By moon bats. A buy out of control progressives. By protesters. That have now created so much hatred for the cops. That now you have lone wolf gunman coming out of the woodwork. Saying they want revenge and retaliation. For Michael brown and Eric garner and one final question. This show has a lot of listeners who happened to be not just military but law enforcement. To all of the cops out there all of the police officers were listening. What's your feel. What's your response. Notice after the Boston Marathon mom thinks. The Harvard students. Were chanting your name in place. They weren't calling you baby killer X. They weren't calling view. A racist cycle paths they were demanding for dead cops. What are we want dead cops when do we want it we want it now then they love do you. In New York when they were racing towards the burning Twin Towers. The World Trade Center and they love do you. I flip on the switch. What the Al Sharpton it's and the Jesse jacksons. And the Barack Obama's. And big bird build the blogs Eagles. Now all of a sudden. It's open season on cops. Kill on if you can. 61720666. TH 68. Drinking coffee don't show. Steve Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Steve. More blunt warning about weight eat crow restrictions to Cuba and the US couldn't. I continued last I don't know where has it been reported and we couldn't get along no blackout. That's just that's just that's wrong. Precious wrong. I'm sorry you can't get away with this garbage. Under Obama's normalization of relations now Burris will be able to travel to Cuba. C'mon what's the matter with you the New York Times reported this the Wall Street Journal reported this so come on get your facts straight that's number one number two which are the point. Number two there's actually no evidence. Petition in Dorchester step connection. To student who's. Although I'm telling you is what the police commissioner said in that channel seven report we haven't holed. Read and I got the report right in front Coca they're already too. Police searching for man who shot an officer in Dorchester desist from WH DH but Boston Police are searching for a gunman I'm reading this story. Who opened fire on officers in Dorchester late Sunday night the incident happened around 11 PM at the least blunt Talbot avenue. The officer was not here and did fire back at the suspect before Jason. The suspects are in other words the cop was a shot for no reason to accomplish your shot. The suspect managed to get away after he jumped the fence any cemetery located near the school. Canine units searched the area but police have not yet located the man. Officers found a jockey and a gun at the school's basketball court police believe the suspect is in his late teens early twenties. Next paragraph. Quote. I think since their Ferguson verdict came down. We've put out alerts to have them just to be more careful. Because there's a lot of anger out there there is a lot of frustration at police officers on quote. Said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans quote so weakened field attention out there we've been on heightened alert and quote. I mean the police commissioner is basically saying we're very suspicious. Because our cops are under a lot of threats a lot of attention and this was an inexplicable shooting at a police officer. In a weekend where cops are being gunned down all across the country. And you're calling me up to now. With dead cops in new York and one dead topping Florida and another cup fighting for his life and Saint Louis watt. To stand here and defend the protesters. No I'm not a new coach at a standout player Britney I want to play for this move back. Play the Doug what are we want dead cops played a. You got. You wanted dead cops you've got dead cops are you hi this is god with we have wicked bite hurriedly and right here. You have to now. And my sorely cut you wanna cut dropped go ahead are you happy now. No I'm not happy but there's absolutely no evidence or what happened in Dorchester which had any prudent to do what I can't. I write to you listen listen don't you that you meet and spend quite a. Do your best story and I read to you the police commissioner and the police commissioner himself is saying that the police in Boston are on heightened alerts and they got a car shot out for absolutely no reason during a weekend poor by cops are dropping like fleiss. So what's your point genius. No Republicans they have little rest of this individual there's no evidence that this. Aren't cops are cops being slaughtered around the country. Words FedEx assassinated and executed our guests are well I'm. Glad I didn't port and I'm telling you that the police are very suspicious. That is tasked to do with the shootings that it can play had a puck cross country. You know and so are listen listen look what listen look honestly obviously you're a low information voter. The IQ level is obviously not a niche in an end a three digits so let me read to you again. In that very same story as they described the crime which basically there was no reason to shoot at the top there was no more of a shooting at the top. The last paragraph. By the Boston Police Commissioner he's the guy that heads the cops quote. I think since the Ferguson verdict came down we put out alerts to have them just to be more careful because there is a lot of anger out there. Anger at the cops Uganda. There is a lot of frustration or police officers. Why because of more bouts like you blaming the cops. For suffer for racism where there was more racism but let that go. So we can feel the tension out there we've been on heightened alerts. So they're basically saying we're suspicious. Does is it not suspicion is with coughs being shot all over the country got 11 o'clock late at night for no reason. A gunman start shorting out a police officer. That the police commissioner is so worried I love Boston Police now wearing bulletproof vests. They're not the patrolling in one in one body in two and every vehicle. Dirt or make minimal amount of arrests. And you're calling me for what. I'm calling you would you like to split hairs. Now almost dare you propaganda should play loose or sack me what are quite close where Quist thank you bought what I twists. What is Rafael Ramos dead. Now what what springs and little did you watch what not why do you do you change the subject we're taught what torture or aren't. Can listen look all I've been doing is talking about torture us off our listen buddy but listen listen. Listen I'm doctor Martin Lister but listen I know economic body to figure speech he's just you aren't you guys are realizing that her speech so let me. Yeah if you despise you recall initial four. But it somewhere perhaps you're not someone asked if you want. To Ole miss my lifeless body but listen look I'm. Get this through your thick skull okay I'm not a body and listen get dessert used to it. OK listen listen genius okay and you're not a genius either listen. Get this through your thick skull. Protests in this city. Forward Maurice. Stopped traffic on 93. On 95. And on the pike. Davey inconvenienced everybody gay even inconvenience the lighting of the Christmas tree. People have to wait for hours and these very same protesters being spoiled self indulgent brats. These upper middle class kids from a hall vote and MIT U. And yeah you a UMass Boston and on and on. Court doing their phony valiants. Chanting what do we want dead cops when do we want it now as they're being protected by the police. Have now created an atmosphere. Where it's open season on the police. And now the talks are being gunned down in cold blood. And you're gonna tell me with a straight face. After two cops are assassinated in New York. Another cop is gunned down in Florida. Another cop is multi shot multiple times in Saint Louis now here another report just came and this is straight from the New York thanks. Another officer has now been assaulted in New York. And they're saying it's again it's revenge for Mike brown and Aaron and Eric garner. That when there's a shorting in Dorchester. For no reason late at night. Multiple gunshots. Where the police commissioner says. There's a lot of anger there's a lot of frustration there's a lot of tension after Ferguson we're telling our officers be very careful. Because there are targets on your back. It's not suspicious. He normally. You. And people like you. Because you took two short weeks. In Ferguson and in Staten Island that had nothing to do with the race what so ever. You would deliberately ignored the facts. And you fanned the flames of racial hatred and division and so much propaganda and hate against the cops. That now essentially we have a war on our streets. And let's be clear. Unlike the big Malik. Rafael Ramos and when Asian who never robbed a convenience store. They never rushed up the store owner. They were walking the middle of the street drunk or or high forgive me stoned out of their mind. There were going around assaulting people for no reason. They're doing their job to protect us. And now Rafael Ramos is dead. His wife is grieving. His family is grieving. A mother is grieving. For all law abiding decent police officer. Frankly was a salt of the earth man. Who never did anything to anybody he wasn't a wannabe gang banger he wasn't a thug he wasn't stoned out of his mind he wasn't robbing convenience stores. She was protecting the people of New York. And for that and if not all long. He was shot three pints. She wanted to tell his wife that he loved her. I see lay on the ground. Blood coming out of his mouth. Telling the guy met the paramedic here's mine mean please tell my wife police tell my wife. That's on. You're hence. That's on the protesters tents. Dots which you've won reached. Dot today hatred and the propaganda Dutch move unleashed. Can overworked. Overworked. Because of car did its job and Ferguson. What's he supposed to do and big Mike grabbed his gun and here take my gun shall I had off. Because a very garner. Who this entire finally said he had nothing to do with race. What you liked impact. For your left wing political agenda. Well you know what you wanted blood and you got blood. And there's blood in new York and there's blood in Florida and there's blood in Saint Louis and by the grace of god. There would have been blood in Dorchester. And now you have the nerve. Do despicable moon back you. To stand there and split hairs over their dead bodies of cops. There was a real dying in in New York last night. You're Harvard friends are gone. They're off to a mommy and daddy's elks. They could even do their exams there were sold trauma iced. I wanna say this to all of the police out there. And I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Don't police those high crime areas anymore. If this is how you're gonna be vilified for doing your job a job that most people could never do. Our job like this clown who just called they could he couldn't shine your troops. Don't call. You don't goal. Because Al Sharpton is gonna vilify you. You're gonna be like officer Darren Wilson your name is gonna be mud there's gonna be a target on your back don't go let him police themselves. I let's see how long these Harvard students can going there and police those neighborhoods if they want to. And windows protesters go again which are little dinky dying in its. And her little what do we want dead cops when we want to we want it now blocking traffic you don't give that many police protection. And if some guy runs them over that's their problem. And as some people beat them up that's their problem. Hey don't go to the popular bunch of racists anyway. Enough is enough. We felt about thin blue line. There are just animals. Like this guy issue mail that went out there or whatever his last name Barbara small whatever his last name is that killed almost two cops. It's either us or they gang bangers. Take your site. 61720666868. Brian Bruce David Tom Mike Steve hang on all of your calls next. Yuletide talked.