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Obama says he’s a victim of racism. 12/17/14

Dec 17, 2014|

Do you believe the Obama’s?

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96 a lot of great WOR KL Boston in his cheek to 93 point seven WEI. Lawrence Boston. Okay my friends now battling a cold but the corner man will survive. Later this hour Jeb Bush now looks like he is going to run. For the presidency and 116. Does the country want or need another bush ordered discuss that but first. It's just come out in People Magazine. If this believe me. A lot of people are going to be talking about this. I think he Obama's I think the dear leader and Marxist who child made a big big big mistake. The Obama is how we deal with our own racist experiences. And so here you how did dear leader in Marxist mucho. Complaining. Whining. In People Magazine. How very have been the victims of this I swear to you god as my witness you can see the piece it's right up on Drudge right now it's going viral everywhere. How very have been dealing with racism their entire life. Even while they dear leader has been president even as Michelle has been First Lady. And so she cites an example. Where she was recently yet version eight. And she was trying to look like a normal person she wasn't you don't model Heidi the skies but she was disguised. And our personal walked up to her at the store. Was a woman and asked me that help hurt take something off the shelf. And she said that mound that was clearly she saw me as someone who can helper at chasing idea city. These are the kinds of things that happen in the life of a black woman. Tell us to be asked to take something down off the shelf it was insulting it was the meaning she's the victim of racism. They went on to dear leader went on to say. That apparently got a black tie event. He was asked apparently he was mistaken for a waiter for a ballet. And that he was actually mistaken and somebody asked them to get coffee. He was wearing a tuxedo and somebody asked the dear leader to get coffee. And so they're saying that mall things are a little bit better it's not. Obviously it's my Jim Crow. But we have a long way to goal. Apparently Obama one timer twice was looking for a cab in Chicago. And a cab would stop for the dear leader. And regulators said that's because they was black and it was racist. Now I want you think about this. I don't believe him. Among a publicly saying. If no one else has the guts to say I'm gonna say it this is being yes. I don't believe them. I don't believe that at some gala event. That when he was president. Nobody recognizes Barack Obama. Somebody asked the president to get get him coffee I don't iRobot. BS. That's B yes. Us for not getting a cabin Chicago joined the rest of the human race you're not special. It wasn't because of the color of your skin felt like I got a cabin Boston OK so let that go out take tertiary. Target. She wanted to be dressed as a normal person. Even if you believe her narrative. She wished treated as a normal person. And now she's complaining because she was treated as a normal person that's suddenly now this is racist. Do you know how many times I swear to you. When I'm at either Wal-Mart or I prefer frankly Darche Emma partially kind of got we go to target. You can't people ask me should we certainly wish I can you get a army usher. I don't think only cost. Paul might call liked look how we croatians are treated well look at we dom slashed its all we're good for I just work work work out. What what Hitler said what dimension sub human just good for working. But weren't conduct. Not only is it nasty. Not only is this malicious. Not only is this spoiled. Not only is this incredibly. Heady. I don't believer. She's lying. She's gonna honestly tell me. Got the Secret Service allowed some woman to walk up to her. And ask you to take something off the shelf you'll wind. You're lying. But look how they keep playing the victim all of G card. I mean this is apps literally this is Epstein. They're off on another seventeen. Day vacation to Hawaii. At the finest resort in Hawaii that were paying for. This man is gonna walk out of the White House a multi millionaire 15203040. Times over. She's got one of the most exquisite expensive wardrobes in the world she's got a thirty person staff thirty people. Doug Weight on her hand and foot every meet. Facials manicures batted cures massages shafts you name it a fashion consultant. I'm I'm telling. If this is slavery. If this is racism. Somebody put on put on the chinks. I listen. I want slavery. Police in slave Jeff corner I need this kind of slavery somebody brought me in slavery. Send me to about lactation I'm begging you. They're gonna come across. I snot beat. As steady. As arrogant. As a bunch of caught old spoiled. Little brats. And my friends this is what affirmative action gutsy. When you've been coddled and your ego stroked. Every step of your life. Look how one grateful you war. Look how we title do you war. So now you can't even wait for a cab. Now what are you clean your actual. What do you now the queen's. This may need few help somebody takes something off the shelf. You're an embarrassment. Both have you. And the sooner the both of you go to the Southside of Chicago that's where you belong to the better. I mean asserted she's always going on TV's lives there always are compound. Sherman and hall of rent and we have to help everybody and help the poor and help the working class war on women 99%. Shouldn't she be happy to help. What's he what's the matter that I got a rear end of yours are so big you can't not pick something upper shelf it's too much restraint. Well I guess the other thing they keep telling us help all she is how sexy issue user arms or accept written she's such a sexy workout person what's your tutelage something off the shelf. I'm just thinking out loud here 6172666868. I swear this is now Mississippi Burning. Now the only thing didn't say it was where Mike Brown that's the only thing worm. Don't hangs up don't show not just this small piece. Jack durst sending me to Hawaii they're not sending you to French Riviera. That's changed its other treat a black man in the White House. Jeannie thanks were holding go ahead GB. I mean I loved that show and let you know that when the navy like and I got pregnant. And I hit. Adam I've got there they sent the EU and the outlook said that about women who gain weight at navy why. So weakened Michelle Obama who want to it being I love that. And yesterday I was chop and it hey I'm five feet tall and I try to get that abolishing and throughout the top shelf that I am I hit. Pat and that may Allah give a warning came around the corner and let me get back for you here. She can't all of you don't like Eleanor Roosevelt and when she didn't feel I that there I know you eye contact Spain Tokyo. Let me shall now that only wrote about had more great in beauty and her little finger and chill out. Have a good time in Hawaii Michelle Obama why did the big news. Thank you so much to a call Jeanie you're completely right this woman. And Marxist who shell has no costs and I mean no clocks. You can text SF 68680. This is from F 508. Jeff I'm white when someone asks me to reach for something on the shelf but version eight our help. It's called civility in the golden rule not if you're did their leader. That's called racism. Yeah I hands up like that to reach. Out. Hands up don't ask me to help you. Some respects largely hilarious Brian Europe next thanks for a whole thing go ahead bright. Didn't give me some hot time did you sure glad she lessons every time I call I feel like I'm an electric chair britney's. Really tests on the soft she's she's brutal the best thing. But that they can I go back to what you lose a vote on the Sony Pictures sure. Well how how can actually forget what happened in these guys you dad. Obama his administration. Were trying to blame that on the video so I'm just they can now with this Sony Pictures raw deal with a not not career. That they know something that's gonna happen and they get together trying to blame the launch Sony Pictures. I'm. Salt so that's why don't they can do it because I mean. It just so shocked that we can get a vote. You know like they should have undoubtedly attack the mall trying to ride a Russian blamed on the video and now that this. Basically it's it's it's. Since it's a little video but it's a movie about North Korea. That we are seem to forget and I'm just thinking that they know something that we don't know that's about to happen here. And there are other try to blame it on the launch Sony Pictures because they come they know what there's not a Korea. Film. And that's got upset a lot of people. So that's what I'm thinking. Look bright you may be right I mean I'm no I have no expertise on this I've known inside knowledge on this. I can just tell you this knowing the North Korean regime. They make threats like this all the time 9/11 like attacks. They're gonna new Comerica they're gonna attack America are the gonna blow up South Korea. They do this sort of stuff all the time and knowing Kim Jong-un because I'm mad midget. He's constantly high on cocaine and literally he snort cocaine. You can't get enough Johnnie Walker whisky she's just like his father he is upsets and it's also an addiction with Hollywood movies. They bring in the Swedish escort girls they fly them in Stockholm Pyongyang twice a week he has his own little Haram. And he's obsessed with how was portrayed in Hollywood. And so to me what this is is nothing more than empty bluster. Empty threats because he shoe million hated that I always being portrayed in this multi. And for north Koreans face is everything and he doesn't want to lose face. Because from everything I've been reading from the CIA the FBI this and there's no credible threat whatsoever. Of movie theaters being attacked or Sony being attacked her. Nothing like this so called this is a mad midget probably high on Coke. Where is Swedish truck curse who's now basically saying you seek I got that movie next. I brought Uncle Sam to its knees don't ever threaten to insult or mock. Really North Korea's dear leader and Howard dear leader so I don't bother my vacation all the multi and so Sony pulled the movie. Bob you're up next thanks for all things go ahead Bob. Hey good morning. Now Bob I'm litigated the rest of the story that black tie F bail out. That was Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton and the ultimate card grass some don't get caught up. Or are. That's what Clinton wrote in his book. They go Obama is the kind of guy that what is luck of experiencing what he's gonna beat Hillary. He's the coffee boy. So maybe that was the time that they asked the dear leader to get a coffee Helen you're up next thanks for holding go ahead talent. Hi. I just tried to tell video that I'm 82 years old. And 65 he has the girl I would kill my first problem with the black couple. Right yeah that's how many adult. I I think it stiff this stuff it's crazy. But that they did pipa I don't expect I thought that I look a lot school with that would say you have black girl. I you know do different Krejci didn't know then there's nothing unless they gave you. I'm five feet tall and you know what I'm blind. And you know what I have to keep telling people I don't see them completely. And I just picking your recent dot for the I don't know what pocket until. You see how many if you ask mark since moved shall if you got something for she'd say you're being a racist. I don't know I don't know I said a lot of blind I'm sorry I can't see your skin color. She could say you could sense that you can see you can sense says you can smell it can dim ice when I see you don't know how racist you are now. I know don't tell me about it when they can they be coming in the market they can come. No I don't know other people of every night I thought I'd hate white pocket but I did about everything. Ellen I listen call back again please you got a great attitude. No act of god bless U Ellen yeah daycare and about a speech you before Christmas have a very Merry Christmas. Tom you're up next thanks for whole thing go ahead Tom. Jeff Carter 68 New York he helped cushion that red white blue not static it's almost almost undermine myself a gut leftist (%expletive) They did my good man already took my Bill Clinton. Yet he he he goes and gets coffee for people like Bill Clinton. You know jab you've got to get it gone you've got to get what happened gong show when we hear racism we've got to Communists out laughed about it that me and it. It's really comical. I mean he's going to be playing golf that there's mostly leaked courses in the entire world. This races and stop it is. Actually laugh at all it really it really is what I thought about it yet watching YouTube mobile content show us if it's hilarious that that's what these people are becoming the. Aren't sure what he's Ciba com you don't understand one time he was in Chicago all and as a black commander Southside of Chicago all. Eat what one of the cabinet cab didn't stop Tom. Yes the other races and vascular injury have to wait another five minutes for another cab Tom. What you see him apparently the Democrat party is the closely is that what the party. I'll slavery in abortion so they can't get that out of their system I mean that's the way it is but give me some rat races I I could use them. Like I actually. That you're gonna call on all really offers little bison and nobody really Ike I would Monday president. My Hawaii's could get the president. Does the bar bears the wrong guy from Baghdad Garrett as the dog show Darren has plugged. I'll tell you why I'll just pick coli for seventeen days. Had a nice exclusive resort with a wife Linda to Bambi notes that's at five star diamond I could use some of that racism which. But they did earlier throw some of that race is a my way where's that Ted did today when you need them. 6172666868. This guy's a joke it's a what a joke. My 23 of the great WRK so you could make this stuff up. Jeb Bush next. You'll tonight.