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School on Christmas Eve? 12/11/14

Dec 11, 2014|

Do you think students should have to go to school on Christmas Eve? Jeff says no.

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EA here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Focus my friends of the war on you know it happens. It's all it's like an annual worn. This just now is just it's almost like a ritual of American life so. The war on Christmas is now heating up once again. And did the people's republic of Paxson chose say it's no surprise the secular moon bats that run this state. This is now becoming ground zero in the war on Christmas. So this is a story hat tip to channel seven. Harvard it's a stray out of Harvard Harvard Massachusetts. Apparently now there's a Christmas Eve controversy. That is spreading across small halls of each school. In that town of Harvard. So apparently. They're administrators there have been looking. To shorten the school year as much as possible. And sold their big plan now has been to try to get rid of religious holidays. So they don't have to have school go into the into the summer. And so Harvard superintendent. Linda Dwight. Now said that the decision was made. To get rid of Christmas Eve juror ring the winter break. They don't wanna have Christmas Eve gave the students the day off on Christmas Eve. And this she says is. Part of their plan. To move the stop having religious holidays. And because this is offensive to many people. That we. After the call around. And be compassionate. And have respect for both of her city. And so now they're telling the students. And Christmas Eve they're gonna have to go to school. And there's going to be classes there's going to be school on Christmas Eve and mean this you've got to show up there's just no mutants they all if you wanna stay home but is basically the school day. And not only that. But apparently many of distilled the teachers that by that work at these schools. Are now saying well good luck getting a substitute because most of us are not coming and so apparently half the regular teaching staff are going to be taking bad day off. So there's going to be a lot of substitute teachers but basically now the students. Many of them are going to be going to school on Christmas Eve. And as I was telling Britney look. I understand. You don't wanna have school until the summer like I I get the the reason for why you're trying to do this. But there are many out there if you wanna get rid holidays there are many other holidays you can get rid of why pick on Christmas he. And many of these students. Are gonna be doing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve. Many of them gore early mass for example because of my two kids I'm marketed one a midnight mass summer bright little 4 o'clock or 5 o'clock maps. So a lot of them are going to be celebrating Christmas or Christmas Eve festivities with their families on Christmas safe. That's why you traditionally give the day off. But it's part of a larger effort. To OK it's really part of a larger effort. The larger effort is to read religion and christianity from the public square. It's. I think that it's like it's like the old Soviet Union. Where Christmas Eve is now just December 24. In Eastern Europe in Communist China and the old Soviet Union. Everybody went to school everybody works on Christmas leave it there it's this is not nothing is unimportant. It's not a religious holiday it's nothing to celebrate. And so this is a concerted effort. Clearly by the secular progressives. To marginalize Christmas. Too so make Christmas less important to eventually. Purge it and get rid of it completely from the public square what's next school a Christmas Day. Because now the superintendent saying well it's optional and all you want and don't want to center to you have to send your kid won't want to do simply for Christmas. Now what's the point if you're gonna have substitute teachers. I know when I was a student school when I was a young schmuck in school. Substitute teacher basically means we do nothing in class that day. So what's the point they're just annihilate the at a daycare center and have to substitute teachers take care of them. And they make their point about sticking it to Christmas. So my question to you is this all the parents out there corner country. Should students have Christmas Eve off. I say yes what do you say 6172666868. Pina Europe's first thanks for holding and welcome. I think and it didn't make it you know lobby them that they think they go I think. On the way to did I yeah I hope of actually having some time. Oh lead at the social development. A smell. What a few days during the year where are helping to right right now. Yeah I anti you know look at AC because they don't like it because it's a religious holiday. What you know what's coming next strikes giving. Once they get rid of Christmas I'm telling you the next one is gonna be Thanksgiving because that has religious roots. That was religiously inspired those were the pilgrims who said let's have a religious feast day to give thanks to god for the abundance of being here in America. For the good fortune of being here in America. Thanksgiving. In fact I know it's a national holiday people celebrated. And they don't think it is a religious holiday but in fact it's it's a religiously inspired holiday. So do you think it's gonna end with Christmas Seif. Non animal. Chanukah gone. Easter gone Thanksgiving. Gone. It's all coming my friends there villain analysts none. John Europe next thanks for holding welcome. John. And all the ticket that let me just hope it. So you're at the lecture I. Don't have any government that needs. Look at it that pop up an eight. It. I mean John look I mean I'm gonna be working on Christmas Eve I know a lot of people work on Christmas Eve. I can just tell you this I know for example at my church which is tied to a Catholic school. Many of those students are gonna have that day off. Because they're doing Christmas carols they're doing they're gonna go early masks. They're singing in the choir. So a lot of these students are it's a religious day you're getting ready for major religious event. And that's why historically in this country. Students have hide Christmas Eve off. Now it's part of the winter break. You know basically you have the 24 off until the second of January what's what's the problem. A little. More than 2000. Square. I look at it. I I doubt I'll retire a Roth I always our Christmas Eve off. I mean this is a new trend now to go after students. Public school students elementary school students with Christmas Eve. And I'm telling you that trust you I tell you this they're gonna do Christmas next it's like a salami approach. Slice off one piece and then another piece and before you North Pole thing is gone Christmas will be next. By the way they'll never give up New Year's dot they won't give up. But the Christmas will be gone Easter while Good Friday that's already been gone and Thanksgiving will be next. Vinny Europe next thanks for holding welcome. How would show up and you look at it are met and they'll never give up many years that's what I was gonna talk about it. It just amazes me how all these market system secularist. Will go. There throughout date I mean in in one school district. He can't go to the nutcracker. Or campus because it has a Christmas tree here they wanna take. Our Christmas Eve ball they wanna take that away I mean why wouldn't school has that they all but I think it's fantastic idea. It just amazes me how far they want to go I just wish. That these people. That want to. Are have these things happen to religious Christian holidays. I just wish they would come out and show their true colors. And say. And declare their allegiance to Vladimir let me. I. Beckett threw the bag called many brides your. Roger up next let's roll thing going head Brad. Hey good morning Jeff thank you for doing what you kill my pleasure is due any I just wanted to let you your lectures no problem. I support we are trying to do here I'm Jewish and I generally tend to volunteer to work Christmas see her work Easter or work Good Friday. So for those folks to celebrate those holidays absolute confidence solved and Cameron is. Paul thank you Brad that's not that's really nice here. Well it's it's I think it's nothing it's just iPad or other people do you mean where they covered mean far. You know Russia China non you can pour and so forth so I'm just returned its just they had back. It's just simply be that decent human. That Brad and I got to tell you because you mentioned that you know the Jewish new year and other Jewish holidays. Because in the news business you know this I had a lot of Jewish colleagues. And I would cover for them I mean I say hey god bless hey. You know how you hop beyond cup or happy Chanukah whatever. You know and god bless you. I don't understand this secular progressive obsession. This hatred for religion. I mean honestly what's it to them if people have a day off for Christmas C. I mean Brett honestly but I've never understood this what the kids are out be it Santa Claus there's frosty the snowman they're giving each other gifts. Everybody's in a good mole and most people gore coming Christians go to church or at least on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day every year everybody's exchanging gifts there's Christmas music. To me it's a beautiful time of the year am I missing something here Brent. Well I think you're right and then and even though that's not my holiday I do understand warrior come and Tom because. You know my family my we have our own tradition didn't think special ourselves so I'm there with just. Just on different definitely I would ask the post. Brett honest to god bless you thank you my friend during good American publisher friend 6170 and happy Honecker. 6172666868. Natalie Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Keep up I heard about the story that I have been awaiting permanent doctored up. I've been an India and Hindu extraction chuckling reading the paper and give you don't forget that he did. Came out and started talking be about he couldn't believe that they re doing that and her fresh in mind what do you think I'm. Christian. Quit the theory of why people wishing you good will. Why. Did you get pregnant and I'm but. An IQ woman. You know actively recruiting took what we eat carnation and the chief Dominique you know something. Traditions are important step foot hole you're pathetic you have to doubt in your tradition has the look of shock the bloodshed. Well Natalie your outlook I gotta tell your your 110%. Right look. Just objectively OK you're not a religious person you're not even Christian hey it's Christmas time. Peace on earth. Goodwill to all men and women. The kids are happy. Kids get gifts they sing Christmas carols durst Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on television. I mean there's a lights everywhere Jewish Christmas trees there's festivities. There's a sense of happiness a sense of warmth. Families get together they meet they have dinner. Everybody's wishing each other out what ever happened not what I say Merry Christmas become whatever happy holidays where goodwill good cheer TU. What's the problem. Really what's the problem. Are you really have to be amazing throw. But really you really have to hate humanity. Don't think this is a good idea great WRKO. Mark you're up next thanks for holding and well. Think their particular mark caller yeah. You are the question and what's wrong with these people you know. What they have. Hatred or are they don't like religious people it. Stand. But because they're not hard to appreciate some pretty guarded. They just hate anything good. They can't themselves. And really get your in my last group forum. A billion dollars saying that they really don't go on the money for themselves if you're the couple also themselves. So that's why we do know that flag question yet today. How cool week. You know she boldly to people and all were overturned and in an archived and caller does put this into. Mark let me ask you this if if you live in the town of Harvard. You now know this is what the teachers are doing this is what the school administrators want. Why don't we Jew what would you do would you take your child out of this school. Would you go to the the PTA meeting would you go to a school board meeting would you say stop it would cut out with this nonsense what would you do. Yeah. And I think I might get involved with trying to talk to them about it owed owed much trouble Portman a private school although unfortunately. I can afford it anymore. But at the embittered fate it's my responsibility. To teach them or right from wrong. They like to use that example I can use what they Q school would say it's key that. Is that law and you let it roll up our uber development tools equipment here or occur in the future our speech in my report I will laughter and my board to call. All my board of gold in the military. Arum and you know we hope could become CIA. And we had at at our record if they mark god bless you my friend or your daycare 6172666868. OK coming up next. Another story you're not gonna believe this one you're not gonna believe what the University. Of Maine is doing. The war on Christmas is intensifying. Let me ask you this. Do you think there is a war on Christmas. How do you feel about it and is it time to fight back 6172666868. Don't touch that dial. Mom. 906 here on the great WRKO. Our foreign owner report. Listen do. Today he's a man look at his tolerance. Look at how cold hearted and that's. Do you hear. You hear the dad the Nazi Zynga files in the background being here at its gotta be banned for six. This is crazy sick almighty god that I hate you tolerance of bigotry and this is all this get rid of all of it. I can't stand this anymore. Okay sold the war. On Christmas is intensifying. 6172666868. Now check this out okay. University. Of Maine. Live this this act out hat tipped to one of our listeners. They actually told us about this story and I couldn't believe it we look into it it's stroke. This is according to WA DB I TV 5 in east central Maine. Now you would normally think. You know which the Christmas season. The Hoya also won most wonderful time of the year as the song goal as the hall's third active trees are popped you've got to know. Snowflakes. In the home man though lights are Ron you know you go on a campus it's a beautiful festive. Atmosphere really nice. Noon on a normal. At the University. Of Maine. There were decorations. But now they've decided to take down the decoration it's. They've taken down the Christmas tree this. They've taken down Santa Claus date taken down the reads they've taken down there they've actually in fact. University of Maine that this stuff everybody got an email on Monday. Expressly forbidding. That there should be no Christmas trees on campus in the office is anywhere. No reads no Christmas presents no Santa Claus no menorah is. And a no candy canes absolutely. Nothing can be used as decorations. In any public various. None whatsoever. And so now you walk through the University of Maine and all the students are complaining saying. It's bear. Did get to assist its its its grand. We used to see in years past we used to see trees we used to see reads we used to see menorah as we see Santa Claus. We mused that Rudolph the red nosed reindeer the little may interest to see everything. Now there's nothing you would even know it's Christmas. And their reason why is apparently now the students are complain distort its employees staffers are saying. This is just not in the Christmas season. This is just wrong this is contrary to what everything Christmas is supposed to stand for you wanna talk about being Ebenezer Scrooge. You want bike while being Scrooge. And so students are saying please put Christmas back in the Christmas season. However the university. Is now holding firm they have now issued a statement. Saying this quote. The university makes every effort to. To ensure that all members. Students. Employees. Alumni and the public. Feel included and welcome on campus. Decorations. On the University of Maine campus. Are therefore reflective. Of the unit of the diversity found in our community. So they're basically saying. EU these decorations. They offend some people. Not everybody's a Christian. Not everybody's a believer you are atheist you have diagnostics you have people who war of the non Christian faith. And now. I mean you quiz I think he is the grinch. Nor need want and lose so agreements. It's. Norris probably Gaza. Actor who works at the university of Manhattan. It's people who wonder what happened to the grinch and he now works at the university and a map so now think about this apparent. It is so now the name of type. First thing this with the students are now saying and they're right it's a point I've been making for years. In the name of diversity there are being intolerant. In the name of diversity. There are being less diverse. Because they're telling Christians and those that believe in Christmas. You can't celebrate your traditions. And so according to one student a graduate student Megan black for I think district. This this this this this girl hit the nail right on the head. She said hold on second. On our campus. We have all kinds of different traditions. We even have a strong LG BT community. Their flags are everywhere the rainbow flag is everywhere every there and we say no problem. How could we can support them and have their flags everywhere. And their symbols everywhere. But we can't support. The Judeo Christian faith and having up decorations. For the Christmas season. Quote. We sit here and we talked about how worried university. That's about welcoming all different types of people all walks of life. We all have these different groups like the LG BP. We have up the flag for that. Why can't we support every religion and hang up decorations for every religion. Yes. Yes she's a hundred intent she's completely right why kept I'm asking myself this. In the name of diversity you're being less diverse. In the name of compassion. Your being utterly un compassionate. In the name of tolerance. You're actually being intolerant. Poor to Santa Claus hurt. Who does a Christmas Sri perked. Cause for being it. Who does a picture of the baby Jesus aura. Our Manger or whatever with the virgin Mary and Joseph and a three kings and and and and a little farm animals and in the stable and Bethlehem. Who does that hurt. Here I'll give you one example okay. At the front desk and they do this every year I've been here. They're a little Christmas tree and they have the you know the star of David you know the menorah with the candles to celebrate Chanukah. Now I'm not Jewish and Catholic. I don't goal behind 60. All my car. To menorah told the star of David. All it's a Jewish politics all my god that's not my thing it all might know received a drones they didn't accept Jesus as there savior oldest is so impressed. Symbol might go to our goods or how does syrup what I see yet although Mike this is slowing Poehler and this is so offensive or Michael. God bless you. Great have a happy Chanukah honestly much has really I hear you guys were great spread I would Mike coming over having a good meal. God bless you I'm serious. What's the problem. Are you got scared of a Christmas tree. Argue that scared of Santa Claus. Are you that scared of the BB Jesus and I want you to think about this okay. Worked this Christmas ultimately represent. What do we celebrate our Christmas. The birth. Even if you're not religious. The birth. Of the BB. A baby that Christians believe was the son of god but even if you don't believe that what it could be DT. This is why Christmas is such a happy festive time. Because the baby putt essentially to thinks. Peace on earth. Every one. And do want to others. As you would have done unto yourself. For golden rule. They're basis of charity. They're basis of love and frankly the basis of a civilized society. And because the kings gave baby Jesus I gift. We in the west. Give each other gifts for Christmas. And so it's a season that kids love for example last night. Get another this is fate that big when I'm I'm teaching my kids to be phenomenal neo Nazis you have to understand that this is this is what I've watched last night OK this was there. Error. You know this is the propaganda this is there might call that I'm I'm I'm ramming down your throats. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was. Rudolph the red and those ranges and I love this guy. I swear as a boy I saw so I loved her so I loved its message and you I'm on the cart. And I'm looking animation I love this story here here's a little Rudolph. Who's got a red nose and he's different day. And they called them names and they make fun of them any never fit in because she was unique in here he was an original he was an individual. It's actually a great American story. But then when there's a snowstorm. And they can't see and they think they're gonna have to cancel Christmas and my kids are watching as them having passion may have washed his Ando a. All normal caddie Christmas Debbie cancel mull all daddy I'm like guys who lack junior relaxed. See the whole season the whole cartoon home relax it's a full hour trust me as a happy ending. And then there's Rudolph with his red most leading Santa's sleigh and his reindeer and opt in the sky. And I said this passionate about your gifts are endlessly. And I sit on Christmas Eve when sand is gonna come. And he's gonna leave little a little gifts for you winning bashed in UN Aybar and have kids under the tree. And but are you gonna get sent us some chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk get a very wanna do it now guys relax Christmas is still a couple of weeks away. But the imagination. The death panacea that they have. That there is a San clots can I ask passionate have you been good this year yes daddy okay because you've been good Santa's gonna give you a gift. Do you remember when your child the innocence of do you remember the wonder. That you had. That there was a Santa Claus. And then if you were good you would get rewarded. And then he would come at night because you were special. And you were gonna get this gift and eager tree. And you're so concerned about this show all you chubby guy who's actually a nice guy a gregarious guy. I charitable guy. Who then leaves little little gift for you under the tree and so you think it a couple of cookies. With a little glass some also sign has not hungry. And then you wake up that morning and there's three. And mom and dad are making a nice meal and there are some gifts. And there you are together as a family family members come over. And you have a beautiful time together sharing goodwill good times a lot of happiness and the kids get their gifts and their running around. So happy. It was what some of the most beautiful times of my life. And I wanna do everything I can to recreate that for my own children. And you wanna take all of that week. Get the grinch. Liberals and progressives. Are the grinch. 61720666868. Mary and Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Still running out and makes it stop your staff. You marry him all the best. A stain and you've got it sitting in the American dictionary today you gonna keyword intolerance. Could eventually be willing to say X segregation that certain sex with a population that they don't approve but. The GOP I cheaper data collection occurred less than other groups have found. That terrorists wouldn't get loud some of the other groups. Okay Christmas and American tradition and is going to be burned out because we're Christians it's just ridiculous and I want another thing about cap that we. Arctic where all they can only be delighted. We need to get to gather for the university of low on the student should on the parents don't and boycott them that people that diversity equals. You know intolerance and italics. Locally until launcher and it didn't the Republicans. To stand up and pushed back from jumping or kicking not representing. We go to parliament election and they interpreted the Lincoln Conway. That people are sent that the government would be shut down because of the public. Steps not look at what our own elected official has tapped to round in November and they're not gonna do we need to do. I want and then I'm Republican membership kind of telling me. Marry him I talked about the first hour but. Of this issue is not gonna go away but you're right on both counts 617266. Sick. David you're up next on the great WR JL and well. I've got this got record that merry Christmas Day and all the best junior family. Thank you go to one holiday that college kid educated another school faculty will never ever cab so they could get my bill. Can you think the reason why. I got to ask you this. Foley is now did I get a Britney let's get back for the effort to break coming back in police Bobby Dodd. My god how did have a little bit of a tougher time objecting to. But how about you wanna shortness school year for example. How about that week got spring break week. Was it in February or march or depends different schools how about that. Why pick on Christmas if I'm just thinking out loud so let me ask you this. University of Maine. Has now hope banned Christmas trees. Grease man nor does sound. Even Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. What would you do if your kids went to that school and he is a kind of fight back on the war on Christmas yeah. Foley is now live god. 617%. Said 6868. All of your calls next. Look at the big America. Tom Mike Cox breaking stuff but I can't. They hate anymore I don't pick it OK so at the University of Maine this is a show where does is better bought them this is now been a forbidden. Visit music is forbidden. Any display of Christmas is forbidden menorah on a short even candy canes. Employees have been told they cannot even give out candidates are right you can Texas at 68680. This is from 508. Jeff. My daughter is a freshman at the University of Maine. She is so mad about this she told everyone on our floor after our relayed the information last night. I encourage everyone to tweak them. You mean stop the war on Christmas. So much for diversity. Amen now fighters are away now this is from 978 good morning Jeff. Those are different acts I don't wanna get into this right now where is the the OK there it is 617 Jeff. I just sent a message to my wife at the University of Maine is officially disqualified. As a contender for my son to attend. We actually talked about is a possibility. He is a fantastic student and a great football player. Their loss thanks for the heads up no thank you six once on the slow. He wanna see. How. Wrong. How sick. How perverse. How utterly CE. Moral. This war on Christmas is OK just how ridiculous it is. This. Isn't not to ban on the University of Maine. Do what you want you may do the one that is band. OK it she generally okay are so Britney doesn't like when setting this up. Okay error every everybody is a critic now is just incredible. And so Jeff say this don't say that's set it up like this Jeff did the does is incredible okay. This. Is what is band. At the University of Maine rolling. The homophobia. I looked program. It's strange genocide as stated that this strange genocide. I listened to there's a but the my god that's what they play about threats. That's what they're playing in style of blacks that says you don't play this of the University of Maine. By Dennis. You can play. RM 260 former load. To succeed former lover loves going to lead. Hand out those condoms maybe. Brace except for us since the gulf. Thank you know you want. No problem. All day all night paid fervor of the taxpayers don't sexy view that. That's mono that's no problem at the university of 617266. And 6868. Is a number Jerry Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Doubt that I knew that com that people. Kept you know what it boils down to do this type of the ten planks of communism in if you look at. Every society throughout history and I know you're a student of history. It acts nationalism they attack the Finley in the attack religion. Yes and I mean it is just no two ways around it this is to give religion is government lets face it. All of left bleeding government that would that would government everything its pots at all in anything's possible. And you know they talk about diversity and tolerance in everything they hadn't hit that this. Of that. You know Jerry if you look buddy you're you you nailed it you absolutely nailed it do you know where the winds are genuinely believe in tolerance. Who genuinely believe in compassion. Who genuinely believe in diversity honestly us conservatives. You know what we are the names in the labels have gotten all mixed up. We are the last true classical liberals. We are the ones who really believe in freedom of thought and freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of expression. It's costs. We're the ones that want a thriving free market economy so you can lift everybody out of poverty you know the expression you give a man some fish you fed him for a day you teach him how to fish you fed him for a lifetime we wanna teach you how to fish. So you can feed yourself and your family forever. Worried the wines they genuinely believed in tolerance and diversity and helping the less fortunate. By helping them help themselves. They're the exact and configured mail the dirty exact opposite of everything they claim to be. So let me get this straight. LG BT no problem. Sexual perverts no problem. Islam no problem. Anti American marxists mall probable. But Santa Claus who roughed her red nosed reindeer. Did menorah the star of David Jesus. That's a problem. And you're telling near diverse. Got lost. Mike you're up next thanks for holding welcome. External web Michelle and you are going to work every month. Yes actually went to university and graduated in 2000 not. Bomb which you like you know what they did what they allow student at U on Earth Day at the University of Maine. What are they what they do want us to. Pay up that. Group the student to get their pot is angry okay I'm picture endowed right around the capital economic. Are you did are you serious. There are. Washed up. I don't complaining about Santa Claus and Christmas league that. Since that trap of oh. Yeah how are up there. Let Kyle get them the a ball low I think during their morning at the moon and yeah. Too sick to my love 06. Got a camera that caught my love that cut into the could make this problem. Nobody. Right on your bicycle thing that they do. Does the University of Maine and tough but god forbid you should public Greg could give somebody Christmas cards. Mike another Mike thanks for holding go ahead Mike. Your HM I adore you buy your but the reality of Christian it tight Christian mission. You know this move which it's it's basically what I believe. Is the contents. Of what's in the Bible. When you read the Bible most a lot of people told four factor government trying to overrule. It's true message in the Bible that these people afraid of it. Condemn certain sentence. It totally due to its threat to local yeah 88 global competition has to Christian belief than. When this sort of the world street it's like when I get all the crucial for actual little may have play. In the in the inning shot in the dark and I APEC OPEC that it carpet itself. Christmas is the contents. Of the Bible where there are portrayed. That is why has it worked until he had a chance legitimately whatever name it's. More terrorist groups Carnegie hill. I differ that call might. Save Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Thought I say here on the air. All end up marrying equipment up I want out. Could I let it peacekeepers and who got talent PP people never tell me what to do well to do what it thank. I'm. In my template it is actually it will likely. It got the war. Got together and start I know people get people that we are you I could look at it that we could. Yeah. The people who went back. Auggies try not we are not here maybe just a week and I'll stop dead. I thank you very much for that call city great call 6172666868. Nancy Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Oh that Nancy and I am still searching. And they checked that they are. BM. Ten minutes ago all really. Debra allowed to have three that we're allowed to have seen hurricane came from but not the bad. You know. Exactly but they get told to go now you're out at Oakland. You know patrol and it seemed that one person why email eat it now. But it lipstick. So is this eight and Nancy proves my point you see when you speak out. And you call and you email. And you stand up to warm you see how they backed down. You're seeing now distorted and so methodical the in the stoppers at university of Mindanao holy Joseph my. Let's drive the more. I do not my favorite time of year when you think it's a very good year thing. I love this this is my favorite two weeks of the year I love it bill and hold out little iron. Golden. Jolly Christmas putting them on that's how. The only hole that's that good things that we'll Merry Christmas bonus. Now let's try to pray to keep what you saw in Britain. 00. Hello. My goodness we'll. Innocent but like crazy around. Only. Only. We're. I. Georgia up my ex. We're going to be flooded with complaints now from the moon bounce. Passes George does his hatred ball just turned eight. Love your show you a long pass to George. You're always talking about the power of the purse. I know I read somewhere that I think 7030%. Of our GDP is burned during the Christmas season. Oh I I know I know a lot of it is quite a lot of shopping and a lot of our com heroes and Oprah. Shopping our economy would collapse. And then look at all these would you be actually chip out so it's just it is regardless of the spiritual aspects. They don't realize the power of the purse is pushing for the start boycotting certain. Cities and other allowing minorities are pictures are still not allowing a menorah creation. They can collapsing economy if they want to still vicious but they're not. They have a vicious people. So let's. I think everybody should send that. A little cold. University president openly. All would that be great. Wouldn't that be great. If everybody sent them a lump of coal. I mean just wouldn't that just really just humiliate the guy make of this expose them for the jerk that he is IUD great. Common John hi you what common I didn't all I use celebrates his us. No no Christmas and gore rock it out to escape. Our new water mr. Gruber. Humiliate or Obama there is hardly hear you. You stole from the people we're here five million dollar doom district who you are all I want for Christmas to suit your anger. Slogan that is so good. Dot we've got to have Britney after the show we got out darts. We got that record at. And play dot com and back you out did yourself. On that when you and one. News or bring us. Up on a movie nine lives are on the road WR. Oh no longer Christians practice you have enough army and all of your calls not to do. Corner he says alone. Medically. Among is the thing. Hannover. Two Christmas. By the way you have near and dear leader is off to Hawaii for the Christmas vacation from memo. He's off for another couple weeks so this week for a couple weeks for another I don't know off the Christmas my haul all hear him for a Christmas. Saw it live here earlier. They may not like Christmas but they certainly like the time off your mama 6172666868. Elizabeth thank you for holding and welcome. Thank you have to mornings I have a problem explained the nature of the fact one of the well has been calm and pollen. I have a lot of people religion and just about everything that they do. And eat. They weren't brought up pretty much the way US territory of Christmas time apparent that the whole nine yards the Christian thing you have to go to the party. You know in the wake up and saying you know until we get it all electronic that I read my kids that they wait. Com and when you were talking about fitting that the other two little Teddy beard. Watching Rudolph is almost what appeared to my eyes because believe it or not. And that ground this time of the year I wait. War Rudolph. The show Rudolph had and what the other one chocolate brown could. Charlie I love Charlie Brown's Christmas. I hear all that and I didn't go anywhere on Tuesday because I would not missing Rudolph I was waiting patiently book com Tuesday December that night. For it to come on and I pull my sixteen year old no matter what you say I'm a big kid at heart when it comes to Christmas. And I will nab. Stop celebrating Christmas I'm not big and then hot item for Christmas a family preference that come to that. And or the idol like that they Merry Christmas to you Leo family. Cooks feet and Brittany. If I don't get tough BTU. Before Christmas come throughout have a happy happy won. Thank you so much god bless you Elizabeth and Merry Christmas to you and your whole family John I've got one minute. Goal my friend. And so I don't know Chris and Mary Christmas show just look at it. It's so that you can discharge its nuclear plant at some point. 'cause it's true you. As. A symbol. Of they just spent the Christmas. But certainly. And as you. Sit and talk typically would impact. On the couch it does look at golf Glenn. Election different there. None. But notice because the cowards that they are. They won't touch thing here on their head. Any Muslim walking on campus where god no Burke a mosque no mosque because ultimately. They're hypocrites. You know it and I know it's. My friends I've got to go you've been listening to Jeff crooner Boston's bulldozer. Together. We're beating liberals and one day at a time see you all tomorrow same time same place right here on the great WRKO. Merry Christmas everybody.