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Should the CIA be prosecuted? 12/11/14

Dec 11, 2014|

What do you think about the UN saying the CIA and the Bush Administration should be prosecuted? Jeff says they shouldn’t be prosecuted.

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This guy I love this guy so he was the person in charge of the CIA's interrogation program. During he was that the appointment. And finally he says he's knocked keeping silent anymore he's speaking out. And so he's been doing the rounds. And this guy is like a one man wrecking ball. In terms of destroying and discrediting Dianne Feinstein that that the that the page. Ended cheerleader and all of these other anti American. I sat Democrats who are now doing a hit job. On everybody who kept us safe so here you have Jose read read us. Yesterday he was on Megyn Kelly. And you can see him. With that paint look con space. Anders almost a certain sadness. And he's like. Do you not to have you forgotten what happened on 9/11. Do you do you not understand what it's like to be in a war. And so Jose Rodriguez case. Lays out the case. And it's a look I remember because I was in Washington. I jury the 9/11 attacks I was there on that fateful day I was in the newsroom I was there in the aftermath. Everything he sang is a 110%. Correct. Here is essentially what Jose's sank okay. Jose Rodriguez is essentially saying this. In May of 2002. He was there briefing members of congress including the pig Dianne Feinstein. So the senior staff at a state that a senate Democrats and house Democrats were being briefed and as well as the Republicans. And it's a may 2002. So remember now seven months after 9/11. We're now at war in Afghanistan. The intelligence that now everybody is getting and we were reporting that the times the post was reporting it to New York Times is reporting it. Everybody was reporting it was that now the city and the country was bracing for a second wave of terrorist attacks. And not only were we bracing for a second wave of terrorist attacks. But remember it's been forgotten now I remember very clearly as I remember the panic and pandemonium. There had been anthrax letters sent to members of congress in the previous months in the preceding months. Tom Daschle lost Tom Daschle was in the Senate Democratic Leader he had gotten anthrax letters. And the fear was that this was al-Qaeda was behind us. And that there was going to be more and there could be an anthrax attack so now members of congress are an utter fear and panic. Arms they're practically wetting themselves I remember this. And so now there's intelligence. That al-Qaeda has a biological. Lab. And not only a biological lab they're experimenting with anthrax. Are they trying to develop anthrax to unleash biological chemical weapons attacks here in Washington on Capitol Hill in New York in Boston and across the country. And so now witnessed panic and this year. They run to Jose including the pig Dianne Feinstein. And they tell him this is nominate. Whoa whoa whoa we've got anthrax letters up here on Capitol Hill. We've got staffers being evacuated out of the building to some biological attack we're looking at a second wave of attacks. There's another 9/11 coming we've got an anthrax lab they've also found out about eight Q com. The Pakistani scientist who now wish trying to sell al-Qaeda aide to a new nuclear dirty bomb. There was didn't eight Q Khan network it had now been exposed and al-Qaeda was trying to get a nuclear dirty bomb and smuggle it into New York or Boston or Washington or LA. And so now Jose's brought in to meet these members of congress and you know what they're telling him because they're now on a panic. Der grip by fear because now they're getting the anthrax letters their lives their necks are in the nukes. And so they tell Jose in fact they dressed him down there yelling at them. They're putting maximum pressure on them if there's another attack on the homeland it's on your head. If people die here on Capitol Hill if we die it's on your had it. And sold they tell him Jose what kind of techniques are you guys using to get more information. To find out that to get behind the leaders of al-Qaeda to capture him to prevent these attacks. And he's explaining well and all where where were slapping their Tom needs work slapping their Tommy's mom or mom home. Pose any. It's not big tells Jose. If you got to beat church who risk averse. You got to take the gloves off. And he knew what you gonna do. Just do what you gotta do. And he does it. And they knew there was waterboarding. And they didn't care. And they knew there was sleep deprivation. And they didn't care. And they knew broom sticks her being waged and they didn't care. And it's even worse. This whole thing is the world is seizing on this rectal hydration okay makers are now it's because look what's it's our cars the table. This was a form of sodomy etc. except Iraq. Jose les and how he goes look. Because they didn't interview the CIA let me tell you. We never did yeah. I was never apart over enhanced interrogation techniques. I would've known I oversaw the whole thing. They're making this thing up well hold on was there rectal feeling was there rectal hydration yes but that was for medical reasons because some of these guys. Comedic colonoscopy. Shall we gave them colonoscopy. And part of that I know because I had a colonoscopy. Voted but let that go involve direct poll hydration. It was some medical report. They took a couple of medical reports. We said yes there was rectal hydration and they're are all look at this look at us we're giving a stop to you know where. This is an absolute. Joke. This is a I think this is a farce. From beginning and don't take my word for coming up next. Listen to the man himself. The patriots. Who oversaw the CIA's interrogation techniques Jose Rodriguez. I've got him you're call. I am so tired about hearing out from the president and others in it in this administration that this storm was against somebody. And that's frankly. I think it's an excuse. And excuse not to capture and interrogation. Terrorists because this administration does not have the fortitude. And the courage. Can do what it takes. Two. But I'd do that mission of capturing. Hitting terrorists. Seven point six here on the great WRK oh that's Jose Rodriguez. The reformer mantle who ran the former individual who the official who ran the CIA's interrogation. Program. Fighting back against Dianne feinstein's report. Are basically saying the pig got it all wrong she smearing us it's a hit job and it's time somebody spoke out. Now listen to him. Talk about this suppose it hysteria. Over the rectal hydration collects. That apparently all these al-Qaeda terrorists were subjected to erectile feeding and rectal hydration. Brittany role cut number three. I really don't know what they're talking about it seems like. Just comes from a medical records. That they got a hold of because of medical we hydration is a medical procedure. Have probably had prescribed by physicians. Are so I'm telling you I do not at all. Any of the information that they are talking about himself wanted me the report. About abuses and just in one. Jam Europe next thanks for holding welcome. A jet's say so I have a really that are just and actually you know let. I think and you know can't wish it would. I loved Dick Cheney and you're only he bumped into Biden. And he says dad feel like get caught like in all of the funny thing ever really you know it. It's Dick Cheney knows more he could have died in June the president should shut and he. You know the more of TC if you didn't have a bad ticker he probably would go to the front and. That thank you very much for that call Jim I gotta tell you I mean he. He really lit a mop yesterday on Fox News I gotta tell you he's he was angry and you can tell he was angry. Brittany role. Cut number seven. Show to Indy and is. Justify the means senate. Yeah no doubt in your arms no doubt in my mind I'm totally comfortable with the Brett I think TM. Bruton you've got to remember apartment what was going on this well tutored at a critical time we had do we have reporting that it. How kind of a starting at their hands on nuclear weapons had been the only English or Pakistan's new after a lot of nuclear weapons. Paulus who we had the anthrax attacks who went on here at home there was every reason to expect him to be a follow on attack. And from our perspective. You're sending in my chair of the president's chair our job is to keep the country safe and secure and go get those guys who hit us on nine elevenths. And that's exactly what we do and we did what we felt it was necessary. It professionals in the intelligence community especially the CIA did one hell of a job they deserve our gratitude. He's completely right he's a 110%. Right. This is what's so perverse about this. Instead of being vilified and condemned and beam and acts. And I the UN now is calling them war criminals who should be prosecuted for war crops and for torture. They should be given the medal of freedom. I mean you want to talk about turning white into black. Good in combat. It is to us at this is this misses I almost feel like what the inmates are running the asylum now this is insane. Let me ask all of you this. This CIA. Is now coming under intense fire for its interrogation techniques. The UN is now demanding. That CIA and Bush Administration officials be prosecuted. Do you agree with the United Nations. Do you believe that the moon bats and the progressives are right. Should senior CIA and Bush Administration officials be prosecuted for alleged torture and war crimes. Or like I mean do you think they're insane. 61720666868. All of your calls next. Terrible piece of work basically at this season is deeply flawed didn't bother to interview. Keep people involved in the program. And I think that the it's a sort of a classic example it's too often Washington removal politicians together. Sort of true professionals in the device we've seen happen before it. Around kind of what happened here was that we ask. The agency did go take steps and put in place programs were designed to get sick bastards until 2000 Amazon on. And make sure that never again that's exactly. Not to the kind of condemnation that they receive from the senate Democrats. Amen brother that was Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday on Fox News. 738. Here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Okay. Listen now. To meet a guy that's really emerging as the hero in all this whole zany right read yes. The former head the guy who ran the CIA interrogation program. Under bush in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Listen very carefully. Because he's out I was there I was in DC I'm telling you I covered the anthrax attacks that took place on Capitol Hill the letters they were getting. Listen. To how he describes the context. In the wake of 9/11. And what members of congress including. Prominent Democrats and Republicans. Especially the big. Dianne Feinstein were telling him on what they had to do to prevent another attack role cut five Britain. I want to take you back in May of 2002. Thought we were getting intelligence of an impending second wave of attacks. That we didn't have details system when where how are we knew it was coming. We knew that al-Qaeda had a biological weapons programs and tax program that he wanted to use against us. And the anthrax attacks of a few months before had heightened concerns. Torre biological weapons attack on our country we knew that it would come into pocket Pakistani scientists. Are developing and who clearer. Weapon of some sort. We show us we wearing a ticking time bomb. And we need to do something about it yet and we had Abu zubaydah in our custody. Who was at highest level al-Qaeda detainees Evernote custody and we know he had information that we had. To get from hand to protect the country. He's Jose is a 110%. Right. A 110%. Right. And a Briton was whispering a semi here and I'm telling you she hit the nail right on the head. If this guy gets prosecuted this great American this patriot this hero. He's almost like a modern day Jack Ryan. You know from the Tom Clancy series. If this guy gets prosecuted the UN is now calling for him. And other senior CIA and Bush Administration officials to be tried for war crimes. I'm telling you less just wave the white flag of surrender. I'm sure guys that's money involved. Just bring all the troops home. And just sit back and let them coming at us. Because. This guy if this guy's not a hero. Then the definition doesn't exist. 6172666868. I agree disagree. Should these men and women be prosecuted for war crimes. The UN says yes many more bats and liberals say yes I say no. Anthony Europe next. You just thank you for having me and I'm the crew did an excellent job while you're away by the show's not the same without the host not so much. Light lighten my first point in minute and they joked got a call about crimes by a first point is that is that we have a depressed maybe if you land gonna comment brought all the president and these people then I say that congress Boehner had it. Bone headed by it being armed. Take a look away all the land under an Obama into actually not being up out of it I got a bit people but I doubt out of every now and we'll get stuck out. And then the times. I don't know why the moon bats and we'll ask the complaint and because Obama in the extreme and when the saint procedure that experience collapse next year. Anthony thank you and I did your right are out there and Augusta earlier. You dominion nailed it my friend I could have said it better myself. So Europe next go ahead sue. Mr. Connor thank you think shaking like our pleasures and please don't call me mr. commie G. I I'm not that important. That. They redid I'm crying it's just. Martin can't achieve your. I'm a teenager ready silent yes which we guide to what's going on our country. Politics. Are we only had become politics. So it's no rational thought yeah. Where it's sort of like you're getting it criminal you can hack come you can't be coming from the slowly. Perspective that the criminal we can't understand what you're doing. Because they're not using rational. We're looking at different thinking okay it's okay you can't educate our vote. And anxious billions to another country jets they're gone but it's not okay to do that. It's okay for the police should be in our country. On me. Let our own citizens. It okay for Eric on that the government which I had market. I have seen the regulations. Over the last five or six here. And escalate to the point react. Elderly people we have be higher actually I didn't stone. With employees. To catch elderly people. I'm not taking it required minimum distributions. They stay 85 year old girl who I think I should it looks like it and then it got my object expecting. At the literature expert to take. Our own way we are sure won't end here on the way. Chechen. I torturing their own and are we have an epidemic are young Matt all all of rate. Right now being. I wrap them young men great nineteen trying to go out there a couple of Beers and their possession Iraq and alarm. They have anxiety. Worrying about them no rational thought he looked like that. I assume great call really great great call. Look and thank different outlook were erecting a police state here at home. Where our government spying on us listening on our phone calls reading our emails. Do you now have. The national defense authorization act which now allows the government if they just call you would terrorist literally don't hold you indefinitely. But our ruling class who shilling for terrorists who won a massacre us. Now I want you to think about the hypocrisy Coca stand back for second just objectively think about this. Under Obama. She's drone program. These are unmanned drones from the sky. How has expanded. Exponentially. It's exploded under Obama. Where he is authorized Rome it's too exe cute to kill the fire missiles to incinerate. Murder. Terrorists in Yemen Afghanistan and Pakistan. And as the media has reported for example the New York Times had a story a couple years ago. Where sometimes because they're unmanned drones we don't want even huge risk a fighter pilots they missed their targets. One of them this happened in Pakistan. Missed its target. By about a mile wood just over shot the missile just over shot. Vis vis vis the target they want to get a terrorist and if slaughter an entire wedding party. There's the bright there's two grown children were at that wedding party. Okay. And hello and hello hello hello. There they are dancing their reading camel jerky they're having a good time or not bothering anybody and the next second. Booms are all incinerated on the orders of the dear leader. Commands a war criminal. Innocent civilians have been killed. Vessel collateral damage that's okay. And he's running around the country six socialist model we are slowly her this is model we are what are you talking to me about it. You would rather murder terrorists kill terrorists. And detain them. Capture and interrogate them. Even if it means having innocent women and children slaughtered in the process. And think about something else. Why do you wanna capture him detain and interrogate them because you get information out of home. We're not gonna get any more information out of anybody because they're all dead let me give you an example. What if they're applauding as is very likely. What if they're plotting a second Boston bombing. What if al-Qaeda or crisis or whatever look at flash bang and speed bump concern may have since set us. Boston's a soft underbelly let's hit it again. Another this way at Fenway Park not the Boston Marathon as an example. Or the Boston Garden Monica Boston Marathon. How are you gonna find out if you don't capture these terrorists. Butane I'm frankly break their will and get information from them. But if you can film. Stole secrets post plot school with them to the grief. This is exactly Jose Rodriguez sis point. Who listened to hold say Brittany role cut to. They rather kill. And that somehow because they kill from a distance. Is more ethical. And actually. Capturing. And interrogating. Terrorists which is actually a little mess here I don't lessons and has sort of said distortion it's a very it's a distortion field what our values are. Bingo. Jose bingo I'm telling you you know what Jose you should be the next Tom Clancy character because you're the true American hero. Jody Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hello Judy. I don't think they're taking my call. Question. With Obama crowd if I'm going after the at least the CIA. And going after actually heightened military officials. I'm wondering. Beside the directive issued and buying into this is this a wave of Obama. Trying to make it easier to make him pave his way to get it did not only domestic national security forces. Did he was talking about and don't forget that the government but all the bullet inside the Clinton legit thoughts were on that since. Very good question and thank you for that call Judy look. I don't know the details. I do know Vegas and to me it's as clear as day look at what he's doing. He's waging a civil war. He's waging a war upon every institution of the United States. He's waging a war on our borders. He's waging a war on the prerogatives and powers of congress. He's waging a war on our healthcare system. He's waging a war on our constitution. He's waging a war on our CIA. He's waging a war on our military all this guy is doing is waging a war upon the key institutions of American society. So now under him. The CIA. Is being discredited and essentially thrown under the bus. Paid additional wind with this guy. But he's protected. Nothing's ever gonna happen to him. What they're doing is putting all of our lives in danger in jeopardy we don't have. A phalanx of security guards we don't have an army of security people the pig Feinstein does Harry Reid does this. Nancy Pelosi does John Boehner does. Did dear leader dies. We don't. And so now our Boyce are now injuring a terror alert. For possible. At talks in retaliation for this report. Crisis is now recruiting people left right and center. Off of this report. Putting our troops our own lives here in danger in jeopardy for what. So Dianne Feinstein can settle a few scores with the CIA. Because they allegedly top hacked into her computer. Shorter humiliate the CIA to basically. Have a vendetta and a revenge against the CIA. She now unleashes his hit job that puts all of us in danger. It's sick. Ten. It's childish it really is and it's fundamental core it's childish. Ten Europe next thanks for holding and welcomed. Good morning Jeff can burst and good morning up first and caller welcomes you love your show and thank you look what you do first come. IR and Canada yesterday from Powell come across to YouTube so I'm not. And not eleven armed attacks the airplanes are hitting the building and I'm looking to yesterday in the Internet users in Washington yesterday. In it has been through that thank. Outed part of these people forget what happened and what what. This report has done has made it so much force first trust of Americans who can stand together because it it seemed like it would become so divided. And on. It is term purchased so disheartening to me in as that in your record. It them. It really. That's delegates effect. Thank you very much can look I know people in the military are really angry and I honestly I don't blame him. I don't blame them John Europe next don't worry about it we're gonna take our country back I'm telling you there's more robust than there are of them. And so they wanna keep pushing us no problem mold problem believe me we're gonna rise up John Europe next thanks for holding well. I love record. She's so like everything in there knowing that means you can see what she loves country well my registered that Mike are not your standard and a so dependent period video just keyboard just want to know are the Serbs could Obama. It is date is there until the third pair of blowout is almost ever spent and she reminded me yesterday. That under Clinton there were nine architects and no one no one. Retaliation towards us we just kept let that arm but on the cobalt towers that your military ship. And aren't aren't going to get a fair that we are open to people to justice could never cared and up. Yeah. But my biggest disappointment. Their disappointment tropical front the whistle to John McCain and Lindsey Graham the other. You know if it just broke our heart because it just sit there and there. They they went wrong with the Democrats from us. And knowing that it was a slog report only Democrats wrote. And that yet they came over 100%. Behind that. And they took joy in my opinion. To slam. It's really. And in Albany efforts the American spirit of these people in those pictures. To keep us safe and even though the report what are the key keep all that we're in China could never ever took almost. Then and this kid keeps the director of the other big purple people tomorrow wrote. Articles about this is so well. So you picture on the chain Olympic Graham and others. Just how do you record people in and step NCAA duly did it on a completely accurate summation. Can you imagine what they would do. Can't we may some. You know critical Ellen it's how odd in how you deal with them now I respect this whole thing is or it's two very shattered. It's administration that it could hurt it's a disgrace well look now you know why nick maniac who's mentally Il amid littered the guys in the guys mentally. Who should've retired all law takes touch John make maniac it's time to retire OK they're really at its. But now you know why these establishment Republicans. The Mitt Romney's that Jeb Bush is the John McCain's the Boehner is a not you know why they pit crews. Nine you know why they hate Rand Paul my you know why they likely not you know why they hate us the party conservatives. Because they're basically shilling for the other side. And we won a fight you wanna Walpole is and they it is one all you literally like pigs in a playpen. They just that a big bend it is one a roll around in the mud and the excrement. No more mud the more excrement the matter. With the chief big Diane Feinstein. Okay my friends. When I say.